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    WTF High's School Defense Force - Lesson I - Lesson XI

    (Well... just another attempt at another series. This is the series I wanted to start with the SDF stuff as the prologue. If you've read the SDF series, you might recognize a few familiar characters. :p)

    Windroy Twelve Forrest Secondary School was just your average public high school. Well... on the outside, anyway. Although it was over a hundred years old, the school building looked very modern and was up-to-date in terms of school equipment and such. At present, it had over 50 classrooms and around 900 students. The computer-labs had the latest computer models and used the Linux OS. The gymnasium had the latest in training equipment and the library took up two floors.

    In the year 2XXX, it was just your average public high school with above average school funding. To those who did not go to this school, there was nothing out of the ordinary. Most who did go to this school were also oblivious to the dark nature of this school. Only a handful of the 900 students knew the true horrors and secrets behind Windroy Twelve Forrest Secondary School. Only a handful knew the true reason why it was closed for five years and just reopened an year ago.

    An year ago, the previous principal found out the secret, but he knew he had no time to expose it. As a last ditch effort, he immediately sought out and hired a previous student of the school to be a teacher. The day after this teacher was hired, the principal mysterious vanished and was replaced by another.

    "Three years of high school and nothing special happens. This sucks," A high school student around seventeen years old muttered as he walked to his first day of school. He kicked around an empty can as he walked along the leaf-covered sidewalk. The metallic sound of the aluminum rang out in tune with the crunching of the freshly fallen leaves.

    He knew that high school life was deeply exaggerated in media and such, but he couldn't help but feel disappointed. Three years had passed and nothing exciting happened at all. There was some rivalry with a local school, but there were no pranks pulled. Bullying was at a minimum and the washrooms and parking lots were cleared of any stoners. However, he was going to a new school this year... so perhaps things would be different for once?

    "Oh crap! I think I already passed it!" The high school student exclaimed as he whirled around and immediately ran in the direction he came from.

    Title: WTF High's School Defense Force - Lesson I
    Class: 4D
    Room: 104
    The school year begins! Random Student #13's first day of class!

    "Huh... that's strange... the names aren't in order," Mr. Smith muttered as he looked over the attendance sheet. The homeroom teacher stood at around six feet tall and had a medium build. He had dark brown hair that was split in the middle. He wore a brown suit and black tie. "Alright, just raise your hand and/or say 'here' when your name is called. Mike Angels."

    "Here." A student with white hair raised his hand. He wore a white shirt with black sleeves and the number 7 on the front. He also wore a cross around his neck and baggy blue jeans.

    "Sera Spykes."

    "Here." A student with golden blond hair raised her hand. Her hair was tied into a pony-tail and two dreadlocks framed her face. She also had yellow eyes that almost matched those of a serpent's.

    "Tiehhsin Ying."

    "I prefer to be called Tim." A young Chinese man with jet black hair and silver grey eyes raised his hand.

    "Trent Bloom. Trent Bloom. Anyone here answer to that name?" The teacher looked around the room in case he missed a hand being raised. He sighed and marked the student absent. Unknown to the teacher, Trent really was in school and heard what the teacher said. Mr. Smith shook his head in disapproval. "Sheesh... on his first day, too. Let's move on... Jesse Cromberry."

    A student wearing a black hood and extremely long sleeves responded with a raised hand.

    "Is there a reason why you're wearing a hood to cover your face?" Mr. Smith asked. When the student nodded, the teacher shrugged his shoulders and said, "Okay... moving on. Motoko Kurenai."

    "I prefer Monica, if you don't mind," Monica replied with a raised hand. She was a Japanese girl with long shiny black hair that reached the small of her back.

    "Io Ford."

    "Here," A girl with short auburn hair and a small body raised her hand. She barely looked like a middle school student let alone a high school senior.

    At first Mr. Smith thought about asking Io her age, but decided to leave her alone. He looked back down at his papers and continued, "Virginia Celeste."

    "Here!" An Italian girl with two pig tails and green eyes raised her hand.

    "Heather Kimbley," Mr. Smith continued down the unorganized list until he reached the bottom. Once that was over with, he faced the class and began his lesson. "First thing's first... I don't like lateness and I won't tolerate talking in class. If you're absent, at least you're not interrupting the class for those who took the effort to show up. Therefore I've come up with a simple, but effective punishment for all late-comers. If you're late or talk in class, you get stuck with a nickname of my choosing for the rest of the day."

    "What? Can he do that?" A guy with large eyes, Random Student #1 asked.

    "That's not fair." Random Student #2 looked pretty angry.

    "Does that count as abuse?" Random Student #3 wondered.

    "Depends on the nickname, I guess?" Random Student #4 shrugged.

    "Fish Eyes, Blue Boy, Banana Bandana, Ringer, what did I just say?" Mr. Smith snapped at four students in the back.

    "Wait... how did he know my real nickname?" Bandana quirked an eyebrow questioningly.

    "Excuse me, is this homeroom 4D?" A late student asked as soon as he entered the classroom.

    "Random Student #13, point out your name," Mr. Smith held out the attendance sheet towards the new student.

    "Uh... right here," Random Student #13 was taken aback by the teacher's unusual response and simply pointed out where his name was supposed to be.

    "There's a seat right behind Monica, Thirteen. If you showed up on time, you would've known why I'm calling you Thirteen, Thirteen," Mr. Smith pointed at the desk right behind the Japanese girl.

    "Um... okay..." Thirteen was confused at the "explanation" as he took his seat behind Monica. He was still confused when the class was told to take out their textbooks and turn to the first chapter.

    Interesting teacher, don't you think? A female voice giggled.

    "Wha..." Thirteen looked around for the source of the voice, but to now avail. All the other students appeared to have their attention on the teacher at the moment. After a moment, their attention shifted to the first student who had to read out loud to the class.

    Don't bother trying to look for me. A mortal like you couldn't possibly figure out who I am in this class.

    "Maybe I'm dreaming... yeah... that's it... maybe I'm sleeping in class," Thirteen muttered to himself. For some reason, no one else had noticed the voice. Why would they? The voice sounded like it was coming from Thirteen's own head.

    Let's meet up in the girl's locker room after school. I'll show you something special.

    "Yep... just... insane... in the membrane," Thirteen muttered to himself as he concentrated on the words in his textbook.

    "What was that, Dreamer?" Mr. Smith asked as he stood over Dreamer's desk.

    Thirteen almost had a heart attack when he heard Mr. Smith's voice. For a moment there, he thought he had his nickname changed or something.

    Monica looked out from the corner of her eye with suspicion written all over her face. A tingle went up her spine and goosebumps rose from the back of her neck. She felt something familiar and dangerous in the air of room 104. Someone or something was definitely emitting a killer's intent.


    "Well... glad that's over with," Thirteen muttered as soon as classes had ended. There were a few classes he liked and a few classes he didn't like all that much. Then there were the classes that were either dreadfully boring, a hateful teacher, or both. Now that he thought about it, there were more boring classes with hateful teachers than all the rest put together. Unfortunately for him,

    Homeroom was pretty interesting what with the teacher handing out nicknames all the time. There was also that weird occurrence with the voice inside his head. This was pretty much what Thirteen wanted, but he wondered if he should had been more specific with his wish. Then he wondered about the voice inside his head. Was it really all in his head or did someone really invited him to the girl's locker room?

    The confused student thought about it some more as he stood in front of his locker. If it really was all in his head, then perhaps the reason for it happening was because he was trying to delude himself into believing his new school-life would be interesting. It would explain why no one else seemed to hear the voice. On the other hand, if one of the girls really did want to meet with him...

    "Excuse me, are you okay? You had been standing there for ten minutes," Monica snapped her fingers in front of Thirteen's face. Her locker just happened to be right next to Thirteen's.

    "Huh? Oh... right... sorry, just thinking about something," Thirteen apologized with a flustered look on his face. The two of them happened to have a couple classes together besides homeroom, so they got a couple chances to talk to each other. At first Thirteen wondered if the strange voice from homeroom came from Monica since she sat in front of him. Since the strange voice did not match Monica's, he threw that idea out the window.

    "There's no need to apologize, but you should hurry up. They're closing the school in a few minutes," Monica warned as she gathered her books into her bag and walked away. As she did, a look of concern crossed her face as her eyes shifted to the side. She muttered to herself, "Strange..."

    "What? Already?" Thirteen asked with a look of suspicion on his face. Suddenly, a stab of fear went through his body. He really, really, really wanted to check out the girl's locker room, but he knew the reason for it was too ridiculous to consider it. He wondered why he was so tempted and pondered on the thought that perhaps there was something wrong with him.


    "Huh?" Thirteen whirled around and tried to locate the source of the clanging. It was then he realized that the entire hallway was empty. For a brief moment, he was afraid that he had been standing around for much longer than ten minutes. He checked his watch and breathed a sigh of relief, but still wondered about the sudden emptiness of the school hallway. Was it really possible for the hallways to be completely empty just a few minutes after school?


    "Uh..." This time, Thirteen was quite sure of where the sound was coming from. He stared at his locker, which he had yet to open. Did someone get stuffed into a locker? As in... his locker? How did somebody manage to open his locker, anyway? The youngster immediately knocked on his locker and asked, "Hey! Is someone in there?"

    "Depends! Who's asking?" A voice called back.

    "Hold on, I'll get you out," Thirteen replied as he hurriedly unlocked his locker and pulled it open. Once he did, he found himself staring at the metal back of his locker. There was no one in there!

