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    Brenda and Sandy's Story - Part 4

    Brenda and Sandy's Story - Part 4

    by Myra Simmons and Brigit Astar

    Late afternoon of the next day Sandy was at home. Brenda had brought her home from work and had told her that she had worked it out for a couple of mechanics to come check out the car and that she would come over again shortly.

    The phone buzzed and Sandy answered it.

    "Hello, hun," she recognized Ken's voice. Without giving her time to say anything he explained that he would be delayed for at least a couple more days. "We have meetings with different committees coming up, and the governor himself will finally meet with us tomorrow. After that, there will be still more committee meetings of County Executives. So I'm going to be here at least two more days, and possibly three. I'll give you another call soon--tomorrow, or the next day. Love you." And he hung up without giving her a chance to say a word.

    Sandy sat there for a few minutes, just wondering at the fact that her husband had not even given her a chance to utter a word. It was as if he had treated her like an answering machine,

    The more she thought about it, the more frustrated she grew. It almost made her angry.

    She fixed herself a baked potato and a salad and had a light dinner. Just as she had finished eating, she heard a vehicle pull up in the drive, and then a light knock sounded on the door, and Brenda entered. The two beautiful young women embraced and shared a lip-to-lip kiss.

    "I got a call from Ken. He's going to be delayed for two, maybe three more days. His answering service took the call."

    "His answering service?"

    "Yes--me. I'm his answering service, it seems. He was kind enough to inform the service that he would be delayed, and then he broke off the connection."

    "Do I detect a note of anger in the answering service?" Brenda said playfully.

    "Yes, I think you do."

    "Well, look at it this way," Brenda said. "You and Ken are saving on an answering service. How much is that kind of service, anyway?"

    "I don't know--maybe ten dollars--maybe twenty--I don't know."

    "Hey, the mechanics should be arriving soon. I pulled my van on the side of your car and parked, so they can pull in right behind you. They're good mechanics too, and they're not going to charge you an arm and a leg for checking out the car. They'll also tell you the truth about what's wrong with it, and if you need to have it towed, or they may find they can work on it right here."

    "Well, that's something good to hear," Sandy replied. "How did you get to know them anyway?"

    "Oh, I've known them for a couple of years. My separated unbetter half had dealings with them, and I've had my van worked on by them too. They serviced me really well the last time." Brenda chuckled and her eyes twinkled.

    Sandy looked quizzically at Brenda, not fully understanding her last remark. She heard a vehicle pulling up in the drive. "That's probably them," Brenda said.

    Sandy looked out the window. "Yes, I'd say it's them. It's a white pickup with twin compartments alongside the bed."

    Brenda opened the door and waved. "They're here--and ready to go."

    She walked out the door and Sandy followed.

    Two men got out of the truck. One was a handsome husky black man, and the other was a compact muscular red-haired white guy.

    "Hey, guys," Brenda greeted them. "This is Sandy, the owner of the car there."

    Sandy didn't know what to say other than "hi."

    She noticed that the two men were checking her out from head to toe it seemed. The black man stepped forward and gave her a big smile. She couldn't help but notice how handsome he was with his chocolate complexion, and how husky he was and how his jeans hugged his hips and crotch. She found herself actually staring at the big bulge in his pants.

    The white guy wasn't handsome but he was craggy-looking with a sweatshirt cut off at the shoulders that showed his big muscular arms. His carrot-colored hair was shoulder-length.

    "This is Rod," Brenda said to Sandy, indicating the black man. "And this is Max," nodding to the white guy.

    "Well, let's check this out," Rod said, "and find out what's wrong with this baby." He walked to Sandy's car with Max right behind him. "Is the key in the ignition?" he asked Sandy.

    "It's under the floormat on the driver's seat," Sandy replied.

    "I know the unspoken rule," Brenda said. "You don't watch mechanics over their shoulders, so we'll go inside while you two doctors perform your operation."

    Brenda and Sandy walked into the house.

    "What do you think?" Brenda asked once they were in the house.

    "About what?" Sandy asked.

    "About Rod and Max, you goose. What do you think about them?"

    "Well, they seem okay to me."

    Brenda chuckled. "Sometimes you tickle me, Sandy."

    "What? What do you mean?"

    "What I mean is didn't you notice the way Rod was checking you out. His tongue was literally hanging out."


    "Yes, that. And I don't have to tell you that Max has got a long thick tongue too. And that's not all they've got that's long and thick. Do I have to spell it out for you?'

