Chapter 3.

Sexually sated for now, Sandra leaned back into the deep plush leather seat and closed her eyes. Suddenly she felt a hand creeping up the inside of her thigh; she wanted to scream out and open her eyes to face this person taking such liberties. She tried to open her eyes but found it impossible. What was happening to her, surely the driver could not be the one now pushing his fingers inside her panties.

Another sensation swept over her as she sat transfixed; her cunt and nipples were responding to this invading stranger, it start with a tingling in her nipples and spread as an all-consuming warmth. First her nipples hardened and then seemed to burn as the warmth spread to the breast flesh surrounding the nipples; now her lungs felt the creeping warmth down it went into the very pit of her stomach and yet further it seemed to be heading to meet these invading fingers.

Sandra tried to raise her arms to push away whoever was doing this but found her arms refused to obey her mind; she was literally paralysed and now her brain began to function more acutely. The water she had drunk in the shop could it have been drugged in some way; she tried to reason what was happening and why. Now the fingers began playing with her cunt lips; god how she wanted these fingers to ravage her cunt but realistically her brain was lost in its own probing thoughts of how and why. She finally reasoned that the water could not have been drugged because on one hand she had seen Davina break the seal and heard the tell-tale crack of the plastic top breaking away from its sealing ring; on the second hand she reasoned that the time difference from her drinking the water to the onset of the paralysis was so short she could not have walked so assuredly to the car.

Sandra’s emotion’s now began to infringe upon her thoughts; had this been a family disease and was this in some way responsible for her parents’ untimely deaths. She suddenly found her feelings swing from euphoric to depressed and back in literally seconds. Confused and scared her body once more reacted to another’s touch. She felt the fingers lightly playing with her clit and sending raptures through her body; almost un-noticeably her stomach muscles twitched and her cunt danced along the path towards climax. Sandra now felt the stubby fingers invade her cunt and even felt the tight stretching of her little used cunt. She was just about to give in to the pounding in her ears and the wave after wave of pure lust now wracking her body when from somewhere she heard a voice saying “Ma’lady, we are here?” Sandra suddenly found she could open her eyes now and once adjusted to the brightness she saw the drivers’ face peering down at her, the invading fingers of delight; now gone.

Sandra quickly looked down towards her feet and was embarrassed to see her legs wide open and her soaking panties clearly on view. James the driver appeared not to notice or maybe it had been his fingers and so he was now trying to hide that fact. In an instance Sandra concluded that it could not have been James’s fingers for how could have driven her home and done all those wonderful things she had felt. She closed her legs and held out her hand but instead of James’ helping her out of the car she found herself giving his hand a sharp tug causing him to almost fall upon her. Not caring anymore about appearances, Sandra groaned in short rasping breaths for James’ to eat her horny fucking cunt.

Not wanting to miss an opportunity of a lifetime, James’ did just that falling in at Sandra’s feet and lowering his head between her legs he sucked hard over her panty covered cunt and drew her love juice out of her cunt and through her panty’s. It was not good enough for Sandra though for she quickly grabbed at her panties and in her efforts to move the aside her actions were so forceful that her panties ripped and exposed her fur covered cunt. James now stuck his tongue into the crease of her cunt lips and found her hardened nub of a clit; flicking this with his tongue cause Sandra to arch her back as she breathed heavily through her teeth. His tongue slipped into the river of juices leaking from Sandra’s cunt.

As he did so he loosened his belt and managed to slip his trousers down; although he struggled to get his pants over his hard cock. Just in time for Sandra’s first real man and woman climax he pressed his cock against her cunt as his hands sought out those 36D breasts that he had delightfully watched jiggle as Sandra walked. Now with the nubs of her nipples between his fingers he twisted them as he thrust forward and the sudden obstruction tore easily and his cock slid all the way in. For Sandra an instant of pain was soon washed away with pure lust and now James slammed his cock into her cunt with wild abandonment. Each thrust taking the pair of them to a heavenly climax, it was literally seconds apart that Sandra cried out with lust and James cock burst forth its torrent of spunk into her clutching cunt.