    Before Thirteen decided to check the other lockers, he noticed the back of his locker moving. He stared as a guy his age with blond hair revealed himself by pulled back the metal board that was the back of his locker.

    "Hey there! Name's Trent!" Trent exclaimed happily as he firmly grasped the hand of his wide-eyed classmate. The student wore a green jacket over a white shirt and brown trousers. His blond hair was so long that it actually reached down to his ankles. "I'm from 4D, just like you!"

    "Wha... how... wha..." Thirteen stammered as he tried to figure out what to ask or say first. For some reason, his first question was, "I don't remember seeing you in homeroom this morning."

    "Heh, I was busy checking out the school's tunnel system. You can go pretty much anywhere in there," Trent explained with a mischievous grin on his face. He pulled out a sheet of paper and revealed it to be a map of the school with a network of lines all over the place. Thirteen looked at it and figured that the lines represented the tunnels Trent was talking about.

    "Tun... wha... wait, did you say anywhere?" Thirteen asked as he grabbed the map from Trent's hands. "Even the girl's locker room?"

    "Sure! I'll take you there if you keep this whole thing a secret," Trent continued grinning as he stepped back into Thirteen's locker. "So, the girl's locker room, eh? You realize there won't be any girl's there right now, right?"

    "Yeah but... no! It's not what you..." Thirteen faltered when he realized how ridiculous he must've looked trying to convince this student, who discovered a secret tunnelling system, that he wasn't trying to peek on anyone when he said he wanted to check out the girl's locker room.

    "Sure... whatever you say, Random Student #13," Trent said right before he pulled his new friend into the locker. The locker door shut behind them, reducing the light to nothing save for a few slivers from the slits on the door. Thirteen could no nothing but follow along as he was dragged by Trent through the tunnels. The tunnels were surprisingly spacious around six feet high and one and a half feet wide.

    "I'd prefer it if you didn't call me Random Student #13," Thirteen replied as he was dragged along.

    "Really? Sounds pretty cool if you ask me. How bout... Voyeur-Boy! There's also Spacey, Statue, or Locker Guy," Trent suggested.

    "Thirteen's fine," Thirteen sighed in defeat.

    As he walking along the narrow passageway, he noticed lines of light that went from one wall to the next. It took a moment before he realized that the lines were coming from peepholes in the wall. With curiosity on his mind, he looked through one of them and found himself looking at a computer screen. The next hole revealed that the computer lab was on the other side of the wall. Ten holes later and Thirteen was able to see his homeroom.

    "C'mon, the girls are waiting," Trent urged his new companion to follow along.

    "Alright, I'm coming, but I don't see any reason to hurry. There aren't any girls there today, right?" Thirteen replied with a questioning look on his face. He hoped there was a girl in the locker room, because it could mean that he wasn't going crazy. It could also mean some... he immediately shook that thought out of his head.

    "Ah... here we are! The girl's locker room," Trent exclaimed after several seconds later. He waved his hand to signal his new companion over.

    His hair's so long, I wonder how he grew it, Thirteen thought to himself before Trent's exclamation. He snapped out of his daze and shuffled over to where the holes peeking into the girl's locker room was. He peered into one of the holes, wondering how no one noticed so many peepholes throughout the school. He sucked in his breath as soon as his eye was on the view on the other side of the wall.

    On the other side of the wall were two girls sitting on the bench in the locker room. One of them was a blond with yellow serpent-like eyes and dreadlocks that framed her face. She had pale skin and a frail light build to her body. The other girl had brown eyes and short brown hair with red streaks. She was slightly more tanned than the blond and a bit more muscle to her body. They were both naked and making out with each other.

    Thirteen recognized both of them to be students from his homeroom. The blond girl with the dreadlocks was Sera while the girl with red-streaked brown hair was Linda. Besides their names, he knew next to nothing about them... which was expected considering it was still his first day of school.

    "Go ahead, make as much noise as you want," Trent grinned as he continued watching through his peephole. "For some reason, we can hear them, but they can't hear us. It's quite convenient, really."

    This is wrong... but I can't look away... Thirteen thought to himself as he continued watching his classmates make out.

    "I'm glad you accepted my invitation," Sera giggled as she pulled her lips away from Linda. A thin strand of saliva bridged the space between their tongues.

    "Ah..." Linda looked as though she didn't want to stop. With possessed eyes, she stared longingly at her lover and tried to resume the kiss. However, Sera stopped her by placing her hands on her lover's shoulders. The blonde girl leaned forth, forcing her classmate to lean backwards and lie down on the bench.

    "Just try to relax and let me do the work," Sera said as a sneer etched across her face. She swung one leg over Linda's body and straddled her lover's hips. Her hunter's eyes pierced through the tense air and into Linda's doe brown eyes. Although her eyes were on the dazed girl before her, her eyes were also visible to Thirteen. Even if you didn't look directly into her petrifying eyes, you would still have a hard time breathing let alone move.

    Thirteen's peeping eye was drawn to the dark round pupils encased by the sunflower yellow irises. His eyes widened as he watched the round pupils become thing vertical slits. Sera reached down and touched her trembling lover's face with a calm look on her own face. Her index finger drew downwards from Linda's left earlobe and down to her chin. The more dominant girl used her finger to tilt her prey's head backwards as her predatory eyes scanned the girl's smooth skin.

    The yellow-eyed girl grabbed hold of Linda's wrists and placed them above her lover's head. With her left hand pinning down the other girl's hands, her right reached down underneath the bench. She sat up with two coils of rope in her right hand. With one coil of rope, she straightened out Linda's arms before tying her wrists together. The other coil was used to tie the first rope to the bench. Throughout the process, Linda looked too out of it to really do anything at all.

    Next, Sera slid backwards until she was off the bench. She grabbed hold of Linda's ankles and pulled them apart. With one ankle on either side of the bench, Sera revealed a third coil of rope, which was used to tie the ankles together with the knees bent. Now that her prey was all tied up, she was ready to being her game.

    Thirteen's heart hammered against the inside of his chest. Despite what Trent said, he was quite positive that Sera could hear his heartbeat. He was a bit disappointed that Linda's pussy was facing away from him, but he also knew he wasn't supposed to be watching this either.

    "Hmm... something seems to be missing," Sera tapped her finger against her chin as she stood over her new toy. All of a sudden, she grabbed hold of one end of the bench and began rotating it. Despite her frail-looking body, she appeared to be strong enough to move the bench while Linda was tied to it... and quite easily, too.

    "Wha..." Thirteen backed off a bit when he realized that he was staring right into Linda's open womanhood! He began to panic, wondering if the two girls knew that he was peeping in on them. He wanted to run away before he was caught, but his body refused to budge. As if he were hypnotized, he continued watching the scene before him.

    "Yes... the light here is sssssoooooooooo much better," Sera hissed into Linda's ear. Her left hand travelled along down Linda's throat, causing the tied-up girl to gulp in both fear and excitement. Her right hand stroked the brunette's red streaks while her left hand continued its journey down the valley between the breasts. The dominating girl swung her leg over the bench so that Linda's head was between her knees. "I can see your lovely body quite clearly now, my pet."

    Dribbles of juice were travelling down the blonde's inner thigh as her hands grabbed hold of the submissive's breasts. She lowered her body so that her pussy was mere inches from Linda's waiting mouth. Linda reached up with her tongue, but she was unable to reach the prize she so dearly wanted. She struggled against her bonds, but to no avail. Fortunately for her, a drop of Sera's cum fell from the pussy and onto the tip of the possessed girl's tongue.

    "Enough playing around, I want you to make me come," Sera commanded as she lowered her pussy and sat down on her sex toy's face. Linda was taken by surprise and started thrashing around with her tongue. She could barely breathe and became desperate for air, so she worked away at her captor's pussy. Sera moaned in response, "Oh... yes... that's right. Just like that."

    Thirteen continued watching from the other side of the wall. He couldn't look away from the scene and he wasn't sure he wanted to. Sera lowered her head until her dreadlocks brushed lightly against the bench. Her hands clamped down onto the sides of the bench so that she was able to support herself. Her eyes were on the same level as Thirteen, which made the young man extremely nervous.

    A sharp breath escaped from Thirteen as soon as Sera closed her eyes. The blonde girl with the serpent's glare shut her eyes tightly as she felt the beginnings of an orgasm. She rocked her hips against Linda's tongue and her breathing went faster. Her moaning became louder and echoed against the walls and lockers of the empty locker room.

    "Keeping licking like the bitch you are," Sera gasped out as she pressed her pussy tightly against Linda's hungry lips. With one hand still on the bench, she used the other to play with her tits. She took her own nipple between her index and thumb and started twisting away as hard as she could. After a few seconds, she let go and started twisting the other.

    You're just a dumb slut, aren't you? A little lesbo slut who can't live without pussy in her life. It was Sera's voice. Although the message was directed at Linda, Thirteen could hear it loud and clear. I saw the way you've been looking at all those girls in class. The way you almost drooled at the sight of... who was it again? Monica? She's a pretty one, isn't she? That's who you wanted to fuck, right? That's who you were going to go after before I asked you to meet me here in this locker room.

    Wait a minute, that message was for Linda? Thirteen thought to himself. His thoughts were cut short as soon as he heard a scream of pleasure. His focus was back on Sera's now tensed-up body and the thought messages were somehow forgotten.

    Oh... that was good. I was very good, my pet. I bet you've had a lot of practice, Sera smirked as the last of her cum dribbled into Linda's mouth. She waited for a moment to catch her breath before opening her eyes.

    Her left eye stared right into Thirteen.

    Thirteen wasn't exactly quite sure what happened next.

