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    The Hollywood Hypnosneak *Ongoing*

    This is a homage to all the celebrity mind control stories I read way back in the late 90's and early 00's.

    This is a work of complete fiction. It just popped into my brain so I wrote it down and share it for free and make no money off of it. No one under legal age may read this, if you know what's good for you. No one over legal age should read this for the same reason. All characters used in this story are a parody of any real or fictional person. I don’t know Kate Upton or have anything to do with her. Comments are always welcome and appreciated and you should feel free to share.

    Story Code: M/F, MC

    The Hollywood Hypnosneak Chap. 01, Kate Upton
    By Muhabba

    The last of the heavy metal doors opened and for the first time in 20 years I felt the warm afternoon sun as a free man. I had spent the last of my money, the only money I had on me when I was arrested, on a bus ticket to Florida, not because of any sentimental reason, it just seemed like a good place to lay low and figure out what I was going to do next. I had spent the last month of my imprisonment trying to reach my old contacts, any contacts, but they had all moved on, forgetting me or hoping I’d never get out of the federal prison they had left me in. Fortunately it’s very difficult to prove hypnotism as a crime so the Feds had to make do with an embezzlement charge, maybe it was several embezzlement charges, who can keep track of those things. So with no money, no contacts, and no way to reach my old assistant Jennifer, I began the long, lonely trek to the bus stop with only my bus ticket in my pockets. It was only a few miles to the bus stop and I had nothing except the clothes on my back so it wouldn’t be too bad.

    A few days later I found myself in Daytona Beach with an empty stomach and an empty wallet. I knew the Feds would be keeping an eye on me just to make sure I didn’t slip back into bad habits so I decided to just keep a low profile and not use my abilities, too much. Besides, all of my hypnotism equipment had been located and disassembled in the hopes of charging me with some sort of brain-washing crime but the equipment was only designed to enhance my own talents so the Feds had been out of luck on that front.

    I found a small diner and took a seat and waited for the waitress. Sorry, they’re called, “Servers,” now. In a few minutes a plain, middle-aged woman with wiry red hair approached my table and I deftly reached for the mostly clean spoon sitting in front of me.

    “What can I get you, hunny,” she asked and I noticed her name tag read, “Ruth”.

    I would never be confused with a male model but I had always kept myself in just enough shape not of be classified as fat or thin or muscular. Hypnotists live in the background and prefer not to be noticed but we are naturally charming and with a little extra training we can take that charm and do so much with it. I began using the spoon the reflect the afternoon sunlight into Ruth’s eyes, put on my best smile, and carefully modified my tone of voice as I gave her my order.

    By the time I was done eating and visiting with Ruth I had a free lunch, a free chocolate milkshake, a free dinner in a to-go box, and a lead on a job. I left the restaurant secure in the knowledge that Ruth would forget all about me in the next hour or so as I made my way across town to a small motel barely a mile from the beach.

    The hotel was looking for a handyman and since I had personally built all of my hypnotism equipment I was pretty good with my hands. Believably lying to the manager while using my abilities I secured the job with a false name, a false social security number, no personal ID, and even worked out a deal to live in one of the hotel’s smaller rooms. Now I was set to live a nice, quite, uneventful life on the straight and narrow.

    The straight and narrow diverged drastically inside of two weeks. The manger was out for lunch and a cute little college freshman came into the office while I was covering the check in counter. She was short, perky, curvy, blonde haired, blue eyed, wearing a bikini top and shorts, and more than a little naive. She believed that all hotels required a reservation but she didn’t have one since she and her friends had arranged their little weekend trip to Daytona on short notice and was hoping if there was anything I could do for her since her friends would be arriving at the airport that evening. I pulled out a quarter and began running it across the fingers in my left hand while the fingers of my right hand began tapping out a subtle beat and I began talking at a deliberate pace and laid out her options.

    I was out of practice so it took me nearly fifteen minutes to get her lips wrapped around my cock. She had almost no technique, she simply rested my prick on her tongue and started sucking as hard as she could while bobbing her head back and forth. It wasn’t my first blow-job in the last twenty years but it was the only one I’ll admit to and as far as I was concerned it was heaven. She drooled from the corners of her mouth as she looked up at me expectantly and I groaned as I thrust in and out of her mouth, feeling my balls boiling with the need to cum. I hurriedly yanked her up to her feet and pulled her tight shorts down as I bent her over the counter. She was hot and wet as I shoved my dick between the tight folds of her pussy, stretching her young cunt.

    And then I came after barely more than a few thrusts causing her to look over her shoulder at me in disappointment.

    “Are you done already,” she asked in a snobby voice.

    I reached for my quarter again as I said, “No, look at this.” By the time I was finished talking to her she believed that she had just had the kind of sex that’s shown on late night movie channels or “Red Shoe Diaries” before happily skipping out of the office with her room key to go pick up her friends.

    I huffed and puffed with exertion and saw my reflection in the glass of a poorly painted picture. “You’re old and out of practice,” I chuckled to myself before cleaning up and getting dressed.

    I filed my little hypnotic indiscretion as just a small slip, a little mistake that I couldn’t afford to repeat and then left it at that. Although the old me kept trying to pop up every time I thought of that cute little thing and her three nubile little friends all crammed inside of a small hotel room and the things I could make them do I jammed him back into my subconscious and went on with my mostly crime free lifestyle.

    As the weeks turned to months I found myself having to re-hypnotize the manager from time to time to keep him from checking too far into my back ground. And just for necessity’s sake I cobbled together a few items to place some long term commands into his subconscious just so I wouldn't have to keep re-hypnotizing him.

    And then, strictly for necessity’s sake again, I of course had to test the cobbled together items just to make sure I didn’t accidentally hurt the manager. The hotel was fairly empty and I found two young, ripe, fresh-faced test subjects fairly quickly on the main thoroughfare and invited them to my hotel’s small pool under the ruse of an anniversary pool party. I presented them with what I told them were the last two tickets and they quickly ran home to grab their bathing suits. They returned within a half hour and asked where everybody else was and I told them that they were simply the first to arrive. I chatted with them a bit as I walked them back to the pool and admired their young, teenage bodies. One had light colored brown hair and the other dark and both were nearly mirror images of each other. They told me that they were sisters just as we reached the pool and I invited them to jump right in as I moved to the small DJ table I had set up.

    With the added lights, my small set-up was a bit elaborate but I didn’t want to leave anything to chance in programming the young girls or make them suspicious. I activated my equipment and the music started playing as the lights pulsed in time to the specially chosen beat. The music contained a subliminal recording and the lights flickered at a predetermined rhythm and my voice flowed through the speakers at special intervals, all manufactured to lower the girls’ inhibitions. They danced and played in the water, giggling as they enjoyed themselves, and after a few minutes they barely even noticed that they were still alone. A few songs in their dancing turned more playful and their giggling increased, echoing through the empty complex and bringing me to full erection as I stared at them hungrily. A few more songs after that their playing turned more forceful and their giggling became slowly replaced by throaty moans as their barely covered bodies bumped and rubbed against each other. And a few more songs after that they began kissing passionately.

    I couldn’t tell who had kissed who first, one moment they were swaying together, their young bodies pressed against one another as they stared deep into each others’ eyes and the next they were kissing as young lovers. By the time I shut down my music and lights the teenage sisters were nearly fully making out and though I most of the guests were out of the hotel at the moment I knew better than to take to much more time. I hated breaking them up but by now the need to fuck them both had passed from simple desire and changed to a primal urge. The girls followed me to my room and waited patiently by my bed as I locked my door.

    They say you can’t hypnotize someone into doing something they don’t want to do, which is bullshit. I could make the First Lady tongue kiss the Queen of England if I wanted. The trick to to make them want to do what it is you want them to do and I wanted a 3-way with these sisters. I talked to them for a few minutes and quickly gauged what they wanted out of sex, and being virgins (which nearly caused me to cum in my pants with excitement) they of course wanted their first times to be with someone they loved and that cared for them and made them feel safe. Sounded like family to me so I quickly gave them their commands.

    I stripped naked and reclined on my bed to watch the show as the sisters began kissing again, their pink tongues caressing and wrestling against one another as they rubbed their young bodies together. Their tops fell to the floor as they pressed their still developing chest together, their nipples hard with desire. The light haired sister was the first to bend down, kissing her sister’s nipples before the dark haired sister did the same. They took turns exploring each others’ ripe bodies, one after the other until they were laying at the foot of my bed, fingering each other to explosive orgasms.

    After they had recovered from their orgasms I had the girls lay on either side of me and showed them the finer points of pleasuring a man. My first orgasm roared over me as one sister fisted my shaft while the other massaged my balls. I taught them to love the taste of cum as they licked it from their fingers and then spent several minutes enjoying the sensation of one teen girl sucking my cock while the other tongued my balls.

    As I felt myself on the verge of cumming again I had the sisters stop their oral learning and then instructed them on the proper way to take each others’ cherries. They got into a sexy 69 and began lapping at each others’ pussies until I felt they were on the edge of orgasm. With a command from me they slid a finger into their delicate holes, ripping away each others’ virginities and screaming out in pleasure as they came for the second time. It’s so nice to see sisters getting along.

    I waited for them to come down from their sexual high and then showed them the proper way to ride a cock, giving them a orgasm each before taking them again, one at a time, in the missionary position until they had both come. I showed them each the joys of doggy style until they once again came and then I finished on their beautiful, eager, upturned faces.

    As I slowly fisted my softening cock and watched them lick the cum from their faces I realized that there would be no straight and narrow for me, there couldn’t be. I would be like Micheal Jordan not playing basketball or Bo Jackson not playing baseball or Refrigerator Perry not playing football. If you were good at something you had to do it.

    As I gave the sisters their final commands I realized that my encounter with them wasn’t nearly as satisfying as similar encounters had been in the past. I had fucked the hottest women in the world: celebrities, supermodels, heiresses, political figures the world over and how could I settle for less now?

    Because I didn’t want to go back to jail, that’s how. What landed me in jail was my carelessness in hypnotizing and fucking every celebrity that crossed my path but since it had left me losing 20 years of my life I vowed a life of celibacy. Except for the occasional fling because every man has needs after all. My vow lasted a month because MTV arrived to celebrate Springbreak and brought Kate Upton with them.

    Back in my day MTV still played music videos and I tended to watch them on mute. To this day I have no idea what Britney Spears sound like when she sings but her “I’m a Slave for You” video nearly gave me carpel tunnel syndrome. During Springbreak, MTV would host various parties in the hottest Springbreak vacation destinations and it was pretty much an all you can fuck buffet for the various hypnotists. Fortunately for me, now, it appears to not be as popular as it once was and the instant I saw Kate Upton I knew that I had to have one last celebrity fling.

    Kate's body is nothing short of spectacular, her ass may be a little flat but her large, amazing tits made up for it. She had a face Marilyn Monroe would approve of right down to the beauty mark and the flowing blonde hair. The security around her was nothing like it had been back in the old days and could easily be cracked by my skills, and since I had already built the equipment I would require and would only need a few days to prepare and refine it, the timing was perfect.

    Using my natural skills I found out where she would be staying for the week to host an amateur fashion show and I spent two days studying her and MTV's security. It would take me two more days to further refine my equipment and then on the fifth day I put my plan into action. I broke into her hotel suite, well, I say broke in, mostly I just talked the maid into letting me in, and planted my equipment before leaving and locking up behind me. My gear would need some time to work itself into her subconscious and then a night's sleep to take root.

    On the sixth day, while Kate was taping the last episode of her show, I slipped back into her room, tweaked the equipment and then waited in her linen closet.

    Just as the sun set Kate returned. I couldn't see into her living room from where I was but I caught a quick glimpse of her as she walked past the closet, stripping off her clothes as she went from the living room to her bedroom and on to her bathroom. The shower started almost immediately afterwards and I got ready by pulling my pants down to my ankles and fighting off the urge to start fisting my already hard cock.

    After about ten minutes she came out wearing a white terry-cloth robe, her hair wet and dripping as she crossed in front of the closet again and climbed into bed. The closet was just off to the side of her queen sized bed and I had nearly a perfect view of her as she stretched out on the soft mattress, the robe doing nothing to hide her amazing curves. She clicked on the television, the light from the screen the only illumination in the room, and surfed through the channels. A woman's throaty moan came from the T.V. and Kate smirked, twirling the remote in her fingers as she playfully chewed on her bottom lip before gingerly putting the remote down.

    The porno playing on her television obviously intrigued Kate as she began toying with the front of her robe. And since when did televisions get so skinny? I couldn't see a single fucking thing on the screen. It took all of my willpower to keep from jerking off but the problem with interludes like this was that once you started you had to stick to the subliminal plan as closely as possible and I couldn't just start all over again if I blew my load to soon. She smiled wickedly as she slowly slid her hand into her robe, tickling her large breast, her nipples obviously erect beneath the thick material, her breathing became more labored, more ragged as her pink lips parted and she began panting in lust as she began toying with one of her nipples.

    Kate's breathing became harsher as she slid her hand from one large, heavy tit to the other, her robe gaping open to reveal her massive chest. Her amazing breasts swayed from side to side as she moaned in lust, toying with her nipple before palming and squeezing the sizable, tan orb, her firm flesh bulging between her outspread fingers. She brought her other hand up to her chest and began kneading her tits like dough, licking her lips as her ragged breath escaped from between them. Her robe was now open from her heaven sent chest to just below her belly button and every sinful inch of exposed flesh was a uniform golden brown.

    Rubbing her thighs together before she began to open her knees, Kate's long legs opened and her robe puddled to her sides, her bare hips still keeping the sweet juncture between her thighs barely hidden. One of her hands slowly trailed down her world renowned body and slid between her legs and she cooed in pleasure as her delicate fingers began sawing up and down between her thighs. Her pants and moans started coming faster and harder, a light sheen of sweat breaking across her skin, gleaming in the light of the porno on her TV as a faint blush crept across her panting face and the top of her heaving chest. She began humping up against her had, her body on the verge of orgasm, almost ready to explode which was my signal to begin to make some noise as I started to noisily fist my cock.

    The noise I was making quickly caught Kate's attention and I heard her mutter, "What the hell?" before flinging herself off the bed, rushing towards the closet, and throwing the door open to reveal me with my pants pathetically down around my ankles and my cock in my hand. It hadn't even occurred to her to close her robe as she angrily demanded, "Who the fuck are you?"

    I took a moment to admire her body before answering, the robe doing nothing to conceal her body except her arms, her large tits swaying with every heavy breath, sweat trailing down her cleavage, over her flat stomach to her completely shaved and wet pussy. I quickly got back into the character of the pathetic voyeur. I normally don't lose character but her body was nothing less than awe inspiring and it had been 20 years since I'd last fucked a celebrity.

    "I... I'm... I'm so, so sorry Miss... Miss Upton," I stammered. "I just... I just didn't... I didn't know where... what to do..."

    "What do you mean?" Kate demanded as she glared at me angrily, her hands on her hips and her robe billowing in the breeze of the air conditioner like a cape. The cold breeze and sweat had caused goose bumps to break out over her flesh but she didn't notice as she angrily asked, "What the fuck are you doing in my room?"

    I looked meekly down at my erection and then back up at her. "I wanted your autograph?"

    "What the shit fuck do you mean you wanted my autograph?" I don't know where she learned to curse but I swear I didn't program her to say "shit-fuck".

    "I... I snuck in... snuck in to get your... your autograph," I stammered. "But then I heard you coming and I got scared and hid." I tried not to smirk as she began looking me up and down, her eyes drawn to the throbbing cock in my hand. "It's just... just... You're so beautiful," I stammered. Now, I'm not saying that all models are narcissists but you can't do what they do without an exceptionally high self-body image so her fantasy had been easy to figure out. "I... I mean... you're the next Marilyn Monroe! How... how can anybody look at you and not fall in love? I got nervous."

    Kate's eyes kept drifting down to my prick which I started pulling on softly as I kept complementing her and feeding her ego. Her large tits jiggled slightly as she shifted her weight, her anger starting to dissipate with my carefully spoken tone of voice. "And it's not just your body," I continued, "It's your smile and the way you hold yourself. The way you greet your fans and interact with them just proves that you're a beautiful person inside as well as out." She actually started to blush as I kept pressing her. You need a solid ego to be a successful model but you also want to be recognized as a complete person. "I knew it was wrong to encroach into your personal space but I knew a simple nobody guy like me would never be able to meet 'The' Kate Upton. And then you came in and I got so scared at meeting you in person that I hid. I would have left but you came out of the shower and then you started to... y'know," I looked away sheepishly, "I... I couldn't help my... myself." I looked back up and deep into her eyes. "You're the most beautiful person I've ever met."

