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So many things could have gone wrong, but this was one thing that just could not go wrong.. Today was beautiful, i could feel the sun radiating the heat apon my skin, as I laid in the lawn chair. I looked apon our new home amazed at it's glorious beauty.

The walkway leading to the porch was lined with marble, the stairs were the same, it's stone walls just made it.... well look.. "gorgeous absolutely gorgious" "you know Ted i hate it when you come up behind me..and finish my thoughts. do you think the kids will like it too Ted?" " Oh yes Amber i do, just wait till they see the size of their rooms and that darn back yard. Theres got to be 8 miles back there, i'll have to get with the realiter to find out exactly how many acres it has... i can't recall what he said, umm? odd that i can't recall i'm usually good with my memory?" "Oh Ted your just joshen me."

The children had stayed at Ted's sisters while we moved everything into our new home. Michelle was going to bring them over when we were finally done putting things where they belonged.. Both Ted and i wanted them to get here and enjoy themselves.. They are to young to really help unpack, i'm just a wee woried that kelly wont do as she was told, she knows to have my car here by the time her sisters get home.. we'll have to see though. Teenagers we all know how they can be..

"Hey Ted?" "yeah Amber" "do you think that Kelly will be here on time, or do you want to place some bets on this..?" "Amber we have got to trust her sooner or later" " Oh Ted you know i'm tring.. really i am.. but if your sister arrives here and Kelly is not yet here... well i don't know what i'll do to that child.." "lets give her a chance Am...ok" " alright Ted, but this IS her last chance to make things right"..

to be continued

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The wait for the children to arrive seemed to be so long. While waiting we finished putting their bedrooms together, Kelly had specifically asked that we allow her to put her room together by her self.. " mom, dad you can do their room but don't do mine i'm old enough to take care of that my self now," my lord it seems like yesterday she was the same age as the twins.. Now she's 17 and has her license, she had become quite the handfull since the twins were born.. At first, her excitement could not be contained.. but these past few years she had changed..

The day we brought the girls home was so exciting. I had been Anicipating Kellys reaction to them. After she had felt the two of them inside my womb, and talking to the two of them. she was quite the little mommy.... twelve years old and one of the best little helping twelve year olds i'd ever seen. She had always been good with the younger children.. Being exhausted from delivery, i had excepted the help with open arms. Kelly was amazing. What had changed her so. I just could not put my finger on it. but if she pulls her stunt this time i aim to find out what her problem was.

Just as i suspected who comes up the drive first, but michelle with the twins..

"Am" Ted always knew when i was angrey. Looks right at me with that calm look in his eye and says " look again... she is right behind the girls, my lord Amber settle your self down." "TED..." not another word Amber i'm not gonna say i told you so.." "fine i'll deal with her later."

Michelle had always been a real close friend infact my best friend.. i would never had met Ted if it hadn't been for her being my best friend.. All of our sleep overs as teenagers kinda brought him and i together.. even after telling her repeatedly that i could never date her brother.. Ha! who'd a thought he'd be my husband..

The look on the Girls faces when she pulled up to the door steps it was priceless.. as they usually did so at the same time in their angelic voices " momma it's so pretty can we go see our room now." " of course girls go right on in."

Michelle looks at the house almost in disgust, " What Michelle?" " i can't believe you bought it, after all these years of passing by it, as kids! it still gives me the creeps, I never really knew what you saw in it Amber."
" wait til you see it Michelle then you'll know why i loved it so much, even then."

Kelly came up the walk after parking the car, "Sorry mom i met up with Aunt Michelle and drove up with her i hope you don't mind." with a smug look in her eye, i had no choice but to except her apology, don't know why i didn't just take her over my knee for being so defiant, she still was not to big for it.. but it's our first night in the house together and i just could not let her distrupt it, this was not going to happen..

The girls run back down the long spiral stair case with such excitment in their faces.. 'OH momma, i love it... i love it.. thank you so much mommy.. finally we have our own room.." it's almost eary when they do that.. talk as if they are one person, but i have always wanted to have my twins and i finally have them... so it was worth it all..

Giving Michelle the grand tour of this old house kinda reminded me of the time we went to the haunted house when we were the twins age.. We walked throught that house never letting go of each others hand... " my goodness Michelle if you squeeze my hand any harder its gonna fall off." " OH i'm sorry i had not realized i was doing that, it's just this house still kinda creeps me out.." "NOT THAT AGAIN!.. why does it creep you out theres nothing wrong with this house look at how beautifull it is..."

