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    The Deleted Scene

    Basically this series is like the Special Features on a movie disk. There is hardly any plot so if you haven't seen the movie you'll just have to make due with straight porn.

    This is a work of complete fiction. It just popped into my brain so I wrote it down and share it for free and make no money off of it. No one under legal age may read this, if you know what's good for you. No one over legal age should read this for the same reason. All characters used in this story are a parody of any real or fictional person. I do not own We’re The Millers or the characters from it. Comments are always welcome and appreciated so you should feel free to share.

    There is no plot here, just porn. If you want plot go see the movie.

    Story Code: MM/FF, Teen, First

    We’re The Millers: Extended Scene
    By Muhabba

    Kenny’s eyes shot wide open as Rose’s warm, wet tongue explored his mouth while they all sat on the couch. David was eating a bag of chips across the room as he watched his pretend family kiss. “There ya go,” he said no-nonchalantly. On the other side of Kenny, Casey waited, a little upset at Rose for trying to take over her attempting to show Kenny how to kiss.

    Rose broke the kiss and sat up, Kenny’s eyes still wide. “You feel that?” she asked. “What I did with my tongue?”

    Kenny could barely mutter, “Yes, ma’am.” He was in a daze by the feel of Rose’s talented tongue inside of his mouth.

    Rose smirked at Kenny’s stunned expression. “Show Casey what you just learned,” she said, motioning to the young girl.

    Casey pulled Kenny in for the kiss, eager to feel what he had learned from Rose, despite being upset with Rose and David interrupting her and Kenny. It wasn’t that she liked the big geek but she did like the idea of being in charge of his first kiss. His tongue slid past her pink lips and caressed the wet insides of her mouth causing her eyes shoot wide open in surprise as he performed Rose’s trick. “Whoa!” she said, pushing Kenny away, surprised as her pulse began to speed up at the kiss.

    David could tell that Casey had enjoyed the kiss as the tips of her small tits were hard and poking up beneath her shirt. “Wait, hold on,” he said, putting his bag of chips down and pulling out his phone. “I wanna get a picture of you with the first girl you every kissed.” He aimed his phone at the boy and with the two beautiful women on ither side of him. “There ya go,” he said as he focused his phone. On the screen he saw Casey pull Kenny in closer, pressing her firm, young body against him as they kissed deeply. “Make it a good one,” he said as his pretend children explored each others’ mouths.

    As he turned his phone to video record, David aimed his camera at Rose. Hoping he could steer this into a more interesting arrangement he said, “Rose, why don’t you get in there.”

    Rose leaned in a pressed her firm body against Kenny’s back, her tits rubbing across his shoulders as she smiled at the camera.

    “Mmm hmm,” David cheerfully murmured. “Photobomb it,” he said, trying to direct the action.

    Not wanting to be outdone by the younger girl Rose pulled Kenny away from Casey. “This is getting better, it’s getting better,” she assured the young boy who still looked stunned. She pressed her more rounded body against him as she kissed him more deeply, putting more passion into it than before. As they began to make out she ran one hand up and down his thigh, stopping just below his groin, teasing his now stiffing dick.

    Casey glared jealously at the kissing couple. At any other point in her life she would have been repealed by Kenny, he was such a nerd! But she refused to let Rose out-do her. She pulled Kenny back to her and began kissing him again, deeper, harder, rubbing her young body against him.

    David bent down to get a better angle on Casey’s ripe body. His dick began hardening as he watched the young couple make out and he continued trying to direct the action. “Use your hands,” he said to Kenny. “You got so much fun stuff, use your hands.”

    Casey pulled one of Kenny’s hands up to her chest, letting him palm her small tits through her shirt. She moaned appreciatively even though he had absolutely zero technique. He just squeezed the pert breast over and over again but at least she had up'ed her game from Rose.

    Kenny felt completely lost. He had no idea what was going on. He’d of course been attracted to Casey but she acted like she hated him and now she was kissing him and letting him feel her up. And now a strange pressure was building up in his penis.

    Rose smirked knowingly at Casey. “This little bitch thinks she can out-do me,” she thought, realizing what was actually happening and amused by the young girl. She unbuttoned her top completely as she pulled Kenny away from the slutty little girl before kissing him with all the pretend passion she could. She gripped his wrist and pushed his hand inside of her shirt to squeeze one of her larger, silky tits, his fingers instinctively slipping inside of her bra. He scooped her tit out and began squeezing with absolutely no technique at all, but she moaned lustfully into his mouth any way as he grunted.

    Kenny’s eyes had shot open again as Rose shoved his hand inside of her open shirt, causing him to grunt as he came for the first time in his life. If only it wasn’t in his pants. His hands instinctively squeezed her firm tit as she moaned into his gaping mouth. Her hard nipple scrapped against his palm as his hand moved around, drifting in lazy circles and she continued using her tongue in his mouth.

    Casey glared evilly at Rose and Rose gave her a malicious wink as she continued kissing Kenny, keeping his attention away from her. In a flash Casey threw off her shirt and bra, baring her petite, firm tits to David’s phone and not caring. There was no way she was letting Rose win. She yanked Kenny away from Rose and pulled his head to her chest, his arms swinging around in surprise as she thrust her small chest out. He immediately sucked in a small, hard nipple and began sucking on it like a hungry calf as she moaned, “Yesss, Kenny. So good,” and his arms nearly knocked her off balance. She moaned mostly to keep his attention from Rose but there was a small part of her mind that couldn’t help but find it pleasurable.

    Zooming in with his phone with one hand David used his free hand to rub his aching prick through his pants. “That’s it. Work ‘em, Kenny. Work those pretty titties,” he said, trying to direct the action. “Just, ah, try not to poke anybody in the eye,” he warned when he noticed how wildly Kenny was swinging his arms around.

