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    The Fantasy Maker

    "Fantasies do cum true"

    In 2002 the ****** experience started to explode. I had spent hours in chat rooms chatting with women who were sexually unhappy in their relationships.
    Married women, single women, divorced women, separated women all wanting to share their fantasies hoping that they would come true. Women that wanted to be dominated, women that wanted to be raped, women that wanted to try BSDM, women that wanted to be spanked and called names, women who knew what they wanted, but didn't know how to ask for it or get what they wanted.

    After reading and listening to these fantasies for several years I began to ask these women to tell me their fantasy and in return I would write an erotic story evolving them in their fantasy. Then I would email it to them, and we would chat about how it made them feel, and they would tell me how they masturbated to my erotic writings and wished I would make their fantasies come true. Eventually I would occasionally meet some of these incredible women and we would act out their fantasies in person.

    After seeing what great pleasure this gave to them, and the pleasure I received from giving them what they wanted. I decided to make them happen for anyone (man or woman) who really wanted their fantasies to come true. So I started a new business, and that's how I became the "The Fantasy Maker".

    The stories are written and told from the prospective of the Fantasy Requester


    Painful Surprise

    Monday night;
    Sue, a married 39 year old female wrote: My name is Sue, I am a 39 year old married female with two children. I've put on a few extra pounds over the years, but still feel that I am attractive. I walk everyday and try to look good. I try to be romantic, sometimes I'll wear sexy outfits to get my husbands attention, but my husband apparently doesn't believe in foreplay and only wants to stick it in me, roll over and go to sleep. When I ask, or suggest sexual ideas to him he tells me he isn't into that. So after years of not being satisfied and hearing stories from my friends about role playing, nipple play, being tied up, feeling painful pleasure, all the things that I have longed for. I decided to contact "The Fantasy Maker".

    My fantasy is to be forced to do things in bed that I've never done. I want to be tied up, blindfolded, lots of nipple play, painful pleasure and I want to be totally dominated.

    Tuesday morning;
    Fantasy Maker reply: Sue, be at the Roadside Inn on Main Street at 8:45pm on Friday night. Go to room 109, the door will be unlocked. At 9:00pm take off all of your clothes and take a shower. Your "Safe Word is GREEN". If at anytime you wish to stop, or things get too intense just say Green. 8:45pm don't be late.

    After receiving the reply to my fantasy request on Tuesday, I was totally freaked out. I started thinking I was taking this too far. I was scared and feeling nervous as I thought about showing up at motel alone for sex. As the day went on I found that I was talking myself out of fulfilling my fantasy. When my husband came home that evening I was feeling pretty horny and I told myself if he makes love to me tonight I won't go through with it. I put on a sexy nighty and walked into our bedroom, and I told my husband he could do anything he wanted to do to me, I told him to be rough with my nipples and be forceful. He looked at me and said okay I'm horny too. He rolled over, started groping my tits, shaking them, then he knelt up on the bed, pulled my head to his cock and told me to blow him. So I took his cock in my mouth and began to lick and suck him, stroking his shaft while I licked his head. He pulled out of my mouth, pushed me down and spread my legs and thrust into me three time and shot his load. He rolled off and said that was awesome. I made up my mind at that very moment. Friday night was happening,

