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The love bond that binds.

A story in three acts.

Copyright ©2013 niteowluk2003.

Chapter one.

Karen and Peter married young; both being under 21 years of age. Karen was in fact 18 years old and Paul was 20 years old when the married in a registry office. Now over the last twelve years they had done a great job at keeping the marriage spark alive; for five years now they had been involved in role playing, everything from Karen pretending to be a prostitute to Peter pretending to be a virgin and having to be seduced by Karen.

But now the thrill of these roles was wearing thin and they both were finding it harder and harder to come up with new believable scenarios to act out. Karen had recently confessed a hidden desire to try submissive bondage but Peter had baulked at the idea because it felt beyond his own comfort zone. However the ever resourceful Karen had slowly nurtured the idea by discussing what it involved every night before the pair went to sleep. In fact one idea had interested Peter above all else and it was the idea put into his mind by Karen when she suggested that he would probably love to have his willing wife tied up so she could not prevent him from doing whatever he wanted to do to her and as her master he would be able to demand she did all he said.

Next weekend being their thirteenth wedding anniversary he decided that he would try to carry out Karenís wishes with a few twists of his own; but hoping whatever he did would no permanently damage their relationship. So on the Friday morning he left a scented envelope on Karenís pillow; inside were instructions about showering and shaving her cunt before the planned party that night. The fact that the instructions were signed Master Peter; led Karen to suspect that at some stage during the party he would tell her what her fate would be for the night when they were alone.

First to arrive was Karenís widowed mother; after pleasantries were exchanged she placed Karenís wrapped present on the side table and helped herself to her favourite tipple of neat gin. Next Rob and Cindy arrived; friends of both Karen and Peter from them all working together a few years ago. Again after the pleasantries were exchanged Cindy pulled Karen to one side and asked if everything was ok only she swore Karen looked different and seemed worried by something.

Now Karen and Cindy had often shared many secrets and could always tell each other their most intimate of details; so Karen confided in her friend that Peter or as she had to call him for the time being; Master Peter had planned something special tonight and she was just excited as to when she was going to be treat like a real submissive. Cindy responded by calling Karen a lucky cunt and hinted that it was all Rob could do lately to even give her a kiss let alone a surprise like that.

Soon the last of the twenty guests arrived and as Karen and Peter circulated like dutiful hosts; Karen kept appearing to be the centre of attention as one would expect of the anniversary girl. It was now about 10 30 pm when Peter pulled Karen out into the hallway and pinned her against the wall; leaning in to kiss her he also whispered that she had to undo the top five buttons on her blouse or face punishment later; already Karen was not wearing a bra and her 38C tits were becoming clearly excited as she had noticed her nipples sticking out against the blouse material like organ stops.

Knowing better than to disobey Peter in these role playing games; she dutifully undid the buttons as instructed when suddenly Rob grabbed her hand and demanded to dance with the sexy bride of thirteen years ago. Peter knew that when Karen got dancing the combination of no bra and reduced number of buttons to hide and contain her breasts would have the desired effect of making Karen aware of every man watching her boobs jiggle and a few women too for that matter.

By 11 pm the party was beginning to break up ad as Peter showed his guest to the front door he got numerous comments along the lines of him being a lucky bastard married to such a hot horny woman as Karen and they were not only from the men. Soon only Rob, Cindy and Karen and Peter remained; so Peter decided to take it one stage further. He whispered into Karenís ear that as she had been teasing poor Rob and Cindy with her loose tits; she should now undo the remaining three buttons and allow them to see them fully. Karen was so turned on by this point and the idea of flashing her tits to their really good friends notched up her horny level further that she simply nodded.

Taking a deep breath she slowly undid the next button; Cindy tried to pull Rob away but he playfully slapped her arse and told her to wait; with a horny groan Karen undid the last button and pulled the two sides of her blouse apart, almost with a ta-dah. Rob licked his lips and even Cindy seemed mesmerised as the 38C jugs jostled in front of her eyes; now standing just behind Cindy Peter nudged her towards his exhibitionist wife and Cindyís hand made contact with Karenís naked breast but Cindy did not seem in a hurry to withdraw the hand and soon her fingers closed around Karenís rock hard nub of a nipple.