    Rose glared at Casey who just winked at her. “You’re not winning this,” she mouthed to the teenaged girl as she began unfastening her slacks. She shimmied out of her pants, top, and bra, revealing her tits and thong covered ass to David’s phone. She yanked Kenny away from Casey, nearly ripping his shirt, and thrust her larger tits into his face and he eagerly began sucking. “Mmm...” she moaned as she spread her tan, toned legs and gripped his wrist, bringing his hand to the warm junction of her toned and tanned thighs.

    Kenny moaned around his mouth full of tit as Rose slide his fingers into her panties. Rose’s surprisingly firm tits were the same golden tan as the rest of her sexy body and he started to imagine her sunbathing topless but suddenly lost the ability to think as his fingers found the wet, hairless slit between her legs. His fingers slowly parted her dewy lips as his middle finger slid into her wet, hot pussy and his finger began to slide in and out slowly, her tight pussy gripping down on him as she moaned in pleasure.

    “Oh yeah,” David said cheerfully as she got down on his knees and focused his phone between Rose’s out spread legs. “Work it, Work it!”

    Casey, not caring about her partial nudity in front of a group of people she didn’t even like that much, stared daggers at Rose. Rose just smirked at her as she rolled her hips up to meet Kenny’s questing finger as she began panting in pleasure. Thinking quickly Casey stood up and pulled her pants and underwear down, showing her glistening pussy with it’s small strip of pubic hair to David’s phone as she sat down on the arm of the couch and spread her slender, pale legs, her dewy labia parting slightly to show her pink insides. She angerly yanked Kenny away from Rose again, nearly ripping his shirt collar, and shoved his head between her legs. “Oh yes, Kenny!” she shouted lustfully as she rolled her hips and began humping his face as she smirked at Rose.

    Kenny moaned into Casey’s wet cunt. Showing all the technique he had with his lips and hands he began lapping away wildly like a over eager puppy. His tongue fluttered against her wet labia and the pink insides as it flew around wildly, occasionally hitting her now hard clit. Every time he accidentality hit a good spot Casey would buck against him and gave out a small squeak. His arms still flayed around wildly until she gripped his wrists and brought his hand to her chest as he continued his enthusiastic licking.

    David pulled his hard cock out and began jerking off with one hand as he continued recording with the other. “Work it, Kenny. Work it,” he said as he shuffled around trying to find the best angle to record. “Toss that salad!”

    Rose accidentality made eye contact with David and he casually presented his cock to her and shrugged his shoulders as if to say, “Why not?” She pointed at his cock and mouthed, “Never.” He just shrugged his shoulders again and smirked as he happily went back to filming. She rolled her eyes at him before pulling Kenny away from Casey’s cunt. The young, panting girl gasped out, “Hey!” as Rose shoved Kenny against the back of the sofa. Her experienced hands quickly unfastened his pants and she crawled off the couch and knelt between his legs. She yanked down his pants and underwear, freeing his hard, sticky prick and with years of cock sucking experience she bent down slightly and inhaled his cock, swallowing over half of his length in one smooth motion.

    Kenny’s eyes bugged out and he nearly choked on his tongue as Rose swallowed his dick. She sucked hard, her cheeks hollowing as she lashed the length of him with her tongue and began bobbing her head up and down. If he hadn’t of already cum he would have shot his load right there as the sexy stripper sucked his cock. One of her hands wrapped around the base and began jerking him up and down as her other hand pulled at his cum filled balls, massaging them firmly. He looked around helplessly, not knowing what to do as Rose circled the tip of his prick with her tongue, his arms over his head and just slightly swaying. Her warm lips were stretched around his shaft as her hand slid up and down his shaft, her tongue working against the large vein underneath his prick. “Oh geeez...” he mumbled.

    Casey put her hands on her hips and huffed. As much as she didn’t particularly like Kenny he had been right on the edge of making her cum. She watched as Rose’s head bobbed up and down on his cock, swallowing his dick over and over again until her view was blocked by David and his phone. Rose had even stolen the old pervert’s attention. Judging by the look on Kenny’s face Rose was a pretty good cock sucker but she refused to lose to the older woman. She stood up, blocking David’s view with her perky ass, and Kenny’s eyes darted from her small rack to her wet cunt as she timed Rose’s head bobs. Just as Rose’s lips were on the sensitive tip of Kenny’s cock she shoved the older woman off and straddled Kenny’s lap.

    “Oh yeah!” David shouted out. “Ride that disco stick,” he said as he zoomed in to just below Casey’s pert, little ass.

    Rose leaned over towards David’s ear. “’Disco stick’? Really?” she whispered.

    David kept his phone pointed between Casey’s pale cheeks. “What? That’s a thing kids say.” he whispered back. “Right?”

    Rose just rolled her eyes at David again while he went back to his recording.

    With both of the women off the couch Kenny found something to do with his hands: gripping the couch cushions as Casey gripped the base of his cock and lowered herself down onto his prick. He nearly began hyperventilating as her little pussy touched the tip of his cock and her labia slowly parted as her wet, tight pussy slowly enveloped is prick. He had no words to describe the feel of her cunt. It was wet, tight, hot and felt better than anything he had ever felt before in his life. As her tight pussy swallowed the last inch of his prick he closed his eyes and threw his head back in pleasure.

    Casey struggled to get Kenny’s hands to stop gripping the couch but when she finally freed them she brought them up to her tender tits. She yanked his head up so he could watch her as she slowly rolled her hips and began riding his cock. “Oh, Kenny. You feel sooo good,” she moaned. With as horny as she had made herself trying to one-up Rose she wasn’t even repulsed that it was Kenny she was fucking. His hard prick stretched her tight pussy walls in all the right ways and she didn’t even care that she was doing all the work as she pistoned herself up and down on his pole. She looked over at Rose and grinned as she mockingly said, “Oh, Kenny yes. You feel so good. Sooo good.”

