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Extra Therapy.
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Chapter one.

Sally was a normal healthy girl; she accepted her life and lived happily at home with her widowed mother; however things were not so normal at home. For her mother had become a little strange after her husband; Sally’s father had passed away.

Suddenly Helen; Sally’s Mother; began to turn against the normal sanctity of family life; she began to ignore the respect one would expect between mother and daughter. In her eyes Sally had become a whore and a slut; even suspecting she had betrayed her ethnic background and turned black, by that I mean had begun to have black lovers; oh there were no real proof of this but she began to inspect Sally’s dirty washing hoping to find the proof she sought. The only thing Helen found was a shortage of dirty panties and bra’s; this being because Sally had taken to not wearing any.

Convinced her daughter was becoming a tart; Helen began to find reasons to argue with Sally; these arguments turned bitter and torrid and always involved Helen accusing Sally of loving black meat; often resulting in either party storming off in temper and refusing to talk to the other one. Helen seized her opportunity to find out once and for all; she arranged for Sally to see a counsellor; originally to come to terms with the arguments occurring daily between these two women but also Helen hoped that the counsellor would be able to confirm or deny her belief that Sally was whoring for black men.

This is the story of that counsellor therapy… It begins when mother dropped Sally off at the counsellor’s office; Sally was very nervous and a bit scared. For the first time in ages she was, all covered up; her skirt much longer than she normally wore and the blouse a heavier material than usual, even wearing sunglasses to cover her eyes. Her fear was that she was about to see a total stranger; in order to talk about her innermost thoughts and she nearly fled home again but then she saw mother still sitting in the car, watching her, so she went into this building. When she finally found the doctor’s office she pressed the buzzer and the door sprung open walking in Sally found her way to the waiting area.

The waiting room was unattended. She stood there, getting her bearings when a deep melodious voice said, "Good morning Sally, please come in through the door with the gold door plate on it. I have been expecting you for some time."

She walked into a warm sumptuous office, leather and dark stained wood everywhere. The Doctor rose from his desk and welcomed her. He was tall, about 45 or so she thought, quite good looking, with an air of authority round about him. His next words astounded her as he said, "Shit happens in life; Sally and I will get you back to where you can lead a productive life. Everything we discus or happens here is between the two of us and will go no further. Now go over there and get rid of those god-awful clothes and come back and stand in front of my desk"

Sally looked at him in amazement and as soon as he realised she was hesitating; he glared and said "NOW!" and suddenly Sally scurried away to quickly undress. Sally could not explain why she had obeyed because she had never thought herself to be submissive in the past. Coming back she was quite nervous and she nearly wet herself as she heard. "Legs apart and hands behind your head", he barked and Sally instantly obeyed without thinking. She felt trapped as if she was under a spell.

She felt so exposed yet she was flushed with excitement too. Standing there, her nipples began to harden, for the first time the shock of being informed she was to come for counselling was replaced with a hard to describe intense sense of sexual tension; Sally felt totally under this stranger’s control. He came around from behind his desk and walked around her as he had her recite in detail the reason behind the arguments and what she thought was behind them, touching her as she spoke.

She began to tell the counsellor all the trouble with mum began after Sally had been raped by a gang of black youth’s. She felt embarrassed as she had to confide to this stranger that she had abandoned wearing bra and panties even before she had left school and had at the same time experimented with playing with her cunt. The doctor made her go over how she would stroke her cunt and eventually insert her fingers or some other object into her cunt; every time she used a word to describe a body part that the doctor did not like he would stop her and make her use a more appropriate word.

The doctor now honed in on the details of the rape and continued to use the details to illicitly touch her; oh nothing blatant or overtly sexual instead always masking his touches as part of his treatment but never the less being well aware of them having a clear effect on Sally.

For instance when she mentioned about the tearing off her blouse and grasping her tits, he would hold them and squeeze them, asking her if that felt the same as when she was being raped. When she got to the part where they tore off her skirt and fingered her cunt, he fondled her bottom and then without warning, put his finger in her cunt. Sally jumped but he cautioned her to stand still. Oh it was so shaming yet she was also getting aroused. Finally, he sat down at his desk and told her, he could help me but only if she adhered to all the rules.

He promised her that if she accepted his terms of absolute authority, he could get her back to the life she deserved. Sally quickly agreed. He then had her wait in a little room off his office where she was made to sit in an armchair and he placed headphones on her. Music and barely audible words began coming through the headphones, although I could not hear the words clearly. Sally gradually relaxed and nude pictures flashed on a screen; not prolonged pictures but more like instant flashes almost too quick for your eyes to fix on; but the images seemed to lodge firmly in her mind. These images were always of hard cocks sometimes imply standing hard and proud while other times shoot out their white life giving seeds.

Next thing she knew, she was being woke up and he took her to his office again. There on his desk was a new semi transparent blouse and a very short wrap around skirt and the same shoes I had worn to the appointment. He told her to get dressed and that in the parcel that was beside the clothes; were more blouses and skirts. Sally put them on blouse and skirt and nearly fainted. Golly they were very revealing, the tops of her tits were almost exposed through the almost sheer material and her nipples could be seen.

As for her skirt, Sally was sure that her ass was hardly covered. She felt even more undressed than when she was naked. He explained that that was to be her normal wear from now on - definitely she would never be wearing bras or panties again unless it was the wrong time of the month. Sally felt she wanted to say something but couldn't. He said she had an appointment tomorrow and gave her a card before he then sent her home.

