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WARNINGS: Contains transgender themes, Sci-Fi, explicit sex, mild violence, bad words, and strange ideas. It has only the strange things that dribble from my head. If you are not old enough, mature enough, open minded enough, and especially not smart enough to stop reading should you find yourself becoming offended viewing such a story, don't!

I hereby grant permission to post this story, make it available for download, or send it to a one or more of your kinky friends, as long as I am given credit for it and no monetary profit is made from it without sharing it with me. (I'm not greedy, but I did write it.)
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By Wholeman

I couldn't believe my good fortune. Here I was leaving the church hand in hand with my new bride.

I'm Sid Banner, a 32-year-old Longshoreman, who has just married the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.

Six months before I had been a lonely man, sitting at home trying to find someone to share my life with, desperately searching the Internet, when I received an E-Mail response to an ad I'd posted.


I read your Ad. I will be in town this weekend and have 4 or 5 hours to kill on Saturday. Please send me your address so I can drop by and meet you.

This may sound like a strange request to ask someone before your first date. Unfortunately, my personal physician insists.

Yes you read that right. I am disgustingly rich. My physician insists before I date anyone that she get a blood and tissue sample from him. She worries about me and wants to protect me from AIDS and other potential hazards.

I can't expect you to give such personal information without giving you the same courtesy. Enclosed is a complete blood and tissue workup from this morning, signed by my Doctor. If you want I will submit to your Doctor for verifiable blood work just have them call my Doctor and she can set up an appointment.

If you agree to the exam call Doctor Margaret Willingham at 1 800 555-5555 and she will see you anytime it is convenient for you. I promise no waiting in waiting rooms, the exact time you make the appointment for, she will escort you to an exam room. (I hate wasting my time waiting around, like their time is so much more valuable than mine, don't you?) I can guarantee this due to the fact that I am Margaret's only patient (No I don't need her that often, but her salary isn't so much that I can't afford her.)

I really hope you respond to this and I promise to make this invasion on your privacy worth your while. (I wouldn't insult you with money, I mean with my feminine wiles.)

Enclosed are four JPG files of me, in my bikini, that were taken last weekend. (Sorry about the blushing)


When I opened the picture files, my tongue began sweating! She was the most gorgeous strawberry blonde woman I had ever laid eyes on!

I opened the medical file. Her stats were there. She is five foot two, green eyes, 35 D Breasts, twenty four inch waist, thirty six inch hips, tested negative for HIV, all of the hepatitis strains, no yeast infection, pap smear showed no abnormal tissues, Etc.

Damn! I could have gone on for six pages and four X-rays. Suffice it to say, she is perfect.

First thing I did was go into my bedroom and make sure I wasn't sleeping on my bed. I pinched myself, and then slapped myself. No change!

I figured it being seven O'clock at night when I called the phone number I'd get an answering machine trying to sell me some thing, or saying April Fools!

"Doctor Willingham, may I help you?" she answered.

"Aaaaaa," was all I managed.

"Normally I don't get that response unless I have a tongue depressor down someone's throat. Try again sweetheart," she quipped.

"Sorry Doctor, I was expecting to get an answering machine trying to sell me a subscription to a porn site or at the very least your answering service. The last thing I expected was to have you answer your own phone at this hour," I explained.

"Oh, hi Sid, the reason for that is, only Beth and you, have this cell phone's number. So when is it most convenient for you to come by the hospital? I don't have an office in this town so arrangements have been made to allow me to use the facilities there," Doctor Willingham, got right to the point.

"Wow, that sounds like a lot of trouble for a date! Hell I'm willing if Beth has arranged all this, it's only fair that we have a date, I guess. I'm still kind of intimidated. She doesn't think I'm rich or anything does she?" I stammered. Shit, it sounds like she's spending a few thousand dollars for a four-hour date!

"No, our Beth is a wonderful girl and is just looking for an average guy, not some gold digger, or one of the pretentious types that run in the circles of the filthy rich," she explained, "so when is good for you? This is Sunday night, and I need at least twenty-four hours to complete the testing. So if you want to meet this weekend, it will have to be between now and Friday noon."

"You would do it now? I think tomorrow at four I could meet you," I offered.

"I'll see you then, and yes, I would have met you now," she answered.

When I hung up, I started looking around my apartment for cameras. Then I figured they would wait to surprise me at the hospital with the candid camera routine.

The next day I damn near ran my forklift off the docks. I couldn't stop thinking about Beth.

At the hospital Margaret greeted me as soon I entered the waiting room. (She insisted I call her Margaret, not Doctor.) If Margaret was any example, Beth must be amazing. Margaret was a, five foot six, blonde haired, twenty-eight-year-old knockout.

She took four vials of blood, a urine sample, scrapings of tissue from inside my mouth, a whole series of X-rays, and a MRI series. I received a rectal exam, a throat culture, and ear exam, an Eye exam, she even X-Rayed my teeth, and I had to fill out reams of forms, even a release that would be sent to my doctor for more information.

That woman had seen more places on me than I ever knew I had!

"Well Sid, from all of my preliminary information you look to be in near perfect health," she baited me.

"Near perfect?" I stuttered.

She giggled, "Well you could stand to loose about ten pound, but other than that..."

"Maybe five," I argued.

"Got you!" she giggled, "Actually every thing is fine, I still have to see the blood work though. I'll call you tomorrow to let you know. I expect Beth will call you right after that, good news or bad."

We said our goodbyes and I spent the whole next day keyed up again.

When the phone rang after work it was Margaret, "Great news Sid! Your blood work was absolutely perfect! Beth is so excited she almost had her pilot turn the jet around and head into town tonight. I better get off the phone so she can call! Congratulations I just know the two of you will hit it off!"

She hung up while I just stared at the hand piece.

The phone rang just as I put the receiver down, "Hello?"

The most exquisite voice I'd ever heard said, "Oh Sid, I'm so excited to see you, I think I've just ruined the seat I'm sitting in!"

I gulped hard, "That would be costly if you are where, I think you are."

"Okay, smarty where do you think I am?" she teased.

"About thirty thousand feet up, doing over 500 knots," I answered.

"That darned Margaret! She squealed didn't she?"

"I think she was almost as excited for us as you, there is probably an office chair at the hospital in a like condition as yours," I told her trying to keep Margaret out of trouble.

"She is a dear, isn't she? I guess you figured out that she is not only my physician. She's a good friend as well. I hope she didn't hurt you with all the examination stuff, did she?" her voice sounded concerned, as well as angelic.

"Oh no, but I don't think I've ever had as thorough an exam before in my life, maybe she can send the results to my doctor, and I can skip this years physical," I joked.

"No sooner said than done, one less prostrate exam coming up!"

I heard some noises at her end, "Margaret, can you send a copy of Sid's exam to his doctor, he figures it might save him a fingering this year. Yes, he's on the other line now... -Click."

"Hello again Sid, I'd be happy to send the files, see you soon, bye Beth. -Click," she was switched out of the three-way.

"Wow!" was all I could say.

"Well hon. I have to be going, the pilot informs me that when we land a O'Hare, we will probably loose the phone, I can't wait to see you, five O'clock Saturday, bye!" she rang off.

Talk about nervous! I cleaned my apartment three times. I went out and bought some nice casual clothes. I picked up the best wine I could afford, and had no idea what else I should do to spruce myself up and not appear as a classless buffoon.

Oh well live by the sword die by the sword.

When Saturday rolled around I had nearly convinced myself that she would take one look at me, laugh and run for the hills.

I nearly jumped out of my skin when the doorbell rang.

I opened my front door and there before me was a goddess! It took all my will power to say, "Come in. Sit down. Can I get you anything? Some wine perhaps?"

She stepped in the door and planted a stunning kiss on my mouth that just about had me shoot my wad.

"Ooh, I could just eat you up," she said

"Yah I know, those domestic flights, they give you a handful of peanuts and that's supposed to tide you over until you reach your destination," this time I figured I'd bait her.

"And the stewardesses aren't what they used to be either!" she had me, no playing dumb with her!

"So did you have an agenda for tonight or do we just hang around and get to know each other?" I prodded.

She held up one finger, walked to the door, opened it and whistled. Thirty seconds later, six women carried in a table, chairs, candelabra, and a five-course meal.

"I thought tonight would be my treat, I had Wolfgang whip up something for us," she was grinning like a Cheshire cat.

"Wolfgang Puck?" I asked.

