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Convent Girls
by Goldeniangel

Two nights after Celeste got her first roommate in the Convent, a sweet-faced girl named Teresa who had a bad reputation, she awoke from a disturbing dream with the most incredibly sensations sweeping over her body. The reason for both the dream and the sensations were immediately apparent as the innocent brunette found herself stark-naked with the angelic-looking blonde Teresa suckling on one of her nipples and stroking her insistently between her legs.

Celeste shrieked her outrage and fear, causing Teresa to jump and cover Celeste's mouth. Shocked, Celeste realized that she could smell the humid musk of her own body on Teresa's hand, her open mouth even caught a drop of the sweet juices that had emitted from her body. She wanted to die of shame, for the pleasure that even now was tingling along her body, and also from the fact that it was with another woman - most shameful of sins!

"Shhh..." Teresa whispered, "It's ok Celeste, it felt good didn't it?" Seeming to realize that her new roommate wasn't going to try screaming again, the blonde girl removed her hand, although she did not cease straddling Celeste's body.

"It's wrong!" Whispered Celeste furiously, "This is why you got sent here in the first place, didn't you?!"

"Heard the rumors did you?" Teresa smirked at her, tossing her blonde hair boastfully, "I can promise you, those servant girls worshiped me. I know how to make you feel so good, Celeste!"

"We're training to be nuns!" the other girl whispered, enraged at the casual behavior of the girl on top of her, "We're supposed to let go of fleshly desires."

"And have you?" Teresa murmured, "Does your body not feel any desire at all?" There was a strange look in her blue eyes that gave Celeste pause. That pause was all the other girl needed and she lowered her mouth to Celeste's for a kiss. The brunette struggled for a moment as Teresa's hand found that crucial juncture between her legs again, stroking wetly and even inserting one slim finger into the hole that was beginning to ache.

They struggled, Teresa's free hand squeezing one full breast and her other busy between Celeste's legs, her tongue in Celeste's mouth; while the other girl whimpered and tried to get out from underneath her attacker. Slowly, the struggles became less and less as Teresa's skillful hands started to elicit the most intense reactions from the innocent girl beneath her. The blonde lifted her head from the kiss and started down at the innocent under her. Unable to bear the intense gaze of her roommate, Celeste closed her eyes and turned her head away, but she didn't scream or try to push Teresa away from her anymore either.

Realizing her partial victory, Teresa began kissing Celeste's neck, teasing her tongue down the other girl's neck, squeezing the large breast of the other girl in her hand. Celeste lay there, unmoving except for some twitches and the soft moans of her arousal. Although she was consenting to laying there, she wasn't able to join in, or even to move. She felt shackled in place by the desires of her own body, unable to protest or help.

Teresa lowered her mouth to one pink nipple, sliding a second finger into the girl as she did so. Celeste gasped as her roommate's tongue lashed against the tender bud, sending a tremor through her body to where the other girl's fingers were wriggling inside of her. Her pussy was getting wetter and wetter as her body reacted to this plethora of sexual sensations, heating her insides for the first time in her life. She quivered as Teresa's oral affections were transferred to her other pebbled nipple, arching her back as teeth bit down gently.

Teresa took her hand from Celeste's pussy, feeling the other girl move her hips in a muted plea for completion, not even knowing what she wanted. Smiling, the more experienced girl used both hands on the full breasts of her roommate, kneading the firm flesh and using her lips and teeth over their vast expanse. Celeste was by far the sexiest girl of any that she'd ever seduced, and she lavished attention over the girl's breasts, wanting to make sure that her roommate didn't report her - and that this would become a nightly ritual. Eventually she would have Celeste every night, and the other girl would pleasure her as well. The nuns had put her with Celeste, thinking that the pious brunette might be a good for the irrepressible Teresa with the infamous reputation; but Teresa knew the real secret. The mind might say celibacy, but when challenged, the body always won.

Slowly, feeling Celeste undulate beneath her, Teresa began to work her mouth down the girl's stomach, eliciting gasps of heady pleasure. Taking her hands from the full breasts reluctantly, she hooked her arms around each slender leg and then reached up to grab a renewed hold on that firm flesh, pinching the pink nipples between her fingers. Splayed between Celeste's now open thighs was her pink quivering pussy, dripping wet and smelling heavenly. Teresa smiled and dove in, her skilled mouth making Celeste faint with ecstasy. She had never known that such pleasures could be felt in the body, never even imagined what she'd given up when she'd entered the convent. Celeste thought that she was dying as her orgasm began building in her body, the pleasure driving every thought out of her head as her boobs were gripped tightly and her pussy was licked and tickled.

When Teresa sucked the tiny bud of her clit into her mouth, Celeste's body hit its maximum sensory intake, and she silently screamed. She had no air in her lungs or she would have awoken the entire convent with her cry of release, her body shaking in orgasm with her legs straight up in the air, a blonde head bobbing and slurping between her thighs. Teresa continued licking and teasing with her tongue, sucking on the orgasmic bud until Celeste's body finally lost all its tension, and she began sobbing from the intensity of it all.

Moving carefully and gently, Teresa lowered her roommate's legs and moved up next to her, cradling Celeste's head against her considerable bosom, rocking her as the other girl cried.

"Shhh... shhh... now wasn't that nice?" she asked, her tone reasonable and sweet.

For a moment there was silence, and she just kept stroking her roommate's long brown hair... waiting.

"Yes..." Celeste finally whispered.

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