Now an atmosphere of embarrassment shrouded the horny pair; James for taking advantage of a passenger in his charge and Sandra for being so openly brazen as to drag a perfectly respectable driver into a compromising position.

Later in the privacy of her own home, Sandra felt ashamed for taking the lead in instigating the sex she had so wonderfully enjoyed with the driver. Now a darker shadow crossed her thoughts; what if she did this again but more in the publics’ eye and was arrested for indecency; despite her new found wealth she would absolutely die of embarrassment. No she had to find out what was driving these wild sudden urges and images that invaded her very soul let alone her mind.

Suddenly a possible solution hit her like a ton of bricks; she had the where with all now to buy anonymity and could pick and choose which physiologist she would see. Wasting no time she found the numbers she was looking for in the business telephone directory and began calling them. Soon she found Dr Crukshank PhD. He told her he could see her today and guaranteed her privacy. So she went to her bathroom and took a long leisurely soak; thinking how she was going to explain her problem to the doctor. As she lay in the clear water of her bath, her cunt began to give up its horde of semen and she could not help but smile as she thought the stringy appearance of used spunk looked like little eels swimming in a clear lake.

She fought the temptation to play with her aching cunt and as the water cooled she reluctantly got out of the bath and slipped on her old flannel night wrap. She made a mental note as the flannel seemed so harsh against her tingling skin to return to Madam Pompadour’s emporium tomorrow to buy a new range of silk bed wear. After all money was no object now. For now though she laid out her new clothes and was pleased that the sales staff at the emporium had taken the opportunity to make most of her new wardrobe mix and match.

Soon it was time to leave for her appointment and she had decided eventually to dress as a young executive with a smart jacket and pencil skirt with white blouse and matching crimson red underwear finished off with the finest sheer nylons in jet black and four inch heeled shoes. She now felt like the million dollars she had inherited. Arriving at the doctor’s office she rang the doorbell and entered; instead of being shown into a stuffy old waiting room like she expected, she was shown into an ante room with enriched décor and furniture. No hard backed plastic chairs in sight; instead there were rich sumptuously deep leather sofas and a drinks cabinet stood open against the wall with all manner of alcoholic beverages. Sandra decided to help herself to a sparkling water and sat, no it was more like sank into the sofa. The soft leather seeming to mould itself to her rear end and cosily added warmth to her slender thighs.
Suddenly a receptionist appeared carrying a clipboard and sat opposite Sandra. She introduced herself as Nurse Mary Paterson, but she did not look like a nurse for she could have passed as an office manager; in her respectfully conservative trouser suit and jacket. Instead of handing Sandra the form as would have happened if she had not gone as a private patient the nurse asked Sandra the questions and wrote down her response. Everything was fine until Sandra was asked what was the problem which brought her to seek the doctor’s help? Suddenly Sandra seemed embarrassed to answer the question and tried to get round it by saying, “I was hoping to discuss that with the doctor privately!”

Nurse Mary smiled and spoke gently as she informed Sandra that everything she said here in the doctor’s premises was strictly confidential and she reassured her that she was sure that she would not be telling her anything like the worst she had heard from others. Her calming nature and professional attitude reassured Sandra and before she had chance to change her mind it was blurted out. The Nurse never changed her demeanour or look; again this reassured Sandra and she felt more at ease to tell her everything.

Once the paperwork was done; Sandra was told that the doctor would be with her shortly; in Sandra’s mind that meant anything up to an hours wait. Again Sandra was working on her experiences of the National Health Service here in Britain; so she was shocked when literally five minutes after the nurse had left the doctor appeared at the same door and was beckoning Sandra towards him.

