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11-09-2006, 03:34 PM
Babysitters First Time
by sophiecouch

Baby-sitting the neighbor's kids was always a drag but I needed the cash. As usual Mrs Anderson gave me the third degree about what I should and shouldn't do if the brats woke up, adding that Mr Anderson was due back from his business trip tomorrow, so could I please make sure I left everything as I found it.

As the evening progressed, I went through the usual ritual of raiding the kitchen closets. That was the benefit of sitting for the Andersons their house was always full of junk food. Taking a packet of chips and a soda to the front room, I began searching through the video collection for something half decent to watch. It was mostly Disney movies and the usual blockbuster films that I'd seen a million times. About to give up, it was then that I noticed tucked at the back of the collection a tape marked 'X'. I figured I'd play it out of curiosity.

On pressing play, I was greeted by the image of a young blonde girl laid over the knee of an older man who spanked her roughly with his hand. I had only ever seen a dirty movie once before when I was sleeping over at Leah's. Her Dad had this big collection of blue movies. We thought it would be fun to watch one, but after a few minutes Leah being the prude that she is switched it off in disgust.

Sitting back on the sofa, I decided babysitting might not be such a drag after all. The video switched to another young blonde, wearing a leather corset, kneeling in front of an older man who demanded that she suck his cock. The girl appeared to oblige readily. I had never seen a cock so huge! But then my experience of cock was minimal. You see, my parents had sent me to an all girls' school and were very strict. My father always said that boys were no good and that I should keep my mind on my books. Subsequently, except for a quick fumble with my cousin Derrick, my experience of boys, period, was zero!

"Hey Cherry," greeted Mr Anderson as he walked through from the kitchen, making me jump. So engrossed was I in the video, I hadn't heard the keys in the door.

"Hi Mr Anderson," I muttered, struggling to find the stop button on the remote, spilling the soda in the process. "Um Mrs Anderson said you'd be coming back tomorrow."

"Well I was, but luckily I managed to get an earlier flight.

"Hey what you watching kid?" Mr Anderson questioned as he took a seat.

"Um nothing," I replied guiltily.

I saw Mr Anderson glance over to the TV where the video case marked 'X' was lying empty on the floor. Picking up the case, Mr Anderson looked at me accusingly. "Nothing? Really?… doesn't look like nothing," he said, pressing play on the VCR. A close up of the blonde sucking the large cock appeared on the screen. "So this is what you get up to when we're paying you to look after our kids?"

I could feel my face turn red with embarrassment. I didn't know what to say… I couldn't say anything. Mr Anderson picked up the phone. "Can't speak? Well let's see what your father has to say shall we?"

"Please Mr Anderson," I stuttered, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to watch it I just…"

"You just what?" He questioned angrily.

"I'm sorry Mr Anderson, I swear I didn't know what was on it. Please don't tell my parents, I'll do anything, just please don't tell them." The expression on Mr Anderson's face appeared to change and he placed the phone back on the hook.

"Hey, I'm sorry kid, I didn't mean to shout at you." Mr Anderson's voice softened as he sat down beside me. "So did you like what you saw?"

Taken aback somewhat by his question, stupidly I muttered without thinking, "Yeah."

"Well Miss Cherry Ann," he said placing a hand on my knee, "you've been a very bad girl haven't you?" I nodded. "And you know what we do when little girls like you have been bad don't you?" I looked up at Mr Anderson and shook my head. "Bad girls have to be spanked!" Seeing the look of surprise and apprehension on my face, he added, "After all, you wouldn't want me to have to tell your parents now, would you?"

"No Mr Anderson," I mumbled.

"Good girl. Now come on," he said patting his lap. I lay myself over his lap, my face in the cushions on one side of the couch my feet hanging over the other end. Pushing my skirt up over my thighs, he instructed me to lift myself up. I did as he asked allowing him access to my white cotton panties, which were quickly pulled down and left around my ankles. "Ok sweetie," he said pushing me back down over his lap. "Now Cherry Ann, tell Mr Anderson what you've been."

I thought for a moment confused as to what he wanted me to say, before stuttering, "A bad girl?."

"A very bad girl," he smiled as I glanced back over my shoulder to see him raise his hand. I felt a stinging sensation as the hand was brought down firmly on my ass cheek. Mr Anderson spanked each cheek in time, my ass turning red and burning. "Little Miss Cherry Ann, so sweet, so innocent," he laughed. And then landing a slap much harder than the previous his tone changed and he spat, "nothing but a dirty little Slut!"

