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    family fun-2

    Chapter 2
    Tess lay curled up in a semi-fetal position, her whole body relaxed like never before.
    She quivered slightly, feeling warm, her cunt almost liquid. She hummed repeatedly,
    and grinned from ear to ear.
    "Oh, God, Jeff," she said with a giggle. "That was absolutely wonderful. God, I've
    never felt so good in my life. Mmmmmm!"
    She uncurled her body and pressed it next to his. His cock, long and stiff and
    throbbing against his lower belly, rubbed against her sweaty thighs. She wriggled her
    hips to feel more of the steely hardness of his prick press against her.
    "Oooh, Jeffy," she said. "Mmm-mm-mm! How wonderful! Look at you!" She reached
    between their bodies and snared his cock. "Oh, God! Eating pussy must really get to
    "I'll say," Jeff said with a lusty grin.
    "Look at how hard your cock is." Giving his cock a gentle squeeze sent shivers up
    her spine. "Your prick is just twitching with excitement."
    "There's nothing like eating a nice juicy pussy to bring my cock back to life. The
    flavor, the fragrance and the hot silky inner flesh of a cunt really turns me on." He
    thrust his hips back and forth slightly to pump his cock in and out of his sister's fist.
    "Well, well, well," she said stroking his wildly pulsing prick. "We can't leave you like
    this. We're just going to have to take care of it, I guess."
    She pressed her tits into him and started rocking back and forth. Soon she had him
    on his back, his lengthy prick still in her hand. She straddled his hips, raised her ass,
    and with a quivering hand directed the huge knob of his cock right at the gaping
    opening to her cunt.
    As Tess worked her brother's giant cock-knob round in the steamy slit of her pussy,
    she hummed and gasped. She had long admired Jeff's athletic build, his handsome
    features. She was constantly sneaking peeks at the bulge in the front of his tight
    jeans, or the bulge in his skimpy swim trunks, wondering what his cock looked like,
    what it would feel like sliding in and out of her pussy. But she never once thought
    she would ever actually fuck her own brother. The realization that she was about to
    made her mouth go dry.
    Jeff worked his hips around and up and down, feeling his prickhead getting slicked
    up from the abundant amount of fluids in the crevice of his sister's cunt. He had had
    visions of fucking his sister, but never imagined it would actually happen. Her perfect
    figure, her large tits and gorgeous ass, and her pretty face framed by her long
    luxurious light blonde hair caused him more than once to slip off and secretly jerk his
    prick. She was a red-hot object of desire of all the guys he hung out with.
    But now, as his sister clutched his aching cock and swiped it around and up and
    down the length of her pussy, he realized a dream he had had for years was about to
    come true. He reached up and clutched her huge firm tits, making broad circles with
    the palms of his hands, then started massaging them and played with her nipples.
    Tess's breath was becoming more rapid. She still had her eyes locked with her
    brother's. She grunted and chuckled playfully as she worked his cockhead around in
    her dripping pussy.
    When she had the knob of his huge prick slicked up with her warm pussyjuice, she
    clutched his cockshaft tighter. Raising her ass up off his legs a bit, she wiggled his
    cock-knob ever closer to her cunthole. Then she lowered her hips slightly, feeling the
    bulbous head of his prick penetrate her tiny pussy opening.
    "Aaannnggghhh," she said, a look of awe and delight spreading over her face. "Oh
    God! I can't believe it!"
    She released her fist from around his cock and pulled her hips up a fraction of an
    inch. Then, as if to convince herself she was actually experiencing it and not
    dreaming it, she reversed the direction, feeling his gigantic cock-knob fuck into her
    narrow pussy once more.
    Jeff squeezed her tits and pinched her nipples a few more times, then lowered his
    hands to her ass. He clutched one of her firm asscheeks in each of his large hands
    and held her absolutely still. Before feeding his cock all the way up her pussy, he
    raised and lowered her ass in short, slow movements, feeling the grip her tight cunt
    had on his flared cockhead.
    The sensation was overpowering. His heart thundered. Flames of passion shot up
    his cockshaft. He swallowed hard. He had never felt anything as snug gripping his
    cock before in his life. The opening to her pussy was like a rubber band wrapped
    around and around his cockhead a dozen times. He thought he would shoot his load
    Tess's mouth fell open as Jeff fucked his cockhead in and out her tiny cunthole. She
    gasped as she felt the huge knot of his prick slip in and out, stretching the tight
    elastic muscles of her pussy. She grunted, her hips shaking in his strong hands,
    eager to feel more of his huge cock fuck inside her.
    The opening to her cunt was stuffed and stretched with his cock, and it made her feel
    wonderful. But she ached deep down inside. The depths of her pussy cried out for
    his cock to plunge inside and fill her. She tried to force her hips lower to his, but his
    strong hands were too much for her.
    "Oh God yes, Jeff, yes!" she grunted. "I can't believe it! Your cock feels so good
    inside me! But I need more! Shove your cock in me all the way, Jeff, please!"
    Jeff held his position, his cockhead just inside her pussy. He ground his ass around,
    feeling the warmth and the snug grip her cunt had on his cockhead.
    "All in due time," he said, panting. "All in due time. Your pussy feels so good gripping
    my cock like this. I could go on like this forever."
    He was still bouncing her ass up and down in short, slow little jerks. He could feel the
    great flared ridge of his cock being clutched and stroked by her tight cunt every time
    he fucked into her or pulled his cock back out.
    Tess was turning to jelly in his hands. Her upper body was writhing and twisting.
    Looks of great joy spread over her face, alternating with looks of agony as she
    craved to feel more of his cock shoved inside her screaming pussy. She tried again
    to bounce in his strong grip.
