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    Anonyminity by Romany


    By Romany

    The presentation did not go well. The body language of Taylor and
    his account heavies showed only too well we were not in the
    ballpark with what they were looking for. Geoff soldiered on
    giving the spiel with Marilyn and I adding the detail that was
    meant to be the substance to the slides that we thought were the
    hook to get their interest. As we walked from Taylor’s corporate
    offices, Marilyn led Geoff ahead and a sinking feeling came to my
    stomach. The bitch was going to blame me for the dismal showing.
    I had collated their material with mine and we had all reviewed
    the presentation and even practiced the delivery twice through
    beforehand. So why Marilyn now thought the blame for our poor
    showing was my fault escaped me. I knew she and Geoff were having
    a relationship that they were keeping secret from the office so
    no surprise she would enlist his support. On the face of it, I
    got on fine with Geoff and I knew he would look at our failure
    objectively and not to apportion blame; certainly not blame me
    solely for the material. I watched them ahead of me and Marilyn
    was pressed in against him with her head looking up as she was
    clearly giving Geoff her view of things, and me no doubt, so that
    I couldn’t hear. To his credit Geoff was obviously arguing back
    even though I could not hear exactly what was being said. As they
    reached the curb of the sidewalk, Geoff looked around and stopped
    and waited for me to catch them up.

    “Well that was a complete fuck up,” he said half jokingly half
    serious. “Does anyone feel like a drink?”

    “Might as well,” I said just as Marilyn said “Not me, we should
    get going.”

    Geoff looked at her and ignoring her answer he nodded to a bar
    across the street.

    “Come on…my treat,” he said with a grin, knowing he would expense
    the tab.

    Marilyn looked slighted by his ignoring her and shot me a stern
    look as she fell in beside Geoff. I grinned to myself. Geoff
    could do way better than Marilyn. She was a butt licker and had
    crawled her way onto our sales team from the Layout department.
    If anyone should have seen the weaknesses in our presentation she
    should have. She had one thing going for her; she had a smoking
    body. Her face was thin and her chin was little to prominent and
    she had thin, almost cruel looking, lips. Her hair was long fine
    natural blonde and from a distance, the body caused you to turn
    your head. It was only when you studied the face that you
    realized she was not beautiful but I must concede she did present
    an attractive package if you didn’t get too picky on her face.
    She and Geoff thought nobody knew about them but it was probably
    the worst kept secret in the department. It also went against our
    policy of non-cohabitation so that was reason enough for them to
    pretend they were just colleagues.

    We trooped into the bar and sat on a stool each and Geoff ordered
    two beers for him and me and a margarita for Marilyn. I smiled
    seeing Geoff order for her without asking what she wanted;
    clearly familiar enough with her that he knew what she always
    drank. I sat next to Marilyn and Geoff was next to me and after
    the drinks were delivered, Marilyn made a fuss that something on
    her stool was catching her leg and got up and moved around to sit
    next to Geoff leaving him in the middle.

    ‘Bitch!’ I thought, realizing she didn’t want to sit next to me.
    Geoff gave me a half apologetic look and eventually we were
    settled enough to have a quiet drink and debrief the miserable
    performance for Taylor and Company. Marilyn obliquely tried to
    pin the presentation shortcomings on me but Geoff was a good
    mediator and pointed out failings in slides we had all done. He
    reminded Marilyn we had reviewed the presentation twice, once for
    our boss Edward Hunter, and even he said we had a good spiel to
    put forward. Geoff got up and went to the can and I went to order
    another round of drinks and Marilyn cut me short by saying she
    had to get going, as it was four thirty and she needed to go back
    to the office before going home. I nodded and made the order for
    two beers. When Geoff came out of the bathroom, Marilyn jumped
    off the stool and walked towards him.

    “We’d best get going if you want to get back to the office before
    closing,” she said quickly.

    Geoff glanced at her quizzically and then a look of understanding
    came over his face and he looked past her at me.

    “I have to get going,” he said lamely. “Can you get the tab?”

    I knew Marilyn wanted to cut him away from me so they could go on
    to do whatever without me suspecting it was them going off in a
    romantic sense.

    “No problem,” I answered with a wink, and Geoff paused and stared
    at me.

    A faint look of realization clouded his face as I’m sure he
    considered I knew Marilyn and he had plans not aimed at getting
    them back to work. He gave me a wry look and nodded “thanks” and
    they left; Marilyn ignoring me totally as she almost ran out of
    the bar, leading Geoff like a big puppy.

    I sat looking at the two beers that I was now stuck with seeing
    Geoff would not be having his. Oh well, it was a reasonable
    answer to a bad afternoon. I could stand having three beers
    before wandering back to collect my car from the parking garage.
    I was pleased I had driven to Taylors and not taken a cab as
    Geoff and Marilyn had done. My apartment wasn’t all that far from
    here and this way I could drive straight home without having to
    taxi back to work to get my car. I sat gazing at the mirrored bar
    display and it was her reflection I saw first. She looked about
    forty, maybe a little older but what struck me most was seeing
    her scan the bar and then seeing me, she came quietly up beside
    me and slid up onto the stool Marilyn had complained about. She
    wore a light grey suit with a white blouse that had lace ruffles
    at the chest and I noted she had a firm full bust. Her hips were
    quite wide but in proportion to her boobs and this gave her waist
    a slim look. She had medium length dark hair that was slightly
    curly and it framed her attractive face nicely. She was a looker
    in her younger days and none too bad to look at even now. I
    picked she probably was married, or had been, and most likely had
    teen or young adult children. It was only as she went to sit that
    she realized I had been watching her in the mirror, as she had
    scanned the scene and then approached me from behind me. It
    struck me as odd at first, that she made a direct beeline for me
    when there were plenty of empty stools as the bar was almost

    “Do you mind if I sit here,” she said in a rather deep husky

    “No…be my guest,” I answered turning to look at her.

    “Thanks,” she answered. “I prefer being near someone so I don’t
    get hit on by men who live in a fantasy world,” she continued
    with a chuckle.

    I thought this was an odd statement as she had no way of knowing
    if I wasn’t one such pest I knew she was referring to. I took it
    as a compliment and grinned at her.

    “Can I get you a drink?” I said cheerily.

    “Oh…no thanks,” she said almost apologetically. “I prefer to buy
    my own…I hope that doesn’t offend you…” and she looked at me
    inquiringly, clearly seeking my name.

    “Ian Halliday,” I answered and put my hand out.

    “Pleased to meet you Ian Halliday,” she grinned and shook my
    hand. “I’m Evelyn Waugh.”

    “You’re kidding?” I chuckled. “Like Evelyn Waugh the author?”

    “Straight up,” she laughed. “My father was a great admirer of
    Waugh and with a surname like ours, he was determined to have an
    Evelyn; boy or girl, it didn’t matter.”

    The bartender came up to her and I noted he obviously recognized

    “What will it be?” he asked cheerily.

    “I’ll have a tequila Sunrise,” she replied smiling at the

    He turned and began mixing her drink.

    “It’s quiet today,” she observed still looking at the bartender
    who looked up and looked at her in the mirror so he could
    continue getting her drink; but hold a conversation with her
    without turning around.

    “It’ll pick up nearer five thirty when the offices start to empty
    out,” he answered and turned to hand her the drink.

