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Deputy Duffy
11-19-2006, 06:51 PM


Deputy Duffy

Jenny and her cousin, Adriana, sat parked in front of the large steel gate that surrounded a sprawling hillside estate.

"This is it, Adriana," Jenny said, holding her cousin's hand. "It's now or never."

Adriana wished her cousin had said a little more than that, because she was leaning to the "never" side. She didn't even know how she made it this far. They were supposed to be intelligent 19-year-old women. She loved her cousin, but her idea sounded so dumb -- and maybe even dangerous. She had many reasons not to be in this position, but here she sat, contemplating the biggest decision of her life.

It all started on the first day of summer break, when Adriana received a phone call from her cousin. It had been a year or so since the two had seen each other last (at their high school graduation parties), so Adriana was thrilled to hear from Jenny again. (It was harder for the two to see each other these days as much as they had growing up, because Adriana attended college in the east, while Jenny went to a west coast school.)

Jenny said that she wanted to talk about something really important. Adriana heard the seriousness in her cousin's voice and immediately knew something was wrong and rushed over to meet with her. Once in her arms, the story Jenny told her that day hit her hard. She couldn't believe her ears. Adriana, who had grown up in a perfect white picket fence home, wasn't quite prepared for it, but comforted her the best she could.

Jenny told her how her older sister, Kelly, had vanished and had been missing for some time now. Jenny's family went to the police for help at first, and then to a private investigator, but to no avail. The private detective did find out one startling fact: she had worked as a call girl before disappearing. He also discovered that she had apparently stolen some money from the madam before she disappeared, and he figured that had something to do with it.

The news floored Jenny. Kelly was her idol and had always seemed so perfect. Jenny quickly realized that the news had sent her mother right back into the emotional haze that she had been in for almost five years after losing her husband (a traumatic event from which she had only recently recovered). Jenny knew that it was up to her to find her sister.

So Jenny had dropped out of school to begin her search. She started by using some of the facts that the private investigator supplied, before the money ran out. She focused on the bar where her sister was known to have hung out at before her disappearance. Jenny, armed with a fake ID, finally won the confidence of the night barmaid, Penny. The PI had said that Penny was rumored to be a recruiter for the madam that Kelly had gone to work for.

It took some time, but late one night after Jenny offered to help Penny clean up, she was finally asked if she was looking for a job. Jenny nodded and then held her breath as Penny gave her the call girl speech that she had been waiting for (and that Kelly must also have received). Jenny acted eager. Penny gave her a card with the madam's address on it, but there was a small catch: she had to bring a girlfriend along. Penny then gave her two old pennies; it was her calling card.

Jenny tried for days to talk some of her friends into coming along. She had a simple plan -- meet the madam by posing as a call girl wannabe, win her trust, and ultimately find her sister. To her dismay, her life had become a late night movie, but there was no helping that. Finally, in desperation, she called Adriana and used all her cousinly pull to talk her into it.

Now, looking at the estate, Adriana was having second thoughts.

"Jenny, I still don't know, maybe tomorrow...," Adriana hesitated, as the reality of the task in front of them set in.

"Please, Adriana, I can't take this one more day. I just need to know.... My life is falling apart." Jenny fluttered her baby-blue eyes.

Adriana couldn't speak, she could only point, as the big steel gate started slowly opening. She gasped as a large man waved them in. Jenny mustered up her courage and put the car into gear, even as Adriana was begging her not to, and drove through the open gate.

Adriana trembled as the large man approached the car and opened her door.

"Come on in here. You can't be sitting out there all day...it attracts attention," he said, pulling her out of the car. He patted her on the ass and then went around and opened Jenny's door. He pulled her out and grabbed her car keys. He hopped in and quickly drove Jenny's car around the side.

Hearts pounded. The girls knew there was no turning back now.

Jenny pulled on her cousin's arm. "C'mon.... Just let me do the talking, and everything will be fine. I also left this address with a friend, and, if she doesn't hear back from me, she's going to the police with it."

"That really doesn't help much, Jenny.... You see...."

"C'mon," Jenny interrupted, and she pulled on Adriana's arm again.

"Wait a sec!" Adriana snapped, pulling Jenny to a stop. "I have to tell you something. I've never done anything like this. Not even close. Jesus! I'm even still a virgin...technically."

"What?" Jenny cried. "You told me you lost it on prom night."

"I'm sorry. I lied. No, the guy got drunk and passed out on me. I mean, you seemed so happy when you lost yours, so I just figured...."

"It's okay, really," Jenny said, interrupting her obviously embarrassed cousin. "I understand. But maybe we won't have to do anything anyways. Maybe one of the other girls knows something. I know my sister was one, but it's not like I'm a whore, either."