    All I could do now was to wait and see if my piecemeal equipment had worked fully, or at all, and if my speech had the desired effect. Her eyes we're locked onto my prick as I jerked on it more forcefully and she licked her lips before looking back up to me. She smirked wickedly as she said, "That's got to be either the creepiest excuse to break into my suite or the sweetest. Are you seriously telling me you risked me calling the cops just to get my autograph?"

    I nodded my head meekly as her eyes drifted back down to my cock. Her breathing was becoming harsher as she licked her lips before whispering, "That's a pretty brave thing to do just to meet me." She chewed on her lip for a moment before looking back up at me. She pressed her hands to my chest before leaning in close to me and brushing her lips lightly against mine. "I actually do think that's pretty sweet."

    With no warning Kate dropped to her knees, knocked my hand away from my prick and swallowed a quarter of my length in one go, proving that I hadn't lost my touch. I couldn't decide which felt better, hypnotizing a celebrity with half-assed equipment and twenty year old rusty talent or Kate sucking eagerly at my cock so I decided just to concentrate on one thing at a time. Kate Upton.

    Kate braced herself with her hands on my hips as she bobbed her head back and forth, her cheeks hollowing with each hungry suck, her lips stretched tight and her wet tongue rubbing against my length. Her technique was amazing and I groaned in pleasure as I gripped the sides of her head and began rocking my hips, fucking her super-model face. She leaned forward more, straightening her neck, allowing me to slide down her clutching throat as my balls slapped wetly against her chin. She didn't look up at me, all of her attention was solely for my cock, hungering for it, needing it, needing it more than her next breath as she swallowed me whole, massaging me with her tongue as her throat rippled around my cock-head. I could have cheerfully cum right then and there but it had been decades since I'd enjoyed a celebrity and I wasn't going to short change myself by settling with just a blow-job.

    She pulled back slowly, wet sucking sounds echoing through the room before Kate let my dick pop out of her mouth, her saliva dripping from my shaft, balls, and her chin. She looked up at me then with a wanton grin and I actually growled as I reached down and yanked her to her feet before shoving her against the nearest wall. She moaned in lust as she caught herself, her hands braced against the wall, her back arched, and her ass out-thrust. I tugged the robe to one side to reveal her golden ass, my fingers quickly digging below her cheeks to find her dripping pussy. I was on the verge of complete loss of control as I jammed my fingers inside her, bringing a gasp to her mouth as she started thrusting herself against my hand, fucking my fingers.

    For the last week I had worked out a long list of everything I wanted to do to Kate's body but I forgot all about it as I surrendered to my animalistic urges. I pulled my fingers out of her tight channel and licked them clean before placing my aching cock at the entrance to her heavenly cunt and shoved my hips forward, thrusting into her willing body. Her head slammed against the wall but neither of us cared as we practically growled in pleasure and began fucking like wild animals. With every wet slap of my groin, her juices splashed out, trailing down our legs and dripping off my swinging balls as she pushed herself back against my thrust to get as much of my meat inside of her as possible and I shoved forward as much as I could for the same reason. I reached beneath her her and roughly squeezed and kneaded her large, dangling tits, twisting and tugging on them nearly to the point of pain and with enough force that I knew I would leave bruises but she gave no sign of wanting me to stop and I wouldn't have anyway.

    I pulled out of her wet cunt, her juices dripping off my cock, and spun her around and shoved her back against the wall. She was still wearing the robe but I didn't notice, I just shoved my face between her giant breasts and held them against my head as I feasted on the silky flesh. I could have spent all night with my head buried between her bountiful breasts but my cock needed back inside of her. I slid my arms between her sticky thighs and with a strength born of working out in prison to make sure I didn't have to take my turn in the shower room I lifted her up on my forearms, her legs pulled wide, and impaled her on my prick.

    Kate's magnificent tits jiggled wildly like jell-o with each of my thrusts causing her to squeal in pleasure with every intense movement of our conjoined bodies. My cum filled balls smacked wetly against her ass and my sweat dripped down onto her quivering abdomen. Her hands skittered across the wall looking for some kind of purchase as I fucked her hard and deep but the only things keeping her from falling we're my arms and prick as I pounded into her. I angled my thrust to make sure my cock-head rubbed firmly against her G-spot and quickly brought her to orgasm, her tight pussy gripping my angry cock and her tan body seizing in pleasure while her robe twitched and rolled.

    When she came down from her sexual high I slid her bonelessly to the floor and finally yanked that ridiculous robe off of her before dragging her by her hair to the bed like I was some kind of caveman. I pulled her on top of my as I fell back with her straddling my hips and when she'd recovered enough from her orgasm she grabbed my cock at it's base and lower herself down as my hands sought out her heaving breasts. Her tight pussy slowly enveloped my prick and I couldn't help but push up, burying myself to the hilt inside of her. She cried out with the sudden intrusion but quickly recovered and began riding me like she was trying to break a pony, her tits wobbling wildly on her sweat slick chest. Her pace made it difficult to hold onto her wildly swaying breasts and my hands just weren't big enough to grip onto them but I tried as hard as I could. She bounced hard and fast on my shaft to the point I think she may have bruised my pelvis but I didn't care, all I cared about was the way her tight hole stretched and grasped my pole, the look of her body riding me, her head thrown back in pleasure, and the feel of her tits in my hands.

    The sight of super model Kate Upton riding my cock nearly made me forget about my twenty years in prison and it nearly felt like no time had passed between when I first went in and now. There were probably thousands, if not millions, of men who wished they were me right now and that feeling was just a bare second place to actually being me right now. The impact of her hips as she rode me hard and rough were causing her juices to splatter out and drench us, I'd never had a woman this wet before, it was almost like a hentai movie. They still have those, right? My hands wandered over her body again and again, never happy with an single place, but always returned to her tits which we're now starting to look red and worn.

    I could feel my balls practically boiling with the need to cum and Kate's body was made in such a way that there was only one logical place to do it. I pinched and twisted one of her hard nipples with the fingers on one hand while the fingers of my other hand delved between her wet thighs and strummed her little clit. She screamed out in pleasure as another orgasm tore through her, her luscious body spasming in electric bliss. I unceremoniously threw her off of me and straddle her God sent chest, wrapping her unbelievable tits around my cock and began hurriedly fucking them.

    The feel of Kate's miraculous tits around my dick made me wish I had studied poetry in college instead of psychology because I can't even describe how good it felt. The best I could come up with was to scream out, "Oh Fuck yes!" as I slid back and forth between them while she slowly came down from her orgasm. She slid her tongue out to lick the tip of my prick whenever it popped out from above her jiggling cleavage and it sent me over the edge. I released her mountainous breasts and aimed my cock down at her chest, fisting myself to orgasm, cummimg across her golden, shining tits. As my cum rained down on her it triggered another orgasm in her and she squealed in pleasure as her juices gushed out of her and soaked the bed.

    As the last of my seed splashed down on Kate's tits, and after I regained some muscle control and my breath, I bent down and whispered, "Sleep," into her ear and she immediately fell unconscious, although truth be told she hadn't been fully conscious since finding me in the closet. I whispered the last of my commands to her and then cleaned up and got dressed, before riffling through her purse for some loose money because working at a second rate hotel didn't pay much, and then left. In a semi-conscious state she'd clean herself up and then fall back into a true sleep, waking in the morning to think everything that we had done was nothing more than a dream and them promptly forget all about it.

    I walked out of the hotel immensely pleased with myself and grinning like a maniac. I may have even been whistling. I was even more pleased that my skills hadn't rusted in the twenty years I sent at Club Fed but then the fear of what could happen to me if the Fed's found out that I had fallen off the wagon, so to speak, began to creep over me. Oh well, that was tomorrow. Today I had fucked Kate Upton.

    To be continued...

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    This is a work of complete fiction. It just popped into my brain so I wrote it down and share it for free and make no money off of it. No one under legal age may read this, if you know what's good for you. No one over legal age should read this for the same reason. All characters used in this story are a parody of any real or fictional person. I don’t know Hayden Pantrierre or have anything to do with her. Comments are always welcome and appreciated and you should feel free to share.

    Story Code: M/F, MC

    The Hollywood Hypnosneak Ch 02 Hayden Pantrierre
    By Muhabba

    A smart man would have invested the money he had taken from Kate Upton in some clever way against the future. I, however, was celebrating. I had bought a reasonably priced business suit and was now sipping moderately priced scotch at a upper crust bar. It might seem wasteful since I was barely making minimum wage at a shifty job in a cheap motel but I like to think my ego is a reasonably priced investment. After all, a positive outlook was the most important part of any future endeavor.

    "What's the special occasion?" the bartender asked as he refilled my drink.

    "Celebrating my talent," I told him as he shrugged off the half-assed answer and went fishing for more tips.

    I'm a junkie. I freely admit it. I was a junkie and my fix was pulling off the most impossible of tasks, fucking celebrities. The sex itself was great, don't get me wrong, but the satisfaction of just picking one of the most beautiful women in the world, sliding unseen past her security, past her own personal barriers, and then sliding inside of her was, and always would be, the best part for me. There could be no better high.

    During my twenty years in prison I had gone over every mistake in my life and swore never to make those mistakes again but after one night with a supermodel I decided that fucking celebrities could never be considered a mistake. Getting caught had been the mistake and getting caught and sent back to jail was another matter entirely. At first I considered my little fling with Kate a simple matter of falling off the wagon but now that wagon was way off in the distance and here I was, waving at it as it went off into the sunset.

    I decided the key to getting started was staying low key, keeping off the radar of the Feds and my old colleagues but that meant I needed to reach my old assistant, Jennifer. Jennifer was still on the inside of the celebrity loop and I, I was very much outside so I needed an intermediary who was also in the loop. Kate had left town a few days ago and although I had left some choice commands should we ever meet again she was far from a simple servant that I could call and make demands of.

    Draining the last of my scotch I headed off to hail a cab and head home early. Spring Break was still going on and I needed to hit the beach in the morning.

    Since Spring Break was starting to wind down, the crowds were starting to thin out but there were still a few celebrities to choose from. After a few hours I found one that would fit all the demands I needed of her so I began following her, just out of view of her personal security. The show "Heroes" had premiered while I was in prison but after one episode the guards had decided that a show about a teenage, cheer leading superhero and an internet stripper was a bit inappropriate for such a confined crowd of men but I would never forget the sight of Hayden Pantrierre's ass in her cheerleader costume.

    By now Hayden had moved on to other projects and was out at Spring Break fishing for fans for her new show, also, spending an inordinate amount of time in a bikini on the beach. She was maybe five foot two with a thick ass and thighs, flat stomach, small chest and fit arms and legs, basically a gymnast's body. Her blond hair and tan skin glowed in the Miami sun and staring at her made it worth it to be out in the humid heat of the beach. As I watched her play volleyball it was apparent she had some work done on her chest sending her formally A-cups into the B's. It wasn't a bad boob-job, just obvious and even without the enhancements she had a body made for a bikini.

    She wasn't what anybody would call an A-list celebrity therefore her security wasn't much more than a couple of guys following along behind her on the beach and another one sitting in a near-by car in case a quick get away was needed.

    Now, if you wanted to find me on the beach it would have been pretty easy since I was the only one carrying a tape deck. I didn't have the funds to switch to more digital equipment after drinking most of them, at least until I contacted Jennifer, so I played up the part as I approached Hayden's car while she jumped around on the volleyball court. I had my straw cap pulled down over my eyes but I could see out of the green visor on the brim. White zinc covered my nose and my Hawaiian shirt flapped in the breeze as I hiked up my cargo shorts as far as they could go and adjusted my fanny-pack. Pulling up my blindingly white socks I turned on my tape deck and slipped off one of my sandals.

    "Mind if I borrow your car?" I asked the driver as I held up my sandal.

    "Not my car so help yourself," he said without taking his eyes off the beach. He was very professional which would help me as my hypnotic music drifted into his ears. The driver paid no attention to me as I pretended to straighten myself up and then followed his eye-line to the beach. "Wow, check out that little blonde," I said offhandedly.

    "The blonde's my boss," he said with a slight smirk, a bit of reflected glory.

    "Nice. You're a lucky guy," I said as my music filed his mind. We chit-chatted for a few minutes and by the end of our conversation he had decided he deserved a better job than just carting around a hot blonde celebrity. He gave me his hat and jacket before he left and I switched clothes with the supplies I had brought rolled up in my fanny pack and then waited for Hayden in her car as I put together my cobbled together equipment.

    A few hours later Hayden came back to her car, still wearing her tiny bikini, and hopped in, amazing me at how little jiggle her body had. As I drove her to her hotel she slipped on her robe in the back seat and it took a great deal of will-power not to leer at her sun-kissed body and possibly give myself away. I took a longer route back to her hotel to give my commands an opportunity to worm their way inside of her brain. It would have been easier if her car would have taken tapes but technology had moved on without me. She never noticed my boom-box under the passenger side seat and by the time we reached the semi-fancy hotel I was sure my commands had seeped into her subconscious.

    I questioned her before letting her out, searching for a fantasy I could hook my program on and then planted my suggestions before letting her out. I watched her walk in, even though all I could see was her robe swinging back and forth over her thick, round ass, and rubbed myself through my pants, excited more than I should be by what was going to happen tonight.

    As I waited back in my room I found myself giddy as a schoolboy. It was almost like I was starting out for the first time again, the tension was nearly nerve wracking and I grinned like a mad man as I waited. Time moved by too slowly but finally, after an eternity, it was time to leave. It was the middle of the night and Hayden was sure to be in a deep, deep sleep by now.

    Visions of Hayden's tight, little body had been dancing behind my eyes all afternoon and evening. I had been suffering a perpetual erection for hours now and had to stop myself from simply running like a giggling idiot into Hayden's hotel. She had left me a key card to her room just as I had instructed her that she wouldn't even remember come morning. I had a stupid grin on my face from the time the clerk gave me her key all the way up the elevator and to her room. I slipped the key card through the reader and entered, my cock aching with need.

    This felt so different than my time with Kate. This was planned with Hayden, Kate had been more of a opportunistic encounter and so it had less of an effort, more of a need for release after prison but with this encounter I felt more like a creeping predator ready to jump my prey.

    I slowly entered my prey's room, it was dark with just enough light from the alarm clock for me to see the bedside table and the lamp. I clicked the lamp on so there was light enough to see Hayden sleeping beneath the covers but not enough to kill the atmosphere of the situation. I sat down next to her and she shuffled away from me a bit as I watched her beautiful, slumbering face. Women always look the most peaceful and beautiful to me when they're asleep, making me wish I had some artistic talent so I could sketch them or something. But I already had a talent and luckily it let me fuck all the women I wanted.

    I slowly pulled Hayden's bed clothes down to reveal her sleeping body to me. Her blonde hair was up in a loose ponytail and she wore a loose, black slip that made her tan skin just seem to glow in the soft light. I slowly brushed a stray strand of hair away from her face, tracing my fingers across her skin, down her jaw, down her neck, down her shoulders, and down to her chest. I teased a breast over her silk slip until her nipple was poking up through the thin material and then slowly began caressing her other mound. She moaned out softly in her sleep, unconsciously pushing her chest up towards my fingers and I moved them away, teasing her and causing her to pout with her bottom lip stuck out.

    When Hayden had calmed I slowly moved my hand down her body, over her flat stomach to her thick thigh and the hem of her slip, enjoying the power I felt. I slid my hand up her firm, tan thigh, her slip raising higher and higher, exposing more and more of her succulent flesh to me. My hand crept up her leg to her hip and I raised her thin, black slip up over her matching black panties and stroked my thumb over her pubic mound, causing her to moan out again and shift in her sleep. I caressed her flat, toned stomach, lifting the slip higher and higher up her slumbering body.

    I pulled my hand out from underneath Hayden's slip and softly massaged her firm tits over the top as she once again pushed her chest up to meet my hand. I reached up and slid the straps down her broad shoulders and pulled the straps slowly down her chest. Her breathing increased as her breasts were exposed, her nibbles hard and pink. I toyed with the hard nubs and caused her to moan out in pleasure as goosebumps broke out over her silky smooth flesh.

    Smiling wide to myself I bent down and kissed one of her breasts just above the nipple, licking her skin softly before doing the same thing to her other tit. Her moans turned to short gasps as I blew gently on the wet spots I had left and I smiled wider. I began licking and sucking on her hard nipples, lovingly caressing her breasts as I switched back and forth between her excited nubs. Her tits were incredibly firm and she pushed them up against my face as she licked her lips erotically and moaned in pleasure while she slept.

    It's never really been about power with me. I don't believe women deserve to be attacked just because they dress provocatively or tease their fans, it's all about getting to fuck the hottest women in the world, finding their fantasies and making them come true for the benefit of both of us. I had found that Hayden's fantasy was a fairly common one, a stranger slips into her room and fucks her to orgasm while she sleeps and then quietly leaves, and it was also one of my favorites. The trick was to make her aware enough to have her be responsive without waking her up and as I feasted on her silky flesh her moans became louder and louder until I finally had to pull away before she woke.