    Friday night;
    I picked out a sexy summer dress, a lace bra and a matching thong to wear after my shower. I packed my bag and left the house wearing a tee shirt and blue jean shorts. I showed up at the Roadside Inn at 8:30pm fifteen minutes before I was told to be there. There were several vehicles parked in the parking lot, but not a lot of activity in the area.
    At 8:45pm sharp I walked up to the door of room 109 and noticed that the door was cracked open. My heart sank, and I began to sweat. I turned and looked at my car, thought about going home, and then I decided that I needed to do this for myself. I pushed the door open and entered the room. The room was empty except for a note on the TV that read, "Take a shower at 9:00pm, and don't forget GREEN is your safe word!"
    At 8:58pm I opened my bag took out my dress and underwear and carried it into the bathroom, so I could put it on after my shower. I got undressed out of my tee shirt and shorts, looked at my phone and it was 9:00pm exactly. I started the water in the shower and climbed in. As I felt the water hitting my breasts and running down my body between my legs I felt a little squirt in my pussy and I yearned to cum. It had been so long since I had been given an orgasm by someone else other than myself. I soaped up making sure everything was clean, and then I began to rinse off.
    As I reached down to turn off the water, the shower curtain flew opened and I almost fell down in the tub from surprise. A man wearing a black shirt, black pants and a black ski mask grabbed me by the arm and the back of my neck and led me into the bedroom. He closed the bathroom door behind me, told me to turn and face the door with my hands resting against the door. I felt him brush against me as he grabbed my hands from behind me. I looked up and saw some type of restraint hanging from the bathroom door. The masked man secured my hands into the restraints, then place a blindfold over my eyes, and turned me around facing him. I was still startled, scared and I was thinking I had made a mistake. I was ready to scream GREEN, and get out of there.
    I was standing totally naked, dripping wet with my hands tied above my head when the man said to me as he lightly stroked my face, tonight is your night. He told me that my tits were beautiful and my nipples looked like they needed some attention. He forced two fingers into my mouth, then a third and a fourth, gripped my jaw and raised my head against the door and said you are mine to do with what I please! Do you understand? It was hard to speak with his fingers in my mouth, but I told him I understood.
    He turned me to face the door, told me to spread my legs and open myself up to him. He moved closer behind me. I could feel his breath on my shoulders and then his lips kissed my neck, and then my back. He ran his hands across my shoulders, up my arms to my hands, then back down on the inside of my arms to my chest where he circled his hands lightly over the top of my tits, down the sides to my ribs, then my thighs all the way to my ankles. As he made his way back up the back of my thighs his hands caressed my ass, squeezed it roughly, and spread my cheeks apart. My pussy was really wet and my nipples were standing at full attention and as he spread my ass cheeks apart I could feel the cold air from the A/C hit my wetness.
    He stood up behind me pulled me close with his hands on my waist, kissed my neck and shoulders. I felt his hands under my breasts. He lightly caressed the undersides of my breasts occasionally brushing my nipples. My knees gave out a little as the excitement moved through my body. It had been several years since I was touched so lovingly and gentle by a man.
    My nipples were aching to be played with, I moved my body so that my nipples would hit his hands. When he realized what I was doing, he told me firmly to stand still, and gave me a light but firm smack on my ass. His fingers circled my nipples lightly, then his thumbs began to flick my nipples in a pattern. He was circling my nipples lightly with his fingers, and then would flick my nipples downward with his thumbs. I could feel my clit begin to swell. I needed to close my legs to squeeze myself together to enjoy the feeling.
    He took both my nipples between his finger and his thumb on both hands, and firmly squeezed them. I could feel the blood flowing as he applied more pressure. The feeling was intense, my pussy was dripping and my clit was throbbing. I wanted him to rub my clit and make me cum. As I wriggled around on my toes, my body was on fire. I had never felt like this before.
    He began to pull my nipples away from my body as he applied more pressure. I thought he was going to pull them off! He pulled them as far as they would go, the pain was intense, but if felt so damn good. With my nipples being squeezed and pulled away from my body, he began to roll them between his fingers. The pain level went up ten notches, and I felt my pussy drip a large amount of wetness onto my thighs. Never has my body acted like this before. I was beginning to moan uncontrolably at his every movement.
    He released my nipples and gently ran his hands over them, easing the burning sensation. He pulled me close and held my tits firmly in his hands. I could feel his hardness pressing against my ass and as I nestled my ass on his cock he began to pinch and twist my nipples. Pulling them, pinching them, and squeezing them until I gasped for air. At one point the pain was almost unbearable and I could have screamed GREEN, but the pleasure was so incredible and I didn't want it to stop.