    "No, I think I'm beginning to get your message," Sandy said.

    "Let me tell you something, Sandy. I've been with both of them, and they can't be beat. Both of them are big and husky. Max is big in his own right, but Rod is even bigger. Rod's got ten inches."

    Sandy's eyes widened and her mouth opened. Brenda chuckled. "I even measured them one time. Max is right at nine inches long, and Rod's about an inch longer. Max is really thick, but Rod's even thicker. And let me tell you this: just thinking about them is getting me hot and horny. I know they'd like to fuck us too. I know Rod would like to fuck you--I could tell by the way he was checking you out."

    Sandy's thought suddenly went to Rod's crotch. It had bulged out so much. She could tell just by looking at it that Brenda was right. Her heart began thumping, her breathing becoming shallow and quick. A flash of heat swept over her body. She felt her cunny throbbing and becoming moist, and her breasts swelling and growing warm. She even felt her nipples tingling and growing erect. She looked at Brenda and saw that her friend was excited too. There was a flush on her face and Sandy actually heard Brenda's breathing in short gasps.

    At the same time, Sandy felt something that can only be described as guilt--but it was a vague feeling, something that lingered in the back of her mind like a nagging aggravating thought. Even though Sandy had in a sense already been unfaithful to her husband with both Brenda and with the dogs, she had never cheated on her husband with another man. To her way of thinking, she had not technically been guilty of adultery, even though she had been unfathful and had cheated on her husband. She felt conflicted. She was horny and attracted to Rod, but she knew that if they fucked that it would mean that she was an adulteress in every sense of the word. And she knew that if Rod fucked her it would irretrievably change everything about her marriage.

    "I don't know," she murmured.

    "You don't know what?" Brenda asked.

    Sandy shrugged and wagged her head. "I don't know what I should do."

    "Just do what comes natural," Brenda replied. "Do what you want to do."

    "Yes, but what about...?"

    "What about Ken?" Brenda finished Sandy's sentence. "Well, what about him? Sandy, to put it bluntly, Ken doesn't enter into this. It's about you. And what you want. It's about time you began thinking about what you want and need, and stop living in Ken's shadow, and being under his thumb. You know what I'm saying is true. You know what you were until two days ago? You were a Stepford wife. That's exactly what you were. Everything you did--as far as your marriage was concerned--was done for Ken, and he didn't do a damn thing for you. You always put him first, and always tried to please him, and you never thought of yourself. And Ken sure didn't do anything to change that situation. Excuse my bluntness, Sandy, but I think I can say this because you know I love you and you're my closest dearest friend and lover, but to hell with what Ken might think--or do for that matter. What matters in this situation is what you want to do and what you need."

    Sandy stared at Brenda, almost dumbfounded at what she'd said. But she slowly but surely began to realize and accept that what Brenda had said was true.

    She smiled weakly, and then she finally said, "You're right. Yes. Every bit of it. You're right."

    Brenda pulled Sandy to her and gave her a full kiss on the lips. "You've got a lot of catching up to do, Sandy. And I'll be right here with you helping you to catch up."

    A knock sounded on the door.

    Sandy opened the door and Max stood on the threshold. "Well, we surgeons have analyzed the problem, and here's our diagnosis: The starter on your car is shot. You're going to have to get another starter. Now here's what you can do: You can have the car towed to a mechanic's place and have the starter replaced. You can choose to have a new starter installed or you can have a rebuilt starter installed. The difference in price is about a hundred dollars. A new starter will cost you around two hundred dollars. But that's not including the labor cost. The going labor rate is twenty-five dollars an hour. Also, if you have the car towed to a mechanic, that's going to cost you from seventy-five to a hundred dollars for the towing fee. So, here's the bottom line: If you have the car towed and have a new starter installed, the total will be approximately four hundred dollars, because it's going to take three or four hours labor to do all the removing and installing involved. If you choose to have a rebuilt starter installed, the cost will be about three hundred. It's up to you what you want to do. But I would advise you to have a new starter installed. It'll cost you a hundred more, but in the long run, it will save you money, because a new starter will last much much longer than a rebuilt one. Now Rod and I can do all the work here on the car, and save you the towing bill. But it's up to you if you want us to install a new or a rebuilt starter. I can tell you this: With both of us working on it, it won't take more than three hours' labor, and we're going to give you a break on the labor cost. I don't want to boast, but we are giving you a big break, because for one thing we both like Brenda." He smiled and Brenda gave him a dazzling smile in return. "And, I might add, I think we're going to like you."

