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Coyote Girl
by Nyissa

The day had been a long one, and the night was proving to be just as good. Sarah arrived in town with her new friends. Dressed in her leather knee-highs, short tartan skirt, and black top, she was out to impress. Not knowing the area, she let her friend guide her around.

By 11pm she was alittle tipsy and ready for some action. Her friend led her into the local pub and pushed her way through the crowd to the bar. Sarah scanned the crowds hoping to get some attention, then she saw her. Long brown hair, smiling blue eyes, and a cheeky grin on her face. She stood on the bar with two other girls, dressed in black leather chaps, a leather g-string and bra, and a cowboy hat. It was Coyote Girls night. She danced in time with “One Way Or Another”, her full hips swaying from side to side. Sarah was mesmerized. With each movement, Sarah could feel her pussy getting wetter. She crossed her legs and squeezed them together, enjoying the sensations running through her body. The girls turned and bent over, their arses open for all to see. The crowd let out a roar as the men began to surge forward. Sarah licked her lips, suddenly hungry for something to fill her.

The girl turned to face the crowd. Sarah looked up into her eyes, watching her face. Her full lips curved into a smile as she looked out at the sea of men before her. Sarah couldn’t take her eyes off her. As the song finished, the girls left the bar. Sarah followed, surprised her legs would move, feeling her own g-string damp against her pussy. She walked to the end of the bar and watched the girls disappear behind a curtain. Disappointed, she turned to leave when a hand grasped hers. Looking around, she found herself staring into the most beautiful blue eyes she had ever seen. The girl smiled that cheeky smile that had originally caught her eye.

“I saw you watching me.”

Sarah smiled, happy to have been noticed. The girl led Sarah back to the curtain, stopping just before going in.

“Why were you staring at me?”

Sarah breathed deeply, “Because I think you’re hot.”

“How hot?”

Sarah pushed the girl against the wall behind her and leaned her body against hers. Their breasts rubbed together, their nipples hardening. Sarah felt a fresh gush of juice escape her pussy.

“This hot,” She breathed.

Her mouth was inches from the girl’s. She could feel her heart beat quicken. The girl closed her eyes, her lips parted invitingly. Sarah needed no instruction; she pressed her lips to the girl’s, feeling their softness. She parted her own lips as the girl pushed her tongue into Sarah’s mouth, tasting her.

Sarah moved her hands over the girl’s hips, up over her flat stomach, resting on her clothed breasts. The girl moaned against her lips as Sarah squeezed her nipples between her fingers. The girl moved her hands over Sarah. One hand finding its way to her head, her fingers entwining in Sarah’s hair. The other moved down over Sarah’s hips, finally resting on her thigh. Their kiss became more passionate as each explored the other’s mouth and body. Sarah worked her fingers under the girl’s bra, cupping and squeezing her firm breasts, feeling the girl arch her back at the touch. The girl slid her hand up, under Sarah’s skirt, resting against her damp g-string, a finger working its way under the cloth to caress her slit. Sarah shuddered, moving one leg forward to open her pussy, resting her leg between the girl’s legs.

Sarah felt her legs grow weak, and stepped back from the girl, her hands still on the girl’s breasts, the girl’s hand leaving her pussy. The girl opened her eyes and gasped, noticing the men that had gathered at the end of the bar to watch them. Sarah turned and observed the group. Mouths open, clearly panting at the sight before them. Sarah recognized one of the men. Her pussy contracted at the sight of the familiar bulge in his pants, a bulge that matched those around him. Looking into his eyes, she smiled, turned her head to one side, and subtly motioned for him to come down. She turned back to the girl and smiled. The girl took her hand once more and led her behind the curtain to a table against the wall.

Standing with the girl against the table, Sarah resumed the kiss, entangling her fingers in the girl’s long hair, pulling their heads closer together, driving her tongue deeper into the girl, tasting her. The girl lifted Sarah’s skirt and placed her hand on her groin once again. Her finger slipped under Sarah’s panties, finding her pussy slick with juices. She slid over her lips, finding her opening, and plunged a finger deep within her. Sarah moaned and spread her legs further apart, allowing the girl more access. She used it, pushing a second finger into her. Sarah returned her hands to the girl’s breasts, massaging them feverishly, pulling and taunting her nipples.