"You've heard of him? It was Margaret's idea," she was standing close holding my arm as we watched the caterers finish up their setup.

Some large guy dressed all in white, with a tall white hat on, came in inspected everything and declared, "Perfect." And then left with all of the ladies.

"Thanks Wolfgang, bye," she waved at him. "He's a friend of Margaret's. She says he's really good. Do you want to dig in?"

There sitting in my living room was a dinner worth my whole years salary, and then some.

"Sure, but it feels like I'm about to scarf down a Monet," I claimed.

We sat down and I hadn't noticed but one of the caterers had stayed behind to serve us.

As I sat there I discovered the glasses were Waterford crystal, the silver ware was really silver and I have no idea who made the china, but it looked first class to me!

We chatted a while and when we got to desert, was the last thing I remembered clearly, I only remembered that we had a terrific time, and I guess I had had more to drink than I thought. I hope I didn't embarrass myself, or Beth.

According to the telephone call I received the next day, I must not have, she wanted to see me again the next weekend, again a Saturday, and to meet her down at the marina.

Saturday rolled around and there was Beth waiting at the Marina, she took my hand and led me to a two hundred foot plus, Yacht. Margaret was aboard and about ten stunningly beautiful girls, where the captain, and crew.

We motored around all day. I had great fun. I think? I don't seem to be able to remember all of the details though. I do remember that this time it wasn't because I had been drunk though, that much I was sure of.

We had several other dates like that when she was able to be in town and it seems on one of them I proposed to her, but I'll be damned if I can remember the specifics!

One weekend I even woke up in bed with Beth, who quickly gave me one hell of a French kiss, scampered from my bed, wearing a black baby doll, dressed in my bathroom, and scurried to the door, calling back to me, "Sorry I have to run sweetie, I'm late. I was supposed to be in Washington D.C. this morning but I guess our hormones just couldn't be denied last night! You were stupendous darling, see you next weekend, bye," with a wave of her hand she was out the door.

I assumed we had sex, my cock was sore, like I'd been in a marathon Fuck-a-Thon. Still I couldn't remember specifics.

I thought to myself, 'maybe I'll ask Margaret about it, she had reviewed the MRI on my head, after all.'

It seems ours, was a whorl wind romance. I was walking around in a daze most of the time, when I found myself face to face with Beth. Me holding her hand and offering a diamond ring to her.

She squealed, "Oh yes Sid, I will marry you!"

That's when I knew we were to be husband and wife. I don't have a clue as to when or where I bought the ring, or even how much I spent. She loves it and that's all that matters.

Beth told everyone after the wedding at the reception, we would honeymoon in the Caymans. So we boarded her private jet, Margaret, Beth and I, and that's the last I recalled before waking up...

"Oh, I see you are awake. Good morning my dearest husband," Beth's face loomed over me as I swam slowly up to consciousness.

"I'll bet you have a million questions, due to the fact that along about now, you realize that you are numb all over your body and can't move. Don't worry you're fine now. There was a little accident, well more to the point, a plane crash," she picked up a newspaper and held it in front of my eyes. "According to the newspaper Sid and Beth Banner died on their honeymoon, shortly after their wedding, in a fiery crash of Beth's personal Jet aircraft. Sid and Beth's sole heir (one of those papers I had you sign) was Dr. Margaret Willingham, who was too distraught to be interviewed," she put the paper down and looked back into my very confused eyes.

"Oh you poor dear, I'm sorry but we haven't really been introduced properly yet, my full name is Doctor Bethany Hollingsworth, PHD, MD." I could see her hand reach down and my field of vision shake a bit as she shook my limp hand.

"Let's see, oh yes, they say the first question is 'where am I?' You are in my villa on a remote island off of the Caymans, lying on a hospital bed in my laboratory," she looked away from me abruptly and continued, "Hi there Maggie, look he's awake. Could you come over an say hi and continue bringing Sid up to speed, I must attend to something I'll be right back," with that she disappeared from my limited view.

"So nice to see you awake Sid. I overheard Beth tell you her full name, and where you are. So I think you should know, how important you are to her, she blew up a perfectly good aircraft to cover your disappearance, and believe it or not, you two are really legally married. She sincerely likes you, I guess," she shrugged her shoulders.

"When this first started, we were just looking for a new subject for our experiments, then after you blood and tissues workups we were both beside ourselves, your DNA and blood chemistry was perfect and very receptive to our ministrations, the best we have ever tested!" she claimed.

"After dinner that first night, we were ecstatic to find you also, a great subject, for hypnotic manipulation. It was like you were made to order for our purposes. Now you understand why you couldn't recall specifics from your many dates. Mere minutes after you were in her presence she had you in a hypnotic trance. The day you woke up next to Beth we had been taking sperm from you all night, as much as we could make you produce. Beth spent all week in the lab and only left it to meet with you and keep up the charade, by the end of the six month courtship, you were such a willing subject, a couple of your dates were with me and Beth wasn't even there," she paused to take a sip of water and mop my forehead with a damp towel.

"Beth was like a kid before Christmas at the wedding, she had the lab set up and everything was ready for our test subject's arrival."

"I see that Beth is back, so I'll let her resume," she left my sight.

"Sorry about the interruption, now you know how we set you up and why and even the reason for the extensive physical we gave you," she smiled down at me.

"I have to tell you that you are a dream come true. You don't know this, but we tested thirty other men that our search of the medical data banks gave preliminary indications would be potentially suitable for our research. We eliminated tens of thousands of men and whittled it down to thirty and you were the best of the bunch! You should feel very honored of course it may be some time before you will agree with me," she gave a little giggle that was echoed by Margaret.

"I know you will be angry and feel very betrayed at first, Margaret suggested that we construct an new personality for you to replace your conscious self, but I convinced her of the additional research opportunities from a purely psychological standpoint. So for now you will remain Sid, should you prove too uncooperative that could and will be rectified," she threatened.

"In a few minutes I will remove the nerve block slowly and allow you to regain control and feeling of your body. Before I do that there are a few things I must explain to you to try and reduce the shock of getting it all at once," she warned me. "Now the first ability you will regain is speech, your voice will sound very different than you are used to, probably very high pitched, we expect this, you have been kept in a coma now for over a year," she did some thing near my head and I could feel my mouth and jaw once again.

"How could you do this to me, what did I ever do to you?" no kidding my voice was high! To me it sounded higher than a two year old girls!

"Well I need a man with certain genetic characteristics, and we learned from our hypnosis sessions with you, that you had fantasies about being kidnapped and altered against your will, many times, so I figured I was doing you a favor, making your dream come true, and ours."

"Just what did you do to me?" I was scared shitless laying he so vulnerable and completely defenseless.

"Well my field of research is cloning, specifically the cloning of replacement organs and limbs Etc. Margaret there has been working on editing the genetic code of cloned organs, to make the replacements stronger, larger, smaller, or even changing the code to grow organs the original patients body had not. Like people born without two kidneys, she could grow the missing one and make the patient whole."

Margaret was positively beaming with pride, "You are the ultimate evidence that our techniques are viable. Over the past year you have undergone over 200 surgical procedures and we have grown hundreds of cloned parts, nearly identical with your own DNA. That means no rejection, complete tissue compatibility."

"We were astounded at how quickly you healed up after each operation. We have even perfected a procedure to virtually eliminate the scarring you would normally have," Beth added.

It was hard sounding pissed with a tiny high-pitched voice, but I gave it my best, "What did you do to me! Not how, what!"

"I see your point, we have been a trifle off subject," Beth answered.

"We're just so proud of our accomplishments and you are the first person other than us who knows," Margaret added.

I just gave them a nasty look at least I think I did.

"You'll have to be patient the list of what we did is really long," Beth tried stroking my forehead to calm me. She must have forgotten I couldn't feel it anyway.

"Margaret made just one genetic modification to all of the parts we used on you, she replaced the "Y" chromosome with and X," Beth was watching me intently, I could see that her hands looked poised to do something quickly depending on my reaction.

"I'm just a Longshoreman I don't know that science stuff!" I sure wish they would speak English.

"That is the chromosome that determines gender," Margaret explained.

"You made me a girl?" I screamed. The lights went out. I don't know if I fainted or she gave me a tranquilizer.

When next I opened my eyes there was Beth looking down, she asked, "Are you feeling calmer now? You fainted. It must be that you are still acclimating to the hormone levels, so try to stay calm and we'll get through this. Now you see the reason we have been telling you slowly, to give you time to steel yourself for the sensations you will be experiencing."