    "So what do you think, Sandy?" Brenda asked. "New or rebuilt?"

    "Make it a new one," Sandy replied.

    "You made the right choice," Max said. "We''ll start on it right now. We'll have it done by this evening.." He closed the door and went outside.

    Brenda stared out the window. She couldn't help but give in to the tingle of anticipation about what might happen. She'd been with both the men often enough to know how stupendous they were as lovers. And when they'd both took her at the same time, she had thought she'd died and gone to heaven. She held the image in her mind, letting its erotic power consume her.

    She turned and saw Sandy. Her face was flushed and her mouth was slightly open and a vacant stare was in her eyes. Brenda saw her nipples poking out, and knew that she was totally aroused by Rod. Brenda could only chuckle to herself.

    "Sandy?" she asked softly.

    Sandy shook at hearing her name and awareness returned to her eyes.

    "Well, what do you think?" Brenda asked. "Aren't they the hottest guys you've ever seen?"

    "Well, I don't know," Sandy replied. "They're both good-looking but not great. I mean, Rod is a handsome, powerful-looking black guy, yeah. And that bulge..."

    Brenda chuckled again as Sandy slipped off once more into a reverie....

    They stood at the window and watched the two men, admiring the way they worked together so well. When Sandy commented on it, Brenda laughed.

    "What's so funny?" Sandy asked.

    "That's not the best thing they can do together," Brenda replied. "You should see how well they can pleasure a woman together."

    Sandy looked in surprise at Brenda, her brows raised in question.

    "Yes, Sandy, they've double penetrated me. Several times in fact."

    Brenda chuckled when she saw Sandy's jaw drop. She chuckled even more when she saw the wet spot showing on Sandy's pants between her slightly spread legs.

    Sandy caught Brenda looking at her crotch and she turned beet red.

    "It's warm out there, maybe I should take the guys something to drink," Sandy muttered as she hurried to the kitchen.

    When Sandy walked out to the men, Brenda stayed inside and watched through the window. As she watched the group interact, her own arousal began to grow. She couldn't control her hand as it reached to her breast and began stroking the lower half as she remembered the last time she'd watched Max's red-haired cock slamming into her black-covered pussy. She was so lost in the memories that she didn't notice the men packing up their tools and heading toward the front door with Sandy.

    When Brenda heard Sandy's gasp and the guys chuckling, she suddenly realized they were in the house and were staring at her as she continued to stroke her breast through her blouse. It was Brenda's turn to grow bright red.

    "Looks like something else needs fixing, Rod," Max blurted out as he stared openly at Brenda.

    She stood there in shocked surprise, caught in the act. Her eyes turned to Sandy and their gazes locked. The stance of Sandy, the look on her face, the growing wetness at her crotch, and the prominence of her nipples told Brenda that Sandy was every bit as aroused as she. The link was broken when Sandy turned to the men.

    "Rod, would you like to wash up before we eat?" Sandy asked. "Let me show you where you can get cleaned up."

    Sandy led Rod into the kitchen with her arm through his. Brenda saw the smile on Sandy's face when she glanced back over her shoulder.

    When the two disappeared, Max walked toward Brenda, and without any restraint or hesitation he placed his hand on the upper portion of her breast and pressed the base of of his palm over the hand, still holding the lower orb.

    "Seems like someone needs some attention, Bren. These puppies of yours aching to play?" he asked.

    Brenda looked up into his green eyes and saw the mischievous smile in them. "Yes. Max, they do need attention. And you know how much I love it when you and Rod take care of them and the rest of my body."

    "I think you're going to have to be satisfied with me this time, Bren. I think Rod has another pussy to pleasure right now."

    Max slid his hands down to the hem of her top and lifted it up, and she raised her hands over her head. She gasped when she felt Max's lips and tongue on her naked breast. She moaned as she ran her fingers through his tangled red hair. He unfastened her slacks and slid them and her red satin thong down her legs.

    She reached out to him as she stepped out of her slacks and panties. She moaned as she felt the hardness in his pants, and quickly worked to free the big prick she knew was hidden within. As soon as it sprang out she wrapped her hands around it, caressing and stroking it, worshipping it with her hands.

    "Oh god, Max, fuck me!" she gasped. "I have to have this monster in my pussy!"

    Max pressed his knees between hers, forcing her to spread her legs. When his dick was pressed against her groin, the head leaking pre-cum into her navel, Brenda groaned in renewed lust. She gasped in anticipation as she felt Max's hands slide under her butt and lift her off her feet. She instinctively wrapped her arms around his neck, and her legs around his waist. As his cock slid full-length into her welcoming pussy, all she could do was moan and drop her head onto his shoulder.

