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    The Dresden Files: The Japanese Invasion

    This is a work of complete fiction. It just popped into my brain so I wrote it down and share
    it for free and make no money off of it. No one under legal age may read this, if you know
    what's good for you. No one over legal age should read this for the same reason. All
    characters used in this story are a parody of any real or fictional person. I do not own The
    Dresden Files or the characters from it. Comments are always welcome and appreciated so
    you should feel free to share.

    Story Code: Magic, MC, Incest, Mast, Multiple Pairings

    The Dresden Files: The Japanese Invasion
    By Muhabba


    She was the Leanansidhe, second only in power to the Fae Queen Mab. She was one
    of the most beautiful creatures in all of Fairy with long, silky red hair, pointed ears, and
    mischievous cats eyes. She was beautiful with large, firm breasts, a sexily curved body,
    long legs and all wrapped in a shimmering green gown that flowed around her in the winter

    She was Molly Carpenter, called the Ragged Lady by both who feared her and loved
    her. She was born a wizard and had came into her power only a few years before, trained
    by her father’s best friend, Harry Dresden, until his death only a few months before. A
    death she was partially responsible for to save his soul from Leanansidhe’s mad queen Mab.
    She had spent the time since on the streets, trying to continue her mentor’s work while
    being trained by Harry’s Fairy Godmother, Leanansidhe.

    “Oh, oh God,” Molly gasped out as Lea kissed down from her pink lips to her neck.
    “I... I don’t think... What... What kind of lesson is this,” she groaned as her teacher ran her
    knowledgeably hands up her sides. She shivered, either from the cold of the alleyway or
    from what Lea was doing to her, she didn’t know.

    “The most important lesson of all, ‘Hana’,” Leanansidhe said as she slid her hands
    through the layers of Molly’s clothes to open up her top, “The lesson of survival.” She
    parted her young student’s clothes revealing her large breasts, firm and silky the way only
    young girls can have. She kissed down to Molly’s chest as she raised her hands up, cupping
    both breasts, holding them up to her mouth and caressing the warm flesh with her wet
    tongue. She could feel her student shiver in appreciation rather than cold as she slid her
    tongue from one large tit to the other drawing moans from the young girl’s mouth.

    “I don’t see... see how this will... will help me survive,” Molly groaned. Lea’s sudden
    kiss had taken her off guard, Lea pushing her against the wall had mentally disarmed her,
    and when Lea had pressed her voluptuous body against her own she had surrendered. She
    was helpless against the Fey on every level but this was something she would never had
    expected. The Fey were known for the sexual prowess and she had been completely lost to
    lust the moment the immortal creature had decided to act.

    Leanansidhe gave a toothy smile around her fate full of Molly’s chest before capturing
    a ripe, erect nipple between her teeth and lashing it with her tongue. Releasing the hard
    nub she licked over to the other rosy pink nipple and toyed with it with her lips, nuzzling it
    playfully. “I have taken over Harry’s role as your magical guardian and teacher and as such
    I decide the best way to teach you what you need to know,” she said before beginning to lick
    down her student’s amazing chest.

    Molly’s hands hung limply at her sides, unsure on what to do, never having imagined
    anything like this happening to her in any way much less by a Fae of the High Sidhe court.
    She began panting as Lea lovingly stroked her sensitive breasts, toying lightly with her pale,
    pink nipples, her body feeling flush in the cold winter air. “Oh God,” she choked out as the
    beautiful Fae began unfastening her ill-fitting pants.

    Lea licked up her student’s body until they were kissing deeply again as she tugged
    down Molly’s pants to reveal her pale, pink pussy. “I’m afraid time and the weather are
    against us child,” she whispered into the young girl’s ear, “Turn thee around. Present thine
    treasure to me.”

    “Oh God,” Molly choked again as he automatically turned herself around with no
    thought at all. She braced her arms against the cold wall, thrusting her ass out to the air,
    her large tits dangling below her. The Leanansidhe's hands slid over her up-raised rear-end
    delicately, gliding over her taunt cheeks like ice, sending shivers through her body. She
    squeaked out as she felt Lea’s wet, pink, cold tongue slide over her ass, she gripped the dirty
    brick wall and shuddered in pleasure as it wiggled between her pale cheeks.

