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08-06-2013, 07:48 AM
Kylee Nash strutted confidently across the floor of the strip club. She had been having a great night dancing for a lot of men, making tons of cash and having a lot of fun. The club was packed and every guy there had his eyes on her. The blonde sex goddess was wearing a tiny purple club dress from one of her photo shoots that just hung loosely off her huge fake boobs, showing off tons of cleavage as well as her legs up to almost her pussy. Under the dress she had on no bra and just a tiny purple thong. She had on a lot of bracelets and bangles, and work a gold heart necklace that dangled enticingly right between her breasts. She also had on big gold ghetto hoop earrings and was wearing super high platform heels. With every step her big tits bounced and every guy she passed stared at her openly, practically drooling.

She had just gotten out of the VIP room with a wealthy lawyer who was a huge fan of her movies. Despite her best attempts to not get him too worked up, he cummed in his pants after just a few songs of her grinding him and putting her boobs in his face. He gave her a huge tip though, so she was still very happy. Looking around the club, she sized up the customers looking for the next big spender to approach. As she walked through the crowd, she noticed a table filled with young, muscular black guys in basketball jerseys motioning her over.

"Hey boys, I'm Kylee. How's it going tonight?" she asked them, smiling and putting her hands on the shoulders of two of them. There were some whistles and exclamations of "Damn!" as they stared at her hot body. Black men loved her and she always sold a lot of dances to them. She wasn't racist or anything but sometimes she was a little reluctant to approach them even though she made a lot of money off them. Sometimes they got too pushy. She really pushed the limits in her dances but they always wanted more and she didn't date black guys and hated to dance for them for that reason.

"We're in here celebrating winning our big game" the leader of them said. "We're on the ball team at the local university, and we just won the championship!" The group of guys cheered.

"Well congrats, boys! That's wonderful! So would you like me to be your personal cheerleader tonight?"

"Only if you'll do the nasty shit that other cheerleaders won't!" one of them called out which caused them all to laugh. They looked like they had a lot to spend but once again it looked like they might be tough to deal with. Still though, she was on a roll tonight so she totally went for it anyways.

Kylee came over behind him where he was sitting and rubbed her hands down his chest, causing her big tits to wrap around his head from behind. "Honey, you know I can be as nasty as you need..." she sexily said as she caressed his muscular chest. The guys hooted and hollered with approval. "So who is the star player that needs his reward?" she exclaimed.

Everyone began to murmur and point at the biggest guy there. He was a huge black guy with a shaved head and looked to be very young, only maybe 19 or 20. Instead of being more skinny and tall like a lot of them, he was built more like a football player or a bodybuilder than a basketball player. He was very tall, but also had huge muscles. Kylee was really surprised because she thought he was really good looking even though she wasn't into black guys and was way younger than her.

She sat down in his lap and put her arms around him, pushing her big tits against his chest. He put an arm around her waist and held her firmly in place.

"Hey girl, my name is Dante, but you can call me Big D" he said with a cocky smile.

"Big D huh? I hope that stands for more than just your name, Dante" Kylee said back with some flirtatious sarcasm. The group of guys laughed.

"Hell yeah baby, you know it. How bout we go back into VIP and I show you how I got my nickname? It ain't because of how tall and muscular I am."

Kylee laughed. "Okay honey, let's go! You boys don't wait up for us, sounds like I might have to keep Big D back there for awhile!"

The guys cheered as she got up and took Big D by the hand, leading him toward the VIP. As they walked away, one of the others shouted to her, "I hope you know what you got yourself into!" and the group started laughing even harder.

Kylee led Big D back into the plush VIP room. Out of the corner of her eye she saw him checking a huge wad of bills in his pocket, and knew she was in for a very profitable time. As they approached the bouncer she tipped him $50 and whispered to him to make sure not to pay too much attention to them. He nodded and led them back to the most private of the private dance areas. All of the VIP lounge had walls between the cushioned couches, and the bouncer led her back to the one that was around a small corner and totally out of the way. Unless you actually walked into the booth area you couldn't see what was going on, and she made sure to tip the bouncer whenever she had a customer she thought would pay big for a little extra attention.