    Meanwhile, Rod and Sandy were getting it on.

    She had led him to the kitchen, where he had washed his hands and arms. Sandy had stood beside him, looking at his muscular arms, and letting her gaze go on down to his bulge. She couldn't get over how big it was. "He's got ten inches," she recalled Brenda saying. Her breathing grew shallow, and her heart thumped. Her breasts were now hot and swollen and aching; her cunny had grown warm and moist, and a tingling ran through it.

    Rod looked Sandy over as he dried his hands and arms. He could see just by looking at her that she was ready for it. He knew she wouldn't resist, not after he really got hold of her.

    He threw the towel aside and grabbed her, and pulled her to him, pressing his big hard-on between her legs and wrapping his arms around her waist. He pressed his chest against her big titties, and lowered his hands down and rubbed and squeezed her big round soft ass.

    Sandy let out an "Oh! Unh!" when he grabbed her but it was an exclamation of surprise rather than resistance, as he had so suddenly grabbed her.

    "You know you want this, don't you, honey," Rod said as he thrust his big hard cock between her thighs, pressing and rubbing it on her cunny.

    "Oh ah--yes!" Sandy gasped, and hunched back at him, pressing her breasts against his chest. "I've wanted it since I first saw you today."

    Rod unfastened her slacks and pulled them and her panties down past her waist. He unzipped his pants and pulled his dick out. It sprang out in all its size and hardness.

    Sandy's eyes widened and her mouth opened. "Oh god, Brenda was right," she murmured. She reached out and grasped the cock. She could barely reach her hand around it. "God, it's so long and thick and stiff. It's the biggest." She stroked it, marveling at the velvety hardness of it. It was hot and throbbed in her hand.

    "You ever had any black meat, honey?" Rod asked.

    "No," Sandy panted.

    "Well, you're going to get some now."

    Sandy was suddenly overwhelmed with a desire to lick and suck the chocolate cock. She slid down on her knees and palmed the cock and opened her lips.

    "Ah, you want a taste of it, don't you, honey," Rod said. "Okay, baby, its all yours. Lick and suck it."

    Sandy flicked her tongue onto the head and swirled it, and then licked on down the shaft, swiping and sliding her tongue around as she sucked the head with her lips.

    "Unh! Goddamn yeah!" Rod cried out. "That's the way to suck, baby. Yeah, suck my dick, honey. Get those lips around my prick. Yeah, suck that black dick, baby."

    Sandy opened her mouth wide and slid down the shaft, swirling her tongue around the pole as she sucked on it. She palmed his big puffy balls as she licked and sucked. His nut bag felt like the size of a baseball.

    He clutched her head and began pumping his prick into her warm wet sucking mouth, his balls mashing and grinding on her chin.

    "Ah yeah--suck my black dick, honey, suck it, you young pretty married white woman. Goddamn, you're a fucking good cocksucker!"

    Sandy was getting choked; she had to come up for air. She suddenly slid her mouth off his cock and pulled her body back.

    Rod started to pull her back toward his cock, but it was as if another thought suddenly came into his head. "Yeah, baby, you're right," he said. "Let's hold off here. I want to lick your pussy right now. Yeah--I want to lick some of that pretty white married pussy."

    Sandy stood with a look on her face that can only be described as lustful and perverted. "Let's go in the bedroom," she suddenly said. "I want you to fuck me in my husband's bed."

    Rod was more than willing. "This way," Sandy said, pointing toward a door. "It's the shortest way." They hurriedly walked through a door to the bedroom.

    Rod quickly stripped, and Sandy did the same, and they fell on the bed. Rod spread her legs and drew them back.

    "Damn, but that's a beautiful pussy!" he exclaimed. "Made to lick and fuck."

    He buried his face on her cunny, rubbing his mouth up and down.

    Sandy clutched his head and lurched her body up, mashing and grinding her cunt on his face. "Um ah, lick me, eat me," she moaned..

    Rod slid his tongue into her slit and dipped it around. She heaved her body up, grasping at his head and hunching her cunny.

    He jammed his long thick tongue on in--up her pussy--sliding it back and forth over her clit.

    "Oh god, eat me out!" she gasped. "Lick, suck, eat my pussy up! Oh god, your tongue's so long and thick, it feels like a cock fucking me!"