    I watched Hayden for a bit while she continued to sleep, her chest heaving, and when she calmed down and her breathing returned to normal I began tracing my fingertips across her tan, fit body again. I ran them from her graceful neck to her broad shoulders, to her chest and firm tits, to her flat stomach, across her waist to her thick thighs, and then slowly between her short legs.

    I reached back up to her hips and hooked my thumbs into the elastic of Hayden's panties, slowly pulling them down her legs. Unconsciously she lifted her ass up to help me and then settled herself back down and I pulled the flimsy bit of material all the way off, flinging it over my shoulder.

    Hayden kept a small strip of pubic hair above her moist slit and I toyed with her hair for a moment causing her to spread her legs slightly to give her dream man easier access. I slid my fingers up and down her labia as she rocked her hips up to meet my fingers while I teased her more, sliding my fingers up the sides of her dewy pussy-lips while she began trying to hump my hand. I bent down and began licking and sucking at her tits again, molesting her horny, slumbering body as my dick ached in my pants.

    I released my hold on Hayden's overheated body and stood up, quickly stripping off my clothes. I shuffled over to her head and gripped my throbbing cock at the base, pointing my tip at her gasping mouth. I slid my sensitive helmet across her lips and her tongue automatically slipped out and licked my tip causing me to shiver. I rubbed my prick across her whole upturned face before dropping my ball sack against her mouth, her tongue once again poking out and licking at my cum filled testicles. I fisted my prick slowly as she lapped at my balls, covering my entire sack in her warm saliva.

    In no time Hayden's warm, wet, pink tongue had me groaning in pleasure so I pulled my wet sack out of her mouth and pointed my cock-head down. Her tongue immediately began licking and swirling around my tip as I began slowly pushing myself forward. My tip poked past her lips and she began forcefully sucking on it, drawing me into her welcoming mouth. I began rocking my hips, softly fucking her face, taking care not to choke her and wake her up. The whole fantasy hinged on her being molested in her sleep and while I did have her in a deeper sleep than usual it didn't mean that I could just throat choke her without her waking up and screaming "rape". And really, was it actually rape if all I was doing was helping her live out her own fantasy. Her dream would ensure she enjoyed everything I would do to her but if she woke up now it was off to jail for me for helping someone live out their own fantasy. It hardly seemed fair if you thought about it.

    I slid my velvet head around the pink.insides of her mouth, groaning as I enjoyed the different textures, the force of her sucks, and the feel of her talented tongue. I lovingly swept the hair out of her face as I enjoyed the sight of my prick violating her slumbering face while I slowly fucked her mouth. I steadied her head with one hand as I began caressing her chest with my other, massaging her firm tits and toying with her hard nipples as she moaned in pleasure around my dick. It took everything I had not to just jack-hammer away in her mouth but the restraint now would pay off later so I just took my time and eased around, using my cock-head to explore her lightly sucking mouth.

    I slid my cock out of Hayden's mouth before I lost all self control, rubbing myself across her slumbering face again before standing back up. Boob-job or not she still didn't have enough for a titty ride so I just kissed both of her perky nipples and walked to the end of the bed. I gently spread her short legs and gazed up at her glistening peach with it's single stripe of pubic hair and licked my lips hungrily. Laying between her thick thighs I held her dewy labia open to expose the delicious pink insides of her pussy and pushed forward, rubbing my nose against her erect clit. I licked up and down her wet pussy-lips and elicited a moan from her which caused me to smile in pride to myself before I began licking around her whole pussy.

    I could only lightly dab Hayden's cunt with my tongue, afraid that I would wake her. The more she got into her "dream" the more forcefully I could go but I had to go slow to build up the tension first. Her pussy tasted divine due to whatever body wash she used and it was like only giving a sip of water to a parched man, I just wanted to swallow her whole.

    As I held her firm thighs apart, Hayden began responding more on her own, rubbing up against my face as her pussy began to gush with her juices and I licked and ate her pretty, pink pussy more firmly until she was panting and moaning above me. I timed my strokes to keep her from cumming too soon since I already had the whole scenario worked out and just as I felt her body begin to crest I pulled back and sat up on my knees.

    The pout on Hayden's beautiful face as she mewled in need because I had denied her an orgasm was just about the sexiest thing I had ever seen. I crawled over her and placed the tip of my achingly hard cock at the entrance to her drenched pussy and pushed forward just a bit, just enough to get my head inside of her. She sighed breathlessly as I held myself still, letting her vulnerable body get used to my slight intrusion. When she had calmed a bit I began pushing myself in so slowly, so gently, filling and parting her pussy so softly that my back began to ache. Every time she started to respond I slowed even more, my back feeling like it was on fire with the exertion of keeping the same pose for so long. God I've gotten old.

    Finally I bottomed out in side of Hayden, her body glimmering with sweat, her chest heaving, her knees raised around me. I don't know how long it took me to finally bury myself inside of her toned body and I refused to look at the clock to find out. I slid out just barely an inch before pushing back in, fucking her slowly but deeply as she began rolling her hips up to meet my thrusts. My arms were shaking as I struggled to hold my position, afraid to collapse on top of her and wake her but I refused to stop fucking the unconscious star. Old or not, a man had to have principles and once I started a job I finished it, especially fucking unaware celebrities.

    Hayden's tight cunt gripped my shaft as I fucked so very slowly, her knees pressed against my sides and her hands gripping my forearms as sweat dripped from my forehead. Her breathing became more ragged as her body slowly climbed to orgasm, sweat breaking out across her forehead and across the top of her chest. Her eyes fluttered slightly but didn't open as I slid in and out of her tight little body. By now my muscles were twitching, threatening to give out as I fucked her but I refused to give up, I would see this through to the end. And luckily, finally, she squeezed my sides tightly with her knees, rolled her hips up, arched her back, squeezed my forearms, and came.

    I laid there with my arms shaking and sweat pouring from my forehead as Hayden came down from her sexual high. Her tight pussy convulsed around my cock until her body relaxed and she slipped into a even deeper sleep. Technically I now had her on the verge of a coma but there was no way she would be able to sleep naturally through what I had planned next. I pulled my cock out of her gooey cunt with a wet slurping sound and stood up next to her, watching her sleep with a small grin of satisfaction on her face as I waited for my arms to quit shaking and my back to stop aching.

    Hayden was absolutely gorgeous sleeping, her skin practically glowing as she slumbered and it made me wish I had one of those new fangled camera phones all the kids have now a days. But I didn't so I'd just have to make up for it by fucking her ass.

    I slowly stripped her completely naked and gently rolled her over onto her back, her thick, golden ass completely vulnerable to me now. The sight of her naked ass convinced me to buy one of those cameras tomorrow, depending on how much money she had laying around because it was perfect and need to be photographed. I sat down next to her and caressed her ass, just letting my hands appreciate being able to touch such a divine thing. Her skin was like silk and so warm that my palms actually tingled as they slid across her flesh and I used my thumbs to part her cheeks to peek at her tiny, little asshole. Thank God I'm me or else I'd have to live without the knowledge of what Hayden Panttierre's up-thrust rear-end felt like in my hands. And, in minute, wrapped around my cock.

    I pulled the bottle of lube out of my pants pocket and covered my prick with it as I fingered Hayden's little asshole. I slowly fisted myself as I slid two fingers into her and she moaned lustfully at the intrusion while my thumb sawed in and out of her pussy until she was gasping in pleasure.

    I pulled my fingers out of Hayden's tight holes and put a pillow below her hips, raising her ass up even father. Climbing up on the bed I straddled her hips and slid my prick between her cheeks until my throbbing cock-head was nuzzling against the entrance to her tightest hole. Her ass-cheeks completely enveloped the tip of my prick and nearly the next inch of my cock and I found myself wondering if there was a term for titty fucking somebody's ass-cheeks because that's how thick her ass was. I pushed forward slowly and my hard work paid off as her ass swallowed my first inch of cock with just a small grunt of discomfort from her.

    I pushed into Hayden slowly, even more slowly than her pussy, letting her tight ass part around me. She may have been nearly in a coma but that didn't mean I wanted to injure her. Besides, that could leave evidence and my whole existence was now determined by my ability to stay undiscovered no matter whose ass I fucked. She began moaning out so I slowed myself down until her moans of discomfort turned to light groans of pleasure. My arms quickly began shaking again but I refused to hurry this experience up, her ass was something to be appreciated like fine wine or art.

    I refused to look at the clock by the bed side as I sank inch after inch of my cock into Hayden's heavenly tush. If I knew how much time it was taking to bury myself completely into her tan body my arms would have collapsed. Unconsciously she began to help out, slowly pushing back against me until I was finally completely sheathed inside of her tight, hot hole. She moaned out and gripped the sheets as she began to softly grind herself back against me and I took a moment to get my breath back. I relaxed my arms a little and rested against her thick ass-cheeks as I swore to start hitting the gym again, old or not there was no reason that fucking a celebrity ass should be this difficult.

    When I got my wind back I began to slowly fuck myself in and out of Hayden's tan ass as she began to moan and groan in discomfort as well as pleasure. The more I fucked her the faster I began to go and my own moans of discomfort turned to gasps of pleasure. Sweat dripped from my forehead and into my eyes as her tight ass clenched my prick like a vice while I huffed and puffed like a old man. Her moans felt as good to my ears as her body did to my cock while I pumped myself into her. Her tan back was sprinkled with drops of sweat as I grunted and fucked her ass, my tongue lolling out of my mouth.

    Hayden was making almost as much noise as I was now except the sounds she was making was in pleasure and mine were in exertion but the feel of her wrapped tightly around my shaft kept me going. I promised myself that my next encounter would be a bit more relaxing, maybe something to do with a sauna or some sort of comfy couch. The unconscious celebrity began pushing her thick ass against me, grinding her firm ass-cheeks up against my groin and down against the bed, stimulating her clit until she came. Her already tight ass squeezed down on my prick almost to the point of pain as her orgasm washed through her and I lost the strength in my arms and collapsed against her, my prick spasming inside of her as I came. I filled her ass with my thick cum as we came together, both of us twitching and spasming as I lay on top of her.

    As Hayden's orgasm began to subside she began to relax and slip back into true sleep. I rolled off of her slowly relaxing body and onto the bed, trying to catch my breath before she slipped back into real unconsciousness. I leaned over and whispered my commands into her ear, making sure they were deeply embedded inside of her subconscious. The commands were a bit more complex than just fall asleep and let me fuck you. She'd be engaged in activities during her conscious hours, completing tasks for me and then having to forget them which made it a bit more dangerous than it was with Kate when I had her just forget me and respond to me if we met again.

    I caressed Hayden's magnificent ass, giving it an affectionate squeeze and a playful slap before forcing myself to get up. She'd wake up in a few hours, clean herself up and then go back to sleep so that when she woke up in the morning she'd think that this had all been a dream. I stared at her naked, tan, fit little body, a dribble of my cum sliding out of her ass and again wished I had one of those phones with camera's in them. As beautiful as she was normally, she looked like a slumbering goddess napping after an orgasm now. She was truly made to be fucked and had the ass for it.

    After I got dressed I gave her thick ass another affectionate squeeze and left her there to make my way back home. Well, not home, just a room but it would do for now. After making it back to my shitty, little hotel room I cleaned up and laid down but sleep eluded me. I was too anxious for sleep. I had no idea how long it would take Hayden to track down Jennifer for me and even then I had to hope that the commands I had made for Jennifer were still intact. So much to look forward to, so much that could still go wrong. For a guy who relied so much on patience to get what he wanted I felt like a kid on Christmas Eve, waiting for my presents.

    The End.

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    This is a work of complete fiction. It just popped into my brain so I wrote it down and share it for free and make no money off of it. No one under legal age may read this, if you know what's good for you. No one over legal age should read this for the same reason. All characters used in this story are a parody of any real or fictional person. I don’t know Jennifer Love Hewitt or have anything to do with her. Comments are always welcome and appreciated and you should feel free to share.

    Story Code: M/F, MC

    The Hollywood Hypnosneak Ch 03 Jennifer Love Hewitt
    By Muhabba

    For the next week I was worse than a kid on Christmas morning waiting to open his presents. With a massive erection. I hadn't realized how much I had missed Jennifer since I had went to jail until I had the prospect of seeing her again looming before me. She had been the perfect assistant in more ways than one, mostly because I had programmed her to be. After a few hypnotic sessions she had started running my various businesses with amazing efficacy. Not to mention that my sexual programming had unlocked something deep inside her subconscious.

    Jennifer had quickly become nearly as sexually ravenous as I was. Men, women, young or old, she had a deep seeded longing for all of them, a lust her conscious mind had inhibited but that I had unleashed inside of her. It was actually tragic that I had been forced to suppress her desires before I had been sent away but it had been for her own good. It was actually surprising to me that I had even bothered to shield her at all from the repercussions of my down fall. Perhaps it had been a sign even then of the emotional softness that had led to my losing everything.

    Lightly stroking my perpetually hard cock on the bed in my shitty room, the phone rang and brought me out of my trip down memory lane. "Hello," I answered the phone using one hand as the other continued stroking my rigid member.

    Hayden's voice was soft and breathless on the other end of the line. One of my commands to her was that she would become instantly aroused every time she heard my voice or saw me. I don't really know why I did it since I’d probably never see her again but it amused me all to hell. "Master, I have the number you requested," she said.

    "Give it to me!" I said with all the need of a child being presented a particularly large Christmas gift. She immediately complied and I memorized the number, refusing to write any important information down ever again lest it be used against me in the future. I had learned my lesson twenty years ago. She waited for me to give her my next command and a wicked sneer came across my face. "Hayden, are you alone?"

    "Yes, Master."

    "Good. Do you own a vibrator?"

    "Yes, Master."

    "Good. Fuck your ass until you cum. And from now on you can only achieve orgasm by anal sex. Do you understand?"

    "Yes, Master," she said eagerly.

    "Then get started," I ordered before hanging up the phone. The command was weak and it would probably only last a few days before fading out of her subconscious but I positively throbbed at the idea of her becoming an anal slut over the course of the next little while. My orders of compliance were much deeper inside of her mind and could, theoretically, last forever which is what I had hoped had happened to Jennifer.

    I had no idea what the time difference was between Miami and California and didn't care. All that mattered was reaching Jennifer and whatever was left of my old life. I dialed her number and she picked up after the third ring which was good since I was still sketchy on what a voice mail is. "This is Jennifer," she said merrily into my ear and my heart began to race with anticipation.

    "Yes it is," I said happily into the phone. I could practically see her staring quizzically at her phone.

    "I'm sorry," she said and I could hear the confusion in her voice. "Who is this?"

    “Listen very closely,” I told her before whispering my command into the phone. I could hear her breathing change subtly, becoming more even and shallow. My commands had placed her into a small trance and now I was about to find out how much of my programming was left in her mind. I waited for what seemed like an eternity, listening to her breathe, waiting to see how she’d answer.

    “Master?” she asked with a thick tongue and a wide smile spread across my face, my heart hammering in my chest. She was still mine. I wasn’t alone any more.

    “Jennifer, grab a piece of paper and write this all down. First, I’m gonna need a plane ticket.”

    The next morning I met the manager of the motel and quit. And by quit I mean I put him under and convinced him that he was actually a twelve year old girl trapped in the body of a man. I hated that little fucker. He was the embodiment of everything that was wrong with my life right now and I was glad to be done with him, his shitty motel, and everything in Miami. I was leaving behind everything I wasn’t and was practically giddy with excitement on the taxi drive to the airport. I all but skipped up to the service counter to claim my ticked and found that Jennifer had, of course, made it a first class seat with a actual meal and all the amenities. Everything I deserved.

    During the flight I couldn’t help but think about everything Jennifer and I had accomplished together. Before her I was simply using my abilities to get laid and make a few bucks to accommodate my lifestyle of hanging around the fringes of the rich and powerful. It had been Jennifer that had unleashed the beast inside of me.

    I had run into her purely by chance and had been immediately taken by her. She had a charming Girl Next Door appeal to her face and an amazing figure with large, full breasts and the start of what I was sure would be a well-rounded ass. I had hypnotized her for just a run of the mill sexual encounter, riding her luscious body to several mutual orgasms though the course of the night. As the morning came I gave her the commands I usually do in a new conquest, to answer my beck and call should we ever meet again, and then left. It wasn’t until several months later that I saw a puff piece about her on some annoying celebrity gossip show.

    Since our night together, Jennifer had become a serial dater, leaving behind a string of lovers in her wake. I was intrigued. When I had met her she was somewhat conservative with her affections and her body but then she had become something of a “love them and leave them type”. I was afraid that my intrusion into her mind had unsettled something and that if investigated t0o thoroughly, might lead back to me.