Kylee never went too far, but she would let guys really bury their faces and squeeze, grope, and fondle her big tits while she stroked them through their pants. She had made a lot of money making many wealthy men cum in their pants without ever having to actually take a dick out in VIP, and had a large number of regular customers that came by all the time to get off with a little help from her.

Big D was wearing basketball shorts though, and she usually was a little more hands off through the very thin fabric. Still, with his large muscles and fit body he was a lot better looking than most of the pudgy businessmen she had to pretend to be into all night long. She was very surprised how attracted she was to the decade younger black man. Maybe she would have a little bit of fun and go all out with him anyway, despite the thin shorts, she thought to herself...

He sat down on the couch and she smiled and began to run her hands up and down his body as she danced in front of him. He happily leaned back and indulged in the feeling of her manicured nails scratching over his large muscles, over his nipples, down his stomach. The jersey he wore twisted as she caressed him, letting her fingertips sometimes rub over his bare skin. He let out a deep murmur of appreciation as she continued to feel his body.

Kylee couldn't believe how ripped this guy was and how hard his muscles were. It was like someone had carved a statue out of pure black onyx. She continued to work her hands down his body, leaning in close to his face and letting her hair fall forward and tickle his face, only an inch or two between their lips. She gave him a seductive smile and began to work her way down his body, rubbing and massaging him as she slowly fell to her knees before him. Rubbing her face down his chest and taut stomach, she start to give him a few small kisses, nibbles, and licks as she breathed in his manly smell.

As her hands worked their way down his thighs, gliding over the silky material of his shorts, she got more daring and began to move them inward across his thighs. She began to push them apart to get better situated in between them when she suddenly became confused by something in his shorts near his knee. Pushing against it again, Kylee realized with absolute shock that it was the head of his cock.

Big D looked down at her with a big grin. "I told ya they call me Big D for a reason, girl. You like it?"

Kylee was stunned. She had always been a size queen, only sleeping with well hung guys, but this was unreal. It had to have been dangling down almost a ten inches from his crotch, and was thicker around as the biggest dicks she had ever enjoyed despite it not even being hard yet. Fascinated, she stared openly at the outline of it. Even in the dim club lighting she could make out the form of his huge cock, the prominent head bulging out making an obvious outline.

"Oh my god, I had no idea... I mean, holy shit... It's just so fucking big!"

"It ain't even hard yet! You curious? Why don't you give it a little stroke? Get that shit nice and hard and see how big it gets?"

Kylee bit her lip and looked back and forth between his face and that fat fuck log running down his leg. She was enthralled by it and wanted to badly to see how big it could get but she was a little worried too. She pushed the limits in her sexy, heavy contact dances, but never crossed a line. Faced with the most enormous cock she had ever seen she wasn't so sure she could keep herself under control. Still, though, it looked so amazing. Kylee told herself that she wouldn't go too far, she'd just do a normal very high contact dance for him and get him hard so she could check it out and that'd be it. She managed out a breathy, uncertain "Okay, but I won't go too far." Before she even finished the sentence though, she started to trace the tips of her fingers up and down the length of D's huge cock.

Big D started to really get into it now and kept letting out low moans. Kylee just teased at first, just barely touching, but could see it begin to swell and grow. She stroked her fingers up and down and felt it twitch a few times as it grew, the length and girth seeming more and more unreal with every passing second. She was almost hypnotized by the growing python in his shorts, and before she knew it she had began to really grab at it and stroke his cock with her hand instead of just lightly touching it with her fingers. It felt alive between her fingers, and it twitched and throbbed and seemed to have a life of its own. Kylee felt like she might never be able to drag herself away from stroking him, but D broke her fascination by grabbing her in his muscular hands and pull her back up to her feet.