    Rod jabbed and zipped his tongue up and down her cunt, sucking on her clit with his lips.

    Sandy jerked and writhed and hunched, caught up completely in the throes of a climax. "Oh sweet fucking god--you're making me cum already!"

    He tongue-fucked her for a good five minutes, jamming his long thick tongue back and forth and sucking her clit. Then he slid his tongue out.

    "Now it's time for some real fucking, honey," he said. "I'm goig to fuck the piss out of you."

    He clambered up on her body, clutched her butt, and pushed forward. He tapped her pussy with the head of his dick and then thrust his body forward. He groaned as his cock-head entered her cunny.

    Sandy wrapped her arms and legs around him and thrust and drew her body up and back to give him full access to her cunt. She knew she was in for the fucking of her life.

    He began pushing and thrusting, not letting up, stuffing his cock in her cunt. She groaned and gasped at the feel of the huge prick stuffing up her pussy and stretching it.

    On and on he came, thrusting and stuffing the long thick prick up her cunt without halting, filling her pussy up.

    "Oh god, oh ah," Sandy gasped at the sensation of having her cunt filled completely for the first time. "Oh god, you're so big--so long and thick--ooh ah, you're twice the size of my husband. Oh ah--pump the meat in me."

    "You like black meat, honey," Rod huffed, "you like big black cock in that married white cunt of yours."

    "Oh god, I love it!" Sandy cried. "Jesus Christ, this is heaven! Oh god, I could fuck all day. I want a fuck every day--just like this. I want a long thick cock deep in my cunt every day!"

    "Um, I can see that you get it, honey," Rod said. "I can give you all the long thick cock you want. Um yeah, and knowing you're married makes it twice as good. Yeah, knowing you're a pretty young white married woman makes it real good!"

    He lunged his cock hard up her cunt to her very core, and she screamed out in lust.

    Max was meanwhile thrusting his prick in and out of Brenda's pussy.

    It amazed him that such a beautiful and successful woman would even consider fucking with him. He was glad that she was such a cock slut and size queen that she couldn't resist his nine-inch cock any more than she could Rod's ten-inch black prick.

    Max had an idea as he heard the orgasmic screams of the woman in the bedroom with Rod.

    He shifted Brenda's body in his grip, and began to carry her to the room where the sounds were coming from, pumping her pussy with each step. Brenda was lost in the sensation that the long thick prick was creating in her cunt.

    Max moved toward the bedroom, and releasing a hand from Brenda he opened the door. The scene before him made his cock swell even more inside Brenda's pussy. He turned so that Brenda could see into the room.

    As he backed into the bedroom carrying her shivering body, a moan of total lust escaped her at the scene.

    Sandy was naked on her marital bed, her arms and legs wrapped tightly around Rod's massive black body, his ass pistoning ferociously, pumping his huge black cock in and out of her stretched white cunt, as he sucked on her big white titties.

    Brenda felt an orgasm ripping through her body as she saw Sandy's face twisted up in her own massive climax.

    Max carried Brenda to the bed and laid her down next to Sandy's shaking body.

    The two naked aroused women stared at each other as they both were pounded without let-up. Sandy watched as Max shoved his thick white prick in and out of Brenda's pussy as Brenda watched Rod's massive and longer black cock slam in and out of Sandy's cunt. The sight of her friend's white pussy stretched around the huge black shaft she'd ridden herself sent her into a hugh climax. Every time Rod's big black balls slapped into Sandy's upturned white ass cheeks, Brenda heard Sandy's orgasmic gasps.

    Almost simultaneously, the two men stopped fucking the women. Both women screamed in unison as the men lifted their asses high to jam their cocks, invading them deeper into their cores.

    Both women shuddered and thrashed and hunched, as they felt hot cum jetting into their wombs. Somehow the two men had managed to squirt cum simultaneously into the two women.

    Spent for the moment, the men withdrew from the women, leaving them craving renewed penetration and quivering in continued climaxes.

    "Get on top of Sandy," Rod ordered. "Eat her fucked pussy and make her eat you."

    A smile spread on Brenda's face as she complied with Rod's order. She loved the way he subdued her emotionally as well as physically.

    She sat up and swung around and lowered her pussy onto Sandy's face, and at the same time buried her face into Sandy's cunt. She sighed happily as her lips and tongue plunged into the mixture of Rod's delicious cum and Sandy's sweet pussy juice. She lost herself in the sensation that Sandy created between her own parted legs as much as the pleasure of eating her lover's fucked cunt. She didn't stop until a powerful arm wrapped around her and lifted her, protesting, off of Sandy's body.