    Rose stared at Casey and raised a eye brow as if to say, “Really?” She took a step back and then turned around, facing away from the horny group as she hooked her thumbs around the elastic of her thong. Bending at the waist she slowly slid the thong down, baring her thick, round, juicy, golden ass to her fake family.

    Casey’s eyes locked on Rose’s ass, impressed so much that she stopped her movements on Kenny’s cock. Kenny forgot to keep breathing as Rose bared her ass to them, even forgetting he was in the middle of losing his virginity. And David almost forget he was recording. Almost. He quickly focused his phone on Rose’s rear end, not even able to come up with a sarcastic statement as Rose’s heart shaped ass was pointed straight at him.

    Rose slowly stood back up and turned around, happy that everybody’s eyes were glued on her most prized possession and the reason she made as much as she did at that shitty little club. She stepped up to Casey and tapped her on the shoulder. “Good job, sweetie. But let me show you how it’s done.”

    David couldn’t decide where to point his camera, on Casey slowly pulling herself off of Kenny’s cock or on Rose as she hooked a finger under Kenny’s chin and used it to lift him to his feet.

    Rose turned around again, pressing her thick ass against Kenny’s cock, trapping it between her fleshy, firm cheeks. She wiggled her ass against the stunned boy and smiled as she hooked him under his chin again and slowly knelt down, bringing the boy with her until she was on her hands and knees with him behind her. She looked over her shoulder and winked at Kenny. “Do it. Do it, Kenny. Fuck me,” she said coyly. She felt him place the head of his prick at the entrance to her wet cunt and she said, “Uh uh. Higher up.”

    Kenny stammered, “Bu, bu, bu... but that’s your, your...”

    “Yep,” Rose said matter of factly. “Now, fuck me.”

    Kenny positioned the tip of his prick at the puckered entrance to Rose’s ass and gripped her hips as he pressed himself slowly into her thick, up-thrust rear. He kept up a slow, steady pressure as his sensitive cock-head pushed into her tight ring and he pushed slowly but firmly, letting her unbelievably tight ass slowly part around him, gripping him tighter than he could have imagined. He continued pushing until, with a grunt, he slid the last hard inch of his cock into his pretend mother’s heavenly ass.

    Rose purred as Kenny filled her with everything he hand and she licked her lips hungerly. She looked over at David who stared at her with a mix of disbelief and amazement as she reached up and grabbed the naked young Casey’s wrist. She pulled her down to her knees next to her and looked up at her face. “Casey, you remember what I taught Kenny to do with his tongue?” Casey nodded numbly at her. “Then lay down on the floor.”

    David’s hard, throbbing cock nearly exploded at the sight of Casey on her back with her legs spread wide and Rose lowering her head to the young girl’s wet cunt. “Oh, yeah!” he exclaimed. “Munch that rug!”

    Rose glared at David. “David, shut the fuck up,” she said sternly.

    “What?” David asked defensively. “I’m directing.”

    “Fuck!” Casey shouted out in frustration. With everything she had done with Kenny and then him stopping from eating her out and making her cum, and then Rose saying she was going to use her tongue trick on her, she was becoming desperate. “Shut the fuck up, David,” she growled as she reached out and grabbed David’s cock. Using his prick as a hand hold she yanked him over to her, causing him to shout out in surprise, and shoved his cock in her mouth, sucking him off in a effort to keep him quiet.

    Losing his balance and nearly falling over caused David to lose his phone as Casey began licking and sucking his cock. He barely noticed the loss of his phone as he moaned while Casey’s lips stretched around his prick and her warm tongue circled his cock-head. He stroked her hair from her face so that he could watch her angelic face as he began rocking his hips to fuck her sucking mouth.

    Rose watched David’s phone fall to the floor. “Finally,” she muttered as David began fucking Casey’s face. With David finally distracted she began rocking her body back and forth, fucking her thick ass with Kenny’s hard prick. She grinned in satisfaction at the fact that she had won. She’d stolen Kenny’s attention from Casey and teased David so much, and made him so horny, that he’d completely forgotten filming them in a effort to get off as she ass fucked herself with Kenny’s dick. “Ha,” she chuckled as she bent down over Casey’s hot, wet pussy.

    Kenny’s eyes were locked on Rose’s tan ass, his hands were on her hips, and he drooled a little as she rocked herself against him.

    Casey’s slender neck began hurting as she tried to bob her head up and down on David’s rigid cock so she stopped. She raised herself up on her elbows and let him slide himself in and out of her mouth while she sucked hard and lashed the underside with her pink tongue. Suddenly she let out a small “Epp,” of surprise as she felt Rose’s tongue touch her horny cunt. She moaned out in pleasure around the cock thrusting in and out of her mouth as the older woman nuzzled her dripping pussy. Rose licked up and down her lust swollen labia before sliding her tongue partly inside of her and caused her to groan as Rose’s talented tongue teased around her wet hole before slowly pushing itself inside.

    David threw his head back and groaned in pleasure. As far as he could tell the better that Rose did licking Casey’s young cunt the better Casey did sucking his cock. “Un-fucking-believable,” he muttered. “Best. Road. Trip. Ever!”

    Wrapping her arms around Casey’s slender legs Rose tongue the girl harder, driving her talented tongue into her tasty hole. She was having trouble concentrating between rocking her round ass against Kenny’s stiff prick and licking Casey’s wet hole, but she was enjoying the attempt. Even David couldn’t decide between looking at her between Casey and Kenny and Casey’s face as she sucked his cock. As far as everyone in the RV was concerned she was pure sex. The feeling of being desired by everybody around her was nearly orgasmic by itself and her sexy body shivered in pleasure.