"But first," she came closer and kissed me on the mouth, the only place I could feel anything.

Her kiss drew a long languid moan from me. When your only sensory input other than your eyes, is your mouth, I guess a kiss can be near as good as an orgasm.

"You liked that did you? Me too!" she smiled down at me.

"On to what we did to you. The replacement parts were grown, and surgically attached to your body. Each part is forced to mature rapidly to an age we determine, and then aging is halted. Giving you a full sized part to replace the original ones. You have female limbs, we replaced your pelvis, well most of as two pieces and forced healed them with the slight surgical modification of making it wider. You have 40-inch hips, which set your sexy thin legs very wide apart. We did the same with your shoulders and collarbones only made them smaller. Your ribs have all been replaced and here is where we started to enhance you a bit, we stopped the growth a little short of full maturity, especially the lower ones. We wanted to give you a lovely thin waist, and it worked perfectly. The hardest replacement was your spine, it was long and arduous work, fusing sections and pulverizing the vertebrae, slipping both halves of the replacements around the old area and fusing the bones together, you now have the most supple spine I've ever seen, if I do say so myself," she stretched and drank from her glass of water.

"We replaced your skull in sections, jawbone and even your teeth, all of them perfect, no cavities. We replaced your skin and scalp in sections as well, we couldn't resist enhancing your lips though, we didn't use collagen like most surgeons, I just grew three sets of them and spliced them together, that gave me an other idea, so I lengthened your tongue the same way. Your voice box was replaced with one we negated the aging at around two years old. (I really love your cute little girl voice now.)"

"We replaced your pituitary gland. I added more saliva glands and deadened your gag reflex so that you'll be able to deep throat a double dildo and drive you partner wild, I don't think you'll drool all the time, just when you see a hot juicy pussy you want to lick, and then you'll start drooling like a Saint Bernard!"

"Most of your internal organs were replaced with smaller feminine versions, kidneys, liver, gall bladder, like that."

"When we removed your prostrate, testicles, and penis, they were replaced with the vulva, vagina, uterus, and ovaries that your female cloned parts created. We were worried that the ovaries might not take so we gave you six of them. If any of your ovaries fail to function, odds are at least two would remain functioning. We got lucky though, and all six are working beautifully."

"Margaret suggested that we enhance you to help you transition into you new life as a lesbian sex slave," she looked devilishly hungry. "So you have a longer vagina three times the glands, that a normal woman has for lubrication that's six Bartholin's glands, and three sets of vaginal muscles. One behind the other, you should be able to squeeze each set individually and do wonderful tricks."

"We lined the deeper areas with nipple tissue grown and spliced together. Margaret and I both wish we could feel things deep within us so you will be the test pilot for an added sexual thrill for many of our lesbian friends. Think about it, as the tissue is stimulated, it will contract tightly around the invader, and send incredible thrills to your pleasure center."

"The last thing, I'm so excited about! We gave you three clits, in a cute little triangular cluster, right where a woman's clit belongs."

"You should enjoy lesbian sex immensely," she concluded.

"Do you think you are ready to start using and feeling your new oversexed slut female body?" she gave me an evil look.

"No answer? Tough, here goes slut!" Beth laughed.

She did something off to the side of my head, and a barrage of sensations, many of which were just damn freaky. Intense sensations from everywhere assaulted me. The one that received my attention first was the huge weight on my chest.

"You didn't say anything about huge breasts!" I accused in my baby girl voice.

"Oh those little things? I wanted you to experience the wonderful sensation that all little girls have, of your breasts growing, and we learned from your hypnosis session that you are attracted to inhumanly large breasted women. So I force grew thirty sets of breasts and inhibited their maturing at about eight years old. I spliced all of the mammary glands together, made up two impressive nipples, and grafted all of the skin together forming a pair of impressive 'E cup' breasts, without the loss of sensation common to the stretched skin normal woman have when they have large breasts. Your big boobs have the tender sensitive skin of an eight-year-old girl. The only drawback is when your fully grown, womanly hormones, start to circulate through those immature mammary glands, they will begin to grow, and with six ovaries feeding them, you should wind up with a set of very impressive breast! Were not sure yet if you'll be able to walk when they finish growing, but we'll deal with that when the time comes," she concluded.

"Hold onto your hat slut, and feel this," she reached out with her hand and caressed my breast and nipple.

"Ooooooh," I moaned.

"Oh Beth, you should see the reaction down at this end! Trade places and I'll show you," Beth went down to my other end.

Margaret said, "Watch!" She caressed my breast just like Beth had.

"Ooooooh," I moaned again.

"Wow! He's going to have to wear a Maxi Pad all the time! Did you see his pussy twitch when I did it?" she asked Margaret.

"No, I missed it!" she pouted.

"Swap again," and she caressed me again.

"Oh God!" I screeched.

"Cool! Do it again," she prompted, bending close to get a better look.

"Eeeeeeeeeeeeee!" I screamed and came so hard that when Margaret stood up she looked like a drowned cat! The whole top half of her was drenched to the bone. After extended sensory deprivation, my sensitive female skin and nipples and the sight of those two gorgeous women was too much for my male brain.

Beth nearly wet herself laughing at her, and when I came back to myself, I thought I had peed on her.

"Serves you right! Play with fire and you're sure to get burned!" I taunted.

Beth and Margaret laughed.

Margaret took her finger and scraped some of my pussy juice off with it, and slipped it into her mouth, "Mmmm."

Beth told me, "Poor Sid, Margaret and I are lesbian lovers. We love pussy! And now you have one too!" She squealed and went over to Margaret and started cleaning her up with her tongue.

"Damn, Sid you taste good! What do you think Margaret, how is she?" Beth prompted.

That was the first time anyone ever referred to me as a 'she'. I felt like crying. Damn hormones!

Margaret started fingering me and the room began to spin, my breasts shifted and I was on my way to an unconscious orgasmic abyss.

I woke up in a bedroom, a rather frilly girly bedroom.

They had slipped a nightie over my head. I thought to myself, 'Did it have to be lacy and pink?'

"You look beautiful in that sissy pink Baby Doll. And that's a good color for you! You are going to be wearing a lot of pink I think," Margaret declared.

"Oh yes, I can barely keep my hands off our new sex slave! She is making me soak my sexy girly panties," Beth agreed.

"Oh... my breasts ache, are they supposed to?" I whined.

The ladies looked at each other and smiled then the looked back at me and replied in stereo, "They're growing!" And they giggled themselves silly like two schoolgirls who just saw their first naked boy.

I was so tired I closed my eyes and just dropped back onto the bed, expecting to just nod off.

"Hey, it's time for your first sex slave training session, so scoot over! I've been waiting a whole year, to fuck you, and nobody is going to keep me from it," she scooted me over with her butt as she climbed in.

Margaret just stood there with her lower lip protruding, "Hey how about, a second?"

"Go ahead crawl over Sid and slip in on the other side, we can make a lesbian sandwich, with her as the meat!" she slipped her arm around my tiny waist, while Margaret reached around my chest and pretended to be a living bra!

"Oh God, I... can't, too... too... tired!" I complained.

"Margaret, behave! You don't see me loosing control and slipping my finger between her hot labia, like this, or I diddling these three sensitive little clits?" Beth said, as she did just that.

"Uh, Ooh, Eeeee, Aaaaah," was all I could manage.

"Maybe if you did, then I would tweak on these unbelievable nipples," she did as she claimed!

They kept me in a constant state of orgasm, for a half hour, easily. Either I fell asleep as soon as they stopped or I passed out, I don't know which.

I woke up lying in an unbelievable wet spot! I slowly reaffirmed that my nightmare was completely real. I had been turned into a lesbian's sex toy, and to make matters worse my breasts ached and felt tighter. They must be growing just as Beth told me they were. I reached up to massage them. and made the wet spot grow bigger.

'Doesn't this cunt ever dry up?' I thought. It felt like I had a leaky bladder when I wasn't being stimulated, and when I was, look out, Tidal Wave! Three times the vaginal lubrication of a normal woman.

I tried to sit up and made it on my second try. These were little girl tits? Granted they were thirty little girl tits, all rolled into one (each), but damn! I must look like Wendy Whoppers! These babies were almost, rock hard, and the areolas around the nipples were as big and puffy as they could be!

I had always had a thing for soft puffy nipples and could hardly keep my hands off of myself.

I spread them apart and tried to get a look at my vulva down between them.