"Come on baby, grind my dick a little now. I want those big ass titties in my face and your pussy rubbing all over my cock." He pulled her forward and slipped a hand into her purple dress, squeezing one of her big fake tits. She let out a surprised little moan of pleasure as his huge hands roughly massaged her boob and his thumb and finger between to tweak her nipple. Her nipples were super hard and his twisting them between his fingers caused waves of pleasure to explode down Kylee's body. She had never been so turned on by a customer playing with her tits before.

Grabbing his dick through his shorts, she began to reposition it in his pants so that it sat straight up in his lap, tenting up toward his stomach rather than running down a leg. As she tried to wrap her sexy hand around it, she realized it was so huge that she couldn't make her fingers touch. She gave it a few tugs as she moved it, hesitating once it was in the fully upright position to give an extra three or four strokes, jacking him off through his shorts. She turned around now, and his hands wrapped around her body from behind, still slipping into her purple dress and cupping her tits with both hands now. Kylee lowered her ass onto the enormous bulge of his erect cock and began to rub up and down on him as he massaged her tits and twisted and tugged on her nipples.

Big D started to groan more loudly now, and began thrusting up to meet her gyrations. His massive dick slipped up and down between her ass cheeks as the gorgeous big tit stripper and actress passionately humped him back.

"What has gotten into me!?" Kylee wondered to herself, shocked at how aroused she was by the young hung and muscular black thug. "I almost never get so turned during dances, but I'm dripping wet. He's just so fucking hung, I can't even think straight I'm so turned on by his cock..."

Switching positions again after a few more minutes, Kylee stripped off the dress, leaving her only in her thong and platforms. She straddled him face to face now. Continuing to grind hard on him, she now began to moan a little in pleasure herself as she rubbed her pussy all over the gigantic bulge in his shorts. Big D kept squeezing and cupping her breasts, but now he leaned in and buried his face in them. After a few more minutes, he latched his mouth onto one of her nipples and began to suck and nibble on it.

As soon as his mouth started to explore her nipple, she got even more turned on than before. His playing with her tits was driving her just wild now, especially with the way he sucked on them as she grinded her sensitive pussy on him.

"Oh god, this feels amazing. You're just so fucking big! It's unreal!"

"Mmm. You love that black dick, dontcha girl? Love a fat nigga dick rubbing up on yo' creamy little pusy?"

Kylee leaned in and began to kiss his neck and giggled into his ear. "I honestly never go this far, but then again I've never seen a guy with equipment like yours. I think you're definitely the biggest customer I've ever had. It's really hot! Listen, I can't fuck you. I won't go that far. But believe me you're going to get the best lap dance of your fucking life!" She struggled for the breath to make the words coming from her mouth as she continued to grind, finding it hard to concentrate. His cock was unbelievably hard and she could feel it twitching and throbbing against her clit as she grinded harder and harder on him.

Big D laughed. "What can I say, girl? You're built for nigga dick. My huge dick matches your huge tits, and every big fake tittied blonde white girl that's ever seen it just goes wild for that shit." With that he grabbed her ass and shoved her against his dick extremely hard as he thrusted up. His rock hard shaft rubbed directly against her clit, separated only by the tiniest bit of silken material. Kylee's pleasure suddenly began to overwhelm her, and she bucked in his lap, caught totally by the surprise by the huge orgasm she suddenly experienced as a result of their grinding. He bit her nipple between his teeth and tugged on it as she came all over him and he kept thrusting hard up against her.

Collapsing forward onto him, she started laughing while panting, catching her breath. "Holy shit! Did that seriously just fucking happen? No guy has ever made cum before in the club, and you did it through my panties. I am just so turned on by your huge dick, it's unreal!"

Big D just laughed. "Well how bout you return the favor, huh? Get back down on your knees and start working it..." He pushed her downwards and fell back to her knees, her face in his crotch. His massive cock made a foot tall tent of his basketball shorts, and she started to rub her boobs all over it, titfucking him through his shorts. He roughly tugged on and stroked her nipples as she squeezed her big breast implants around his dick, jerking him off with her tits. He started thrusting up to meet her strokes with more and more excitement, until the head of his cock began bumping her right in the chin. She could feel the basketball shorts were wet from precum from his cock as she kept stroking him off with her boobs.

