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    Continuing from previous story. I hope somebody's actually enjoying it...



    The column of hooded riders stopped abruptly at the voice of their leader. Ayenna kept her hand raised as she scanned the snowy forest for the source of the noise.

    "Whoever you are, come out!"

    They have been patrolling the outskirts of the snow-covered forest of Narval while hunting for the servants of Witch-Queen, whose power grew with each passing year in geometric pace. The winter was perpetual in Narval, which is why the forest and the vast area surrouding it were called "The Ring of Frost". Few human beings could have been found in the expanses of Narval - most of its inhabitants were the gruesome creatures that did Witch-Queens bidding and were born of Her will. Even the animals avoided the place, which is why when the stony silence of the accursed forest was disturbed Ayenna knew it could only one thing.

    "Spare us!", the voice coming from beyond the trees seemed human.

    "How many of you are there?", cried the blond-haired warrior, while unsheating her powerfully Worded sword.

    "Just the two of us!"

    "Show yourselves!"

    Two lithe human figures came from beyond the trees. They were dressed in slightly ragged tunics; a woman who appeared to be forty according to Earthly standards and a boy of about eighteen according to the same.

    "They seem human enough", said one of the hooded riders.

    Ayenna hushed him.

    "What are you doing here?", she asked.

    "We managed to escape Ice Palace!", said the woman. Ayenna noticed she was tall and had dark hair.

    "Nobody escapes Ice Palace!", cried Ayenna, "Now explain yourselves or die!"

    "We were helped by Eleyan Ney of the Tenth Chapter!", said the woman, "Kill me if you wish, but spare the boy! Eleyan sacrificed herself so that he could be released!"

    Ayenna mulled her words.

    "Let's say I believe you.", she finally said, sheating her sword, "We're just a mile away from the nearest human settlements. Since we were going back anyway, we could take you there."

    The two travellers looked at each other with disbelief.


    The Black Riders were the armed branch of the Order. For almost a year the Order went silent, stopping all but for the most provisional actions against Abbaramanon the Witch-Queen, but the patrols on the borders of Narval were still being held. There were some disturbing news about her power spilling over to the Earth, the original home of all Meirennians. No inhabitant of Meirenn really missed the world from which their ancestors came, but neither they wanted violence inflicted upon its inhabitants.

    When a Black Rider appeared near a settlement, it meant that, for now, the place is safe from the raids of the dark creatures from the forest. This is why at the sight of the approaching column Arun clasped his hands.

    He abandoned the task of Wording his little garden so it could give him crops; little or no menial labor was performed in Meirenn, by the free people at least; all things were accomplished by Words.

    "Arlete! Merene! The Order has come!", he called out to his daughters.

    Among the riders he recognized the familiar face of Ayenna. She and her riders passed through the area a few times.

    "Isn't it Arun the Kind?", she greeted him with a smile, "And who is with him?"

    "You haven't had chance to meet my daughters Arlete and Merene", he pointed at two black-haired girls behind him, one of them seventeen, the other ninenteen, "They were out travelling."

    The girls raised their dresses slightly and put their feet forward in a gesture of greeting.

    "And who's with you?", he pointed to the dark-haired woman in rags and her boy.

    "That's a long story."


    "She claims to be Mayanne Seyre from the Tenth Chapter", said Ayenna, "She also says she spent a long time on the Earth and that's where she claims she was ambushed."

    "And the boy?", asked Arun.

    They were sitting in his kitchen, just next to the dining hall where a loud celebration was taking place. The Riders were relieved to have come out of the darkness of Narval, even though they technically still remained in its shadow.

    "That's where things get interesting", said Ayenna, "She claims he's one of the Chosen. That's why so much effort went into liberating them."

    "This doesn't hold water", said Arun, "If the Chosen was lost to the Witch-Queen then why didn't Order tell us about it?"

    "You're talking to a low-ranking member", said Ayenna, "But the conclusions are obvious, at least to me: we're losing the war, and Order is hiding the fact to prevent panic."

    "Are you joining us?", one of Ayenna's riders banged on the door, "We're itching for some fun."

    "Give us a minute!", replied Arun.

    "Arun", Ayenna covered put her hand on top of his, "There's no reason for you to stay under the shadow of this accursed forest. You can leave with me and my riders tomorrow. "

    "Actually, there is a reason", said Arun, "Several reasons, in fact."

    He rose from his bench and opened the door.

    "We have special guests tonight", he said as he stood beside the fire that burned in the center of the hall, "Arlete, Melene, give them your special favor!"

    The two girls stood before their father and beside the fire.

    "Music! Music!", cried the Riders.

    One of them produced his Worded harp and started to play. The girls began to sensually sway to the music. Their dance was complemented by elaborate hand figures, as was the custom during such performances.

    Slowly, very slowly, they began to shed their clothing, piece by piece, and throw it to the floor. Once they were naked they continued to sway and dance for a while, their beautiful, slim bodies dark against the burning fire, and then they reached for the eighteen-year old boy who was drawn out of the forest with the woman who, turned out, was his mother.

    They prompted him to join their dance, and, once he did, they stripped his tunic, leaving him naked.

    After a moment they reached for the boy's mother; her robe fell to the floor, untied by the sensual dancers, and soon she was dancing nude beside her son, her body as slim and beautiful as the one of Arun's daughters, her skill clearly surpassing theirs.

    Ayenna stood in the doorway, hands on her chest, watching the enjoyment, when she felt someone push her forward.

    "Oh no, Arun", she said, "No."