Just as I had finally gotten into a position to get a glimpse of it Margaret came strolling in, "Shit I wish I had remembered to bring my camera! That is so hot and precious at the same time, I'd love to get a shot, so I could blow it up and hang it over my bed, to masturbate to."

"I just wanted to see my three clits, like Beth claims I have," I explained.

"I knew that, it just really turns me on. What can I say? Oh, here," she reached into her purse and pulled out a compact and showed me my pussy in it's mirror.

"Oh my dear God, I do have three clits! I'm a slut! That's all I could ever be now, a complete lesbian sex slave slut!" I cried.

As I thought over my situation, it appeared completely hopeless to me. My body was hopelessly mutilated, my cock gone, my muscular arms replaces by weak spindly little girl arms, skinny legs replaced my hard manly thighs, and to top it of my small tight hard butt, was now measured by the acre! Everything I was everything I hoped to be, gone! Finally I thought, 'If Beth took everything. My life and future, she deserves to die!'

The moment that thought crossed my mind, I lost control of my body and I became just and observer. My body stood up, walked out into the lab where Beth was working, right up to her and dropped to the floor, with my legs spread wide, and I heard my little girl voice say, "Oh please, please, Beth make me your sissy lesbian fuck toy, please, please, please!" I went on like that for over an hour as I begged her to do unspeakably nasty things to me and make me her slave.

Beth finally spoke, "You must have been contemplating doing violence to me. You will recall we told you that you are a most susceptible hypnotic subject. Well, Margaret felt it would be prudent to leave certain hypnotic triggers in your subconscious, so that anytime you think of doing violence to someone, you will immediately find them, and prostrate yourself in front of them, like this, and beg them to make you their fuck toy."

She continued, "Next time you will be punished severely!"

She sighed, "Oh well, I think Mistress Margaret was looking forward to playing dress up with you, so go find her and remember this lesson, the next one will be much worse."

She said, "Vacuum lock release," and I had control of my slutty feminine body once again.

Beth waved as I walked away, "Bye Sid. Oh, I need to warn you. Watch out, you have more triggers like that one, should you contemplate inappropriate behaviors. There are also a few that we can call upon, if you are uncooperative, or hysterical. We gave them to you, for your own good, so don't be mad sweetheart."

"There are over two hundred ladies on my island, and every one of them, has been eagerly waiting to get a turn fucking you. The fact that you are a man forced to be a bimbo sex slave is making them crazy! I'll see you in a couple hours when I finish my experiments here, I've been horny as hell all morning."

I left her with my face in my hands weeping like a four year old. When I reached my room sure enough Margaret was there. I ignored her and went over to the bed, plopped down on it, and pulled a pillow over top of the back of my platinum blonde head.

"That's enough of that young lady!" Margaret scolded me. I pretended not to hear her.

"Okay you force me to take drastic measures missy. Override slut cunt one," she commanded.

Once again my body began moving without my control. I went over to Margaret pulled up her skirt and slid down her panties and pantyhose and... oh my God, stuck out my disgustingly long tongue, right up her sweet cunt, a full six inches! I discovered myself drooling down my chin and between my boobs.

"Oh baby, oh sweetie. Yes, tongue fuck momma. Take me to heaven you darling slut! Oh, oh, baby, oh, I love you sweetheart. OH YES! FUCK ME FUCK ME! Eeeeeeee!" she came all over my face and had to steady herself on my head so that she didn't fall down.

"My God Sid you are a treasure! Now, I'm going to release you from this compulsion, before you make me cum again, but if you don't quit sulking, you might find yourself tongue fucking every lady on the Island, before you get released again. So please behave yourself and maybe this can be fun for both of us, instead of completely humiliating for you!" she was shaking her finger at me like a scolding School Marm.

"Override release slut cunt one," she ordered.

Once again in control, I realized that my new body, really liked the taste of pussy, and I kept licking her sweet cunt, damn it tasted good. Before she knew it, I had her panting like a bitch in heat. She started to cum again but I didn't want to waste a drop, so I sealed my mouth to her crotch sucking and swallowing every delicious drop, "Mmmmm."

"Oh, oh, thank you Sid, ooh that was good!" she grinned down at me, "So you like eating pussy don't you?"

"You taste sooo good Margaret, I just couldn't help myself!" I admitted, hugging her legs and waist.

"The pleasure was all mine darling," she was stroking my thick platinum blond hair. "Now I have to play dress up too, and change out of these cum soaked clothes. Come with me I know you haven't urinated in twenty-four hours, and I expect you'll find you really need to go by now, then we can both get a shower. No, strike that, we'll have a bubble bath so I can help you to learn to wash that luscious body you find yourself in."

"I won't insult you by reminding you to sit down, but you need to know how to wipe your pussy afterwards, from the front to the back, and never re-wipe. You can give yourself a nasty infection if you re-wipe or wipe your rectum and smear that all up your pussy lips... well you get the idea. If you go number two wipe in the same direction just start at the back of your pussy and wipe away from it. We'll go over some other pussy care tips later, but I figured you needed to know at least that much now."

"I'll go get the bath started," she disappeared through another door in the bathroom.

This is so weird! I have to pee out of my butt! I'm going to have to pee like a girl, for the rest of my life! How depressing!

That's when I found out there was something different, about the water closets, here on the island, none of the seats flip up. Every one of them is fixed, in the down position! No man's land!

There is only one man in this land, sort of, a man's mind, in the buxom body, of a lesbian slut.

I sat down, spread my legs to watch (I had never actually watched a girl pee before) and I guess there's no other way to describe it, let go. It was kind of like draining a water balloon, just stream and empty, no second wind, no squirt left, I was just done. I wiped like Margaret told me and just sat there staring at the gash between my legs thinking, 'look at what they have done to me, I'm a freak!'

"It looks so pretty, doesn't it, or were you thinking something else?" Margaret asked me. I hadn't seen her watching from the doorway.

"I was thinking about how I've been mutilated, and turned into a freak!" I lashed out with the only method left to me.

"I'll have you know, that's a real, honest to no shit, set of woman's organs you have there, and an absolutely first class set, if I do say so myself!" she claimed.

"Oh really, how many real women have, three clits, six ovaries, a vagina lined with nipple tissue, and have pussies that are always leaking like they are constantly in the midst of foreplay?" I didn't even mention the tongue, since it's at the other end, or any of the other differences I've been endowed with, "I'd say that qualifies for freak," I spat.

"Don't bitch about them, until you've tried them," she shot back.

Then she shocked me by asking, "I want you to be totally honest with me, and yourself, how did you really like the way your new tongue works? Did you receive enough pleasure from it, or would you rather settle for a short, ordinary one? One that wouldn't drive your lover to heights, she had never before attained? You heard me right, I don't think I ever came like that before in my entire life!"

"I really loved driving you wild like that. Next time I'll try to do better!" my eyes were down cast.

"Come on the water will get cold," she motioned for me to follow. She stripped as we walked.

I was left with nothing to do but watch as each tantalizing section of her was revealed.

By the time we reached the tub two naked ladies dove in. (The bath tub was so big it looked like a hot tub!)

"That's better!" Margaret lay back, enjoying the release of tensions, given by the soothing water.

When I stepped in and slowly immersed 'my body' it felt much as it had before, but when my bottom went under, I felt, for the first time, warm water seep into my vagina, what a strange feeling! It felt good though, and made me feel cleaner, while the warmth relaxed me entirely.

"Must feel different than before, judging by the surprised look on your face. Never had water inside before eh?" Margaret grinned devilishly.

"My nipples feel different than when I woke up," I tried to look at them.

"They probably do, this is the first time, since we installed them, that I've seen them, unclenched! Anything else feel strange?" she asked.

"You have got to be kidding! I've got boobs and a cunt! Anything feel strange? Duh," I rebuked her.

"You will be civil! Override submissive slut cunt two," she commanded.

"Oh please, let me kiss your feet mistress, tie me up, and do nasty things to me!" she was grinning ear to ear.

"Good! Stand on the top step, legs spread, hands behind your back," she commanded.

I didn't want to, but my body did as she commanded.

She handcuffed me, tied a spreader pole between my legs, jabbed a ball gag in my mouth, and grabbed the biggest douche bag I could imagine, it must have been five gallons! She jammed the probe up my cunt and started the flow. The perfumed water dribbled out of me and down my legs.

Then I realized my cunt was heating up, it wanted something, and wanted it, more and more, as the solution flowed into me. I started thrusting my hips back and forth.

