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Public Torment
by FungiUg

“Stand in front of me and raise your skirt,” I commanded her. There was little skirt for her to raise, but she stood mutely with what there was held above her hips. Her training had emphasised the need for her to keep her legs partly spread whenever she stood near me, so I had easy access to her well-displayed arse and cunt.

I was sitting comfortably in a dining room chair, admiring the view in front of me. Shapely smooth legs, poised in their four-inch black heels that buckled firmly around ankles, pouting wet cunt lips avidly displayed between the legs, a slightly rounded belly hidden behind the black cotton she was holding up, and a minimal summer top holding in a generous amount of cleavage. Her face was red from the requirement to display her body to me so lewdly, but her need gave itself away in the swell of her tits.

I ran a hand up her leg slowly, and then teased her cunt lips gently with the tips of my fingers. It was no surprise to find them dripping. As I teased, she began to seep more fluid, and I watched her knees flex ever so slightly. I pushed two fingers into the depths of her warm cunt, and she gasped at the intrusion. Withdrawing the fingers, I pushed them slowly up into her arse, making it wet with her own fluid.

The red in her face had deepened, as too had the panting of her breath. I knew all I needed to do was provide a little more stimulus, and she would be begging for permission to cum. At this point, that was not my intention, so I slid the fingers from her arse, and planted them in her mouth to have her lick them clean. Watching full red slips slide around my fingers, tasting herself on them, and feeling her tongue caress them is such an erotic moment!

From beside the chair I picked up the harness I had recently had made for her. Today was to be the first day my slut would experience it. It consisted of a tight leather belt, from which hung a leather strap to which two dildos attached. Both dildos were black jelly, one slightly larger than the other was. The belt included a snug lock at the front, which opened with a key, and which the front of the strap fitted to.

I fitted the belt to her skin, just above her hips and below the waistline of her skirt. The lock clicked shut, and left no room for the belt to move. I lifted the strap holding the dildos, then lubricated the smaller one pushing it firmly into her arse, until the strap holding it was wedged tightly between her butt cheeks. She was desperately stifling her cries of discomfort at the cold intrusion. I then lifted the second dildo, and plunged it into her cunt, again insuring it was buried completely within her.

“Oh, please Master, may I cum?” The day held a lot of promise if she were begging already.

“No slut. Now be quiet and let me finish.” I latched the strap into the lock, adjusted the strap so it fit tightly, and then closed the lock with a loud snap. My slut was now fully penetrated, and unable to remove the harness. The day of torment would now begin.

“Now my girl, I am going to take you out to lunch. As always, you are only to cum with my specific permission – I remind you of this because there will be many times during the day that you will wish or need to orgasm. You must not, unless I permit you. I needn’t tell you what the results of your failure to comply with my will are.”

“Yes Master, I will only cum with your permission. I will be a good slut for you!”

“Excellent. Then let us go out and enjoy the sunshine!”

I had booked a small table for a late lunch at a café that overlooked the ocean. The day was resplendent with sun glinting off the sea, the smell and sound of surf, and the occasional quiet whimper of the squirming slut in heat seated across the table from me. From the cheerful waiter, I ordered a Caesar Salad each, and a bottle of crisp Riesling to share over the meal. Then sitting back and sipping the wine, I studied the face of my slut, making her nervous with the intensity of my gaze.

I could see she was taking occasional covert glances at me from beneath her down-turned eyelashes, in between little nervous sips of her wine. She knew better than to gulp wine, no matter how nervous she might be. I had trained her well. Still… she was in for a rather challenging surprise. I wondered how well she would cope.

Already from the penetration of her cunt and arse, she was squirming slightly. She looked lovely with her lips glistening with the wine, and the flush in her cheeks. Her lips parted slightly with each small sip, and I could see the tip of her tongue caressing the wine glass to capture every drop. Therefore, it seemed to me the perfect moment to introduce her to another feature of her penetration harness.