    You weren't supposed to know. It was a private invitation, you know, Sera hissed into Thirteen's mind. She stood up and proceeded to untie her new slave. Linda rolled off the bench and laid there on the floor, but Thirteen wasn't aware of that. The guy was trembling for he found himself submerged in nothing but darkness. He was unable to breath for there was no air to breath. He was unable to see and unable to hear. He could only feel the fluid-like space around him slowly squeeze the life out of him.

    Kneel down before me and clean me out, Sera grabbed Linda by the hair and forced her new slave to her knees. She sat down on the bench and pulled Linda's head between her thighs. She sneered at the brown-haired girl while stroking the slave's hair. The dominant high school girl looked up from her submissive classmate and into the peephole. For some reason, the hole was invisible to normal people when viewed from the outside. However, Sera was not a normal girl.

    This is... Thirteen struggled against the suffocation and tried to snap himself out of it. He was able to move his body, but there was no point what with him just floating there. He forced his eyes open and looked deep into the darkness.

    He reached up with his right hand until his thumb was right in front of him. He opened up his mouth and clamped down on his thumb until blood began dripping out. He snapped out of it and found himself back in the secret tunnel of peepholes.

    "Trent?" Thirteen quickly looked around, but couldn't find his new companion anywhere. He quickly resigned to the fact that he was left behind to face Sera's wrath.

    Wrath? That's a little too strong of a word, don't you think? Sera giggled into the young man's head. Thirteen found himself back in the suffocating darkness. However, this time he was able to see Sera's face clearly, which was an inch was his own.

    Thirteen held his breath and his heart hammered with excitement and fear. He thought he was about to die from a heart attack when Sera started rubbing her body up against her classmate's. The speechless guy's body stiffened as he felt the blonde's silky smooth skin rub up against his own. For some reason, in this world of darkness, he was completely naked.

    I'm quite curious as to how you were able to listen in on my thought messages, Sera grinned as her snake-like eyes continued piercing into her new captured prey's eyes. Her right hand reached up and her index and middle fingertips touched Thirteen's forehead. I can sense something quite special about you, Berserker. Do you know why I'm calling you Berserker? You'll find out sooner or later, but for now... let's try something fun. What I'm interested in right now is your innate intuitive abilities. Accept this gift and your life will never be the same. You'll be able to understand and see what others cannot. Use this gift wisely or I'll make your life a living hell.

    Thirteen's consciousness started to falter.

    Trust yourself for once and let go of all fear, Berserker.

    Thirteen blacked out.


    "Ugh... what happened?" Thirteen muttered as he sat up. His head was pounding and he wasn't quite sure why. He looked around, but wasn't able to see anything. Once his vision cleared, he could see the face of Trent. "Huh? I thought you left."

    "As if I could leave behind a fellow voyeur," Trent chuckled as he started slapping Thirteen's back. "Man, I thought we lost you for a moment there."

    "Why are you slapping my back?" Thirteen asked even though he did nothing else to stop his new friend. "Also, I'm not a voyeur. I just wanted to check something, alright?"

    "Are you okay?" A third voice asked.

    "Monica? What're you doing here?" Thirteen snapped his head and looked up at his other new friend. He blinked, then started looking around himself. He was back in the school hallway next to his open locker. His attention went back to Monica and as soon as it did, he asked, "Is that a sword... are you wearing P.E. clothes?"

    "Huh? Um... yes, er..." Monica blushed as she moved a katana behind her back. Suffice to say, she was attractive with her athletic body and pale soft skin. Her white shirt was tight against her body and her long legs were showing. She opened her mouth to change the subject, "So why were you-"

    "We won't ask if you don't ask," Trent suggested with crossed arms and a quirked eyebrow.

    "Right... okay then... see you guys tomorrow... I guess," Monica grinned as she back off before running away.

    "Uh... demon hunter?" Thirteen muttered as he blinked to himself.

    "Huh?" Trent looked down at the other student with a questioning look to his eyes. When he didn't get an answer, he shrugged and grinned, "So how bout those two chicks, huh? Was that wild or what? I gotta start hanging out with Sera."

    "Um... right..." Thirteen muttered before standing up. He walked down the hall in the direction that Monica headed while thinking about what had happened. Suddenly, a thought entered his mind. He muttered, "Dog..."

    Accept this gift and your life will never be the same. You'll be able to understand and see what others cannot. Use this gift wisely or I'll make your life a living hell.

    Instead of the front entrance, he went to the back doors and opened them.

    Trust yourself for once and let go of all fear...

    He stepped outside and into the remaining sunlight of the day.

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    Great story deathnote.....sounds like another good series under way....thanks

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    very interesting.

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    Great stuff...thanks for posting it!
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    WTF High's School Defense Force - Lesson II

    "Hello everyone, and welcome to the second chapter of WTF High's SDF!" Sera exclaimed excitedly as she waved her hand for some unseen audience. She wore a black, barely see-through shirt that hugged against the top of her firm breasts. Her nipples were clearly showing through the thin and flimsy material. She also wore short jeans that were cut in the shape of a V to show off her thighs. It was as if she took a random pair of jeans and cut off the legs.

    "Um... what is this?" Sandra asked in curious wonderment at her new surroundings (pure white... nowhere land). She had dark hair with dark blue dye along the tips and light violet eyes. Her white tank-top showed off the creamy skin of her midriff while her camouflage pants stopped right above her ankles. Prayer beads encircled her left wrist while a silver bracelet encircled the other wrist.

    "Well... you see, the author of this story decided to make a small section at the front for several reasons," Sera explained as she played with one of her dreadlocks. She faced the unseen audience and continued, "One is to show off any small-time gags that may not fit into the storyline. If you read manga, you might remember some of them having small sections at the front, back, or between chapters. This small section is basically copying that."

    "Um... are you feeling alright? Who exactly are you talking to?" Sandra asked as she tried to look into the direction Sera was facing. Unfortunately for her, she wasn't able to see the unseen readers who were looking back at her. "What do you mean by 'author' and 'story'? We're not fictional characters."

    "Poor girl, you must still be in denial," Sera wrapped her arms around her bewildered companion. With her face nestled in Sandra's neck and her right hand stroking Sandra's hair, the blonde said, "Don't worry, things will get easier once you accept it."

    "Wha... wha... what are you doing?" Sandra blushed furiously as she tried to push the blonde girl off of her. Unfortunately, she couldn't even move her arms let alone push the other girl away.

    "Another reason why this section exist is in case plot takes up more time than sex," Sera continued as she flicked her pink tongue against her new victim's earlobe. It was almost as if she were the snake who caught a rabbit who was too out of it to notice anything until it was too late. Sandra could only close her eyes and moan with pleasure as she felt experienced and flexible fingers dance along her left breast.

    "I... I still... don't under-" Sandra breathed heavily as her blood began to boil with pleasure. She wasn't sure why, yet it happened anyway. Her heart was pumping and her adrenaline level was through the roof.

    "Anyway, we've taken up far too much time," Sera announced as she released her prey and faced the unseen audience again. With a cheerful look on her face and her seductive expression hidden, she continued, "It's about time we started up the story, which is pretty much the reason why you're here, right?"

    "Wai... wait a minute, that's it?" Sandra shouted hysterically as she sat up on the floor. Apparently, her legs lost their strength and turned into jello when Sera licked her ear. A look of disappointment and anger crossed her face as she looked up at the blonde. "How... what..."

    "Don't worry, you'll be getting plenty of action once you're introduced," Sera giggled as she patted her prey on the hand. She licked her lips in anticipation at the thought of Sandra down on her knees and licking pussy. "I hope you like it up the ass."

    "Wait... what?" Sandra's face went white with fear.

    "You'll see," Sera giggled.


    "I can't be late this time," Thirteen muttered as he walked to school with his backpack slung over his right shoulder. The autumn wind carried several brightly coloured leaves through the air before scrapping them along the ground. The young man watched with lightless eyes as the leaves made a circle with their movements. He stopped and stood there, thinking about what happened yesterday.

    Images of Sera flashed in his mind's eye as he remembered the events that took place. His classmate, Trent was hiding in his locker when Thirteen first met him. After that, the two of them explored the school's hidden tunnels together. No... things began even before that. It all started when he heard that strange voice in his head during homeroom. It turned out the message wasn't for him, but rather...

    "Huh? Ack! I'm late!" Thirteen exclaimed as soon as he looked down at his watch. He quickly ran down the sidewalk to get to school as quickly as possible. After a few minutes, he turned around and ran in the opposite direction for he remembered he already passed Windroy Twelve Forrest High several minutes ago.

    Title: WTF High's School Defense Force - Lesson II
    Class: 4D
    Room: 104
    Isn't a female Demon Hunter called a Demon Huntress? Demoness Huntress? Er... Demon(ess) Huntress?

    "Leafy, you're late! Again!" Mr. Smith shouted angrily as soon as Thirteen, now Leafy, stepped into the classroom. The irritated teacher marked the late student before continuing down the attendance sheet.

    "Uh... okay..." Leafy blinked in confusion, then took his seat behind Monica. As soon as he did, he noticed someone familiar in the seat next to him.

    "Hey, what's up, Leafy?" Trent grinned as he clasped a hand on Leafy's shoulder.

    "Please don't call me that," Leafy muttered as he rested his head against the top of the desk and away from his new friend. As soon as he did, he slowly drifted off into a deep sleep.

    "Monica Kurenai," Mr. Smith called out without looking up from the attendance sheet.