    I surprised Jennifer at an MTV award show and gave her the command to slip back under my control and to my surprise she responded extremely aggressively. She grabbed me by the wrist and all but yanked me to some secluded back stage dressing room and threw me against the wall before falling to her knees. She practically inhaled my cock, sucking me with feverish need until I exploded into her mouth after only a few moments. She then looked up at me with my cum spread across her lips and smiled sweetly up at me before saying, “Hello, Master, I missed you.”

    After the ceremony we went back to her place and did something I seldom did with a woman, we talked. My subconscious romp inside of her head had unlocked all of her inhibitions somehow and with her contacts we fucked our way across Hollywood, amassing a small fortune. Our cover was a simple talent agency that for some reason, at least on paper, never seemed to hook the big name clients but was always on the invite list for the hottest parties in California and beyond. I had been happy just sleeping with the Hollywood elite but Jennifer wanted to rule them. And for a few, happy years we did just that. Until I was arrested and forced my Jennifer to become the inhibited woman that she had been when I first met her.

    But now, now was the time of a new beginning.

    The taxi ride from the airport to Jennifer’s house was the worst leg of the journey. I’m fairly certain that the driver was purposefully traveling five miles under the speed limit simply because he some how knew I was feeling frantic. He kept distracting my thoughts about something called and Uber but I kept pushing him out of my mind.

    During mine and Jennifer’s fling through Hollywood we eventually discovered that I wasn’t the only hypnotist running around. There was actually an entire cabal of them working behind the scenes of the world’s power systems, all with their own agendas, all very private. Being a younger man I of course would have noting to do with a group that would have me as a member and they were fine with that, at first, but Jennifer and I eventually became to well known publicly and they orchestrated my downfall. So not only did they make sure I went to jail, lost all my money, all my power, and all my influence, they made sure that there would be no early parole so I had to sit though my entire 20 year sentence.

    After a 30 minute drive the driver interrupted my trip down memory lane one last time. We were at Jennifer’s house. I flung my money at the cabbie as I leaped out of the back seat with my single bag, all that I owned in the world, and nearly ran up to the front door. I raised by hand and right before I could knock the door opened to reveal Jennifer Love Hewitt, my Jennifer, completely naked. She wore nothing but her own skin, her brown hair draped down past her shoulders, just enough make-up to look like she wasn’t wearing any, her large tits proud and up-thrust and barely sagging an inch even after 20 years. Her shoulders were pressed back slightly to better emphasize her amazing chest, her back arched gracefully drawing the lines of her body down to her small waist and flat stomach. Her hips flared out enticingly, her legs crossed at her ankles, her pussy completely bald with just a small tuft of shaved, dark hair above her slit.

    A wide smile broke out across Jennifer’s face before she called out my name. “Master!” she screamed with joy as she grabbed my shirt with both fists and yanked me into her large house. The door slammed shut behind me as she spun me around and shoved me further into her house, my feet twisting and sending me down flat onto my back in her foyer. In an instant her naked body was on top of mine, her large tits pressed against my chest as she started ripping at my shirt. She kissed me quickly and deep before sliding her tongue out of my mouth and licking down my jaw.

    Jennifer licked down my neck to my collar bone, biting at my soft throat as she violently ripped my shirt open. I tried to shake off the shoulder strap of my bag before giving up and sliding my hands down her back to her thick ass. I squeezed her cheeks hard, kneading her pliant flesh as I ran my fingertips over her puckered asshole, feeling the warm wetness of her pussy as she kissed down my chest. She sat up on my groin, grinding against my erection while tugging at my belt and yanking my pants open, her large tits wobbling like jello on her chest. I released her ass and gripped her tits, amazed at how firm they still were after all these years, her hard nipples digging into my palms as I squeezed them like dough.

    Yanking my pants down to my thighs, Jennifer freed my erection and gripped the base of it possessively, squeezing my shaft as hard as I was squeezing her tits. She didn’t even look at me, just my cock, staring at it hungrily as she licked her lips and her eyes lit up. She chuckled from deep in her chest, practically growling as she lifted herself up and aimed my cock up between her thighs. She rubbed the tip of my cock against her hungry hole for a moment before sliding me just inside of her before bracing her hands against my chest. She rolled her hips a little, playing with the bit of me inside her, teasing us both for a moment. But just for a moment.

    Suddenly Jennifer thrust herself down, enveloping my cock in an instant, her wet cunt like a moist, velvet vise gripping me so hard that I thought my cock my pop off inside of her. She groaned out like a hungry wolf, her eyes finally meeting mine as her pussy convulsed around my shaft, her cunt attempting to milk my prick. Her amazing chest heaved as she took a deep, shuddering breath, reading herself before rolling her hips up slightly, pulling her pussy up my length slightly before slamming herself back down.

    As far as Jennifer was concerned I was practically not even there, just my cock as she bounced herself up and down. She began squealing like a small rabbit as she bounced up and down on my prick, my hands never leaving her breasts, never not squeezing them over and over as her warm flesh oozed out from between my fingers. She grabbed my wrists, holding my hands to her chest as she continued pumping herself up and down on my dick, are bodies making wet slapping sounds with each thrust, her warm juices splattering out and covering our conjoined groins. Her pussy felt hot enough to boil my cock inside of her as sweat flowed down her body, her hair plastered to her forehead as she rode me like a wild animal.

    The first thing Jennifer had said to me was “Master,” the second thing she said was, “I’m going to cum!” She thrust herself down on me one last time as I thrust up into her, both of us burying me as deeply as we could inside of her as we both came, her juices gushing out around me as I filled her constricting cunt with my cum. It was short, simple, rough sex and we both panted in lust as we came together, growling in need and desire until both of our bodies went limp.

    We laid next to each other, not touching, letting the sweat cool on our bodies. I looked over at her panting, her impressive chest rising and falling as she caught her breath, her hair plastered to her face. She looked over at me and smirked, “You’re wearing to many clothes. Get them off and lets go somewhere more comfortable than my floor.”

    I hurriedly stripped off what remained of my clothes and stood up and offered Jennifer a helping hand up. She grabbed my hand and stood up with a satisfied smile on her beautiful face as she stared into my eyes. She leaned into me, pressing her body against mine, her large breasts pressed tightly to my chest, my still hard cock pressed against her stomach. We reached around our bodies and kissed, her tongue sliding quickly into my mouth as she rubbed her sweat slick body against mine. We rocked against each other, shuffling our feet, trying to move towards her bedroom I assumed but we didn’t make it.

    On our way towards the bedroom our feet got tangled together and we fell into her large living room onto her plush couch. I twisted our bodies around, falling back onto my ass with her straddling my thighs, her tits jiggling wildly as we flopped down together. Her mouth never left mine as we landed, her arms holding my possessively as her tongue explored my mouth, groaning into me as she continued rubbing against me. She reached down between us with one hand, gripping the base of my cock as she shifted around, aiming my prick up at her hot, wet cunt again. She quickly enveloped my dick, cooing in pleasure as she took me inside of her, causing me to groan out in pleasure and contentment. As far as both of us were concerned our bodies belonged together, my cock inside her tight pussy.

    In only a few moments Jennifer was riding me fiercely, her large tits swinging around wildly as I nuzzled into her jiggling cleavage and gripped her fleshy ass. She pounded me into the back of the couch as she thrust herself down on my cock, pistoning up and down hard, grinding her groin down to rub her exposed little clit against me, her cunt grabbing me like and angry fist as she rode me like a pony.

    The wet, slapping sounds our bodies were making were muffled by Jennifer's tits as I licked, sucked, and nibbled at her spectacular cleavage. My hands never left her ass as I continued kneading her supple flesh like warm dough, holding her to my groin protectively. At the pace she was going, if she happened to accidentally missed a stroke, she’d break my dick in two.

    Jennifer began squealing wildly like a trapped animal, grinding herself down against my lap as I continued licking the sweat from her chest. Her arms wrapped around my neck, holding me to her chest, smoothing me in her abundant chest as her body began trembling and she came again. Her already tight cunt gripped my cock, rippling around me, milking my pole as she ground her pussy against me in small circles, drawing out her orgasm. Her groans turned to a stutter as she basked in her orgasm, relishing the feel of us meshed together, our bodies throbbing as one.

    She relaxed into me, pressing her head against my chest and licking the sweat rolling down my body, my hard prick still buried inside of her. She cooed in contentment as we nuzzled against each other, my hands pressed into her fleshy ass, her breasts smashed against my chest. She looked up at me and smiled sweetly, “I’ve missed you.”

    “I missed you too,” I said as I stroked her brown hair with one hand, removing the stray strands matted against her face. I kissed her forehead before sliding my hands beneath the tops of her thighs and standing up, my hands and cock the only things holding her beautifully naked body up. As I carried her to her bedroom she began kissing my all over my face, my lower back screaming in pain as I held her up. I laid her down on the bed, my prick never leaving her tight, hot cunt.

    I started slow, pushing and pulling my way in and out of her amazing body, her hips rolling up to meet me, letting me drive deeper inside of her. I quickly began thrusting harder and faster inside of her tightly clutching pussy, moaning in pleasure at the feel of her gripping my shaft, drawing me inside of her. Her soft pants and moans quickly turned into full throated groans as I went faster and faster between her thighs. That was one of the things I loved about being with Jennifer, we didn’t make love, we fucked.

    Sweat flew from our bodies as I fucked her as deep and hard as I could and she wrapped her legs around me to keep me inside of her. I thrust faster and harder, her tits swaying and wobbling wildly on her chest, nearly hitting her chin as she yelled out in pleasure. Her juices splashed out between the seal of our bodies, mixed with our sweat, and soaked the bed. Our bodies made wet, slapping noises that echoed off the wall as our grunts and moans turned to gasps and groans of pleasure. I could feel her body tighten around my shaft, every muscle in her body tightening like a spring as our orgasms began to crest before spilling over. We came together, our bodies synced as I spilled my cum inside of her clutching cunt and her pussy gripped my like a vice, milking me dry.

    I collapsed on top of Jennifer, her large tits smashed against my chest as we panted. Neither one of us tried to move, we just laid their enjoying the feel of our bodies meshed together. The sweat on our bodies began to cool and I rolled off of her and she automatically placed her head on my heaving chest as I wrapped my arm around her shoulders.

    “Welcome back, Master,” she giggled as she nuzzled against me. She spent the weekend welcoming me back.

    To be continued...

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    This is a work of complete fiction. It just popped into my brain so I wrote it down and share it for free and make no money off of it. No one under legal age may read this, if you know what's good for you. No one over legal age should read this for the same reason. All characters used in this story are a parody of any real or fictional person. I don’t know Jennifer Love Hewit, Camren Bicondova or have anything to do with them. Comments are always welcome and appreciated and you should feel free to share.

    Story Code: M/F, MC, anal

    The Hollywood Hypnosneak Ch 04 Camren Bicondova
    By Muhabba

    We sat naked in Jennifer's bed as she went over all of my old financial contracts from before I went to prison. "Basically you're broke," she said with a frown. Oddly enough my first thought was to start renting Jennifer out to deliver bad news to people. How much better would it be to find out you're broke or dying of cancer than by a topless Jennifer Love Hewitt.

    "How can there be nothing left?" I asked as I stared at her amazing chest.

    "You were arrested for embezzlement. The FEDs seized everything they could find and as for everything they couldn't find, well, that left a lot of your assets out in the open. The assets that weren't bought outright just dried up over the years," Jennifer said before giving me a sorrowful smile. "Basically you are worth whatever is in your wallet."

    "A Group-On for Chili's then," I said with a smirk I didn't feel. "And then there's you," I said as I playfully traced my fingertip up and down her bare thigh.

    "I could certainly set you up with a loan," she said with another reproachful look, "But I'm married now, with a kid. All my money is tied up in my career and my family, easily watched and monitored by the IRS not to mention my husband. Even if you subdued him his family would get suspicious." Jennifer sighed in despair, her wonderful chest wonderfully distracting.

    I could tell that Jennifer was leading the conversation somewhere. "And then...?"

    "I'm not as young and carefree as I was," Jennifer admitted, "I have ties, a home, a husband, a child. I can't just take off to Hawaii or wherever to seduce a model or three, I'd be noticed and our life... Your life... The life we had only works if we can be anonymous."

    She was still leading to something else and I had a pretty good idea of what it was. Reflecting on it, it was stupid of me to just assume that I could swoop in and sweep Jennifer back into our old lives. "Jennifer, are you tendering your resignation?" I asked with a chuckle.

    "Kinda," she admitted weakly, "I mean... not completely. I still want... But I can't. Not like what we were..." she let the sentence trail off.

    "So we need to get you an assistant?" I smirked.

    "Basically," she pouted.

    "Any prospects you can think of?"

    Jennifer's cute pout turned into a wolfish smile.

    Two days later I stood in the cheap office Jennifer had rented me. It was basically one studio sized area, a kitchenette, and a modest sized bathroom in the middle of LA. It was furnished with a couch, a chair, and a small desk with a coat rack by the front door. It was the best that Jenifer could do without her husband or manager finding out about it so while she lived in Dallas and would fly back and forth I was stuck here. At least the couch was a fold-out.

    When I reactivated Jennifer she had remembered all the things she had hidden for me. A cache of my old files that were severely out of date, a duffle bag full of cash which I would have to spend carefully since a lot of the bills had been changed before my release, and all of my old equipment. The equipment was as out of date as I was but it still worked and I set it up in my office. A system of subtle sounds, lighting changes, and my own talents would now ensnare anyone that came into my office. All I had to do now was wait.

    I couldn't just jump into my old life, it would be suspicious being a Talent Agent again which meant I had to eventually secure a new fake identity and a new job title. Twenty years in prison and they still didn't even know my real name. I needed money first, money I could spend to launder my old money below the FED's radar. They say it takes money to make money but it takes more money to clean money. But to get the money I needed a paying client.

    Jennifer had managed to put me in touch with the talent manager of my new, prospective client, a young actress who was also an amateur dancer. The talent manager handled her much more lucrative acting career and for a cut of my profits he would sub-contract her dancing career to me. I waited patiently for her to arrive and luckily she arrived on time. And of course, due to her young age, she brought her family.

    There was a knock on my door and I answered it and saw Camren Bicondova for the first time. She had a unique look with wild, lightly brown, wavy hair, wide set, sparkling eyes and a very sweet smile. I immediately wanted to cum on her face. She was dressed smartly with a simple white blouse, a dark purple vest and black slacks with a pair of sneakers the same color as her vest. I invited the young girl and her family in and took a seat behind my desk and could see why Jennifer wanted her. Camren had a slender, dancer's build with broad shoulders giving her body a V shape down to her slender hips and her slacks could do nothing to hide her tight, muscular ass.

    I have no idea what her family were wearing because I didn't care. All I cared about was the small, teenage girl that I'd be fucking before she got too much older. I used the computer on my desk to turn on my equipment and began talking to them, modulating my voice to slowly seep into their subconscious minds. My commands were slowly imprinted into their minds as we talked and I slowly grew erect staring at Camren. Eventually the meeting ended and as far as the young star and her family was concerned I was going to make Camren the next MC Hammer. Well, if he's still around. I spoke my final commands and shook hands with everyone and escorted them out my door. Now all I could do was wait. I had to wait for Camren to sleep so my commands would be planted deep inside of her unconscious mind and she'd return tomorrow for a more one on one interview.

    Hating to wait for sex I ordered a prostitute and a pizza and daydreamed about Camren until the pizza arrived. There's and old con trick about paying for cash while keeping the mark distracted with conversation. You give them the money, far to much of it, and then talk to them, dropping different numbers into the conversation, confusing them. By the time I had finished I had turned the 40 dollars in various bill and change into 46 dollars and 72 cents. It's petty, I know, but I was living in a shitty office with a fold out couch.

    The hooker arrived twenty minutes later and was about as tasteful as the pizza. But much like pizza, even bad sex is good. I paid the lovely lady with the out of date bills after having spent a perfectly acceptable thirty minutes with the lady, which she thought was the greatest sex of live, and then sent her on her way. By now it was 4:30 in the afternoon and I only had twenty some hours until Camren would show up. And judging by the fold out bed I'd fucked the hooker on it was going to be a long twenty some hours.

    And at the end of the twenty some hours there was a knock on my office door. I called for them to come in and there was Camren, dressed to dance for me. She was wearing a bright purple, tight, spaghetti strap tank-top and was obviously braless. I could clearly see the form of her small breasts, her nipples creating twin peaks on her chest, and the subtle muscles of her abdomen. The break-away slicks were hung low on her hips revealing about an inch of young, teenage flesh around her body, and just a old pair of sneakers. This young girl was in far better shape than most people, not just adults, and even more than me. After the wave of lust passed though me I was actually a bit jealous of how good of shape she was in.

    "I'm here for the interview," Camren said with a merry little wave.

