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Deputy Duffy
11-20-2006, 12:44 AM
Tiffany comes Calling


Deputy Duffy

I got a call from my cousin Tiffany one night. It had been years since we'd spoken. She grew up around these parts but moved away years ago. It was an awkward conversation. I knew she wanted something, but she just couldn't seem to spit it out. She finally said that she'd write me.

A week later, I got a large tan envelope containing some papers...old papers. I started reading...


It's me again.

Finally had sex with Gregory. It was sweet, but it just didn't do it for me. I wish I could figure it out. Why am I like this?

There were a couple of incidents when I was younger that might help explain. The first one coming just after I graduated from high school.

He was a surgeon. I think he gave old people new knees and hips. I'll call him Dr. Smith. I was out one night parting with his daughter, Veronica (my next door neighbor and best friend for years). We had a blast, but I guess we stayed out a little too long. When we got home, Dr. Smith was waiting for us in the foyer. He yelled at his daughter and then sent her to her room, telling her he'd deal with her in the morning.

He turned to me with fire in his eye, "Get into my office, young lady...I'll deal with you now."

I gulped, remembering his office is where IT had happened.

Slowly marching down the hall, my mind flashed back to the last spanking that I received at his hands. It was about two years ago, when Veronica and I got caught smoking cigarettes at school. After a lengthy sermon about the dangers of smoking, he had us both lean over his desk. He pulled my pants and panties down to my knees and spanked my bare ass, though Veronica got to keep her panties on. The humiliation of it all had kept me in line for years, and, as I stood at his door, I couldn't believe I was back in this situation.

But I thought with a sigh, "I'm 18 and headed to college in the fall. Surely he wouldn't try and spank me again."

"Get in there," he barked, swinging the door open. He didn't wait. He pushed me into the room.

"Please, Dr. Smith. I-I...just let me go home." My nerves were going crazy.

"I just can't believe your stupidity!" he screamed.

"Please," I pleaded. He was really scaring me.

"What time is it?" He was tapping his watch.

I couldn't say anything. I knew I was past curfew, but just by one hour. A lot of my friends could stay out until 1am. Sometimes I could, too, but not when Dr. Smith was watching me. I had to check in with him on the weekends when my mother did inventory at her work because she didn't get home until 3am. For some reason she trusted him. I think it was because he was a doctor.

He pulled me close. "And it smells and looks like you've been drinking."

I pulled away. (I'd had a couple of screwdrivers at the party, but I wasn't smashed.)

"And to top it off, you drove home and had my daughter with you in the car."

I lowered my head; he had me there. (Ok, they were large screwdrivers, but like I said, I wasn't smashed.)

He sat behind his desk. "Look at me."

It took some nerve, but I finally lifted my head. Dr. Smith's steely gaze was kind of scary. Normally I consider him somewhat attractive in a older-man-fantasy type of way, but not tonight.


I shook with every word of that command because that's exactly how it all started the last time. I knew that he intended on punishing me now.

"Please, I'm too old," I begged.

"Apparently not," he sneered. "You've made some juvenile decisions tonight, and I plan on correcting that right now. You know your mother has given me the right."

I did (she even laughed when I told her what happened last time and then she grounded me to boot), but that was a couple years ago. A tear rolled down my cheek. I started stacking the papers on his desk, all the while wondering how I could get myself out of this. I cleared off his desk and placed most of the stuff on a wooden chair in the corner. I put his telephone on the floor underneath. His desk was now clear. He tossed me a rag, and I wiped off the top of the desk. I know it wasn't the same, but it felt like I was preparing my own electric chair.

"Stand up straight," he ordered, grabbing the rag. He took off his nerdy glasses and sat back in his office chair and folded his arms. His dark eyes ran up and down my body. His sudden case of hungry eyes only added to my nerves.

"Look at you," he finally said.

"W-w-what?" I mumbled, confused.

"What you're wearing. Can that white top be any tighter? You can practically see your nipples."

My hands flew up over my chest. "Please, Dr. Smith."

"And that black skirt, it's short enough, and with those high heeled shoes, I bet half the guys at the party know what color your panties are." He chuckled, and then teasingly added, "You ARE wearing panties?"

"Yes," I hissed.

"Well, I guess they didn't come with a matching bra."

I was still holding my hands over my chest. I was used to guys staring at my chest ever since I developed into a C-cup. But I was dressed to party, and maybe attract Kevin Michelle's eyes, not Dr. Smith's.

"I can see now why my daughter now dresses like a tramp."

"We're not that way; it's just how we girls dress."

"That doesn't mean it's right, or that I have to put up with it."

I shook my head, thinking, "Dr. Smith obviously has no idea what it's like to be an eighteen-year-old girl these days."

"Now, go over and close the door and press the button on the knob."

