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Brigit Astar
09-13-2013, 06:58 AM
Kathy Shelley silently fumed as she heard her husband snore. She felt like kicking him.

Every time it's the same thing, she thought. He comes home from work, tops me, gives me a dozen strokes, and then shoots his load. Then he rolls off and goes to sleep, and he snores, for Christ's sake! He doesn't care about my wants and needs, he doesn't care about satisfying me. He's only concerned with getting his rocks off as soon as possible. God, sometimes he makes me sick...

She finally had enough of his snoring, and she couldn't stand the sight of him. She rolled out of bed totally naked and got up and went into the guest bedroom. She walked to the bathroom and surveyed herself in the full- length mirror.

Well, Mrs. Shelley, she thought to her reflection, you're twenty-eight, been married for seven years. How are you holding up?

She surveyed her naked body in the full-length mirror. Her tousled honey-colored hair fell past her shoulders; her deep blue eyes had a stormy look to them. Her breasts were the size and shape of large apples, the nipples rubbery and erect. She looked at her legs. They were full and sleek. Her eyes were drawn to the little thatch of honey-colored pubic hair wherein her little moist slit peeked out. She gave a half-turn and examined her rump. Her butt was big and yet upthrust. She gave a little click of satisfaction with her tongue. All-in-all, she was gorgeous.

Kathy was possessed of no false modesty. She knew she had a nice face and body. So what? She accepted it as a natural gift from mother nature.

Her gaze was drawn to her breasts. She slowly moved her hands up and softly stroked them, sliding her fingers over the nipples. A tingling swept through her cunny and her titties grew warm and throbbing.

“Um,” she murmured. “Feels good.”

She stroked her tits, massaging them and tweaking the nipples. She gasped with the pleasurable feeling.
A flickering flame swept through her pussy. Her heart was now thumping as she briskly rubbed her breasts.

She moved a hand down her tummy to between her legs. She spread them and swept her hand over her cunny. A warm fizzy feeling shot through her cunt. She was now panting.

With one hand she squeezed a titty good and hard as she slid her middle finger into her cunny. She gasped with the sensation.

She slid a second finger into her pussy, and then a third and began rubbing her clit.

“Oh god, yes,” she breathed out passionately. She spread her legs and bent her knees as she finger-fucked her cunt.

A mini-climax swept through her body. She shuddered and writhed in the throes of her mini-climax. But then she sighed, as she always did when she masturbated. It had felt good, but it was really a poor substitute for the real thing.

She softly rubbed her cunny. “I want a big stiff cock deep in my pussy,” she murmured. “Fucking me—good and deep.”

For some reason, the image of her brother-in-law Stubby flashed into her mind. He was in his forties, fat and ugly and bald on top, and Kathy found him repulsive. She knew that Stubby had the hots for her because of something that had happened at a party her sister had given. Kathy was dressed in a short tight skirt and silk blouse which served to accentuate her gorgeous body. She had no bra or panties on. Stubby followed her to the kitchen where she was mixing a drink. Without preamble, Stubby had come up behind her, wrapped his arms around her waist and proceeded to hunch on her butt, rubbing her with a long thick stiff cock. She had resisted, telling him that they had to break it up, that someone would come in the kitchen and see them, but he kept hunching. She had finally managed to break away and scurried out of the kitchen, but not before a flicker of desire pricked through her body. If he wasn't so fat and ugly, she told herself...

She sighed again as she stepped into the shower.

After she had showered, she dispensed with panties and bra and wrapped a short silk robe around her luscious body. She went to the kitchen and mixed herself a drink and went to the living room and sat on the sofa and sipped the drink and pondered her situation.

She supposed she was fortunate. After all, she was married to a man who owned a number of rental properties and real estate, and was the mayor of their town. She shared in a lavish lifestyle, and she didn't want for anything. Her husband was generous to her, and didn't complain at all at what she spent on luxuries. He was a good enough husband when it came to providing her with everything her heart desired. Except for one thing: their sex life. Her husband left much to be desired. His cock was short and thin, and he simply couldn't control his premature ejaculation. She had tried on numerous occasions to get him to slow down, take his time, consider her wants and needs. But he hadn't listened. The result was to leave her unsatisfied and unfulfilled.

She heard a car pull up in the drive way, and she looked out the window. She was surprised to see her brother-in-law Stubby get out of the car and waddle up to the house.

Oh no, she thought. Not him.

She answered the door with a frown.

“Well, well, I was in the neighborhood,” he said, “and I thought I would drop by and say hello to my favorite sister-in-law.”

She managed to give him a faint smile. “Come in,” she said.

He entered and sat on the sofa.

Kathy was at a loss for words, so she blurted out: “Would you like a drink?”

“I thought you'd never ask,” he replied.

“What's your pleasure?” she asked.

“Bourbon on the rocks,” he answered.

As Kathy went to the kitchen and mixed the drink (mixing one for herself), she marveled at how fat and ugly her brother-in-law was. He had been hit with the fat ugly stick, no doubt about that.

She reentered the living room with the drinks, handed him one, and sat beside him on the sofa.

They both gulped down the drinks. Kathy was rather nervous. But Stubby had a way of putting people at their ease. He began telling Kathy some army stories, and he soon had her laughing and at total ease. That was the way that Stubby wanted her to be.

He had come to her house with the intent of fucking her. If he had to rape her, so be it.

As she sprawled back on the sofa, her short robe swept up to her thighs.