Stepping through the door Sandra noticed she was now in a corridor with several doors along it; she smiled as she saw that each door was almost exactly in the middle between the doors on the opposite side. The doctor showed her down the corridor to the fourth door and opened it before allowing Sandra to enter. The room was more like a director’s office than a doctor’s surgery; the furniture too was far removed from what she expected. There was no examination table or medical cabinets, no the room had a floor to ceiling wall to wall book case. To Sandra there must have been a thousand books on the shelves but in fact there was less than four hundred.

Instead of sitting down behind the impressive desk unit the doctor indicated that Sandra should sit in one of the two leather chairs and immediately he sat opposite her. The chatted away for a few minutes reviewing the answers she had given the nurse outside in the waiting room before the doctor laid out his ideas for her treatment. She was a little worried about the hypnosis and clearly it showed because the doctor patted her knee and told her the human mind would prevent her from doing anything abhorrent to her. Once more she relaxed and hardly heard the doctor say it may take up to 20 sessions to find the true cause and therefore the true cure.

Sandra found herself responding by saying how quickly can we begin. The doctor smiled and said there is no time like the present. As they both rose to their feet, the office door opened and in walked Nurse Mary carrying a tray. Placing the tray on the edge of the desk Sandra saw firstly two glasses half filled with a sparkling liquid. She wrongly thought that this must be a sparkling wine; the doctor told her that the first glass contained a mild sedative just to relax her mind and the second glass contained a drug developed by the doctor to make hypnosis easier to achieve. Only when the Doctor lifted the first glass, did Sandra see the needle. The Doctor followed her gaze and then said that the needle was to bring her round after the first session.

Taking the glass from the doctor she followed his instructions and drank it down in one go. Then the Nurse handed her what appeared to be a silk robe and the doctor told her to undress fully and put on the robe. Sandra looked round for a private place to undress but as she walked towards the only other door in the room the doctor called her back and asked where are you going? Sandra stated she was going to the changing room she assumed was behind that door and when the doctor smiled and said Oh no I want you to undress here; right now, in front of me and the nurse. Sandra gulped and after being reassured that this was a vital part of her treatment she began to undress. She almost baulked at the prospect of finally removing her final two items of clothing; her bra and pants, but knowing she was paying for the doctor’s time she steeled herself to complete the task.

Now just at the moment she was about to put on the robe she was told to stop. The nurse now stepped forward and using a paper tape measure she measured first Sandra’s bust line and to Sandra slight ill ease seemed to hold the back of her hand against Sandra’s stiffening nipple for too long. Soon all measurements were done or so Sandra thought; out of her pocket the nurse retrieved an object which looked like a vibrator but didn’t if you know what I mean. It was bullet shaped about twelve inches long and about one in round; Sandra noticed a measuring scale down one side of it and looked puzzled until the doctor seeing her look explained that this item was a vagina ruler. It measured how deep a woman’s vagina was and this was a vital measurement because of Sandra’s over erotic daydreams.

Sandra was told to face the chair containing her clothes and to lean forward and grip the chair arms, then she was told to spread her legs until they were in line with the chair arms. Now the Doctor parted Sandra’s butt cheeks and the nurse began to press the nose of the tool against her cunt lips. There was minimal resistance as the soft tipped pointed tool began to enter Sandra’s cunt. Immediately the erotic images of James’ the driver’s cock sprang into Sandra’s mind and duly her cunt responded to these thoughts as well as the invading object. The nurse kept reading out the markings on the object as it went deeper and deeper into her cunt. Finally it seemed it could not go any further and the nurse read out the depth measurement of six inches. The doctor then suddenly slapped Sandra’s backside and as she jerked from the attack the nurse pushed harder on the tool.

Deep inside Sandra’s uterus the object found the entry neck of the womb and that sudden jerk had allowed the tip through the neck opening. Now the measurement read almost eight inches before the doctor instructed the nurse to remove the object. Sandra cunt now decided it wanted to keep the object in place and clutch at it almost refusing to let it go; so Sandra groaned a deep horny pitched groan, as the tool slowly left her cunt.