"I didn't mean it like that," Adriana said, looking down.

"No, I know, but like I said before, this place is different. They want good girls. That's why we're dressed for church and not in hooker garb. This is just a meeting. We can always back out before our first date."

"But...," Adriana pleaded.

"But even though they want good-girl types who can be bad when needed, I think we better skip the virginal part," Jenny said, and the two shared a nervous giggle, before they made their way up the marble front stairs with Jenny leading the way. The front door swung open and a monster-of-a-man met their stare.

"State your business!" he bellowed.

The two girls were shaking. They just stared at the man-beast.

"State your business!"

"Ahhh..., I think I'm supposed to give you these," Jenny finally mumbled, as she pulled the two pennies out of her purse.

"Nope, not me, but follow me," he ordered, pulling them inside.

He led them through an impressively lavish foyer and then down a long hall into a large office that looked out onto the pool area.

"Have a seat and wait here," he said, and then he left them alone in the office. Jenny immediately went to the window, seeing that there were a couple of women tanning naked outside.

"Ah, no blondes," she moaned. (Her sister also shared her hair color.) She was also still holding out hope that Kelly was here. "God, she has to be here somewhere."

"Who, my dear?" A sultry voice filled the room.

Jenny spun around. "Oh, hi, ah, I mean you, I think?" Jenny cursed inside. It wasn't exactly the first impression she wanted to present.

"Please, have a seat, and try to relax, my dear," the older woman offered, as she approached. "I have a call to make."

The girls sat in chairs in front of the desk. Jenny checked out the madam, who began talking on a cell phone. Jenny figured she was in her forties. She had platinum blonde hair and still wore that same hairdo that Farrah Fawcett had made famous. She also wore a glittery, cleavage spilling, red dress that seemed to sparkle in the sunlight, or maybe it was her impressive diamond jewelry collection. In a word she was "elegant." (In a slutty sort of way.)

Jenny noticed that her cousin was praying. She grabbed her hand and joined in. It couldn't hurt.

"I heard you have something for me," the madam said, snapping her cell phone shut. She reached out and took the pennies from Jenny's hand. "So, Penny has sent you in search of work, no?"

"Yeah. I'm Jenny, and this is Adriana."

"Adriana. Oh, how lovely. No need to change that one. You may call me 'Sonia,'" the madam said, with a smile. She moved to the front of the desk, and her smile grew a bit devilish, because she knew these sweet and innocent girls had no idea what was in store for them.

"And, since we are doing introductions...." She sat on the desk and crossed her legs.

"This is my nephew, Ricky," she said, pointing.

The girls turned. In walked a tall, rugged-looking young man, dressed in a dark, pinstriped suit. The young man, who Jenny figured was around their age, shook hands with the two girls, while looking them over, but didn't say a word. Mr. Hungry Eyes slid onto a barstool that stood next to the desk, licking his lips.

"Now, before we go any further, you realize that I have to take a closer look at you both," Sonia said, snapping her fingers. "So why don't you stand up for me?"

The girls shared a nervous look, and then they rose off their seats. Jenny had expected another sales pitch.

"Ah, very nice," Sonia purred, sliding off the desk. She stood in front of the girls. With her red high heels on, she was nearly six feet tall, about six inches taller than either of the two girls, even in their pumps. She reached out and caressed Jenny's face, her bright red fingernails glistening.

"Nice eyes," she said, referring to Jenny's baby blues. Jenny couldn't help batting them. They always attracted attention and helped Jenny get her way.

Sonia then used her a perfect fingernail to trace Jenny's pink lipsticked lips. "Lips built for pleasure."

Jenny felt flushed. Sonia smiled. "Open please."

She proceeded with a zealous inspection of Jenny's mouth. "Yes, this mouth could make a lot of money." Sonia's nephew watched with keen interest.

Adriana then received the same treatment. Her eyes were brown, and she wore glasses (which Sonia said gave her a sophisticated look). Adriana always thought that they made her look like a geek.

"But then again," she thought, "I never sported blonde hair before." (Jenny had persuaded her to bleach her hair, saying that the madam was looking for blondes.)

Sonia finally stepped back and had the girls do a slow turn.

"Yes, very good. You certainly look like proper young ladies," she said, as the girls turned back around with a sigh. They thought it was over.

"So, are we hired?" Jenny asked.

"Not yet. We need to see a little more. Now, would you disrobe, please?"

Jenny gasped, her eyes flashed to the young man by the desk. He was grinning. "What, right here, and in front of him?"