    “I expect so,” she said looking at an expensive gold watch on her
    wrist. “I’ve totally lost track of the time,” she added looking
    at me as if to include me in the conversation. “Are you one of
    the office workers around here?” she said smiling at me and
    sipped her drink.

    “No I was just up this way for a customer meeting,” I answered
    easily. “I work downtown.”

    “Oh…I see,” she said simply, and then did a slight double take
    seeing two opened unfinished beers in front of me.

    “I ordered one for a colleague and then he got lured away,” I
    grinned. “So I have to finish his.”

    “Who lured him away?” she grinned.

    I explained the suspicions about Geoff and Marilyn and she
    chuckled as I related how everyone probably knew.

    “Ah…the office romance,” she laughed. “I’m not sure they are a
    good idea,” she continued with a chuckle. “It makes it very
    tricky for colleagues and can be a problem if they end badly,”
    she laughed.

    “I agree,” I chuckled and we fell into an awkward silence.

    “You driving?” she said looking at the beers as if to indicate I
    may have more than I should."

    “Yes but I live only a few blocks from here,” I said lamely
    trying to play down the drink drive situation I was

    “Naught naughty,” she said and tapped my arm. “You never know
    what may jump out in front of you,” she said with a smile despite
    her light chastisement.

    “I guess you’re right,” I said guiltily. “I could always take a
    cab at least.”

    “Sensible,” she grinned. “And what would your wife say?”

    “Oh I’m not married,” I answered.

    “Oh well your girlfriend then,” she smiled.

    The comment she made was clearly a feeler and this intrigued me.
    I just felt she was searching to see if I was single or not.

    “No girlfriend either,” I said and sipped my beer. “Just me.”

    “Oh surely you aren’t telling me that a good looking young man
    like you has no love in his life,” she said looking surprised,
    though I am sure she was just giving me flattery.

    The bartender turned and looked at me and shook his head a little
    as if to say ‘unbelievable’. He was easily in his fifties, maybe
    early sixties and had clearly heard all the lines going before.
    It occurred to me Evelyn was gently flirting with me. I was more
    than intrigued. Was she on the pickup…looking for some young
    stud? She didn’t look like a barfly and yet she was clearly alone
    when she arrived, and making all the conversation; right from her
    first approaching me.

    I laughed off her comment and explained I was not long out of a
    medium term relationship and had decided to chill out for a month
    or two.

    “Oh…I’m sorry to hear that,” she began, placing a hand on my arm.
    “I hope she misses you and realizes what a serious mistake she
    made letting you go,” Evelyn said, looking me in the eyes.

    “It’s unlikely,” I said with a chuckle. “She left for Europe with
    a friend. It was always likely and she decided it was time to do
    it before she decided to settle down.”

    “And you wanted to settle down and she didn’t?” Evelyn asked.

    “Not really…just bad timing I guess. I’d already done the
    backpacking thing to Europe and even spent a few months in Asia,
    and Australia and New Zealand. But for me I need to get
    established in my career so the prospect of wandering off again
    was really not an option.”

    “Ah…so you’re the sensible one then?” she said with a grin and
    drained her glass and placed it loudly on the bar.

    The bartender caught the noise and immediately came and took the
    glass to recharge it.

    “No,” I laughed. “Just bad timing…as I said. I’d already done
    what she needed to do.”

    We talked amiably for about an hour and the bar began to fill up
    just as the bartender predicted. Evelyn knocked back four Tequila
    Sunrises and I noted she was very happy for it. At one point I
    went to the bathroom, having had five beers by now, and when I
    returned she was standing waiting behind the spot where we were
    sitting. I noted a group of three men standing behind two women
    sitting on our seats and looked quizzically at Evelyn.

    “I’m sorry Ian,” she began, raising her voice over the hubbub of
    the full bar. “I went to the little girl’s room and when I came
    back our seats had been taken. Not much I could do I’m afraid.”

    I looked around and then back to her.

    “Oh well…maybe a good time to cut and run,” I grinned and glanced
    at my watch.

    It was just gone six o’clock. I should settle my tab and go and
    get my car. I was happy enough to believe I was capable of

    “I’d best settle my tab,” I said as I came up to here.

    “No need to worry,” she said confidently. “I already took care of

    “Evelyn…what…no…you shouldn’t have,” I stammered, embarrassed she
    had settled the tab that included drinks for Geoff and Marilyn
    earlier on.

    “Oh fiddle faddle,’ she laughed holding a hand up to stop my
    protesting. “It was peanuts and I enjoyed your company.”

    Then she looked around a little furtively and came up close to

    “I could actually enjoy some more of your company Ian,” she began
    and raised her head in a knowing gesture.

    I caught her meaning instantly. Evelyn, who was at least
    biologically if not socially old enough to be my mother, was
    giving me the come-on. I was shocked yet I had a warm feeling
    that she had brought about in me from the first few minutes she
    had settled next to me. She was very attractive and I did catch
    myself ogling her on the stool a couple of times she was
    distracted by the bartender or other patrons entering the bar.

    “What do you suggest?” I said feigning innocence.

    “You said you lived near here,” she began; holding my gaze. “What
    say we get a nice bottle of wine and continue our conversation at
    your place…if you think that would be all right,” she said with a
    knowing smile.

    Evelyn was picking me up. I stood somewhat nonplussed yet
    extremely flattered. The beers had made me very mellow and right
    now, given the enforced celibacy brought about by me
    ex-girlfriend Lisa leaving for Paris and climes; I was as randy
    as a buck rabbit in a rut and needing a good fuck. The solo
    hand-jobs failed to cut it anymore.


    She was very smug beside me as we walked towards the wine shop
    along from the bar we had just left. Once inside, she made the
    selection and transaction and I noted two bottles of expensive
    Bordeaux going into a flowery paper sack with soft rope handles.
    As I led her towards where my car was garaged she frowned and
    looked at me; stopping and looking around the street.

    “What are you doing?” she said with feigned reproach.

    “Going for my car,” I answered having forgotten her earlier
    chastisement for contemplating drinking and driving.

    “Tch, Tch,” she went with her lips pursed. “Naughty boy…you’re in
    no condition to drive. Leave it where it is and we shall take a
    taxi,” she said giving me a stern look.

    Before I could argue she stepped to the curbside and as if by
    magic, a cab pulled over in an instant.

    ‘Unbelievable’ I thought. ‘She hails a bloody cab in rush hour,
    as if it was meant for her.’

    The cab ride was quick and she pressed against me, holding the
    wine, in the back seat. We didn’t speak and she sat against me
    with a rather happy smile and watched all of the people hurrying
    along the streets on their way home, or to wherever, after a
    day’s work. It was Wednesday so most people would probably be
    heading for the subway or their bus to go home. On Thursdays and
    Fridays more would head for bars and restaurants. We arrived at
    my apartment and she sat and waited for me to pay the driver. She
    was on the outside of the car so I got out and held the door for
    her and she grinned as she saw me ogling the dark recess under
    her skirt as she splayed her legs to get out of the cab. I was
    definitely warming to the idea of getting it on with Evelyn. They
    were rather nice legs she had and very enticing; splayed apart as
    they were.

    “Rude boy,” she chuckled and took my arm as I closed the taxi
    door. “Now where do you live?”