    "Here," Monica replied as she raised her hand to indicate that she was present. As soon as she dropped her hand, she slumped into her seat and started wondering about yesterday. Her thoughts turned to Leafy and the connection between him and Sera. Sera... for some reason, that girl bothered Monica more than anyone else in the classroom... and there were many people who bothered her.

    There was that strange student with the completely concealing black robes in the back of the room. There was also a kid with metal antennae sticking out of his head and a girl with white eyes. There was a guy wearing black who had the eyes of someone who killed before. There was Leafy's friend, Trent, who skipped class yesterday to explore a secret tunnel. Maybe it was just her imagination, but she felt as if homeroom 4D was more than it seemed.

    As Mr. Smith started the lesson, the young Japanese girl looked up at the ceiling. Since the teacher was only looking forward, most of the students didn't pay attention. Monica didn't notice for she too started to have her attention wane with time...


    One day ago...

    "Excuse me, are you okay? You had been standing there for ten minutes," Monica snapped her fingers in front of Leafy's face. Her locker just happened to be right next to Leafy's.

    "Huh? Oh... right... sorry, just thinking about something," Leafy apologized with a flustered look on his face. The two of them happened to have a couple classes together besides homeroom, so they got a couple chances to talk to each other. At first Leafy wondered if the strange voice from homeroom came from Monica since she sat in front of him. Since the strange voice did not match Monica's, he threw that idea out the window.

    "There's no need to apologize, but you should hurry up. They're closing the school in a few minutes," Monica warned as she gathered her books into her bag and walked away. As she did, a look of concern crossed her face as her eyes shifted to the side. She muttered to herself, "Strange..."

    "What? Already?" Leafy asked with a look of suspicion on his face. Suddenly, a stab of fear went through his body. He really, really, really wanted to check out the girl's locker room, but he knew the reason for it was too ridiculous to consider it. He wondered why he was so tempted and pondered on the thought that perhaps there was something wrong with him.

    Meanwhile, Monica had just reached the front doors of the school entrance. The front hall of the school was pretty big for the ceiling was two floors up. Two large trophy cases that were also two floors high were on either side of the eight main doors. She reached out with both hands and grabbed hold of one of the door's horizontal handles.


    "Aaaaahhhhhh!" Monica shrieked as she felt several volts of electricity pass through her hands. The shock was enough to send her head spinning and her adrenaline pumping. She staggered backwards away from the doors and immediately looked around with a dangerous glare in her eyes. She whirled around and came face to face with the one responsible for the stunt just now.

    "Heh... magical wards are pretty useful, don't you think?" An arrogant voice belonging to a female student snickered. The owner of the voice had yet to reveal herself, but that was all the more reason to be on guard. Judging from the sound of the voice, the attacker couldn't had been any older than... say... a college student. Monica continued scanning the large front hall for the enemy, but was unable to see in the darkness. What was more... her vision was starting to fade on her.

    The hidden enemy smirked as she watched her prey from a distance. She licked her lips as she watched Monica stagger about in search for the one responsible. The ward she used had enough power to temporarily send a normal person into paralysis in only seconds.

    It was a zapper ward, which was a piece of paper placed on one side of a door. Anyone who touched the other side of the door would temporarily lose all control of their muscles in seconds. The victim would lose their vision and voice as well, but they'd still be able to hear and feel. They would be completely aware of their situation, but wouldn't be able to do a thing about it. If Monica were a normal person, she would had already been lying down on the floor completely helpless and at the mercy of her captor. However, Monica was not a normal person.

    "Motoko 'Monica' Kurenai, fourth disciple of the Double-Sword Devil-Slayer," The voice continued to taunt her prey. "One of the few practitioners of the Shin Onitsurugi-Ryuu style of kenjutsu at the advanced level. You're also that bitch, Sanae's kohai."

    "Wh-where... show... y-y-your..." Monica managed to rasp out as she managed to stand up straight. She stood completely motionless in one spot with her arms up and ready. She closed her eyes and decided to concentrate on fighting back the effects of the initial shock first.

    Suddenly, Monica felt a presence behind her, but made no sudden movements. She felt two fingers dig into her right collarbone and warm breath on her neck. The mysterious voice hissed into the semi-paralyzed girl's left ear. "There's no need to fight it. Just relax and let go of yourself. I promise you'll enjoy it."

    "*Sh-shut the f-fuck up,*" Monica growled in Japanese as she jerked forward and slapped the back of her right wrist against the hand that was on her shoulder. As she spun around, she thrust her fingers towards her opponent's throat while her hand was in the shape for chopping.

    "Aw... too bad you missed," The mysterious attacker smirked maliciously once she moved her head back and out of the way of the sudden strike. As soon as she did, her face was visible for Monica to see. The attacker had long brown hair with pink bangs and red string around each long side-burn. Her eyes were hidden behind a pair of silver-framed sunglasses and the bottom half of her face was hidden behind a metal mask. She also wore a dark jacket and what appeared to be rubber pants.

    The masked assailant pressed her fist up against her chest and prepared to shoulder her victim onto the floor. Unfortunately for her, she was not fast enough. Before she knew it, Monica's initial strike became a chopping motion towards the throat. Naturally, the attacker moved out of the way and raised her hands to defend herself. However, she failed to notice the low left kick towards the back of her right knee. Suffice to say, the combination was enough to knock her off balance.

    "Ack..." Monica found herself stumbling after her retaliation and also lost her balance. She started hopping on her right foot, but could not maintain control over her muscles long enough to balance herself. It only took a couple seconds before she also found herself lying on the school floor.

    "Grr... stupid bitch," The female attacker growled as she cautiously got to her feet. She was careless and underestimated her opponent because she felt secured after the zapper trap worked. She believed that Monica was already helpless and in her hands even if the Japanese girl was able to somehow resist the zapper's effects. She wasn't about to make the same mistake twice.

    Monica felt the effects of the zapper ward begin to subside and her vision became a bit clearer. She felt a bit sluggish, as if she just endured hours of harsh training. That was fine by her... she was used to fighting after enduring hours of harsh training.

    "Hmph, you just got lucky, that's all," The attacker growled as she took out a stun-gun from an inner-pocket of her jacket. The masked woman stood up with the gun held threateningly at the girl.

    In the blink of an eye, the stun-gun was knocked out of the assailant's hand. Monica used her right hand to chop at the opponent's wrist while her left hand slapped the back of the hand holding the gun. As the masked woman's eyes followed her gun, her prey pressed on to attack. Right before the gun hit the floor, Monica's right foot snapped up into a round-house kick towards the left waist.


    "....." Monica opened her mouth to scream, but nothing came out. It was the exact same kind of feeling she experienced when she tried to leave the school through the front doors. She staggered backwards and while trying to collect herself, but immediately lost her balance. Adrenaline was pumping through the veins and her heart pounded faster than ever, but nothing made her muscle work.

    "You're not getting off that easily," The masked woman smirked as she caught her victim before the stunned girl hit the floor. She wrapped her arms around the Japanese girl and gave her the bear-hug of death. With strong arms, she hugged Monica and refused to let go as volts of electricity came out of her body.

    Kuso... *Damnit*, Monica thought to herself as darkness slowly took over her vision. She could feel the specialized electricity course painfully through her body as her limbs went limp from the zapping, the pain, and from exhaustion. For some strange reason, her hearing and olfactory senses started going crazy. She swore she could smell honey and she fell to the floor with a painful smash.

    "Heh... I can see why you caught her eye," The attacker grinned devilishly behind her mask as she stood over her prize. She shed her jacket to reveal that she was wearing a full-body rubber-suit.

    Everything from the chin-down was covered with black rubber including her hands and feet. The skin-tight uniform revealed an athletically attractive body. Her stomach was as flat as a board and her legs looked shapely and strong. The only regret any straight man, lesbian, or bisexual would feel after seeing such an image was that the actual skin was hidden.

    On her back and on her front were four long pieces of paper with strange symbols arranged into the shape of crosses. Apparently, zapper wards don't just work on doors. "I didn't expect you to knock out my gun, so it's a good thing you aimed for my waist and not my face."

    "K-kuso..." Monica grunted as she desperately reached out with a trembling hand. As soon as she touched the rubber skin around her opponent's ankle, her hand dropped to the floor. She was stopped by the stun-gun that was back in her captive's hands. Due to the effects of the zapper ward, she was still conscious and breathing.

    "After all that you can still move? These zapper wards aren't as strong as I thought they'd be," The masked woman remarked as she grabbed the fallen girl by the hair. She pulled down her mask and forced open her victim's mouth. She hawked up and spit into the helpless girl's exposed throat. Monica could do nothing but swallow the spit or suffocate from having her windpipe blocked.

    "Now that I've a closer look, you're a hot-looking thing, aren't you? I wish I could play around with you some more, but I've got a job to do," The attacker smirked as she started removing her victim's clothes.

    Monica felt the smooth material of the rubber uniform rub up against her face. The wards must've been either deactivated for taken off since she didn't feel anymore shocks. She tried to resist when her panties were taken off, but she couldn't even move her fingers much less retaliate. A chill went up her spine when she felt hands groping her breasts. She couldn't even shiver in response.

    "Mmm... I'd love to make such a cutie like you my sex slave," The masked woman trailed the tip of her tongue along the helpless girl's collarbone while her index fingers and thumb twisted the exposed nipples. Monica couldn't even moan in pleasure... moan in pleasure? To her horror, the Japanese girl found herself enjoying the attention that her erect nipples were receiving. She could even feel her pussy getting wet from all the excitement!