Margaret fitted my breasts and arms with a harness. She then supported me in a standing position, by attaching it to hooks in the ceiling.

"Okay, now you'll stand there like this, until I get back, have fun!" she laughed and left.

I thrust and spasmed, but could not orgasm. It was an itch that was making me nuts, but I could do nothing to stop.

A short while after the five gallons ran out and I was so dog-tired that my thrusting was just a weak wiggle, Margaret and Beth returned together.

"Look what I brought for you slave slut, a big nasty dildo. Would you like me to fuck you with this?" Beth knew the answer.

I was still in slave slut override, but I would have nodded yes, even without it. My cunt was horny and needed appeasing.

Margaret squirted some KY on the dildo and Beth taunted me with it. Beth slipped her index finger into my cunt and I began thrusting with renewed force.

"That's right baby, fuck my finger, now squeeze with the outside set of muscles, oh yes, grab it honey, release those and squeeze with the middle set. That's my girl, good. Let go with those, and grab my finger, with the inner set. Perfect, now alternate muscles. That's fantastic! Margaret jam your finger in here," Beth pulled out and a moment later I was re-penetrated.

"She almost makes me wish I had a cock! Love my finger baby!" Margaret ordered. Then after a while, "Go ahead and let her fuck that dildo now."

My vagina was split open as she slowly rammed that huge invader into me, and I gasped through my gag.

"I think our sissy slut man, likes his hot wet cunt fucked," she tormented, "Do you like this too?" She began diddling my clits.

I screamed through my gag as I orgasmed. Alas, my cunt wanted more, and Beth delighted in giving it to me making me ride the crests of wave after wave. When she tired, Margaret spelled her until I fainted.

I was still hanging there with a dildo in my cunt when I woke up.

"Look the sissy slut man is awake!" Beth said. "Do you think she has learned her place?"

"Probably not, but we can play a different game, when she is disobedient next time," Margaret concluded. "Release override submissive slut cunt two."

They removed the harness, handcuffs, and spreader, but I couldn't walk, or hardly move for that matter. I just lay there on the floor panting.

"Look Margaret, she must really like that dildo in her cunt, she hasn't tried to take it out!" Beth taunted.

"Well let her enjoy it a while, and lets you and I, fuck each other silly while she recovers," Margaret took her hand and a few minutes later I could hear them going at it in the bedroom.

I weakly tried to pull that damned cock out of me but was too tired. I fell asleep on the tiled floor of the bathroom, my hands around the shank of the dildo.

I was really stiff when I came around, but finally managed to pop the dildo out of me. Even though it was gone, I still felt like my cunt was split wide open, so I reached down and discovered my suspicions were well founded, my cunt was still spread open.

I thought, 'Is it going to stay like this?'

Nature commanded that I stand and go sit on the throne.

When I stood, I heard Margaret say, "Look his cunt is still all stretched, don't worry baby, it will close back up in about a half hour, if we let it." Both ladies snickered.

"Come with me, let's see how you look in some clothes," she helped me to my little feet and led me back to my room.

She pulled a drawer out and came over to me, clutching a lacey black brassiere, in her hands, "Turn around and I'll help you into this."

I knew better now, than to protest, I turned around.

She slid the band around me, and mated the hooks behind me, "Okay, now slide your arms through the arm straps and fit the cups over your breasts, one at a time, pulling the straps over your shoulders."

I did my best but it was just too small, to fit my breast into.

"Don't fret, we have many larger sizes," she unhooked me, and dropped the bra onto the floor, diving back into the dresser retrieving, another bra, this time it was pink!

"That was a thirty six E cup, this one's an F cup," she informed me.

'Two size jumps? F cups,' I thought, 'that's huge!'

"It seems you have started growing breasts young lady," she let out a dirty snicker.

"These are not breasts mistress?" I asked.

"Those are little girl prepubescent breast tissue. What you have there is what an eight-year-old girl has on her chest, or more exactly thirty girls' breasts before they begin to grow, thirty times over," she had an almost hungry look in her eyes.

Again she hooked the bra around me, and this time I was able to pull the cups up over my boobs, while Margaret adjusted my bra straps until my big boobs were properly supported.

"I'm going to have thirty times the boobs, I would have had, if I was born a girl? I'm such a fuck toy!" I said bitterly.

She found it very amusing.

"I love girls with huge breasts," she emphasized her statement by caressing my little girl boobs in their F cup training bra!

She started over to the dresser and pulled out the pink panties that went with the bra and tossed them to me. She then pulled out a slip, white and shimmery, tossing that at me and dove into the closet and returned with a short tight black mini skirt and a low cut silk blouse, which she tossed on the bed. She pulled out the lowest drawer, in another dresser, and tossed out a rectangular plastic package.

I pulled the slip over my head and let it fall to my wide hips, "Mistress does the label go in the back front or side?"

"Back," she pulled the plastic open, and brought me the contents, "When you put these on, you have to bunch up the legs, and pull them on in stages, and be careful with your nails, so that you don't snag them."

"Mistress shouldn't I shave my legs first?" I didn't know all there was about being a girl, but I wasn't totally unaware.

"You haven't had time to inspect your delicious body yet honey, you will soon discover your legs' growth was arrested, young enough, you don't really have any hair growing on your legs, your pussy either, and if you check under your arms, they are just as bare. I'm a little envious of you for those little blessings. Oh to never have to shave your legs again, marvelous! You have skin as soft, supple, and smooth as an eight-year-old girl's. You're a total dream slut girl!" she was lightly running her hand up my leg as she spoke.

"I'm now only a fantasy girl sex slave. I'm yours and Beth's fantasy lesbian!" I stated.

Margaret laughed, "Willing enthusiastic Fantasy Lesbian Fuck Slut Slave, one way or another!"

She held up the blouse so I could step into it, "I'll button this for you. It's backwards to what you are used to," she offered.

She held out the skirt for me and beckoned to me to step into it, which I did, so she pulled it up and zipped it.

"Sit down and I'll put your shoes on you. We'll start you out with a two-inch heel, that shouldn't be too hard on you. I love your nail polish! Who does it for you?" I could see she was trying to humiliate me. "It was Beth, she has a thing for hands."

"Beth, doesn't our slave look nice," she was ogling me lustily as Beth came into the room.

"I have been studying your mammaries trying to calculate just how big the bra will be, we can expect you to be wearing, when you're all grown up," she explained.

"So what's your best guess so far?" Margaret was nearly drooling.

"Uh, after doing the math ten times it comes out to, there is no 'size' that big," she looked at me and licked her lips.

"Don't forget to smooth your skirt before you sit down," Margaret was so helpful. She demonstrated by sitting down herself. "Now Beth is going to cover some of the realities of your situation Missy, listen to her carefully."

"Legally you are dead. Sid Banner died in an airplane crash," Beth told me. "You are a non-person, so you will do as we say, for off this island, you longer exist, no citizenships, no schooling, the only thing you're good for, is fucking, so you have to ask yourself, do you like girls, or would you like to become a sperm receptacle? Remember your place and we won't ship you off to a Singapore brothel in chains!"

She continued, "Margaret, what should we name our slut?" Beth asked.

"How about Lezlie Lickem? Or, I've got it, Boobsy Cunnilingus?" she suggested

Beth agreed, "Boobsy Cunnilingus it is. You heard her Sid. You are no longer to respond to the name Sid. You will forevermore be known as Boobsy Cunnilingus. In fact, lets do it this way. Vacuum lock program."

The next thing I remember is hearing, "What is your name little girl?"

"Boobsy Cunnilingus, Mistress," I replied.

"And what is Boobsy Cunnilingus?" Beth asked.

"Boobsy Cunnilingus is a willing enthusiastic fantasy lesbian fuck slut slave, Mistress," I replied blushing not believing that, I just said that!

"Remember that, and you may just begin to enjoy it!" she told me, tweaking my nipple before she wandered out of the room.

Margaret took me back to the bed and I asked, "Are all the women on this island lesbians Mistress?"

"Yes, the natives on the neighboring islands call this island, 'Lesboland'." When we first came here a few of the men from, time to time, on the neighboring island, tried to come here and rape some of us. They were tranquilizer darted, and Beth and I 'modified' them before sending them back," this was the first time I saw an evil grin spring forth on her beautiful face.

"Mistress, modified how?" having seen what was done to me, all kinds of images sprang to mind.

"The first one, raped Melinda, before we discovered and subdued him. Most of the ladies wanted to kill him, but we convinced them there were worse things than being killed."