Now the Doctor instructed Sandra to put the robe on and she was to go next door and lie down; she was not to remove the robe. Once lying on the bed Sandra could adjust the music to a comfy level but must not turn it off. Once comfortable she was just to relax and enjoy the sounds she would be hearing. With that the nurse handed Sandra the second glass and told her to drink this down in one go before going to the adjoining room.

Once in the other room there was a single hospital type bed and the radio was built into the wall, so Sandra began to lie down and she turned the radio down maybe half a notch before closing her eyes and letting herself drift off with the music. Somewhere in the back of her head a monotone voice kept telling her to relax, close her eyes and concentrate on the voice. Sandra fell asleep or so she thought she had, however the voice seemed to disappear and now just waves of soft pleasant music washed over her.

Strange thing was though that she did not hear the nurse wake her up but the next thing she knew she was stood naked in the doctor’s office. A strange sensation ran through her body; not strange as unusual but strange as in she only ever felt like this twice before in her life. The first time was when she had experimented with sex and found that by concentrating on her nipples she could induce an erotically pleasant feeling with such intensity in her own body and the second time she had felt like this was when she discovered that her clitoris when correctly explored could make her body shake like an earthquake was taking place in her cunt. Both this instances were immediately post orgasm and as she could only recall laying down to nap she could not understand why she felt this way now.

This is what had happened to her during her “nap”… Dr Crukshank had entered the room five minutes after she had closed her eyes; immediately he had turned off the radio and then removed his clothes before climbing on to the bed. He had firstly played with her nipples and then sucked sharply on them; before parting her thighs and devouring her cunt. At this point Nurse Mary had entered the room stark naked. Her Large 40D breast barely sagging and she too join the pair on the bed.

Now Sandra was told to get on to her hands and knees on the bed and Nurse Mary with the help of a couple of the pillows had positioned herself between Mary’s spread legs, her head in line with Mary’s cunt and then the doctor had climbed behind Sandra. Beginning at the same moment Mary began to devour Sandra’s cunt while Dr Crukshank began to press his cock against Sandra’s anal ring. Hypnotised Mary had been unaware of the sudden painful spasm which heralded the invasion of the doctor’s cock into her anal cavity. Then the pair assaulted Sandra’s body in a way which any doctor would be struck off for but Sandra seemed to enjoy it to the point that the doctor had to clamp his hand over Sandra’s mouth to stop her screams being heard all over the district.

Doctor Crukshank had barely enough time to pull out before his cock spewed forth its rich load of thick white stringy spunk, most of which landed on Sandra’s arse cheeks. Nurse Mary was equally as fast to use her tongue to lick up all traces of this rape act. Even though Sandra had never said no it had been against her consent simply because she was hypnotised at the time.

Now back to the present; Sandra was carefully examined by the doctor and the good nurse stood by his side taking notes. Both respectfully dressed and in proper business mode; although it did seem to Sandra that the doctor took longer than she would have expected examining her nipples which he pinched, pulled and twisted to both his delight and the rising delight of a very responsive Sandra. All too soon for her liking the doctor ceased his examination and told Sandra to dress. As she was dressing she heard a strange word “Zealing” and her vision disappeared, she stood bolt upright and her gaze became blank and fixed. How long she stood there like this she could not say but she did stay that way until she heard a far off distant echoing word “Unzealing”. At this point she immediately began to complete the task of dressing.

Sandra did not see or hear the medical pair talking as smiling they exited the room. At the reception Sandra was given a new appointment and wished a safe journey home. Later that evening she received a telephone call from the doctor and he explained that the results of her examination today disclosed that her alto ego daydreams were deep rooted in her repressed sexuality and with proper treatment she could either learn to live with these erotic dreams or she could be taught methods to control them.