    Brenda glanced down and saw that the arm around her was black. As she was dropped onto the bed, a hand pushed her flat to the mattress while two powerful legs forced hers wide apart.

    Even as she watched Max mount Sandy and saw her arching up to receive his big dick into her pussy, she felt her own being deeply penetrated by Rod's huge cock.

    She wanted to lift up so she could watch his black prick pump in and out of her white cunt, but he kept her flat, preventing her from seeing his assault on her body. She moaned and gave in to her black lover and let him have his way with her body and her spirit.

    Sandy had her arms and legs wrapped around Max as he pumped her pussy with his nine-inch cock. She was in heaven. As he rapped his long thick prick up and down her cunt, she made a vow to herself that she was going to lick, suck and fuck--every day if she could. To hell with her husband, she thought. She wanted to be fucked by long thick cocks every day and night.

    She looked over and watched as Rod pumped his big black dick in Brenda's white pussy.

    The feelings her body and mind were receiving drove her into a frenzy.

    "Fuck me!" she cried out, hunching back at Max. "Fuck my cunt, my mouth, my ass! I want it every day, every night! I want long thick stiff cocks to fuck me!"

    Max rammed his big hard cock up her pussy to her core and let her have it. He pissed a stream of semen in her cunt.

    She hunched her body up and thrust her pussy forward. "Squirt cum deep in my cunt!" Give it all to me--fill my pussy up with cum!"

    Max obliged her. He squirted gob after gob of semen in her cunt.

    Brenda could hear Sandy's screamed pleas to Max, even as Rod's hard prick pummeled her pussy. She heard the squishing sounds her cunt made each time the dick slid in and out of the cum Max had already pumped into her hot womb. From his motions and frenzied thrusting, she knew it wouldn't be long before his cum joined Max's in her pussy. Soon, she felt Rod shove his prick hard and deep into her, followed by the swelling of his manhood as his semen began pumping out of his cock and into her pussy. Brenda's psyche exploded in total joy at the sensation Rod's ejaculating deep in her created.

    Brenda lay there lost in her orgasmic pleasure. As always, she was eager for the feel of fresh cum, especially Rod's cum, filling her cunt. From the feel of his cock in her pussy when his spasms ended, she knew he wasn't done fucking. A thrill shot through her at the thought that he might screw her some more. It ended with a groan of loss as she felt his prick pull out of her clasping cunt. As the pressure of Rod's hand on the small of her back was removed, she tried to get up, but found herself suddenly flipped over onto her back. She glanced up as she felt her legs being lifted off the bed. She saw that it was Max between her legs, lifting them up over his shoulders as he slid his legs forward between hers. She was surprised to see that his dick was hard as ever and gleaming with Sandy's fluid still coating it. Looking between Sandy's spread legs, since they were still lying opposite each other, she saw Max's fresh cum oozing from her opening. Rod's body moving between Sandy's legs shortly blocked her view, his prick rubbing up and down her wet slit. Even as she watched and let the sight arouse her, Brenda felt her ass lifted up onto Max's legs. She eagerly shifted her hips and turned her butt up to him. With a gasp and a squeal of total joy, she relaxed and surrendered her body to the slow push of Max's prick into her ass.

    Next to them on the bed, Rod pulled Sandy up on her knees and got behind her.He wrapped his arms around her waist and thrust forward, pushing his hard cock between her butt cheeks. He kept pushing forward, driving his prick into her asshole.

    "Oh god!" Sandy groaned as he began digging his dick up her ass.

    "Here it comes, honey," he called out to her. "Here comes some black meat up that married white ass of yours."

    He moved his arms up and slid his hands over her titties and squeezed them good and hard as he dug his cock in.

    "Oh god, oh unh ah," Sandy moaned. "It's so big and hard, so long and thick. Oh god, you're filling my ass up!"

    He screwed his long thick hard prick up her ass in one continuous slow stroke, never halting till he had all ten inches up her ass. He pulled back a little, and then he drove it forward again. Soon he was screwing his cock up and down her ass, sawing it back and forth.

    "You like black cock up your ass, honey," he panted as he screwed her.

    "Oh god, yes! I love it!" Sandy cried, hunching herr butt back and forth. "Oh ah, it feels so good!"

    He began pumping the meat up her ass, screwing her fully, thrusting all ten inches up and down, back and forth.

    "Um ah, you've got a tight fucking ass, honey," he breathed out raggedly.