"Oh, my." Sonia giggled at the suddenness and volume of her plea. "You do realize that I have to see your body first, as we have a reputation to uphold. He is here to give me a male point of view."

"Oh, yeah, I guess so. I just wasn't prepared yet," Jenny muttered, trying to cover her inexperience. Only a handful of men had seen the woman that she had become.

"Well, why don't you two come back when you are more prepared?" The madam sat on the desk again and reached for her phone.

Adriana pulled on Jenny's arm. She wanted out. Jenny pulled away. "No, I'm ready now." Jenny started unbuttoning her silk blouse. (She knew if she left now, she would never get Adriana to come back, and she wasn't sure if she would return, either.) Adriana stepped back in disbelief.

"Just put it on the chair," Sonia said, noticing that Jenny looked confused as to what to do with her blouse when she took it off.

Jenny took a deep breath, slipped her skirt off, placed it on top of her blouse, and then turned back around. She instantly felt the eyes of the madam and her nephew burn her skin. She was now left standing in the red strapless bra and matching panty set that she had worn on Prom Night. Her outfit was rounded off by her sister's thigh-high white stockings and silver-tipped black pumps. She fought her natural instinct to cover herself, as she stood with her hands on her hips, in a false show of bravado.

"And you, my dear," Sonia purred, now looking at Adriana.

It was now Adriana's turn to shed her suit jacket, blouse, and skirt, which she did with trembling hands. She had similar underwear on, only it was purple, her favorite color. She held her hands over her ample breasts that seemingly threatened to burst free of their constraints. Sonia giggled at her shyness, which was rare in her profession.

"As you can see, we have the goods," Jenny said, hoping it was over.

Silly girl. The madam was far from done.

"You girls do have good taste in undergarments...but I need to see more."

"Yeah, lose the bras," Ricky hissed.

The girls smacked their lips.

"Well," Sonia said, with a chuckle. "In here, you better get used to taking orders from men.... Horny men."

"Yeah, let's see those tits." The nephew was growing...eager.

The two girls shared a look, as Jenny tried to apologize to her cousin with her eyes. She slipped off her bra first, and Adriana followed, but only after her cousin elbowed her. When they turned around, both girls now used their hands to cover their breasts.

"Now, now, drop those hands."

The girls slowly complied with her request. She beckoned to Jenny, who took a deep breath and then moved closer. Sonia reached out and used her fingernail to trace a continuous line around Jenny's perky breasts, as she admired their freshness.

"Very nice. I would say a full B cup," Sonia said, as she held both of Jenny's 19-year-old breasts in her hands and gave them several soft squeezes. Jenny could only nod. She also closed her eyes, as she never imagined this happening today. It was also the first time another women had caressed her breasts. The madam squeezed with envy.

"Nice nipples, too," the madam said, teasingly rolling the light brown nipples in her fingers. She leaned back to admire Jenny's reaction to her touch. Jenny's face burned as she glanced at her "headlights," as the boys called them. Adriana was looking at the floor. She couldn't bear to watch, figuring she was next.

Ricky had his own ideas. He reached out and pulled Adriana over, spun her around, and began manhandling her large breasts. Adriana was aghast.

Sonia was too busy admiring the hardness of Jenny's nipples to notice. "These were just made for this," Sonia oozed, as she lowered her head and took one of Jenny's hard nipples into her mouth. Jenny gasped. The madam teased it with her tongue, before bringing her full red lips down on it, lustfully sucking for several seconds. She pulled her head away slowly, pulling
back on the nipple until it finally snapped away from her lips. Jenny's other nipple received the same treatment. Jenny felt her pussy moisten despite trying to fight it. She had to admit that the woman knew her nipple sucking.

"Now, let's see the rest," Sonia said. She spun around behind a surprised Jenny and ran her fingernails lightly down her back, purring like a kitten as she did so. Sonia's actions caused Jenny to put her hands on the desk and arch her back.

The nephew enjoyed the view. He let go of Adriana's breasts and adjusted his hardon. He couldn't believe that today had finally arrived. (It was his eighteenth birthday, and his aunt had said he could finally come over to her house for his present...and maybe a job, like his older brother. He had known about her profession for years. His brother even married one of her girls. Today, he loved his aunt more than ever. She promised him all the pussy he wanted, but she of course, was off limits. Her only request was that he not make an ass of himself and spoil the family name.)

The madam seductively slid Jenny's red panties down, while admiring her smooth, tanned legs. Jenny moaned as the cool air rushed in to meet her newly exposed flesh. She thought about her recent shaving job "down there." Sonia held the panties high over her shoulder and swirled them around before tossing them onto the pile of discarded clothing. Ricky cheered. He took the hint and slid off his chair, ripped Adriana's panties off, and dropped them onto the pile, too.