Cindy not only pinched the hard nipple but twisted it this way and that as if testing the pliability of the skin; Peter seized his opportunity to slide his hand around in front of Cindy and seek out her own nipples. He was rather disappointed for he had difficulty in finding them under what he thought was a heavy gauge bra. Rob soon joined in feeling Karenís tits before fearing the play had gone too far and was about to stop; Peter whispered into Cindyís ear that maybe she too would like to show off her tits but she coughed and that cough seemed to break the spell as she instantly let go of Karenís tit and literally dragged Rob away.

As Peter showed them to the front door; Rob thanked him for such a wonderful end to the party and hoped to repeat it soon; Cindy simply blushed when Peter leaned in to kiss her goodnight for the kiss ended up being full on the lips and peter snaked his tongue as far into Cindyís mouth as she would allow before realising what was happening. Even after hearing the front door slam; Karen was still stood there as if in a trance; tits still on display and a horny smile on her face.

Now Peter led his extremely aroused wife up stairs and paused outside their bedroom door; he whispered that she was now going to get her final surprise. Opening the door he led Karen inside and as her eyes adjusted to the candle light of the room she first of all noticed the bed; it was their usual bed but now restraining straps hung from the two head board pillars and a further two hung off the foot pillars; gone was he normal bed sheet and in its place was a black satin sheer glossy one, the candle light seemed to dance off the seer gossamer of the sheet. Peter ordered her to undress and then go lay on her back in the centre of the bed, no sooner had she lay down then he took her right hand and lifted it toward the bed head. Quickly he secured her wrist in the Velcro fastening of the strap; just as quickly he secured her left wrist and then her ankles too.

Now Karen was unable to offer any defence as she was unable to close her legs to prevent access to her wide open cunt lips; just as impossible was any way to prevent her tits from being mauled or got at. Peter now moved over the dressing table where he lifted a heavy white bath sheet, which had been covering the laid out contents preventing Karen from seeing what was in store for her. Selecting a feather Boa he returned to the bed and gently sat beside his wife facing her head, as he lightly draped and dragged the boa over her breasts he asked what would she have liked to have happened downstairs with Rob and Cindy; almost in inaudible gasps Karen replied that she would have liked Cindy to lick her horny cunt while she was kneeling in front of Rob tasting his clearly excited cock.

Peter then asked what would she, Karen make of the present situation if right now Rob and Cindy were stood here seeing her all tied up and helpless. Panting and clearly relishing her situation Karen allowed her thoughts to run wild. Peter, Master Peter I am unable to do anything and therefore would be unable to prevent anything from happening to me! If Cindy was to force me to lick her well fucked spunk filled cunt I would have to oblige; I would have no choice and if Rob was to slam his rampant cock into my cunt or arse what could I do but enjoy it.

Just then the doorbell rang, almost laughing Peter retorted donít go anywhere, we are not finished; then he turned and left the room to answer the door. Karen strained her ears to try to find out who could be at the door and in the back of her mind she felt an unusual thrill, what if the person at the door came up with Peter and found her laid out like a common whore, unable to cover herself up and certainly unable to prevent any interference with her body.

Karen cursed that she could not make out any talking; a shiver of relief ran down her spine when she heard the door downstairs close and she swore she could hear Peter climbing the stairs coming back to her. Another though suddenly ran through her mind; where was this all going? What had Peter got planned for the rest of the scenario.

She shivered in anticipation, trying to predict what was coming next and another nagging thought kept returning to the fore in her mind; why was Peter so concerned with what Rob and Cindy would do to her after all they had gone home. Just then Peter entered the room and as Karen began to ask who had been at the door, Peter suddenly playfully slapped her across her breasts. The slap was so unexpected that it stung and shocked her; a new bolder Peter snapped, Shut up Bitch! You are my slut and will do exactly what I tell you to do.

He laughed as he told her that he had for the last few years often fantasised about another man fucking her, with him present of course and imagine the added excitement if the manís wife was there to watch and indulge as well. A shocked Karen suddenly blushed as she saw the bedroom door begin to move slowly almost by itself! She now began to struggle against the straps; and tried desperately to cover herself. Then into the room stepped Rob and he immediately went over to the opposite side of the bed from Peter and lightly stroked his hand along the inner thigh of Karen. Karen suddenly froze staring down between her own legs as Robs fingers trailed up towards her exposed and extremely wet cunt.

Then from behind Peter, Cindy appeared and said, go one Rob feel the bitchís overheated cunt. Not wasting another second Rob slid two fingers into Karenís red hot cunt; he let out a low wolf whistle and then added, wow she really is soaking wet. Peter then urged Cindy to suck on Karenís defenceless tits; as she leaned over she looked Karen full in the face and said you lucky bitch, to have a husband that loves you enough to treat you like this is wonderful.