    I guided her to my building and she raised her eyebrows and gave
    a small ‘m-m-m-m, very nice’ as she saw my apartment building was
    Tquite well appointed. We rode the elevator to my floor and soon
    I was pushing the key into the lock to let us in. I was generally
    a fastidious homeboy and knew the apartment was tidy and felt she
    would like the décor that Lisa had helped me put together when I
    first took the apartment. While Lisa had never moved in, she
    stayed over often enough to have a feeling of ownership in
    furnishings that she cajoled me to buy even despite me feeling
    they were too expensive. With everything quickly paid off, the
    place looked smart and had a nice ******ce without looking too
    flashy. Evelyn was impressed and said so.

    “Is this your work or the lost girlfriend on her travels?” she
    smiled looking around.

    “Not mine,” I laughed. “Lisa did the choosing and I paid.”

    I walked towards her and reached for the wine sack.

    “Let’s get one of these opened,” I said and she let me take the
    paper sack and I headed for the kitchen area.

    She wandered around as I found a corkscrew and began uncorking a
    bottle of the red wine. As I struggled to get the cork out I
    sensed she was now watching me and I looked up and saw she was
    smiling in a knowing way.

    “This is very nice Ian,” she said in a low husky voice. “I think
    we are going to get on famously.”

    I walked out of the kitchen area and up to her, handing her a
    large goblet of the red liquid. She took it from me and raised
    the glass to her nose and made a small affected smelling of the
    wine, with her eyes half closed. I thought this was a little
    pretentious but then maybe she was a wine connoisseur and I was
    being unkind. She sipped the wine and nodded her approval as she
    opened her eyes properly and held my gaze as I followed suit in
    tasting the wine. It was very good. She smiled at me.

    “Well…here we are,” she said evenly, smiling at me.

    “Here we are,” I echoed and sipped the wine again and stared at
    her; once again holding her gaze.

    “Ian if you would like to sit on the couch,” she began sweetly.
    “I would very much like to suck your cock,” and she turned half
    aside; and smiling at me she waved me towards my couch with a
    sweep of the hand that held the wine.


    She was a pro. Her technique was superb as she knelt and took me
    in as deep as she could and swirled her tongue, before slowly
    rising up so she had just the head between her lips; holding my
    gaze with her beautiful brown eyes, before slowly sinking down
    and taking me deep into her throat. For the first time in my
    twenty-six years, I watched a woman actually enjoy sucking cock.
    Nearly every woman and girl who had done this before was doing it
    for me as a sort of sufferance for the romantic and sexual
    relationship. But Evelyn was actually enjoying the act and in no
    small way, enjoying the power she held over me by watching my
    reaction intently. I had opened my pants but she made me take
    them off, and removed her suit jacket and blouse while I stripped
    naked from the waist. She wore a stunning white half cup bra and
    her breasts were magnificent, barely contained inside. As she
    sucked I could see the tops of her breasts and as she reared up
    to just lightly grasp the head of my cock in her lips, I saw the
    darkness of the aureole and a hint of nipple bursting to slip the
    cup of the bra; only to disappear again as she sank down on my
    cock. She slurped and sucked and moaned her enjoyment; I am sure
    as a deliberate soundtrack for my arousal. I thought of her
    surname Waugh and mused it might better be Whore; she was so
    expert at providing this running oral commentary. And it
    certainly worked. I took her head in my hands and began to work
    my hips gently on the couch seat and she smiled knowingly that
    she had indeed aroused me greatly. But as my hip movements became
    more urgent she squeezed my cock at the base and pulled off and
    looked at me with a faint expression of reproach.

    “Now, now…patience…we don’t want you to lose it just yet,” she
    crooned and she stared at me with an enigmatic smile; while
    gently massaging my balls in one hand and squeezing the base of
    my cock in the other.

    Satisfied I had staved off the rising ejaculation, she went back
    to work. It didn’t escape my attention that she knew exactly when
    to resume without me saying a word; and I knew this was something
    she had learned through much practice at sucking men’s dicks.
    Within about five minutes I felt the urge to let the ejaculation
    flow and she cocked her head to one side and looked up at me with
    a teasing look. A vague shape of a smile on her lips, despite
    them being open to take the girth of my cock; which was lodged
    against the inside of one cheek, making it bulge outwards. This
    time when I took her head she did not inhibit my rise in fervor
    to allow the release to build and she began sucking and stroking
    more urgently to match my onrushing orgasm; and with a cry of
    delicious anguish in release, I gasped and groaned and emptied
    myself into her. Pulling her head hard into me and she simply
    opened her throat and allowed me to get as much cock in her as
    her hand grasping the base would allow. She had measured the
    depth in her throat by using the hand as a stop so I did not
    cause her to gag and possibly vomit as a natural reaction to the
    cock going too deep. She took all of my ejaculation without
    losing a drop and as I finally emptied myself she slowly drew her
    head off. A string of saliva and semen extended from the head of
    my cock to her bottom lip and she glanced down at it, then up at
    me and smiled as she swirled her tongue like a lizard and broke
    the slippery connection between cock and lips.

    “That was a good one,” she sighed, still holding my cock.

    “Yes it was…it very much was,” I laughed, somewhat exhausted from
    the release while sitting on the couch; trapped by her elbows on
    my spread knees.

    She ran her tongue around her lips to clear any residue of semen
    or saliva and looked up at me with a big smile on her lips.

    “You’re a very big boy,” she crooned and worked her jaw
    deliberately. “My jaw is quite tired from taking you in,” she

    She looked at the small table at one end of the couch and reached
    across and took her glass of wine. She nodded to me to take mine
    and I picked up the glass.

    “A toast,” she said. “To a very nice carnal evening,” and she
    held her glass out for me to reciprocate the toast.

    I touched her glass with mine.

    “To a very nice carnal evening,” I chuckled and sipped the wine.

    She remained squatting between my knees with one arm across both
    my upper thighs. She seemed oblivious to my semi hard cock now
    that she had drained me with her mouth. She was gazing idly
    around the room and eventually after another sip of wine; she
    turned and looked up at me.

    “I think I’d like you to pleasure me orally Ian,” she smiled
    sweetly at me.

    I raised my eyebrows and grinned and nodded my agreement.

    “Sounds great,” I said.

    “Have you gone down on a woman before?” she asked sweetly and
    slowly pushed herself to stand before me.

    “Yes I have,” I said relieved that I could honestly say that.

    “That’s good,” she purred. “I’ve been served that way by both men
    and women and I am quite a stern judge of technique,” and she
    smiled sweetly and drained her glass of wine. “Perhaps in your
    bedroom,” she said and reached for the bottle of wine.

    I stood and turned and beckoned her to follow. She caught up with
    me and goosed me, causing me to jump.

    “You have a delicious butt,” she laughed. “Like football players
    in their spandex tights. Delicious to the eye but far better to
    touch,” she giggled and goosed me again.

    I didn’t mind being the sex object. I was becoming aroused again
    by her carnal honesty. She signaled her approval of my bedroom
    with a sultry ‘m-m-m-m-m, nice’ as she ran a hand over the satin
    cover Lisa had bought for me. I stripped the cover and duvet,
    leaving just the bottom sheet and pillows on the bed. The room
    was set at an even 73 degrees so perfectly warm enough for a
    naked body. I removed my shirt and she came up to me and ran her
    hands through my chest hair.