    Lea knelt behind her shivering student. As a Fay of the high court she only bowed
    before her queen, except for special situations. Using her fingers she pried Molly’s thick,
    round cheeks apart, slipping her tongue between them and down to the young girl’s pretty,
    pink pussy. Her student’s pussy was wet, practically dripping and she could hear Molly
    moan in desire above her as she slowly penetrated her with her tongue. She slid her
    tongue around Molly’s hot hole, teasing the young girl before sliding herself inside and
    tasting the young wizard’s sweet juices. She smiled to herself as Molly began grinding back
    against her, sexually desperate to get Lea’s tongue as deep inside of herself as possible.

    Suddenly the Leanansidhe inhaled deeply.

    Molly began shivering violently as the winter cold overtook her partially dressed body.
    Since Lea’s first kiss her body had been flush with desire to the point she had felt sweat
    dripping under her layers of dingy clothes. But suddenly, for no reason she could think of,
    she was freezing.

    As Lea stood up the snow fell from her dress. “Get dressed, Hana,” she said sweetly,
    “Before you catch your death.”

    Blinking the confusion and lust from her eyes, Molly began hurriedly getting her
    shabby clothes back on, concealing her mostly naked body. Something in Lea’s silky voice
    was making her nervous, almost like the High Sidhe was hesitant about something. She
    had never seen the Leanansidhe nervous about anything. “What’s going on?” she asked

    Lea turned to look at her student from over her shoulder. “Nothing you should
    concern yourself with, child,” she said sweetly, “Now you should use one of those veils you
    are so good at and scamper along. Don’t make Auntie Lea tell you twice.”

    Molly stared at the strange expression on Lea’s face before nodding her head quickly.
    She threw her arms up and disappeared completely, even the fog of her breath hidden
    behind her veil. She ran as quick as she could out of the alley. She may not have been
    one of the most powerful wizards alive but she was one of the most clever, clever enough to
    realize that if there was something coming that could make a Fairy as powerful as the
    Leanansidhe nervous than she wouldn’t stand a chance.

    Lea turned to the opposite end of the alley that her young charge had taken and
    waited patiently. She didn’t have to wait long. After only a few minutes a silhouette of a
    man walked into the end of the alley, his features obscured by the light, the only thing
    visible was the outline of his long jacket billowing in the breeze.

    “I’m afraid, creature, that the young one you were stalking has already fluttered away,”
    Lea said with a smirk, “You’ll just have to make do with me.” She waited patiently,
    smirking at the dark figure, it’s jacket billowing in the breeze. And then suddenly the jacket
    spread wide unleashing a half dozen objects from it’s depth.

    An oily, black tentacle wrapped it’s self around Lea’s slender throat and she simply
    stood impassively in the middle of the alley, not even trying to defend herself. Four more
    tentacles wrapped themselves around her wrists and ankles, lifting her off of the ground and
    spreading her arms and legs. A sixth tentacle wavered in front of her face before flashing
    out and tearing her dress in two. Her large, firm, pale breasts swayed lightly on her chest
    as she was stripped naked, her stomach perfectly flat, her hips flaring out, her pink pussy
    completely bald except for a small red tuft of soft pubic hair. The sixth tentacle ripped her
    dress apart, leaving the most beautiful woman currently on the plant completely naked.
    And she just continued smirking.

    The first tentacle around her neck extended itself up, sliding it’s tip past her scarlet lips.
    She opened her mouth to welcome it, massaging it with her tongue as she sucked it into her
    throat. She swallowed around it, her throat rippling along it’s length as she continued
    caressing it with her moist tongue. It began thrusting itself in and out of her face, fucking
    her talented mouth as she continued trying to smirk around it’s girth plunging in and out of

    The tentacles around Lea’s wrists crawled up her arms to her chest, each tentacle
    circling one of her large, firm breasts. They squeezed them lovingly, the tips circling her
    hard nipples and pulling them hard on top of her tits. And still she continued to smirk

    The sixth tentacle slid over the Leanansidhe’s flat stomach, slipping down to her pubic
    mound, teasing the small, tight entrance to her pussy. It toyed with her clit, raising it out
    of it’s sheath, making her wet until it could slip past her plump vaginal lips into her tight cunt.
    It began sliding in and out of her body, fucking her other worldly form, pushing itself in and
    out deep inside of her. And still she only continued to smirk.

    As the Leanansidhe was fucked in the middle of the dirty alley she continued smirking
    in satisfaction. Everything was going according to plan.

    To be continued…

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    Chapter 1.

    This is a work of complete fiction. It just popped into my brain so I wrote it down and share
    it for free and make no money off of it. No one under legal age may read this, if you know
    what's good for you. No one over legal age should read this for the same reason. All
    characters used in this story are a parody of any real or fictional person. I do not own The
    Dresden Files or the characters from it. Comments are always welcome and appreciated so
    you should feel free to share.