    I smiled wildly and stood up, coming around my desk to shake her dainty hand as I closed the door behind her. I showed her to the couch and sat a decent bit away from her and began asking her some questions. The questions were bland and general but I was mostly just checking to see if my programming had taken effect. I smiled widely when I realized it had.

    I started asking her more specific questions involving her love of dance. Besides strippers I had no knowledge of dancers and had to look a few things up on the internet, which is awesome. I had no access to the internet in jail but I had heard wonderful things about it and it was even better than I thought it would be. So we chit-chatted about the different types of dance and which ones she preferred and the longer we talked about it the more enthusiastic she became, practically vibrating in her seat and ready to show me what she could do.

    Did you know there is music on the internet and even radio stations you can personalize? I had spent nearly an hour this morning creating a play-list of music for Camren to dance to and she jumped to her feet, ready to dance for me. The music started and she started with it. It was a funky urban beat and she preformed wonderfully, her amazing body responding to the music, her slight chest heaving with exertion, her nipples diamond hard beneath her tight shirt. I was amazed by her slightly muscular abdomen and could barely contain myself I wanted to cum on it so badly.

    Halfway into the song, Camren lifted her leg up high in a spin and stumbled slightly. She smiled sheepishly at me, her face turning red with embarrassment. "Sorry," she said meekly.

    She looked so cute when she was embarrassed. "Did your pants get in the way?" I asked, licking my lips.

    She nodded quickly, never looking at me and staring sheepishly at her feet as she admitted her mistake. "These are the wrong pants for doing leg lifts like that," she said.

    I reclined on the couch, completely at ease and trying to look every inch the professional. "Well, since we're all music people here, you should probably just take them off to finish the routine," I told the nervous, teenage girl.

    Camren looked up at me as relief washed over her face. "Really?" she asked hopefully.

    "Oh of course, of course," I told her magnanimously as I reclined on the couch. I was recording the whole thing as Camren jumped up and down with glee and clapped her hands. Of course, all of my cameras hidden around the office were VHS and I still hadn't found a VCR to view our encounter later on this evening but that was for later and right now there was a excited teenage girl about to take her pants off for me.

    "Oh thank you, thank you," she said happily as she grabbed the elastic of her pants. With the rat-tat-tat of her snaps she yanked her slicks off and threw them nonchalantly off to the side revealing her ass to me.

    Her ass was a sight to behold. How a girl as young as her had developed an ass like that I have no idea. Her rear-end was finely sculpted due to her years of dancing, the lines of her lower body still softly rounded with youth keeping her muscles from looking overdeveloped or masculine. And my palms tingled with the thought that I'd get them in my hands shortly. I licked my lips hungrily at the sight. The beautiful young girl was wearing a plain, athletic thong the same color as her top, the material sinking between her tight, taunt cheeks. "I bet I could bounce a quarter off that butt of yours," I said without realizing it. She giggled at me and blushed with pride at my compliment. She told me she didn't know what that meant and the weight of my age washed over me again but the thought that I'd be fucking her fit, teenage body made me feel better about it.

    I barely heard Camren when she asked if I was ready to see her dance again but I managed to nod dumbly in answer. With the music still going she tapped the beat out with her fingers on her thighs before throwing her arms up and arching her graceful back. Her leg came up again and she spun around giving me a pleasant glimpse of her panties pulled up tight against her pubic mound as she danced. Her slender hips swayed hypnotically, her ass clenching and releasing, her back swaying opposite her hips, her nipples hard and pointed, a small sprinkling of sweat across the top of her chest. Her hair was matted against her face as she moved in time with the music.

    Her body bent low, her eyes closed in concentration, Camren's arm "accidentally" slapped against the arm of the couch, momentarily breaking her rhythm. She shot straight up and looked at me with fear. Her lower lip quivered, her wide eyes blurring with tears she was fighting against caused by making her second mistake. A mistake I had planted in her the same as the first one. "OhGodI'mSorry," she blurted out.

    I let loose a small, off-handed chuckle as I watched her face blush with embarrassment again. She was so cute like this. "It's no big deal," I reassured her, "It happens all the time."

    "R... r... really," she stuttered as she looked at me hopefully.

    "Sure, sure," I told her with a dismissive wave of my hand, "It looks like your arm was a bit constrained by your top." It in no way could have been caused by her tight top but this is what I had hung our little fantasy on.

    "Yeah, yeah," she quickly agreed with an enthusiastic nod of her head, her hair whipping back and forth, "It was my top's fault."

    I leaned forward a bit and smiled as warmly as I could. "Everything was fine up 'til then," I offered her, "Why don't you go ahead and get rid of it and we'll continue."

    "Really?" Camren asked with hopeful excitement, "And it won't count against me?"

    "Of course not," I reassured her.

    She sighed in relief before gripping the bottom of her top and yanking it up and off, throwing it casually over with her pants. Her small, tight, little body was amazing. She was by far in better shape than I had been at her young age. Hell, she was in better shape than I had ever been and I swore to myself to get to a gym as I watched her muscles stretch and relax. Every muscle in her small, young body was clearly defined without becoming masculine, her definition covered by her soft flesh. God I wanted to rub my cock over every muscle in her body before cumming on her flat, rippling stomach.

    In only her thong, sneakers and socks, the mostly naked Camren looked at me with warm, thankful eyes. "I really appreciate you letting me start over again," she said before blushing again, "I mean, letting me start over again for a second time."

    My prick was throbbing painfully in my slacks as I stared at the nearly naked young girl. "It's no problem," I said helpfully, "Just start over when you're ready."

    She smiled widely at me before slapping her hands against her firm thighs like a gymnast ready to go through a routine. Her dance was amazing, her technique nearly flawless as she moved to the beat. She used what had to be many different styles, mostly urban, shaking her hips, gyrating in rhythm to the music, dipping low, popping back up, not a single bit of her young, firm flesh jiggling, sweat rolling off of her body. I had to get my hands on her.

    I hated to interrupt the teen dancer but it was time to move on. "Did you do your stretching before starting?" I asked her, causing her to stumble a bit.

    Camren stood up straighter and slapped her palm against her forehead. "Oh my God, I totally forgot," she said with a goofy smile as she stood unabashedly nearly naked like it was the most natural thing in the world.

    "You're young, it happens," I told her offhandedly, "Let's go ahead and get those done so I can see everything else you'll be doing."

    Nodding her head enthusiastically, Camren skipped to the front of the couch. "Can you spot for me?" she asked innocently, "I usually have a trainer."

    "Lucky trainer," I thought. "Sure. Have a seat," I told her and she eagerly complied. She sat on the floor and spread her legs as wide as she could to her sides as I slid off the couch onto the floor behind her, my chest to her upper back and my erection pressed against her lower back.

    She smiled sweetly at me from over her shoulder before getting into her stretch, bending down as far as possible with her arms straight out and her palms flat on the floor. I ran my hands down her bare, graceful back and ran my fingertips along the elastic of her thong before sliding them up her silky smooth sides to just under her arms. She groaned with exertion as I began grinding myself against her taunt, little ass and I slipped my hands across the carpet to her legs.

    Camren's legs were spread so far apart I couldn't reach her ankles which made me feel old and out of shape again but I did manage to reach her toned calves. I slid my hands up her legs, my fingers caressing the insides of her legs up to her thighs. I playfully slid my fingertips on either side of her heated mound and heard her groan again but this time it wasn't in exertion.

    Slowly she straightened back up, her back pressed to my chest as I ran my hands up and over her muscular stomach to her slight, bare chest. She looked over her shoulder at me again, a blush creeping across her face as my hands softly palmed her small, firm tits. She looked at me with wide, expectant eyes as I delicately squeezed her tits, her hard nipples scrapping against my palms. She chewed her bottom lip coyly, hesitantly as I lovingly caressed her small chest causing her to groan out again. I leaned forward over her shoulder and she met me halfway, my lips pressing against her's as we kissed. My tongue slid across her lips as I used my hands to hold her to me while she moaned pleasurably into my mouth.

    The young dancer relaxed into me as I slid one hand down her toned body, cupping one of her small breasts in one hand and then her heated pussy in the other. She gasped into my mouth as I squeezed her firmly, using one of my middle fingers to tease her hard nipple and the other to slide up and down her tightly covered pussy. I parted her warm pussy-lips through the material of her thong, slipping it down below her slit and then up to where I knew her hard little clit would be. She grinded her moistening cunt up against my hand as she arched her slender back more, pushing her slender chest into my hand.

    My tongue explored Camren's gasping mouth as she rubbed herself against me, her taunt little ass rubbing up against my erection as I ground myself back against her. She turned more into my embrace, kissing me passionately, wrapping her arms around my neck. I held her to me with one arm as she began rubbing her chest against mine and my other arm slipped down her nearly naked body. I cupped her ass and my eyes went wide at the feel of her, soft flesh over rock hard muscle, my fingers sliding over her as I squeezed her tightly. Her hands began removing my clothes, pushing my business jacket off, loosening my tie, unbuttoning my shirt. With both of my hands I gripped the elastic of her thong and pulled it down leaving her, finally, completely naked except for her shoes and socks which just made it all the more kinky.

    I shucked my jacket off, followed by my shirt, completely forgetting my tie as I lifted myself up and sat on the edge of the couch. She stayed on her knees on the floor between my legs, her hands attacking the front of my pants, yanking my belt off. I quickly unfastened my pants, afraid that she'd accidentally rip my button or zipper. With my current financial situation I couldn't afford to buy another pair. She yanked my slacks down to my thighs, tugging them down to my ankles.

    Camren grabbed the elastic of my boxers and yanked them down my lap, freeing my rigid cock. Her wide, bright eyes lit up at the sight of me throbbing in front of her before a wide smile broke across her face. She looked just like a kid unwrapping a puppy on Christmas morning. And then with all the enthusiasm a teenage girl could muster she eagerly grabbed onto my stiff pole with both hands and shoved it into her mouth. She sucked hard on me, frantically, bobbing her head up and down quickly, fast enough for her hair to whip back and forth as her tongue thoroughly explored me in her mouth. Her lips were stretched tight around me as she sucked me in and out of her mouth, my sensitive cock-head hitting the back of her mouth with every suck.

    My eyes rolled up into the back of my head as the tiny dancer sucked me hard enough I thought for sure that the tip of my dick was going to pop off. The young girl was sucking on me hard enough it was nearly painful, her dainty hands squeezing me even tighter, jerking the base of my shaft. My hands were twisted into fists, holding firmly to the couch cushion, afraid she was going to devour me whole. I started rolling my hips up, not to fuck her talented teenage mouth, but to relieve the pressure she was putting on me.

    My survival instinct kicked in and I tried to pull the tiny actress off of my prick before she broke it off in her mouth. She struggled against me, fighting me to keep my cock in her sucking mouth. I slid my hands under her arms, trying to lift her up but she continued fighting against me, sucking even harder to keep my dick in her mouth. I kept up a constant, steady pressure, lifting her up inch by inch until finally my cock popped out of her mouth with a wet, slurping sound. Halfway off of the floor she looked up at me with her wide, hungry eyes and another, wolfish smile spread over her face. She bucked against me, breaking free of my grip and began scrambling up on me, pushing me back into the couch until I was laying on my back and she was straddling my thighs.

    Camren pushed me down roughly, nearly knocking the air out of my lungs before gripping my prick possessively. She raised her small body up, aiming my cock up between her toned, well-formed thighs. Contrary to everything she had done so far she gingerly placed the tip of my cock at the entrance to her wet, dripping pussy. She was completely shaved, a necessity for the tight dancer outfits she'd wear. Who ever decided that young girls needed to wear clothes that tight to dance for the enjoyment others was a godsend. She groaned out as she teased herself momentarily, slipping my prick back and forth across her wet, hot little pussy. She slid my soft cock-head into herself before releasing me, bracing herself against my chest. She gasped out in pleasure as she took another inch into her, her tight walls parting around me, hugging my prick.

    Suddenly Camren smiled wickedly down at me before slamming herself down on my cock, pinning me to the couch with her vice like cunt. I swore out loud, grunting in pain, sure that the teenage girl had just broken my pelvis. And amazingly, despite the pain, I kept my erection. She squealed out in glee above me as she came, holding still and getting used to the feel of me inside of her as she shivered in pleasure. Her hips started rolling slightly, getting used to being positioned above me with prick buried inside of her small, little body. The sight of her muscles moving below her heated flesh was mesmerizing, her abs and hips moving like a coiled snake as she got started fucking me.

    Rolling her hips more and more as she lifted herself up and down my cock, Camren began moaning out, gasping in pleasure as she began riding me faster and harder. She left red marks on my chest as her delicate hands balled into fists, her ass lifting up and down as she treated me like her own bucking pony. Sweat rolled down her body as she fucked me harder and faster, her wild hair whipping out as she grunted through gritted teeth. I held onto her body for dear life, trying to keep a grip on her taunt ass and guide her up and down. I was torn between the joy of fucking perhaps the most enthusiastic teenage girl I had ever met and the fear of her missing a small stroke and breaking my dick in half.

    The petite, small teenage girl hadn't spoken a word since we'd started, the only sounds coming past her lips were her grunts and moans of pleasure. Continuing to ride me like a horse I slid my hands to her hips, my fingers nearly encircling her small waist completely as her toned body whipped up and down like a piston. Suddenly she stopped moving, holding herself down, grinding herself against my lower abdomen, the muscles of her amazing little body tightening like coiled springs. She cried out in pleasure as she came, her tight pussy gripping down on my abused cock as she shuddered above me. Her wide eyes glazed over as she stared down at me in lust, her mouth open as the sounds of her orgasm escaped past her lips. She slowly started to come down from her high, her eyes clearing as a smile spread across her beautiful face.

    She giggled as she stared mischievously down at me, like a kid getting caught with her hand in the cookie jar. "That was fun!" she gasped, her slight chest heaving with exertion, sweat cooling on her skin, her tight cunt rippling around my shaft.

    I slid my hands from her small waist up to her small tits and gave them an affectionate squeeze causing her to groan out. The smile never left her face as I lightly thumbed her still hard nipples and she pushed her slender chest more firmly into my hands. She cooed as my hands traveled down her body, over her flat, toned stomach, and around her to firmly cup her dancer's ass. She wiggled her taunt rear-end against my hands and giggled again like the child she was that had just discovered a new toy. I throbbed inside of her as she continued wiggling against me before bending down, the sweat from her hair dripping down on top of me. I raised up and kissed her and now it was her tongue that was thoroughly exploring my mouth, diving past my lips as she began rolling her hips again, already ready for a another round.

    As much as I was wanting to fuck this beautiful, little, teenage girl I knew that I had to get control of the situation before she put my cock in a sling. Using my hold on her tits I pushed her up, forcing her to break the kiss and causing her to pout down at me. I gripped her hips and pulled her up off of my cock, her juices dribbling down my shaft as she squealed in displeasure and struggled in my hands.

    Fighting against me, I still managed to get some form of control of Camren's writhing body, nearly losing my grip on her due to her sweat slick skin and how fiercely she was struggling to get my prick back inside of her. "Gimme," she demanded as I pressed her her chest against the back of the couch and managed to roll out from under her. She finally managed to slip out of my grasp and I quickly shot to my feet behind her, grabbing her shoulders before she could get away.

    I got on my knees on the couch and used my weight to hold the growling teenager down as I straddled her calves. "Will you hold on a second," I grumbled as I tried to get into position behind her.

    "I wasn't done yet," she grumbled back as she stared back at me from over her shoulder, her eyes frantic.

    "And neither was I," I continued to grumble as I grabbed the base of my prick and aimed myself up at her pretty, pink pussy.

    Camren stopped struggling as my words sunk into her lust addled brain. "Oh. Hurry up then," she said as she turned back around and pushed her tight ass back at me.

    With the "Gotham" actress finally waiting I was able to get the tip of my cock positioned at the wet entrance to her tight pussy. I slid the spongy helmet of my prick into her hot, waiting hole before sliding my hands up her smooth ass and grasped her waist. I pushed myself forward into her wanton, little body and she groaned out as my prick parted her tight, grasping cunt, her juices dripping down onto the couch as I filled her. I relished at the feel of her frothing pussy gripping my prick, enjoying the sounds she was making, the pleasure that my dick was giving her and the pleasure her body was giving me. I slid my hands up her body to her slight chest, once again squeezing her small, firm tits, sliding my palms across her hard nipples causing her to coo out in pleasure. And then the excited teenager shoved herself back, enveloping my prick completely and nearly knocking me off of the couch.