    “M-m-m-m” I like a little thatching,” she purred and for the
    first time since being home, she raised her face in offer for me
    to kiss her.

    We were both holding our wine glasses so the kiss was light and
    subtle touching of the lips yet she pushed her tongue between my
    lips and tongued me. I was hard again and this surprised me given
    I had cum hard so recently. I wanted her naked so I slowly broke
    the kiss and took her wine glass from her and placed both on the
    night stand. She took her cue and slowly unzipped her suit skirt
    and stepped out of it. Her shoes had already been discarded in
    the living room. I sucked in my breath as I saw she had self
    supporting stockings and not the dark pantyhose I thought she was
    wearing. Her underwear didn’t match as she wore a small pair of
    black hikini panties. It was apparent the white bra was necessary
    due to her wearing a white blouse. But the black panties and
    stockings were definitely for this very moment. It occurred to me
    Evelyn Waugh had dressed for a sexual encounter this day.
    Probably having no idea where it would come from. I wondered why
    the white blouse and not a darker blouse so she could wear
    matching black bra and panties. I never could understand the
    whims and nuances of woman’s fashion.

    She unhooked the bra and two magnificent breasts tumbled out.
    They certainly were not the firm uplifted breasts of a twenty
    year old and I had no doubt she had had children; and most likely
    she breast fed them given the size and contours of her breast. He
    skin had a nice even tan which I suspected was gained at tanning
    studios. I had this feeling Evelyn was a rich man’s wife and
    money was no object. A bored homemaker whose kids were
    independent on a daily basis. Probably the late teens or young
    adults I had assessed she could have when I met her at the bar.
    And as well as this, the thought she could be old enough to be my
    mother! I stepped forward and massaged her breasts and twirled
    the nipples and she gasped and smiled as I bent and took one
    nipple into my mouth while working the other with my hand. She
    was a head shorter than me and I had to stoop so she cradled my
    head to her breast and I heard her breathing and realized she
    found this erotic. I slid the hand on her breast slowly down her
    tummy and into the waistband of the panties. I paused in surprise
    when I noted the absence of pubic hair, and then having digested
    this discovery; I moved down and felt her vulva. She hissed and
    groaned and pulled my head harder against her breast and I slid
    my fingers between her labia. She was very wet and as I fingered
    her slit and nudged upwards against her clitoris, she gave a
    little tremor and pulled her groin against my hand.

    “Oh fuck…eat me,” she gasped, and she twisted away from me and
    backed up towards the side of the bed and fell back splaying her
    legs open.

    I moved to the bed and stood beside her and pulled the panties
    and she lifted her butt and closed her legs and allowed me to
    draw them off. She was indeed totally denuded of pubic hair. Her
    mons veneris was full and plump and the inner sex lips wrinkled
    and protruding beyond the fuller labia. With the panties now
    discarded, she anticipated my advance on her and slid a little
    further back on the bed and splayed her legs obscenely. I knelt
    between them and zeroed in on her full open sex and she groaned
    and hissed “y-e-s-s-s-s” as she felt my tongue slide up her slit
    and wriggle against her clitoris. I went to work and soon had
    three fingers wedged deep in her wet hungry cunt and she held my
    head against her crotch as I ate her out. I wondered briefly how
    I would stack up; given her comments she was a stern judge of
    technique. But her body language was telling me she was clearly
    very engaged by what I was doing and her voice was a continuous
    low languid moan of enjoyment as I worked her with my mouth and
    fingers. Her first orgasm took me by surprise and her crooning of
    enjoyment suddenly changed pitch and she gave a series of short
    guttural gasps as she trembled under me and as the wave passed
    through her, she gave a small almost hysterical sob of enjoyment.
    It was clear she wasn’t finished and her hands were still
    clasping my head into her and her hips were urging me to
    continue. I slid my free hand up her body and found a hard nipple
    and began to squeeze it firmly. This brought about a change of
    tone in her voice and I felt a surge of ego as I realized I had
    taken her up another notch in her pleasure scale. Evelyn liked a
    little pain on her breasts. I shoved my fingers in harder to
    match the pressure of my fingers on her nipple, and bore into her
    clit with my pursed tongue; stiff like a little cock. She gasped
    and let another sob of pleasure escape her lips. I had three
    fingers in her and the pinkie nudging around her anal pucker
    simply because of the location of the other fingers positioned
    inside her. I had a thought and deliberately mustered more saliva
    which I felt run across my fingers in her cunt and down into the
    cleft of her butt to her anus. As she began to move on my mouth,
    I slowly forced the pinkie into her wet anus.

    At first she baulked as she felt the finger push into the first
    knuckle but I soon realized it was due to the dryness despite the
    saliva dribbled there. I slicked the area with what saliva I
    could and slid the pinkie back in. She sighed her approval and I
    pushed my hand so the three fingers were as afar in her cunt as
    they could go, and the pinkie beside them was captured by her
    tight sphincter. I slowly worked my hand back and forth and she
    lost it. She came hard. First arching her back and then lifting
    her head and shoulders off the bed, only to fall back and buck
    her hips at me. I hung on stoically and savaged her nipple and
    she cried out loudly and sobbed in repeated waves of pleasure. My
    face was soaked and I heard her groan “oh God” and she brought a
    hand over her face in apparent embarrassment. She had squirted. I
    had never experienced any woman squirt although I had read it was
    entirely possible for some women to have this natural
    ejaculation. So it was true judging by the wetness that came from
    her. I always thought it was the bladder letting go but this was
    not urine coating my lips and chin.

    The second orgasm wiped her out and as she lay with her hands
    lightly on my head. I slowly raised myself from the crouching
    position; pausing to allow the blood to circulate properly in my
    legs. I stood between her legs, bent at the knees and draped off
    the bed. The sight was pure canal delight. Her wet open sex was
    prominent between her thighs and the dark stockings with the
    embroidered tops framed her legs. Her body was still pretty good
    for a forty something. I lifted her legs roughly and stopped to
    allow them to hook over my shoulders. She opened her eyes briefly
    and then smiled as she saw my cock bobbing above the line of her
    pubis and as I shoved into her, she groaned “oh yes…go for it”
    and closed her eyes as she lay back and I fucked her. I rutted
    and shoved with animal abandon. Her response to my eating her out
    had so turned me on I did not hang around to draw out the fuck. I
    simply went at her as hard as I could and as I heard my thighs
    slapping her butt, I watched her breasts jostle and jiggle as her
    body quivered with my onslaught. I saw she was watching me
    through half closed eyes and she held a smile of satisfaction on
    her lips as I slammed hard and started cumming. Shoving my hips
    into her as I sought to go as deep as I possibly could get; and I
    struggled to achieve total penetration. I came hard a second
    time, gasping and groaning and during my grimacing of pleasure I
    noted she had her eyes open and was in obvious awe at the effort
    I was putting in to my release.


    We lay side by side on the bed. I had recharged our wine glasses
    and we each took a long sip after she touched glasses as a seal
    of approval on some great sex just enjoyed.

    “So what do you do,” I asked after a period of reflection on what
    led her here.

    “You don’t need to know,” she said and smiled at me. “It’s better
    if we don’t know anything about each other.

    This was a surprising comment given we were in my bed in my
    apartment on this street. And she knew my name and who my last
    girlfriend was and where Lisa was.