    Story Code: Magic, MC, Incest, Mast, Multiple Pairings

    The Dresden Files: The Japanese Invasion
    By Muhabba

    Chapter 1.

    Karrin Murphy, formerly of the Chicago Police Department, stood hesitantly in her
    hallway for a moment before coming to a decision. "Shower first," she muttered. She
    shrunk away from the early morning light wafting through her grandmother's lace curtains,
    once again swearing to herself to redecorate the house into something more modern but
    knowing that she was lying to herself. This was her home but it had belonged to her
    grandmother first and leaving the house decorated the way it was was a constant reminder
    of family. Her family. No matter how much they argued.

    Stepping into her bathroom she threw off her plain robe and turned the hot water on,
    waiting for the temperature to rise. As lovely as her old house was it was still a old house
    an the pipes could take several minutes to heat the water. While Murphy waited for the
    water to get hot enough to be tolerable she looked at her body in the mirror. She ran her
    hand through her new, short hair just barely long enough not to be called stubble. After
    losing her job, fighting a war with vampires and then losing her best friend, shaving her head
    had seen like the thing to do. A new beginning to follow the bad ending to the life she had
    known. She had kept her body fit, her small breasts still firm and high on her chest, her
    stomach flat with just a hint of the muscle underneath, her thighs thick but muscular
    without being a parody. And she allowed herself a vain look at her thick, muscular ass.
    Still fit despite her growing age, a gymnast's body, every muscle having a purpose.

    The water from the shower grew hot enough to steam the mirror and she quickly
    added a dash of cold to go with it before stepping in. The hot water flowed over her naked
    body, relaxing muscles she hadn't even realized were tense. It had been like that since
    Harry had died. Murphy knew she was having dreams about him and nightmares about
    what they had done in South America even if she couldn't always remember them in the
    mornings. It was bad enough remembering them during the day.

    Murphy began washing her hair, once again adding to much soap, forgetting how
    short her hair was now. She rinsed the soap out of her eyes and tried to get Harry out of
    her mind but failed as she tried harder and harder. Perhaps it wouldn't have been as bad if
    they hadn't been planning to... get together afterwards, after the war. He had wanted a
    relationship, she didn't. It had been that simple and they respected each other's
    boundaries, for years remaining best friends. But on the eve of their battle with the Red
    Vampire Court he had made deals for power, power enough to rescue his daughter, power
    that came with a price. After the battle Harry would become a servant to the Far Queen,
    Mab, her knight, her assassin. Being sure they would never see each other again they had
    decided, just that once, to be with each other in the way they both had wanted. But when
    she had showed up all she had found was blood.

    Shivering at the memory, Murphy tried to shove it out of her mind as she grabbed a
    wash cloth and added her favorite body wash. She began washing her shoulders and arms
    as she tried to find a happy memory to concentrate on. The cloth slid up and down her
    arms and as it reached her chest she allowed a little smirk to play at the corners of her pink
    lips. Kincaid was always good for a laugh. Harry swore that the hit-man wasn't human
    but he had treated her like any other guy she had gone out with. She and Harry had had
    their friend-talk before she had accepted a date with Kincaid and she had be weary of him.
    How could she not, she had been a cop and he had possibly been a supernatural hit-man.
    They had laid each other's rules down at a light dinner and then later cemented them at his
    hotel room. She had meant for it to be a quick one night stand, just something to get her
    through a bit of a slump but it had actually gone on for weeks.

    The thought of dating a supernatural hitman for weeks on end just because he was
    good in bed caused Murphy to blush in embarrassment. And then when she admitted to
    herself that he wasn't just good in bed, he was friggin' great, caused her to blush deeper.
    She didn't notice as she slid the rough washcloth over her tender breasts, her pink nipples
    growing tighter, she just tried to remember her time with Kincaid. It wasn't just that he
    had a prick that a porn star would envy, it was that he knew how to use it. So thick and
    long, so hard but he could slip it deep inside of her effortlessly, reaching parts inside of her
    that she had forgotten were there.

    Kincaid had a way of aiming that he was as deadly with his cock that he had been with
    a rifle. Murphy chewed her bottom lip as she slid the washcloth purposefully over her hard
    nipples, remembering as she lay under the hit-man, her legs spread, gripping his muscular
    forearms as he worked himself deep inside of her gushing pussy. Her hand released the
    soapy cloth, her fingers tugging at her sizzling nipples as memories of riding his spectacular
    dick washed through he mind like the water flowing over her naked body. She could
    remember every inch of his cock as she palmed one of her small tits and the other hand slid
    down her wet flesh.