    "Ohhhh fuck me," she groaned out softly in contrast to the frantic movements of her athletic body. She thrust herself back again and again, her up-turned ass slapping wetly against my hips as I held onto her slight chest to keep from being pushed off of the couch. Her hot, slick juices coated my balls and I could feel them sliding down the insides of my thighs as she rocked herself back and forth reducing my efforts to nothing more than a hard prick. Most people would accuse me of treating women the same way Camren was treating me but no matter what you say about me I always took care of the sexual needs of the women I ensnared. Camren was just simply using me to get herself off. The irony was not lost on me.

    I took a moment to admire her ass as she worked herself back against me over and over again. With ever wet "thrap" of our flesh meeting a small ripple would course through her out-thrust ass and I was once again simply amazed at how tight and toned her entire body was. But then I became distracted when one of her thrusts shoved me off the couch nearly causing me to fall. I kept my hold on her chest, pulling her with me as I was rocked back but the young, enthusiastic teenage girl never stopped shoving herself back against me. I used my strength to lift her up off of the couch by a few inches, my prick and my grip on her chest the only thing keeping her from falling but despite that she began struggling in my grasp again.

    I nearly lost my grip on the struggling teen but manage to fall forwards to the side onto the couch. I had planned on a more traditional doggy-style but Camren failed to catch herself, her hands sliding on the material of the couch leaving her chest, and my hands, pressed flat against the cushion with her tight ass high in the air. My cock punched into her writhing body farther than ever, so far as I fell flat against her and she squealed out loud enough I was afraid that anybody that happened to be in one of the neighboring offices would think there was a murder happening here. Instead of screaming bloody murder, the young actress came with even more force than before, her entire body thrashing as her orgasm tore through her, her cunt gripping me like an angry fist. Her hot, slick juices gushed out of her soaking my lower abdomen as well as my couch as her screams of pleasure became groans of bliss. Her head was facing sideways on the couch and I could see her blank eyes fluttering as her body calmed to a series of erotic twitches, her amazing muscles tensed and once again coiled until she finally started to relax.

    As I slowly pulled my abused cock out of Camren's body I couldn't help but be impressed by Jennifer. Even with her libido and true personality hidden under dozens of layers of programming in her subconscious she still had an amazing eye for talent even after all these years. My cock bobbed in the air at the entrance to the young star's gooey cunt, shiny and slick with her cum and I figured that she wasn't going to get any more relaxed than right now. I opened the drawer in the table next to the couch and pulled out my bottle of lube, cherry flavor because they made that now, and spread a generous amount on my cock before dribbling it into the crack of the teen girl's ass. She moaned out as it dripped onto the crinkled little rosebud at the entrance to her rear-end and swayed hypnotically in front of me. She knew what was coming.

    A languid smile spread slowly across her face, her body glowing with sweat as I nuzzled the little wrinkled entrance of her ass with the tip of my cock. I pressed the spongy tip of myself inside of her and moaned in pleasure as her smile spread into a sloppy grin and her little hands balled into little fists, gripping the material of my couch. I managed to press another inch into her and she began rocking herself slightly back and forth, helping me penetrate her as I rocked in time to her, slowly working myself deeper and deeper.

    Her moans joined my own, our voices getting louder and louder as I burrowed deeper and deeper into her incredibly tight ass. Her clutching, teenage anus gripped me tighter than her clutching, teenage pussy had, toeing the line between pleasure and pain as sweat rolled down both of our bodies. My hands danced across the slick flesh of her ass and lower back as I penetrated her more and more, burying myself inside of her body. My hands reached underneath her and gripped her small tits, thumbing her nipples as I finally bottomed out inside of her and she groaned in contentment. I left myself there for a moment, relishing the feel of her spread around my shaft, my balls resting against her soaked pussy-lips as she wiggled underneath me.

    This time I kept a firmer hold on Camren's small waist in fear that she'd go wild again but the teenage actress simply held still this time, waiting for me. I pulled back slightly and pressed in slowly, just barely an inch, just getting used to her ass and giving her time to get used to my prick. My balls were boiling with the need to cum, to empty inside of the young girl's willing body but I was set on holding out for as long as possible, holding myself back to give myself the time to enjoy her.

    With every stroke I pulled out a little bit farther, pushed in just a little bit harder, stroking myself just a little bit faster. Camren lifted herself up on her hands as she began rocking herself back against me, stuffing me inside of her just a bit more forcefully, our pants and moans growing louder and louder, still in perfect sync. Our bodies moved together, as joined together as our voices, as we both moved me in and out of her. At first we had been battling against each other, her will against mine, and it had ended in a draw as we worked together instead of against each other.

    Our bodies slapped wetly together as our thrusts became more and more forceful, my bloated balls swinging up to bump against her drooling pussy. Her hair was matted to her head and I was pretty sure mine didn't look any better as I fucked her harder and harder and she fucked me faster and faster. I kept a firm hold on her small, firm tits, her nipples digging into my palms as she looked over her shoulder at me, her large, wide spaced eyes bright with coy lust. She chewed her bottom lip as she concentrated on the pleasure she was getting, far more than when she had been fighting against me, and kept her eyes locked on mine.

    Our eyes remained locked as I kept a firm hold on her chest, using her small tits to pull her back against me as I thrust myself forward into her small body. She started keening like a rabbit stuck in a trap and I could tell she was about to cum and I hoped that I could hold out until then. Like I've said, I always take care of the needs of the women I have sex with even if they don't ever remember it later. The need to cum was nearly primal, animal, pure, as we worked ourselves together. Out of the corner of my eye I could see her little shoes moving around and guessed her toes were beginning to curl as she gritted her teeth and I knew she was there again. Her body shivered and twitched like she was having a fit of some kind and I held myself still and kept a firm hold on her body to keep her from falling off of the couch until she finally started to come down and relax.

    Camren's ass had gripped me hard enough to be painful but I just gritted my teeth and soldiered through until I felt she was relaxed enough not to fall to the floor. I slowly pulled my cock out of her ass and heard her whine in protest. She was insatiable! I tried to move as carefully as I could but the need to cum was nearly overwhelming. I managed to flip her over on her back and spread her toned legs wide as she continued to stare up at me. I gripped my cock and the moment I touched myself I exploded, my cum raining down on her fit, toned body. I covered the happy teenage from her slight chest to her flat stomach, my white seed standing out in contrast to her tan skin. And then I collapsed onto my ass sitting opposite her on the couch.

    We struggled to regain our breath, the young dancer needing annoyingly less time than me and I once again promised myself to get to the gym before I got to much older. She giggled at me as I stared at her naked, sweaty, cum stained body, me just enjoying the sight of her and her enjoying the sight of me. I still needed to post some more, non-sexual, commands in her mind before moving her out of her family's house and making her my full time assistant but there was still some things about her I needed to know. "So how are your filing skills?"

    To be continued...

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    This is a work of complete fiction. It just popped into my brain so I wrote it down and share it for free and make no money off of it. No one under legal age may read this, if you know what's good for you. No one over legal age should read this for the same reason. All characters used in this story are a parody of any real or fictional person. I don’t know Jennifer Love Hewitt, Camren Bicondova, Emma Watson or have anything to do with them. Comments are always welcome and appreciated and you should feel free to share.

    Story Code: M+/F, F/F, MC, anal

    The Hollywood Hypnosneak Ch 05 Emma Watson
    By Muhabba

    "Will you two be quiet," I hissed behind me. I had brought Camren to Jennifer's home to introduce them and Jennifer had immediately squealed with glee the moment she had seen Camren. She couldn't have looked more girlish if I had brought her home a puppy. Apparently Jennifer had quite the girl-crush on Camren since first seeing her while watching the show "Gotham". Jennifer had grabbed the girl by the arm and practically dragged her up the stairs to her bedroom while I followed and watched. I sat at the foot of the bed and watched Jennifer quickly strip the young girl and then practically devourer her, it had been an amazing sight. And when Camren had finally stripped Jennifer of her clothes the small dancer had squealed in delight when she had first laid eyes on her breasts.

    Camren had attacked Jennifer's wonderful breasts with all the glee of a child on Christmas morning playing with her new toys. And Jennifer had enjoyed every moment of it. The Gotham actress licked and sucked every inch of the older actress's tits until they had been gleaming in the afternoon light. And then the smaller, younger actress had dived between Jennifer's thighs like it was an Olympic sport. At one point in time I had been afraid that Camren was going to suffocate herself between the older woman's spread legs or that Jennifer was going to pass out in the throws of a seizure. And I had sat through it all wishing that I had taken those art classes offered in prison because somebody needed to paint or sculpt these two naked orgasmic females. I was still wearing clothes to try and help me from joining them, I still had things to do.

    After the girls' first round I had let them rest for a bit before asking Jennifer to use her computer to bring up my old list of contacts. Camren had giggled at my ineptitude with electronics and kept taunting me with everything that her phone could do. I knew that the little buggers could take pics or videos but, Jesus, now it was like having a whole computer in your pocket. I remember when computers were first being used commercially and required 4 full disks just to program them. In the time it took Jennifer to show me how to access my client list, Camren had taken a pic of me, added animation, turned it 3D, and sent it to Jennifer's computer. Little fucking show-off.

    Jennifer crawled back into bed with Camren and the two immediately began cuddling and cooing sweetly as they ran their hands over their naked bodies. And it was kind of distracting with me trying to do actual work while having these two naked women stroking each other. They were such opposites to each other. Jennifer wasn't exactly a basketball player but compared to Camren's short frame she was practically a giant. Jennifer had such a dramatic figure compared to Camren's slender dancer's frame and their chests... Good lord. To see Camren's small tits pressed up against Jennifer's much larger endowments… it was amazing I could think straight. They were so happy in each other's arms that, as far as they were concerned, I might as well not existed.

    My eyes kept turning towards the sight of Jennifer and Camren on the bed like gravity and I tried to shake it out of my head to concentrate. First I pulled up a list of my old contacts and put them into categories: Those that might help me, Those that would rather see me dead, Those that might have helped put me in jail in the first place, and those that would snitch me out for a shiny nickel. Behind me Jennifer and Camren giggled, drawing my attention but when I looked behind me at them laying on the bed they immediately quieted and tried to look serious. I turned back to the computer screen and they started giggling again.

    I started with those that might have helped me. Oddly enough, most of them were dead. Actually, a startling number of them were dead. It was damn odd and it was something that I'd have to look into before I got to much older. Behind me Jennifer and Camren were murmuring sweetly to each other and I tried to push them out of my mind. For the remaining few names on the list three were in jail, two had retired and moved over-seas, and four had just up and disappeared along with their assets.

    Out of morbid curiosity I looked up the contacts that would straight up murder me if they could and actually, almost all of them were dead as well. Of course they had been the more bold ones of our little, loosely associated club. I heard rustling behind me and turned around to see that Jennifer and Camren had moved slightly with Camren now on Jennifer's opposite side. They looked at me as sweetly and innocently as possible but I didn't buy it. I glared back at them before turning back to the computer and they broke out into laughter.

    Normally when I put a woman, or man if I had to, under my control they did my bidding whether they truly wanted to or not. It was all a matter of perspective on their parts, I made them think that obeying me was in their personal best interests. Jennifer had been an exception. She had a natural way of seeing things all on her own that went along with my own desires so she had a certain leeway that others did not. Others under my sway would have immediately complied with my wishes but not Jennifer, as far as she was concerned, anything she did was in my best interests. And apparently Camren was the same way. Jennifer always did have good instincts. Even with subliminal commands forcing her to forget her former life with me she had still been drawn to Camren. Amazing really if you thought about it. And somewhat annoying when you were trying to work.

    With a growing sense of dread I looked up the rest of the names on the list and, with no real surprise at that point, most of them were dead or disappeared. A few were in jail but most were long dead. Apparently my stint in jail may have saved my life. I was so transfixed by the sight of so many obituaries that I didn't hear a wooden drawer open and close behind me.

    So, with all my old contacts dead I began looking up all my off the books money. ...and it was all gone. Even the crap I had bought with cash was gone. Which was too bad because I had a really nice villa set up in Southern Spain I was planning on retiring in. So what with everybody I once worked around, with, through, and under-the-nose-of, gone or dead I began looking up any of their assets that might have been left. ...and it was all gone as well. By now I was getting so despondent that I didn't even hear the tinkle of metal on metal behind me. So that left me nothing but to make new contacts but there was a small problem. Technically I didn't exist.

    Once I had perfected my talents the first thing I had done was erase my identity. It was actually rather simple. I came from a small town so all my information was basically contained in a 40 mile diameter. This is also where I picked up my knack for breaking and entering. So once I graduated from college I spent two months erasing myself from life. My old life is completely gone. I had known from an early age what I wanted to do with my life and had lived the dream. There was a small twenty year detour courtesy of the federal government but other than that everything had turned out exactly like I had envisioned it. And then I felt cold metal close around my wrists and a metallic click echo in my ears.

    I rolled my eyes as they two naked women spun me around in my chair. “I’m too busy for this,” I told them as they tried to pry my knees apart. They giggled at me as Jennifer continued trying to part my knees and Camren began trying to open my pants.

    Camren's wide spaced eyes looked up at me with a wild glint. “But we want to play,” she mock pouted.

    “Yeah, play with us,” Jennifer agreed.

    I sighed in frustration as they both continued assaulting me and my pants. “Ladies, please. As much as I’d love to play with you both I have to come up with a means to make money, a identity that can stand up to moderate security screenings, and a way to get myself back into the business world,” I told them. Mentally I was coming up with a list of things I would need and since I had no way of obtaining anything in the list I was also making a list of things I would need to obtain the things on my list. Meanwhile Carmen was violently tugging down my pants and I lifted my ass enough to let her otherwise she might rip them and I only have the three pairs.

    Finally surrendering I allowed Jennifer to force my knees apart so they she and Camden would crawl in between them. “Can’t you just continue pretending to be a talent agent?” Jennifer asked as she and Camden squirmed in between my legs and the younger girl pulled my half hard prick out of my shorts, “It worked on Camren.”

    “Not really,” Camren chirped as she playfully tugged on my cock, “We just used it as a business write off. No one trusts agents any more after that Harvey Weinstein thing.”

    “Harvey was one of my best clients. What happened to him?” I asked the girls.

    My cock went slightly limp again at the news about Harvey, no matter how much enthusiasm Camren was with her hand-job. “Well shit,” I muttered, that's what happens to people that try to be me.

    Kneeling behind the small girl, Jennifer wrapped her arms around Camren, one hand playing with her small tits while the other hand slipped between the dancer’s thighs. “So you can't fake being an agent again but what about a law practice?” she asked helpfully.

    Camren fished my balls out of my boxers and began licking at them while still tugging my soft dick. “And he can, like, handle his own parole violation,” she said sarcastically.

    I glared down at the young girl as she continued trying to get a ride out of my privates. “I don't hear any suggestions coming from you, little miss sarcastic,” I said.

    Releasing her hold on me, Camren sat up straighter while Jennifer continued fingering her. “Wanna recover from addiction? Some guy is offering Swimming with Dolphins therapy. Feeling out of control in your life? Some one is willing to wave pretty rocks over you and chant. Wanna be more confident at work? Coffee enemas. Trying to pick up women? Drink this bottled water with a oak leaf in it,” she said and I have to admit I wasn't quiet sure what she was getting at and when I didn't answer she rolled her eyes at me and threw her arms in the air. Kinda insolent for a hypnotized sex-slave. “You don't need to find a job, you just have to make one up,” she said to me in the same tone of voice one would use for a small child.

    Jennifer's head popped up as if she’d just received a electric shock. “She's right. It’s obvious,” she murmured.

    My cock immediately sprang back to ridged life.


    Believe it or not I had legitimate credentials three days later. Well, legal credentials at any rate. Did you know you could actually get a degree in Hypnotherapy? It's on the internet. Did you know you could find out anything about anyone anywhere at any time? It's on the internet. So at the end of three days I was John Smith, Feminist Hypnotherapist. And as far as the internet was concerned I was the only licensed Feminist Hypnotherapist. Is the Patriarchy getting you down? I can give you that boost to help you shatter the glass ceiling.

    Of course my office was still a shit-hole so I tried to avoid using it when receiving a client. Doctors may not make house calls any more but I did. Or in this case a hotel call.

    Fair being fair I couldn't take credit for the idea, it was all Camren. Such a sneaky young girl. And with a great idea come a great reward and she had chosen a great reward. One of her idols in fact. Emma Watson.

    I was meeting Emma in her hotel suite since she was staying in town for a conference on the #metoo Movement. The name had confused me since, as far as I knew, “#” was the “pound” sign on a telephone so when I had asked Jennifer and Camren how “Poundmetoo” could be a women's movement they had laughed themselves to tears. I had a lot of catching up to do. Emma's suite was actually very simply done and modestly decorated and when I met her I could tell why she had chosen it. The former child star was extremely down to Earth and modest herself.