    “You have me at a disadvantage,” I said and stared at her.

    “How so?” she asked and inched up against the pillow to sip hr
    wine again.

    I reminded her of what I had already told her about me.

    “Ah yes…but then nobody said this was a democratic pastime,” she
    smiled at me. “What you chose to tell me was your business. What
    I choose not to tell you is mine,” she said glibly and took
    another sip of wine and lay back against the pillow and stared
    ahead with a smile on her lips.

    ‘Bitch’ I thought, given her patronizing response.

    “So you won’t tell me anything?” I began. “Husband and what he
    does, or are you divorced; how many children, whether you
    work…how you can be out like this…where you live?” I said noting
    all the things that had passed through my thoughts since meeting

    Her reaction took me a little off guard as she turned slowly with
    a stern look on her face.

    “You got your fuck,” she said acerbically. “Don’t screw up the
    moment by becoming too inquisitive.”

    “You got your fuck to,” I shot back, a little peeved at her
    sudden change of attitude.

    Her expression softened and she looked away and sipped her wine
    and then pondered the exchange we just had.

    “Did you ever see Last Tango in Paris?” she asked thoughtfully
    and looked at me. “The Brando Bertolucci movie of about 1972.”

    “Vaguely…it was one of those movies on DVD I remember seeing with
    some friends as we heard it was kind of dirty,” I answered
    puzzled at her question.

    “Well in that move, which was considered a hot box office
    property due to the sex, Brando meets this young Parisian girl
    when they both are viewing an apartment for lease. They wander
    the apartment and studiously avoid each other but all the time a
    sexual tension is building in Brando. He finally fucks her; it
    starts out as rape but she quickly consents to what is
    happening,” she explained and paused to sip her wine.

    “So what’s that got to do with me knowing more about you?” I
    asked but I did have a vague idea where she was going.

    “They became lovers, and he would not tell her anything about
    himself or know anything about her; saying it was better for
    their relationship not to know anything about each other. They
    would meet at the apartment which by now he had rented, and screw
    their brains out in some of the hottest simulated sex of the
    time. I believe it was restricted and X-rated.”

    “So you think it’s better if we don’t know anything about each
    other,” I said getting the parallel she was drawing with the
    retelling of the movie plot.

    “Exactly. This way we can give and not be constrained by any
    facts or knowledge we have about each other that might constrict
    our basic lust…which is after all what brought us together
    today,” she said and smiled at me.

    “Didn’t she shoot him at the end?” I asked recalling the movie a
    little better now she had prompted my recollection.

    “All the more reason not to tell each other who we are,” she
    chuckled. “He, Brando, fell in love with her and broke his rule
    by pursuing her to find out who she was. She was now comfortable
    with anonymity and repelled him. The shooting came at the end
    when he broke into her house. Her last words in the movie were,
    ‘I don’t know who he is’ and she meant it, truthfully.”

    I pushed an arm behind my head and sipped my wine; pondering her
    description of the movie and our encounter today.

    “Do you agree we remain anonymous beyond what we know of each
    other?” she asked and looked inquiringly at me; a little
    apprehensive I might not be willing to be her anonymous fuck.

    “You’re right,” I said finally. “Why should we know more about
    each other? It’s not like we are seeking a long term
    relationship,” I added and sipped my wine.

    She stiffened a little at my response and it was apparent she
    could say what she meant and wanted; but my comment was a little
    more blatant as it clearly articulated that she was not a long
    term prospect for me. And it was unspoken, but obvious in what I
    said, that her age was the barrier. No woman likes to hear she is
    not considered as a viable option for a relationship no matter
    what the obvious situation is. It’s like telling someone who is
    overweight that they are overweight. They know it but don’t like
    having it pointed out.

    “Good…that’s good,” she said unconvincingly.

    It was what she wanted to hear but didn’t sound so good actually
    spoken out loud. She lay back against the pillow and we lapsed
    into silence. I had an idea. I did recall the movie but for one
    vivid scene only. I rolled towards the night stand and searched
    around inside with one hand. I sensed she had turned towards me
    to see what I was up to as the wine bottle was on her nightstand
    and it clearly wasn’t what I was looking for. I found what I
    wanted. A part used tube of KY that Lisa and I sometimes used
    when she was dry and experiencing discomfort with sex. I placed
    the tube on the top of the nightstand and put my wine glass down
    as well. I turned towards her and she was watching me
    inquisitively. I took her wine glass and placed it beside mine.
    She smiled realizing I was about to initiate more sex and she lay
    in a deliberately helpless pose; enjoying the fact I was about to
    take the initiative she had had earlier.

    “Roll over,” I said quietly.

    She looked a little curiously at me and obeyed. Lying flat on her
    stomach with her hands beside her head on the pillow. I drew
    myself up across her and straddled her legs and began kneading
    her butt cheeks. I noted the little dimples on her buttocks
    signify loss of muscle tone due to her age. Her butt was full and
    round; not the peach shape of younger women. I slowly worked her
    legs a little apart and saw the plump fullness of her sex
    squished by her thighs and butt cheeks. I worked her with my hand
    for awhile and she started to get into what the fingers were
    doing. I motioned her to lift her hips and after a bit more
    searching inside her sex with my fingers, I coaxed her to kneel
    before me. At this point I spread her butt cheeks and went into
    her with my mouth.

    “Oh that’s delicious,” she sighed into the pillow as my tongue
    moved from her slit up over the perineum to her anal pucker, and
    back along that route.

    I did this for several minutes and gradually spent longer at the
    anus; rimming her with my tongue pursed firm so I could wiggle it
    into her sphincter. She was sighing and gasping and clearly
    enjoying the rim job. I fingered her sex and pushed two fingers
    inside. Holding my hand in place, I slowly reached across her
    body and took the KY from the nightstand. She had her head turned
    the opposite way and did not see me do it though she lifted her
    head slightly sensing my movement; and no doubt wondering why I
    had stopped rimming her. I held the top of the tube in my teeth
    and unscrewed the cap, and spat it quietly onto the bed away from
    her leg. Holding the tube over the brown smudge of her anus, I
    squeezed a long bead of the gel into the cleft of her butt just
    above the wrinkled rose. Lowering the tube to the bed, I placed
    my fingers on the gel and quickly moved it down and into her
    anus; the gel allowing me to push easily into her as it spread
    inside of the muscle.

    “Oh…what…geezus…what are you doing”” She said in surprise and
    lifted her head.

    “Last Tango in Paris, sans butter,” I said and worked a second
    finger into her now greasy hole.

    “Oh God this is so fucking decadent,” she gasped recalling the
    scene I referred to.

    She let her head fall back to the pillow and lay passive to the
    indecency my fingers were wreaking on her tight hole. I worked
    quickly, squeezing a second long bead of gel onto the pucker and
    slowly opened her up until I had three fingers into the first
    knuckle. I doubted she would stretch more as the grouped fingers
    widened too quickly for only a short depth of penetration.
    Satisfied she was good and slick; I rubbed the residue of KY on
    my fingers over the head of my cock. I picked up the tube and
    squeezed a bead onto the cock and slicked the cock with my palm
    and fingers until I was as greasy as she was. I was ready and I
    shuffled forward on my knees with my hard cock in hand, and
    pulled my fingers from her cunt and she groaned an objection to
    being empty. She moved her knees a little and to my surprise, her
    hands came back and she took her buttocks and pulled them apart
    causing the anus to dilate to the size of a nickel. I paused,
    somewhat taken aback by her overt assistance. She must have
    sensed my surprise.