    I felt him walk away, and then I heard him unzip a bag. He returned behind me and whispered in my ear. Do you want to cum? I said god yes! He reached around fondled my tits, played with my nipples lightly, and then began to get rougher. He then pulled my left nipple out away from my body and I felt a sharp pinch that made me scream. An instant pressure built up and the pain ran through my body. As I was catching my breath from the continuous pinching feeling, he pulled my right nipple away rom my body and then something clamped down onto that nipple. I swear I was hanging from my hands tied above my head. He whispered into my ear, "those nipple clamps look so hot hanging off your tits."
    He stood me up lightly rubbed the tip, of my nipples, kissed my shoulders and told me that my nipples were getting just what they needed. He kissed his way down my back to my ass, dropped to his knees and began to kiss my ass cheeks. Licking them lightly, spreading them apart, running his hands between my thighs lightly brushing my pussy lips as he opened my thighs. He moaned and whispered about how wet I was. He slid a finger into my pussy and moved it in and out. It felt so good, but I wanted him to touch my clit. I knew I would come as soon as he touched it.
    He continued to slide his finger in and out of my pussy, gradually gaining speed with his thrusts, then a second finger joined the first. Moving in and out. He turned his fingers inside me and applied pressure against the back of my pussy. It made me feel so full. He found a spot that made me feel like I had a fat cock in my pussy even though it was just his fingers. My clit was ready to explode. If my hands were free I would have reached down there and came. He instructed me to lean over against the door, and to stick my ass out.
    As I followed his instruction I felt his hand lightly smack my ass. He continued to smack my ass as he forcefully stuck two fingers into my pussy. My ass was stinging, my nipples had a constant tinge of pain, and my clit felt like it was six inches long. His fingers began to move along the front wall of my pussy, and then there was this constant pressure building. It felt incredible. It felt like nothing I'd ever felt. His hand began to, move quicker and more concentrated. I felt like I had to pee. I told him to stop cause I was going to pee! He told me to just let it go. He continued to move his fingers in a rapid motion in my pussy and I felt the most incredible orgasmic feeling in my entire body. A feeling that I had never in my life and then I felt a warm liquid squirt out of my pussy. It was running down my legs onto the floor. My body was shaking and I thought I just peed all over the floor when he told me I just squirted. He untied my hands, removed the blindfold and carried me to the bed where he sat me down and lowered my shoulders to the mattress. He knelt down between my legs and began to lick my juices from my thighs, working his way to my pussy.
    He reached up and removed a pair of nipple clamps as he licked the sides of my pussy. He gently rubbed my nipples as the blood from nipples returned to my body. His tongue found my clit, and I thought there was no way I would be able to take anymore, but oh my god! It felt amazing! As he licked my clit he moved his hands around my thighs and ass wiping up all of my juices, spreading my ass cheeks with his right hand. I could feel my orgasm building. I was grabbing the sheets and bearing down. I grabbed the back of his head and held it against my throbbing cum soaked pussy. I felt something pressing against my asshole, moving in a circular motion. I was temporarily distracted, but it felt so damn good. I continued to grind my pussy into his face and then he slipped a finger into my asshole, deep all the way in. Then he began to thrust it in and out. My body tensed up and I screamed I'm cumming and I came for what seems forever. He moved away from my clit to let me enjoy my orgasm, but kept his finger in my ass. As I was coming down from my high he slid his finger out of my ass and told me how beautiful I looked with a glow of satisfaction.
    With one quick movement he spun me around and my head was hanging upside down off the bed and he straddled my face. He instructed me to lick the head of his cock. It was hard and warm, it felt so good in my mouth. I sucked and licked him. I wanted to make him feel good. I wanted to make him cum. He pulled away, climbed into bed with me, held me close, kissed me, and then spread my legs. He moved over top of me, and I could feel his hard cock press against my pussy. He slowly entered me, moving in slow deep motions running the base of his cock against my clit until we both came together.

    He stood up, got dressed and said, "fantasies were made to come true Sue!" I said can I see you again and he replied, "send me another fantasy request." I told him he should charge for his services. He smiled and said maybe someday. And then he left the motel.

    I layed there on the motel bed, running my fingers over my nipples that were still tingling, my body weak, my legs still wet. I wondered what he looked like since he had never removed his mask, but it didn't matter. I had the feeling of being totally satisfied, but I still wanted more. I began to plan my next request as I showered before returning home to my real life.

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    A Good story, well told. It seems to me that you and I have trodden a similar path, here in the UK I started many years ago filming women's fantasy's on two HD Cameras and then mixing the two film clips into a finished fantasy DVD or Tape. See my stories on here "The Idea!"

    Keep up the good work.
    ;om It's nice to be important but it's more important to be nice!!!;om

    ;om And just remember there is no rehearsal for life.;om

    Other stories wot I writ....
    There are too many titles of stories wot I have writ to list here but if you click on my name and then select all posting by this person you will be able to see all my work.



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