    "Oh ah, I'm going to cum already!" Sandy cried out in lust and hunched and panted as he jammed his long thick hard cock deep in her ass.

    "Ah yeah, me too, baby," he gasped as he lunged forward, ramming his entire dick up her ass.

    Both cried out in unbridled lust as he spewed sperm, spurting it, gob after gob of it deep in her ass.

    "Oh ah, so good, so goddamn fucking good!" she cried.

    Brenda turned her head and looked directly at Max and saw the concentration and strain on his face as he tried to force his way into her butt. She took a deep breath and relaxed her anal muscles, granting him full entrance into her body. She let out a low erotic moan as his ridge passed her sphincter muscles and his thick shaft slowly sank into her anal depths. All she could do in response was arch her hips and push her body up onto his invading staff. Knowing that Sandy's vaginal fluid was also sliding into her ass made the penetration even more pleasurable.

    Max looked down and saw his balls resting on Brenda's butt. He watched as she wriggled her ass on his cock and tried to move it around inside her and push it in deeper. Once again he was amazed at her sexual abilities and her total sexual lust. What he enjoyed the most, however, was the tight clasp of her anal muscles on his slippery wet dick. Even as he began to slide in and out of her surrendered ass, he couldn't believe how lucky he was to have fucked her pussy, then her friend's cunt, and now her ass.

    As Max watched his partner's black cock disappearing into Sandy's willing butt, he set up a steady rhythm, and Brenda grew lost in the sensation he was creating in her. As much as she loved being pussy-fucked, she craved ass-fucking even more. Ever since the first time a guy had pushed his prick into her ass, she had known it was something she would do whenever possible.Max was an expert ass-fucker, as she had discovered before. With each of his thrusts into her upturned butt, she lifted herself up and rotated her hips to offer her ass to him, and she pulled her body up by her legs over his shoulders. Every time his full heavy balls slammed into her butt cheeks she felt another orgasm rip through her trembling body. Soon, every muscle in her body was in a constant state of arousal as the waves of pleasure flowed continuously over her.

    Even in her state of arousal, Brenda heard the screams and groans of the couple alongside her. She moaned in lust as she saw sperm oozing out of Sandy's ass around the big black shaft buried in it and slowly running down the dangling black balls. Her hunger for cum surged up within her and she crabbed over to Sandy's quivering body, even as her own rump was being ferociously pounded by Max's big dick. She was determined to capture the leaking semen before it dripped off onto the bed.

    Rod watched as Brenda moved her pummeled body toward him. When she was close to his balls and opened her mouth, he laughed at her, knowing what a cum slut she had become since he had first met her. Hoping for a special treat, he held himself deeply inside Sandy's still quivering butt.

    Brenda finally reached her goal and slid her tongue out, running it over the bottom of the black ball sack. Even as she felt Max's feverish motions in her ass, she began sliding her tongue along the white creamy stream running over the crinkled black flesh.

    She suddenly felt her body being lifted higher and the strokes into her becoming longer, slower and deeper. She realized that Max was close to pumping a load of his sperm into her butt, Even so, as the first drops of semen touched her tongue, she moaned and began lapping as far and hard as she could on Rod's ball sack in her attempt to capture every drop.

    With each of his thrusts into her raised rump, Max drove Brenda's face further under Rod and Sandy. He watched as she began licking the leaking sperm from Rod's balls, and it aroused him even more, making him slam his dick even harder into Brenda's receptive butt.

    Brenda found she was finally able to reach the juncture of Rod's prick and Sandy's ass. She ran her tongue around the shaft, just where it entered the butt, and began licking the expelled cum. Lost in pleasure and satisfaction, she didn't hear the moan that escaped Rod or the scream of lust that issued from Sandy. What she did experience was the sweet taste of semen on her lips, as she felt a surge of hot liquid being pumped repeatedly into her stuffed rump. She arched up and uncontrollably shook her hips and butt as she responded to Max's massive ejaculation.

    Even as her body quivered, Brenda continued to suck on the cock and ass before her. When she felt the shaft begin to slide out, she wrapped her lips around it to capture any sperm coating it. She soon found the cockhead at her lips and lunged forward to gulp it down, even as her butt continued to gulp down the contents of Max's swollen balls. She moaned when the cockhead was pulled away for a moment until a drop of cum hit the corner of her mouth. She pressed her lips around the gaping opening and slurped up the ring of cum around it. After she sucked the musky fluid down, she shoved her tongue into the dripping hole that was the focus of her entire being. She attacked Sandy's ass with her tongue with such enthusiasm that she didn't even notice Max's spent cock slipping out of her rump.