I slowly turned and closed the door, fighting my urge to run away. I pushed the button, realizing that I was locking out the outside world. I also knew that it was very much a symbolic move. I was now alone with a very angry Dr. Smith.

When I returned, he motioned me over to the side of his desk. He started with a lecture about drinking and driving and boys and blah, blah, blah. On and on he went.

Finally he shouted, "Are you listing?"

I nodded my head. "Can I go now? I've learned my lesson."

"I don't think you've learned shit," he snapped. He sat back in his chair and hissed, "Strip."

THIS got my attention. "Strip? What do you mean 'strip'?"

"I mean, take off your frigging clothes."

"B-b-but, you can't be serious?" My face started to burn, but his expression told he was serious. I knew I was in for another bare bottom spanking, but hoped that, despite his rage, he would stop there.

After some stalling to catch my breath, I bent down to unbuckle my heels, but he told me to keep them on and to get going. It was like he was in a frigging hurry. I reached for my skirt's zipper and unzipped it. With a shake of the hips, it gathered around my ankles. I kicked it aside.

Dr. Smith cleared his throat; he wasn't happy. "Jesus, girl, pick that up, fold it neatly and place it in this drawer."

I looked over, and he had one of the drawers on the far side of his desk open. Numbly, I picked up my skirt and folded it and started around the desk.

"Hey, get back here."

I stood confused, but he motioned for me to return to my starting place.

"Oh god," I moaned, realizing that he wanted me to lean over him and put it in the drawer. When I did, I swore he sniffed my blonde hair.

"Dr. Smith," I complained, not wanting to turn this into something sexual.

"Just checking for cigarettes. Now get going."

I didn't really believe him, but I had other issues, mostly that he wasn't happy that I wore a black thong, and then he surprised me by telling me to take it off. I looked at him like I must have heard him wrong.

"I said 'off,'" he said, firmly, when I tried to protest.

The last time he pulled my panties down. This time it seemed a million times worse. I had to slide them down my legs and shake them out, fold them, and lean over his lap and put them in his drawer. But somehow I did it. I took several deep breaths when I finished.

As I stood before him, I used my hands to hide my sex. I didn't like the sour look on his face. "Ah, Dr. Smith, let's get this over."

"That's what I was thinking," he responded.

I was confused. He just sat there, staring. So I moved over and dropped my elbows onto his desk, like last time.

He chuckled. "Stand back up, you're not ready for that yet."

"What?" I said, standing up.

He pointed at my top. "Off."

"Why?" (It didn't make sense that I'd have to take off my top for a spanking.)

"Because I said 'strip,' and that means you undress completely. Jesus, I'm a doctor."

I shook my head; more then a little miffed. I felt that he just wanted to see my breasts. I mean, I was bottomless and preparing to let him spank me, and he has to get greedy. The nerve! Plus, he was a surgeon. His patients were old and gray. I doubt they had boobs like mine.

"Well, looks like someone isn't as mature as she thought she was. If you were, simply exposing your breasts to a forty-year-old doctor wouldn't be such a big deal." He chuckled. "Plus, I can tell that you have brown nipples that appear to be erect."

I'd had enough. "You perv! Give me my clothes back." I leaned over him, but he slammed the drawer shut, while also grabbing my hair. I winced in pain and tried to pull away. I felt a sudden tug at my top, and I heard and felt it being torn from my body. I pleaded with him to stop, but he was stronger. He used his strength to push me over the desk. Then he pulled my hands behind my back. I felt them being tied together, and I realized that my own shredded top was being used to bind me. My tears began to patter onto the desk. They were not from pain, but from defeat. I couldn't break free.

He pulled me up and spun me around. Then he sat down on his chair and pinned me against the desk. This also left him eye level with my newly exposed breasts. I wanted to die, because, with my arms tied behind my back that way, it felt like I was offering up my breasts to him, and I was helpless to stop his lengthy, lusty stare. I prayed he would just look, and then I saw him lick his lips.

"I was right about your brown nipples. They seem hard, but they always seem that way. It must run in the family."

"Pervert," I snapped. (But at least he finally confirmed my suspicions that he wasn't as innocent as he portrayed. I'd also thought I'd caught him sneaking peeks at my mother's breasts as well.)

"But, let's see if they are hard," he said, and then he reached up and pinched my left nipple.

"Hey!" I cried out, but he moved over to the other one. This time he twisted. I was a little embarrassed that they were hard, but he was right, they are always like that, but I didn't want him to think I was turned on because I wasn't. I swear.

He leaned forward and took my right nipple into his mouth. I gasped (as much as it seemed to melt in his mouth), this was too much.

"I'll scream rape," I warned him.

He laughed evilly, "Better be a loud one." He moved to the other nipple. "No one home but my daughter, and I know you don't want that," he added, as he teased it with his tongue. "She'll just think you were crying from getting spanked, anyways."

He was probably right about that. "C'mon, stop it," I pleaded, suddenly feeling helpless and vulnerable.