    “I’ve had more cocks in there than you’ve had hot breakfasts,”
    she growled crudely. “I know how to help.”

    I needed no further explanation. She wasn’t an anal virgin. I
    placed the head at her pucker and slowly and surely I slid into
    her greasy hole as she hissed and sighed; all the while holding
    her buttocks open. She adjusted the height of her hips and this
    allowed me to slide straighter than I had initially started out.
    I’d never sodomized anyone before and it was me that was losing
    this particular cherry; albeit as the Top. I had no intent of
    replicating her position for anyone who might care to fuck my ass
    but being the Top in this situation was incredibly carnal and new
    territory in my sexual history. I could not get over the heat
    from her rectum as opposed to what I had felt in her vaginal
    cavity. Clearly her rectum was much tighter than the vagina and
    it was deliriously so. I sodomized her slowly and deliberately
    and she let her buttocks go now that she was satisfied I had
    penetrated her without too much discomfort. All the while Evelyn
    cooed instructions of when to go easy so she could adjust the
    angle; and when I could push deep was signaled by the groans of
    satisfaction she had as I fucked her ass. I held her hips, having
    abandoned any further thought of pleasuring her sex with my
    fingers. I leaned back in pure male ego and watched my cock tug
    and push at the tight flesh gripping it. I sensed movement on her
    part and realized she had one hand between her legs and she was
    masturbating as she was getting her ass fucked. She came first on
    her fingers. Shuddering and trembling as she gasped in release,
    letting out a tired groan as the third orgasm of the evening
    consumed her. She nearly collapsed on her stomach and I grabbed
    her under her midriff in both arms and fucked her quickly. My
    thighs slapping her butt as I built to a shuddering climax buried
    deep in her ass. I finally collapsed over her back and she
    surrendered to my weight and let her knees slide back so she
    flattened out, taking me with her. My cock stayed trapped in her
    asshole briefly until my erection waned and then slipped out.
    There was a brief slurping farting noise and she groaned in
    embarrassment at her body betraying her by making this intimate
    noise. I chuckled and rolled beside her and lay on my side
    looking at her.

    “That was fucking hot,” she mumbled into the pillow. “S-o-o-o
    fucking hot,” and she moved a hand and touched my arm in a small
    gesture of togetherness.


    Cleaned up and dressed once more, Evelyn looked all the world the
    sophisticated woman I had encountered in the bar. She showed no
    sign of embarrassment or regret at what had happened between us
    and as she stood at the door of my apartment she smiled sweetly
    and thanked me for a wonderful time.

    “Is this it,” I began and watched her face cloud at my words.

    “Of course it is darling,” she said simply. “There is no
    repeat…that’s what makes this all the more memorable and
    delicious,” she said with a sweet smile.

    I knew she meant it. This was something she could repeat time and
    again; just not with the same man. I was certain she got just as
    much satisfaction from knowing that men wanted her again, as from
    the sex that they had already had. She was able to seek out and
    offer herself up to any man who had no qualms about her age. And
    if she sought out younger men, as I suspected she did, there was
    no possible complication of any accidental romantic attachment.
    Her age was her backstop against men complicating her life by
    wanting more.

    “Oh don’t look so disappointed Ian. It was a lovely night…I’m
    glad you’ve seen Last Tango in Paris. The butter scene without
    the butter was the piece de résistance,” she gushed and patted my
    face gently. “Just remember the moral of that story is
    anonymity,” she said and narrowed her eyes to emphasize the point
    she made earlier.

    She left. I walked around my apartment and pondered the night.
    She had left about nine thirty and did not seem to be in a panic
    to get away. That told me she had some degree of independence yet
    I was sure she was not single and there was at least kids to
    consider, if not a husband. Clearly she came from a household
    where Evelyn could come and go without too much explaining to do.
    And there were no obvious dependence on her. I knew she was
    probably rich and maybe there was a nanny or housekeeper or her
    kids were all at college. That seemed most likely. Perhaps her
    husband was out of town on business, if she was married.


    The next day at work Geoff, Marilyn and I got called into
    Hunter’s office and he was quite blunt in articulating his
    disappointment we had screwed up our presentation to Taylor and
    Co. After he chided us on our collective performance he asked me
    to remain behind.

    “I got a fairly negative story from Marilyn about you,” he began,
    sitting on the edge of his desk.

    I felt sick. The bitch had shafted me to my boss.

    “Don’t look so worried,” he smiled. “I know that one. She’s out
    of her depth. My fault for letting her join the team in her
    current role. She’s got an impression she’s a hot shot.”

    “Did you talk to Geoff?” I asked relieved Hunter had Marilyn’s

    “Yes he was more objective with his assessment,” he began. “And I
    did see what you all put forward so I share the sense of failure
    as it seemed Ok to me. I know Taylor well; he’s a hard bastard to

    “By the way is it true Geoff’s banging Marilyn?” he asked

    “I…uh…well rumor has it,” I began.

    I did not want to come out and say yes as it was just as serious
    for Geoff as Marilyn.

    “I thought as much. We can’t have that…not in the same
    department. I’ll have to fix it,” he said simply. “She can go
    back to Layout again. Marion Trimble is taking maternity leave.
    I’ll tell Marilyn she’s needed there. She’ll do it. Marion was
    her boss so she’ll think it’s a promotion,” he smiled slyly at
    me. “Just our secret Ian,” he grinned and nodded I was to keep
    the secret.

    A week later Hunter came to me again and said Taylor was asking
    for a meeting. He’d suggested a lunch and Hunter wanted me to
    join them.

    “What about Geoff and Marilyn?” I asked.

    “Marilyn has a new vocation effective next Monday,” he smiled at
    me. “And Geoff is more the ideas guy whereas you’re more the
    structure guy and I think that’s what Taylor is looking for. He’s
    an old fashioned bastard at heart.”

    I felt good Hunter trusted me to join them for lunch with Taylor.
    But the day before the lunch Hunter came to me and said Taylor
    had cried off the appointment but had suggested an early dinner
    the following Wednesday. I had more time to go over the proposal
    that had failed to inspire Taylor so I was able to dissect the
    elements of it and strengthen the points for discussion in my own
    mind. I returned to the bar where I had met Evelyn three times
    with no luck. The second time the bar tender grinned at me and
    shook his head without speaking. He clearly knew why I was there
    and also knew I was wasting my time. The third visit I branched
    out and wandered to several bars near the one I met Evelyn. I had
    gone to about three, as I headed back towards my street, when I
    saw a very attractive girl sitting with two more homely friends
    in an open booth. The bar was packed and I had bought a beer and
    was circling looking in case I found Evelyn when I caught the
    girl’s eye. She was about twenty three and a knockout with full
    long luscious auburn hair and large brown eyes. The eye contact
    was mutual and she smiled showing perfect white teeth. There was
    one space next to her in the booth and she motioned her eyes to
    it. I took the hint and went and stood in front of them

    “Do you mind if I sit here while I finish my beer?” I asked
    innocently, looking at the other two women.

    “I’m not sure…” began the plump girl with the short blond hair.