The living room had the huge fire place on the center wall, with another marble mantel above it.. i had hung grandmothers picture on the wall above it.. you could see the huge patio off the living room out to the garden in the back yard.. the cheribum at the base of the walkway.. as Michelle and i turned to go down the long corridoor she whispers something in my ear " you should really talk to the realitor..i don't think they are telling you something.."

"my goodness ted would you please comfort your sister and tell her there is nothing wrong with this house...PLEASE!"

to be continued

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"Amber, remember how i told you i'd talk to the realitor to find out just how many acres we have out back?" " Yes Ted did you find out..?" "i sure did, can you believe we have 130 acres out back! it's all ours..." ARE YOU SERIOUS?"
"yes i am.. When we were kids i don't remember it having so much property back there.. the only thing i really remember is that damn well i fell in.."

"Michelle! do you remember that.. when Ted fell in the well in the back yard.. we were so afraid of telling your parents that he fell, that we left him there, and went over to my house.. i'll never forget the look on your face when i turned to you and said, what if Anna's son gets him?."
" Yeah i remember, i also remember the ass beatin i got from my father for leaving Ted there too..but you sure did give me one hell of a scare with that.. i guess thats why this house still gives me the creeps.. i thought for sure we killed Ted, by leaving him in there."

"Michelle wait till you see the master bedroom, come on you got to see it.." i took Michelles hand again and said "run with me" we ran down the hall to a another spiral staircase off by itself in the rear of the house.. "now this is cool as hell"... as we walked up the stair case i started counting the steps.. " one... two... three... four... five...six...seven... eight..." " damn it Amber, it has thirteen of them, dosen't it?" Michelle do you always have to kill the fun."

At the top of the stairs the bedroom opened up, off in the corner of the room is the most beautiful fire place, the huge mirror on top of the mantel over looked the entire room.. The curtains a satiny lace, with the king size canopy bed in the center of the room... " Michelle can you believe this stuff was here when we moved in, i just cleaned it up and decided i liked it soo much that i wanted to keep it.. I love this bedroom..." plopping on the bed i stretched out.. Michelle came over and laid down beside me just like we used to when we were kids.. " Amber remember when we fooled around out by the cheribum in the garden out back, that feeling i got that someone was watching us...? " Yes i do why?" "I never told you this.. but i did see someone looking out that very window at us.." pointing over my shoulder at the window that was opposite the door to the balcony. " what? oh my you never quit do you?". i filled the room with my laughter... " no one saw us.. Michelle my lord we were hidden in the dark no one could see what we were doing in the dark..." Memories of that night started to flash back in my mind..

We were kids, just kids tring to figure out what it was like to kiss some one.. being best friends we thought there no better person to trust this with then each other.. so we did it..

"ust look out the window and you'll see that theres no way any one could have seen us..."

to be continued

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Michelle gandered over to the window to make sure that what i had said was true.. looking over her shoulder i looked out the window with her.. it was odd how different the garden looked from up here... " have you ever noticed the shape of that garden Amber? look at that...! that's kinda weird don't you think?" " Here we go again, will you ever leave this alone? I"m telling you there is nothing odd about that... it's dark out and it's gonna look different..Come on let me show you the rest of the house."

skipping down the stair case, i led her into, what i had turned into the family room.. it used to be the ball room, but it was so huge i just had to make it the family room," it's so hard to believe this house was vacant for all these years.. Why wouldn't any body have wanted this house.." i thought to myself..

"OH WOW... THIS IS HUGE, AMBER.." " i know isnt it great..!" kelly with her smug look in her eye comes in the room, "Mom do you know where my duffle bag went?" "huney it's in your closet in your room. where are the girls? did they go off to bed already?" "No mom, they are in the kitchen gettin a snack with dad.." " alright baby thanks."

what a good time to show Michelle the kitchen. Quickly i grabbed Michelles hands "come on lets go get something to eat you drove a long way to get here today... then i can show you the kitchen too.."

"I'm gonna have to take a rain check on the kitchen, we'll have to finish the tour next week when i can get back here... i have to get back to town before it gets to late.. the traffic once i hit the highway this time of night is awful, i had better get going.." "ok but remember you have to pick up that rain check next week ok..."

to be continued

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The girls were so excited about their bedrooms that woofing down some sandwiches was almost like watching vulchars eat at a carcus. "Mommy, MOMMY! my room is so cool... i like the big window that has the seat stuck to it.. I always wanted one of those..." I know me too.. me too!" their food slashing around in their mouth.." listen Abby and Alisha, i enjoy hearing how excited you are to be in your new rooms, but can we show the excitement without lettin our food be seen.." "Soooory Mommy."