    The man cackled, as now he had Ayenna standing next to the fire. Soon Arlete and Merene began removing her tunic and breeches ( thankfully she shed her armor some time before ) and the beautiful, naked warrior joined the erotic fireside dance.


    "Focus, boys and girls, as today's topic is going to be very, very difficult."

    Brenda Meyer didn't look like your archetype of college lecturer. As most teachers in her place she wore a long, blue, fitting robe. Her blond hair was tied in a bun. She appeared to be forty, but, given the circumstances, this appearance could be deceiving. At least some of the lecturers in Ravenhall retained their more or less youthful looks due to the favor of the deity they worshipped.

    "I just realized something", said Andrew Spitzer.

    His mother, Elena Spitzer, sat beside him, wearing a t-shirt with the face of Miss Piggy, already strained by the prominent bust it had to contain, and pair of shorts. In spite of her age, she still sported an hourglass figure, and as always, she wore her hair in a pixie cut. In the previous life she was an investigative journalist in one of the biggest New York-based newspapers. Here in Ravenhorn she and her son were equals - just students of the art they were merely initiates of. All these circumstances transformed what previously was just an ordinary, sexless relationship between mother and son into something vastly more exciting.

    "What is it?", asked Elena.

    "Remember when we watched the horror movies with college students being eaten?"


    "Now we're the college students."

    "If only the Spitzers let me speak", Brenda cleared her throat, "I know that you used to be famous journalist, Elena, but here you are just another student, and behavior such as this will get both you and your boy paddled naked in front of the entire class. Is that clear?"

    "It is, Mrs. Meyer.", said Elena.

    "It is, Mrs. Meyer.", her son echoed her words.

    "Good", Brenda was satisfied with the answer, "So let's proceed with the class. As I look around this room I see people of all races, some of you younger, some of you older, all but Initiates. I know you came from different backgrounds and your meeting with our Lady occured in different circumstances. However most of you haven't had the opportunity to know the whole picture, so now here it is."

    She took a deep breath.

    "Some of you might have heard the words Kamadora and took it for the name of our Lady. This is a conventional name the people of Krang-Tong given to the deity when She manifested Herself to those people almost two thousand years ago."

    "Why 'She'?", asked one of the students, an attractive girl in her twenties.

    "Pardon, what?"

    "Why 'She'? Isn't a superhuman being supposed to be genderless?"

    "We're coming to the core of the problem. Our means of understanding the Universe are limited by our structure. Scientific instruments are just extensions of our senses, and our science is the product of our brains, which are already limited by how they are built. Would you explain quantum physics to an ant? You can try, but it's highly unlikely that an ant would understand the complexity of human science, just because it's limited by its own structure. As do ants have limitations, so do we. We can, however, sense things around us. Masculine and feminine are cosmic principles that manifest in the forms we can understand. The erotic - or, to use the terribly limiting expression, the sexual - is also something that exists on a cosmic level but is known to us via its manifestations. That's where the subject of our Lady comes in.

    The deity we worship or follow manifested itself, as I said, two thousand years ago to the people living at the foot of Himalayas. The place where it happened disappeared from pages of history, but exists to this day, though hidden - just like Ravenhorn, though existing physically in Scotland, is hidden from the world outside and only by admission one can enter it. Our deity - or Goddess - I hate to use these names, as they are terribly limiting - seems to be somehow aligned with this cosmic erotic principle. Perhaps She embodies it. You have to remember that the first contact occured at an appropriate time and place. The people of Krang-Tong were - and still are - different from the people of today. The people from these times were so different from us that we might have had problems finding common tongue with them. Especially people living in such a remote place as Krang-Tong. Yet, because of it, they were open to the teachings of our Lady. In fact, what we all have become part of is continues with this ancient stream. And this is why your first encounter with the religion probably came as a shock. What we are doing is not reconstructionism - we are, like it or not, a part of an old tradition that, though evolved, was preserved intact through thousands of years."

    "Secret lineage", thought Elena. Her friend Beth, obsessed with the religions of the East, and the idea of secret lineages passed from master to pupil through millenia. This brought her to her terrible fate.

    "The places that She touches 'realign'", Brenda continued, and Elena realized she missed part of the lecture, "Or you can say that reality in them 'realigns' to this erotic principle. This might sound like a positive thing, but there's a price to pay. One is concealment. Krang-Tong, Vordavia, the Island of Kamadora or even Ravenhorn all have to be concealed from the world outside to exist. The other comes with the nature of lust itself. It can be either creative or destructive. By breaking through some of the mental limitations placed on us by our upbringing we already positioned ourselves outside of the human society, but our ability and willingness to wreak havoc is limited. However, each human being is different - some reach their limits by admitting to their sexual urges at all, some reach them by admitting urges which are taboo in human society, such as the erotic attraction between family members or siblings, some however carry literal darkness within them and can be satisified only by the darkest acts of depravity and torture. Our deity allows for that for as long as these deeds are manifestation of our sexual desires. Remember, to Her there is no such thing as right or wrong as humans understand it. And so if someone wants to go completely beyond their limits to reach satisfaction, she allows for that. But the price is often what we think of as humanity; these darkest acts, unthinkable to people outside our circle, can transform us psychologically as well as physically, turning us into literal monsters.

    First conflict between these two factions - we can call them "light" and "dark" if you will, terribly limiting names given what we do here would already pass as "dark" to some - occured in Krang-Tong. The Kingdom was occupied by the "dark" faction for a time, and the "light" worshippers had to look for another place to live. They migrated into what is nowdays called the Philippines and found new converts, their descendants, of mixed blood, settled the island on the Indian Ocean, one that still bears the name Kamadora, by which the people of Krang-Tong called our Lady. After a failed invasion of the island by "dark" faction around 500 AD Krang-Tong was liberated, but those who harbor dark urges still existed, scattered and without lead, for the next centuries.