"He actually got off lighter than some of the others. We kept him for three months, while the local authorities search for the missing man. They have no authority here, this Island is it's own sovereign nation. Here, Beth is the law!"

"We put him on massive doses of ********s. We gave him hips and when his little breasts developed we spent a hell of a lot of money on him, and gave him massive breast implants. We hypnotized him and made him believe, if anyone attempted to remove them, he would die. When he had healed up, we stuffed him into his canoe with ******** timed release packets, under his skin that would maintain his ******** levels, for almost two years!" she smiled when she thought of it.

"We figured having, a walking talking example, of the type of punishment that could be meted out, would be a far greater deterrent, than a corpse," she concluded logically.

'That would do it for most all of the men I knew,' I thought.

"One would think they would get the message, but somehow one of the other islands didn't get the word. We found that man, before he had actually penetrated, his intended victim. He did have his pants around his ankles, when he was darted."

"This time we figured a stronger message needed to be sent. We did everything to this one that we had done to the first. Additionally we removed his testicles and we used part of his intestines, to give him a vagina, and moved a couple salivary glands to the new vagina as well as his urethra so he has to sit down to pee."

"We used a bone graft and gave him a permanent ten inch erection by grafting it to his pelvis, and then conditioned him, so that he can't orgasm, until he has given another man a blow job, and been allowed to butt fuck the suckee!"

"At all times he has a need to have his 'vagina' filled, be it by dildo, or dick. He too was made to believe any alterations to his current form, would result in death," she told me seriously, "This time we dropped it off, from our hovercraft, to make certain there was no doubt, who did it, and why!"

"Wouldn't they try to take the easy way out, and suicide Mistress?" I asked.

She smiled as she recalled how they handled that, "Every time it thought about suicide, it's penis would become, the most urgent thing in it's mind, it had to fuck, it had to fuck NOW, it had to fuck another man!"

"It was my idea. After that we only had one more incident. He wasn't a local. The moron heard a tale of an island of amazons with bad tempers, figured he was the toughest thing around and sailed himself to our island, we weren't as lucky that time. He managed to rape Susan, and was about to start on another woman when he was apprehended."

That time we did the whole deal! 100% Transsexualized, via the standard methods of the day, she was conditioned to be the most timid, meekest, thing imaginable. She had breast so big she couldn't walk. She has to be supported by a rolling table. I forced her body to continually lactate and gave her a chemical addiction to sperm. If she doesn't get at least one mouth full a day, she'll have to masturbate until she gets her mouthful, if she waits until the second day it just means two mouthfuls. But don't worry she won't go hungry. She was sold in Singapore to a whorehouse. I hear she is very popular and exceeds her needs by a factor of at least ten," once again she smiled at the happy life she had provided for that vermin.

"Of course, you did not attack us, and you were nothing but a gentleman," she admitted. "Beth and I have been wanting, our own lesbian fuck toy, but we just couldn't do that, to a woman."

"Since you were nice to us, and were a perfect subject for us to experiment on, we did you a favor and fulfilled our own fantasies for a lesbian fuck toy! You were allowed to join a superior gender, all you have to do is, whatever our kinky little minds want you to do," she gave me a determined look, "And you will do what we want, or we can think up lot's of really nasty things, to surgically alter you, to better fit our needs, I guarantee you won't like it though."

"I'm sure it won't come to that. We have enough hypnotic triggers in you to make you do anything we want. And we want a lot sugar! I think, word of your completion, has covered the island completely. Your date book will be full in a couple of days, at least those times Beth and I decide to allow you out. After all, you are her husband."

"The ladies are quick, but right now they can only leave voice mails, would you like to hear one?" she offered with a nasty grin.

"I suppose so, mistress," was my reply. I knew that she would make me listen anyway.

"I hear the sex slave, the one that used to be man, is up and walking around, and she's hot! I want to book the soonest time for her I can, for some, 'Policewoman and the inmate,' sex slave fantasies I have in mind. I'm so hot thinking about it that I'm doing my ten inch vibrating dildo while I record this!" the sexy female voice pleaded.

Margaret laughed as the blood drained out of my face and I fainted.

The next thing I knew I was wearing a pink Baby Doll snuggled down in a soft bed. When I took further stock, I discovered Beth spooned to my back.

When I shifted to get more comfortable she said, "That was a sissy thing to do! I guess you are still our immature little girl, Boobsy Cunnilingus."

"So it wasn't a weird dream. I am really a girl aren't I?" I queried.

"I think with these we can call you a young woman," she was caressing my breasts.

"Oh God, that feels better today than it did just yesterday! When you do that it feels like someone is whispering to my clit! Ooh that's nice," it's hard to describe the indescribable.

"I'm afraid you are going to need a much bigger bra today sweetie! Oh yes, you probably don't know you have been asleep for over ten hours lover. We invited the voice mail lady over to help put you to bed. She was all over your sexy unconscious body, when we let her help get you changed, out of your clothes, and into that sexy Baby Doll. She diddled herself into a fantastic orgasm sucking on those lovely tits of yours," Beth hadn't even paused in her stimulation of my breasts.

"Oh Mistress, I like having my boobs rubbed. You're making me wet the bed though!"

She reached way out to my nipples and gave it a tweak and roll.

"Oh God, that felt like my nipples are hooked up straight to my clit! Do it again please Mistress?" I begged.

"If you liked that, roll over I want to introduce you to something," she tantalized me.

Rolling over I could tell there was a lot more of me up front.

Beth pulled up my top and licked all around my nipple.

"Oh my God!" I gushed.

She had a devilish grin on her face when she sucked almost all of my nipple and areola into her mouth, and worked her tongue all around it. She pulled back her head until my nipple came loose, with a loud sucking pop! Then that vixen blew on my wet nipple, and I was afraid my nipple would break, it clinched up so tight!

"Oh, suck them please," I begged.

"Mmmm, (Pop) I'm sucking on the nipple of the first man, to be fully transsexualized against his will!" she was teasing me doubly.

"I like that Mistress!" who could think, with an expert working over her nipples?

"I've sucked on a few ordinary women's breasts, but never ones that drove me wild as much as these wonders!" she admitted.

"I... I... I... think I'm... I'm going... to CUM!" I came.

"I love having a lesbian fuck toy that cums like a tidal wave when you suck her tits!" she was hugging me tightly, slipping and sliding against me, both of us drench in my vaginal lubricants.

"We just have to get rubber sheets! If this wasn't soaking into the mattress so fast, the sensations covering my body with your love juice, would make me cum all by itself!" she was rubbing my juices all over herself and then sliding all over me. "Its my favorite thing! I love being slippery and most of all I love slippery huge boobs!"

She slipped her head between my boobs, and the way she was getting off on it had me hotter than hell!

Beth was licking between my breasts cooing, "Ooh, come again for me baby. Cum for me baby! I love these boobies, cum all over me baby, give my your love juices. I need you to cum all over my sweet little body!"

My eyes rolled up into my head and my toes clenched as tight as they possibly could and Beth's wish was granted. She went nuts and dove under the covers and swam through my legs. (Not really, she just squirmed a lot) She kissed one of my butt cheeks before she wiggled back through.

When next she popped up her hair was slicked down against her head and she was the happiest looking fish I ever saw!

There was a knock at the door and Beth yelled, "Come in Margaret!"

A sexy looking Margaret came in and perked right up when she saw Beth!

"Boobsy Cunnilingus found out about Beth's favorite thing eh? Beth you look happier than I've seen in years! Slimier too!" she beamed.

"I love having our own Boobsy Cunnilingus, Margaret! Everything about her!" she turned to me. "I do, I really love my Boobsy Cunnilingus."

She kissed me all over the face.

"Kind of like having a puppy, isn't it Boobsy?" Margaret was enjoying the scene.

'What a good idea! I forgot I'm better armed!' I thought and rolled out my monster tongue and she had a clean face in three licks!

"Oh God!" she started twitching and bucking as she orgasmed.

"I... I... I... Never... Never... I have never orgasmed when my face was licked before! I liked it! It was sooooo good! Did you see Margaret?" Beth was still trying to catch her breath. "God Margaret you have got to experience her tongue!"

"Maybe later, we have to get you two out of bed. Boobsy Cunnilingus, it is dress up time! Water closet first! I'll run the bath while you make sissy," Margaret was a good dominatrix.

Once again I'm sitting on the john, staring between my big breasts, at my hairless smooth split crotch. I don't know why but I just started crying.