Adriana's eyes started to water. She was butt-naked in front of her first man, and he was a complete stranger. She had also felt his hardness when he moved back behind her and returned to playing with her breasts. Adriana's hands dropped to guard her treasure. A scared little virgin she was.

Sonia winked at her nephew, cupped Jenny's ass in her soft hands, and slowly kneaded the silky smooth flesh. (As much as she liked playing with the new girls, she also wanted to give him a good show for his birthday.) The madam started sliding her hands up and down, her fingernails causing Jenny's body to once again tingle with some reluctant excitement. Jenny's own fingernails were now digging into the desk. Sonia whispered for her to put her right knee up on the desk. Jenny gasped, but she slowly complied, although she realized how exposed this position left her.

Sonia slid down Jenny's back again, her tongue weaving a silky trail, before her face came to rest on the girl's tight backside. She kissed Jenny's ass cheeks, leaving matching red lipstick impressions on each one, and then slowly spread them apart. Jenny could now feel Sonia's hot breath blowing on her aroused pussy. The madam licked a finger, her own nipples hard with excitement. (God, how she loved the smell of young pussy in the morning.)

Jenny let out a whimper when Sonia's wet finger found her pussy lips. She tried to relax, even though Sonia's fingers were now pulling on her exposed pussy lips, effectively fanning the two pink flaps apart. She felt herself gape open, as the madam pulled her pussy lips in opposite directions. Relaxing went flying out the window. Sonia spent several seconds admiring Jenny's pinkish splendor. (Her pussy was a retirement fund.)

She took one quick taste before standing up and pulling Adriana over to the desk. She pushed her down and lifted her right leg up onto the desk. Adriana found herself in the same position as her cousin. Ricky slid off his stool to get a better look at the two girls in their compromising positions. He took some mental pictures.

Adriana cringed as Sonia crouched down and began to examine her pussy. She also cursed herself now for letting herself be talked into shaving her pussy bare. (Jenny said all "working girls" did that.) She almost laughed out loud at the thought, as she really couldn't understand how she let Jenny talk her into any of this crap. She was supposed to be the smart one of the pair, and now she was being displayed like a common whore, to a whore broker and her nephew. Adriana stiffened up even more when the madam began fingering her tight pussy. She wondered if Sonia would guess her secret, but then there was the dildo that Jenny had given her as a joke for graduation (and that she'd used often since). It was as big as a man was, she guessed. Sonia also slid a finger into Jenny and finger-fucked both of them. Ricky cheered her on.

Sonia suddenly stood up, as if she seemed eager to get to the next part. She told the two to get off the desk, turn around, and stand shoulder to shoulder -- which both of the girls were happy to do. She brought her hands up to their lips, her fingers still shimmering with their juices, a sly smile on her face.

"Suck my fingers...like you would a man," Sonia said, as she pressed fingers into Jenny's mouth and then into Adriana's. They were sucking before they could even protest at the perverseness of the act, their brief happiness over.

Once they got over where her fingers had just been, they did their best to fake their way through it, as neither had ever given a blowjob. Jenny used the knowledge she got from spying on her older sister with her boyfriends and some of their late night talks, while Adriana just sucked it like a Popsicle. Ricky watched (and prayed that he would be next).

"Ah..., Very good girls, but now lets try the real thing," the madam said, as she motioned to her nephew. He cheered, his prayers answered. While he eagerly began stripping, Jenny and Adriana both stood agape.

He stripped to his boxers and stood before them, with his erection fighting for its freedom. The madam was pleased. Adriana gasped when Sonia pulled down Ricky's boxers, and his impressive erection sprang into view, a first for the sheltered Adriana.

"Impressive, yes?" Sonia said, pleased that Ricky was as well-endowed as his older brother.

"Now, if you can handle him, you're all set," she said, as she hopped onto the desk again and pulled her proud nephew next to her. "Well, someone give this boy some relief."

Then she whispered into his ear, "Happy birthday." He smiled and nodded. Yes, he loved his aunt.

Jenny looked at her cousin and mouthed the word "sorry," before she dropped to her knees in front of Ricky. If sucking cock was going to help her find her sister, then so be it. Jenny took his large cock in her small hand and marveled at its size for a moment. Then she started stroking it back and forth. It was no wonder he was so cocky. She tried to get some saliva going. She used her tongue first, licking in long strokes, before she finally she took the large purplish head into her mouth. Her lips were stretched to their limits.

"That's fine dear, but we don't kneel...we squat, like a baseball catcher," the madam instructed.