    By the 600 A.D. our Lady wanted to spread her Dominion and so she carved a reality that was a direct manifestation of Her own being, or a one perfectly 'aligned' with Her will, that we now call Meirenn. People from all over the world were invited to inhabit it, and so now it's populated with people of all races. This is also where our Order has its headquarters. And this is where the greatest threat to both worlds comes from. But we'll touch upon this subject in the next lecture."

    "So this is this Meirenn", said Andrew, as he walked with his mother down the corridor.

    The name Ravenhorn evoked gothic associations. Not without reason - the building of the Academy was an old one, dating back to fifteenth century, they were told. It used to be a boarding school before the Order bought it, using its extraorbitant funds, somewhere during the seventies in the last century. The catch was that the name Ravenhorn pertained not only to the Academy, but also to the town where it stood. The town that was, as was to be expected, inhabited by the followers of the religion.

    "... Rawling has disappeared.", overheard Elena suddenly. Her journalist sense didn't leave her even here, in the learning center of the magical world.

    "What is it?", asked Andrew.


    " ... Anessa Rawling? The expert on 'darkness' and dark charms?", the twenty-year old male student seemed not to believe.

    "Yeah, it was her", the other student was female, dark-skinned and appeared Indian.

    "Well, as far as I know she only missed a few classes", the male student insisted.

    "What is it?", Andrew repeated.

    "Seems someone has disappeared", said Elena, "Anessa Rawling. Spe******t on dark side... or something."

    "And you want to investigate?"

    She nodded.

    "You bet. It might be nothing, or it might be..."

    "Mom, we're in Ravenhorn. It's a safe place."


    "I'm sad to say that the curriculum is becoming slightly... fragmented and the authorities of the Academy are impotent to stop the process."

    The man who issued these words was tall, had dark hair and was nearing fifty... Or looked like he was. He was wearing blue robes.

    "For instance, the lecture we're having right now is only for the students of the West Wing. The East Wing, at the time, attends a completely different lecture. To add insult to injury, nobody but the students of the East Wing know what this lecture is about. It can be an introduction to Wording or instruction in the darker ways."

    Brandon Labraidh chuckled. The students looked at him, troubled.

    "This is because the West Wing is controlled by the Blue House, and the East Wing by the Green House. Both now have they own lecturers and curricula. Both enjoy the protection of the Order. But the truth is that the control over what's happening in Ravenhorn is slowly slipping out of Order's grasp."

    He sighed.

    "I'm filling in for Anessa Rawling, who could not be... present today due to unforeseen circumstances. The subject matter is far from pleasant. It is about what we can become if we're not cautious enough, but, on a lighter note, also about preventing it from happening."

    Andrew and Elena looked at each other.

    "Anessa Rawling...", whispered the former journalist.

    "Who of you had any experience with the dark side to date?", Labraidh looked over the students, "Don't be shy, raise your hands?"

    Elena and her son were the first to raise them. And, as it turned out, the only ones to do so.

    "Anyone else but the lady and the boy?", Brandon cast his glance over the assembly. Nobody answered.

    "Introduce yourself and tell me about the circumstances in which it happened", said the lecturer.

    "My name is Elena Spitzer", a murmur rose among the students when she introduced herself, "And this is my son Andrew Spitzer."

    "Elena Spitzer - the famous journalist who suddenly went silent... And what form did the dark side take?"

    "Mistress Urung Bawra", said Andrew.

    Labraidh put his hands against a pulpit.

    "I hope it's not a joke, Elena and Andrew."

    "Not at all", said Elena, "We narrowly defeated this thing, whoever she was."

    Labraidh nodded.

    "I've heard about the demise of Urung Bawra, although the Order didn't mention who was responsible for it. Still, I find it hard to believe that it were mere initiates who brought her downfall."

    He began to walk back and forth, as he was used to when lecturing.

    "Whether your claims are true or not, Urung Bawra is a model example of what can happen to a practitioner who goes all the way down. She was born in Krang-Tong almost two thousands years ago... "

    Neither Andrew nor Elena could believe what they heard. Was this thing that old?...

    "... and ruled over the kingdom after it fell to the most beastly of us. Yes, I mean it when I stress it were us - each of us can become a monster. We need to keep this in mind. Back to Urung Bawra. She survived the liberation of Kingdom in 524 AD and went into hiding for at least thousand years, until Abbaramanon began to build her empire in the North of Meirenn. That's why I find your joke, Elena and Andrew, to be of a very unhealthy variety. Usually this would warrant corporal punishment in front of the other students, but today... we have other concerns."

    Labraidh clasped his hands.

    "During the initiation, also called the un-conditioning, we've been told how to loosen the mental limitations imposed on us during our upbringing. And if we'll now try to re-condition ourselves it would go against the teaching of our faith. But on the other hand we need to be at least AWARE that if we go too deep, we'll lose our humanity. It's a fine line..."

    "I personally found this lecture slightly schizophrenic", said Elena once Labraidh was through.

    "Yeah, me too", said Andrew, "Should we go and ask him about this Rawling?"

    They looked at where the old lecturer stood just a moment before, but he was already gone, like a shadow.

    After all, they were in Ravenhorn.


    The afternoon found them on the way towards the lake. It was quite a charming spot, surrounded with dense wood; the air was still humid after this yesterday's rain. It was raining every so often in Ravenhorn, which, they were told, was typical of Scotland, and the summer here was less merciless than it was in New York.

