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12-04-2005, 06:28 AM
It was the summer after our senior year in high school. One hot night the three friends, Charlie, Cory and I got together to drink some stolen beer that we had sneaked into my family's motorhome RV that was parked in the darkened garage behind our home. It was another of those long summer evenings when we hung around together because we had no other friends living nearby in our rural county in northern California.

Cory was an independent type of northern California country girl and I knew her to have a bold and sassy personality. We’d all been friends since childhood and over the years Cory and Charlie and I (and others) had gone skinny dipping at the local lake together and even ridden our mountain bikes naked around our neighborhood late one night. Cory had been the ringleader of it all. She was an unpredictable “live wire.”

Tonight Cory was drinking as much beer as either of us and the alcohol was intensifying the chummy feeling in the RV. We chatted and joked about the usual stuff but soon the topic of our conversation was shifting away from mundane teenager subjects about school and started hitting on the more interesting topic of sex. It began fairly tame with jokes and funny stories but the deeper into the topic we probed, the hotter and flirtier we became. The alcohol mood was loosening our tongues and made us bolder.

I was a bit shocked Cory had initiated such a discussion while drinking beer with two horny guys in an RV. We were her friends but the mood was getting hot in the RV. The beer has relaxed her to the point where she revealed all kinds of secrets to us such as the fact that she liked to sleep in the nude and sometimes sunbathed naked on her patio when her mother wasn’t present. At this, Cory pulled down the edge of her shorts to prove she had no sun tan lines from a swimsuit. As you might imagine, that got the interest of Charlie and I.

Then she proceeded to ask us detailed questions about such topics as what age we’d been when we first had a wet dream. She asked why guys liked to jack off so much and I told her it was because it relieved tension and felt great. It was really hot to answer her questions.

By now the windows of the RV were getting steamy from our breath and my heart was pounding hard. This was like something right out of a fantasy. Charlie asked her whether she liked to give hand jobs. Unfazed, she grinned and said yes, and added that she enjoyed watching a guy’s boner shoot a wad of semen.

There was a brief silence while our minds absorbed what she had just said and Charlie cracked a joke that was actually a halfway serious proposal that she could help us jack off. Although I was totally turned on, I chuckled at the suggestion because I really didn't think she would ever go for it. But then the tone in her voice told me I had underestimated the motivating effect of the beer and the steamy discussion of sex.

“Both of you? That’s kind of kinky” she said, grinning. She sounded curious about it.

“Kinky? Well, yah!” replied Charlie, urging her on.

I still didn't really believe she was serious but I wanted to see just how far the momentum of this was going to take us. Through the fog of the beer the next thing I know she was giggling and helping Charlie undo his belt. Then she was unbuttoning her blouse while wriggling out of her shorts while laughing “I can’t believe we’re going to do this.” But before long she was kneeling there bare breasted on the RV mattress wearing only her panties. Charlie was busy removing his t-shirt and jeans when she looked at me and challenged "…come on, don’t you want to try it?"

I was totally horny, to be sure, but there was a part of me that was thinking maybe it actually WAS too kinky. Talking about jacking off with Cory was one thing but actually doing it in front with her was something else altogether. Although this seemed like a fantasy come true, something about this made me feel a little self conscious about the prospect of jacking off in front of her.

Charlie, however, was thinking and moving a lot faster than me and while I sat there undecided he was already maneuvering into a comfortable position near her. His pants were off and his boner was pointing right at the roof of the RV. She was kneeling on the mattress opposite him as he began stroking himself in plain view of all of us. He certainly had less inhibitions that I did.

Charlie had one hand around his shaft leaving the head sticking out above. For a moment we watched his hand move up and down over his groin while he stared at her body. After a few minutes she leaned forward into a new position to help him jack off. She reached out and held his shaft while matching his stroking rhythm. Soon he let go and allowed her to do the work.