Jenny awkwardly moved into position, but she didn't get the difference. Sucking cock was sucking cock in her eyes...gross. (Men actually pissed through this thing.) She took his cock back into her mouth again, while wondering if this guy knew how many guys before him had begged her for this and how lucky he was to be her first. She began slowly moving her head back and forth, with a little assistance from his hand on the top of her head.

He smiled. (How he had dreamed of this day.)

"Now, my dear, help her out," Sonia said, motioning to a stunned Adriana.

Adriana's heart was pounding and her stomach queasy, as she squatted next to her cousin. She looked to the madam with pleading eyes, but Sonia said, "Show me your technique."

Adriana almost laughed at the statement. "Would puking be a technique?" she thought.

Jenny pulled Ricky's cock out of her mouth and held it in her hand. A tear ran down Adriana's face. She almost gagged, noticing her cousin's saliva was dripping from its engorged head. Adriana, with Jenny's encouragement, finally closed her eyes and slowly opened her lips. Jenny guided it into her mouth. Like her cousin, just the head seemed to stretch her jaw to its limits. Jenny wiped away some tears as she cursed herself for dragging Adriana into all this.

Adriana felt a hand placed on top of her head. It held her firmly, and the cock began slowly moving in and out of her mouth. Adriana panicked, but she couldn't open her eyes. "Oh god, he's fucking my face."

Suddenly the cock was gone, and she gasped for air. Jenny mercifully took back over, and the two traded turns for the next stretch. Then the madam wanted one to suck while the other licked his balls. Jenny quickly licked his balls to take one for the team. Adriana struggled with her composure throughout, and her mascara was now running down her cheeks.

Sonia's next request was for the girls to finger themselves while they sucked. She said it was important because men hardly returned the favor. The girl now knew that their mouths weren’t the only cavity that this monster would be exploring. The cock sucking lasted for several long minutes until she could see that her nephew wanted more.

The madam handed Jenny a condom. She awkwardly rolled it on, following Sonia's request. When she had it good and lubricated, Ricky pulled her to her feet and began fondling her body. He was ready to fuck.

"One last thing to check," Sonia said, sliding off the desk. She had Adriana get up on the desk and lie back on her elbows. Adriana did so, thankful to have her mouth free of cock (while also trying to come up with a plan to get out of here with her virginity -- which she was saving for her husband -- intact).

"Now, Jenny, I want you to orally pleasure your friend, while my nephew has you from behind," the madam said, and then she placed Adriana's feet on the edge of the desk and spread her knees apart.

Jenny looked at the madam in shock, while Adriana also couldn't believe her ears. "Surely, Jenny wouldn't do that to me," she thought. She tried to close her legs, but Sonia was stronger.

"What's the problem?" Sonia snapped and then she giggled. "Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't mean anal sex, I meant doggie style. Don't worry, we don't do anal here, unless the girl wants to."

"It's, just, I, ah, never...," Jenny mumbled, looking at Adriana's exposed pussy, almost oblivious to the finger fucking she was receiving from the nephew.

"Well..." Sonia said, spreading Adriana's pussy with her fingers. "You do know that we do girl-girl shows here all the time? I mean, that's why you brought along a friend. She will be your sex partner. Some of my best clients are women. So, if you 'never,' you better get used to it."

Ricky grew impatient and pushed Jenny down. He wanted to stick his dick in her so badly he could taste it.

Jenny had seen her cousin's pussy up close when she had helped shave her earlier
today, but she had no desire to eat her out.... Did she? With Ricky pushing on the back of her head, however, that's exactly what she found herself doing. Adriana had let out a yelp at her cousin's first touch and then just shut her eyes in disbelief.

Jenny had only a brief moment to get adjusted to her new position -- and to the taste of her cousin's pussy -- before she felt Ricky's large cock penetrate her. She gave out a cry, and so did Adriana, as the quick move drove Jenny's tongue across her clit for the first time. Ricky began fucking with long deep strokes, each one seemingly stretching Jenny's tight, 19-year-old pussy to its absolute limits. And, with each forward motion, Jenny's tongue dragged across Adriana's increasingly aroused cunt. The madam joined in.

"Oh, Jenny..., w-What's happing?" Adriana moaned out, seconds after Sonia started to suck her nipple, Jenny continuing to lick her pussy up and down. Jenny soon found her own body betraying her, since Ricky seemed much more experienced than her previous lovers. (And his extra size was also a major factor.) He picked up the pace. He may have been young, but the dude knew how to fuck.

Jenny kept reminding herself why she was there. "I'm here for Kelly...not for the cock. I'm here for Kelly...not for the cock."

Sonia looked up at her office cam. She smiled. This was going to be one of the best yet. Those Japs were going to pay big money for this one.