    Elena donned her one-shoulder t-shirt and miniskirt. Her son got hots just from looking at her. Elena herself, on the other hand, felt more feminine than ever. The encounter and subsequent conversion to the ancient religion that preached sexual freedom unheard of in the modern world - the world that touted freedom but practiced suppression - was the most liberating experience of her life. She also discovered something else - namely that she was, at heart, a masochist. She secretly enjoyed nudity, humiliation and erotic peril. She also found herself being turned on by dominating other people. So far, her only "victim" was a darksider chick from the Pure Bliss Yoga Studio, but she believed she'd find pleasure in dominating men as well.

    Pure Bliss Yoga Studio was, in fact, a false front for the Mistress Urung Bawra, an ancient creature that no longer qualified as human. One of Abbaramanon's most trusted generals, she was to launch an assault on New York with the help of the Ice Sceptre, a magical artifact created in the magical world of Meirenn. The artifact was guarded by powerful wards, and the only way of breaking through them was to generate a blast of sexual energy, coupled with a Word, or, as one might have it, a magical spell fueled by the magic of their deity. It just so happened that her son, already an Initiate of the religion, found not only the sceptre, but her long-lost friend, another convert, held captive in the Center and tortured in the "Sauna" or steam chamber. The torture, they later found, was about placing a naked subject in the chamber and then pumping in just enough hot steam to cause pain, but not enough to cause any serious injury. The plan was for Elena and her son to go to the Centre, dressed in the sexiest clothing possible, only to get themselves caught and placed in the chamber. The plan worked, and it was there when Elena, naked and locked in the chamber with her equally naked son, realized her latent masochistic tendencies. They made out and then made love as the steam burned their skin, and Elena still got wet from just thinking about it.

    They finally reached the spot where they made love yesterday. Elena spotted a pack of nettles growing near the shore, and got a wicked idea. Without saying anything, she just placed the blanket on the ground and sat down, motioning for her son to sit beside her.

    Andrew eyed his mother hungrily. He loved her as her mother but he also always had a hidden desire for her. Their new religion taught them it was normal, that emotional attachment is always coupled with sexual attraction and that now that they were under the protection of their new deity they could give in freely to their desire. He still remembered her naked and wet with perspiration in the steam chamber.

    "What are you thinking about?", she asked him, as though she was reading his mind.

    "You probably know what", he said, "Our adventure in the steam chamber."

    She leaned down and they kissed.

    "Did you like it?", she asked.

    "Yeah... But it was too short.", he said.

    She rose from the blanked, seemingly delighted at his words. She came over to the nettles, picked one and came over.

    "Does this mean I didn't satisfy you?", she asked in a seductive tone.

    Andrew realized where the conversation was going.

    "Yes", he said.

    She handed him the nettle and pulled the shirt over her head. Underneath she was wearing her black, strapless bra.

    "Then I need to be punished", she said.

    Andrew touched her breasts with the nettle.

    "Harder!", she said.

    "You need to strip completely for punishment, you...", Andrew was getting into it.

    "Help!", someone cried.

    "Oh crap", said Andrew.

    Elena, on the other hand, was curious.

    The cry came from direction of the nearby trees. They hid in the bushes, Elena still without her t-shirt, and looked at the unfolding scene.

    A group of girls in their early twenties - two Caucasians, one Asian and one black, gathered around their victim - a seemingly twenty-year old, slim, large-busted and long haired blonde whom they had stripped naked and tied, hands over head, to the tree branch.

    "Somebody help!", the girl panted.

    "Nobody's coming to help you", said her dark-skinned captor, "That's what you get for sticking your nose where it doesn't belong."

    Elena's and Andrew's sight told them that these were low-level practitioners, and the girls' bonds were not Worded. They looked at each other and just nodded.

    "Party's closed", said Andrew.

    "Release the girl", said Elena.

    The gang was surprised that anyone even dared to disturb their entertainment.

    "My-oh-my", said the black girl, "Isn't it a mother-fucking apkamai couple? Too bad there's four of us and two of you."

    The rest of the gang grinned.

    "What do we do with them?", she asked.

    "Strip them", said the Asian.

    "Okay, but I get the boy", said the black chick.

    "Kyroenaen!", said Elena.

    Too bad for the captors, Elena and Andrew already had their first Ravenhorn lesson in Wording - from a lecturer who recognized their potential after learning of their encounter with Urung Bawra. Melissa Banning had no qualms in teaching them higher-level Words, just to see if they will handle them, and they did.

    The black girl's clothing caught fire. The rest of the gang backed off.

    "It burns!", cried the girl.

    "Put it down, you bitch!", the Asian was scared.

    "Kyroeanan!", said Andrew and the fire disappeared. The girl's clothing took damage, but she herself appeared unharmed.

    "Who the hell are you !?", asked the Negro girl.

    "Don't harm us!", pleased the Asian.

    "What did this girl do to you?", asked Andrew.

    "Just let us go!", pleaded the black girl.

    "Should we let them go just like that?", Andrew winked at his mother.

    "They need to learn the consequences", she said, "Who said something about stripping?"

    The gang trembled in silence.

    "Strip off", she said.

    The girls looked at each other and then started stripping. All of them were good-looking; Andrew couldn't take his eyes off a brunette with a short pigtail. She reminded him of - Myra?...

    Once all their clothing was on the ground the girls stood naked and covering, looking at their captors with apprehension.

    "You're free to go", said Andrew.

    The girls looked at him and his mother with anger, and began to slowly walk in the direction of town.