Totally turned on by the huge dick right in her face, Kylee leaned her head down and started to kiss the head of his cock through his shorts. She started working it with her mouth, sucking on it through the silky fabric. In a lustful daze, she started snaking one of her hands up his short leg holes. She just had to feel that monster cock in her hands to believe it was real. Her hand explored up inside his shorts, running her long nails up his muscular thighs, until she reached his plump balls. They felt huge too, like a couple of heavy plums, and she started to massage his sack causing him to moan even more. He was thrusting up now, and his massive cock head could barely fit in her mouth but he was forcing it in anyway. She was basically giving him a blowjob now except through his shorts, as she sucked on the head of his huge dick.

Her hand finally left his balls and started to explore upwards. She discovered the base of his incredibly thick shaft, which was so hard it almost felt like it was muscular like the rest of his body. She couldn't even close her fingers around it, but tried her best to. His entire cock was slippery now, between his own precum and her saliva wetting his shorts and running down his dick. She started to use the lubrication to work her fist up it, stroking it up and down as she continued to suck the head.

"Come on girl, stop teasing me... Just take it out and fucking suck it already!"

Kylee stopped for a second or two, confused, almost just realizing now what she had been doing. She had never meant to go this far, but felt almost dreamlike. "I've already gone so far with him... Fuck it. Why stop now? I want this." Resolving to give in to her desire, Kylee relented to Big D's commands. She grabbed the waistband of his shorts and pulled them down, finally freeing his monster cock. It stood straight up, an uncircumsized big black cock, massive and throbbing and oozing precum. The enormous head poked out from the tight foreskin, and Kylee looked at it in complete awe and lust.

"How... How big is it?" she asked in wonder.

"Exactly a foot long, and about seven inches around!" he said smugly.

Kylee wrapped both hands around it and started to tug on it, watching it sway and pulse as she stroked him off. As she stroked, the foreskin retreated down, revealing more of the engorged head. She could see a little cum ooze out of the slit every time she felt it throb in her hands. Taking a deep breath, she took the plunge and leaned forward, putting the massive cock in her mouth.

It tasted so good, so manly. It filled up her mouth to capacity, stretching her plump collagen filled lips to fit around the enormous cock. She started to suck and slurp, moving her head up and down as she stroked him with both hands at the same time. He groaned and put a hand on the back of her head, forcing her down further. Relaxing her neck muscles, she suppressed her gag reflex and let the huge dick start working its way down her throat as she held her breath. Her eyes watered and she started to feel light headed from the lack of air as he began to moan more loudly, and started shoving more of his cock in. She was glad the music was so loud and she had paid off the bouncer for a good private spot or someone would have heard him for sure. Finally she gagged and gasped and let it slide out so she could catch her breath, and he let out a sigh of pleasure.

"Holy shit, you really know how to suck a nigga's dick!"

Kylee looked up at him and laughed, her makeup running a little from her watery eyes. "I've had a lot of practice, but I've never had a challenge quite like this before!"

"Well don't stop now girl!" he said with a laugh, and she put the big fat cock back in her mouth, happily suck and slurping away at it. This dick was the reason she got her lips injected with collagen, to be the perfect cock sucker for a massive piece of meat like this. She continued to alternate between deep throating him and sucking the head as she stroked with her hands, until he began to groan with pleasure and she felt his cock starting to spasming. Forcing it back deep down, she felt it suddenly explode as it jerked, blowing a huge load of cum down into her throat. It felt like it would never stop as it pumped out spurt after spurt of jizz, and she happily swallowed the whole load as Dante gasped in pleasure, his eyes rolling in his head as he shuddered in ecstasy from her expert head.