    Kenny was suddenly shocked out of his sexual stupor by a now familiar pressure building in his groin. It took him a second to remember it as the feeling that he was about to cum. “Oh, oh, oh geez!” he stammered as he began flailing about again, his body began bucking wildly as he lost his grip on Rose’s hips and fell backwards, his arms swinging around and his cock pulling out of Rose’s spectacular ass as he landed on his butt. His cock erupted, spewing his cum wildly over Rose’s lower back, ass and the back of her toned thighs.

    “Mmmph!” Rose gasped as Kenny’s sudden thrashing threw her into orgasm. Her pussy spasmed, her cum sliding down the insides of her golden thighs as she felt Kenny’s cum raining down on her. She shoved her tongue as deep into Casey’s cunt as she could and performed her tongue trick again, making the young girl cum with her.

    Casey’s eyes shot open wide as Rose performed her trick inside of her pussy. It was like hitting a switch, the moment Rose’s talented tongue performed it’s trick she came. No build up, no anticipation, she just came. She squealed in pleasure around David’s cock as her hot pussy spasmed and her thighs clamped around Rose’s head. Her hips rolled and bucked uncontrollably, the lower half of her body working on it’s own as she shuddered and her wet cunt spasmed, her juices flowing out of her, sliding over her compacted ass and soaking into the floor.

    “Oh fuck, yeah,” David groaned as he pulled his cock out of Casey’s mouth. He’d had better blow-jobs, and figured Casey would have been more skilled judging by the guys she usually hung out with, but the sight of Rose and Casey cumming pushed him over the top. He aimed his cock at Casey’s gasping mouth before inspiration struck and he aimed his prick at Rose’s face.

    The tip of David’s cock suddenly filled Rose’s vision. “You dirty...” she started to gasp out before his prick suddenly erupted. She closed her eyes as she tried to turn away but wasn’t quick enough, his thick cum coated her and even managed to shoot into her mouth as he finished draining his balls on her face and hair. “...fucker!” she finished saying as she spit his cum out on the carpet.

    “What? What’d I do?” David asked innocently. “It’s a fire hose. I can’t control it.”

    Suddenly the door to the RV opened and the beautiful red haired girl Kenny had been practicing kissing for walked in, seeing what she thought was a happy family covered in each others’ cum.

    The Millers all stared up at the red haired girl from the floor. be continued in We’re The Millers.

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    This is a work of complete fiction. It just popped into my brain so I wrote it down and share it for free and make no money off of it. No one under legal age may read this, if you know what's good for you. No one over legal age should read this for the same reason. All characters used in this story are a parody of any real or fictional person. I do not own Lucy or the characters from it. Comments are always welcome and appreciated so you should feel free to share.

    There is no plot here, just porn. If you want the plot go see the movie.

    Story Code: M/F

    The Deleted Scene: Lucy
    By Muhabba

    Lucy looked up with a knowing gleam in her eyes, her wavy blonde hair mussed and wild around her head. Her chest heaved, pushing her nearly visible black bra more tightly against her gauzy white T-shirt. She had the guard's full attention and they both knew it. She spread her legs slowly and the guard immediately began stalking towards her, unzipping the fly of his dingy jeans.

    Smirking, Lucy raised her head up and swung her hair out of her eyes and looked up with a devilish smirk as the guard reached her and loomed over her, pushing his pants down and freeing his slowly growing prick. He griped the sides of her head and thrust his hips forward, slapping her beautiful face, grunting in need as she opened her warm, wet mouth and his semi-erect cock pushed itself inside of her. She knew he wasn't going to be gentle as he began forcefully fucking her face and she closed her scarlet lips around his cock, sucking it in deeper into her mouth and massaging it with her tongue as it fully hardened.

    Sucking the vile guard’s cock with all the control she knew she had, Lucy began bobbing her head back and forth, the guard's erect dick sliding past her tightly stretched lips, over her warm tongue, and into the back of her tightly clutching throat. She leaned forward to allow more of the hard prick to slide into her throat as she swallowed around it, massaging his length as he grunted in need above her. His cum-bloated balls slapped wetly against her chin as he continued fucking her mouth with his unrelenting thrusts.

    Lucy looked up and smirked around his girth, daring him not to enjoy what she was doing to him rather than what he was doing for her. He grunted in anger and buried his cock in her mouth, his balls pressed against her chin, trying to make her chock on him but she continued just smiling wickedly up at him. He cursed above her and went back to fucking her beautiful face, reaching down from her head to paw at her large chest, squeezing and kneading at her firm tits, twisting and pulling at them through her top, and through it all she continued sucking his prick and bobbing her head back and forth, licking along his length.

    Cursing again, the guard released Lucy's head and shouted angrily at her before slapping her across the face. She took the slap and looked up at him with the same smirk as he continued yelling at her. He wanted to show her that he was the one in charge, that he had the power, that her body belonged to him but she had effortlessly taken that power from him and they both knew it. Yelling in frustration he shoved his prick back into her mouth and she took all of it, swallowing his entire length as he tried again to choke her with his dick. His cock was buried in her tightly clutching throat but she had enough room to massage him with her talented tongue as she peered up at him, daring him not to cum in awe of her oral technique.

    Screaming out, the guard pulled his prick out of Lucy's mouth and began slapping her across the face with it, smearing her face with her saliva as he cursed at her and slapped her one last time. He stepped back and yanked her thread bare T-shirt up to reveal her large, bra encased tits. Kneeling between her spread thighs he pulled the cups down, freeing her tits and causing them to wobble on her chest. He went silent at the sight of her unbelievable firm tits capped with hard, pink nipples.

    With blue lighting shooting through her mind, Lucy could suddenly understand what the guard was saying as he ogled her exposed chest.