    Murphy groaned lustfully as her hand slid between her muscular thighs, teasing her
    wet pussy as she remembered Kincaid doing the same. His fingers had been deadly,
    slipping and sliding inside of her expertly, constantly questing for new ways to make her cum.
    She threw her head back and groaned in pleasure as she slid a finger inside of her throbbing
    cunt, pushing it in as far as she could the way Kincaid had. Her toes curled with pleasure as
    a shot of water hit her eye causing her to stumble out of fantasy.

    "Dammit!" Murphy cursed herself. What the hell was she doing. First she had been
    depressed by her memories of Harry, the first, only, and last openly practicing wizard in
    Chicago, her best friend, and now she was friggin' herself over a fling with a practicing
    murderer. "What the hell is wrong with me?" she grumbled before realizing that she was
    still sliding her finger in and out of her pussy, her slick juices joining the hot water coursing
    down the insides of her muscular thighs.

    "Fuck it," she grunted to herself. She needed this. Just a bit of release.
    Something to unwind to. Just not Kincaid. Harry and Kincaid hated each other even if
    they respected each other. Besides, personally, Kincaid was her number one suspect in
    Harry's shooting and despite their fling she'd come down on him like an avalanche if she
    could prove it. Refusing to let her bad mood bring her down she placed a foot on the rim
    of the shower and slid a second finger into her heated pussy. "Just a quick one," she
    mumbled to herself as she slid her fingers in and out of her tight pussy, "Just no Kincaid."

    Murphy rolled her eyes in frustration at arguing with herself over whether to give
    herself an orgasm or not and who it should be about. She growled before closing her eyes
    and concentrating on the pleasure she was feeling, trying to ignore the emotions it was
    bringing up. Various men's faces danced behind her eyes as she struggled to concentrate
    on only her fingers but unfortunately it didn't work that way for her. She couldn't just have
    pleasure for pleasure's sake, there had to be something, someone behind it and she
    struggled to find that person or that fantasy. Harry's roguish face swam across her brain
    before she pushed it aside followed by Kincaid. "Karrin Murphy, you're the only person
    that can screw up an orgasm," she growled at herself.

    She almost decided to give up and get dressed but she felt like she needed this right
    now. Just a quick bit of relaxation and then on with the day but, of course, she was being
    to hard at herself. He used her two fingers to glide over her G-spot as she strummed her
    clit with her thumb but she still couldn't find a good fantasy to fix on. "Jesus! When was
    the last time I had a good orgasm?" she asked herself just as a memory seized her and
    caused her pussy to gush. A sudden wave of lust surged through her an she groaned out
    loud, gurgling around the shower filling her mouth with water. She spit the water out and
    moaned as the memory of Butters' thick, hard, log of a cock filling her and caused her cunt
    to flutter.

    Waldo Butters was a ME for the Chicago Police and was, by every definition, a nerd.
    Skinny and awkward he had also proved to be every inch the hero but there was no way
    anybody would guess it by looking at him. Or meeting him. Or getting to know him.
    Thanks to a mis-fired spell, Murphy had walked into a small orgy with Butters and 3 young
    girls revealing his massive prick to her. She had taken control of the small group, making
    sure everyone fully explored everybody else's bodies, especially the skinny ME's prick. His
    cock had filled her to the breaking point again and again, stretching her every hungry hole.

    "Oh God!" Murphy gasped as the memory of Butters fucking her blotted out
    everything else in her mind. She braced one hand against the shower wall, her ass
    clenching and relaxing as she drove her fingers as deeply inside of her needy pussy as she
    could. She had threatened Butters and the three girls with every form of punishment
    known to man, and a few she had made up, to remain silent about the incident. Normally
    it was a sort of embarrassment like getting drunk at a party and then waking up somewhere
    strange the next morning after losing control. And Karrin Murphy was all about control but
    right now, with her fingers a blur between her legs and her chest heaving with desire, she
    needed a bit of embarrassment. And nothing caused her to blush deeper or hotter, than
    the memory of Butters managing to work his giant cock into her tightly clenching ass.

    Murphy rolled her eyes about what she decided to do next. Her night with Butters
    and the girls wasn't her proudest memory but it somehow seemed appropriate right now.
    Pushing her two fingers as deep into her horny pussy as she could she slipped the middle
    finger of her free hand between her taunt ass-cheeks. She shoved her finger into her tight
    ass, burrowing in deeply and gasping out in pleasure. She slid the fingers in her cunt out
    before reversing them and pulling the finger in her ass out slightly and then reversing.