"No Mr Anderson," I mumbled, tears welling in my eyes. "Please stop, it hurts."

"Not a slut she says!" Mr Anderson laughed shoving a finger between my thighs and inside my pussy. "Just as I thought," he said pulling out the wet finger and waving it in front of my face. "Look how much I've turned you on, you slut!

"What are you?" He barked, slapping his hand down hard on my ass.

"A slut," I cried.

"Yes a little slut," he smirked, "now go clean yourself up before my wife gets home." I stood up struggling with my panties before heading to the bathroom. Mr Anderson was waiting for me as I came back out. Waving the video in front of me, he smiled, "Don't worry dear, it'll be our little secret."

As I left the house he shouted down the path, "Cherry… same time next week. OK!"

I didn't reply.

"Cherry I'm talking to you. Now you do want it kept a secret don't you?" He threatened. I turned around and nodded. "Good girl," he said with a smirk, closing the door behind me.

The following Saturday:

Mrs Anderson was in a hurry to get out of the house. "Dan's still here," she said, "but he's getting ready to go out. The kids are in bed asleep. I'll see you later.

"Bye, honey," she shouted to Mr Anderson who was upstairs. And with that she was gone.

I sat nervously on the couch as Mr Anderson came down from upstairs. "Hey Cherry," he said in an upbeat mood.

"Hi," I replied, trying to avoid his gaze.

"I was supposed to be going out," started Mr Anderson, "but I figured a night in with you would be much more fun.

"Come!" He winked and beckoned me to follow him upstairs.

I followed him into the bathroom. "Cherry, I want you to take off your clothes." Noticing the hesitant look on my face, he added, "Cherry, now be a good girl and do as Daddy says, you don't want me to have to spank that ass of yours again do you?"

"No Mr Ander.." I began.

"Please call me Daddy," he interrupted.

I slipped out of my blouse and skirt, fumbling with my bra and lastly removing my panties. I felt exposed, naked in front of this man I hardly knew. Mr Anderson remained seated on the closed toilet seat next to the bath. "You have such a lovely sweet pussy," he said pulling me towards him, "but such a shame to keep it hidden behind all this hair."

He asked me to step into the bathtub. Using the showerhead he wet the hair before squirting some shaving cream into his hand and rubbing it all over my pubic area. "Put your leg up here," he beckoned, motioning towards the side of the bathtub. Taking a razor he began shaving the hair, he kept shaving until it was completely bald. "Mmmmm," he said approvingly as he lent back admiring his work. "Just how a virgin pussy should be!"

Taking my arm he helped me to step out of the bath. "Now Cherry," he smiled, "I thought we could have a little fun tonight. Ok?"

"Ok," I nodded nervously.

"Ok what?" He demanded.

"Ok Daddy," I replied.

"That's better. Now I want you to go in to my bedroom and put on the outfit that's lying on the bed. And fix your hair in a ponytail. When you're done meet me in my study."

I walked into the bedroom expecting some lingerie or maybe even a leather outfit like the blonde was wearing on the video. Instead I saw a white blouse, a short black skirt and a school tie, no underwear. I put on the skirt and blouse, fumbling with the tie. There were some knee high white socks and a pair of black platforms. I quickly fixed my hair and went next door to the small study.

"Ah Little Miss Cherry Ann, my pupil for this evening," smiled Mr Anderson from the big leather chair on which he was seated. "Come," he said patting the desk in front of him.

Lifting me up, he sat me down on the hard wooden desktop. The skirt he had given me was so short that my freshly shaved pussy was barely covered. "I'm going to ask you some questions," he began, "and I need you to answer them OK?"

"OK," I replied remembering to add "Daddy."

"Now Cherry, have you ever touched a cock before?"

"No," I replied.

"Would you like to touch Daddy's cock?" He asked. I nodded, knowing that any refusal was likely to lead to another spanking. "Only dirty little girls want to touch their Daddy's cock. What are you?" He questioned.

"A dirty little girl," I replied.

Mr Anderson rose from the chair, "Here take a seat," he said, motioning towards it. I moved off the hard desk onto the soft leather of the chair. Mr Anderson positioned himself in front of me and began to unzip his pants. In seconds Mr Anderson's cock was just inches from my face. I stared dumb struck; the cock was at least as big as the one the blonde had been sucking on the video, bigger even. "You'd like to suck it wouldn't you?" he smiled, holding the cock in one hand and stroking my hair with the other. I nodded somewhat reluctantly. Mr Anderson took a step forward, forcing the hard cock into my mouth. I choked before catching my breath.