Her new posture was on her hands and knees with her rear end pointed toward me. I could see the outline of her pussy through the panties bottoms and my horniness soon overrode any hesitation I had. I couldn’t deny that the sight of her ass pointed provocatively up in the air was stimulating me more than I imagined it would.

Sooner than I expected, Charlie tensed up and her motion became quicker and more violent. In another moment he started grunting and then his whole body went rigid. There were several squirts of jizz that sprayed out from his groin into the air. I could hear the liquid squirting noises as she laughed and squealed at his explosion. His body jerked a bit more then she slowed her stroking pace and I could see him relax from the tension. When she released him and sat upright I could see they were both sweaty and breathing hard. Her torso and Charlie’s cock head were glistening with drops semen.

The noise of me fumbling with my shorts switched her attention my way. She turned to watch me as I pulled my shorts down around my thighs and then off my ankles. My erection was bulging against my briefs as she rotated her body around to face me and then reached out to help me undress.

My erection was so long that my cock head was already poking beyond the elastic band of my briefs. She did a double take when she saw that and then reached out to grasp the band. She tugged downward and my erection sprung into plain view. My balls were full and tight from the tension and my cock head was flared out.

She pulled my briefs downward and off my ankles and there I was, totally bared. I was proud to show her with my erect tool. To my surprise, I found I enjoyed giving her a public view of it as I leaned back against the wall of the RV in anticipation. Then she reached out and grasped me with both hands and mentally took measures of it. Her hands were still wet from Charlie’s cum as her fingers closed around my shaft, making it slick. She fondled me for a while and ran her thumb under the edge of the cock head. It looked like a mushroom growing above her hands.

The sensation of her slick hands on my shaft was electric. It was as stiff and long as it could possibly be. It felt so good as she leaned forward and began stroking me. I couldn’t help but grin knowing that Charlie was now enjoying the view of her ass as she massaged my balls with one of her hands while stroking my shaft with the other. For the next few minutes I rigidly held my waist forward toward her as she massaged me.

I had no intention of cumming as fast as Charlie did but the heat and excitement of the whole thing soon had the same effect on me. When she felt my body tighten up she scooted much closer to me while quickening her strokes. The RV was creaking a bit due to the furious pumping of her hands and my waist. My cock head was nearly touching her belly button when stars exploded in my head and my whole body quivered to the electric thrill. I was breathing hard as pulses of hot semen flooded out of my cock, splashing her belly and panties with strings of sticky jizz. She continued to clutch me while I squirted somel big jets on her along with several additional weaker ones before trailing off. She squeezed it a couple of times forcing even more semen out. It felt so great.

She released me and resumed her upright kneeling position on the mattress. We were all sweating and breathing hard as my erect cock slowly began to deflate. In the moonlight her torso looked like it had been painted with globs of jizz. She started laughing and saying “I can’t believe we’re doing this….its just soooo kinky” while peering at the river of semen dripping down her breasts, belly and groin. She looked at me and blushed a little bit with a grin on her face.

Everyone was hot, sweaty and sticky after all this and we sat there in the darkness catching our breath and cooling off. No one was self conscious about our nakedness or what we had just done. We relaxed there and chatted in the darkness, enjoying our nude togetherness. Charlie suggested we do it again sometime and no one objected.

Since it was getting late we began fumbling around in the darkness in search of our clothing. Cory was unable to locate her bra in the tangle of pillows, mattresses and sleeping bags on the darkened RV bed chamber. It must have gotten lost in our rush to get naked. While Charlie searched for her bra, I watched her standing in the narrow RV kitchen. It seemed odd to see her waiting there wearing only her panties while our semen dried up on her belly. I felt a renewed twinge of horniness but when Charlie located her bra wedged between the mattresses she quickly slipped it on then replaced her shorts and sandals. In a moment we were all out of the RV and sneaking back home after carefully discarding the empty beer bottles.

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Thanks for sharing your story with us

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Not to bad a story...thought others might enjoy it

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I enjoyed your story very much.