    “Yeah that’s cool,” answered the beauty I had made eye contact

    I didn’t hesitate to let the other girls find a reason to exclude
    me and sat down quickly and glanced across at the beautiful one.

    “Ian Halliday,” I said extending a hand to the homely girl I sat
    beside. I extended my hand around the girls in turn, ending with
    Beauty opposite me, who said she was “Andrea Taylor, but everyone
    calls me Andie,” she grinned.

    Her two friends got the gist of what was to go down before it
    did. They were clearly used to situations where Andie picked up
    on some guy and they would get lost. This proved to be the case
    and after about half an hour of polite lame chitchat Lisa and
    Becky both excused themselves and left us to ourselves.

    “So…Andie…tell me about yourself,” I said grinning at her.

    “Not much to tell,” she began. Recently graduated Radcliffe with
    a degree in art history and I’m currently looking for a job in a
    museum or major gallery,” she said sipping at a rum and Coke.

    “Radcliffe…wow…I’m just a lowly Rutgers boy,” I laughed.

    “And doing what?” she said with a grin.

    She was lovely. Expensive white silk shirt and dark pants that
    showed off her body I had checked out when she went to the
    bathroom earlier. I was enthralled. This was a stroke of luck.

    “Architectural…the sales and promotional side though I did
    graduate as a B.Arch,” I added. “But nowadays with CADD stations,
    the pencil and ruler approach has given way and ********* is just
    as important as concept and design,” I explained.

    “Wow…right into the nitty gritty,” she laughed at my serious
    explanation of my work. “You clearly enjoy it.”

    “Yes…yes I do,” I answered feeling a little sheepish I had
    started to get too detailed with what I did.

    We sat and chatted and had several more drinks and as the night
    wore on she started to make comments about needing to get going.
    I agreed it was late and asked if I could walk her home. She
    laughed and said she was staying at her parents place in
    Greenwich and it was a long way to walk. However she would drop
    me somewhere as she had her car nearby. I recalled Evelyn’s
    chiding of me about driving after drinking but said nothing. I
    welcomed as much contact with Andie as she allowed. We left the
    bar and walked about a block to a parking garage where she had
    left it. She told me she was working in a department store while
    waiting for possible contact on job applications she had out at

    “Dad said I could work for him but I don’t want to be a daddy’s
    girl at the office,” she had explained.

    When the valet brought her car down I was impressed as it was a
    small BMW Z4.

    “Mom and dad’s present for graduation,” she smiled seeing my
    envious look at the sports car. “Hop in.”

    She drove rather erratically and it bothered me she was intending
    driving north in her condition. Once again I said nothing
    thinking any suggestion she abandon going home would look like a
    cheap invitation to join me for the night. Andie was not a cheap
    girl, I was sure of that. But I was dealt a nice twist of fate.
    Nearing my street, she clipped the curb as she turned the corner
    into it and she yelled in panic as the car kicked out from the
    curb. I urged her to pull over and she did so and we inspected
    the back wheel. The tire had been rolled off the rim by the

    “Oh shit,” she exclaimed with a worried look on her face. “How
    the hell am I going to get this fixed? I only have a space saver
    spare. It’s too far to drive home on that and there won’t be
    anywhere I can get this fixed until tomorrow.”

    I didn’t think the space saver spare was a problem. It wasn’t
    distance so much as high speed that was the killer with those
    smaller spares. But she had brought it up so I wasn’t going to
    argue. If I could persuade her to abandon the idea of driving
    home, all the better. We changed the wheel and I finally
    convinced her to stay on my sofa couch until tomorrow and she
    could get the car fixed.

    “I have no clothes for work tomorrow,” she lamented.

    “Maybe just buy what you need first thing. There’s a Marshall’s
    behind this street,” I suggested.

    She nodded grimly at my suggestion. She was a rich girl and maybe
    Marshall’s was a bit of a come down. She was really only in need
    of underwear if that was her concern.

    Andie was taken with my apartment and she roved the rooms and
    complimented me on the décor. I mentioned my ex-girlfriend Lisa
    was the one who should take the credit and soon we were sharing
    our life stories about relationships. For her it was some family
    friend’s son called Van something-or-other that the families had
    always hoped would blossom into a relationship. They had dated
    but Van proved to be unreliable and instances of two-timing came
    up so that Andie had finally quashed any further hopes of a
    partnership with the fickle Van. I told her about Lisa and she
    was genuinely interested in Lisa’s need to travel, stating she
    should do something like that. Half way through Evelyn’s bottle
    of wine that she had left all those weeks back, we kissed. It was
    an urgent passionate kiss and as I slid Andie’s shirt off her
    back, she was tugging at my belt urgently. We gave in to what was
    obvious delicious sexual tension that we had built up that
    evening. Our clothes were haphazardly dispensed with as we
    grappled on the couch and between my hand lodged firmly in her
    panties and stroking her sex and her hand holding my hard cock
    with my pants somewhere around my ankles, we got naked enough for
    me to roll her onto the floor and slide into her. She clung to me
    and shoved back urgently as I drove into her. Andie lifted her
    legs up around my hips and I reared back a little and stared into
    her eyes as I fucked her steadily. She lay staring back and we
    both concentrated on the fucking as she became more and more
    animated with her movements. She let go first and threw her head
    back with a wide smile on her lips as she had a controlled
    orgasm. Sighing and making small ‘whooo’ noises as she let her
    breathing come under control. I let go and spilled into her
    shortly after and she hugged me to her and groaned “oh that’s
    it…let it go,” and I filled her.

    After this first passionate grappling on the floor, Andie rose,
    still wearing her bra pushed up off her breasts and undid the
    garment completely. As I lay looking up at her now naked body,
    she rubbed her breasts seductively and then squatted and took my
    semi hard cock, and leaning over me, she laved it gently in her
    mouth. She stood once more and look around. I was looking
    directly up at her sex with its neat trimmed bush acting as a
    triangular pointer to the slit at the top of her vulva. She had
    no embarrassment.

    “Where’s the bathroom?”she asked looking around. “Oh and I need
    to call mom and tell her I’ve had car trouble,” she added.

    “Over that way,” I said rolling on my side on the floor to point
    at the doorway to my bedroom hallway. “The bathroom is off the

    Andie picked her blouse off the couch and she was putting it on
    as she padded off in the direction of the bathroom. I rolled onto
    my back and considered the evening so far. ‘This is fucking
    tremendous,’ I thought. ‘That was so fucking hot.’ I sobered my
    reverie at my good fortune by noting how detached she was about
    being naked before me; having only just met me. She had clearly
    paraded naked before other men such that she was not self
    conscious about it. Other men; she had only really talked about
    the Van guy. There must have been more; in Boston maybe when she
    went to college. I stood up and pulled my shorts on. She
    eventually came back and proceeded to take a mobile phone from
    her hand bag. I went to the kitchen with the empty wine glasses
    and replaced them with fresh ones as the wine residue had dried
    in the bottom of the ones we had used. I poured the last of the
    wine into the glasses so they were the same amount and handed it
    to her as she was arguing in some frustration with her mother. I
    deduced mom had a bit to say as each time Andie started to say
    something, she was clearly cut off and Andie was often saying,
    “but mom” as I suspect she was getting an earful about the
    lateness of the hour and where was she to stay.