    "Well someone seems to be enjoying this," The rubber-clad woman giggled as her finger slipped into her captive's pussy. She lifted her finger and brought it under Monica's nose as her tongue danced along the side of the paralyzed girl's neck. "You know... I just might make you my slave anyway. We'll have sooooo much fun together. In only a couple days I'll have you reduced to the submissive bitch you were meant to be."


    "Hmm?" The rubber-clad attacker noticed something yellow in the corner of her eye. Before she knew what hit her, her head snapped to the side and her eyes rolled over into the back of her head. She fell onto the floor with the paralyzed Japanese girl in her arms.

    "Sorry girl, but she's mine," Sera smirked as she stood over the fallen girls with her hands folded behind her back. Her eyes trailed over to the front doors and she told herself, "Hmm... better not mess with those. They'll wear out by morning... probably."


    The next day...

    "So, who do you think would win, Batman or Superman?" Trent asked as he held his can of pop over his head with one hand and a pocket knife with the other. He was crouching on the seat of a chair at a table in the cafeteria with a small pyramid of pop cans in front of him. Other people sitting at the table included Monica and Leafy, formerly known as thirteen. The kid with the metal antennae, who introduced himself as Kenny, and a girl named Io were also sitting at the table.

    "Superman," Kenny replied as he took a bite out of a tuna sandwich. If you ignored the metal antennae, he looked like any other student at WTF High. He had on a red cap worn backwards, short black hair, and freckles all over his face.

    "Wait, which versions are we talking about here?" Io asked hurriedly. She had the appearance of a middle school student despite being a high school senior. She had short auburn hair and green eyes. "Original, retro, JLA, Golden-years, emerald-world, or new-age?"

    "Does it matter? Batman's just human, right?" Kenny pointed out.

    "Original for both," Trent answered as he poked a hole in his can of pop. He opened his mouth and allowed the resulting stream of coke to pour down his throat.

    "The original Superman was Canadian," Leafy said while pointing upwards. His other hand was cupping his elbow. "I think Batman would win."

    "Why? Cause Superman's Canadian?" Kenny asked with a raised eyebrow.

    "No, cause Batman has kryptonite and therefore will always win," Leafy replied. "Why would you think Superman being Canadian had anything to do with him winning or not?"

    "Superman's weakness in Emerald world is radioactive marshmallow," Trent grinned as soon as he was finished drinking his can of pop. "Ah... the 2010s... crazy times."

    "Excuse me, may we sit here?" Everyone's attention shifted towards the owner of the new voice. Sera smiled sweetly at everyone else as she stood with her tray of food in hand. Linda was standing behind Sera while looking as though she were interested in the mashed potatoes she had bought for lunch. Both Leafy and Monica looked equally interested in their food and refused to look back up at Sera. Both of them had flushed looks on their faces.

    "Sure! The more the merrier!" Trent exclaimed with a happy look on his face. "Plenty of seats at this table, anyway."

    "Thank you," Sera replied as she took a seat while motioning for Linda to follow suit. "By the way, did you boys enjoy the show last night?"

    "We sure did," Trent grinned as he grabbed another can of pop from the small pyramid in front of him. As soon as Sera's question was asked, Leafy sprayed coke all over the table while Monica's face went redder. Trent immediately followed up with his own question, "Who's faster, Superman or Flash?"


    One day ago...

    "Ugh..." Monica groaned as she slowly came about. She lifted her head and her field of vision started coming back into focus. The muscles in her arms, legs, neck, and pretty much everywhere else were sore from exhaustion and pain. It took her a few seconds before she realized that she was in the locker room. The first person she noticed was one of her classmates, Linda. Linda, without any clothes on, was kneeling on the floor submissively with her head down and her hands behind her back. Behind Linda was another of her classmates, Sera Spykes, who was also not wearing any clothes.

    Her eyes widened and her brain immediately became alert as she recalled the past events. That mysterious masked woman almost had her, but she was... saved by Sera? No... Sera knocked her out with some kind of sleeping spell right after that. Sera said that Monica was hers, so did her alleged saviour intend to own her? No... she didn't want to become a slave... that's not what she wanted!

    The Japanese girl tried to move her arms and legs, but to no avail for her wrists and ankles were tied with thick white scarves. She was hanging approximately one foot from the floor with her wrists above her head. Her ankles were tied together with one scarf while her wrists were tied to the long scarf she was dangling from. The scarf her wrists were attached to appeared to thread through some invisible pulley before ending tied up to the leg of one of the benches.

    "It's no use trying to resist. Those scarves by themselves are stronger than steel even without my spells," Sera smirked with her arms crossed in front of herself. She licked her lips and eyed the prize in front of her with predatory intent in her serpent-like eyes. The slits that were her pupils bore deep into the pale and soft flesh of the bounded Japanese girl. Her tongue flicked in and out of her mouth like a snake tasting its caught prey.

    "Let me go or else," Monica threatened as she stopped her struggling long enough for her eyes to meet Sera's. She refused to look like some deer caught in headlights just waiting to die. Her sharp brown eyes met Sera's predatory gaze like two swords crossing for the first time. Neither the proud serpent nor the cornered wolf were willing to be the first to back down.

    "Now is that anyway to treat the person who saved your life, Moto-chan?" Sera asked with an obviously fake hurt look on her face. Her devilish grin returned as she cupped a finger under Monica's chin. The tip of her polished nail trailed along the surface of the bounded girl's throat. Monica held her breathe and kept herself from gulping as her eyes stayed on Sera's. Sera withdrew her finger and backed away with what looked to be a satisfied look on her face.

    "You... you tied me up," Monica replied as soon as she found her voice again. "And don't call me Moto-chan."

    "Oh, by the way, go ahead and speak Japanese if you want. I'll understand what you're saying," Sera said as she turned around and waved her hand in a dismissive manner. She walked away towards the row of lockers on the far end of the locker room.

    "*Damn mother-fucking bitch! Lemme outta these shitty scarves or Ah'll ice ya fucking punk-ass!*" Monica growled angrily in Japanese as she continued struggling with her bounds. "*Think yer something damn special cause ya got me all tied up? 'Fraid tah fucking face me one-on-one? Damn slut better watch yerself or a blade'll go down yer cock-suckin' throat!*"

    "Well... I certainly didn't expect that," Sera closed her eyes and chuckled in response to the foreign profanity. She took hold of one of the locker doors and swung the locker open revealing a knocked-out Leafy/Thirteen. The passed out teen fell forth and dropped on his side against the floor. He appeared to be to out of it to notice any pain that he might had felt had he been awake.

    "Thirteen... Thirteen! Wake up! Wake up, Thirteen!" Monica cried out as soon as she recognized the face of her new friend. She struggled harder against her bonds and the look of the fierce warrior vanished from her face. She glared at Sera and demanded, "What did you do to him? Tell me!"

    "He won't be hearing you anytime soon, Moto-chan," Sera smirked as she stepped gingerly over Thirteen's body. She made her way to the next locker and opened that door to reveal a familiar-looking katana. She picked up the katana and held it out for Monica to see. It was a shinken sword made for battou-jutsu and iai-jutsu. "This is a very nice sword you have here. A gift from a friend?"

    "*Wha... get yer filthy hand off my sword!*" Monica shouted angrily. "*How the hell did ya get that? Fucking thief!*"

    "Tell me something, do you often play with this?" Sera asked as she held the hilt of the sword under her nose. She sniffed along the black handle before flicking the tip of her tongue against the handguard. "The smell of your girl juice is all over the sword. Even the blade? My... someone likes to play dangerously."

    "*I...*" Monica wasn't sure how to reply and her struggling stopped. Her face went red with embarrassment and her will was beginning to weaken. Even in this sort of humiliated state, she managed to get some words out, "*It's none of your business what I do, ya got that?*"

    "I'll take that as a yes," Sera smiled seductively as she unsheathed the sword while approaching the bound Japanese girl again. She stared admiringly at the fine craftsmanship put into the forging of the blade. She lowered the tip of the blade and pressed it against the inner part of Monica's ankles, just above the scarves.

    "*If yer gonna kill me, just do it. Kill me so that Ah can haunt ya as a ghost fer all eternity,*" Monica growled as she suppressed a gasp of pleasure. It was humiliating and horrifying for she found herself getting excited from all the tension in the air. It was hard to admit to herself that she was getting wet from being naked and vulnerable in front of her more dominant classmate.

    "Do you honestly believe you can defeat me in a one-on-one fight, Moto-chan?" Sera asked as she slowly drew the blade upwards along the inner part her captive's legs. The cold metal of the samurai sword pressed lightly against the fleshy skin before stopping right below the pussy.

    Monica breathed deeply as the sword stayed in that position for a few seconds. It was as if time stood still for the both of them as they stared into each other's eyes. The Japanese girl's fierce and determined eyes returned as soon as eye contact was re-established. Sera had to admit to herself that she had not met sharper eyes in centuries with the exception of her parents. Although she was in the superior position, she held deep respect for her captive.

    "Linda dear, please take Mr. Berserker and wait for me outside of this locker room," Sera said as her face softened and her eyes closed. She relaxed her grip on the shinken and appeared much calmer than before. For some reason, that was enough to disperse the tension in the air.

    "Yes Mistress," Linda nodded before grabbing Thirteen by the wrists and dragging him out of the locker room.

    "Something strange is going on in this school and I don't like it," Sera explained as she withdrew the shinken and sheathed the blade. She held the sword out horizontally in front of Monica's face and continued with her words, "It would be best if we were on the same side. However, I was not sure whether or not you were strong enough to be my ally. If you still want to fight, then let's fight. I'll consider it the last test of your abilities."