    "It's not over", Andrew thought he heard the black girl mutter. Or did he?...

    "Why did you do that?", asked Elena.

    "Do what?", asked Andrew.

    "Why did you let them go? The fun was only starting."

    "I don't want to become another Urung Bawra.", he said.

    "That being said, we make a good team."

    "An excellent team."

    They kissed.

    "Please cut me free!", pleaded the bound girl.

    Andrew didn't lose his time for fiddling with ropes. He just used a Word taught him by Neyrenna, his peer and member of the local chapter of the Order in New York. She was also his first teacher.

    The girl sat on the ground and started to massage her sore wrists.

    "There's a Word for removing bonds?", she asked.

    "We have a few questions for you first", said Elena.

    "Why did they tie you up?", asked Andrew.

    The girl was silent for a moment, and then said.

    "I've been investigating the disappearance of Rawling on my own."

    "And what did you find?", Elena felt her investigative drive kicking back into gear.

    "Nothing! Nothing yet. It just came to their attention that I'm going to investigate it.", she paused, "They were from the East Wing."


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    Flirting with riskier themes here... Also, I wonder why the word 'a-m-b-i-e-n-t' was censored by the forum software. So was the world 'o-n-l-i-n-e'.


    The boy who in his previous life was Bradley Bradshaw awoke with a start.

    He lay on the mat in a wooden shed, stark naked, in the arms of his equally naked mother. They have decided to celebrate their release from captivity with a night of passionate lovemaking; in fact, they never really got dressed after the fireside dance, but went straight for each other.

    The boy heard a commotion outside.

    "Mom", the boy shook the woman whom he knew in previous life as Alice, "Wake up!"

    She smiled and, eyes still closed, sought his lips. They both enjoyed the kiss, but Brad had something else on his mind.


    Mayanne Seyre, alias Alice Bradshaw, opened her eyes. Now she could her the commotion as well.

    "Damn", she swore under her breath, "Where are our clothes?"

    "In the main building. After the dance we went here and..."

    "I remember, I remember", Mayanne was slowly coming to her senses, "What the heck is going on?"

    She crawled towards the window and peeked.

    "Damn", she said again.

    Her son crawled as well and looked over her shoulder.

    Ayenna and her men were in full gear, already in battle formation. Their armor and swords glistened in the morning sun against the black mass that crawled towards them, slowly but surely, from the direction of the dark wood.

    "Ten times more those abominations than men", said Mayanne, "Black Riders can only stop them for a while. We need to run."

    "Naked!?", asked Brad.

    "I thought you got used to nudity when we were Abbaramanon's captives", she said.

    "What about our host? And his daughters?"

    "I'm sorry for them", Mayanne said simply, grabbing her son by his hand, "Now go!"


    "The girls will be next", said Andrew.

    After the lakeside encounter he returned with his mom to their lodgings in the Academy. On their way back they went to the DVD rental in town; it had a selection of movies not found anywhere else in the world. Most of them were produced on the uncharted island on the Indian Ocean, a place considered sort of a parallel Hollywood by the adherents of their new religion. Only that Hollywood was corrupt and prudish; the films made by the islanders not only had great production qualities, but also sported - invariably - erotic themes unheard of in cinema at large. The rental employee was kind enough to point them to the shelves with Apkamai movies, or, in normal parlance, movies that contained incest between mother and son.

    The story revolved around lost magical artifact; a twisted sorceress was desperately trying to find it. An array of men and women who tried to stand in her way ended up naked in her dungeon, to be whipped and then sacrificed to the monster that lurked underground. The only people capable of stopping them was a beautiful woman and her sixteen-year old son, who was also her lover.

    "It's impossible she will get the girls", said Elena. She was already down to her t-shirt and panties. Andrew was down to his briefs, so the battle was now one of high stakes. Elena was getting wet by the prospect of getting her son naked and dominating him, just as he got her naked during similar bet back at their home.

    The movie painted an interesting picture of the unknown island. Far from the primitive landscape of thatched huts and backwardness, the place looked incredibly modern and posh. Of course, they knew it could have been an artistic license, but none of these details seemed staged.

    "I tell you, the detective girls and then our couple. The gal at the store said that the movie has a bad ending."

    "No fucking way!", said Elena, "They are too young. They seem thirteen or fourteen to me."

    The two scantily-dressed teenage detectives made their way down the stairs towards the dungeon. They were pretty - one of them one had long, curly hair; the other one wore her black hair in a pigtail. They seemed to be friends, and in fact more than friends; and were clever enough to pinpoint the location of the evil woman's dungeon. The girls exhibited the same delicate beauty that other actors did - a beauty that was a mixture of Indian and Eastern Asian elements, peculiar to their unique race.

    Eventually, they arrived at the dungeon at the bottom of the stairs. Another naked woman was already chained to the cross, and screamed at them to run.

    "Yes, run, you idiots!", Elena cheered them.

    "The cry will bring out the witch", he said.

    The witch appeared in the doorway.

    "Well, well", said the english subtitles, "What we do have here?"

    Cut to another scene.

    The view of the face and bare shoulders of one of the girls.

    The view of the face and bare shoulders of the other. She looks at her companion with apprehension.

    The view of both of them. Their scant clothing is now gone, and they're standing naked, covering and trembling before the evil witch as she interrogates them.

    "Jesus", said Elena.

    "T-shirt", said Andrew.

    His mother reluctantly pulled it off. She was still wearing her panties and black, strapless bra.

    "Now the lady detective", she said.

    "No, she'll be unharmed. The witch has all her enemies eaten or imprisoned. So now it will be mom and son."