Now that things seemed to be settling down the girls were all off to bed,
tucking them in was a whole new experiance for me. So used to them being side by side in their old room. I read them both their stories, i never really understood why the two of them loved to hear a horror story before bed, what i considered to be horror for two five year olds seemed to be a happy one for them.. Every stinkin time that Abby of mine wakes up with a night mare..
" Abby, Now if you would let me read you the storys that momma chooses we wouldn't be having all these night mares.. now no more horror storys before bed." repeating this statement nightly just never seems to work, if i don't read it to them, then Kelly sneaks in and reads them one.. No win situation..

Gave them both a kiss as i pulled their blankets up over their little tummys up to their shoulders like they both like so much, wrapped um in like a hot dog in a bun, and off i was to have my time with Ted.. Just remembering what Michelle and i had done as kids has sent me in a whirlwind to be with Ted..
I was just hoping he would be in the mood for it just as much as i was.. So i slipped into my silk jammys, and headed toward the kitchen where Ted had been eatin his snack.. "Hey there you sexy hunk of meat... mind if i take a bite of you.?" slithering my way up next to him, as if i were some sneaky cat lookin to be pounced on.. "Ummmm, funny you should say that. Cause i was just thinking about breaking in this old kitchen counter top on our first night here in our new home." Giggling as he pulls my silk jammys up just above the knees, then placing me onto the counter top ever so gently while kissing my breast through the nighty. His hot breath across my breast sent shivers down my spine..." That always feels so good when you do that to me." "so then when i do this." slipping himself deep in side me.. " what does this do..oooh... you are so wet baby." One quick push and it's all she wrote, i could not contain the cat within, i rubbed up on to him and switched the roles around, i had to take controll... one orgasim after another, before we were so abruptly interupted by the screeching screems, that were coming from kellys bedroom... I don't think we ever dressed so quickly in our lives..

It was a mad dash through the kitchen down the hall and up the front spiral staircase up to kellys room, thank goodness Ted was the first one there. Lord knows what i would have done if i had walked into the room and saw what he saw... ''DADDY.....! DADDY! GET IT OUT OF HERE.... GET IT OUT!" Loud laughter came from Ted as he grabbed the pillow case from off of kellys pillow, and chased the baby bat from out of her room.. I have not seen him laughing so hard, since i was in labor for her.. "Goodness Ted is it really that funny?". "well if you could have seen the look on her face, you would be laughing as uncontrollably as i am right now.. believer me Amber it was Halarious..." "Ted, come on stop teasin her.. just get it out of here. You know darn well if i had found the bat in our room, i'd of let out a scream far worse then hers..." "Yeah i know almost like when your water broke for her and labor started.." after catching the bat and releasing it from out her window he was still chuckling over it. It took a while to calm her down before i could leave her bedroom.. thought for sure i'd never beable to get back to Ted.. and finish what i had started in the kitchen..

We didn't even make it to the bottom of the stairs before Ted took me into his arms pushed me up againts the wall face first and plunged himself inside my ass... "oouch Ted... Damn it.. let me know fiiiiiiii-rs- t... don't stop huney harder... harder... fuck my ass.. oh yes fuck me!..." "SSSHHhh... the kids will hear you.. Am..." I can't help it Ted... as i began to put my finger inside the front door and both in tune with each other, we orgasimed to gether. "wholy Shit Am you've never made my nuts wet before... WOW...!
i guess i'm having my way with you more often..

Exhausted by our endever on the stair case, we decided we would sleep in the Family room on our first night..

To be continued

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I don't ever recall falling asleep as fast as i did that night, but i also was not expecting anything else to happen either. But it did. My dreams were so real. From that night on. In the garden there i was, the wind blowing so gently across my face, i could smell the scent of the lilac tree that stood just behind me. The urrge to run naked through the garden overwhelmed me.. i had always wanted the huge achers to run free. So off came my clothes i ran.. i ran so fast through the garden that i had not noticed anything that was around me. Until i heard some one call to me.. I turned to see who it was but there was no one there.. "HELLO?... who's calling me, where are you?" i stopped dead in my tracks and started slowly.. to walk toward the cheribum that was at the front of the garden.. i was following that voice that called to me.. Once again i heard them calling my name.. "AM....Ber! Am...BER!" i woke up in a flash... " what? what is it?"

" You were breathing strangely.." Ted said with a frantic voice... i was tring to wake you up for the last hour... you were asking, where are you? over and over again in your sleep.. what were you dreaming about?... you have been doing this for the past few nights... but this was eary, you were asking this question as if you lost something..." " Ted it's so real to me. You know how i love to be naked out doors.. right?" "yeah, why?" "well Ted i have been having this same dream over and over again, where i'm out in the garden running through it naked, when someone calls to me, but when i turn around and head back to the cheribum, where the voice is coming from. theres no one there.. i'm so out of breath when i get there.. that must be what you heard with my breathing. I have no idea why i keep having this same damn dream. It's weird." "I would say so Am."

