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11-28-2006, 08:27 PM
A Fantasy That Cums Through The Screen
by Young_Dream04

NY*5*: How old are you?

Young***04: 19, why?

NY*5*: Well I saw what you wrote in the chat room and it made me very hard.

Young***04: Really? How hard? Hard enough to want to feel my tongue run up and down your chest? Causing your hard cock to grow more.

NY*5*: Yea baby, thatís it. Let me feel you, let me taste you.

Young***04: How old are you?

NY*5*: 51, is that ok baby? I want to feel your tongue.

Young***04: Why donít you be a good boy and sit back and let me do all the work.

NY*5*: Yea baby, get me all hot.

Young***04: You sit back in your chair as I walk into the room. Youíre typing away and didnít hear me cum in. I move closer to you and push back your chair; you look up in surprise but canít do anything about it. I roll your chair back and run my hands down your chest. My hands move down to your thighs then back up to your crotch. My small soft hands gently massage youíre already growing cock. I look up into your eyes. You smile down at me. I smirk up at you and move to your belt. I undo your belt and move your pants down. You lift your lower body up for me to make it easier. I then lean forward and kiss you cock through your boxers. I move my hands all around your lower body. I quickly take your boxers off and out pops your hard cock. Itís so big and strong. MmmmmÖ it looks good enough to eat.

NY*5*: yea baby, take it all inÖohhh yess

Young***04: My hands slowly take your hard cock and stroke up and down. You grow in my hand as my pace moves faster. I lean forward and kiss the tip, teasing you. Ohhh yess I can taste you on my lips. I lift your cock up and trail my tongue on the underside, following your strong pulsing vein. Ohh you feel so good against my tongue.I slowly take you into my mouth. My hot wet mouth taking as much of you in as I can. Slowly drawing you in and out. My hands move to your balls as my tongue swirls all around your throbbing cock. Slowly and softly I massage your balls. I love the feeling. You taste so good. I want you to cum in my mouth. I suck on you faster and harder now. My pace sucking you in and out in and out, my tongue moving all around the head of your cock. I can taste the precum on you. Ohh yes, I love it and I want more. I move faster and faster. Then my hands take over. I squeeze you with just the right amount of pressure. You feel my hot breath against your balls. My tongue moves out and licks your balls. You jump at my touch. I then begin to take some of your balls carefully into my mouth. Sucking slowly, bringing you to so much pleasure.

NY*5* : Ohhh yess, yesss baby. Keep going please donít stop.

Young***04: I want to taste your cum, but not yet. Iíd rather have you in me. I quickly get up and move the stuff of the edge of your desk. I sit up never losing touch of you. I lift my skirt up and you see I have no panties on. Iím dripping wet. I get up on your desk and spread my legs in front of you. I want you in me, but you have other ideas. You get down on your knees and bring your lips to my hot wet pussy. I feel your breath on my clit. Iím dying to feel your hot tongue on me, in me. You lean down and begin tracing your tongue on my outer lips. Them diving into me. My head is thrown back; my arms brace the desk behind me. Ohh god yess. yess ohh your tongue it feels soo good. You throw my legs over your shoulders so you can get at me better. You nibble on my throbbing clit, oh my god yes. Donít stop- yes yes keep going. You bring your big strong fingers up and begin massaging my clit as your tongue dives deep into my hot wet cunt. You bring me so close to cumming I begin to scream. Yess ohhh god. My heart is pounding. My body is rocking to your motion, my hips grinding on the desk. I bit my lip with all the moans coming out of my mouth. You quickly get up and thrust your cock into me. Ahhhh, Iím so tight I scream with a sharp pain. You keep thrusting into me.

NY*5*: Yea take it bitch. Ohh yea.. you like this donít you.

Young***04: Oh my god, yes! Ohh yess yess! Donít stop. You lean forward your arms bracing the desk. Your arm rubs the side of my breasts. Oh god yes. As you thrust into me harder you lean down and take one of my nipples into your mouth. I feel your teeth and tongue- the pleasure is soo strong I begin screaming. My hips are rocking faster and faster. Yes fuck me harder, harder. I feel you tense up and I know youíre gonna shoot your hot cum inside me. You thrust deeper and deeper. Yesss. Harder. Ohhhhh. I can feel myself going over the edge. You look at me and I lean down to kiss you. I can taste myself on you. Mmmm it tastes real good. My tongue moves into your mouth. We kiss faster and harder as you pump into my hot tight cunt. Ohh god yess yess Iím gonna cum. You thrust long hard strokes into me, I can feel it.. Ohh god god yess yessÖ Ohh you begin filling me with your hot cum. Ohh yess yessÖa few more thrusts and Iím cumpletely filled. You lean forward and rest your head on my breasts. Mmmm that was soo good..

NY*5*: Ohh Iím cumming..yess yess. You did it, ohh soo fucking good.

Young***04: You like that honey? Do you want more of that? Email me and let me know one of your fantasies. Iíll fulfill youíre every dream.

11-29-2006, 05:00 AM
thanx for sharing. im sure some of our members will like this one