    Another scene had the short-haired and busty female protagonist sitting with her son in a restaurant. She was wearing an evening gown that underscored her large breasts and hourglass figure. They were on a date, sipping wine, when suddenly the evil witch appeared. Everyone in the restaurant froze when she produced the artifact - a wand of great power she was looking for.

    She held the artifact, explaining how the teenage detectives found about its whereabouts and did all the job for her. Now it was time for the protagonists to get their due. They were forced to strip naked, right under the eyes of the other guests, and led outside.

    "Bra and panties", said Andrew, "I won."

    She sighed reached behind to unclasp her bra, when suddenly there was a knock on the door.

    "Who can it be?", she mused.

    "I'll get it", said Andrew.

    To his surprise, it was Brenda Meyer. This time she wore civilian clothing, a t-shirt and pair of shorts.

    "I hope I'm not disturbing", she said.

    "Not at all", said Andrew, opening the door for her.

    The lecturer cast a glance at the nearly-naked Elena and probably got an idea what was going on there.

    "So here's the deal", she said, "The Summer Rivalry Season begins. There are two of them a year, one in the Summer, the other in Winter. The idea is that the two Houses - Blue and Green - compete against each other, no holds barred. And by that I mean everything is permitted - kidnapping, mild torture and there were even instances of ritual execution."

    The two freshly-baked Initiates grew pale.

    "What do you mean", said Elena, "Ritual execution?"

    "Don't worry, only the Green House practices it from time to time, and even they do it only on occassion", the two Initiates didn't find these words very assuring, "Remember that there is a natual balance of power at work here. I heard you rescued Gina today?"

    "You mean the girl at the lake?", asked Andrew.

    "Correct", said Brenda, "I think that now that we can infiltrate the East Wing during the Rivalry we can try to dig deeper. I heard of your investigative skills, Elena, and both you and your son exhibit remarkable skill in Wording. Also", she grinned, "I heard rumors that you enjoy erotic peril and torture."

    "Who told you that?", Elena was growing wary.

    "Your old friend Mrong, of course", said Brenda, "So there's another deal, and that's we're becoming organized in small Chapters, to emulate how Order works. I'll be in charge of your Chapter."

    Elena and her son looked at each other and nodded.

    "Classes continue during the Rivalry, but they are sparse", she continued, "Students are most focused on... err... war effort during this period."

    "We're just freshmen", said Elena in a hollow voice.

    "Don't worry, even I was caught and held captive for a week by the Green House", said Brenda cheerfully, "Of course I was kept completely naked during this period and subjected to all sorts of torture and humiliation my captors could devise. So don't worry, you'll do just fine."

    She went towards the door.

    "Oh, we have a war council in the lecture hall C tomorrow. Be there, or there will be consequences. War is war."

    She left.

    "So much for Ravenhorn being a safe place", said Elena.


    "I was actually born here", said Mayanne.

    They were far enough from Narval for Mayanne's power to slowly start to return. Using the Crafting Words, she was able to conjure clothing for her son and herself - a difficult feat, even for someone skilled in the art - so they were finally clad after their naked escape from Arun's home. She herself wore a deep V-neck black tunic tied in the waist with a scarf, for Bradley she conjured a cotton shirt and breeches - or at least shirt and breeches made from the fabric that emulated cotton. Things created by Wording focused the ******t power of the deity that created this place and whose presence permeated it.

    "Really?", said Bradley.

    "That was in times when Narval already had bad reputation, but wasn't as dangerous as it is today. There were still humans living in the forest. But things were stirring up fast."

    She paused.

    "My father - your grandfather - is probably still being held somewhere in the Palace. I was sixteen when Abbaramanon's monsters came for us. I managed to flee, he didn't."

    They were walking through the pathless forest, but it was not the dark expanse of Narval. Instead, it was verdant, but not overly lush. It was also warmer, and Brad thought it resembled him of forest in Spring. He remembered what he learned during his captivity of seasons in Meirenn - that they were unchanging: in the south, endless Summer, near the "equator" - endless Spring. In the North - endless, cold Winter.

    "What really is this place?", he asked his mother as they forged on.

    "It's Meirenn", she said simply.

    "I know, but is it a different planet, a different continent? Where are we really?"

    Alice/Mayanne considered the answer for a while.

    "You could as well ask where do we go when we dream", she said, "It's the same. This place exists in the mind of the ageless being that conjured it into existence. It's like an erotic dream dreamt by an alien deity, crafted from Her idea of what She would like the Earth to be. Oh look, we're there."

    She pointed at a clearing before them. A small, but beautifully decorated cottage stood in the center.

    "You know this place?", asked Brad, "Is it your home?"

    "It's not my home", she said, "But I know this place."

    They went in and found themselves in a cosy room. A red rug laid on the floor, just before the fireplace, two wooden benches sat next to the wooden table in the center, almost as if the host expected visitors. Two set of doors, one opposite the entrance, and the other to the far left, were set in the wooden walls. Other than that, the place looked empty and quiet, and the rays of the setting sun that fell throught the single window gave the place sad and abandoned ******ce.

    "Looks empty", said Brad.

    "Stay here", said Mayenne.

    She opened the first pair of door, peeked through, then went to the other and went in. Brad could hear her rummaging through the adjacent room, but dared not move. All he had seen from Meirenn were the white halls and corridors of the Palace, and the place was still new to him, but all he was sure about was that anything could happen here.

    "She's probably out", said Mayenne as she came back in to the dining room. The sorceress clapped her hands and the fireplace lit up.

    "Who is she?", asked Brad.

    "An old acquaintance", she said.

