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    First attempt at erotic poetry...

    Hi. Haven't written this way before but wanted to give a try. Please tell me what you think! There are two poems here.


    Dreaming of the ecstasy of your lips on my breasts
    The fire of your touch wends down my back
    And back up again
    Your sweet mouth sucks gently, insistently
    Driving my fever to new heights
    The burning within intensifies
    Branching out and building in strength
    My hands grasp your hair
    I moan as the exquisite sucking deepens
    Your fingers trail down, down, down
    Sparks ignite with every touch
    My eyes open in surprise…
    At the pillow I am holding to my breasts
    At the ecstasy that was merely a dream.


    Thread your fingers through my hair
    Tell me your plans…
    Will you touch me?
    Will you kiss me?
    Will you suckle?
    Will you stroke?
    My body is your playground
    I tilt my neck to your roaming lips
    I thrust my breasts at your open mouth
    I wind a leg around yours
    Drawing you closer…
    The feel of your hardness against me
    The gentle insistent sucking of your lips
    I wind my fingers through your hair
    My plans for you…
    I will touch you
    I will kiss you
    I will suck
    I will stoke
    Your body is my playground.

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    involved pervert
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    I like...very nice

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    involved pervert
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    Very good. Keep up the good work. And if I have not said so, welcome to the group.

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    Lovely, I liked them.

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    dayummm very very nice



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