"Plus, who says I'm going to fuck you, anyways?" he said, leaning back. He flicked my nipple with his finger. "I've just...never seen nipples like this. They have to be an inch long. My wife's were like these little bumps...but these...."

(His wife died about the same time my dad did, around five years ago.)

I wasn't flattered. "Look, you've had your fun, but I'm scared."

(I'd looked down at his pants and noticed that they were tented in the front. I also wondered if it had been five years since he had been inside a woman. I knew I'd screwed up but didn't think it warranted being "screwed.")

"Scared? You're no virgin."

I didn't even have time to answer when I felt his finger rub and then quickly slide into my pussy. "See...."

"Dr. Smith!" I screamed out. (I wasn't a virgin, but had only had sex twice...and they were boys my age. Dr. Smith was a man -- one angry, fired-up, long-fingered man.) I tried to knee him, but he had me pinned good.

He added another finger and pumped away. He laughed when I finally let out a moan. "You say 'No,' but your body says 'Go!'" he teased.

I shook my head. It wasn't fair. He pushed me back and lifted both of my legs into the air, forcing me to lean back on my bound hands. He slowly spread my legs apart, farther and farther, until I was almost in a full split. He warned me with a stern look and a pinch of the thighs that I'd better keep them there.

"Ah, flexible," he teased, rubbing my calves. (Being a cheerleader, I'd done splits before, but, of course, never naked.)

He slowly moved his hands up my thighs. "Why am I not surprised that you have shaved your pussy clean? Not a pubic hair to be found."

God, it was so embarrassing. I started to say something, but I figured now wasn't a good time to inform him that it was his daughter's idea and her shaving job that he was so lustily admiring. Then he did the same thing his daughter did after she shaved me, he lowered his face and dove into my pussy. It was like he was trying to see how far he could bury his tongue inside me. Deeper and deeper his tongue drove.

"Oh god, long tongues must run in the family," I moaned inwardly, and then I couldn't hold back my outward moans when I felt his tongue dance around my clit. Back and forth it ran, each lap sending spasms shooting down my spine. I bit my tongue to try and suppress my moans. I didn't want to give him the audible pleasure.

I suddenly giggled, remembering I did the same thing when his daughter was eating my pussy (I'm so not a lesbian), and then I giggled thinking of the simple fact that I'd only had two people go down on me, and they both shared the same last name and the same gusto.

My case of the giggles went away as Dr. Smith added a finger to his tonguing, and then he reached up and started playing with a nipple. Well, his three simultaneous actions were now too much to fight, and in no time I found myself thrashing around on the table, lost in an orgasmic haze.

When my head cleared, I could see Dr. Smith wiping my pussy juice off his face with some leftover shirt pieces. He wore a sly grin. I looked away.

"Nothing to be embarrassed about girl," he said, rather freshly, as he sat back. I wanted to die once again. I mean this old dude just made me orgasm right in his face. I'll be honest; it felt good, really good, but still.... He didn't have to look so smug about it.

"Will you let me go now?" I asked, but deep down I knew the answer. (I mean, he had me tied up, naked, on his desk with my pussy on his breath, and he had a bad case of happy pants...so what are the chances that he's just going to let me go?)

He stood up and moved over in front of me. (I was lying on my side.) And then, in like slow motion, he starts to unzip his fly. (Oh God!) He fishes around inside before he pulls out his hard dick. I guess I should call it a "cock," because it was big and thick. I tried not to look, but.... I hadn't seen many, so curiosity took over. He was just standing there. It looked kind of neat just sticking out of his pants. I wondered what it would feel like inside me. I guess I had resigned to the fact that Dr. Smith was going to fuck me, whether I wanted it or not. I wasn't really scared, because I didn't think he'd really hurt me. I just wanted to get it over with.

He slowly moved closer, but he wasn't moving towards my legs, no, he was moving closer and closer to my face.

"I don't do that!" I cried out, slithering backward.

He laughed. I don't think he believed me...or maybe he didn't care. I tried to break free from my bonds once again, but he must have been a Boy Scout or something because I couldn't free my arms.

He reached out and grabbed a handful of hair. I locked my jaw shut. There was no way I was letting his penis get inside my mouth. He began rubbing his cock against my lips and over my face. I could tell that it was already leaking some sticky stuff. It was so gross. I was panicked.

"Please, Dr. Smith," I begged. "Fuck me. Fuck me now." (Just get that thing away from my face.)

"Really now," he said, while smacking his cock against my cheek. "I thought someone was going to scream rape."

"No, I won't. I promise."

"I know, because you want it, don't yah?"

"Yeah," I said, but I knew he was still taking advantage of me. There was no way I wanted this guy to do me like this, doctor or not. I wanted Kevin. I suddenly wondered if Kevin's cock was as big as Dr. Smith's. Maybe if I closed my eyes I could pretend. It was the best plan I could come up with. I spread my legs, offering myself to him, but Dr. Smith flipped me onto my stomach and slid me to the edge of the desk. It took a second or two before I realized why he did this.