    She was too tired to Word any food into existence, though she was hungry after their walk through the woods, and so was her son.

    "What do we do then?"

    "We wait", she said.

    Just as she spoke those words, the cottage doors opened. A stunning woman went in, seemingly in her early twenties - a blonde with her hair tied into a long pigtail. She looked beautiful and youthful, only her eyes were cold - and aged. Bradley guessed she was in reality much older than she looked. She carried with her a basket filled with fruit - a red fruit unlike anything Brad ever had seen on Earth. Upon seeing her unexpected visitors the woman's eyes widened in surprise.

    "Oh", she stifled a gasp, "Mayanne."

    "It's me, Seye", Mayanne kept her voice low, "I'm glad you remember me."

    The woman put the basket on the table and sat on the bench, opposite Mayanne.

    "Is it your son?", Seye smiled slightly when she looked at the boy, "And your lover?"

    "Do you desire him?", asked Mayanne, "You got me exiled, and now you want something that is truly mine. You've got some real nerve, Seye."

    "And you had some nerve to have come here", said Seye. Both women kept their voices low, but the tension between them was tangible.

    "You forced me into exile", said Mayanne, "The irony is that now I need you to help me pass back into it. I need to get to Earth."

    Seye was silent for a moment. Brad eyed her. The way she was dressed resembled him of the image of European peasant girl. He could guess an excellent figure beneath her elaborate dress, but then people in Meirenn were invariably beautiful and attractive - or so he was told.

    "I'm still not done with you, Mayenne", she said, "And I'm not done till I have your son in my bed, and you tied naked to witness how I'm screwing him."

    "Keep him out of it."

    "Why? Is he really THAT innocent? He must be at least an Initiate. Aren't you a Mistress?"

    "All he saw of Meirenn was the inside of the Ice Palace", said Mayenne.

    Seye's eyes once again widened.

    "You've been held captive?"

    "By the Witch-Queen."

    Seye stood up and faced the fireplace.

    "You're lying, Mayanne. You've always been a liar. Even as my disciple."

    "Let's get it over with, Seye", growled Mayanne, "Let's play a game if you like. But I need a passage to Earth. It's more important than you and me."

    "It's about him?", Seye asked with a sly smile.

    She began to whisper Words that made Brad feel dizzy. Everything became a blur - the fireplace, the woman who was his mother and lover, the other woman who desired him. He felt himself falling to the floor as he lapsed into unconsciousness.






    The woman was in her early thirties, the boy was seventeen. Both were naked and tied, face-to-face, to a whipping post as Brenda applied her paddle to their buttocks.

    Even though there was no shortage of incestuous couples in Ravenhorn, these two weren't related. The woman - Bridget Haskins - used to be a French teacher in American school, and the boy was her student. They allowed themselves to be recruited by the Order to seek protection for their forbidden relationship. They also shared some less mainstream kinks, such as taste for bondage and domination. It was highly doubtful if the punishment will have any corrective effect on the couple, but Brenda carried it out anyway.

    "Why have you been chastized?", asked Brenda as she lowered her paddle. She was sweaty from her effort, but it's been also clear that she enjoyed herself.

    "B-because we were late for the meeting?", Bridget had tears in her eyes, and so did the boy.

    "NO!", Brenda's exclamation was so furious Elena had to grab her son's hand. He was, as usual unfazed by it. Ever since their encounter with Urung Bawra Elena was under impression of her son's courage.

    "You were chastized because you planned to SKIP the meeting", said Brenda in a much calmer voice, "I will untie you, but let it be warning to all the new students. Rivalry Season is not a game - well, in a way it is, but the word Game applied to the Season is very... limiting. Anyway, boys and girls, listen up."

    "This could have been us", whispered Andrew. Elena felt a surge of excitement at the thought.

    "This is Frederick Darwell, a.k.a. Shadowmaster", face of a man in his forties appeared on the large screen that's been hanging in place of the blackboard. His hair were long and black, his expression sinister.

    "Kid you not, Shadowmaster is the nick the guy used on the ****** fora before he joined the religion. I don't think he had much problems with breaking through the usual mental barriers during the initiation, and I fear what barriers he actually broke through. Anyway, our Shadowmaster is actually very skilled in Wording. As you know, Crafting Words are forbidden outside Meirenn, especially those that Craft living things into being. Guess what our subject had been doing during his time with the Green House? Of course learning, practicing and disseminating knowledge of the Crafting Words of this particular variety among the students of the East Wing. Let's proceed with our next subject..."

    A young woman took Frederick's place on the screen. She appeared to be about nineteen, had long, black hair and gothic makeup. She was attractive, but also there was something undeniably scary about her. Also, she shared some similarity with her precedessor. It was obvious that the two were related.

    "This is Barbara Darwell", said Brenda, "Bisexual sadist whose gears kick only in two situations: when she's torturing someone or when she's fucking her daddy. It also seems she's daddy's only soft spot and a vulnerability."

    "So we kidnap the girl and daddy will come over", said Andrew.

    "That's the correct reasoning. However, doing that will require us to do a few reconaissance missions into East Wing. As you know, the Wing is an impenetrable fortress ever since the Green House took Order's idea of 'perfecting skills through honorable rivalry' a bit beyond what it originally meant. This is why we will not only need to scout the Wing but also to bait some of the East Wingers so the more experienced teams can proceed while the least experienced teams will... well... bait."

    "Did you see that?", Andrew asked his mom. His Sight, sharp as always, caught a whiff of something that didn't belong in this room.

    The aura was much darker than that of most Initiates present. Andrew pulled his mother gently by her hand through the crowd towards the source of the disturbance.