Her brother-in-law let his eyes devour Kathy. Her long full sleek legs were clearly visible, and the silk robe she wore showed the imprint of her breasts. His cock sprang up hard and throbbing. He was going to get some of this sexy cunt.

He suddenly grabbed her, and before she knew what was happening, he had swept a hand in her robe and was squeezing a breast while his other hand had slid up her legs and was rubbing her cunt.

No!” she gasped. “You mustn't.”

“I can and I will,” he huffed in return as he fell atop her.

His heavy weight effectively kept her movements of resistance at a minimum. She vainly beat her fists against his shoulders and thrashed and writhed, trying to dislodge him. But he couldn't be dislodged. She tried in vain to keep his cock from entering her cunt, but it was a lost cause. He groaned and she moaned as the head of his cock entered her pussy.

Stubby grunted as he dug his dick into her cunt. She was so snug and hot!

Kathy soon realized the futility of trying to escape. Stubby's weight bore her down on the couch and all she had free were her arms. And no matter how much she flailed at him, he simply stuffed more of his prick into her cunny.

Stubby clutched her ass and burrowed his face down on her tits. He went from one breast to the other, sucking the nubs and flicking his tongue on the nipples.

In spite of her revulsion at the fat ugly man, Kathy felt a twinge of desire flicker through her body. His slobby lips sucked voraciously on her titties and his fat tongue rasped her nipples, causing them to grow hot and erect.

The feeling she was receiving from his long thick stiff cock made her gasp and pant. She involuntarily wrapped her arms and legs around him at the same time as she blurted out: “No! You mustn't. Oh, god, please don't!”

But Stubby had no intention of stopping now. He was in too deep. Her cunt was too snug and hot and moist to stop. He reached her core, withdrew a few inches, and then jammed every inch of his dick up her pussy.

In spite of her revulsion and outrage, Kathy reared her body up and squirmed her cunny around on his prick.

He was now in her cunt to the hilt, balls deep. He began pumping his prick deep in her pussy, slapping and mashing his fat balls upon her ass.

“You like Stubby raping you, honey?” he wheezed.

“Oh, unh, oh god, it feels...” she gasped as she hunched back at him. She finally gave in completely. The glorious feeling of his big hard dick fucking her to the matrix of her cunt was too powerful to resist any longer. “Oh, ah, yes! Yes! Your cock feels so big and good!”

“Um—yeah,” he groaned. “Ah, you've got a sweet-fucking pussy, honey. I knew that once I got the old cock in you, you'd love it.”

She thrashed and writhed and hunched her cunny up to meet his thrusts. “Jesus Christ, you're filling me up!” she panted. “You must have eight inches.”

He began ramming his prick up her cunt, filling her pussy up with thick meat.

The eyes in her head rolled back and her mouth gaped. “Oh god, now!” she cried. “I'm cuming now!”

All control had slipped away from Kathy. She was caught up completely in rapture. She thrust up and mashed her cunt forward as an orgasm roared through her body. “Oh, ah, rape me, you fat ugly bastard!” she gasped. “Rape me good and hard!”

Stubby proceeded to do just that. He rapped his rod up and down her cunt, screwing her hard and deep.

He felt the cum churning and swirling in his balls, and he knew he was on the verge of cuming. But he couldn't stop. He kept ramming his cock like a jackhammer deep in her pussy.

He cried aloud as the cum shot up his shaft and spurted into her cunt.

“Oh god, squirt it deep,” she moaned.

Her cunt sucked greedily on his cock as he continued to squirt gob after gob of semen into her core.

He grunted and gave her pussy a final thrust and a final dreg of cum, and then he sank down, fucked-out.

They shared a delicious afterfuck. Kathy twirled her cunny around his dick as he slowly swirled his half-hard prick in her pussy.

“Um, that's the best fucking I've ever had,” she murmured.

“You've got the sweetest and snugest and hottest pussy I've ever fucked,” he replied, still breathing hard and gasping for breath.

They spent a good five minutes sharing the afterfuck, then he came down to earth and was all business and seriousness. He slid his cock out of her pussy and got off the sofa and arranged his clothing, and without a word left the house.

Kathy was somewhat taken aback at his abrupt departure, but then the feeling and memory of the delicious fucking she had received overwealmed her regret, and she reveled in the afterglow of it. She vowed to herself that this wouldn't be the only time that Stubby screwed her. She intended to get more of that fat cock—much more.

A couple of days later, she called her brother-in-law on the phone, and asked him to come over. He was only too happy to oblige.

For the first time in her marriage, Kathy was satisfied and fulfilled sexually. She saw no reason why Stubby and she couldn't continue their fucking. Her husband would never find out, and Stubby's wife—Kathy's sister—was too brow-beaten to question anything her husband did.

Yes, things were working out perfectly, Kathy thought.

09-13-2013, 08:25 AM
excellent as always

Brigit Astar
09-13-2013, 07:50 PM
Thank you, niteowl. Something bothers me though about this story. It was too easy to write. I think in a way it's a slick polished story. With most stories that I write, I have to revise them, but I didn't revise this story at all. It came out exactly the way I conceived it in my head.

09-14-2013, 08:52 AM
Sometimes that happens to me and then you start to believe that there is something wrong in the story; after all no one expects to write the perfect story without some revisions and the more you think something is wrong the more you begin to look for that flaw. I have learnt to just put down my pen and wait for responses when a story feels too good in that way fresh eyes are looking and not prejudging the work for flaws. if that makes sense.

Brigit Astar
09-14-2013, 03:00 PM
It does.