"I thought you were going to fuck me."

"I am. I think I'll start with some face fucking," he said, as he pressed his cock against my lips. Harder and harder he pressed, until I had no choice but to open my mouth, and it was quickly invaded. Using my hair, he moved my head back and forth. I was just trying to breathe. Soon, there was saliva dripping everywhere. It was like he was trying to ram his cock all the way down my throat. I was gagging and gasping. He finally stopped and stepped back and this long piece of saliva strung from my mouth to his cock. With my hands bound, I couldn't even wipe my face. He stepped forward again.

"Please, I'll suck your cock," I gushed (thinking it had to be better then what I just went through).

"Really, he said with a smile. "First, you want to fuck...now, you want to suck."

"Ass-hole," I mumbled.

He chuckled, grabbing me by the arms, and then, in a surprise move, he ran a hand over my ass and scoped a couple of fingers into my pussy. Then, like a bowling ball, he picked me up off the table, before dropping me down on the floor.

"Gee, thanks," I said, shaking my head. I struggled to my knees. Dr. Smith was a couple of feet away taking off his pants. He must have been a neat freak because he folded them -- and his shirt -- neatly and placed them in the drawer with my stuff. He was in pretty good shape, surprisingly toned. He returned to his spot and folded his arms behind his back, with his cock standing up, proudly. I was a little confused at his intentions now.


I smacked my lips. It wasn't lost on me why he wanted this (I was his pet), but I did it. With my arms behind my back, it was more of a shuffle. I took some breaths, opened my jaw and slowly leaned forward, taking his cock into my mouth. (Kevin had asked for this earlier tonight, and I'd refused, and now I just couldn't believe I was sucking Dr. Smith's cock.) He stepped back a couple of minutes later. He didn't look happy. I tried to explain once again that I'd never done it before. He laughed and went to his desk again. When he came back, I gasped, seeing what he was carrying in his hand.

"I see you recognize it."

I certainly looked like his daughter's purple vibrator. (But what was he doing with it?)

I think he read my confused look, because he said. "I found it in a shoebox under her bed."

"What were you doing...?"

I didn't get a chance to even finish my question before he starts shouting. "I was looking for cigarettes or even drugs...it's a parents right. Plus, everything in that room I bought with my hard-earned cash." He moved over and grabbed me by the face and pressed in my cheeks. "Plus, I don't think I have to explain my parenting to you."

I shook free. He grabbed my hair and forced his cock back into my mouth. "That's it, suck me like your little toy here."

I was confused. "MY little toy?"

"Yeah, you little whore. Teaching my daughter how to suck cock with this thing. Playing naughty games." He continued pumping his cock back and forth in my mouth, only stopping to insist that I also lick his balls and even lightly suck them. It was so gross. When he finally pulled away he didn't even look happy, like he expected better.

He ran the vibrator over my nipple before tossing it on his desk. "You guys even wore out the batteries."

(What was he talking about?)

He pulled a large puffy pillow off his love seat and tossed it on the floor in front of me. He moved me and pushed me forward, stopping me right before I crashed face first onto the floor.

"What the fuck!" I cried out. (I also finally got it. He thought it was my vibrator and that I was then one doing the sex teaching, when it was his daughter leading the way. She must have lied to him when he found it.)

He eased me to the floor and kneeled down next to me. I slid my head to the side so I could look back, but I didn't know what to say. (I didn’t want to get Vee in trouble.)

Instead I inhaled, realizing why he threw the pillow where he did. I was lying flat, but the pillow was under my tummy. This left my ass raised into the air...just where he wanted it. He was rubbing his palms together, licking his lips.

"Please...," I pleaded, as his hand raised into the air. (I mean, after all I'd gone through to avoid a bare-ass spanking, and here it comes anyways.)

A thought flew into my head as soon as his palm swished through the air, down onto my flesh. "Maybe I should have just stripped to the skin when he first told me to."

Well, it was too late now. I clenched my jaw and closed my eyes, waiting for more blows. They came and came, but it sunk in that this was different from the last time. That time he hit me with four or five stinging blows. Now his blows were softer and followed by a soothing rub. Whap and rub; whap and rub. He also pulled my legs apart so as to enjoy my back view. On and on it went, until something strange happened; it actually started becoming stimulating. My jaw wasn't locked anymore. It was open, and my lips formed an O. Now every time his hand came down, I couldn't help but let out a strange squeal. I didn't even protest when he moved my knees up and propped me up on the love seat. Now my ass was really in the air.

I expected more spanks in this position, but I felt something rubbing against my ass cheek, and then it moved to my pussy. My eyes flew open. There was Dr. Smith, crotched down behind me, using his cock like a wand, rubbing it up and down the length of my pussy lips.