With a gasp she withdrew and after catching her breath hopped into his lap, his huge dick sagging and coated in her saliva and his cum. Sitting in his lap, the gorgeous stripper kissed him deeply as he continued to squeeze her big fake tits. She wrapped one hand as best she could around the incredibly thick cock, her fingers not meeting, and happily stroked him. The next thing she knew he was pulling aside her panties with his rough fingers, and he whispered in her ear "Let me return the favor."

Kylee felt his thick, strong fingers start to push their way into her pussy. She was utterly drenched already so they met no resistance, and she just began to kiss him more passionately as he started to finger her, teasing her clit and finger fucking with one hand while he twisted her hard nipple with the other. Meanwhile she stroked his dick, and was amazed that it started to immediately get hard again. She gyrated her hips, pushing against his fingers, feeling her pussy pulse as he rubbed her g-spot. She felt amazing as his extremely strong fingers worked her pussy, but before she could cum he stopped.

"Baby, you got me all hard again." Kylee noticed his thick black cock was rock hard in her hand again as she jerked him, lubed with her spit from the blowjob and his cum. "Let me put it in your pussy, baby. Come on..." He kept teasing her with his fingers as he told her this, slowing down just enough to keep her on the edge, out of control.

Kylee bit her thick, pouty, collagen plumped lip as she struggled with the decision. The athletic fuck goddess loved screwing the biggest and thickest cocks she could find, and despite having fucked dozens and dozens of extremely hung male strippers from clubs she worked in and male costars from porno sets, she had never come across one like this before. She just had to have it.

"Fine, but only if you wear a condom, okay?"

Big D laughed. "Sure baby, I'll wear a rubber, but this time it's my turn to make a deal. I'll wear one if you can find one that will fit on my dick, deal?"

Kylee smiled. "No problem. I only carry the best, you know!" The eager size queen confidently reached into her purse and pulled out a Magnum XL, the biggest condom on the market. Looking the way she did she always got her pick of the most well-endowed lovers, so she only carried the extra large condoms to be able to fulfill her needs.

Dante just chuckled. "Okay, we'll try it, but otherwise I fuck you bareback, deal?"

Kylee smugly ripped open the condom wrapper and began to unroll it onto his enormous cock. It was still all slippery from their fluids, and she managed to get it over the head. It was stretched to the limit, but just barely managing to hold on. She victoriously began to unroll it down, still stroking him as she went. It only went about two thirds of the way down his cock, leaving four inches of bare dick at the base exposed. Still, she thought that would be fine.

"Told ya I'd have the perfect fit for you!"

Dante laughed. "Perfect fit, huh? Watch this." He tensed up his dick, causing it to jerk and throb and expand.The sudden increase in size, however slight, was enough that the condom rolled back up, retreating from the pressure, until it popped off the top with a snap. Kylee just stared, open mouthed. "They ain't made a condom yet that can hold me! Now get that white pussy over here, time for you to find out how much you love nigga dick."

Kylee started to mutter slight protests, but before she could really overcome her shock he scooped her up and positioned her sopping wet pussy right over his fat cock. She knew she shouldn't fuck some random black guy without any protection, but before she could say anything he grabbed her by the hips and thrust down. She felt the massive head pushing against her, and because her cunt was so wet it started to part her lips with no resistance. Way bigger than even the biggest dildo she had ever used, he thrust into her with a very rough, hard push, managing to get the head inside of her. She never felt so full before in her life, and moaned out very loudly. She saw the bouncer look around the corner and get an eyeful. He mouthed at her, "This will cost you extra" and grabbing his own bulge before turning back around, but she didn't care that she'd probably have to blow the bouncer to get him to stay quiet or that the condom was going to slip off. Her pussy was being stretched beyond her wildest dreams, and he only had the head in. She didn't care about anything at all except the enormous black cock that was about to give her the fucking of her life.