    Setting up a steady rhythm, Murphy moved her fingers in and out of her body like tiny
    pistons, filling one hole while sliding out of the other. Her eyes fluttered as she threw her
    head back, groaning out as the muscles in her body tensed, the leg set on the edge of the
    tub shaking slightly as her orgasm began to rise up quickly. She gasped out, her slender
    chest heaving as she finger-fucked herself, her voice echoing through her bathroom, steam
    flowing through the air as she started to cum. Her entire body shivered as she panted out
    in lust, every muscle in her body quivering as her slick juices joined the water flowing down
    the drain.

    Gasping out, the former police officer rode out her orgasm, her body shivering in
    pleasure, her eyes closed tight, fireworks exploding behind her eyes. Murphy slumped
    against the tiled wall as her body began to relax, her foot sliding off the side of the tub.
    She placed her hands on her knees and struggled to get her breath back as the hot water
    began to cool and she reached up to turn the shower off before it could freeze her. A
    dopey smile spread across her lips before she shook her head. "Stupid magic," she
    mumbled to herself as she once again pushed the memory of fucking Butters and the girls
    deep down in her memories and stepped out of the shower.

    Stepping out of the shower she started drying off just as the phone in her kitchen
    started to ring. "Dammit," Karrin mumbled as she threw the towel down and reached for
    her robe. As the phone rang for the third time she cursed again as she threw the robe
    down and ran out of the steamy bathroom completely naked. She quickly trotted through
    her house, the cool air keeping her nipples hard, and reached her phone just as it started to
    ring for the fourth time. When she had been younger, before the invention of voice-mail,
    she had been taught to let the phone ring seven times before hanging up or before the
    answering machine clicked on but now, with everybody in a hurry, the standard was letting
    the phone ring only four times. "It's funny the things you think of when your naked in you
    kitchen," she thought as she held the phone to her ear.

    "This is Murphy," she said, really noticing how she still had a land line for her phone
    rather than using her cell phone all the time. Then she noticed how her house and yard
    still looked like they were decorated by a eighty year old woman and she shrugged in defeat.
    When had she gotten so old?

    "Hey, Murphy, this is Tucker. Carl Tucker from Special Investigations," the voice on
    the other end of the phone said.

    Karrin had to think over who he was for a moment before remembering. As the
    detective in charge of Special Investigation she had been Tucker’s supervisor and when she
    had been demoted he'd given her absolutely no grief. Special Investigations was where the
    Chicago PD sent all the strange, unexplainable case and expected it to explain them. It
    usually involved a great deal of creative writing and Tucker had been the one who usually
    filled out the reports. He had originally been assigned to Petty Thief and one day answered
    a call about several small thefts at an apartment building. His grandmother had been old
    country German so when he had found the basement filled with Kobalds he had written
    exactly that. Which left him getting transferred to Special Investigations when he refused
    to change his official report. He was a good guy and a good cop and Karrin had relied on
    him when she had been running the division.

    "Hey, Tucker, how's it going?" Murphy asked, a smile creeping onto her face. She
    missed the comradery on being a cop and just hearing another officer's voice began to cheer
    her up.

    "Just work and more work," Tucker chuckled, "How's civilian life?"

    Karrin rolled her eyes at the older cop's playful jab. "Less work and more boredom,"
    she admitted, "What merits a phone call at this time in the morning?" She didn't mind a bit
    of verbal sparring from Tucker. When she had disappeared to help Harry fight his war
    against the vampires and save his daughter it had been at a really bad time in her career and
    she'd been fired but Tucker and a few others had stood by her despite her not being able to
    actually say what had happened.

    "Well, after you went MIA and got canned I got transferred back to Small Crimes,"
    Tucker said.

    Murphy shivered in the cold, water still dripping off of her naked body as she stood in
    the kitchen. She tried to reach the afghan on the couch but the cord wouldn't let her reach.
    "Good for you," she said as she extended as far at her short frame would let her, water
    dripping off of her body as goosebumps covered her wet skin.

    "Thanks. It ain't civilian life but it'll do," Tucker chuckled again, "Anyways I heard
    about a case and I thought it might be up your alley."

    Standing on her tip-toes on one foot, her other leg stretched out behind her, her small
    breasts dangling, Murphy continued to try and reach for her afghan. "'Fraid I don't head
    down that alley anymore, Tucker," she said.

