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02-13-2013, 09:27 AM
when i got up in the morning, it was 9 o'clock. now i was feeling mentally satisfied. miss julia entered in my room with a big smile on her face and said" good morning".
i replied "good morning miss".ery
She asked "so how are you feeling now?"
i said "quite better miss. But i am keen to get the knowledge".
she smiled and said " first take you bath and then take breakfast then we shall start with our topic".
I said "sure miss".
After i got my breakfast, She guided me to another room. The room was quite big and was decorated with some decent artwork. She asked me to sit on chair.
i sat on a chair.
"today we shall talk about how our body responds to our brain" she said.
"now close your eyes and think that i am sucking your cock" she said again. I closed my eyes and did the same. and within seconds my cock was fully erected in my pants.
She asked me to open my eyes. I opened my eyes. she said "you see that without doing anything your cock erected". i said"yes".
julia "because everything happens in our mind. like if you will think about me that you are fucking me very hard, this thinking will give you a hard erection but on the other hand you will ejaculate your cum very soon. but if you are making sex with me and while doing sex you are thinking of something else will make your erection a little less but on the other hand you will fuck me for long duration".
"people also used many type of drugs to stay long but you can do the same without drugs if you want." she said.
julia "it is a wise decision not to think about sex before you are actually doing this. And if you want to satisfy a girl or woman always make some oral sex with her".
i asked"is it neccessary if yes then why?"
She replied "women have more sex power than men but her body takes time to become hot. She also takes time to become cold. but men instantly heat up and very soon they become cold. you can do various acts which produce heat in women body like you can kiss her lips, suck her boobs, rub her nipples, lick her pussy,rub your hand on her pussy or you can give your cock in her hand and many more things like that. But two senstive point in women body are boobs and vagina. Some women become heat when somebody lick their thighs so every women has her own fantasy. And you have to understand her emotions that what she needs at that time. Sometimes a women desires of anal fucking but she does not speaks. if you understand her desires she will give you what you want".
i asked again " but this is difficult".
"yes, but not impossible" she said.
"but how do i know what she wants?" i asked again.
"simple. If she is not stopping you what you are doing to her means that she is happy with it and if on any of your actions she starts moaning means she is liking it too much. so pay attention to that act more. And if she stops you from something then stop it immidiately because she is not happy with it".
"oh i see" i said.
julia "now you have to find at least one of my weak points. If you can do it then you have passed your first chapter. now start. now you are my master for the next hour and what you will say i will do".
i said "ok. now remove you clothes and stand up."
she did the same. But now i was controlling my brain , so my whole concentration was on to find her weak point not her body. i asked her to rub her own nipples. she smiled and started to rub her own nipples . I asked her to put her own nipple in her mouth and suck. she started doing that but still she was not moaning. I again asked her to rub her hand on her pussy. She did it for couple of minutes. Then i called her close to me. i asked her to undress me. she started doing that. i asked her to kiss and lick my whole body. she started licking my whole body. She was licking very nicely. I asked her to bend forward while standing. She bent herself forward. I went behind him now i was on my knees. i put my lips softly on her pussy lips and kissed very softly. and i kissed her pussy for 5 minutes very softly. Then i noticed her hips started moving as she wanted my tongue in her pussy. Now i could feel that she was loving this. And very soon i heard her first moan "ooohh......mmmmmm". Then i started touching her pussy lips with my tongue now her pussy lips were wet. I Started licking her pussy with my tongue. Now i could feel her pre-cum on my tongue. My tongue was covered with her pre-cum. Now i stood up and ordered her to open her mouth as she opened her mouth. I told her "i am going to insert my tongue in your mouth and my tongue is covered with your pre-cum and you have to lick your pre-cum" and with these words i inserted my tongue in her mouth but she was not licking. she started to suck my tongue like it was a cock. Now she took my cock in her hand and started stroking slowly.
i asked her "miss tell me whether i am fail or pass?".
She looked at me and said "pass. but still half pass.as you have not satisfied me yet".
i ordered her to do 69 with me. Now we both were in 69 pos and she was on top sucking my cock i was licking her pussy. and then i started to lick the area between the pussy and asshole. She moaned loudly "oooooohhhhhhhhh...mmmm...fuckkkkkkkkk........yes.. ..". and i inserted my finger in her cute asshole while licking her pussy. She again moaned loudly"ooooooffffffffffff................yesssssssss..". i ordered her to change position , now i was on top and i was fucking her mouth with my cock while i was fucking her pussy with my long tongue. Now she was jumping from beneath. My cock was almost going to her throat but i was nowhere near cum. So we changed pos again and now we were in missionary pos. I was rubbing my big cock head on her wet pink pussy lips while she was crying wih fun. I took her one nipple in my mouth and started sucking like a child. she was moaning hard because now she needed cock in her pussy. I adjusted my cock head on her pussy and with a hard stroke i inserted nearly half of my cock in her pussy. and started stroking. and then i asked her to put her legs on my shoulder. she did that. now i started proper hard fucking. She was moaning loudly. Then i removed my cock from her pussy and again started licking her. She grabbed my head with her hands and tried to burry my face in her wet pussy. She was pressing my head with full force. her pussy lips were pulsating like they have their own life. I was also enjoying licking her soft wet pussy. Then for the first time i heard" ooohhh baby fuck me fuck me i am going to cum.........fuck me yeah fuck me..oofff.....fu...ck....". Now i was also feeling that my balls filled with hot cum and i wanted to shoot too. So i inserted my cock in her mouth and my lips were on her lips. she was tasting her own love juice from my lips. now i was stroking very badly. we both were near cum. so our body were moving like machines and then i shooted my hot load in her pussy. She moaned"ohhhhhhhhhh....yes...........i love this..........i love you......" still i was shooting my load and then suddenly she got her orgasm. now we both were doing"ooooohhhhh.ahhhhh........offffff".
after fucking i asked her "miss tell me now whether i am pass or fail?"
she smiled and said"you are pass".