    I was let into her suite by hotel security and Emma got up from the couch she was sitting on and greeted me as security closed the door behind me. We had thirty minutes for an “interview” before she had to leave for another interview for a “Podcast”. Whatever the hell that was. She was an extremely graceful young woman who just seemed to radiate warmth and charm. She was dressed in a business like blouse and vest with matching slacks and sensible pumps. Her chestnut colored haired was styled away from her beautiful face and dropped down to just below her shoulders. Her eyes twinkled and her smile was disarming. I immediately wanted to fuck her.

    Emma was a gracious host and offered me a drink while we talked and I set up my equipment. She asked me what I was doing and what equipment I was using which I had planned a response for. Or rather Camren had planned a response for. “It's retro-chic,” I told her as I set up my camera and voice recorder. Camren hadn't recognized the equipment either. The camera was set to flash at certain times and at certain frequencies while the back ground static of the tape recorder would subliminally insert commands for Emma. Listen, back in the day these gadgets were cutting-edge and I hadn't had a chance or the money to upgrade them yet. Anyway, after the camera and recorder had done their work I would call Emma back in the evening to thank her for the interview and give her my actual control commands then. And then, when she had a hole in her schedule, it would be time for Camren’s fantasy.

    “What is a ‘Feminist Hypnotist?” she asked and even her British accent sounded graceful. Using Jennifer, and even some of Camren’s, contacts I had managed to get a meeting with a booking agent that could get me face time with one of Emma's assistant. Using my skills I made them both believe I was the next up and coming victory leader for women's rights in Hollywood. Don’t get me wrong, I fully endorsed #metoo now that I knew what it was but I also wanted to get laid and I wasn't nearly as bad as some of those men who took advantage of their positions to take advantage of women. I always took care of the needs of the women I chose to have sex with.

    “The minds of male and females are biochemically similar but are still different,” I began as I took my seat next to Emma on the couch, “So with that in mind I specialize in the female mind which I think is much more interesting than the minds of males.”

    Emma giggled at my little jab, “And that is what this interview is for?”

    I smiled back at her. She truly had a lovely smile. “My research paper is purely for the science of it,” I told her as my eyes took her in and my camera and recorder did their work, “My business is in helping women achieve their goals after years of suffering under the Patriarchy of man’s world.”

    She giggled again which was good since it felt like I was laying it on a bit thick. She truly did have a charming laugh and my eyes kept being drawn to her lips as she talked. Even sitting she was graceful, her hands moving to punctuate her words, her back perfectly arched as she sat. I was genuinely entranced by her and spread my legs a bit to give myself room as my prick began to swell.

    As Emma and I continued talking about women's issues I began tapping out a beat with my finger on the back of the couch. I didn't even realize it at first. It was a complimentary beat to the occasional flashes of the camera and the static whine coming from the tape recorder. And she was responding to it. Whenever she made a joke and made me laugh, her hand would lightly touch mine and when I made a joke that made her laugh she would lightly touch my leg. I turned the conversation to women's wants and needs, nothing sexual, and she followed my prompts and found herself scooting towards me.

    We continued on the Women On Top trope with her hand nearly touching mine, her thumb lightly caressing the top of my hand as I continued to tap. Her other hand was placed on my leg just above my knee as she continued moving slowly towards me and I sat with my arms wide open and my legs apart, a posture of welcoming.

    “…and it can get really lonely sometimes, you know?” she finished and I quickly agreed, encouraging her to continue, “Plus, being in the public eye with everybody judging you can be… I mean… it makes you feel like…”

    “You're under a microscope,” I finished for her.

    “Oh, you understand perfectly!” Emma said with relief in her voice.

    “And even though you are surrounded by people you can still feel completely isolated in a crowd,” I offered.

    “You are so right,” she agreed, still sliding towards me.

    “Not to mention how inhibited it can make you feel,” I continued as her hand slid slowly up my thigh.

    “You have no idea,” she said as she slipped next to me, hip to hip.

    “You can feel trapped,” I said with my arm behind her on the back of the couch and her arm behind me, “Constrained when all you want to do is break out and do something completely for yourself.”

    She chewed her bottom lip as she thought over my words before nodding her head yes. She lifted her head up and peered deep into my eyes. “I hope you don't think me too forward…” she began hesitantly.

    I leaned in closer. “You are in a safe place, Emma,” I assured her.

    Emma sighed in relief before a appreciative smile spread across her beautiful face. “You don't know how glad I am to hear that,” she said, my finger never stopping it's tapping behind her. Suddenly she pushed forward, her lips against mine, kissing me aggressively as her hand slid up my inner thigh, squeezing my half hard cock through my pants. Her other arm slid around my neck, holding me to her as her tongue explored my mouth and her hand kneaded my prick.

    I held the young British woman to me, kissing her back, one arm around her neck, my free hand resting on her arm. I didn't want to move to far forward in my advances, this was all about her wanting to break out from her prim and proper roll in life and who was I to interrupt her. Like I said, I take care of the needs of the women I choose.

    Pulling back from the kiss, Emma looked into my eyes again and smiled, almost apologetically. “I can't believe I’m doing this,” she said with her hand still massaging my meat.

    “You should do whatever you’re comfortable doing,” I encouraged her, “You’ve earned it.”

    The beautiful actress thought my words over for a minute. “You know what? I have earned this,” she agreed. She released her hold on my neck and bent down, both of her hands working to unfasten my belt and pants. I lifted my ass up to let her pull my pants and underwear down to my thighs, releasing my straining cock.

    “Mmm… Nice,” I heard her tell herself before her small hands went to work. One of her hands lifted my balls up in her palm while her thumb and forefinger circled the base of my cock, her other hand then wrapping around her fingers and my meat. She began jerking me off, her hand tugging up on my balls with every stroke. She gave a really great and enthusiastic hand-job as she tugged me, the fingers of her other hand squeezing and massaging my length. Camren had given me some background on Emma Watson and had told me that her first experience fooling around with a boy was on the set of Harry Potter and while I had no idea who Daniel Radcliff was he was definitely a lucky guy.

    Emma playfully licked the head of my prick and I heard her smack her lips and moan. It wasn't for my benefit, it was strictly for her and I honestly hoped she enjoyed every inch of it. After all, she was a simple human being that would sometimes find herself feeling trapped in stardom and I earnestly thought she deserved the release. To throw chance to the wind. To spend the next few minutes releasing her inhibitions. And since I was now a licensed therapist it was my duty to help her in those times in her life that she was feeling trapped.

    She moaned out as she licked down the side of my shaft to my cupped balls, her dexterous fingers juggling the firm orbs as she licked my sack and then traced back up my length. I groaned out as her warm, moist, pink tongue circled my head again before drawing me into her mouth. She knew she was on a time table before having to leave for her next meeting which meant that this could only be a quick one-&-done for the sheer hell of it and she quickly swallowed half my dick.

    I made sure to keep moaning and groaning above Emma as her tongue wiggled around my length in her mouth. I’m not the most vocal partner during sex but I wanted the sexy star to know how good of a job she was doing with her surprise blow-job, taking no chances that she might start to regret throwing caution to the wind and following her instincts. She began slowly bobbing up and down, sucking fiercely on my pole as her tongue continued to massage the length of me and her hand pumped my prick. Her lips would meet her fist and she would moan out around me before pulling back up, using her tongue to circle my cock-head and then plunging back down again. I used my free hand to hold her silky hair out of her face while she worked on me and I continued tapping with my finger as she sucked harder and harder.

    Her head began bobbing up and down faster, her cheeks hollowing as she sucked me harder, her moans getting louder and I felt my balls, clasped in her hand, start to boil with the need to cum. I held it off as long as I could wanting to enjoy the feel of Emma's lips stretched around my girth but she and I both had schedules to keep. “I… I… I’m all… almost there…” I gasped out, feigning uncontrollable need which was really what she wanted. A quick re-enforcement of how sexy and desirable she was rather than the nearly prudish nature she had to be while in the public eye.

    Emma kept a firm hold on my balls as she buried her nose in my pubic hair which was not a mean feat. I’m not saying that I’m hung like a porn star or anything but usually a woman has to work herself up to swallowing me whole but the young English woman took me easily. Her tongue continued to work against my shaft as he swallowed around the length of me in her throat while still massaging my bloated balls. It was too much for me to hold myself back and I exploded in her mouth. She swallowed around my cock, drinking down my thick load as I groaned out above her and she milked my balls with her hand. She held me there until she had drained me dry and I began to soften in her mouth.

    As I finished emptying my balls into Emma's mouth I lost count of my tapping finger and Emma began to come back to herself. She sat up with a dazed, confused look in her mind and I realized I’s lost my hold on her. The camera and recorder were only planting commands that wouldn't take hold for a while yet so I needed to reinforce what had just happened as something that seemed perfectly natural to her before she realized something was wrong. “Wow! You really have been having to remain inhibited,” I said to her.

    “I guess… I guess so,” she kind of agreed with me.

    “It really must be a hard way to live,” I said as I began tucking myself back into my pants.

    “Ye… yeah, it really is,” she said, more in agreement with me and I saw her eyes begin to clear.

    “I can’t imagine what that's like,” I said solemnly and patted her shoulder reassuringly, “It was very brave of you to open up like that.”

    Emma blushed and then his her face as a giggle passed her well used lips, “I can’t believe I did that.”

    “You can’t believe it?” I laughed, “You did it to me and I still can’t believe it.”

    She laughed out loud and then held her blushing face in her hands. “I’m soooo embarrassed,” she said bashfully.

    I joined her in laughing at the awkward situation. Well, “awkward” if I hadn't done it purposefully. I hugged her affectionately as I continued laughing with her. “We’re both adults with needs who rarely get to indulge in our desires in public,” I said, “It could have happened to anyone.” How a random blow-job by a movie star could happen to “anyone” I have no idea but it was what Emma needed to hear right now and relief flooded through me when she bought it.

    Emma fixed her make-up while I cleaned up my equipment. Once the equipment was put away the lovely actress forgot that it was even there or even had been. It was part of the basic commands they camera and recorder slipped into her mind. As we got ready to leave we were much more casual with each other and I found myself realizing how great a quick blow-job was at breaking the ice. I promised her to send her a copy of the paper before I published it and then we embraced warmly. She saw me out past the guards and closed the door behind us as we headed towards the elevators and headed downstairs. We hugged one more time before parting, her to her interview and me to Jennifer throwing a cheap lamp at me.


    “You stupid bastard!” Jennifer screamed as she threw a cheap lamp at me. To be fair, everything in my office was cheap.

    “I don't see what the problem is,” I told her. Her eyes were flashing with anger as she looked around the office for something else to throw at me. Behind her at my desk Camren was watching internet porn and completely ignoring us. I had of course placed subliminal programs in all of my subjects and I could literally calm Jennifer down with a few words and a snap of my fingers but I trusted her opinion and right now her opinion was that I had messed something up. Plus, she was beautiful when she was angry.

    “What you did was completely reckless,” she said as she glared at me.

    “How was a small blow-job ‘reckless’?” I asked. After all, taking advantage of beautiful women was pretty much all I did.

    Jennifer threw her arms up in frustration. “Because you weren't prepared,” she said, her tone very much like a parent chiding their child, “Any one of a dozen of things could have gone wrong. Things you weren't prepared for. It was this kind of reckless behavior that got you thrown in prison in the first place.”

    I was about to say something in my own defense but I couldn't. Anything could have happened. Someone could have walked in. Her phone could have rung and broken the spell. She could have been a lesbian and unable to rationalize to herself why she would have blown a strange man. She could have been celibate and unable to rationalize why she would have blown anybody. “You may have a point,” I conceded. I don't really think it's possible for me to actually ever admit I might make a mistake.

    “She does,” Camren offered, her eyes never breaking from the computer screen.

    Jennifer seemed to calm down and I stroked her arms to console her. “I’ll implant some more commands in her after Camren's scenario. Okay?”

    Jennifer took a calming breathe, her wonderful chest rising and falling, and nodded her head. She knew this was the closet I’d ever get to admitting that I was wrong. But in my defense, Emma had a wonderful mouth and tongue.

    With the argument over, Camren looked up from the computer screen. “Is everything ready?,” she asked hopefully. I looked at the computer for the first time and saw that she wasn't watching porn, she was watching the Harry Potter movies and rubbing herself through her jeans.

    “Just about,” I told her, “I just need to find a street gang.”


    I’d been involved in a few different scenarios back in the day, usually paying somebody off for services rendered by letting them fuck the celebrity of their choice. Originally even for straight up money. Some of those scenarios had even been pretty complex. Whoever my mark was would write me out their fantasy and I’d figure a way to implant it in the celebrity of their choice and it was usually a couple of pages of notes. Camren gave me a novella.

    Finding a small gang hadn't been a problem. It was pretty easy to find some men that wanted to fuck Emma Watson but what had been difficult had been trying to hang Camren's fantasy in Emma's subconscious. Emma was a busy young woman and it had taken several short phone calls over a few days to dig out a fantasy of her own to hang Camren's fantasy on. It wasn't easy. Emma was a very self-aware young woman.

    Hanging the cameras in the alley behind my office had been difficult and when Camren had seen the type of analog cameras I was using she laughed at me again. I’m really going to have to program some more respect into that girl.

    After a quick trip to a electronics store with Camren I was set. I won't even tell you what she said when I had asked her if there had been a Radio Shack nearby. So, nowadays, cameras are about the size of a marble and require no wires, just Bluetooth. What I had suspected would have taken me hours to set up behind my office had taken Camren ten minutes. With an afternoon to kill I had fucked her little ass until she had been screaming to cum but I wouldn't let her until her scenario with Emma. That'll teach her some respect maybe.

    The complex fantasy meant that I had to be on the scene just in case something went wrong but I promised Camren that I wouldn't interfere or participate. This was all about her and would cement our relationship. I did something similar with Jennifer by giving her Sarah Michelle Gellar and decades later she was still mine.

    The night was dark but not too cold as Emma walked from the sidewalk into the mouth of the alley behind my office building. As far as she was concerned she was walking home after several business meeting and was taking a quick shortcut. After she had walked about ten feet, three men and one young lady walked in behind her. At the other end of the alley three more men, as well as me, appeared blocking any exit. The first group began following Emma.

    Emma could hear murmuring voices and strange giggles behind her so she increased her pace. She kept her head down so she didn't see the other group until she was almost on us. She quickly turned around causing her overcoat to flare out revealing her simple business outfit. She wore dark, tight slacks with a matching vest over a frilled blouse. Her eyes widened when she realized that she was blocked off from either exit of the alley.

    The scared British actress spun around again to look at my group. Her eyes were becoming frantic and her breathing ragged as she realized how vulnerable she was at the moment. She darted to the side and tried the door to my building, jiggling the knob and finding it locked. The door wasn't actually locked due to California fire regulations but what was important was that I had made her believe that any door for the next hour was locked. She ran to the other side of the alley and tried that door but believed it locked as well. We had her trapped.

    Emma twirled around again and found that both groups had closed in on her. There was nowhere she could go.

    Camren stepped forward dressed similar to her character on Gotham. She wore a pair of combat boots and tight, black pants outlining her dancer’s ass perfectly. Her black leather jacket was open showing her sports bra that left her muscled stomach gleaming in the gloomy alley. When I had set up the cameras I had also handled the lighting making sure that the alley was dark enough for the scene but bright enough for the cameras to catch everything. Also, the mattress from my couch was right where we were standing. If you're planning on gang-banging Emma Watson you want to be comfortable.

    “Well, if it isn't Hermione fuckin’ Granger,” Camren sneered.

    “Help me,” Emma pleaded to the young girl.

    “Oh, I’m gonna help you alright,” she sneered, “I’m gonna help you right outta those clothes. Boys.” Well, for a teenage girl she wasn't much of a writer but her “boys” did what they were supposed to do and they grabbed Emma by her arms while Camren stood back and watched. Emma struggled of course but not as much as she could have as our street-gang yanked her coat off and she squealed in fright.

    With the British actress firmly caught, the young American actress sauntered over to her. “I can’t tell you how long I’ve been waiting to do this,” Camren said as she traced a finger down Emma’s chest to the tops of her pants. She slipped a finger inside of the struggling young woman's pants before sliding her digit back up again to the bottom of the vest. With deft fingers she undid the fashionable outer wear one slow button at a time and then slowly pulled it open. “I like the vest. Maybe I’ll keep it as a trophy,” she snickered, frightening Emma and causing her to scream out and struggle some more.

    Camren slid her hands over Emma's chest above her breasts and then opened the first button of her blouse. She locked gleaming, wicked eyes with the other actress as she began to unbuttoning her top even slower than she had the vest. The younger actress was getting off on the fake fear that Emma was feeling. Camren was really going to a dark place with this fantasy. I was so proud of her. Like a parent almost. Well, a parent that roughly fucks their teenage daughter's ass on occasion but a parent none the less.