    "Officially, sure," Tucker said, his tone changing, becoming a bit darker, "But you and I
    both know there's more than one way to be a cop."

    The change in tone caught Murphy's attention and she stopped trying to reach for the
    afghan. "So what's up?"

    "Been some attacks," Tucker started, "Women. Homeless and prostitutes mostly so
    you know how much of a priority that makes it."

    "And by 'attacks' I suppose that means no deaths," Murphy added.

    "Not yet but it's early. It's what happens to the victims afterwards that's the

    And then Tucker told her and Murphy nearly dropped the phone. "Can... can you
    repeat that Tucker?"

    "The women become uncontrollably, sexually active, forcing themselves on anybody
    they can get their hands on."

    Murphy had to have Tucker repeat his statement twice more before it finally sank in
    and she thanked him. They spent a couple of minutes afterwards catching up on precinct
    gossip before hanging up and she spent a moment staring at the phone, forgetting the
    temperature and her nudity. Next she made a phone call.


    The house phone for the Carpenter family was located in the large, warmly decorated
    kitchen and rang four times before Charity could answer it. "Carpenter house, this is
    Charity," she said offhandedly as she tried to grab her youngest son as he giggled and ran
    past her in only his underwear.

    "Yeah, Charity, this is Karrin. Karrin Murphy," the voice on the phone said, "Harry's

    "Of course I remember you, Karrin," Charity said as she threw her slightly damp hand
    towel at her oldest son. He scowled at her for a moment before noticing her scowl and
    following her eye line to his brother running around in his underwear. With one son
    chasing the other, Charity turned her full attention to voice on the phone. She didn't really
    remember the last time she had talked to the former police officer Karrin had helped rescue
    her daughter from the heart of Winter in Fairy and it was not something that you could

    With one small, pre-school emergency handled she could turn her full attention to the
    phone and her voice grew more pleasant. "What can I do for you, Karrin?" she asked.
    Immediately her mind went to her missing daughter, Molly, and all the terrible reasons
    Karrin could be calling. Despite being a plain, mundane mortal, the former officer still
    battled the dark forces of the supernatural and despite how much worse it had gotten since
    Harry's death, Karrin was still battling on the front lines. "Do... do you have any... any
    information about Molly?" she asked worriedly.

    "No, no. Nothing like that," Karrin reassured her, "In fact I was wondering how you
    were doing. Y'know, if you'd heard anything from her old friends."

    Charity released a sigh of relief that Karrin wasn't giving her any bad news about Molly.
    At least worse news than that nobody had found her yet. "No. None of her friends have
    heard from her. Why? Have you heard something?" she asked trying to keep the fear out
    of her voice.

    "Nothing, new," Karrin said, "But I heard that you've been heading out at night looking
    for her."

    "Of course," Charity said with a bit of steel in her voice. She'd had lecture after
    lecture from her husband on the dangers of prowling around at night, searching the
    supernatural communities for their daughter but with him still recovering from his injuries
    she was the only one that could do it.

    "Don't worry, I'm not going to try and warn you off or anything," Karrin reassured her,
    "Well, not really."

    "And what's that mean?" Charity asked. Just in self-defense she unconsciously stood
    up straighter and held her shoulders apart, prepared to argue for her right to make sure all
    of her babies were all right. Even in a thread bare and comfortably worn robe she made an
    imposing figure. She stood nearly six feet tall and most of that was leg. She kept herself
    in excellent shape with wide hips, a flat stomach and broad shoulders. Her large,
    unencumbered breasts pressed against her flannel pajama top and her blue eyes flashed as
    she prepared to ignore another lecture on the dangers lurking in the night. She pulled her
    long, blonde hair back as she waited for the former police officer to answer her question,
    prepared to fight for her right to look for her own daughter despite everyone trying to warn
    her away.

    "Easy there, Charity," Karrin told her, "I was just calling with a warning if you were
    going out tonight."

    Charity released a breath she hadn't realized that she'd been holding. "I'm sorry,"
    she said as her shoulders began to relax, "It's just... she's my baby, Karrin."

    "I know, I know," the former officer reassured her, "And you and your family have had
    it rough over the last year with your husband and then Molly running away."