    “At Carol’s,” I heard Andie say. “Carol from work, and her
    husband Ray. They’re letting me stay the night. Ray looked at the
    car and said not to drive until tomorrow after I got it fixed.”

    I smiled that there was no mention of how much she had been
    drinking and she definitely shouldn’t drive. Mother’s would just
    drive into that discussion with a blast of moral indignation.
    Eventually the conversation ended and Andie went
    “o-o-o-o-o-a-a-a-w-w-w” in frustration at her mother.

    “Sometimes I could strangle that woman,” she exclaimed as I
    handed her the wine.

    “Every girl needs her mom,” I grinned and she feigned a sneer at
    my glib words.

    “Not this one,” she said and took a sip of the wine.

    Andie slept with me and we made love once more before she fell
    asleep in my arms. This most recent coupling followed foreplay of
    mutual oral exploration which saw me have to pull her off in case
    she brought me off too soon. I twisted around and mounted her and
    once again she worked herself with me and we came nearly together
    and drifted off to sleep. The morning started with my early
    morning hard-on pressed into her back and she sleepily let me
    lift her upper leg and slide up and in and I fucked her on her
    side from the back. Towards the end she was awake and aroused
    enough to finger herself and she came on her hand as I filled her
    a third time since her being with me. I was a little sobered once
    more by her sexual expertise. I doubted the errant Van was the
    only lover she had had. I wondered if she had figured in sordid
    Spring Break adventures that may have led her to a sexual
    emancipation that I might find hard to accept. I didn’t need to

    So there I was as she dropped me at work; promising to meet her
    on Friday with the view to her staying the weekend. The question
    of a change of clothes had never come up again and after she had
    showered she dressed in the same clothes she had on her back the
    day before. She had a story already mapped out for her parents.
    Come Friday she was at my apartment near six thirty,
    remonstrating jovially with me for being late home from work as
    she had to wait for me. We were barely inside before we were at
    each other again and over that weekend I swear I fell in love
    with her and her with me as we grunted and grappled in sexual
    congress between the couch, the floor of the living room, and my
    bed. On Friday and Saturday nights she slept in my arms and on
    Sunday she was a little sad she had to go back to Greenwich.

    “I’ll soon get my own place,” she said softly as I held her at
    the door. “Then we can stay with each other as much as we like.”

    Monday morning Hunter called me into his office.

    “Are you all ready for our dinner with Taylor on Wednesday
    night…at the Twilight Room?” he asked.

    “Yep…ready and all primed to do a subtle sell,” I grinned.

    “Good boy Ian…that’s what I want to hear,” he said. “We’re
    relying on you.”

    I met Andie for a drink on Tuesday night but she had to go back
    to Greenwich so there was no chance of a quick fuck at my place,
    much too both our disappointment. Come Wednesday evening I
    arrived at the Twilight Room with my best suit and a new shirt
    and tie. I was ushered to the dining area where Taylor and Hunter
    were supposedly already waiting. As I approached the table I was
    surprised to see Hunter’s wife sitting next to him. She was a
    small mousy woman but very bright and friendly as I recall,
    having met her once. Taylor had his back to me and he too had a
    woman to his left. She was half facing me but obscured by
    Taylor’s back.

    “Ah here he is,” I heard Hunter exclaim and he stood and beamed
    at me. “Come and sit down Ian my boy.”

    I grinned and approached the table as Taylor turned to look at me
    and as he did so I saw who was next to him. It was Evelyn!
    Sitting with a look of absolute horror on her face as she
    recognized me at the same instant. I swallowed hard and my pulse
    quickened and I began to sweat. Could it be that Evelyn Waugh was
    Taylor’s wife or partner? Taylor smiled at me and stood extending
    his hand.

    “Good to see you my boy,” The big man said and pumped my hand
    firmly. “Ed tells me you’ve got a few changes in store, although
    we don’t want to get too bogged down in business as I suggested
    we bring our wives,” he laughed and slapping me on the back.

    He proceeded to introduce Evelyn to me as his wife Marie. I
    nodded awkwardly at Evelyn/Marie and mumbled “pleased to meet you
    Mrs. Taylor.”

    Marie was now composed, taking the time her husband spent
    greeting me to size up the situation. She would be sure I would
    not utter a word about our previous meeting so she might feel
    more secure about me being there. However she would be pissed I
    would soon get to know more about her. Everything she had
    fervently denied me when we were together. As she was taking the
    shock in her stride, I relaxed also and we started small talk and
    the waiter came with menus. Taylor cautioned us not to get too
    far along the track with ordering dinner.

    “Andie is late again,” he said ruefully looking at Marie as if it
    were her fault. “I hope you don’t mind Ed but I invited our
    oldest daughter Andie to join us,” he said looking at Hunter.

    “Not at all,’ Hunter chuckled.

    “She’s just returned from Boston…been to Radcliffe,” Taylor
    gushed. “Cost a fortune but I’m sure it’s worth it,” he said.

    ‘Oh-my-God! Andie Taylor…surely my Andie wasn’t Marie Taylor’s
    daughter? Oh how fucking cruel that would be. The love of my life
    and I had possibly had an evening of debauched sex with her
    mother,’ my mind screamed.

    I could handle being with Marie/Evelyn, but what the hell was
    going to happen when Andie arrived and it was my Andie; and she
    saw me with her parents? My answer was near as I saw my Andie
    coming across the room. She was beautiful in a plain black dress
    looking all sexy and delicious. She had a look of being the
    dutiful suffering daughter that had been added to her father’s
    business meeting; but as she neared and saw me, her face
    brightened and she beamed at me. So much so she couldn’t stop
    beaming and as she came up to the table, I noted the puzzled
    looks on Marie/Evelyn and Taylor’s faces at their daughter’s
    reaction to me sitting there. Hunter and wife were also a little
    puzzled by the Taylor’s reaction to their daughter’s smiling
    acknowledgement of me sitting next to her mother.

    “Ian,” she gushed. “What are you doing here?”

    Then her brain connected. I was in architectural sales and
    promotions. Her father would have told her this was a business
    meeting and he was a big developer, using architects to provide
    him with new designs for his speculative projects.

    “Daddy, mom, this is Ian who I’ve been telling you about,” she
    started, and then checked herself. “Who helped me with the car,”
    she said pulling back from overly endorsing me; least her parents
    read the truth into our relationship.

    “Oh don’t tell me…” Marie/Evelyn muttered under her breath and
    glared at me.

    I squirmed under her glare.

    “Did you ever see The Graduate Evelyn?” I heard my voice say and
    I froze with fear that I had uttered the words.

    Fortunately only she heard and her face went pale and she sagged
    visibly in her chair staring at me in a defeated way.

    “Oh my God…I’m Mrs. Robinson…and…and you’re Benjamin,”
    she said weakly as Andie skipped around the table to the empty
    chair on my other side.

    “Elaine just walked in,” I said, having the courage to complete
    the analogy.

    The End

    © Romany 2008. Please do not edit or alter this work in any way.


    Last Tango in Paris – 1972 – Dir. Bernardo Bertolucci -
    Produzioni Europee Associati (PEA)

    The Graduate – 1967 – Dir. Mike Nichols - Embassy pictures

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    Very good story, Missmelz. Thanks for sharing it.
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    Great story. well written and great twist.



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