After a few clumsy minutes I was able to find some kind of rhythm assisted by Mr Anderson, who grabbing my ponytail forced the cock deeper into my mouth. "That's it slut, you can do it. Suck it! Suck it just like the bitch on the video," he grunted greedily.

I tried to suck the cock as it was forced roughly in and out of my mouth repeatedly. "Baby! Oh Baby," he groaned, forcing his cock deep towards the back of my throat. "Daddy's about to cum!"

Hot cum filled my mouth and I began to gag. "Swallow!" he demanded. "Swallow my cum like the good little slut you are." I swallowed the bitter tasting cum as Mr Anderson sat back in his chair. "Not bad for your first time, not fucking bad at all," he leered.

"Now slut, I have another question for you. Has anyone ever fucked that sweet little cunt of yours?"

"No," I mumbled pitifully through my cum soaked lips.

"No, what?" He demanded.

"No Daddy."

"Good girl," he smiled, "you want your Daddy to fuck you don't you?" I had no choice but to nod. "Here, get up and lie back on the desk," he demanded. As I lay back, Mr Anderson lent forward, spreading my thighs apart roughly with his hands. I felt his finger enter my pussy, its entrance made easy by the wetness that was now dripping down my thighs. "So fucking wet," he sniggered gleefully, forcing his fat fingers deeper into my virgin pussy. 'Tight as a bitch!"

Leaning his weight across me, he forced the sopping wet fingers into my mouth, making me taste myself. "Please Mr Anderson," I choked through his fingers, "I don't want…" I felt a hard slap land across my cheek.

"Don't want? Of course you want Daddy's cock! You've wanted it ever since you saw me. Haven't you? …. Haven't you?" He repeated. "Say it slut. Say you want Daddy's cock inside your cunt."

"I want your cock Daddy," I replied.

"That's better," his tone relaxed again and he began to force his tongue into my mouth and kiss me, his huge, hard cock pushing impatiently against my pussy lips. I knew that I was about to be fucked.

The pain was at first unbearable as his cock entered my virgin cunt. Mr Anderson showed no mercy as his slammed his cock repeatedly deeper and deeper into my pussy. "Tell Daddy to fuck you," he demanded, fucking harder with each breath.

"Fuck me Daddy," I whimpered. "Fuck Me."

"You love Daddy's cock. Don't you, slut?"

"I love your cock."

"Yes you love it, you little slut! ……Arghhh Daddy's coming," he groaned, as his body slammed into me one final time shooting another load of hot cum deep inside my ravished pussy.

Mr Anderson lay motionless on top of me for a few seconds before removing his cock from deep within me, cum leaking from my pussy and dripping down my thighs. Pulling me up from the table and sitting me back on the chair, "Lick Daddy's cock clean," he demanded. I opened my mouth obediently and began to suck the juices from his cock. "Sweet little Miss Cherry Ann," he smiled, "nothing but a dirty cock sucking whore. MY cock sucking whore."

Deputy Duffy
11-17-2006, 10:56 PM
Another Babysitter story.... Yes.

No matter how many I read they still do it for me. This was no exception. It was a well paced, fun ride.

11-17-2006, 11:29 PM
Glad you enjoyed it....and I just saw the signature...also very funny....

06-20-2007, 04:37 AM
thank you for your post

06-21-2007, 01:59 AM
that was HOT!

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Ouch.. reading this at work is... ooohh!
My boring office is not the best place in the world to get hot *blush*

06-21-2007, 08:14 PM
Very good story DM dahling:) sigh...now I'm gonna have to go back to work with a hard-on...

06-22-2007, 09:06 PM
Good post , like it many thanks

06-22-2007, 10:22 PM
Very good story DM dahling:) sigh...now I'm gonna have to go back to work with a hard-on...

Oh man! I wish we were in the same office - we could ease each others... problems.. :D

06-22-2007, 11:49 PM
sorry dear, I don't work in an office. I'm the plumber who crawls around under your house:(

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very good... feeling a bit warm ;->

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good story leaves me wanting more

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yeah, that's the kind of story i like. As a matter of fact...I like it a lot.

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very good needs to involve sluts bff