    "I guess everything they say about American girls is true," the guard mumbled as he hungrily licked his lips. He squeezed and kneaded the American girl's large tits, amazed at how heavy and full they felt, her skin pale enough he could see the blue veins trailing underneath her flesh and her hard nipples the color if bubblegum. Suddenly he dove into her abundant cleavage, smothering himself with her silky smooth breasts, licking every inch of exposed skin, nibbling at her warm skin. He could her her groaning above him and it turned him on all the more. Women might say no but once you got started they always relented. And if not, fuck it, them struggling was half the fun.

    Lucy's tits bulged between the guard's fingers as he squeezed them, her nipples hard and scraping his palms while she pushed her chest out to give him more room to work with. She moaned in groaned with a mixture of despair and then lust, acting scared but also turns one by the disgusting guard's vile tongue. Her breasts gleaned with his warm spit in the dim light of the room as he nursed hungrily at her pale chest. Her hands were still bound as he sucked like a hungry calf on her tits and she knew that he would do everything she needed him to do to get herself out of here, whether he knew it or not.

    The guard had no doubt now that he was in complete control of the American girl, her body was his and judging by her husky pants and moans she was enjoying it to. Not that he cared. He looked up over the abundant mounds of her tits at her flushed face, her hair plastered to her head with sweat. "I guess it's true about American girls," he said as he stood up, "They just need a real man and they get all wet." As he unfastened his belt her eyes locked onto it and he knew that she knew what was coming next.

    The instant Lucy had needed had come and went. She needed his belt but he had taken it off to quick and she had missed her chance to grab it. As he opened his pants and began pushing them down she looked up at him and licked her lips quickly, acting like it was a unconscious reaction that he had accidentally caught and by the glint in his eye she could see that he believed it. And then suddenly his hard, throbbing prick was bobbing in front of her face again and she slowly opened her mouth.

    Enjoying the power he had over the big tittied America, the guard gripped the sides of her head and thrust his cock forward, burying it in her mouth and throat, his dangling balls resting on her chin. "Better suck that dick, bitch," he said with devilish grin, "Or I'll choke you with it." Like every other ignorant American wandering around his country he doubted she knew what he had said but as she began sucking on his cock and managing it with her warm tongue he knew she understood. He rocked his hips back and forth slowly, enjoying her mouth around his cock and her throat convulsing around his cock-head. He pulled back enough for her to breath, drool running down her chin and dripping onto her chest as he pushed himself back in to the hilt.

    Lucy had enough control of her body not to choke on the guards prick but she knew he would enjoy it if she did so she went through the motions, gurgling around his dick as she massaged it with her tongue, Whenever his shaft would slide into her throat she would make swallowing motions, further stimulating him as she began lightly humming around his length. The sooner she got him off the soon she could get his belt and then escape and she did everything college had taught her to do it. With just enough slack in her bonds, she slowly raised her hands up, trying not to startle him as she gripped the base of his shaft and started jerking on it, her lips meeting her fists as she bobbed her head back and forth while her other hand began massaging his cum bloated balls.

    Grabbing the American girl's hair, the guard suddenly buried his prick in her talented mouth, her wet throat gripping his shaft and rippling around his length as she began to gag on him. He stared down at her with a hateful smirk as her beautiful face began to turn red before releasing is hold on her and began thrusting his cock furiously into her mouth, fucking her face like a jack-hammer. His balls were boiling with the need to cum so he released his hold on her, pulling his cock out of her warm mouth before he exploded. He slapped her face repeatedly with his cock, smearing her saliva around her face before standing up straight to admire his work. She peered up defiantly for a moment before grinning up at him, daring him to do worse.

    Lucy knew what was coming as the thug screamed in frustration. He hadn't broken her yet and had accepted her challenge to do more to her. Which was exactly what she wanted. He rained insults at her as he struggled with her tight pants, yanking them down to her ankles, getting her as naked as he could for what was coming next. She never broke eye contact with her or lost her knowing smirk, she just watched as he stared at her mostly naked body tied helplessly to the chair. Except she wasn't helpless, she had been in charge since the guard had entered the room. She opened her knees slowly, her pale thighs parting to reveal her wet, pink pussy.

    The thug stared in wonder at the blonde girl's cunt. He had never seen blonde pubic hair or a pussy that shade of pink before, and to top it off she was already wet for him, her juices beginning to puddle on the chair. He before reaching behind her knees and yanked her forward, her thick ass on the edge of the chair, her wet cunt open for him. He lunged at the girl, the chair leaning back against the wall, nearly breaking beneath his weight as he struggle to find the entrance to her hot cunt. He felt her angle her hips up, opening herself to him even more until the tip of his cock found the slick entrance to her cunt. He shoved himself forward, the chair creaking as he buried his aching pole balls deep in the American's tight hole.

    Groaning as the thug stretched her pussy, Lucy squeezed her knees against his weight, reaching her arms around him to hold on as he began thrusting furiously inside of her. Her large, pale tits jiggled wildly as her body was jerked back and forth, the guard fucking her with the abandon of a wild dog. He bit and chewed on her neck as he braced his hands on the wall behind her and she raised her wide hips up even more to give him all the access to her boiling pussy he could need. She used her lower muscles to squeeze his shaft as he jack-hammered away inside of her, her hands locked behind him to keep him from bucking her off the chair.

    Changing his positions slightly, the guard was able to hold himself up with one hand while the other began crawling over the American girl's amazing chest. He squeezed her large tits cruelly and twisted her nipples causing her to gasp out in pain as he mawled her. Her large, wobbling tits felt like warm silk in his hands, her warm flesh bulging out between his finger as he thrust himself inside of her wildly. Straining the arm bracing him against the wall, he bent down and captured her free tit in his mouth, sucking hard on the tasty orb as he began chewing on her nipple and making her cry out in pain again.