Beth came stumbling in, "Boobsy Cunnilingus, what's wrong now?" She stood before me with her hands on her hips, "Come on Boobsy tell me what it is!"

"It's just so smooth!" I cried.

"Better for Boobsy Cunnilingus' hygiene, now stop stalling you pussy!" she grabbed my ear and pulled me to the tub.

She helped me bathe and got me out and dry.

"Beth wants to play mommy today, so you will be dressed appropriately," she started throwing clothes on the bed, pink rumba panties, pink tights, a really short lacy dress, a pink slip, a pair of pink Mary Jane's for shoes.

"You want me to put those on?" I asked incredulously.

"No silly, I expect you to lie on that bed as if it's a changing table, coo, giggle, and flail about, so go lay down and get started," she ordered.

I meekly went to the bed and lay down, but the cooing, giggling, and flailing was beyond my talents.

"You are really bad at this aren't you?" she reproached.

I tried to gurgle at her as a response.

"That was just pitiful, oh well, I can give you some help, and maybe next time you'll do better. Override Slut Baby one," she ordered.

Once again I lost control. I found myself giggling, making motorboat sounds, and playing with my toes.

"Much better, you stay here and mommy will be in soon to dress you," as she left she let out a big laugh.

I kept squirming and playing with my hands. I played patty cake with myself, but I could do nothing else I wanted to do.

And then I heard, "Oh Margaret, she's adorable! Hi there my cute slut baby, you're just so pretty."

Beth continued, "Mommy has some pretty girly Pampers for you." She lifted my butt off the bed and slid the Pampers underneath me, "Now we have to protect baby's bottom."

She smeared Vaseline all over my butt, and then took her index finger loaded with a huge glob of it and slid it in my cunt smearing it all around inside of me. She took her time and made sure I began moaning before she went on fastening the diaper around my wide hips.

"Margaret would you like to help me with the rumba pants," they both pulled the ruffled panties over the diaper.

"Dear God Margaret, this is getting me hotter than hell!" Beth fanned her face with her hand and I giggled at her.

They pulled the tights up my legs and pulled the dress over my head, normally it would hang loosely over the chest of most woman but my on me it was tight enough that my boobs were forced to bulge out of the top when they zipped it up on me. They topped off my outfit with the shoes and pink ribbons in my hair. Once they were done I lay there playing with the shoes and cooing.

Beth said, "Override Slutty baby three." She grabbed my hand and told me to stand, which I now seemed to be able to do.

"Don't get over confident Boobsy, I want you to see something," she let go of my hand and I fell down onto the bed right away.

"Now stand back up and give mommy a big hug," she reached out her arms and of course I hugged her. She was grabbing my butt, stroking my legs and up and down my back.

"Oh Boobsy, you are such a turn on, now when I let go you lie back down, because right now, while I'm holding you, you are going to pee you diaper baby girl!" she laughed knowing that I was indeed wetting my diaper, how humiliating!

"Ah, did baby Boobsy make a, wee-wee?" she sniggered. "I'll change baby!

She removed my wet diaper and gave my hairless cunt and butt a very thorough sponge bath, "What a pretty pussy baby Boobsy Cunnilingus has," she spread my labia, "I bet it tastes good too." She began to slowly lick my cunt, "Mmmm."

I cooed louder.

"I like baby Boobsy's juicy twat, cum for me baby!" she licked away and then sucked on my clits. I went wild. She licked away again. Then covered my whole vulva with her mouth. I came in a torrent. She tried to drink it all but her cheeks puffed way out like a trumpet player and pussy juice started squirting out of her nose, and she had to pull away and get her head drenched.

"Gulp, Ho momma that was good!" she exclaimed.

I was just gurgling at this point.

"Good baby Boobsy Cunnilingus! Release override slut baby three," she ordered.

I could move again.

"Come here Boobsy and kiss mommy!" she commanded.

I rolled over to her and kissed her.

She unfastened my dress and pulled it over my head so she could start playing with, and sucking on them, my boobies. They felt different than the day before sending intense waves of pleasure through me. I wanted to pleasure her, but all I managed was to stroke her breasts.

"That's all right my precious Boobsy Cunnilingus, momma's pleasuring you. Just lie back and scream your little sissy head off, every time you cum all over momma's face!" she kept up her ministrations to my slit.

"Margaret, look at her twitch, I love the power. Watch her twitch!" she made me cum again.

When she finally had made me orgasm enough to delight her, I was left to glow on the bed, slimy head to toe.

Margaret then got a slightly evil look in her eyes, went to a drawer and said, "I want you to lie back on the bed and use this," she produced a twelve inch long, very thick dildo and handed it to me, "Fuck yourself for an hour and we'll have something else for you later."

What could I do? I lie on the bed and slowly slipped it inside me, the feeling of stretching in my overly lubricate cunt was totally alien to me even though it had happened once before. It hurt a little at first but just as soon as I had it in, I saw both women had looked in to be certain I was complying with her instructions. It felt so weird stuffing something inside myself, but when that dildo rubbed into the nipple tissue inside me I just had to have more! I began ramming my cunt faster and faster, slapping my hand into my three clits. I made myself cum after only five minutes, but I kept at it, as I had been ordered. I kept cumming and cumming until I made myself orgasm into unconsciousness.

In the morning Margaret guessed at today's bra size, a 36 H cup. She nearly had to get me new panties after she smoothed the cups around my boobs.

"You won't fit into any dresses, at least for a while. Spandex, that's it! Aerobics instructor! Spandex and Lycra," this time both ladies dove into the dressers. They came up with Lycra Tights and a spandex leotard.

"There is no way we have a sports bra for you, so that Iron Maiden brassiere, will have to do. Step into these and pull them up," when I had wiggled into them she added, "step into the top of this leotard."

They both had to help me pull it over my breasts, but once it was on... suffice it to say, the end product was amazing. Giant boobs, tiny waist, full hips and what an ass, Margaret and Beth just stood there and stared at me with their mouths open.

"What? Did I put the leotard on backwards?" I was looking all over to trying to figure out what was wrong.

"Woof," was all Beth came up with.

Margaret was a little more eloquent, "You look perfect!"

She turned toward Beth, "We can't take her to the fitness center!"

"I agree. She would wind up the centerpiece of a lesbian orgy that would have to be written into all the history books and I don't want to share yet!" Beth just kept shaking her head.

She stepped closer and slid her hand between my legs pressing her middle finger into my vagina," she stepped back and said, "That's better! I like it when your slutty clothes ride up into your pussy!"

"Follow us," Beth wagged her finger. We walked over to a contraption that looked like a hand railing standing by itself in the middle of the room, "Margaret, you handcuff her, I'll get the gag!"

I stood meekly knowing that should I not I would become only an observer as my body performed what they had in mind for me anyway.

Beth slipped in a hollow gag, which prevented me from closing my mouth, a stepladder pointed and said, "Climb up and straddle the rail Boobsy!"

There was a stepladder on the other side so I was able to straddle the railing. Margaret came around in front of me, pulled down the neckline of my leotard until it lodged underneath my huge breasts. She positioned a machine with two giant bell jars with tubes attached at the tops and neoprene gaskets around the bottom. She placed them over my boobs and strapped my chest to it so I was leaned forward, off balance, resting slightly on my chest. The ladies removed the ladders, leaving my legs dangling in the air and virtually all my weight on my cunt.

Beth came over to my side, "Boobsy, you only have one reason to exist, to orgasm, time and time again. This little toy will make you cum a lot! We are going to teach you so many ways to orgasm, your body is going to become addicted to orgasming, most of your waking time will be spent in orgasm or trying to achieve orgasm. You are going to be made to always dress sissy or sexy, and only in very girly clothes. Boobsy Cunnilingus is going to become a most entertaining lesbian fuck toy."

Margaret jammed a bottle of milk in my open mouth through the gag. She threw a switch and the rail began to vibrate and lurch up and down. The contraption around my breasts began sucking. Alternating side to side with a substantial suction I might add.

"Ah, ah, ah, ah..." I screamed through the open gag on and on.

"Enjoy yourself Boobsy Cunnilingus we'll be back in a couple of hours," Margaret waved as they left me to my orgasming.

Minute by minute, I alternated from wanting it to never stop, to please, no more!

When they finally returned to see how I was cumming, my huge swollen breasts, well over half filled the glass jars, angry and red. My labia were so swollen they halfway wrapped around the 2 1/2 inch pole they caressed.