I triggered one of the sliders on the remote than lay in my pocket, sliding it onto the first of the three settings, and then watched her instant reaction. She sat bolt upright with a jolt, and gave me a look of utter desperation, her mouth opening to ask me what was happening. Then as the reality of the moment sunk in, her teeth came down on her bottom lip to hold herself back from asking the question or from groaning aloud.

I had spied the waiter returning to our table to deliver the salads, placing a large white china bowl before her, then another before me. “Is everything to your satisfaction?” asked the waiter. I murmured my ascent, but my slut remained silent. “Answer the woman, my sweet,” I told her.

“Yes,” she replied shakily. I could hear the desperate control in her voice. “Everything is fine.” The tremor and catch in her voice affirmed that my device was working as planned.

“Please call me if you need anything else” our waiter replied, and returned to her other tables.

I could actually see my slut moving her hips, trying to reseat the vibrator that was quivering deep in her arse. She was also beginning to pant again. I thought the level of stimulation perfect, so left her squirming while I enjoyed my salad. She managed to eat a little, but somehow I doubted she tasted a single mouthful.

I lingered over the salad, enjoying the crispness of the lettuce and the bite of the cheese, contrasted with the clear sweetness of the wine. The warmth of the day made the crystal wineglass sweat, the beads of water sliding down to wet my fingers. Reminding me of what else was wet, of how much cunt juice would be seeping over the edge of the dildo and leather strap filling my slut’s cunt.

My slut continued to pick slowly at her salad, and after managing to eat about half of it, put her fork down. It was time to up the ante, by moving the second slider down to the first notch.

“Oh,” she cried out, and I saw her clutch at her white linen napkin. Instantly, her eyes became those soft, unfocussed depths, and I knew what she would ask for before she opened her mouth. “Please Master, may I cum?”

“No, my slut,” I answered firmly. “The day is just beginning, and you will have time to cum like the slut you are. But not yet. I want to torture you a little first.”

“Oh Master,” she replied, obviously crestfallen. “Have I done something wrong?”

“No, my little girl. Nothing at all. I just wish to enjoy your desperation.” She looked both happy to discover she had not transgressed, and fearful of what the remains of the day might bring. There are moments that capture the essence of owning a submissive, and this was proving to be exactly such a moment.

I returned to studying her, and enjoying the remains of the wine. Soon I would take her for a walk along the pathway that paralleled the waterfront, and she would struggle even more to contain the orgasm. Soon, I knew, her struggle would fail, and she would be incapable of holding back her orgasms. Soon, her body would betray her and her remaining composure would be shattered. Soon, I would reaffirm just how much of a slut she truly was.

I was impatient for the moment to arrive, but knew I needed to give her time for her desire and desperation to mount yet higher. I relaxed in the chair, and tried to enjoy the wine, and the sight of my slut squirming in need. Her nipples were now quite clearly erect and visible through the thin cotton of her top, and her chest was heaving a little. She was well on the way toward where I wanted her.

I finished my glass of wine, and then called the waiter over to give me the bill for the meal. As she approached the table, I slid the control for the vibrator in my slut’s cunt onto the second setting, and once more my slut cried out, slumping in her seat onto the table, then raising her head to look at me pleadingly.

The waiter seemed a little startled by the cry, but I also noticed her taking in the view of my slut, the erect nipples, and the well-displayed cleavage that lay pressed against the table. Was there a spark of interest there? Who was to know? Besides, I had other things on my mind now. I gave her my card, and she returned with the receipt. I stood, and picked up my slut’s hand, raising her to her feet.

‘Come, my little slut. It’s time that we were going.”

We made our way down the stairs from the café, my slut clutching tightly at my arm. I could hear her breathing deeply as we walked, along with the sound of her heels on the paving, the crashing of waves, and the traffic and other people passing by. There were no cries now, but I saw the determined look, the set of her jaw, the lines in her throat, and the careful way she walked. I knew I had her at the very edge of losing all control.