    Lucy tried to her best to get the thug off as quickly as possible but being tied as she was had limited her options. All she could do was wait for him to finish with her body on his own. He pummeled into her tight pussy again and again with all the ferocity of a needy animal, her body being rocked back and forth, the chair straining under their combined weight. Her young, firm body was his to use as he saw fit, completely exposed to his every want and need, his every base desire and she could only wait him out.

    The thug buried his cock balls deep into the blonde girl’s tight, clutching cunt and came, spewing his thick, hot seed into her slutty, American pussy. When the last of his cum had dribbled into the girl’s wet hole he sat up on his knees and looked at the delirious look on her face, her eyes wide in pain and disbelief. Then he slapped once across the face and then across her firm tits, both hard enough to leave hand prints on her pale skin. He chuckled as she looked up at him in anger before standing up.

    Laughing, the guard smeared his sticky cock across the girl’s face before tucking his spent cock back into pants. He readjusted her cloths until she was mostly presentable before beginning to get himself dressed again. Suddenly the girl lunged for his belt...

    The End.

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    This is a work of complete fiction. It just popped into my brain so I wrote it down and share it
    for free and make no money off of it. No one under legal age may read this, if you know what's
    good for you. No one over legal age should read this for the same reason. All characters used
    in this story are a parody of any real or fictional person. I do not own The Equalizer or the
    characters from it. Comments are always welcome and appreciated so you should feel free to

    There is no plot here, just porn. If you want the plot go see the movie.

    Story Code: MM/f, Oral, Anal, Teen

    The Deleted Scene: The Equalizer
    By Muhabba

    Alina suppressed a shudder as the creepy old guy's hand trailed up her shapely thigh.
    Her skin tight, gray streaked dress barely covered her ass when she was walking and in the
    back of the limo it barely covered her lap. When his hand reached the hem it dipped
    between her thighs before traveling back down her leg.

    "You have very nice legs," the john said in a thick Russian accent as he slid his hand from
    one leg to the other and back up the insides of her other supple thigh. He showed no
    consideration of his bodyguard across the limo from them with his back to the closed divider
    between the back and the driver. The bodyguard barely acknowledged what was happening in
    front of him and looked almost bored.

    "Thanks," Alina said as she tucked a stray strand of her straight, black wig behind her ear.
    When his hand reached the hem of her dress again he slid her thumb over the front of her
    panties before sliding his hand up the front of her teenage body. He groped and squeezed her
    small tits, appreciating the way her cleavage bulged up. The john was extremely over-weight,
    not completely gross but she guessed he hadn't had a hard day of work ever in his life. The
    bodyguard on the other hand was built like a gorilla and could probably break her in half without
    even trying.

    "You have very small breasts," he said offhandedly.

    "Yeah, but I make up for it in other ways," the prostitute called Alina said, trying to sound
    confident. The john reached up with both hands, hooking his thumbs into the straps of her
    dress and push-up bra. He pulled the flimsy material down revealing her tits capped with hard,
    pink nipples. Her nipples were not hard due to any sort of desire but it was cold in the back of
    the limo and goosebumps had broken out across her entire body. She tried to moan in
    appreciation as he cupped her small breasts, rubbing his thick, rough thumbs over her nipples.

    "Small but nice," the john said before turning to the bodyguard, "Don't you think so,

    Alina gave the massive man her best come-hither smile and he just gave her an absent
    once over before nodding. Turning to the john the small hooker tried her smile on him but he
    was paying more attention to her tits than her face. "Thanks," she said before wrapping her
    arm around his shoulders. He bent down over her chest and quickly sucked one of her hard
    nipples into his mouth, lashing it with his tongue, nearly sucking her entire tit inside of him as he
    roughly squeezed her other tit. He licked across her slender chest to her other tit, performing
    the same with it almost like he was just checking them off of a list: Step one, fondle leg. Step
    two, suck the teenage titty.

    The young school aged girl moaned out, trying to sound passionate while the overweight
    john licked hungrily at her teenage chest. Besides the awkwardness of sex with a stranger for
    money, as the Russian worked at her tits, the guard stared at her impassively. She ran her
    fingers through the older man's thinning hear, still trying to sound passionate while the guard
    stared blankly at her getting molested.

    The john licked up from the young girl's chest to her graceful neck to her jawline before
    pulling away. He ran his thumb across her pouting lips before reclining back in the seat. "You
    have very nice lips," he said plainly.

    Alina smirked at the john, just a small one while she tried to make it look that she and the
    john shared a secret about her lips. She hadn't expected him to kiss her because knowing the
    things they put in their mouths, who would want to kiss a hooker. She made no move to cover
    up her petite breasts, she just straightened up in the seat a bit, arching her back, thrusting out
    her chest more trying to emphasize them in the dimly lit limo.

    "Do you think she has nice lips?" the john asked the bodyguard.

    Once again the bodyguard apprised her, making her feel like a piece of meat more than
    she usually did before he just gave a shrug.

    The john ran his fingers through the straight black wig, nudging the young girl down.
    "Show Dmitri what you can do with those lips," he ordered.

    Giving the two men what she hoped was a sexy grin, Alina bent down over the old guy`s
    gut and lap, her hands coming up to squeeze his thighs. Her hands slid to his belt and
    unbuckled it before unfastening his pants. His semi-hard cock was nothing impressive but she
    knew she had to act like it was the biggest slab of meat she had ever seen. She pulled the prick
    out of his pants and underwear, squeezing him around the base and feeling the blood start to fill
    the unimpressive dick.