    With that, the scarf that Monica was hanging from fell from its invisible pulley and loosened its grip around the confused girl's wrists. The scarf from the ankles also loosened up and allowed the Japanese girl to land on her feet properly. She planted the palm of her left hand against the floor, then rose to her feet. Her eyes narrowed in anger and rage at the other girl in front of her.

    "*Who the hell do you think you are?*" Monica screamed as she furiously snatched back her sword by the sheath right next to the handguard. She kicked out with a left side-kick while twisting her shinken out of Sera's grasp. When she felt nothing but air, she continued whirling around in a clock-wise rotation and unsheathed her blade at the same time.

    "I'm Sera, the daughter of the Feng the Snake King and Huang the Vixen Illusionist," Sera replied with pride evident in her voice. Her hands made semi-circular motions with her hands moving inwards and upwards. At the same time, her scarves flew upwards and crossed each other to block the horizontal slash towards her neck. "Who the hell are you?"


    "*I'm Motoko Kurenai, fourth disciple of the Double-Sword Devil-Slayer,*" Motoko shot back with gritted teeth bared at her opponent. She could not believe it, but she was still getting excited! The thought of fighting nakedly against this stronger foe was getting her aroused. Her heart was racing and adrenaline was reintroduced into her veins once more. She was going to have the time of her life.

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    WTF High's School Defense Force - Lesson III

    "And now we come to the third chapter... AKA Lesson III," Rock grumbled as he stood in front of the unseen audience. He crossed his arms and scowled, "What I wanna know is.. what the hell happened to the 13th part of SDF? Stupid author couldn't just finish my story before starting up this series."

    "I am sure he has a good reason for doing so," Monica/Motoko placed a hand on Rock's arm to console his anger. For some odd (maybe not, considering who the author is) reason, the Japanese girl was completely nude save for the chain belt around her waist and the shinken that was attached to it.

    "Yeah, I- wha... why are you naked?" Rock exclaimed with wide eyes as soon as he noticed the state of undress that his companion was in. After a few seconds of silence, a perverse look etched across his face. With lustful eyes, he dangled his fingers in the air as if ready to tear open a wrapped gift. "I see... I see now... I forgive you, Mr. Author."

    "No! That is not why!" Monica screamed as she dashed away from Rock while covering her breasts and womanhood with her arms and hands. She slammed the bottom of her right foot into her classmate's chin all the while shouting, "Did you not read the last chapter? I was fighting Sera in the end and I did not have any clothes on!"

    "Ow... damn hack of a writer..." Rock grumbled as he slumped to the ground with fresh blood coming out of his nose. "Give me a break already..."

    "*We'll be starting this chapter from where we left off,*" Monica explained while still covering her private parts from the unseen audience. "*We hope that you enjoy this chapter at least as much as the first two. The author would also like to apologize for the crappiness in the second chapter and will try to make it up to you with more sex scenes... right after my fight.*"


    "Excuse me, is this the chess club?" Domino, AKA Thirteen and Leafy, asked as he entered the classroom. The classroom lights were off and only one of the windows was open. As a result, the room was completely dark save for a sliver of light that fell upon a newly set up chessboard.

    A hand reached out from the darkness and moved the fourth black pawn from the left two spaces forward. The hand retreated into the darkness and Tim's voice replied, "Yeah... it is."

    Title: WTF High's School Defense Force - Lesson III
    Class: 4D
    Room: 104
    The Enchantress versus the Demon Huntress! Alright, a catfight! Er... sort of... (runs off to check wikipedia's definition)

    Two days ago...

    "*I'm Motoko Kurenai, fourth disciple of the Double-Sword Devil-Slayer,*" Motoko shot back with gritted teeth bared at her opponent. She could not believe it, but she was still getting excited! The thought of fighting nakedly against this stronger foe was getting her aroused. Her heart was racing and adrenaline was reintroduced into her veins once more. She was going to have the time of her life.

    The first thing Motoko did was back off and resheathe her sword at a distance from her opponent. The metallic alloy of the blade screamed into the air as it instantly returned to its sheath. She made a small hop over a bench so that she was crouching behind it. The sword girl reached around behind her back with her right middle finger and thumb and gripped a barely noticeable metal orb that was sticking out of the sheath right below the handguard. The metal orb was around the size of a push pin and a thin chain was attaching it to the sheath.

    As Motoko harshly ripped the small orb from the sheath, the chain grew longer until it was around the Japanese girl's waist. With the chain around her waist, she pushed the metal orb into a small hole in the sheath that was opposite of where the chain started. A small click was heard and the chain hugged snuggly against the soft flesh that was Monica's hips. Now she was free to use both hands without fear of losing her sheath.

    "You're a hundred years too early to challenge me and a thousand years early to defeat me," Sera smirked as she whipped out her right arm and swung it ferociously until her hand was pointing slightly to her left. The white scarf on her right flew forth and made a beeline towards Motoko in sync with the demoness' arm movement.

    "*Damn bitch ain't seen nothing yet,*" Motoko spat as she rose sharply with all of her weight shifted onto her left foot. Her right foot flew upwards and slammed against the underside of the bench that was in front of her. The side of the bench that was on Motoko's right flew upwards with the legs on the left end acting as the pivotal point. The top part of the bench slammed against the incoming scarf attack and pushed it to the side. Seeing an opening, the young demon huntress dashed forth and her hand on the hilt of her sword. In the corner of her eye she saw the bench snap in half, which surprisingly did not faze her in the least.

    "Are you forgetting my other scarf, girl?" Sera chuckled as she pulled her right hand back and threw a left hook at the same time. In response, the right scarf returned to its owner's side while the left scarf flew out and made an arc so that it was aiming from Motoko's right side. It was obvious that the scarves were mimicking Sera's every movement and judging from the broken bench, they weren't going to be soft taps against the skin.

    "Kuso..." Motoko growled under her breathe as soon as she noticed the attack. If she sped up she could avoid the attack, but she would be in between Sera and a possible attack from behind. If she stopped she could also avoid the attack that way, but she would be cut off from her opponent by a possible backlash attack. There was no time to think, so she reacted instinctively.

    "Oh?" Sera blinked in surprise as the tip of the shinken blade rose upwards towards her face. Motoko met the attacking scarf with the bottom of her right foot raised at face level. She kicked the underside of the scarf in order to redirect the attack so that it passed above her head. At the same time, she drew her blade and made a vertical upward slash towards the chin.

    "*Huh?*" Motoko suddenly found herself sinking sharply to the floor and her attack shifted towards Sera's left side. The blade swung harmlessly past the blonde's left shoulder as the Japanese girl's left ankle was dragged to the side. The young demon huntress looked down and noticed that Sera's right scarf managed to snag her ankle. As she sank towards the floor, she narrowed her eyes, gripped the hilt with both hands, and swung downwards.

    "Heh... I see lots of potential here," Sera smirked as she caught the blade with her left hand before it reached her milky white skin. Surprisingly, though perhaps not too surprisingly, the blade drew no blood from her hand. While gripping the blade, she yanked the sword out of the shocked girl's hands. Once her opponent was unarmed, she planted the bottom of her right foot onto the Japanese girl's face and pushed her backwards.

    "*Wha... I lost...*" Motoko gasped in shock as soon as her bare back was against the floor. She knew her opponent was strong, but she thought she had at least a chance of winning. The only reason she lost to the masked woman was because of the zapper wards and Sera defeated the masked woman with a sneak attack. With those in mind, she was sure she was able to win in a one on one fight.

    The Japanese teen snapped out of it when she felt a scarf wrap around her right ankle. She looked down in time to notice that the scarves were pulling her ankles apart and forcing her to do the splits. The scarves appeared as though they were threaded through an invisible pulley attached the bottom of the walls opposite of each other. Her buttocks dragged along the floor and her wet pussy made a small trail of girl cum.

    "Interesting, you were leaking during that last attack," Sera noted as she pressed her knees against her defeated opponent's biceps. She gripped the other girl's wrists and positioned herself so that her pussy right was above Motoko's face. Her eyes were on a trail of girl juice that started from where Motoko chained her sheath to her waist. The trail followed the path of the final dash and stopped right where the humiliated girl's pussy sat. "Did I really make you that excited? Were you really that turned on by me? Why... I'm flattered."

    "*Sh-shut up,*" Motoko growled as her face went beet red. She tried to lift her body, but with Sera on top of her and her legs spread apart, she was unable to. She also tried to move her wrists, but her captor's hands were like a pair of titanium-made manacles. She hadn't experienced such strength since her spars with Sanae-Sempai and Sensei.

    "Don't worry, I don't plan on forcing you to become my slave, if that's what you're thinking," Sera smiled as her vertical pupils returned to normal. She released her grip and stood up before commanding her scarves to release the Japanese girl's ankles as well. She stepped back and held out a hand towards Motoko. "I just wanted to see the Shin Onitsurugi-Ryuu style for myself, that's all."

    "*I... you...*" Motoko stammered as she looked up at the smiling girl. The girl she was facing was different from the demoness she faced just a while ago. Was it a facade? A trap? No... there was no reason for Sera to trick her now that the difference in their strengths were proven. She tentatively accepted the hand and gingerly rose to her feet. Her face was still beet red.

    "Now now, there's no shame in getting wet between the legs, Moto-chan," Sera assured the other girl as she pressed her body up against her. Their nipples lined up and rubbed against each other in the process. Before Motoko could get away, the blonde girl slipped her left hand under the chain while her right hand touched the Japanese girl's soft cheek. "I'm feeling kind of horny myself, you know? Why don't we play a different game now?"

