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    Come my love, let us depart this night,
    Fly on wings made of shimmering light.
    Let me caress you with thoughts of my heart,
    Hold you and touch you and my soul impart.

    I long to be with you and brush your full lips,
    Soft slide my hands over the swell of your hips.
    I pull you so gently, ever closer to me,
    Inhale the warm fragrance of such sweet mystery.

    We desire this time when our minds intertwine,
    Mirroring our bodies, mine and thine.
    I have strength for your softness (and fire it’s true),
    I’ll cradle your heart and accept your virtue.

    Cries that are whispered while our lips are so close,
    You call my name, and my body enclose.
    For a moment eternal there is only we,
    There is no thought, of thee and me.

    I treasure you and you treasure me,
    As our loving completes and minds float free.
    We clasp each other in sweaty embrace,
    Knowing that never will we lose this grace.
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    You must each be a lamp unto yourselves - Siddhartha Gautama

    What is the poet's muse? Somewhat, it is him or herself. It call's to them,
    demands of them it's due Yet ... if the poet refuse (and they can),
    all they hurt is themselves. Beyond that, they have deprived others.
    Deprived them of the catalyst of change, to become more than they are.
    No poet should do this. - Scribbler

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    Song of the Heart

    A glance
    A touch
    I feel so much
    Loves first thought
    A song from the heart

    Our eyes they meet
    From across a sea
    Full of faces
    That fate will defeat
    With a song from the heart

    We move
    We dance
    As if in trance
    In tune to each other
    To the song in our heart

    A light air on your face
    My fingers do trace
    Aside of your cheek
    As your eyes start to leak
    at the song in our heart

    A kiss oh so soft
    Upon tender lips
    A kiss full of love
    In heaven we slip
    on the song of our heart

    We glide
    We soar
    We roam
    Till we find our true home
    Deep inside
    the song of our heart

    Our bodies embrace
    Our fingers will trace
    Over the trail that lays
    Ahead in our fate
    heaven can wait
    for we're caught up
    Deep in the song of our heart

    Our love starts to flow
    Within you I grow
    entwined such as this evermore
    A feeling sublime
    That grows over time
    Reaching its final cresendo

    Feelings mature
    Our hearts must endure
    A climax that brings out a cry
    Entwined in an embrace
    In a glorious place
    Barely breathing but only to sigh

    Our souls they do long
    yearning to belong
    for but moment
    lost in this song
    Never to part
    to stay more each day

    Deep in the song of our heart
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    They will just bring you down to their level and beat you with experience;)



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