Friday was soon here and Michelle had called to say she was on her way over. She had a business meeting out our way and wanted to know if she could pick up her rain check of her tour of the house now.. but there was a catch... She needed to stay the weekend for this meeting... " oh Michelle i'm ok with that.. at least this way you get to see that the house is not creepy now.." " cool i'll be there in about four hours.."

The girls came running down the stairs after waking this mourning, wanting to eat their bacon and eggs.. An easy breakfast to conjour up.. so always i'm eager to smell the house up with the bacon. Ted and Kelly were still asleep so i had started the coffee and breakfast just to let them get some more sleep, before i woke them up for breakfast.. "Mommy, can we get a doggie?"
at the same time the questions start a rollen off of their toungue... "Abby, i don't think daddy would like that idea.." What about a kitty?" Alisha did you just hear what mommy said about the doggie... i don't really think we should be bothering daddy with an animal right now... give it some time and then we will see ok?" "But Please MOMMY?" "Girls what did mommy say?" "ohh darn it momma." " WATCH THAT TOUNGUE OF YOURS GIRLS... now i said wait a while alright.. end of discussion!"

"Yummm... whats that i smell?" "kelly your not a crab this mourning i like that... have a seat baby it's bacon and eggs.. you know your sisters favorite breakfast food.:" " what ever mother.." " Kelly, i don't appreciate your starting this early in the day.. now lose that attitutude before your father wakes up.." " what ever the twins want the twins get.. thats all mom.. i was not tring to give an attitude, i just wish you'd see how you are spoiling them.. thats all." Kelly's tone quickly changed as her fathers footsteps started toward the kitchen. She knows her father's temper is far worse then hers in the mourning, if she is given lip like that, he does not hesitate to smack her right square in the mouth.. Yet she still has not learned any thing by his quick hand..

"Daddy, can we?"......... "Girls what did i say?"........." NOT.... NOW.."........ "Alright then, lets just eat our breakfast ok.." quietly every one sat down to eat their breakfast. Sipping my coffee i told every one the good news about Michelle coming over for the weekend. Ted didn't seem to happy about it, the look in eyes reveal everything... Poor guy can't hide a damn thing from me.. "what Ted? come on she's your Sister, what's the problem with her coming over? she has a business meeting this weekend and it's going to take the weekend to close the deal. so i told her it was ok..."
" Thats fine Amber i just wish it wouldn't be this weekend... the guys are comming over for some poker.. thats all" Well baby the house IS big enough for all of us you know.." this i know he would agree with.. The house is definately alot bigger then any place else we ever lived in before.. Understandably i know why he does not want all of us here though.. the guys tend to google over Michelle when she's around. Not much poker gets played..
" It will be fun huney you'll see..." " yep... I'll see... abunch of horned up men tring to boink my sister... thats always fun... I don't think so AM" "Ted my goodness not with the girls out here too.. don't be saying things like this..."

As the girls pushed their chairs in they started running around the kitchen table... repeating the word..." boink". "see what you started Ted... thats enough girls... now go on out side and play in the yard ok... just don't leave the front of the garden i don't want you going past the lilac bushes.. alright?!" "bye Daddy see you soon"...kissing their father as they ran out the back door... i have not seen the girls this happy since they had their fifth birthday party last summer.. it's good to see them like that again.. Kelly on the other hand she has not been happy since the twins were born.. i guess being the oldest can cause that..

to be continued.

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I had not heard Abby come back into the house. I was startled when i heard, what i thought? was her talking to herself, until i walked into her room. She was talking to someone else in the room. When i asked who she was talking to she just turned to me and said with an astonished look apon her face as if you cant see who i'm talking to.


"WHO? theres no one there Abby now who are you talking to.."

"mommy are you alright she's right there... right beside you."

The only thing i noticed was that it was very cold where i was standing i could see my breath which was odd knowing it was 85 degrees outside. I just looked at Abby, i was stunded that she had an imaginary friend that she had never told me about.

"honestly Abby i wish i had known about Anna, why have you not told me about your friend."

"what friend mommy... she's not my friend. she lives here.. and she says this is her home and wants to know why you sleep in her bed?"

"Abby this is not a game, now i want you to tell your friend Anna that she needs to go home now cause you need to get back outside and finish playing with your sister before your Aunt Michelle arrives." i turned and walked out of the room with out allowing her to argue with me. The last thing i needed was to have an arguement with her..

To be continued..

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