We walked slowly, arm in arm, along the path, enjoying the sounds and the view. I did note how heavily my slut was leaning on me, and how much she seemed to be tottering her way down the path. She seemed barely in control, and I judged that the area coming up, surrounded by people and a small vacant bench seat would be ideal for pushing her still further.

Therefore, as we approached the bench, I reached down and pushed both sliders to full. With a squeak, I suddenly I had a dead weight on my arm! She had crumpled almost to her knees, and the pleading look in her eye was now desperate, as she managed to gasp out “please, Master, please… please…” Her voice became indistinct and I knew for a certainty that she had now become a helplessly orgasmic slut.

I dragged her convulsing body the short remaining distance to the bench, and then let her slump against me as we sat, while her body shook, and her fingernails pushed helplessly into my wrist. Her chest was heaving, and she had bitten her lip hard to avoid crying out as the orgasms overwhelmed her, leaving her shaking as they arrived in wave after wave.

I sat back, enjoying the helpless sexual animal that my slut had become. Enjoying the shame I knew she was experiencing as her lusts took her mercilessly while she lay surrounded by people. Enjoying the certain knowledge she must have in her lucent moments between each wave of orgasm of how she had failed to live up to my requirements of only cumming with my permission.

Now I was prolonging my own enjoyment of her, torturing myself as my own need to have her and use her savagely grew, a need to fuck her mouth, to thrust myself into her and cum deep in her throat, leaving her gasping for breath. Still, I could wait a few moments more, before taking her back to the house, to spend some time making the best use of this treasure of mine who lay almost comatose now in overwhelming orgasm.

There is a limit to battery life in portable vibrators, so after ten minutes of keeping my slut in orgasm overload, I turned the two vibrators off. Slowly she came back down to earth, while I held her and watched the ocean. The quiet accomplishment of having had my way with my slut, overriding her good intentions, merged with the gentle crash of waves to create a euphoric ******ce. Growing within me was sure knowledge that soon, I would totally humiliate and use my slut for my own pleasure. In the mean time, I just held her and let her feel my presence and care.

After a few minutes, I felt her stir against my shoulder, and I leaned over and kissed her deeply, capturing her tongue with my mouth, reminding her of my ownership of every part of her. Then I sat back and looked in her eyes, and just waited.

Eventually she looked up at me, with a nervous bite of her lower lip, and then gave me what I was waiting for. “Master, I am sorry, I couldn’t stop it.”

“You failed me, didn’t you slut?”

“Yes Master, I am so sorry. I will do whatever you want to make it up to you.”

“Yes, you will, slut,” I said harshly. “Now, on your feet. Your wrists are going to be bound together behind your back with invisible restraints, and I am going to lead you by an invisible leash – you will remain three paces behind me at all time.”

“Yes Master.” She struggled to her feet, then stood, swaying gently, with her hands behind her back clasped together firmly in the small of her back. Then quickly, I lifted the back of her skirt and gave her a very firm resounding slap, leaving a large red handprint on her butt. She staggered slightly with the force of the blow, and I saw the blush spread across her face.

“Now follow, slut.” I set off towards where I had parked the car, and heard her scramble to keep up with me, to stay exactly three paces behind. While I listened, I did not turn back. She already felt she had failed me, and would be on her absolute best behaviour now, so I did not doubt that she did exactly as I required.

When I reached the car, I unlocked it and held the door open for my slut. I continued to give her firm, foreboding looks, leaving her in no doubt that she was very much in trouble. She sat down carefully, making sure to raise her skirt before she sat so her bare skin was on the seat. In so doing, she gave me enough of a view to see how wet the strap between her legs had become, and the sticky dampness that remained on her upper thighs.

I drove home in silence, letting her anticipation of the consequences of her failure build in her mind. At this point, her own mind was my ally, and her own dread and the horror at having failed me were pushing her rapidly toward where I wanted her – a miserable abject slave who would be complete putty in my hands.