Now that he was a little inside of her, he started to do quick, shallow thrusts up and down, working a tiny bit more of himself into her every time. Kylee very slowly lowered herself with each thrust to feed her stretched cunt a little more of his dick, keeping her hands on her quivering thighs as she arched her back with her ass sticking out at him. Her eyes rolled back in her head in pleasure as he worked more and more into her. The veiny ridges of his rock hard cock were rubbing her g-spot, and after only maybe a dozen thrusts she exploded, cumming all over his cock. As the pleasure overwhelmed her, her legs went weak and she felt dizzy and lightheaded, and she fell backwards a little. This just caused more of his cock to get forced into her incredibly tight pussy, and as he crammed it in her she felt like she might split from the most pleasurable pain she ever felt in her life. Looking down, she was amazed to discover only half of his meaty dark cock was inside of her.

"Oh my god, honey, I don't know if I can do this... It's so fucking big, it's too much..."

"Really? I don't know about that." Dante withdrew his cock from her pussy. She instantly felt empty, and wiggled her ass at him desperately, trying to get it back inside of her.

"Please... I need it..." she cried out.

"That's what I thought." Dante smacked the head against her clit and then proceeded to push it back in. She didn't care at all, she wanted him bareback inside of her, to feel his huge dick leaking precum lubing up her pussy as he fucked it, more than she wanted any other sexual experience in her life.

He slid in more easily now, having stretched her out a little before and now oozing precum to get his dick nice and wet. It mixed with her pussy juices, and soon streams of creamy white jizz from the both of them were running down his dick to the base, collecting around his balls. He was roughed now, though, and started to thrust up, hard and deep, instead of the little pushes earlier to ease it in. Kylee groaned loudly as he forced it in her, battering her insides. It felt like he was fucking all the way up into her stomach. Within a few strokes, he suddenly slammed the entire thing in, balls deep to the base. She immediately had another orgasm and almost screamed out but caught herself at the last second so as to not attract the attention of any other dancers.

Now that he was in her, Dante took over and went wild. He pulled her roughly backwards so she was no longer on her feet, and held her over him. He started to wildly lift her up and down over and over again, very quickly, pistoning in and out of her pussy as he stretched her. She bounced like a rag doll in his arms as he banged her with full force, her moans barely muffled by the loud club music.

Roughly squeezing one of her tits, Dante began to whisper in her ear. "How's that feel? You like that big nigger dick stretching you out? You like that shit tearing up your little white pussy? You like fucking a nigger? I'm fucking parts of yo' pussy no one ever been in before, I'm claiming it for the black man, it's mine now."

Kylee was so overcome with pleasure she couldn't even form words to respond, just groaned and moaned like an animal in response. She had never believe sex could be like this before. Whatever she had been doing before, it wasn't fucking... THIS was fucking.

Dante grabbed her and spun her around now, never taking his cock out, so that she was facing him. He slapped her ass, telling her to start fucking. Kylee started to slam herself up and down the entire length of his massive dick as she kissed his neck, caressed his shoulders, and nibbled his ear. Leaning back on the couch now, he began to take turns spanking her big fake tits and twisting and biting her nipples. Crying out again, she had another orgasm.

Finally, Dante whispered to her, "Alright, bitch, I'm ready to nut up in you. Get ready for some nigger jizz! Tell me you want it!"

Kylee cried out in his ear, "Please, give me your cum!"

Dante slapped her ass. "What kind of cum is it, girl? What kind of dick is fucking you? Say it!"

"Black cum! A black dick!"

"No!" He slapped her ass again.

"A nigger dick! I'm getting fucked by a nigger dick and I'm going to get filled up with nigger cum!"

"That's right, girl! Here it comes!"

He grabbed her ass roughly and used his strong hands and arms to slam her up and down on his huge cock with incredible speed. Each time he thrust up as well, and Kylee felt like she was being completely impaled. He groaned out loudly and thrust in deeply one more time. Holding it deep inside of her, she felt it still moving despite him no longer thrusting because it jerked and throbbed as he began to cum. Soon she felt a surprising amount of force as he shot his load deep inside of her, coating her insides with his warm seed. She panted as he did, fucked into utter exhaustion. Finally, after he stopped exploding inside of her, she slumped into his arms. They kissed passionately, his huge cock still lodged in her stretched, creampied pussy.