He was going to fuck me now. I chewed on my bottom lip, waiting for that first penetration. I waited and waited.

"Well?" I finally said.

He smiled. "Does someone want something?"

I snickered, as I thought. "This guy's really something."

"Yeah, is Brad Pitt available?" I said, looking him right in the eye.

"Brad who?" he said, and then a second later he moaned. (So I knew he got it.)

"Maybe, I'll just go back to spanking you; you seemed to enjoy that, you little trollop."

(I didn't even know what a trollop was.)

"But maybe this time I'll use my leather belt." He smacked the side of my ass and thigh. It stung.

I'd had enough. He was still running his cock along my pussy. I looked to the wall clock. "Do what you want. You have one hour. You could beat me or you could...." I trusted backward, almost catching his cock, but was a little off. He winced, and then he seemed to get the point. He lined up and slid inside of me and then started rocking back and forth at an easy pace. It was fine, but not what I wanted. I mean, I could get this from the boys I knew.

"Hey dickhead," I finally screamed out. "Put some force into it, you pansy-ass." I looked back at him and glared.

He seemed surprised, and then he sneered back. "You asked for it." He reached up and pulled my hair back and began slamming into me. At first I thought, "Be careful what you ask for," as it kind of hurt, but then I seemed to adapt. His cock even seemed to find a place others hadn't, or maybe it was the sheer intensity, but I had no problem cumming again.

He climbed up my back, grabbed me around the neck and went back at it. Forgetting the circumstances, I thought to myself, "Now this is fucking." He was giving it to me good. "Or maybe: getting fucked." The sounds of slapping skin filled the room. I knew that I wouldn't be wearing a thong for awhile.

It figured: He was no minuteman. He seemed set to take his whole hour. He was good at this. I guess his daughter was right, older men do it better. I'm pretty sure she wasn't talking about her dad...or was she? She seemed to be bringing it up a lot lately, and she did keep me out late, knowing....

("Oh god! Did that cunt set me up?")

I'd have to settle with her later, because her dad snapped me up and started stroking his cock right in front of my face. I looked up, and his face was orgasmic. Looking down, I scrunched my face because I knew what was coming, although I wasn't prepared for the volume. I winced with every strand of warm cum landing on my face. He wasn't satisfied until I had his cock back in my mouth and every drop was milked out. It tasted as bad as I thought it would, but it didn't make me sick, just a little repulsed. I could also feel his cum oozing down my face. It didn't help.

He struggled, but did manage to untie me. Then he grabbed my hair again, and I was being dragged along, half blinded by cum (I figured to the bathroom). I felt a sudden rush of cool air, and then I heard a door slam. I wiped an eye clean before screaming out loud, realizing that I was standing on the front porch, naked. I banged on the door a couple of times, but I figured I'd better make a run for it. So...naked, with my face dripping cum, I ran the short distance home.


In the years that followed I never forgot that night. Both the good parts and the bad. I've learned that sex is like that. I thought college might give me new adventures to replace it, but all's I got were memories of being groped by drunken, easily forgotten frat boys.

Veronica and I went to different colleges and saw each other only a handful of times in the 4 years. But, after college, she asked me to move in with her to save on expenses. I agreed (since that was preferable to moving back with the folks) and tried to make the best of it.

Vee seemed to have matured in college and was really into her first real job and her boyfriend, Mike. (They shared cubicles at work.) She didn’t even come on to me anymore. I'll admit to being a little jealous, since things weren't going as well for me. I also still carried a little chip on my shoulder. One night when she came home a little tipsy from a night out, I flat out asked her about that night years before. At first she denied knowing anything, but she wasn't convincing. With some persistence, I was finally able to pry an admission out of her.

"Oh, that night my dad fucked your brains out." She apologized and then burst out laughing. She said she always knew I wanted her dad, and she knew he was ready. (She had some stupid saying about how horny he was.) She went on to say that she was listening outside the door as I screamed out in ecstasy. She reached up and slid her hands under my shirt and felt me up. She even mocked me.

And then she did it...she called me a slut.

From that day on, I set out to exact some revenge. I wasn't sure about the particulars, but I'd get even some way. She might have been right about her dad, and I might have able to live with being set up that way.... But no one laughs in my face and calls me a slut.


The plan hit me one night at a smoky, noisy, nightclub. My cousin Steven was a bouncer there and always snuck me in (to avoid the cover charge). He fit the role. He was tall and bulky and, with his dark eyes, bald head, and goatee, he was intimidating. A friend of mine from the club whispered into my ear. "I'd hate to meet him in a dark ally."

It planted a seed.

I invited Steven over to my place after closing. (Vee was staying over at her boyfriend's.) He was surprised (since we weren't that close), but he came. After some meaningless banter, I showed him a beach picture of Vee and asked him if he was interested.