    As more of her lovely torso was exposed, Emma shivered in fear and cold as the wind licked her skin. She was wearing a decorative but functional black bra that caused her skin to gleam in contrast. With the last button above the pants undone, Camren held open the other actress’s top to reveal her tasty bra.

    “Oh, that's absolutely lovely,” Camren said with a coo before cupping the sides of Emma's breasts and leaning forward. The younger actress began licking and nibbling on the older actress’s exposed skin making the British young woman cry out in despair and begin to struggle again. When she had covered every bit of exposed breasts with her lips and tongue, Camren stepped back and smacked her lips in satisfaction. “Yummy.”

    “Please let me go,” Emma sobbed, “I won't tell anyone.”

    Camren pretended to not even hear her as she said, “Everybody gets a taste, boys.” All the men except for me fell on the trapped Emma, shredding her top and bra. Her breasts were creamy pale with already hard nipples and were quickly obscured by the gang’s hands and mouths. She writhed and cried as their hands groped and molesting her, her breath coming in ragged sobs as she was held helpless. And Camren watched it all with greedy, hungry eyes.

    The young, American actress slid her hands up her own torso and gripped her small breasts, squeezing them firmly as she groaned out in lust. She licked her lips as she watched Emma being yanked back and forth between the men and being completely used. Camren was getting off on the spectacle of it. Such a good girl.

    A rape fantasy is easily the most prolific subconscious desire and the one least often explored. Have your partner pretend to rape you and it's still just rough, consensual sex. But I allowed women to truly experience it. They were just as safe with me as their partners but with me they got to live out the fantasy as if it was real. And I was already hard as a rock watching it happen.

    Emma was panting and moaning underneath the barrage of men. Anybody would be. And she was even responding to it sexually due to simple biology. But thanks to me, the slightly repressed young actress was slowly starting to get into it. Her head was thrown back as she groaned, her lips parted as she panted, and her chest heaved, either from gasping for breath or from pressing her breasts more firmly against her attackers she didn't know. Her subconscious desires were battling her conscious mind for control and thanks to me her conscious mind was losing.

    “I think that's enough for now, you greedy, greedy boys,” Camren chuckled and the gang immediately pulled away from Emma but continued holding her arms trapped straight out from her sides and a third one behind her gripping her shoulders. For the next hour the gang would follow Camren’s orders like they were the words of God. Every one of them gleefully giving up their free will for the chance to fuck Emma Watson. Of course I had neglected to tell them I’d be wiping their short term memories but that's Hollywood.

    Camren stepped forward and placed her hands on Emma’s waist causing the British actress to struggle more. The horny teen ran her hands slowly up the other woman's sides to her chest and cupped her small breasts. She ran her thumbs across Emma's hard nipples causing the older actress to shiver before running her hands back down her sides and back to her waist. Emma whimpered fearfully.

    Next Camren ran her hands across Emma's soft stomach to the front of her slacks before using deft fingers to pop the button. She slid one hand down the front of the other actress’s body until she was wrist deep in her pants and the young British woman shivered again and bit her lower lip. I could see the front of Emma's pants bulge rhythmically as Camren toyed with her pussy. The former Harry Potter star moved her hips to and fro, unsure if she wanted to move away or towards the young girl’s hand.

    I could tell when Camren slid a finger into Emma's pussy by the groan the other actress made. The British actress’s eyes fluttered as the American actress began sawing her finger in and out of her body. Camren kept a wicked smirk on her lips as her gang chuckled and watched her lean forward. The smirking actress took a hard nipple between her lips and sucked it into her mouth making Emma gasp out. The older actress had stopped struggling and her hips were rocking up and down, humping Camren’s talented hand.

    The young, captured British woman couldn't stop herself from chanting “Oh, oh, oh…” with every thrust of Camren’s finger into her heated cunt. She matched the younger star’s thrust by rolling her hips up to meet her hand, gasping out in pleasure at what was being forced on her. Her small breasts swayed slightly as she rocked her body, her eyes half closed, her head thrown back and her lustrous hair cascading down her bare back.

    And then Camren quickly slid her hands out of Emma's pants. The confused, horny Englishwoman’s eyes went wide at the sudden lose of the instrument of her forced pleasure. I could see her battling behind her eyes over whether to be disappointed at the lose of Camren’s finger or fear at what was happening to her.

    Like she didn't have a care in the world, Camren strutted behind Emma, shoving her thug out of her way. She slid her hands down the other woman's bare back as she knelt down behind her. Grabbing the English actress’s pants and panties, she roughly yanked them down to her ankles and gasped out, “Sweet Jesus,” when she saw her ass. With Camren transfixed I took the opportunity to stroll around back and see the sights for myself. “Sweet Jesus,” I agreed.

    Emma's ass was nearly a perfect inverted valentine. And I’ll be damned if it didn't gleam in the moody darkness and I found my hand slowly reaching out to caress it when Camren broke me out of my trance with a short “Ahem”. She stared at me with a look that said she had just caught me with my hand in the cookie jar. I shrugged my shoulders as I presented the British rear-end to her and stepped away.

    Camren squirmed around behind Emma on her knees to get comfortable in front of her ass. She ran her hands over the smooth, firm skin and caused the young English actress to shiver and start sobbing. “Pl… please, no,” Emma cried as she struggled fitfully. The younger actress leaned forward and licked up one taunt ass-cheek and then the other before smacking her lips. She looked up at her gang with a self satisfied smirk on her lips and said, “Go ahead, boys, I got this end covered.”

    “Noooo- o- o-…” Emma cried out as the gang attacked her chest again and Camren forcefully rammed her head between her cheeks. Several pairs of hands began crawling over the front of the young British woman’s body as the younger girl’s tongue began attacking her asshole and pussy. Emma struggled weakly against her captors but I could tell by the blush covering her mostly nude body that biology was winning. Her pants and moans switched back and forth from fear to lust and her body rocked away and towards the hands and tongue assaulting her. And meanwhile I had a hard-on that could knock down a door as I watched.

    Emma threw her had back as her body was forcefully molested, panting and grunting in unwanted pleasure. With no conscious thought she rolled her ass back towards Camren’s face buried between her cheeks and then rocked herself forward to give the men more access to her lust filled body. Her cries grew louder and louder as she quickly climbed towards orgasm, humping herself against the other actress’s delving tongue. Even over Emma's cries of desire I could hear Camren’s mouth and tongue working sloppily in her tiny, puckered hole and wet, pink pussy.

    The beautiful British star’s body was shivering in pleasure and I could tell she was about to cum but Camren wasn't ready for that yet. The smaller girl and her gang forcibly pleasured Emma until she was on the verge of climax and just as the captive young woman was about to pop, Camren released her hold, pulling her tongue out of the older woman's body and snapping her fingers. Camren's gang immediately stopped their assault as the teenager got to her feet and walked around to the front of Emma.

    The look on Emma's face was pure confusion. Confused that she had nearly cum after being captured and more confusion that she wanted them to finish. Camren smirked at her wickedly. “Strip her, boys,” the shorter girl said and immediately her minions yanked what was left of Emma's clothes off leaving her completely naked. With a snap of her fingers, Camren pointed to the ground and the men forced the other woman to her knees. “She looks hungry, boys. Feed her,” the shorter actress ordered.

    In a flash Emma's face was surrounded by half a dozen hard, throbbing cocks. Her eyes shot wide open as the first plunged it's way into her gapping mouth and began fucking her bewildered face. Another cock began rubbing itself across her face as two men on either side of her lifted her hands up and wrapped her fingers around their shafts. “Switch,” Camren ordered and immediately the pricks began shuffling around fighting and shoving to gain access to her mouth.

    Camren ordered the men to switch around again as she pawed one of her own small tits with one hand and groped the juncture of her slender thighs with the other. The younger actress began ordering the men around like a director until she got everybody where she wanted them. The smaller girl got behind Emma and keeled down behind her as she pulled her sports bra up to reveal her petite tits before pressing herself against the graceful back of her captive. Camren began roughly nuzzling Emma's neck as she rubbed her chest against the older woman's back and slid a hand down between her legs. The young British woman spread her legs to let the younger girl in as they both moaned in lust.

    With her fingers busy on and in Emma's body, Camren kept directing her men around. Drool covered the other woman's lower face and dribbled down onto her chest as she was face-fucked over and over again. The British actress moaned around the plunging shafts in her mouth and panted around them as one would exit and be quickly replaced by another. Emma's hands were a blur as she stroked cock after cock and her face was covered with a sheen of saliva as one prick after another rubbed itself against her. The older actress sucked hungrily, the slurping sounds echoing through the alley as Camren molested her body.

    Emma's eyes began to flutter as the volume of her lustful pants grew louder and I knew she was back in the verge of orgasm again and I was just about to warn Camren but my young protégé was already pulling her self away from her victim and with a snap of her fingers so did her men. Emma was left on her knees completely oblivious, her chest heaving as she looked around blankly. “On the mattress,” Camren ordered as she stood up and began stripping herself of everything except for her boots which I found a hot little sight.

    One of the men shoved Emma into her back-side, her legs akimbo and her thighs spread wide, wet, and gleaming in the light. We all just stood there and stared at her as she looked around, fear in her wide eyes. “Don’t…” she began but Camren interrupted her with another snap of her fingers.

    The gang member that had pushed Emma down jumped on top of her and she cried out as she struggled weakly against him. She cried out again with tears in her eyes as his stiff member penetrated her vulnerable pussy, spearing the young actress. He began pumping furiously inside of her, their bodies making wet slapping sounds as he thrust in and out of her. Her small breasts jiggled on her chest as she was violated and her legs stuck out of the sides of their writhing bodies.

    Emma's grunts and moans of despair quickly turned to pants and groans of lust as she began working herself against the thug. I could see her raise her hips up to meet his thrusts as she wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his thighs. She climbed quickly and came suddenly, violently, her entire body shuddering with the force of her pent up orgasm. And rather than let the British actress have enough time to thoroughly enjoy her orgasm, Camren began directing her men around again.

    Suddenly a cock appeared next to Emma's beautiful face and plunged into her gasping mouth. While she was forced to suck a new prick, the thug between her legs exited and was quickly replaced. Her hands were yanked up and used to masturbate two more pricks while the cock in her mouth was pulled out and replaced by another. I doubted she even had time enough to grab a breath. She was fucked by one man after another until she came again, screaming in pleasure around the dick in her mouth while her cunt gripped the cock thrusting inside of her.

    Camren had Emma flipped into her hands and knees, a cock pounding her from both ends and her slender body roughly rocked back and forth. With a nearly evil grin my assistant began probing the older woman's tiny little asshole with her fingers as the British actress was fucked. I had already called dibs on Emma's ass but I had allowed Camren to play with it. The younger actress moved her men back and forth to her heart’s content over and over again. Two men fucked Emma's mouth at the same time while one cock took a single deep stroke into her pussy, pulled out, was replaced by another cock that got one deep stroke before pulling out and having the first cock replace it. When she came again her entire body shuddered like she was having a seizure, her orgasm even stronger than the last one. Just like I had programmed.

    Moving her gang around, Camren had one lay on his back with the physically exhausted Emma on top of him. He held her up by her slender hips as he thrust himself up inside of her with the blurring speed of a machine gun while one man after another fucked her slack mouth. Camren was leaning against a dirty wall, completely naked except for her boots, furiously masturbating as she watched her idol get fucked. She was squeezing one small tit with one hand while her other hand was a blur between her dancer’s thighs. Her eyes were glazed as she stared in undisguised lust at Emma taking dick after dick inside of her.

    Suddenly Emma squealed out as another, even more power orgasm overtook her. Her entire body convulsed and she fell to the ground shaking and shivering as her juices gushed out of her. “Give the woman a shower, boys,” Camren ordered triggering the gang’s next command. The men all gathered around Emma, standing above her and stroking their gleaming pricks until they all came at once. Camren herself groaned out with her men as load after load of thick, creamy cum rained down on Emma's twitching body, covering her from head to toe.

    When the last prick had been drained, Camren sauntered over and laid on top of Emma's sticky body, kissing her deeply. The smaller actress began licking down the other woman's body, lapping at the spilled cum. She licked over the British star’s small breasts and hard nipples and then down her flat stomach before getting comfortable between Emma's spread legs.

    Camren threw Emma's trembling thighs over her shoulders and buried her face in the juncture of the older woman's legs. The young British woman cried out in forced pleasure as the younger girl licked at her pussy, Camren shoved her tongue deep inside of her and licked up every drop of cream that she could like the cat that her character was named for.

    When she had drank her fill, Camren crawled back up Emma's slack body and rolled them both over until the British actress was on top of her. “Fuck me,” Camren ordered, “Use that lovely pink tongue and make me cum.”

    Obediently Emma slid down Camren’s sticky body until her face was buried between the younger girl’s widely spread dancer’s thighs. The American actress happily cried out when the older actress’s tongue dipped between her gooey pussy lips. Outside of porn directed towards men it’s very difficult to see what happens between two women going down on each other but Emma must have been doing a good job judging by the sounds that Camren was making. The Gotham star’s cries of pleasure were echoing throughout the alley and I ordered two of the men to get dressed and stand guard at each entrance just to make sure the sounds of Camren's cries of pleasure didn't bring any unwanted attention.

    I moved around trying to get a better look at what was happening between Camren's thick thighs but all I could see was Emma's lips sealed around the younger girl’s heated cunt. The American actress was writhing below the other woman's mouth, her back arched as the older actress slid her hands up and toyed with the girl’s smaller breasts. Camren had her legs locked around Emma's head and it took all of my willpower not to just yank my cock out and fuck something. This was, after all, Camren’s special time.

    My prick ached as I watched Camren enjoy Emma's oral talents. The smaller actress wound her fingers through the English actress’s long hair and gleefully humped her face. I recognized the look on the younger girl’s face and knew what was about to happen as Emma furiously worked her cunt with her mouth and tongue. With a shriek of joy Camren came nearly as hard as the older actress had done. The shorter girl grinded her pussy against Emma's face, dragging her orgasm out for as long as possible before slumping down onto the dirty ally floor. She released her hold on the English performer and they both laid limply struggling to get their breathe back. And I was lucky enough to have watched and recorded it all.


    Blissed out, Camren strolled up to my office still completely naked. I sent two of the men with her to take her home while I used the others to wipe Emma down and get her redressed somewhat. One of them drove my third-hand sedan to us and we loaded her up and I took her back to her suite.

    Emma followed me up to her suite like a sedate puppy and then inside. “Strip,” I told her and she automatically removed all her clothes, such as they were, and stood unabashedly naked at the foot of her bed. I pulled her covers down and ordered her in and she immediately crawled in and laid down on her belly. “Relax,” I told her followed by, “Sleep.”

    Immediately Emma fell asleep and began snoring softly as I pulled a bottle of lube out of my pocket and stripped my pants down, my erection throbbing with desire. Until she brushed her teeth and took a shower I wanted nothing to do with her body except for her sweet, untouched ass.

    I straddled the actress’s taunt ass and haphazardly spilled lube over it an my prick, too needy to take my time. Still dressed from the waist up I pressed the tip of my cock between her plump cheeks until I was probing the tight opening of her rear-end.

    I didn't take the time to appreciate Emma's beauty or her graceful back or the fine up-swell of her ass. This was about need and I needed to be in her ass. The lube and my hypnotic command to relax let me slip the tip of my cock past the tight ring of muscle with a lewd pop and then the real work began.

    With my cock-head inside of her I pulled out slightly and then pushed in slightly farther, grunting with the effort. Then I pulled out slightly farther before pushing in farther still, over and over again. Her tight walls spread slowly around me to grip my shaft while I grunted and moaned above her and below me she snored lightly, not even aware I was there fucking her ass.

    When I had finally buried myself completely I held myself still for a moment just to appreciate the feel of Emma's violated ass clenching my dick. But only for a moment before the need to fuck and cum took me over. I stared slowly, fucking her taunt ass and then immediately picked up speed until I was slamming into her after only a few strokes.

    My balls slapped wetly against her sticky pussy-lips and my hips against her firm cheeks causing her flesh to ripple slightly. I fucked her hard and deep, plowing away inside of her without cause or concern for her, my only care was for my own orgasm.

    I felt my balls boiling with the need to cum and I didn't even try to stop it. I held myself still, balls deep, as I erupted and filled her tight little ass with my thick load. My cum seeped around the seal out bodies created as I filled her with the last of my load and groaned out in spent lust.

    I pulled myself out of Emma's used body with a slurping sound and then covered up her naked form. I gave her the orders she’d need to wake, clean herself, and then go back to bed to dream this whole scenario, scrubbing it from her conscious mind. And then I added the command phrase Camren had chosen, Imperious, for when we wanted to use the actress later.

    And then, smug and self-satisfied, I got dressed and left, forgetting to fix the mistakes that Jennifer had pointed out. I guess sometimes I really am my own worst enemy.

    The End.



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