"Oh my god, that was amazing, baby..." she said between kissing him and biting his lip a little. "I never knew sex could be like that. You fucked me like I've never been fucked before. It was just incredible."

Dante laughed. "I bet you never thought a teenage nigga would show a hot milfy ass white bitch like you how to fuck! Got plenty more of that shit for you though!"

Kylee joined him in laughing and kept kissing him. She didn't care that over an hour had passed in VIP, and didn't care about whether or not he paid her for her "dances." All she cared about now was huge, black nigger cock.

*** Two hours later... ***

Kylee was sucking off the bouncer from earlier in the front seat of his car in payment for him not telling the management about her sexcapade in the club. He was a very good looking Italian guy with what she had previously thought was an impressive eight inch cock. They had slept together a few times in the past, when she was horny after work and felt like bringing someone home with her. She usually was very in to him, but today she blew him without much excitement or passion. His measly little eight inch dick seemed pathetic compared to Big D's huge boner she was ravaged by earlier in the night. The bouncer noticed and was irritated at her lack of enthusiasm.

"Fine, if you're going to be so boring just let me fuck you then."

Kylee rolled her eyes and hiked up her dress, handing him a Magnum XL condom. He put it onto his dick with no trouble at all, unlike Dante. He leaned in then and put his dick in her, before looking at her with a look of confusion.

"What the fuck? I can barely feel you! Why is your pussy so loose?"

Kylee smirked. "Sorry, I got fucked by a real man earlier tonight. I guess you just don't have what it takes anymore."

He angrily thrust into her a few times, but his boner was quickly deflating from shame and lack of stimulation from her stretched out cunt. He dejectedly pulled out and told her to go home.

"I guess you won't be telling management about my fun in VIP, it would be terrible if word got around the dressing room how much of a limp-dick you are compared to a real man," Kylee threatened with a laugh as she got out of the car.

*** Two weeks later... ***

Kylee walked up to Dante's apartment door wearing super short cutoff Daisy Duke shorts, brown cowgirl boots, and a silver bikini top. She knocked on the door and had a flutter of anticipation in her stomach as she waited for the door to open. As soon as it did, she quickly entered and dropped to her knees. The two huge black cocks of Jamal and Tyrone, two of Dante's teammates, were immediately in her face. She took turns sucking off the two of them, one ten inches and super thick, the other a slimmer eleven inches, with her big plump collagen filled lips. She didn't even bother to take her sunglasses off before she started going back and forth blowing one while stroking off the other.

For the past two weeks, she had been going over to D's apartment every day and getting gang banged by his hung and young black basketball teammates. She spent all day getting passed around and gang fucked, often taking two or three of the huge cocks at a time in her pussy, ass, and mouth. On game days she was in the front row, jumping up and down with her huge fake tits almost bouncing out of her top cheering them on, and then going back into the locker room after to give them a victory gang bang until her pussy was so full of black men cum that it made a huge puddle when she stood up. The hot milf was completely hooked on teenage big black cock now.

*** Two years later... ***

Kylee screamed out in pleasure as Lexington Steele and Shane Diesel double penetrated her. Her cries were cut short when Mandingo shoved his huge black dick in her mouth. Since she got hooked on big black cock fucking it was all she could do now. She had trouble getting herself to go into work in the strip club after a while because she was too busy fucking black guys, but had figured out a way to make money instead. Now she had become an interracial hardcore porn queen, and spent many days getting fucked by the biggest cocks in porn for money.

As the hung black porn stars took turns shooting loads into her pussy, giving her a big nasty creampie, she sighed with delight as her next co-star came out. Big D had played for a year for the LA Lakers but suspended for bad behavior and ended up getting into doing porn movies instead. He made a ton of money being the Laker gone bad, not to mention he had the biggest dick in porn. Of course, Kylee Nash was still his favorite co-star. Her journey was complete, she had gone from Kylee Nash the stripper to Kylee Nash the black cock addict, and now nothing else could ever satisfy her again.