    He groaned above her as she licked his sensitive tip, drawing it into her mouth. She
    circled his slowly growing cock-head, moaning lustfully around it as it began to fill her teenage
    mouth. When it was hard enough she began bobbing her head back and forth, massaging his
    shaft with her tongue as she sucked back and forth. He grew long enough for her to fit her fist
    around his base and began tugging on him as her pink lips slid wetly up and down him, meeting
    her fingers. One of the john’s hands forced itself below her chest and he began roughly
    squeezing her small, firm tits.

    Alina took a quick peek at the bodyguard sitting across from her with a cock in her mouth
    and suppressed a shudder. He was barely paying attention to her, his eyes dead as he simply
    sat relaxed in the seat. It was unnerving.

    As she continued licking and sucking her customer's now fully hard prick, his free hand slid
    down her graceful back to her taunt ass. The shortness of the dress caused it to pull up easily
    over her pale ass revealing her thong and the Russian slipped his finger beneath the thin
    material. She grunted as he fingered her tight, dry asshole before sliding his finger lower to her
    bare, pink pussy. She was dry there as well so she began thinking sexy thoughts trying to
    lubricant herself for the john. In her mind a handsome prince carried her off to live in his castle.
    A pretty boy at school asked her to prom. A middle-aged business man spent his money to take
    her off the streets to a new and better life. Anywhere but here was a sexy thought and she
    soon felt herself start to get wet.

    The Russian used what moisture she had between her legs to circle his finger around her
    clit hood trying to stimulate her further. Alina knew what he was doing. He was trying to get
    her wet enough for him without needing lubricant. Some of her johns took pride in the fact
    they could get a hooker wet on their own, completely unaware that it was simple biology rather
    than their personal techniques. And she didn't bother to correct them. Whatever belief got
    the johns off she supported. And the quicker the better.

    She groaned as lustfully as she could around the meat in her mouth as her customer
    slipped two fingers inside of her, finger-banging her as her beautiful face bobbed up and down in
    his lap. She began fondling his bloated balls with her free hand, his pubic hair sparse and wiry.
    He caressed her tiny asshole with his thumb as he continued squeezing her tits with his other
    hand and she continued to pretend to like it.

    Alina easily deep-throated the Russian’s prick, holding it in her throat and swallowing
    around it all while moaning and wiggling her tongue around the shaft and fondling his balls.
    She slipped it back out of her mouth and held the top between her lips as she took a deep
    breath and continued jerking on his base. She took another deep breath before taking him
    back into her throat, swallowing around him, massaging him with her tongue, moaning along his
    length and lightly squeezing his balls.

    Above her the Russian cried out in lust and quickly used his hand on her chest to push her
    up, his spit wet cock slipping out of her mouth while he slipped his fingers out from under her.
    She wiped the spot from her chin with the back of her hand while giving him what she hoped
    was a sexy smile. “How was that?” she asked, trying to appear confident.

    “Almost to good,” the over-weight Russian chuckled before looking over at his bodyguard.
    “Dmitri, you have to try this whore’s mouth,” he said before turning back to the girl. “Show
    Dmitri what you can do,” he said.

    Alina gave the bodyguard what she hoped was a sexy smirk before sliding off of her seat
    onto her knees. The back of the limo was long enough for her to get on her hands as well and
    she crawled across the floor to the guard, her tight ass pointed back to her customer.

    “Dmitri is my best guard,” the Russian told the young whore, “So you make sure you suck
    him good.” With his hard pecker still out he got on his knees behind the girl and slid his hands
    across her stunning, pale ass.

    Once again, the young prostitute ran her hands up a Russian man’s thighs and reached for
    his belt. She tried giving him a coy smile as she looked deep into his eyes but he was
    completely impassive as she undid his belt and pants. Behind her, her customer pulled her
    thong down to her knees and slid his hand between her legs, cupping her warm pussy. She
    gave up trying to seduce the stoic guard as she pulled his soft prick out of his underwear. Even
    soft be was larger than the john’s but only maybe a bit bigger than average and she began rolling
    his soft cock between her hands like playdough.

    Using what lubrication he could, the Russian customer began finger-fucking the teenage
    girl again but with an added twist that made her grunt in discomfort. She tried to cover the
    sudden intrusion with what she hoped was a lusty moan as her customer sawed two fingers in
    and out of her pussy and his thumb in and out of her tight ass. She wiggled back against his
    hand as she began tugging on the guard with one hand while using her other hand to hold
    herself up.

    Alina bent the guard’s prick towards her face and licked his shaft from the base to the tip,
    swirling her tongue around his soft cock-head before licking down the opposite side. She
    covered his hard prick in her warm saliva before dipping lower and licking his balls while her
    hand slid wetly up and down his length. When her talented hand reached the tip she ran her
    hand around it before sliding back down. She took one bulbous ball into her warm mouth,
    sucking on it as she licked it, before switching to the other. And above her he was still as silent
    as a stone.

    The Russian customer behind her used his hands to hold her taunt cheeks apart as he bent
    forward with his tongue fully extended. He licked her from her tiny asshole to her warm pussy,
    slobbering all over her as his fingers kneaded her ass. He used his tongue to probe her ass
    along with his thumb before doing the same to her pussy along with his two fingers adding even
    more lubrication to her soon to be violated body. She concentrated on the guard as much as
    she could while splitting her attention between the two men. Sucking the cock of one while
    pretending to enjoy the oral from another.

    “Such a fine ass,” the Russian exclaimed before slipping his finger out the whore’s ass and
    plunging his tongue inside.

    Moaning as she took in half of the guard’s dick into her mouth, Alina did her best to rock
    her hips up, pretending to want her customer's tongue inside of her and fucking back against his
    mouth. She bobbed her head up and down on the passive guard’s prick, moaning in what she
    hope sounded like lusty or horny appreciation. She took the cock back out of her mouth and
    licked his balls again keeping her hand moving up and down on his ridged shaft.