"I'd hit that," he said, flashing a dirty grin.

I sighed deeply and, with the help of five hours of drinking, I told him my plan. When I finished I finally looked up at him. He was pulling on his goatee.

"Let me get this straight. You work late on Thursday, and she doesn't. You want me to come over and sneak in (using your spare key), hide like a robber, and do...what...to your roommate when she comes home?"

"Make her undress. You know, strip. Bring a mask and some sort of weapon. Scare the crap out of her."

"You know...an intruder with a weapon probably wouldn't just make her undress and leave."

(Shit!) I thought he might just be right, especially when he sees her naked. (I'm not proud of what I said next.) "Do what you must.... Just don't hurt her and don't be mean."

"You know what that's called, don't you...?"

"Yep, but don't say it," I gushed. (I felt bad enough about it.)

"Jesus!" he cried out. "Well, I guess you CAN'T judge a book by its cover, Miss Goody-Goody. Do I want to know what she did to you?"

I just shook my head and pleaded with him to do it. He said the offer was tempting, but he was on probation and didn't want to risk it. I pleaded and pleaded but he wasn't budging. I finally offered him money (that I didn't have).

"Girl, I know you don't have any money," he said, sadly. He sat down on the couch, stuck one hand in his pocket, and stroked his goatee with the other. A smile formed on his lips. "Well.... You know what, take your fucking clothes off."

I gasped. "Steven, you're my cousin."

"Who gives a fuck!" He raised his voice. "Do it or I‘ll rip them off yah!"

I stood in front of him in stunned silence. Fueled by alcohol (or was that an excuse?) I figured it might be the only way, so I began to undress. I looked to the floor as my clothes piled up. When I was butt-naked he took a good long look at me. It was embarrassing, but I was more nervous about what he might do to me now. He had me play with my nipples until they were good and hard. Then he ordered me to turn around and bend over, and, if that wasn't bad enough, I had to spread my ass cheeks, and then reach even deeper and spread my pussy. I wanted to die.

"You must want this pretty bad," he said with a smile. I let out a deep sigh, turned around and sat down on the couch next to him. (I didn't realize how much I wanted revenge until I actually spread myself open for his eyes.)

I stroked his arm. "Please, do it for me. No one will know. I don't think she'll even call the cops."

He laughed. "Honey, if you're trying to use your womanly ways, you best start stroking a different part of my body."

I smacked my lips and jumped up. "Asshole!" I shouted. I started putting my clothes back on. He just sat there smiling. I was calling him nasty names, and he seemed to enjoy it. He said the only way he'd do it is if we were BOTH home. I got his meaning before he even finished. I told him he was brain damaged if he thought I'd go along with that. There were too many reasons to list.

He pulled a little device out of his pocket, and I saw why he'd been smiling the whole time. He rewound the tape, punched a button, and there was a strange voice talking about some old war.

"Damn, that's my old history professor," he said. (He flunked out of college.)

He tried it again, and there was MY voice talking about MY PLAN! He had me.

"I'm sure your roomie would want to hear this. How 'bout your parents? Maybe the cops? Yeah, I'll play it for my PO and see if any laws were fractured...." His voice became stern. "Now, like I said, I'll do it, but you will both be home. Now get them clothes back off. You have a killer body."

His compliment didn't help, but I didn't think I had much choice now. Oh, I still argued some more, but I finally agreed to HIS plan. I made him promise not to hurt us, though. He promised.

"And no anal sex," I added, dropping my panties onto the floor.

He rose to his feet. "Ok, but you better stop there, because I'm doing everything else." He smiled and unsnapped his pants. He motioned to the floor. "Time to finalize the deal."

Before he left, I gave him my spare key. I also had to swallow my pride (and his cum), but I got that tape back, after he fucked me silly. (No way I was letting him leave with it and make copies.)

When he left, I ran to the bathroom to vomit. I wondered if it was from the alcohol, what I'd just swallowed, or what I'd just done....

The next week was one of the most nerve racking ever. I didn't know when, but I knew it WAS coming. I had trouble eating, sleeping, and working. I was a mess. Then, on Friday night, I went to a business dinner with Vee and Mike. We had a good time and a few drinks (did I need them!), and then we decided to go back to our apartment to relax and have a few more. We opened the door, all happy to be home. Slipping off my coat, I heard a screech. I spun around, and there was a masked man, all in black, holding a silver gun to Mike's head.

"On the floor bitches...face down."

It was him. Tonight was the night. I almost felt relieved as I hit the floor. Vee followed, only a little slower. I heard some thuds and some groans, and then Mike crashed down onto the floor next to me. He was gagged and bleeding from the nose. Mike and I were tied up...with what felt like clothesline. (It wasn't real professional.) A cloth gag was wrapped around my head and mouth.