"How stimulating! How are we Cumming? Judging by the huge pool of juice underneath you, your cumming a lot! Well enough of this we have something new for you," she teased.

Margaret turned off the switch and the rail coasted to a stop. They helped me off the railing and had me stand shakily while they removed my handcuffs and gag.

"Margaret, look at her lips! It looks like she has two hot dogs in her crotch! Are they tender Boobsy?" she rubbed her finger up and down my split.

"Ooooh," was all I managed.

"Up on the gurney Boobsy and on to your next session," they rolled me to the other side of the lab.

Beth looked at Margaret and said, "Scissors!"

Margaret repeated, "Scissors!" and slapped a pair of scissors into her hand.

Beth cut a large circle out of my leotard and tights, exposing my swollen cunt.

They proceeded to spread my legs as wide as possible and strapped them there. My hands were bound above my head, while my swollen boobs were left hanging to each side just as they wished them to.

"Prepare the patient," Beth commanded.

Margaret placed a device like the cup that fits over a patient's mouth when they receive oxygen, and sealed it to my crotch. There was a small cylinder stuck through the upper portion, which she adjusted to press against my clits.

Margaret said, "The patient is prepared!"

Beth threw a switch and a vacuum pump started sucking my already swollen labia to and even more incredible set of dimensions. She threw another switch and the little vibrator attacked my clits.

I could feel my labia become even more engorged with blood and surround the vibrator as I orgasmed unendingly.

"See you Boobsy, when you fill that jug with pussy juice we'll be back. Don't forget to drink plenty of fluids," as they had hung a tube into my mouth and taped it there.

I sucked on the tube discovering it was pussy juice! My taste buds had been made, to really like pussy juice, so I sucked at it greedily. At least I sucked at it greedily between orgasms.

I couldn't think, I couldn't do anything, but orgasm, and I liked it. I liked it a lot.

I must have passed out, for I found myself waking in my sissy girl bed. I discovered my breasts were huge and my vulva was still swollen. Swollen around an extremely large dildo attached to some kind of machine. Further I was strapped to the bed once again.

I yelled, "Hello?" a couple of times.

Beth came in, "Good morning Boobsy. Time for breakfast!"

She set a tray down out of my view, "I have a treat for you," she jammed a chocolate éclair into my mouth and let me bite it off, "Good baby, chew that down and I'll keep feeding you."

I finished two éclairs and a slice of cheesecake. This was breakfast?

"Okay time for desert," she added.


I heard a switch being thrown and the machine attached to the dildo started fucking me. There was no way to escape it as it rammed fourteen inches of plastic dick into me on a twelve-inch stroke. I strained against my bonds but was held much too securely.

"I bet Boobsy needs something to wash down that food, I must have forgotten to bring it. Oh well, I'll be the perfect hostess and surrender some of my own fluids," she had disrobed and was now mounting my face, "of course you'll have to work for it but you don't mind do you?"

"Mmfffmf," I said.

She laughed at my reply. She wasn't laughing long. It took very little time with my magic tongue to have her screaming in the throws of intense orgasms, which I lustily lapped up each time.

When she had come six or eight times, she dismounted my face and said, "You are a treasure Boobsy!" and headed for the door leaving me to the ministrations of the fuck machine, "Enjoy baby, I'll see you later."

How many times in a row can a girl be fucked to orgasm? Someone else would have to count my brain was too overloaded.

Two hours later they came in and switched the machine off. Margaret fed me, cheesecake again? Beth gave me Gatorade to drink. They rubbed some salve on my poor abused cunt and a moisturizer on my tits. I felt a sharp pain on my arm and the lights went out.

My next wakening, my pussy felt much better, but my boobs ached even tough they were encased in a black lacey brassiere. I reached up and placed my tiny hands to each side of my boobs and tried to rub away the ache, but all I was doing was wetting the bed down with my juice.

"We thought you needed some time to heel up so we kept you out for two days. I bet you want to know what size that bra is?" Margaret asked.

I just nodded.

"Thirty six 'K' cup! Let me help you up," she grabbed my hand and hoisted me to a sitting position. I swung my legs around and she pulled me to my feet but had to catch me before my tits dragged me to the floor.

"She is looking good Margaret! I love how she stands with her legs together and we could still shove a two by four between them, without touching either side!" Beth gushed.

I went to look down to see what she was talking about and Margaret had to catch me when I overbalanced.

"If you want to see, go look in the full length mirror over there," she pointed to the mirror.

I carefully went to see and she was right, my hips were so splayed, my thighs were complete strangers! I turned and looked at my ass over my shoulder, and make myself soak down the panties they had on me.

"Magnificent ass isn't it? Two half moons splayed and displayed like saddlebags. That's a tremendous ass if I do say so myself!" Beth bragged.

I had to agree, my juices had started running down my leg.

"I think she agrees. Look at her legs," Margaret reached down and grabbed a finger full, which she slipped into her mouth. Then she grabbed my ass and kneaded it. That only made my embarrassment worse. My slutty cunt took off drooling like a Saint Bernard.

"Beth would you mind holding these up?" Margaret asked pointing to my boobs with her head.

Beth was swift to comply, slipping her, much larger than my, hands underneath my massive mammaries and caressed them from below. I could feel my knees buckling so Margaret supported me by slipping her hand down my panties and her fingers into my cunt.

I screamed and that only encouraged them more until they made me orgasm down my legs.

"She's healed up nice and is orgasming even quicker and easier than before nice work Beth!" Margaret was still partly supporting me with her fingers hooked into my cunt.

"Shhh! I wanted her to find out on her own!" Beth rebuked her.

"She's getting heavy, help me walk her to the bed," Margaret told her. "I don't think she can see that you gave her another clit but I can feel that hard little nubbins right next to its sisters!"

When I was back in bed they yanked my panties off and unlimbered my breasts. They spread out a little without their support, but were still amazingly firm.

Margaret ministered to my cunt while Beth nursed and provided for my fluid requirement by straddling my face.

After a while they fulfilled themselves enough and I was fed and hooked up to various machines for the rest of the day.

By the end of the month I had breasts that were thirty-six 'RR' cups still growing and had to be helped everywhere they wanted me to go.

Beth had gotten an Idea and the ladies had an overhead tram suspended from the ceiling, so that my bras could be attached and I would be able to get around on my own. Of course they made it so I had to wear six inch tall high heals to keep from having to walk around on my tiptoes. They claim the shoes make my ass look really sexy. If it turns them on I don't mind doing it, maybe they'll fuck me more often!

I had become a prisoner to my breasts. Two weeks ago the ladies started sharing me with the 200 other women on the island and my addiction to orgasming was insatiable. If I went half an hour without cumming I begin to shake and beg for sex while I finger banged myself. That is if I wasn't tied up or otherwise incapacitated. They even had to hook me up to the fuck machine at night so I could sleep.

Beth and Margaret came into my room and announced, "Boobsy, since you are now unable to care for yourself, we have a rotating schedule of the ladies on the island, who will ensure that you are being fed, and washed, that your makeup is on and hair is done. They will also be responsible for scheduling your lesbian encounters and managing your wardrobe. Like we said before, your only job will be to cum and cum frequently. Although after you have been with us for a year, we plan to inseminate you with your own sperm! That should be fun, we figure you should have a minimum of three, but might go to six! They will all be girls of course! Remember the night you thought you slept with Beth? That was to cover for our harvesting your sperm. Just think the first person born a man to give natural childbirth, to girls that you are both the father of and the mother! You are so lucky, and when you start lactating, milk cows will be envious!"

Margaret then told me, "I see that they have you dressed in the pink tutu we asked for."

"Quit talking and fuck me Please!" I screamed like a heroine addict needing a fix. "Please fuck your pretty sissy Boobsy Cunnilingus. Please, please make my drooling cunt explode! I need it!"

"Okay Margaret its been twenty five minutes we better pleasure her and ourselves, see how her brain is addicted to the endorphins!" they began to diddle me. "How do you like your new body Boobsy? Are you happy?"

"I love my girly body and my huge tits and my hot wet cunt. Thank you so much Beth. Thank you Margaret, I'm so happy being your Boobsy Cunnilingus lesbian sex slave! Can you make my boobs bigger? If you do I promise I'll try really hard to cum even more for you! You can give me more pussy glands and make me wetter so I'll cum even harder for you, if you want."

"Sure sweetie anything you want, later we can even give you another cunt, you'll like that!" Margaret assured me.

The End

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