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02-13-2013, 08:49 AM
This story is about kamasutra. Kamasutra is an ancient indian book about sex. It tells us about the various positions and techniques of sex about through which we can take maximum pleasure. Although it is thousands years old book but contains everything about sex. My teacher miss julia taught me sex and made me an experienced sex boy who could satisfy any women. So this story is between me and my teacher julia. I was 19 and she was 28. But she was a stunning beauty and her knowledge about sex was very good. First she taught me oral sex. How to stay calm during sex so that you can get natural delay during sex.
She taught me the very first thing about sex was no shyness and everything was fair in sex. She liked to wear a small t-shirt without bra and a knicker. She had a wonderful pair of boobs sized 42dd firm boobs. Her aerolas were also quite big. she shaved her pussy once in a month. She daily did yoga for about one hour. Her waist was only 30 but her butts were again quite big 44.
First day when i met her, she wasted no time and came directly to point. She asked "Why you want to learn about sex?". I told her that i had wet dreams and every night i had nightfall. Sometimes i had nightfalls two times in one night. She asked "do you have urge for any special girl?". I said "no mam". She then asked "Do you watch porno movies?" i said"yes mam". She again asked "do you masturbate during porno movies?". i said "yes mam".
she asked " do you feel satisfied after masturbation?"
i said "yes but just for an hour or two. And if i see any sexy woman or girl even on road who have big boobs i got my erection again and then again i have to masturbate".
she said"means you have not have any control on your sexual emotions".
i said"maybe".
She asked"do you ever think of making a young girl pregnant?"
i replied"yes many times".antic mm
She again questioned "Ever think of making sex with a boy?"
i answered "many times".
"it means that your brain if filled with sex only, may be you have extraordinary sexual power" she said.
i said"i don't know".
She then asked to me come to her bedroom. I went with her. in her rooms there were many statues of different sexual positions. She gave me a drink and asked me to sit comfortably. I sat on sofa. She was sitting near to me. She asked "suppose i am nude in front of you, would you like to fuck me?". I answered "yes".
she asked"would you like to see my big boobs as you are a fan of big boobs?"
i said "sure"
She gave me another drink and again asked me "would you like to suck my hard nipples?"
now i felt a hard erection in my pants. She could see that easily.
She asked" i think your cock is in hurry".
i said"oh no mam"
She said"o.k let us see how much time you take to shoot your first load?"
She asked me to remove my pants. As i was removing my pants she undressed herself. When i looked at her gigantic boobs my heart was in my mouth. Her big nipples were erect. I was staring her boobs. She was reading my mind. So she spoke" wanna play with my boobs".
i said"yes".
"but let me first check you stamina" she said.
she came close to me and took my semi erect cock in her hand. Touch of her soft hands made my cock fully erect. It was near 9 inches long and thick with big heavy balls. She said"you have a wonderful cock. If you know how to use it with perfection , you can saisfy any girl in this world".
i asked" and how to use it perfectly?"
she said "i will teach you but first check your power"
She started stroking softly. She then asked me to stand. As i stood she put my big balls in her mouth and started sucking them badly.This made my erection more powerful. After sucking my balls for 2-3 minutes she took my cock head in her mouth. She closed her lips. Now her tongue was playing with my cock head. Suddenly She swallowed my whole cock in her mouth. My cock was touching her throat and my balls were touching her lips. I could feel the spermatic pressure developing in my balls. i was feeling that my balls were filled with hot sperm. I grabbed her head from behind and started fucking her mouth with my big cock because i could not resist more. i was near cum. and within seconds i was shooting gallons of hot load in her throat. She swallowed all my cum. Then she said" boy you have wonderful cock and your sperm is even more powerful but you do not know how to stay long?"
"but now we check your another thing, just sit on sofa" she said. Now she bent upen me , her big nipples were touching my lips she asked me to suck her nipples. and squeeze her boobs. I started the same thing, i was sucking her nipples really hard and i was squeezing her boobs with such power that i was milking her boobs. But i was amazed, she did not moaned or did something wrong. she was calm and quiet. But sucking her boobs for just 3-4 minutes made my cock erect again. She removed her nipple from my mouth and said" you were right baby, you have erection for big boobs. now come and try to satisfy me".
she said"do whatever you want to do. you can do normal sex, anal sex, 69 or you can rape me. wish is yours. but you have to tell first"
i said" i wanna anal first".
she said"i knew. so start anal".
she made doggy pos in front of me and opened her ass wide. i could easily saw her asshole now. i wanted to fuck her badly. So i didnot used any lubricant for her asshole. i put my cock head on her asshole and with a great force in a single stroke i fitted my whole cock in her asshole. her asshole was tight i could feel that. i started to move my cock in n out in her ass. She calmly asked "are you enjoying?". i said"yes".
she said"then fuck my ass with full force'. now i was more amazed. if i was feeling her ass tight why she was not feeling the same.
i started to fuck her ass more wildly. now her asshole was a little open so i was enjoying my strokes. i bent on him and then i hold one of her big boobs in my hand and started to squeeze it like a lemon. She was still calm but not me. i continued to fuck her ass like a wild bull. i was stroking full cock in full cock out. i was again feeling that i was going to cum soon. Hot cum was already filled in my balls and after few more strokes i again shoot my hot sperm fountains in her ass and filled her ass with my cum. Then i removed cock from her ass. She said"now you are looking more satisfied than your first ejaculation". I said"yes mam". She said"but i am not satisfied yet, I can still handle more than 10 men like you". i was speechless.
i asked"how could you remain so calm?"
She said"it is difficult but not impossible. If you fucked any normal girl i bet she would be satisfied and also tired but not me".
She asked"would you think that within few seconds your cock will stand again?"
i said"no. its impossible. i need minimum half an hour".
She said"you are wrong boy.o.k i will show you".
she asked me to standup. so did i.
She came close to me and started grinding her wet pussy on my hanging cock while she was licking my nipples. then she inserted her tongue in my mouth. i started sucking it. Then she opened her pussy lips and adjusted my hangign cock head there. Then she forcely grabbed my head and put my mouth on her big nipples. now while i was sucking her nipple she started to squeeze that boob. This was giving me fun. And i could not believe that my cock started to grew.When she felt my erection, she adjusted half of cock in her wet pussy and started shaking her hips wildly. now she was fucking me forcely in standing pos. And she was doing this with great strokes and within 5 minutes i was again shooting my cum in her pussy.after shooting all my cum in her pussy i was feeling tired now. She said"you have ejaculate your cum thrice but i have not got my first orgasm yet. This is called the power of sex. I can enjoy sex for very long time but you cannot. i will start your training tomorrow. now you go to bed and take your sleep as you are looking tired. good night".
i also said"good night".