    Her body still shook and quivered with recurring orgasms as she feasted on Sandy's freshly fucked ass. Her mind was totally shattered by her extreme pleasure. She relentlessly shoved her tongue deep into Sandy's anal passage, determined to suck out every drop of cum she could get. Sexual lust ruled her body and mind; the orgasms given to her by Max continued as she lost herself in her depraved act.

    Rod and Max sat back on their haunches, their soft dicks slick from the asses they had just assaulted so successfully. They could only stare in awe as Brenda feverishly attacked Sandy's ass with her mouth and tongue. Sandy's exhaustion was evident in the way her head and shoulders were pressed on the bed. The quivering of her body also showed how intense her climaxes continued to be from the stimulation she was receiving from Brenda.

    Rod knelt, his hands on his thighs, and his chest heaving as he worked to regain his breath. Max did the same. When Rod looked at him and nodded toward the two women, Max leaned over and pushed against Sandy's hip and caused her to tumble onto her side.

    Brenda suddenly felt the coolness of air on her face and tongue. She yelped in protest at the loss of the cum-leaking tunnel she'd been mining. She surged up, growling, ready to move to Sandy's prone body and continue to suckle her ass. She was stopped in mid-motion, however, by a large black hand on her shoulder that quickly slid down over her white breast. Her protest died on her lips when the fingers began pinching and rolling her rigid nipple.

    "You've had enough of Sandy's ass," Rod spoke sternly. "Leave it alone."

    "Cum, I want more cum!" Brenda moaned in hunger. "I have to clean her of your cum."

    "You have enough, slut," he commanded. "The rest will stay up inside her. She earned it, so let her keep it."

    Brends'a body collapsed on the bed. A huge moan and sigh escaped her. Max looked on in wonder.

    "What's happened to her, Rod? I've never seen her so intense."

    "I've seen it a couple of times," Rod replied. "She gets into sort of a sexual frenzy and becomes a total cum slut. If we hadn't separated them, she would have tongued the ass until she had every drop. I've never seen her attack a fucked ass before, but she's done it to a pussy at least once. And there was the time it happened when she was blowing me. It took all my effort and quite a while to get my spent cock out of her mouth."

    Max just wagged his head and stared at Brenda as her body continued to quiver and shake as her orgasms slowly lost their strength. Her body finally grew still and her eyes regained focus. She looked up at Rod.

    "What happened?" she asked. "Ooh, my mouth tastes like shit."

    Max and Rod began laughing. Max laughed so hard that he tumbled over onto his side.

    "You went into one of your frenzied states," Rod explained, "when you saw my cum oozing out of Sandy's ass and you began tongue-fucking her."

    Brenda looked shocked, and then a disgusted look came over her face.

    "I had my tongue up Sandy's ass?" she questioned.

    Both men nodded in affirmation. They all heard a powerful sigh and turned to look at Sandy who had a big satisfied smile on her face.

    "Yes, Brenda, you began tongue-fucking my ass as soon as Rod pulled his heavenly cock out of me. It felt wonderful! I want my ass screwed, licked and tongue-fucked again."

    The two men looked at Sandy, and then back at Brenda. They began howling, falling over and rolling, as they laughed so hard that they had trouble catching their breath.

    Sandy just lay there, her head turned to the side, watching and smiling. Brenda kept making faces and grimacing and running her tongue in and out of her mouth as if she were trying to clean it.

    As the men finally quieted down, Sandy looked at Brenda and then held an arm out to her. Brenda crawled up to Sandy and pressed against her, letting Sandy's proffered arm drape over her. Sandy brought her face up to Brends's.

    "Thank you, my love," Sandy cooed. "You've made my life so much better, and made me realize the possibilities."

    She pressed her lips to Brenda's and forced her tongue into her friend's mouth, showing her how much she appreciated the pleasure she'd given to her.

    The two well-fucked and satiated ladies snuggled together, whispering to each other and lightly kissing.

    Seeing that the two women were focused entirely on each other, Rod and Max quietly slipped off the bed, dressed and left the room. The two beautiful young naked cum-filled women fell into a deep relaxing sleep wrapped in each other's arms.

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    look for Part 5 to be posted Monday or Tuesday

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    Part 6--and the final part of the story--will be posted on Friday

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    thank sorry took so long to read had a lot on x

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    yes, it turned out to be a long story--almost a novelette



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