    "*Wha... what game... are you...*" Motoko gasped before she fell silent by her aroused state of mind. She could feel her body bending to the will of the eyes of the demoness before her. The young sword girl tried to fight back, but after suffering a defeat in an exhausting battle, she simply could not muster the strength to do so.

    "Shh... just relax and let me do all the work," Sera shushed while pressing the tip of her slender index finger against her new prey's lips. She leaned in and moved her right hand so that it was behind Motoko's head. The blonde girl gripped the Japanese girl's hair and firmly pressed their lips together. Like a serpent seeking out her prey, the dominant girl's tongue invaded the other girl's mouth and explored.

    "Mmm..." Motoko could easily feel herself melting in the palm of the predator's hand. As if they had minds of their own, she felt her arms wrap themselves around Sera. She allowed her hands to feel the softness of the skin on the other girl's back. She allowed the other girl to explore her mouth as much as she wanted. The sword girl closed her eyes and allowed herself to simply relax and go with the flow of things.

    Sera reached down with her hands and began unchaining Motoko's sheath. With her tongue still slithering away along the sword girl's own tongue, she disconnected the chain and dropped the sheath onto the floor. Once that was done with, she placed her left hand on the back of Motoko's neck and the other hand on the small of her back. She guided her new partner onto the floor of the locker room, all the while planting butterfly kisses along the other girl's collarbone.

    The serpent-eyed girl continued her advances by groping the breasts with gentle and loving hands. As soon as she heard a moan come out of the sword girl's throat, Sera used her index and middle fingers and thumbs to carefully twist the nipples from side to side. While she was doing this, her face was pressed up against the space between the other girl's chin and throat.

    Sera's pussy was hovering just above Motoko's and they could feel the heat coming from each other. Their moans of pleasure intertwined like a melody of hot sex. Their breathes were equally heavy and they could feel each other's pulse race with adrenaline. The two girls gazed into each others eyes with lust and spirit reflected into each other. One was cunning and deadly while the other remained strong and proud despite the circumstances.

    Their outer lips rubbed up against each other, causing both of them to moan simultaneously. They pressed their pussies together and instantly found a rhythm as if they knew what the other was thinking. The clitoral hoods of the two girls peeled back as they found their way towards each other. Their moans began shrieks and their shrieks became screams. Sweat poured down their backs and the entire room was filled with intense sexual energy.

    "*Oh my god... it feels... it...* kimochi..." Motoko screamed as she rocked her hips back and forth in ecstasy. She wrapped her arms around her new lover and pulled her down into an embrace. They screamed into each others ears and they brought each other to orgasm. The feelings of pleasure could be felt under each others skin and each jolt one felt caused another jolt in the other. Their soft and pale flesh rubbed up against each other and their juices mixed together into a puddle of sexual fluids.

    Motoko stuck her tongue out and wiggled it with a look of pure bliss on her face. Her face was still blushing red with embarrassment and arousal in her cute expression. Sera smiled herself before leaning her head down accepting the invitation. Their tongues danced and twirled between each other's faces as they closed their eyes and made out. A trail of saliva connected them and added to the lust that they felt for each other.

    Sera pulled away from the kiss and straightened up while straddling the other girl. She moved backwards, all the while allowing her wet pussy to drip with fresh and clear girl cum. She knelt between Motoko's legs and spread them before reaching back with her left hand. The blonde girl felt around until her fingers caught hold of the chain of the sword girl's sheath.

    With a devilish look on her face, Sera grabbed hold of the sheath with both hands and held the tip above her lover's pussy. With a dazed look on her face, Motoko looked up in time to see her sheath enter her pussy. Gasping at the sudden intrusion, her head flew back onto the floor and her arms and legs tensed up in excitement. She planted her feet against the locker room floor and raised her ass in acceptance.

    "Every time you use this to play with yourself, I want you to think of me," Sera smirked as she firmly pushed the sheath deeper into the sword girl's dripping wet cunt. The sheath made a squishy sound each time it moved further into the juicy canal and made Motoko moan with pleasure at the same time. The blonde girl continued forcing the sheath deeper until around seven inches of it was inside. Once she felt it was far enough inside, she started fucking the Japanese girl with her own sheath, "Do you do this often? Do you fuck yourself with your own sword every night? Did you want a cock in there? Is that why?"

    Motoko was too busy humping her pussy against her sheath to answer. Her eyes rolled back and drool started coming out of the corner of her mouth. She just kept rocking her hips in while abandon as she felt herself reach yet another climax. She rode the waves of pleasure as the walls of her womanhood tightened around the sheath like a vice.

    "Screw this, I want some of that pussy for myself," Sera growled as she instantly ripped the sheath out with one movement of her hand. This caused the Japanese girl before her to scream out and squirt even more of her girl juices. Motoko was exhausted and her pussy was completely sensitive and sore from the orgasms. That was why it was so easy for her to reach another orgasm when she felt a tongue on her pussy.

    The Japanese girl jerked and twitched around as Sera held her down and continued licking away with her soft and skillful tongue. She felt the blonde girl work her way around the outer lips before moving along the inner labia. Her fingers clenched together and formed a fist while her toes curled up in response. Her muscles tightened up and her voice reached a new level of screaming as soon as she felt the tip of Sera's tongue on her clit. The direct stimulation to the exhausted girl's clit was enough to bring her to another climax.

    "Moto-chan? Are you okay?" Sera stopped her licking and looked towards Motoko's face. A smirk stretched along her lips as she reached over and brushed the sword girl's hair to the side. The blonde dominant girl stood up with the sheath in her right hand and walked over to pick up the blade. She sheathed the sword, then laid it next to Motoko's exhausted body. Her smirk became softer and turned into a simple smile as she looked down at the Japanese girl's face.

    "Mmm..." Motoko moaned as she tried to focus her eyes on the face of her new lover. She was too weak to answer Sera's question, so she simply looked up with unblinking eyes. Her breathing was starting to slow down as she did her best to calm herself and ride out the last of the waves. She felt herself getting pulled into a deep sleep, but she did her best to stay awake.

    As promised, I won't force you to become my slave. You have a lot of untapped potential in both fighting and sex, Moto-chan, Sera whispered into Motoko's mind as she planted one final kiss on the lips. She got up and moved to leave the locker room, tasting her prey's juices on her fingers as she did so. If you're interested in getting stronger, pay me a visit some time this week. Bring the Berserker boy with you while you're at it. He'll know where to go, even if he doesn't right now.

    With that, she was gone.


    Still on the first day of school... (Warning! Bestiality up ahead!)

    "I hope Mistress Sera is okay," Linda mumbled to herself as she sat down on the floor with her back against the wall. She twiddled her thumbs nervously and kept telling herself that it was going to be fine. She kept reminding herself of Sera's unnaturally monstrous strength and power. She had only known the blond girl for a day, but she felt as if she knew her all her life. Ever since she locked eyes with such a beautiful goddess, she surrendered her mind, spirit, and body to her new Mistress.

    Right beside her and lying down on the floor was a knocked out Thirteen. The brunette with red streaks in her hair was told to get her unconscious classmate out of the locker room and wait for the fight to end. She considered peeking in, but she was sure that her Mistress would not like that one bit. All she could do for now was sit buck naked in the hallway next to a guy who saw her getting dominated by a beautiful and powerful blonde.

    "What's wrong? Your Mistress kick you out or something?" A voice asked mischievously from down the hall.

    Linda immediately stood and faced the source of the voice with a fearful look on her face. She hadn't anticipated anyone else staying after school... but then again, she hadn't anticipated Thirteen and Monica/Motoko interrupting her time with Sera, either. Whoever it was, the young submissive wasn't sure if she could drive him away in her current state.

    "You know, you were pretty hot in there with that Sera chick. It was a very nice show you put on for Thirteen and I," Trent grinned as he looked Linda up and down as if he were checking out a painting or some other work of art. For some odd reason, he did not have any clothes on, but he acted as if that was a normal thing. He was more than ten metres away when he got Linda's attention. In the blink of an eye, he was standing right in front of the startled girl with his face only inches from hers. "I don't suppose you're interested in guys as well?"

    "Uh... um... I only like Mistress and only Mistress," Linda managed to squeak out after getting startled by Trent's quick movements. The trembling submissive took one too many steps back and ended up against the wall. The first thing she wondered was how anyone could grow their hair as long as Trent did. The second thing she wondered about was how anyone was able to move that fast. She considered the possibility of teleportation, but such things only existed in sci-fi and fantasy... right?

    "Really? That's too bad, cause I was hoping I'd have a chance with you," Trent smirked as he planted a hand against the wall next to Linda's head. He moved his face closer to the frightened brunette and added, "You look ready for a good fucking what with that dripping wet cunt of yours, so I thought I'd ask. Guess not, huh? Oh well... I guess I'll see if Sera's interested."

    "I... I..." Linda stammered as she watched her classmate head towards the locker room. After a moment's hesitation, she grabbed the long-haired blond guy by the arm and exclaimed, "Wait! You can't go in there. You... you just can't! Mistress will get mad if she knew I let you in there. I'm sure of it!"

    "Then you're going to have to give me a reason to stay out of there," Trent grinned as he reached up with his right hand and brushed Linda's bangs to the side. He towered over the submissive girl and looked deep down into her eyes. "Have you even fucked a guy before?"

    "Um... not... not really. Do dogs count?" Linda's mind practically exploded with humiliation as soon as the words were out. She wondered what the hell was wrong with her for mentioning that! When she was fourteen, she lost her virginity to her pet dog, a Great Dane named Jingles. She was desperate to please her Mistress, but she was sure she could had done that without asking if dogs counted. She shut her eyes in shame and waited for Trent's disgusted rejection.