    Her head slumped a bit at the mention of her husband. Michael Carpenter was a
    wonderful man, husband, and father. The owner of his own general contracting business,
    devout Catholic, and Knight of the Sword, a Christian Avenger referred to by the demons he
    had hunted as The Fist of God. He had carried a sword with one of nails used to crucify
    Jesus worked into the hilt and used he faith to help who he could. And it had nearly killed
    him. He was still recovering from the injuries he had received helping his friend, and
    Karrin's, the wizard known as Harry Dresden. In her darkest moments she blamed Harry
    for nearly getting Michael killed but she knew it wasn't true. What Harry and her husband
    had done had saved lives and at the end of the day that was the most important thing and
    she knew that The Fist of God would have easily given his life to help save Harry or a
    complete stranger.

    Charity sigh and stared up as if she were trying to see through the ceiling to the
    second floor of her house to her former craft room and the small treasure contained inside.
    Harry had been Michael’s best friend and despite everything that her family had to contend
    they had no qualms opening up their home or her to losing her craft room to honor the
    fallen wizard. "I didn't mean to jump down your throat," she apologized to Karrin.

    "You didn't," Karrin said plainly and Charity could hear her trying to choose her words
    carefully, "I'm just giving you a shout out if you do head out tonight."

    Feeling slight embarrassed by her attitude towards Karrin tried not to let her frazzled
    nerves strain out through her voice. "No, I'm sorry, Karrin, you've been nothing but
    supportive since Molly ran off and I was being unreasonable towards you. Thank you for all
    your help," she said. When her daughter had first disappeared, Karrin had used her
    contacts in the police department to move things along and get Molly's disappearance taken
    more seriously than just Teen-Runaway.

    "It's no problem," Karrin said and Charity could hear the relief in the former
    detective's voice, "But I did want to give you a call about going out tonight. There have
    been some odd attacks lightly but I don't have all the details yet so I want you to try to stick
    to brightly lit, populated areas."

    "I don't really think Molly would be sticking to brightly lit, populated areas what with
    her whole 'Ragged Lady' motif," Charity told her.

    "Probably not but..." Karrin began, trying to get her point across before Charity could
    snap at her again, "'s better than something happening to you. Your whole family
    needs you as well as Molly. And just long enough for me to get more details. Is that good
    with you?"

    Charity took a deep breath before answering. There was nothing that was going to
    stop her from finding her daughter. "I understand," was the best response she could give.


    The next person to call on her list was the last person that Karrin wanted to call. It
    wasn't that she didn't like Butters, she considered him a dear friend, it was just that talking
    to him always brought up the same memories. She had tried to come to grips with magic
    since Harry had finally come clean with her about it and, up until a small accident involving
    Butters, had done a pretty good job. But one night, while at Harry's place, a small spell had
    been unleashed involving her, Butters, Molly, and two werewolves. A very embarrassing,
    very intimate spell that had left her unable to sit comfortably for two days afterwards and
    always caused her to blush. (*) She rang Butters' apartment.

    After two rings the young medical examiner answered cheerfully, "Waldo Butters."

    "Hey, Butters, it's Murphy," she said trying to keep a even tone in her voice but she
    was sure that he could somehow hear her blushing.

    "Hey, Murphy, how's it going?" he asked. She tried to listen hard to hear if there was
    any kind of tone to his voice that said, "I know what you look like naked and in the throes of
    orgasm," but Butters was one of the most gile-less people she knew and all she heard was
    the sound of a friend.

    "Just doing a bit of a check-in," Karrin said. Butters was dating the werewolf Andi,
    one of the wolves that she had... well, that had been there the night that Molly's spell had
    went haywire, and the former police officer wanted to know which of the wolves was on
    patrol that night. Her heart sank a little when Butters had told her that the other werewolf
    on patrol was Georgia. It wasn't that Georgia was a incapable wolf, it was that she had
    been the fourth person under the influence of Molly’s errant spell.

    "Want me to have them call you with a Sit-Rep?" Butters asked helpfully.

    "No, no. That's alright," Karrin told him, "But if you hear from them tell them to keep
    their ears to the ground, I just got a tip there might be magic afoot tonight. Well, more
    than usual."

    "Will do," Butters said cheerfully before Karrin told him to have a good night and hung

    It hadn't been the most embarrassing talk she'd had with Butters since "The Night
    That No One Dare Speak Of Under Threat Of Pain" but she could still feel a burning blush
    creeping across her face. She wasn't expecting her next call to be nearly as difficult as the
    call with Butters but Harry's brother had his own peculiarities.

    (*) See my other Dresden Files story: What The Cat Saw.