Without hesitation she then leaned further into Karenís face and kissed her full on the mouth pushing her tongue into Karenís open lips and tasting her tongue as her hands slid down onto her nipples. This time she took her time in squeezing the hard nubs and she pulled her face back a few inches as she twisted those hard nipples while studying Karenís lust crazed face.

Suddenly Cindy froze as she felt Peterís hands sliding up the back of her skirt and she smiled as she felt him slide her panties down until they dropped to the floor. Cindy stepped out of her panties and Peter picked them up and examined the wet patch, a patch clearly caused by Cindyís own well soaked cunt. Cindy blushed as she watched Peter begin to smell the wet patch and just when she was going to say something she was mildly shocked when she saw Peter screw them up and push them into Karenís mouth before telling her to suck this slutís juices from her panties.

Going crazy with lust, Karen began sucking hard on the white panties now inside her mouth; her eyes seemed to glaze over as she tasted the tangy juices originating from Cindyís cunt. Suddenly Rob spoke to Cindy and rather ordered her to undress rather than ask her. She giggled a little as she shimmied out of her skirt and blouse and in doing so she proved what Peter had suspected from his earlier attempt at fumbling with Cindyís chest; she was wearing a heavy white almost padded bra.

Soon the white bra joined the rest of her discarded clothes on the bedroom floor; Peter had long admired her larger bust than that of his wifeís. Picking up the bra he looked at the label and confirmed that her breast size was 38 DD; suddenly his attention was drawn to Rob who asked if he was going to be allowed to fuck Karen.

Peter smiled as he walked to the side of Karenís head and politely asked, well slut does he get to fuck you and if so in which hole do you want to feel his cock slamming into you? A mixture of nodding and garbled words came from Karen, the panties still in her mouth muffling the sounds she was making so Peter teased her further. Shall I let Rob fuck your cunt? He teased, Karen eagerly nodded her head. Or should I allow him to fuck that tight eager arse of yours my little whore? Again Karen furiously nodded her head.

Tell you what Rob, You can choose which hole to fuck her in on the following conditions, if you fuck her cunt you may do so bare backed as long as you shoot your load all over her face or you can fuck her arse but only if you wear a condom which after your eruption will be poured over Karenís face; so whatís it to be? Oh by the way whatever one you choose to fuck her in I will fuck Cindy in the same place with the same conditions! Peter announced.

Rob looked over at Cindy and grinned, Just before he answered, Cindy spoke saying; fuck her cunt; you know I donít like having your cock up my arse and Peter seems to be larger and thicker in that department! Peter suddenly snapped back at Cindy, Listen cunt you are here as a secondary whore and have no say in anything that happens here; if you want to argue about that let me remind you that I will spank you hard if you persist.

Peter turned to Rob and said, Well Rob what is it to be, cunt arse or going home? Rob was about to answer when Peter cut him short and said but if you are going home then Cindy would have to go home naked as I will not return her clothes until Sunday night! Rob smiled and again looked at Cindy before saying, well what is it to be, love? Cindy knowing better than to answer simply patted her pubic area, indicating that he should choose her cunt but a smirking Rob answered I think it would be fun to see you fuck Cindyís arse.

So be it declared Peter; he released the strap on Karenís left leg from the bed base; handed it to Cindy and allowed Rob undress before beginning to climb on to the bed; meanwhile he walked slowly round to the other side of the bed and undid the strap from the bed base which restricted Karenís right leg. Telling Cindy to do the same as he did he walked towards Karenís head and immediately pulled her leg up towards her hand before securing the strap around the bed head post. When Cindy had done the same it effectively doubled Karen up but with her still laid on her back, but more importantly it exposed Karenís tight pink little anal ring.

Rob now moved into place, having slipped a condom over his seven inch cock and began lightly prodding his stiff cock against the tight ring; each prod was slightly more forceful than the previous and slowly but surely the anal ring began to give to the pressure. Millimetre by millimetre Robís cock began to spread Karenís anal ring and disappear inside her shit chute, accompanied by muffled grunts coming from Karen. Peter reached forward and managed to hook Cindyís now saliva soaked panties out of Karenís mouth and asked, what does that feel like my cock loving whore?