    "Dogs, huh? So you're into dogs," Trent smirked as he lowered himself so that his face was right in front of Linda's pussy. He grabbed hold of the trembling submissive by the hips and dipped his head forward.

    "Huh?" Linda snapped her eyes open with shock when she felt heavy breathing on her pussy. With that shocked expression still on her face, she looked down and gasped. Sitting on his haunches and licking the shocked girl's pussy was a golden retriever with light brown fur and sky blue eyes. The dog's front paws were on either side of Linda's hips and pushing against the wall behind her. The soft pink tongue of the golden retriever was practically slobbering all over the brunette's pussy. With wide open eyes, the girl asked, "Are... are you... real?"

    "Does it feel real? Do you want me to stop?" Trent, the talking dog, looked up into the shocked girl's face and started panting heavily. When he got no response, he continued licking away at his submissive classmate's snatch with vigourous attention.

    "Ah-no... st... don't st-stop..." Linda moaned with pleasure as she felt the attention on her pussy continue. Her bare back against the wall slid down until her buttocks reached the floor. She trembled as she planted her hands against the floor and opened up her legs so that her furry friend had more access to her womanhood. She hadn't felt like this since Jingles died a couple years ago. It brought back a lot of sweet and wonderful memories. Sweet, wonderful, and naughty memories.

    The submissive girl's breathing became heavier and her heart raced with pleasure. She pushed her ass forward and the back of her neck against the wall. She shuddered and shivered as if she were being electrocuted from the inside as each lick sent her closer and closer to heaven. As the dog's tongue lapped away, Linda's hands reached up and pulled the dog's head closer. A new wave of pleasure hit her as she felt the canine tongue drive deeper into her love canal.

    "Ah... ah... right there... that's the spot..." Linda gasped as she guided the dog's head towards her clit. Her favourite kind of lick was the kind that went from her anus up to her exposed clitoris. That was the kind of lick that sent the submissive bitch over the edge. Trent did that kind of lick three times in a row, sending the submissive bitch over the edge and beyond.

    Electric signals danced around within the brunette's body, sending her into a frenzy of ecstasy. Sparks of pleasure travelled throughout her arms, legs, hands, feet, fingers, and toes. Shivers went up her spine as her orgasm subsided and her juices squirted out from her pussy. The waves kept going for Trent did not stop with just one orgasm. The shape-shifting human-dog continued lapping away, sending more powerful waves of electric sparks down the girl's spine. It was enough to induce a second orgasm... and a third one right after that.

    Linda would had gladly accepted a fourth orgasm with open-arms, but she wanted more than just licking. With trembling hands, she somehow found the strength to lift her left leg over Trent's head and face the wall. She placed her right forearm against the wall and reached back with her left hand. With her knees against the floor, she used her left fingers to spread her pussy lips wide open for her canine partner to see.

    "Please... please fuck me," Linda begged as she breathed heavily from her last three orgasms. She placed her forehead against her right forearm and kept her pussy lips open with her left middle finger and thumb. It didn't take long before she felt the shape-shifter mount her. Within seconds, the head of the canine's cock was up against the entrance to the brown-haired bitch's wet canal. With her pussy already wet, it didn't take long for the cock to enter her and start fucking away. "Ah... like that. Harder... give it to me harder. Keep... keep fucking me. Please!"

    "You asked for it, bitch," Trent smirked as he continued pounding away at the wanton slut. His tongue hung out as he panted heavily as all dogs do. In his human form, his cock was around seven inches, which was already pretty big for a human male. However, his cock was easily twice that size when he was in his dog form. For that reason, he was particularly proud of being a dog. There were other reason, of course, but that was one of them.

    "I'm your bitch! I'm your slut! Do whatever the hell you want to me, but keep using me like the bitch I am!" Linda screamed out as she tried to push back in unison with the dog's movements. One of the advantages of getting fucked by a dog was that a dog was unpredictable with his thrusts. They just pounded away like there was no tomorrow, so pushing back when the dog thrust forward felt like winning the orgasmic lottery.

    Linda wailed in pleasure as the electric sparks came back for yet another dance within her body. The dance of the sparks continued even as fresh dog cum filled her cunt to the brim. Her body collapsed against the floor and her arms splayed out in front of her. Her knees remained bent for the dog's cock was still inside her vagina. A familiar sensation crossed her mind as she felt a knot form inside her pussy. There was no point in trying to pull it out, so she decided to simply wait for the knot to disappear.

    "One of the advantages of being a shape-shifting human-dog hybrid is that I can simply turn human when I want the knot out," Trent smirked as he changed back into his human form. He pulled his cock out of Linda's pussy, then changed back into his golden retriever form. With his cock still dripping with fresh semen, he pressed his tongue against Linda's pussy and started cleaning up the mess. Pride filled his heart once he sent his submissive bitch into a fifth orgasm.


    "Ugh..." Monica/Motoko groaned as she finally decided to get up off the locker room floor. She still feel her own juices mixed in with her saliva and Sera's saliva and pussy juice sticking to her inner thighs. Her eyes wandered around the room until they rested upon the clock. Apparently, it hadn't been that long since Sera left the locker room after the intense... Monica's face reddened as soon as she thought about it.

    With wobbly legs and a pounding headache, she walked over to her locker and swung open the door. She reached around with a trembling hand until she found her P.E. clothes and started to put them on. She wondered for a moment whether or not she should take a shower first before putting on her clothes. She decided against it and simply donned the P.E. outfit, checking to make sure her juices did not soak through at the same time.

    Once that was done with, she picked up her katana and froze for a second when she realized that it was still sticky. The demon huntress used her hands to wipe off her fluids as best she could before giving up. With a sword smelling like pussy and her entire body smelling like sex and sweat, she left the locker room. As soon as she did, the first thing she saw was a golden retriever running around chasing his tail.

    "Oh... hey there, Monica!" Trent exclaimed as he stopped chasing his tail long enough to greet his bewildered classmate. While still in dog form, he walked over and sniffed the Japanese girl's pussy. "Sera just took Linda and left. So what'd ya do in there, anyway? A little girl-bonding, I take it?"

    "Ah... wha... how... wha..." Monica stammered with a bewildered look on her face. Questions went through her head such as 'How did he know my name?' or 'Is he a friendly talking dog or is this a trick?'. She immediately calmed herself down and reminded herself that she had seen much stranger sights as a demon huntress and sword girl. She sought out the words she wanted to say before asking, "Who are you and how do you know Sera?"

    "Heh, the name's Trent and I'm a student in your homeroom," Trent replied as he changed into his human form. All of his long hair hung down to his ankles while the front part of his body was exposed for the world to see. Well... exposed to anyone in the hallway to see, anyway. He held out a hand and grinned, "Nice to meetcha. I'm a friend of this guy, Thirteen over there, by the way. We caught Sera's show live, but I guess he got busted or something."

    "Er... I... I see..." Monica replied as she blushed at the sight of Trent's nudity. Unlike everyone else, she did not wonder about the blonde boy's super long hair. She wondered about the blonde boy's ability to change into a dog and vice versa. She had met some shape-shifters before, but never thought there was one in her homeroom class. She looked away and asked, "I don't suppose you could put on some clothes?"

    "Sure, they're in my locker near Thirteen's," Trent replied as he grabbed Thirteen by the ankles and started dragged him down the hallway. He waved Monica over to follow him, picked up the ankle he dropped, and continued dragging his new friend.

    "Wait a minute, you will hit his head!" Monica exclaimed as she rushed forward and grabbed Thirteen by the armpits and helped carried her unconscious classmate. Her face reddened even more as soon as she noticed that she was pressing Thirteen's face against her crotch. Thanking whoever was in charge of the afterlife for her classmate's unconscious state, she lifted Thirteen up further and away from her pussy. That was when another thought clicked into her head, "Wait a minute, how did you know my name?"


    Later that night...

    "I'm sorry Mistress, I didn't mean to disobey you," Linda cried as she knelt on the locker room floor. She was wearing a green tank-top with a black miniskirt and high-heel sandals. Small rings made of jade hung down from her ears and a jade bracelet encircled her left wrist. "I just had to stop that dog-man from interrupting your work, Mistress."

    "Shh... it's quite alright," Sera assured her new pet as she patted her on the head like a dog. She turned away from the distressed Linda and said, "We only met just recently, after all. It's not like we've made any commitments to each other. At least not yet, anyway."

    "I want to commit to you, Mistress," Linda sobbed as tears rolled down her cheeks. "I want to be your slave. I've never felt this way until I met you. Please make me your slave."

    "Go home and think about it first. We can talk about it when you've calmed down," Sera replied as she stood in front of one of the lockers in the locker room. She opened up the door with a smirk on her face. On the bottom of the locker were fragments of a coil of rope, a saliva-covered ball-gag, and a vibrator that was still vibrating. Sera touched her chin in a thoughtful manner and said, "Oh dear... looks like she escaped. Oh well... hope she enjoyed the show I put on for her, anyway."


    "That demoness... I can't believe it. Of all the schools, she just had to pick this one," A naked woman wearing only a mask and sunglasses growled as she looked down from the school rooftop. A trail of her own juice ran down her legs as she fingered away at her pussy. In her other hand, she held Monica's panties to her face. She lowered her masked and sniffed the panties as she masturbated away in the chilly night air. "Still... there are quite a few worthy prizes out here including the demoness herself. I guess I have no choice but to resort to some... supernatural forces myself."

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