    "My pussy is itching deep inside!" she panted, desperate. "You're teasing me, Jeff!
    Stop it! Shove your cock in me! I need it - now!
    Finally Jeff started fucking his cock into her cunt a little deeper with each upward
    thrust. His hands let her ass bounce a little closer to his thighs with each of his cockstabs
    into her pussy.
    She squealed with delight each time she felt another fraction of an inch of his cock
    slip inside her hungering pussy. Soon, she knew, she would have her pussy stuffed
    full of the delightful hunk of his cock, and she would ride him and fuck him grandly.
    Her pussy was aching for the feel of his stiff prick pumping her wildly to ecstasy.
    Jeff relaxed his muscular arms a bit to allow her a slightly greater range of motion.
    Tess immediately took advantage of the opportunity by bouncing up and down
    frantically on as much of his cock as she could swallow up in her cunt. Even then, he
    didn't have more than half his lengthy prick fucking inside her. The sensation of his
    rock-hard cock inside her was driving her nuts, and all she could think about was
    getting more of his cock inside her ravenous pussy.
    "Unh, Jeff!" she gasped, her face twisting and her mouth opening and closing.
    "Jesus fuck! Ram your cock in me all the way!"
    Jeff leered up at her pretty face. His eyes peered past her huge tits bouncing on her
    chest. He smiled at the twisted look of agonizing pleasure on her face. And he
    relaxed his elbows a bit more, allowing her ass to bounce closer to his crotch.
    Tess twisted and bounced wildly. She used every ounce of her energy to try to force
    her pussy farther down on his invading cock. She used every trick she knew to make
    it better for him. She squeezed her ass muscles and her cunt muscles repeatedly to
    engulf his cock in a nice tight grip.
    Tess squealed with delight each time she felt another fraction of an inch of his cock
    fuck inside her pussy. She was bouncing frantically, sweat starting to form on her
    brow. Her knees were locked in pain at his sides as she continued to force more of
    her begging pussy down his long prick.
    "I'm going nuts!" she cried out. "My cunt is itching! Now, goddamn it, now! Fuck me
    She bounced, finally feeling her blonde and soaked cuntbush tangle with Jeff's
    coarser blonde cockhairs. She could feel her pubic bone come in contact with his.
    She could feel her clit stimulated and excited as it slammed into him.
    And that set her off. She couldn't wait any longer. She had felt herself starting to
    come the instant she had plugged Jeff's cock-knob inside her waiting cunthole. And
    now, with his crotch stimulating her clit, his cock fucking almost to its full length
    inside her, she was trembling and moaning on the very brink of orgasm.
    She craved the feeling of his crotch hammering against hers, but she could not hold
    back any longer. With wildly frantic animalistic grunts and near-violent bucking, she
    started riding his cock with all her might.
    She squealed. She grunted. Her body quivered and jerked as she bounced on his
    cock. She placed her hands on his broad, hairy chest and bucked like a bronco, his
    cock still not fucking her pussy to its fullest depth.
    Jeff finally let go of her ass and reached up to grab her tits. Now she had the chance
    to feel his cock fuck into her pussy all the way. He flexed his ass muscles and raised
    his hips slowly off the bed as she continued to fuck his stiff cock.
    Wave after wave of orgasmic bliss flooded her system as she rode his cock. She
    couldn't remember squealing and grunting and gasping with such frenzy before. The
    bed creaked noisily, as if cheering them on.
    Her body convulsed. She gasped. She shook and jerked again. Then she collapsed
    like a rag doll to his chest.
    Jeff wrapped his arms around her, rocked her sideways and flipped her over.
    "Unh, oh God, Jeff!" she moaned, trying to wipe her wet bangs off her forehead.
    "Jesus. Jesus fuck! Your cock's still hard! Holy shit! She was surprised beyond belief
    when she felt her brother's long cock start to pull out of her drenched pussy and slide
    back in. Automatically, she spread her legs and raised her ass off the bed to
    welcome the next magnificent thrust of his cock into her.
    She grunted each time she felt her brother's prick slam into her cunt, every time she
    felt his crotch crash mightily into hers. She arched her back and slapped her crotch
    upward to meet every one of his forceful stabs.
    "Oh, God yes, Jeff!" she wailed. "That's it! More, more, more! Fuck me harder!
    Faster, Jeff, please!"
    Jeff was pulling his cock all the way out to the very lips of her slavering cunt and
    ramming it forcefully all the way back in. Soon he was fucking his mighty cock into
    her welcoming cunt at full speed.
    He lowered his cheek to her shoulder and reached down to grab both her
    asscheeks. At the same time, she wrapped her legs around his ass, changing their
    fuck angle just enough to welcome his cock all the deeper into her pussy. She
    grunted with increasing fervor as he kneaded her firm asscheeks and hammered his
    cock all the more rapidly into her greedy cunt.
    She could feel his breath hot and steamy on her shoulder as he puffed for air. His
    grunts were half swallowed up by her shoulder, and she could barely understand a
    word he said when he spoke, but she knew full well that he was saying that he was
    "Unh, unh, unh, oh, Tess!" he grunted. "This is it! I'm cumming!"
    They slapped their crotches so furiously against each other that Tess was amazed
    they didn't break something. She felt another glorious orgasm splash throughout her
    system as her brother unleashed a mighty load of his spunk into her. She welcomed
    his forceful cock-stabs into her, and never wanted him to stop.
    When he finally came to rest on top of her, breathing like he had just run a marathon,
    all she could think was that she was glad now that he had caught her playing with
    their mother's dildo, and hoped they would fuck again - soon and often.

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