I parked the car before the garage, and then stopped the engine. “Out,” I commanded. She climbed from the car, carefully smoothing down her skirt before exiting, then stood mutely beside the car, while I walked around it toward her.

“Lean back onto the bonnet of the car, and spread your legs slut.” I took out the key to the harness, and immediately she realised what I intended to do. I could see the look of horror spread across her face, and then the action of her body as she followed my desires despite her own feelings.

The bonnet was hot; not only would she form a lewd display, it was also uncomfortable. Still, she spread her legs obediently, her face a solid blush of red. Taking my time, I lifted her skirt, leaving her completely on display to the neighbourhood, and then slowly unlocked the harness.

The belt had left a wide red band around her waist where it had embedded into her flesh, and the strap fell away with a gush of her cunt juices. I grabbed the strap and tore if from her, the two vibrators coming away suddenly with the strap, and she cried out at the pain. Then I pushed my fingers into her cunt and arse to check the results of the harness, and again she cried out as I rammed them into her and out again, making her cum in a public showing of sluthood.

I removed my hand from her, and wiped it clean on her face and hair. “Now slut, into the house. Hurry now.” She picked herself up from the hood of the car, and scurried into the living room of the house after I had unlocked the front door.

She stood in the centre of the room, head hanging, hands held tightly behind her back. I paced back and forward before her, and then turned savagely. “Well, it seems you cannot follow simple instructions, slut. Did I not tell you that you were not to orgasm without permission?”

“Yes Master. You did.”

“Did I give you permission to cum?”

“No Master.”

“So you cannot follow simple instructions, is that it slut? You are a worthless, disobedient slut, aren’t you?”

“Yes Master.” She was crying now, and whispering her reply.

“Say it, slut. What are you?”

“I am a worthless, disobedient slut, Master.”

“Louder, slut. I want the neighbours to hear.”

She swallowed, and then yelled, “I am a worthless, disobedient slut, Master!”

I resumed my pacing, letting her words sink in. Allowing her time for the tears to flow, for her to realise how badly she had failed a simple instruction. Allowing her time to dread what would come next.

“So slut, what should I do with you? Or perhaps I shouldn’t do anything with you, if you cannot live up to my requirements.”

“Oh Master, please, I will do anything!” She was sobbing loudly, the tears cascading down her face. “I am yours, Master. Please, let me make it up to you! Please Master!”

“Yes. You will do everything I want. You are mine, completely. Is that not so, slut?”

“Oh yes Master. I am yours! Please take me and use me. Please?”

I grabbed her by the hair, and threw her down on her knees, ripping the top from her and thrusting the skirt well above her waist. Holding her head tightly, I forced it to the floor, then unzipped my fly and in one quick movement, thrust my cock as deep as possible into her arse. With no time for her to adjust, I fucked her arse as hard as I could, enjoying the warm yielding resistance of her depths. I could feel her arse clench around me, and I heard her call out in submission and pain.

She began to cry out gently each time my cock thrust into her, an “oh, oh, oh” of pain mingled with delight and tears. I pulled her head back, holding her on her knees with the weight of her upper body hanging from her long hair. With each thrust into her, I tugged backwards on her hair, and she began to scream with each thrust.

Nearing orgasm, I pulled my cock from her arse, and then pulled her face toward my groin, thrusting my cock into her mouth and throat, fucking her throat, not allowing her to catch her breath. I could feel her tongue desperately trying to add to my enjoyment, wrapping around the sides of my cock, caressing my balls. And my cock lunged over and over against the back of her throat, coming ever closer to releasing my cum, until with one final movement, I held her face hard against me, my cock pumping down her throat, then withdrawing it to spew cum all over her face.

She collapsed to the floor, gasping for breath, and I stood above her panting. The remains of the day belonged to my lust.

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