Both girls were now moaning ecstatically as they seemed to get over the perverseness of their actions and allowed themselves to experience the orgasmic pleasures that resulted from them...if only for a couple of seconds.

Jenny's legs went numb, and Ricky kept pounding away, now violently. The sounds of slapping flesh filling the room. She cried out for him to stop as pleasure gave way to pain. The madam mercifully suggested a switch of positions. Jenny was happy to get on the desk until she saw Adriana's terror-filled face. Jenny's heart sank, as she knew this was mostly her fault. She also remembered that Adriana was a virgin. Her mind searched for a way out of this, because it was her sister and her plan that had gotten them into this jam.

"Could I finish him with my mouth?" Jenny pleaded.

Sonia shook her head. She pulled Adriana into position. Ricky smiled. He loved her apprehension. He liked that "it'll never fit" look in her eyes. He'd seen it before. He stroked his cock while thanking the good lord for blessing him.

Adriana held her cousin's knees in her hand, while staring in between her legs at her glistening pussy. She also felt the nephew impatiently running his rock-hard cock in between her ass cheeks. He also reached around her and began roughly squeezing her ample breasts. Her head was a-swirl with emotions, but mostly she thought she was going to be physically sick. She felt Ricky's cock part her pussy lips.

"Please.... I'm a virgin!" she screamed out, thinking of nothing else to say.

"Really?" the madam giggled in surprise.

"Well, there's always a first time," the nephew said, freshly throwing her back into position. He loved tearing into virgins. Could today get any better?

"Please, I'm scared!" Adriana cried out.

"Please, I can finish him off," Jenny said, as she tried to get off the table to rescue her cousin, but Sonia pushed her back down.

"Please, I'll even swallow."

"Nonsense. We aren't five-dollar street whores here, bitch," the suddenly cold-hearted madam said, slapping Jenny's face. She turned to Adriana with a glare. "C'mon, girl. It shouldn't hurt much. Your pussy wasn't that tight. Plus, your cousin didn't seem to mind. You‘re lucky I don‘t let him fuck you up the ass for coming here."

Ricky pushed on Adriana's back until her lips finally came into contact with Jenny's pussy. It wasn’t the first time he’d forced himself on a girl. Adriana was pleading. Sonia pushed on the back of her head, effectively silencing her protests.

"That's right, eat your cousin's little pussy," the madam hissed.

"Wait just a fucking second!" Jenny screamed. She pushed Adriana away. Jenny sprang up and grabbed the surprised madam by the neck with one hand and a sharp letter opener from the desk with the other. "How the fuck did you know she was my cousin?"

"And you, don't fucking move!" Jenny screamed, looking at the startled nephew. "Or I'll gut her like a pig."

"Adriana, check his clothes for a gun."

Jenny had to tell her stunned cousin twice. She didn't find anything on them, but then Jenny had her search the desk. Adriana found a black handgun in the bottom drawer. She quickly passed it to Jenny and then raced over to her pile of clothes.

"Answer my question, bitch!" Jenny snarled, now pointing the gun at the madam.

"Please, put the gun down before you hurt someone. It's not a toy," Sonia whined. Ricky tried to sneak closer, but stopped when she pointed the gun at his still hard cock. She ordered him onto the floor face down. He did so with some discomfort. Then Jenny had Adriana tie his arms behind his back with his belt and stuff his underwear into his mouth.

Jenny sneered, "I know this is a nine-millimeter, and it will put a good size hole in your head. The one thing my daddy taught me before he died was how to use a fucking gun. I think he wanted boys; he was a cop after all."

"I know," Sonia chirped.

"What, bitch?" Jenny snapped.

"Please, enough of the 'bitch' thing," Sonia said, shaking her head. "Well, it's simple, my dear, we do check out our girls...."

"Oh, like today, you fucking, perverted, bitch!"

"No, I mean, we find out about their families, their backgrounds, and stuff."

"So, you knew I was Kelly's sister all along?"

"Yes, but...."

"Yes, but what?"

"But, I thought you might want work, too. That happens, you know," the madam lied. (She was trying to stay calm. She wondered where the hell her security team was. She sighed, remembering that she told them she wanted to be alone, so she figured that they were probably getting free blow jobs from some of the new more gullible girls.)

"Bullshit!" Jenny snapped. "And you knew she was my cousin?"

The madam nodded. "Yes, your sister spoke of her often. She seemed somewhat jealous of your closeness growing up. But mostly I remembered her distinctive first name."

"You fucking bitch!" Jenny growled. "And you still made us...you know." Jenny wiped her face. The taste of Adriana's pussy was still on her breath.