    Thomas Raith, Harry Dresden's half-brother, was a vampire of the White Court
    meaning that he lived off of, not blood, but sex. As she began dialing Thomas' number,
    Karrin promised herself to start making more mundane and less sexually adventurous

    Thomas picked up on the third ring and Murphy couldn't help but hear the slut of his
    words. He was taking the death of Harry hard and it was nearly impossible for him to talk
    about it without revealing that Harry Dresden, scourge of the supernatural underworld, was
    his half-brother. All the vampire had were Harry’s own friends he wasn't even sure were in
    on the secret, and his human girlfriend. Karrin wasn't even sure of the girl’s name but she
    knew that the human was working undercover with Thomas's sister, Lara Raith the secret
    leader of the White Court vampires. Lara led through their father after having beat him in
    a battle of wills. What a sex-vampire had to do to dominate her father Karrin didn't want
    to think about.

    “Thomas, it's Karrin. Karrin Murphy, Harry’s friend,” she said as plainly as possible.
    She had of course met Thomas, fought and bled beside him but she wasn't quite sure how
    sober he was right now.

    “Karrin. Yeah. Hi,” Thomas slurred, “How goes the day, soldier?”

    Karrin heard him snicker which pretty much answered her question about his sobriety.
    “I was wanting a bit of information of it wasn't a problem,” she asked.

    “Don't know if I’m the person to ask,” Thomas said, “I haven't gotten out much lately.”

    Murphy's heart went out to Thomas and was now wishing she had never called.
    There just wasn't anything she could think of to say to make the obviously suffering vampire
    feel better. She slid her hand through her short hair and thought that she wasn't handling
    Harry’s death much better. “I was just wondering if you'd heard anything about a new
    player in town. I got a tip there might be a new but of magic in town,” she said. When
    Thomas didn't answer and tried to listen harder thinking maybe he was asleep or dropped
    his phone. “Thomas?”

    “Huh?” Thomas snorted, “Yeah, yeah, no. Haven't heard anything. Course, I
    haven't see or talked to Lara lately so there's that.”

    “Nothing sneaky in the vampire courts?”

    “Nothing that I’ve heard,” Thomas admitted, “But like I said, Lara’s been busy opening
    a new club and Justine’s been helping.”

    It took Karrin a moment to pin Justine’s name. She was Thomas's girlfriend working
    as Lara’s assistant. She was a petite blonde with a sec drive on overdrive and not to
    mention some mental problems. Thomas and she were really the perfect couple for each
    other. He fed off of her abundant libido and his feeding actually kept her psychology stable.
    “Well thanks anyway,” she said before adding, “If you hear anything will you give me a call?”
    She doubted he’d even remember the phone call in twenty minutes but she could hope.

    “No problem,” Thomas slurred even worse than before.

    “And, Thomas, “ Murphy decided to add, “If you need to talk, I’m here.”

    “No problem,” he repeated before hanging up. Jarring looked at her phone a
    moment before hanging up. Calling Thomas had been a mistake. Not just because he
    sounded bombed out of his mind. It had stirred up the emotions she was going through
    dealing with Harry’s death and what he’d think of the way she wasn't really caring for the
    people he had left behind.


    The next person Karrin was going to call was literally the last person on the face of the
    Earth that she’d ever want to talk to but he was literally the last person on the face of the
    Earth that she could call.

    “Gentleman” John Marcone was every stereotype when someone thought of a
    Chicago mob boss. He was also everything anyone had been taught about Robber Barons
    and it was all wrapped up in a powerful CEO with Senate connections. And because living
    every stereotype for a white, affluent business man wasn't enough he was also the only
    human to be a part of the Unseely Accords. She wasn't quite sure what the Accords
    actually were, only that they laid down some ground rules for the supernatural community
    that used Chicago as a way station on their travels back and forth across the continent.

    And because Marcone was such a good business man his current office was seated
    above his exclusive private gym/brothel because the key to business was to diversify.

    Karrin had never actually talked to Marcone over the phone unless he was the one
    that called first. It was a petty little power play but she tolerated it due to the mob boss’s
    help in fighting the more monstrous elements in the city. It was hard to run a business if
    your clientele was always being eaten. She dialed the number and waited for three rings
    before Gentleman John’s personal assistant picked up. At least he had given Murphy the
    direct number to his office. She didn't even wait for the perky, no doubt buxom, young
    assistant to say anything. “It’s me. John needs to call me about a out of town visitor,”
    she said sternly. She could hear the assistant gasp at the terse message over the line
    before deciding that her foul mood wasn't the girl’s fault. “Have a nice day,” she added
    before hanging up. And people told her that she couldn't be diplomatic.

    To be continued…



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