Since that first session, she began to learn the routine for he was very strict on certain things. She would go to a little locker room, undress and put her clothes in the locker provided and walk naked down a corridor to the little room where the divan bed was; there she would find a set of headphones. When Sally put them on, the music and barely audible words would help her relax on the divan, as she listened to the music after a while, an alarm would sound and she would go to the doctor’s office and adopt the pose until he was ready. She nearly freaked out when he explained the pose he expected her to adopt, for she was so exposed and humiliated but now she understood that it is a necessary part of her treatment.
The pose was as follows; the palms of her hands must be flat against the back of her head, with her elbows spread wide and as far back as possible causing her to thrust her tits forward. Her ankles had to be eighteen inches apart with her heels almost facing each other which pushed her knees wide apart and making her almost stoop as she stood there; she was fully aware that in this position she clearly exposed her freshly shaven and open well lubricated cunt lips.
Now she has grown to accept this pose and so she does not feel at all worried at adopting the pose, realising that it certainly does show off everything fully and she knows she is accepting full nudity. He is so pleased when she does everything right, but was not slow to punish her when she erred. When he is ready he discusses her case with her while I hold and stroke his cock before he enters her. She never realised before but there are some medical procedures very similar to certain sexual activities.
Once the doctor has spurted his spunk into her cunt, and she had cleaned his cock for him, he goes over her activities he has planned as part of her treatment; making her repeat in graphic detail all the actions she was expected to do, then she would go back to the little room and put the headphones on until the alarm tells her it was time to go back to the locker room and get dressed - in winter time she was allowed to wear a blouse, skirt and footwear, in summertime it is a skimpy little halter top, skirt and open footwear.
He is very thorough though, it took a few weeks of initial treatment before she progressed to the next stage. Initially he spent some time getting her clothes right, raising the hem of the skirt to the proper level and finding the right size and sheerness of the blouse. His wife helped a lot there, going shopping with Sally. The sales girl was a little surprised Sally was not wearing any underwear at all and quickly agreed to outfit her in another fitting room at the back of the store room of the shop. The doctor’s wife always made sure the salesgirl was made aware that part of my treatment was to sample sexual experiences.

This usually resulted in the salesgirl fingering Sally’s cunt while the doctor’s wife looked on; because they intended to return to the same shop on several occasions, a level of trust developed between the doctor’s wife and the sales girl. The clever shop girl must have brought in some sex toys to keep in the back room, because she went from using her fingers to using larger rubber cocks and once she even used a big black strap on cock on Sally’s cunt and always from behind me while the Doctor’s wife would talk to me about being a wonderful slut.

Eventually they were satisfied and she took me back to his surgery for the doctor’s approval. Sally was very nervous as she felt almost naked as we walked back but the doctor’s wife told her not to be a silly girl and to just relax and walk naturally. Sally was sure my bare bum would be showing at times as she walked. The doctor approved and told Sally it was an important part of the treatment program and she was to shape up and apply herself totally.

At this stage, he fitted Sally with a diaphragm for her protection Then this became the routine for awhile, the only variation being the positions the medical procedures took, sometimes on her back, sometimes on all fours, sometimes Sally sitting down on him and each time he spurted in her cunt, she would clean his cock with her mouth and then as she posed again, (to get her used to full nudity, he explained), they would discuss her rape and then his treatment plans. Sally was still nervous about her rape though, especially when they were talking about her starting to enjoy feeling bare cock fucking into her cunt and spurting in her.

He was very good at explaining things to her. Sally was very proud when one day he said she did not need to go to that little room to use the headphones any more. He said that part of her treatment was complete and he was very pleased she had adapted to the program so well. He also complimented her on her now using proper descriptive words.

Around this time he also took Sally to his private club where he had reserved a large sauna room for a couple of hours. They sat in there, naked, for about 30 minutes, as he talked about the revelation that Sally needed bare cock in her as a medical procedure, mentioning the time involved. He stressed that he also enjoyed his involvement in the medical procedure very much, but his workload did not permit him to give her the attention she needed as she progressed to a higher level.

Therefore, he announced that he was enlisting the help of some qualified people to help her with her condition. He had 5 such qualified people there that day, waiting to be introduced to Sally and he made her adopt the pose while he brought them into the sauna.

Sally was surprised to see them come in naked but they were all friendly and nice to her, all expressing their desire to get their now hard cocks into her cunt to help her. Their attitude made Sally feel real good and quietened her nervousness. They expressed an admiration for her pose and the doctor suggested they get to know Sally by feeling her up and caressing her.

They were very good at putting Sally at her ease. Then the doctor had a little talk to Sally, stating she was not to feel afraid but to treat them as friends. He explained that each one was going to go and slip their cocks into her one by one and that he expected her to ensure they all spurted their spunk loads in her. As they all wanted to shoot their hot spunk up her cunt as they knew it was enjoyable for Sally and a nice relief for them. She was very eager by this time to participate as their feeling her up had got her very aroused and her nervousness had gone.

One by one they played with Sally before thrusting their bare cocks into her. It was so good; she managed a climax of her own with each of them as she felt their spunk shoot into her hot cunt. It seemed that the new help knew only too well that Sally was in need of intense treatment because many of them with the help of Sally’s hands and mouth managed to service her hot spunk filled cunt more than once.

Later the doctor told her, she was rapidly reaching the next stage of her treatment and recovery; for he was planning to introduce her to naked black cocks and expected her to take their loads into easily very aroused cunt.

Mum never really asked about the treatment but the arguments did begin to stop although Sally suspected her mum had a big hand in designing her initial extra therapy.

In the next chapter Sally adapts to taking her first black cock post he rape that led her down this road.

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Good interesting first chapter--it gets the reader's interest