Their lips parted, allowing Sarah to groan as the girl began driving her fingers in and out of her pussy, her palm grinding on her clit. Sarah was dripping wet. She pushed the girl onto the table, leaning her back against the wall. Her mouth traveled down the girl’s neck, nibbling at her sweet skin. Reaching into her bra, Sarah released a breast, her tongue flickering over the hard nipple as she sucked the full breast into her mouth. The girl gasped and fumbled for Sarah’s breasts, her fingers pinching the nipples. Sarah pushed the hands away and moved lower. Her lips moved over the girl’s stomach, and down to her leather clad pussy. Bending right over now, Sarah pulled the wet g-string to one side, and breathed in the scent of the girl. Her pussy glistened with excitement.

One hand pushing her legs open, the other holding the g-string to one side, Sarah delicately licked the girl’s pussy. Her tongue slid deep into her opening, traveling over her lips, and pressing against her clit. The girl’s hands fled to Sarah’s head, holding her in her pussy. She spread her legs wide, bringing her feet up onto the table, opening herself up. Sarah removed her hand from the girl’s thigh, placing it between her own legs. Pushing the soaked fabric of her g-string to one side, she slid first one, then two fingers into her hungry pussy. As she began moving her fingers in and out of herself, her tongue danced over the girl’s clit. She sucked the bud into her mouth, rolling it between her lips, feeling the girl jump with each touch.

Suddenly a hand covered hers, “Let me do this.”

Sarah recognized the deep voice and willingly obliged. She removed her fingers from her pussy, feeling two other fingers drive into her. She moaned into the girl’s pussy, her tongue lapping faster on her clit. She could feel the girl was close and slowed her teasing, bringing her fingers up to play at the entrance of her pussy. She guided her finger around, but did not slide in. The girl pleaded with her. The fingers inside Sarah began pumping deep into her pussy, his other hand finding her clit, rubbing it hard. Sarah pushed back onto the fingers, pushing them further into her, the hand on her clit rubbing faster. She was close.

He leaned over her back, she could feel his hard cock against her arse, “Do you have anything?”

Without missing a beat, Sarah moved her purse to her back. She felt him remove a condom, heard the wrapper open, and imagined him rolling it over his hard cock.

Her finger returned to the girl’s pussy, barely touching. Her tongue lightly tapped her clit. The girl pushed her hips forward, begging Sarah to enter her. Sarah felt the cock at her pussy, strong muscular hands grabbed her hips. He drove his cock into her, his balls slapping her clit with the force of it. Sarah slid her finger into the girl, tapping the inner wall of her pussy as her tongue beat the rhythm on her clit. The cock inside Sarah swelled, and began moving in and out of her snug hole. She closed her legs slightly, allowing her muscles to firmly grasp his cock. He moaned.

The girl’s pants became louder. Sarah pumped her finger harder, faster, deeper into her pussy, her tongue flickering over her clit. She felt the girl’s body tense before a scream escaped her lips, and a rush of juices ran over her fingers. At the sound of the girl cuming, he drove his cock harder into her. His balls teasing her clit. Sarah lapped at he girl’s pussy as her own body shook with her orgasm. He thrust himself into her convulsing pussy, his hot cum exploding from his penis. Her pussy grabbed him snuggly, milking him.

The girl moved a hand under Sarah’s chin, pulling her face up to hers. They kissed, the girl tasting herself in Sarah’s mouth. He removed his spent cock from her soaked pussy, discarding the condom. He bent on one knee and delicately lapped her pussy. Sarah shuddered at the touch of his tongue, her own tongue licking the girl’s lips.

After a moment he rose and left. Sarah repositioned her g-string, kissed the girl one last time, and returned to the bar, a satisfied grin on her face.

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Well I really thought folks might like this....Hummmm....;)

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nice story thanx for the find.

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