I was arranged on the couch next to Mike. Vee was standing in front of us. It hit me that she wasn't tied up or gagged like us. (Obviously the masked man had only planned on two of us and had run out of rope.) The man (Steven) whispered something in her ear and then reached up and fondled her breast. She closed her misty eyes and nodded. Then he moved over and sat on the armrest of the couch. He began teasing Mike about how sexy his woman was. I cringed. (How would an intruder know that she, and not I, was his woman?)

"Yeah, I've been watching her at work. She's quite the piece." I sighed into my gag. (He had a better plan then I thought.)

"But, let's see just how much." He pointed the silver gun at Vee. "Strip."

I cheered, Vee gulped, and Mike moaned into his gag. Steven smacked Mike upside the head.

"Please, I'm doing it," Vee pleaded, unbuttoning the red dress that she'd worn so proudly. She wiggled, and it slithered down her body, and she stepped out of it. She stood there in a sexy red bra and panties set with thigh-high white stockings and red pumps. Steven made her do this runway walk back and forth. Next, she kicked off her shoes and rolled her stockings down and off. She stood up and paused like she was trying to catch her breath.

Steven said one word. "Tits."

She moaned and slid her bra off, covering her small but perky breasts with her arms. "Please, not the panties."

I laughed inside at her cluelessness. Silly girl.

Steven laughed outwardly. "Sure, you can keep your panties on." He stopped laughing. "And then I'll shoot lover boy here in the kneecap."

Vee quickly slid her panties down and off. She was shaved clean, as always. She got the same turn around and spread'em treatment that I had. Steven was taking his sweet-ass time. He seemed mesmerized by how pink Vee's pussy was. I coughed into my gag.

"Hey, your friend looks a little hot. Why don't you help her out?" He gestured toward me. (My turn.)

Vee spun around. "Please, leave them out of it. I-I'll do whatever you want. Just leave them alone. Really, I‘ll do anything."

(Her plea surprised me. I would have never thought.)

Steven stood up. "If I weren't wearing this mask, you'd see my tears. That was so touching. 'Anything,' huh...? Alright, crawl over here and suck my dick."

Mike began barking into his gag, until Steven smacked him again, this time with the gun. Vee dropped to her knees. "Ok, Ok, but not in front of him." Steven nodded his head. "Don't...that's cruel." Vee pleaded.

"Crawl, bitch, or I'll show you cruel." He pointed the gun at Mike's crotch. Mike was whimpering, and Vee dropped to all fours and crawled over.

On arrival, he patted her on the head. "Good girl."

They were standing right in front of us. Vee reached up and slid his pants down. He wasn't wearing any underwear, and his hard cock flew up and almost smacked her in the face. I giggled a little. I was also flooded with excitement. For the first time I was about to watch another woman suck cock, and it was Vee, and she had to do it in front of her boyfriend. She licked her lips and took his cock into her mouth. I noticed Steven's pants still bunched around his ankles. He wasn't the smartest masked intruder ever, but he proved he had some brains. He pointed the gun at Mike's head. "I feel any teeth, bitch, and I pull the trigger."

Vee gurgled something, but Steven pulled on her red hair and sped her up. It was no time for talking. (And Steven didn't just stand there and get his dick sucked; he was an active participant.) Vee gagged, gasped, slurped, spit, and nearly puked as Steven assaulted her mouth for some time. He finally pulled out and sprayed her face full of gooey white cum.

I found myself thinking "Yeah, just like your dad did to me...take that bitch."

Honestly, he missed with most of it, because Vee managed to rock back out of range. Steven dragged her by the hair into the kitchen. He must have sprayed her with that sprayer thing on the sink, because when they came back she was dripping wet from head to toe. (Why did she have to look so sexy now?) Steven cleared off the coffee table and helped her into position. She was left lying on the table on her back, her legs off to the side. She did some whimpering, as I'm sure she knew she was in for more. Steven dragged her down to the edge of the table, her pussy almost hanging off the edge. He used his fingers to spread her open. His head slowly lifted, and our eyes met. I gulped. I guessed it was "show time" for me.

He moved over and pulled me to my feet. He ripped my gag down and then made quick work of the buttons on my blouse. With my hands bound behind my back, I was helpless to stop him from groping me, although I did some pleading. He chuckled, noticing that my bra was a front latch. He opened it and went to work on my exposed breasts. I looked to Vee. Where were her pleas now? He teased me about my erect nipples. It was predictable. He sucked on them and even bit'em. He grabbed hold of a nipple and led me over to Vee, pushing me to my knees right in front of her exposed pussy. I knew what he wanted. That was also predictable. I knew this is why he'd wanted us both there.

"Please, don't ask me to do that," I pleaded. (I knew the guys didn't know that we'd done this before.)