"Look, we were just playing," Sonia pleaded.

"Yeah, right!"

Adriana, now dressed, came over with Jenny's clothes.

Jenny just set them aside, her nakedness no longer an issue. She started grilling the madam about her sister. Sonia admitted that Kelly had come to work for her, and, for a while, everything had been fine. Then she started having nightmares, finally confessing that her father had molested her before he died. Thereupon Jenny lost it. She placed the gun in the madam's mouth and told her to "take that back," repeatedly. But she finally listened to Adriana's pleas and pulled the gun away, and then Sonia finished by saying that Kelly had stolen fifty thousand dollars from her and run off with it, maybe with a john, and she had no idea where she was now.

Jenny just kept telling Sonia she was a liar, but the madam stood by her story. (It was in fact a lie. Kelly did run off with the money, but Sonia had found her. She was now locked in the bondage/torture room in the basement. Clients paid good money to have their fun with her. It was the one room where anything went. Kelly's life was now a living hell.)

Adriana held Jenny's clothes in her arms and pleaded with her to leave.

"Not yet, 'my dear,'" she said, mimicking the madam, her eyes changing from baby-blue to jet-black.

"You, stand up." She kicked the nephew in the ribs and helped him to his feet. "Awww...," she teased, as she pulled the condom off his now flaccid penis. She grabbed him by the balls until he spit out the underwear, and screamed out in pain and then pushed him back onto one of the seats.

"First, I want to see something," Jenny said, as she pointed the gun at the madam again. "Strip."

"You can't be serious," Sonia said, with a nervous laugh.

"Dead serious!" Jenny snapped. "Now, strip, bitch."

Sonia shook her head. She had to find away to hit the panic button under her desk. Jenny moved over and slapped her face. Sonia knew she was serious. She looked at her nephew and wished he'd avert his gaze, but knew that, at his age, he wouldn't.

Jenny tugged at the dress. The madam slipped it off and followed it with her red silk slip, her garter belt, and her stockings. She stood for a moment only in her red bra and matching panties. Jenny waved the gun again.

"That's a good girl," Jenny teased, as Sonia's bra hit the floor.

"Nice boob job," Jenny said with a laugh, at Sonia's obviously fake rack, before she reached out and twisted one of her brown nipples. "Trying to fool father time."

"Fuck you," Sonia sneered, as she batted Jenny's hand away.

"Now, lets see the rest..., but not you," Jenny muttered. "You," she said, pointing at Adriana.

"Look, this is gone far enough," the madam said.

"No. Fuck you. I like to play, too."

Adriana was puzzled by all of this, but complied. As her panties were ripped from her body, the madam vowed to get Jenny for her actions.

"But we're not done yet," Jenny teased. "Put her leg up on the table, just like ours were, her large ass facing us." Adriana did it, numbly.

"Now, show us her pussy," Jenny said, making sure that Ricky could see. Adriana understood now, although she simply wanted to leave. Instead, she pulled Sonia's pussy open.

Jenny considered making her nephew eat her out, but she thought he just might enjoy that, judging by the fact that his cock was coming back to life, and he wasn't putting up much of a fight.

“A little old for a shaved pussy, aren’t we?” Jenny teased.

She ordered the madam to masturbate in this position. Sonia huffed, but she obeyed. They watched her finger her pussy for several minutes. Jenny giggled. Ricky's hardon was back.

"That's enough!" Jenny cried out. (She didn't want her to cum.) "Now it's your turn to suck your own juices."

Jenny's plan was becoming painfully obvious. Sonia turned around and licked her fingers defiantly.

"Now time for the real thing," Jenny teased, looking back.

"No fucking way!" Ricky protested, purely for appearances.

The madam simply laughed, as she knew it was coming. "I will get you for this, you know that."

Jenny grabbed her hair and pushed her to her knees. "On your knees, whore! You don't have a problem with incest, do yah?"

She held his hard cock in her hand and fed it to the madam. "C'mon, bitch, suck," Jenny screamed at her to hurry her up. "Most madams were whores once."

Sonia was mumbling with a full mouth. Jenny moved behind her and forced her head to move faster and deeper. After several minutes, she had another idea. She ordered the nephew up and moved the madam so her back was pressed against the desk. Jenny, happy with the new position, moved the nephew forward and started trusting her hips into his, and they face-fucked the madam in tandem for several minutes. Jenny finally squatted down with Sonia when she felt the nephew's body start to quiver.

"One last thing," Jenny teased, as she pulled Ricky's quivering cock out of Sonia's mouth and started stroking it.