    She could feel her customer moving around behind her and knew what was coming next.
    She tried to relax her body as much as possible as she felt the tip of the over-weight man’s prick
    nudge against her spit-wet ass. She let the guard’s balls fall out of her teenage mouth to brace
    herself with both hands, afraid of what would happen if she accidentally bit him. The Russian
    began pushing himself into her and she was actually thankful he had taken some time to try and
    lube her up as much as he did.

    Grunting in near pain, Alina tried to turn it into a groan of pleasure not wanting either of
    the men knowing how much discomfort she was feeling. It would be a sign of weakness and
    like living in the jungle: The weak were prey. She could feel the Russian’s cock-head slip past
    the right ring of muscle at the entrance to her ass. He took a moment to appreciate the feel of
    himself inside of her before grabbing her by her slim hips and pushing forward.

    As her john’s cock slowly parted her tight walls and filled her tight ass she lifted her hand
    back up and began jerking-off the guard again. The Russian had given himself just enough
    lubrication not to hurt her to much and it felt like he was taking his time and just enjoying the
    feel of her teenage body gripping down on him. Feeling safe that he wasn't planning on just
    slamming into her she sucked the stoic guard’s cock into her mouth. She kept her body still, her
    dress pulled up around her hips and the top pulled down to her waist with her small tits dangling
    below her. As she began bobbing her head up and down she kept the rest of her body
    completely still to give her customer easier access to her body. Her small, firm tits jiggled
    slightly as her head worked up and down, her checks hollowing as she sucked as hard a she could,
    her pink lips stretched right around the bodyguard’s shaft.

    With a grunt around the silent guard’s cock in her young mouth, the john slid balls deep
    into Alina’s ass. He held himself still just enjoying the feel of her we around his dick as her head
    bobbed up and down in the bodyguard’s lap. She made wet slurping sounds as. She sucked him
    and could feel the john’s balls resting on her pussy-lips. She began rocking her body back and
    forth between the two men, fucking the guard with her mouth and her customer with her ass.
    She could hear the man behind her grunting in lust but, as usual, the guard remained silent.
    She squeezed the Russian as tightly as she could with the muscles in her ass like she was trying
    to shit in reverse. It was such a odd sensation that she never got used to despite the number of
    anonymous cocks she had taken.

    As she rocked her body back and forth between the two men, fucking them both with her
    body, she got her first reaction from the bodyguard. His rough hand came down and he stroked
    her head down to her jaw, cupping her face. She had been afraid of what he might do to be if
    she didn't please him and had tried her best to suck him off the best that she could and now felt
    a sense of relief that she finally gotten a positive response from him.

    As her john began fucking her ass on his own he rocked Alina forward, her mouth taking
    more of the guard’s cock into her mouth. As the Russian buried himself inside of her tightly
    clutching ass the bodyguard’s prick slid into her tightly clutching throat. And when the Russian
    slid part way out of her she allowed the dick in her mouth to nearly escape, holding the tip in
    with her lips and circling it with her tongue as she took a breath. With her customer thrusting
    back into her from behind, the guard would thrust into her mouth, his hard shaft sliding deeper
    into her throat, nearly gagging her but luckily she had overcome her gag reflex long ago. She
    released her hold on the guard’s cock, holding herself up as the two men fucked her teenage

    She could hear the Russian behind her grunting in lust and even managed to get a couple
    of grunts from the guard as she deep-throated him again and again. Her throat was already
    sore and the only thought she had to get her through the pain radiating from her throat was the
    thought of possibly getting ice cream afterwards. It was a small hope since she was usually
    busy on her hands and knees or on her back throughout the night but there was a glimmer of
    hope about getting away long enough to get ice cream. Chocolate ice cream. With sprinkles.
    It was a simple dream really and it would depress her if she thought about the fact that the only
    dreams she had were such simple dreams so she kept her attention on the job at hand.

    The guard was grunting more, his ass lifting off the seat as he fucked the teenage girl’s
    beautiful face. He gripped the sides of her head as she shoved his cock in and out of her mouth,
    her tongue working against him as the Russian john thrust himself as deep into her ass as
    possible. The john came first, shuddering as he filled her tight teen ass with his thick load,
    holding himself to her as she deep-throated the guard’s prick. The bodyguard came after a few
    more thrusts, his warm cum slipping down her throat as she swallowed every shot of sperm that
    he had to give.

    As the two men began to soften, their cocks slipped out of Alina’s mouth and as they
    collapsed back into their seats, their spent pricks dangling out of their pants.

    “Did I not tell you she had a great mouth, Dmitri?” the Russian asked with a satisfied smile
    on his face.

    “Sure did, boss,” Dmitri said.

    The bodyguard didn't have a Russian accent which kind of surprised Alina as she sat up on
    her knees and wiped her wet chin off with the back of her hand again. She knew better than to
    get herself cleaned up yet knowing that most customers preferred to keep their hookers naked
    until they were completely done with them. Sometimes it was just to stare at her nudity or to
    see their handiwork at having just fucked her. “Did you enjoy yourself?” she asked and tried to
    keep the sound of hope out of her voice.

    “Of course, of course,” the Russian boasted, “You are certainly a top shelf whore. Worth
    every penny.”

    As her customer began tucking himself back into his pants, a small glimmer of hope
    coursed through Alina. She looked over at the quiet guard and the hope bloomed larger as he
    began putting himself away. And then the john nodded at the bodyguard.

    “Tell Ivan to head home,” the Russian said, “I can't wait to introduce this bitch to the rest
    of the men.”

    And then Alina’s heart sank as the limo began to move with her nearly naked and dripping
    with two men’s cum in the back. Her night wasn't over yet and her dream of ice cream would
    just have to wait.

    The End.



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