He answered by pushing my head down, and my face smacked into Vee's pussy. I fought him a little to make it look good, and then I went to work. Steven was right by my side, groping me as I licked and sucked on Vee's pussy. Her pussy's smell and taste brought back memories. I found her hard clit. I knew she liked this. (She went crazy if you sucked on her clit.) I took it in my mouth and chewed on it and sucked it hard. I wanted to make her cum. I knew that, in this situation, that would be the last thing she would want.

Steven was cheering me on. Vee began thrashing around. It was working. She was going to cum. Apparently, Steven wasn't ready for that because he stood up and grabbed my head. His dick was hard again, and he forced it into my mouth. (His was only average, but he was really thick.) It was quick because he wanted more. He pushed me back onto Vee's pussy and then climbed in back of me. He lifted my dress up and ripped my panties down. I was glad that I was a little wet already because he just rammed it right into me.

With my arms tied, it was harder to eat pussy while being fucked from behind. It took Steven a little bit to get going, but he found his game and fucked me good. Then it was Vee's turn. Steven moved her over to the couch and fucked her right next to her boyfriend. It was indeed cruel, but I loved it. He ordered me down by his side. I almost laughed. I knew his intentions. When he pulled out, I had to suck. (What was the big deal? I had a face full of Vee's pussy juices already.)

What was a big deal is that, when he finally came inside her pussy (what, no cum-shot this time?), I had the job of eating it out of her. That was gross. The only reason I complied is because Steven stuck his finger in my asshole and promised more if I didn't. (Damn, I'd let him know my weakness.)

We were both led into the kitchen, and I was right about that sprayer thingy. We both got drenched. The water was freezing (like I needed my nipples any harder). Steven was still feeling frisky. He pressed us together and made us make out. Then we had to suck on each other nipples. He made us suck him back to life. He led us back into the living room and untied my hands. He pointed the gun at us and ordered us to get into a 69 position. We both looked at each other. (Yeah, we'd done this before.) We were just getting into position when Mike (who had gotten his hands free) sprang up from the couch, knocked the gun away, and wrestled Steven to the floor. Vee sprang up and grabbed the gun. Steven tossed Mike aside and, when he looked up, Vee was pointing the gun at him. (I was frozen with fear.) He stood up and put his hands in the air. Mike jumped up and tore the mask off.

Things had gone terribly wrong. I could see that Vee recognized him from the club.

"HEY!” She screamed out looking over at me. “That's your fucking cousin.... The bouncer."

Steven grabbed his mask back, and then walked over and snatched the gun away. "It wasn't even loaded. She was playing a game." He walked to the door. "Cuz, you explain it to them."

I tried, but I was outnumbered. (They were obviously pissed.)

Mike tackled me and held me down. He was wild. Vee even tried to stop him at first but she slowly gave her blessing. Mike fucked me. I probably wouldn’t have cared but it was up the ass and hurt like hell.

I figured we were even now and decided it would be best if I left for the night. When I came back the following day, I found all my stuff had been dumped onto the front lawn. I saw them in the window. And that was the last I saw of them.


And that was the end of her narrative.

I put down the papers. My heart was pounding. While I didn't recall much about the first part of her story, I certainly remember the second part...vividly. You see, my name's Steven, and I'm the masked man. Honestly, I had the time of my life that night. It was like a dream come true.

I was a little puzzled, though. I looked in the envelope again.

Aha! There was one more paper that I'd missed. I unfolded it. It was a hand-written note.

Hi Steven,

Theses are pages right from my journal. I hope this reminds you of our past. I figured it was the best way I could explain myself. I know people change, but it's time again, you know?

You see, I've been close to this woman at my work. We go to the same gym. She thinks she's all that because she's won some beauty contests and is married to some rich lawyer. Ok, she's hot. I think she has fake breasts though. She caught me looking, one night in the showers, and now she's spreading rumors about me and won't even talk to me. She’s also turning my co-workers against me. The bitch has to pay.

You know how I get even.

We are in the same spin class. It's late and ends right before closing. The place is usually deserted except for our class, which has seven, sometimes eight women in pretty good shape. (It's an advanced class.) We hit the showers around 10:30pm. I've always wondered (fantasized) what would happen if an armed masked man invaded. It seems almost too easy.

Think about it. No one knows you out here. Did you even get in trouble last time? Do you still have that silver gun? The black mask? Have you learned from past mistakes? Think you might need some help, or could you swing it just by yourself? Ever want a sex slave? Kidnap me and this woman and keep us for pets for a few days. But like last time don’t hurt us...just use us.

If you're like me, nothing in your life has been as exciting as that night. Isn't it time to feel alive again? No holes (yes, that's what I mean) barred this time.

Think about it,

Tiff ******************************

I wiped my brow. (This girl was something.) I moved over to my desk and opened the bottom drawer. I took out the steel lock box and opened it up. I stared at my old gun and mask. They've tempted me over the years, but have stayed in this box since that night.

I symbolically blew the dust off them. I had some planning to do.

The End

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