"Please, not that," Sonia sobbed, before a blast of her nephew's cum hit her face, and then Jenny milked the rest out onto Sonia's breasts and finished by rubbing the dripping cock all over her face.

"Nice hair, too," Jenny teased, as she used the madam's hair to clean off her hand.

Jenny stood up and suddenly kicked Ricky in the back of the knee, causing him to crash on top of the madam.

"Let's go," Jenny yelled at Adriana and then she raced for the door, her frightened cousin hot on her heels.

Jenny waved her gun at the surprised doorman.

"Hey, I just work here," he squealed, and then he opened the door. Jenny saw her keys hanging on a wall hook and grabbed them. The two girls raced to the car and sped off. Adriana drove and Jenny finally dressed herself.

Jenny dropped off her emotionally frazzled cousin and returned home. She confronted her mother with the madam's molestation accusations. At first she denied it, but later admitted that it MIGHT have happened. She just wasn't sure. Jenny stormed out of the house upon hearing that news and stayed over at Adriana's, but returned a few days later to try to put her life
back in order.


Jenny took a part time job at a flower shop and tried to keep it together, but not a day went by that she didn't think about her sister.

A week later she was surprised when she found a package in her car. It had a VHS tape in it. Jenny didn't need to read the note to know who it was from. Sonia wanted to see her again. Jenny watched the chilling tape. It started with her naked sister bound and gagged. It was clear that she had sex toys stuffed in her pussy and her asshole. Two well-endowed black men entered the picture, their intentions quite clear. They replaced the sex toys with their own. Jenny couldn't watch any more. She read the note with tears in her eyes. Her sister had been found, but this would be her daily fate until Jenny returned to see the madam. Jenny would fuck and suck until she paid the madam back.

Jenny needed a plan and quick.


The next day she pulled up to that haunting steel gate. She was still armed with the 9mm and planned to forced her way into the madam's office. She knew her sister was in there somewhere.

She made it to Sonia's office without much resistance, but it was a set-up. As the door opened, two large men knocked her pistol away and tackled her. Seconds later, Ricky, Sonia's nephew, ran in carrying a large black bag. Sonia began barking out orders.

Jenny knew she was in trouble.

The men made short work of her clothing, violently shredding it from her body. Then her hands were bound, and she was gagged and blindfolded.

She was lifted onto the shoulders of the biggest of the men and carried to the basement, where they took her to the "medical room," used for men and women with medical fantasies. She was placed on the special leather exam chair, and her feet were bound to the chair's steel stirrups. Her arms were pulled over her head, and her hands cuffed in place. A large strap around her waist completed the restraints.

The portion under her ass dropped down and her legs were spread obscenely wide open. She could do no more than moan into her gag, in futility. She knew she was about to be used. Each of the men took some time to fondle her naked body. She felt cold and slimy fingers rubbing her pussy, and others twisting at her nipples, as she tried to disassociate her mind from her body.

The three men played "odds and evens," and the nephew won.

"Oh, I've waited for this...round two," Ricky said, driving his hard cock into Jenny's pussy. "And after this I'm going to fuck your ass and then maybe go rape your sister's ass again. She's right next door. Silly girl, she's been here the whole time."

Jenny actually found comfort in his cruel words. She knew she had to hold out, no matter what they did to her.

And, in fact, she didn't have long to wait.

Suddenly a number of large men came boiling into the room.


The thugs were taken completely by surprise. It was their turn to be cuffed. They were dragged away while Jenny was freed from the exam chair, a gentlemanly officer covering her with his jacket.

"My Sister! Kelly, my sister...she's next door," Jenny cried out after her gag was removed.

"No, she's right here," Kelly said, rushing in. The two collapsed into a hug.

After several tearful minutes, Jenny looked up to a blurry but familiar face with bushy eyebrows and stubbly jowls.

"Good work, sweetheart thanks for the phone call. You're one brave girl to do what you did." he said, adding, "we've been trying to nail these guys for years, and now, thanks to you, it looks like they'll be going away for a long time. Ever think about going into police work?"

"Thanks, but that was way too close. I think I'll find a less stressful line of work." Jenny turned to her sister.

"Never leave me again, Kelly." The two embraced again as the detective awkwardly stood by.

"Well, your car's outside. You two get some R&R.... I'll be in touch," he said and turned to leave.

"Okay, and thanks again for believing my story."

"No problem. I knew your dad; he was a good man."

"Speaking of dad," Kelly said, with a sniffle. "That bitch of a madam told me that she told you that he molested me."

"He didn't?"


"I knew it.... I always knew he loved us. Now let's go see mom...and Adriana. It's her birthday. Oh, what the hell! Let's have a party!"

Giggling, they exited arm in arm.

The End

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