Fucking marvellous; I am truly in heaven, Master! Karen gasped. Meanwhile Cindy returned to pinching Karenís hard nipples and at Peterís suggestion she slipped a hand between Karenís spread legs and began to tease her clit causing Karen to try to lunge forward from the hips but without leg support it was really rather comical. Soon Robís cock was buried in its entire length up Karenís well stretched arse and in doing so he had trapped his own wifeís fingers in her best friendís cunt. Cindy suddenly announced that she could feel every thrust and every vein of Robís cock as it ploughed the whoreís anal canal; Peter added that it was not doing such a bad job of turning Cindyís cunt into a waterfall either; as he pulled three fingers out of her soaking cunt to demonstrate how wet she was.

Now Rob began to fuck Karenís arse with great pace and Peter began smearing some of Cindyís own cunt juice over her tight anal ring; although he did not try to insert so much as a finger into her. Suddenly Rob grunted and thrust forward hard as he erupted his spunk into the stretched tight rubber confines of the condom, at the same moment Karen let out what can only be describes as a wolf howl and held her body stiff too. Cindy groaned as her fingers inside Karenís cunt felt almost crushed as Karenís cunt muscles contracted and squeezed tight.

Reluctantly Rob now withdrew his shrivelled cock from its warm tight hiding place and Cindy delighted in slipping the well used condom off his shrunken member; she turned and offered the condom to Peter who refused it and said that as a fellow woman she would know the best place to begin spreading its contents over Karenís face. Cindy delighted in beginning to pour the cooling spunk from the condom over Karenís nose and upper lip but warning her not to dare to try to lick it up with her tongue.

Now Karen was calming down as the spread of the cooling white mask began to spread as it dried all around her mouth, nose and cheeks, when suddenly Rob reminded Cindy that she was now going to be butt fucked by Peter. Accepting her fate she even used her mouth to put the condom on to Peterís eight in cock and asked how she was to be fucked. I think it appropriate that you should be between Karenís legs looking my wife full in the face as her husband slips his cock up your arse, taunted Peter.

So Cindy climbed into the space so recently occupied by her own husband and then moved her arms up by Karenís sides and once her face was only inches from Karenís face, she braced herself awaiting the first tell tale thrust of Peterís cock. Peter now climbed behind her and leering over her shoulder at his still tightly bound wife; he cheekily asked you donít mind if I fuck your best friendís arse do you sweetheart?

Not waiting for Karenís reply he began to press his cockhead up against Cindyís tight ring; more and more he pressed and Cindy began to pull faces at the pain she was feeling as the largest cock she had seen let alone felt began to invade her anus. Gladly for Cindy the cock was soon fully embedded and the pain receded to be replaced with a strange feeling of fulfilment and I suppose pride at getting something that size and thickness into her tight anal chute.

Peter began to gently move his cock back and forth; occasionally telling Karen how tight and horny it felt to be fucking her friend and using her as the cushion to keep that friend in place to take the fucking of her life. All too soon for Peterís liking, that tell tale signal of tingling balls warned him of his impending cum and he decided to rush headlong into it so now he began pounding Cindyís arse all the time aware that each thrust forward roughly pushed Cindyís cunt into contact with his own wifeís cunt. This was working better than he ever could have planned but these thoughts only served to push him past the point of no return and he felt the red hot streak of his spunk gush along his cock and spurt into the teat of the condom; it seemed like never before as he seemed to feel the heat of his ejected spunk come back to warm his cock head and he put that down to the circumstances of this his first anal fuck with Cindy.

Withdrawing his spent cock; rob quickly eased the condom off his cock and then did something Peter never expected; he raised the used condom and tipped the contents down his own throat before smacking his lips and declaring that it tasted divine. Cindy now leaned in and whispered to Karen that together they were now going to clean up her face and whilst Karen snaked her tongue out to lick the dried spunk from around her lips, Cindy began licking like a cat with the cream at her cheeks.

Whilst the two women continued Peter and Rob stepped back and began a whispered conversation in which Rob admitted he had always wanted to taste another guyís spunk and it had felt so right to have done it tonight, he hoped that Peter was not offended or disgusted. Peter admitted he had been shocked but neither offended nor disgusted by it.

An hour later a naked weary Karen waved goodbye to Cindy and Rob from the front door and then turned to Peter and kissed him thanking him for the hottest night of sex so far and she shyly added that she hoped they could do it again soon. Later in bed as Peter casually fucked his horny wife in the doggie position he mentioned that in two weeks time Rob and Cindy were coming over for a re run only this time Cindy would be bound. Karen smiled as she replied good because being bent double like that takes out of these old muscles of mine.