    A girl of Andrew's age stood at the back of the crowd, ready to retreat at moment's notice. She wore her black hair in short pigtail, just like Myra Rhiannon did. She was wearing a hoodie and a pair of jeans.

    Andrew looked at her more closely. It was Myra Rhiannon.

    The boy gestured for his mother to stand behind her. He pushed himself, rudely, between her and the rest of the crowd, so he stood before her.

    In her previous life, Myra was a religious teenager who campaigned against all sorts of perceived evil that her church told her to campaign against: Yoga, secularization and consensual sex. The last time he saw her was when she was seized by the security officers in the Yoga of Pure Bliss center. What happened to her afterwards was a mystery, though Elena told him she was a witness of her being sacrificed to Urung Bawra.

    The girl stirred.

    "Hold right there", whispered Elena, grabbing the girl by her wrist.

    Andrew turned to face her.

    "Andrew?", she asked.

    "I think there's someone you should talk to."


    The girl was led, kicking and screaming, into Brenda's office.

    "Well, well, well", she said, "What do we have here?"

    "I happen to know her pretty well", said Andrew.

    "Really?", asked Brenda in a bemused tone, raising her eyebrows.

    "She used to be insanely religious", said Elena, "So much that my son broke with her. That was back in New York."

    "I assumed as much", said Brenda, "So, what led you to the East Wing, my dear?"

    "Freedom", she said, her voice trembling, "After I realized that the God I believed in doesn't exist, and that there is a Goddess that does and makes wishes true, I joined."

    "Oh", Brenda looked at the captive girl, "And what did your daddy said about it?"

    "I cleared some of his objections by fucking him. He was surprised at first, but seemed to really like it", Myra grinned. She was no longer the shy religious girl Andrew knew, that's for sure.

    "I liked it as well", she continued, "So much that I decided to keep the bastard naked on a leash so he could be fucked whenever I pleased. Believe me or not, he really seemed to enjoy it."

    "What were you doing in the East Wing?"

    "Having a good time", Myra grinned, "Enjoying all that has been denied me"

    "You came here at the best possible time", said Brenda, "I believe that when subjected to torture while in a state of nudity you will be more willing to divulge secrets. Elena, Andrew - you made a good job capturing her; now do the honor and help me take those annoying clothes off her."


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    Quick update, haven't had much time to write recently...


    When Brad came to, his first impression was that he was naked and bound with rope. The ropes were Worded, so there was no sense in struggle.

    He lay on the floor, in almost complete, claustrophobic darkness. It must have been this woman, he realized. He wondered where his mother was, but given the evil look in the blonde's eyes he didn't have good feeling about this.

    Brad recalled his nightmarish time in the Abbaramanon's fortress. Through all this time he was kept in a state of complete nudity, in a cell whose walls were made all of ice. Once in a while he was visited by one of the creatures spawned of Abbaramanon's will. It was said they were extensions of her - what they felt and experienced, she did. When one of them took delight in ravaging him, the Witch-Queen did so as well.

    Through all this time he saw nothing of his mother. After their arrival to the Palace she was hurled, naked, to her own cell, far from his. There was another prisoner, a girl or a woman - he didn't know, as he didn't as much see her as he heard her through the wall. It was her who told him all he knew about Meirenn. At one point, to his suprise, Alice did appear at the door to his cell, dressed in rags, with another set of rags for him to wear. The guards were down, she didn't tell him for what reason, and they fled through the white corridors to the dark woods outside.

    The door creaked, letting in the daylight, and the woman called Seye came in. She wore an evil smile on her face.

    "Where's my mother?", he asked.

    "Don't you worry about that", she said, "I'll be your new lover."

    She started fondling his naked and restrained body with obvious satisfaction.

    "You'll learn to love me, you'll see..."

    His body responded, against his will, with excitement.

    Against his will?...

    During his stay in the Ice Palace his fellow prisoner Initiated him. She gave him Sound and few Words. She also told him that arousal could power Words that otherwise would have no power.

    Seye would not see it. Not being Sighted he gave no discernible aura. That was his chance.

    His captor closed her eyes. She seemed to be enjoying herself.

    Just as her hands touched his already erect member, prompting him to ejaculate, he exclaimed:


    His bonds were undone. An expression of surprise appeared on Seyes' face.

    "Damn brat", she whispered, darting out of the room.

    He followed her up the stairs, through the dining room of her cottage, to the clearing outside. There, naked and tied to a wooden stake, stood his mother. A pyre was formed at her feet; it seems that Seye intended to burn her alive, but was posponing this pleasure up until she had her way with Brad. Perhaps she wanted him to witness it. Whatever her intentions, it didn't went well for her.

    "Kyroeanan!", cried Brad.

    Seye's clothes caught fire. She ran screaming into the forest, too surprised by the turn of events to fight back.

    Brad approached his bound mother.

    "It's no use", she said, "The bonds are heavily Worded."

    "Not if we say our Words together when aroused", he said.

    He was already turned on by the fact that she was naked and tied up, so he could do anything with her. He started feeling her soft skin, then moved on to fondling her breasts. Her body responded with excitement; he thrusted himself into her and as soon as they both climaxed they said the Word.

    Alice's ropes fell to the ground, and the former writer threw herself into her son's arms.


    "Not so petulant anymore, are you?", asked Brenda in a mocking voice.

    "I didn't know we had these in Ravenhorn", said Andrew, pointing at the glass steam-torture chamber.

    "Oh, they're aplenty in this noble house of learning. It's said that the Blue House has entire "saunas" dedicated to..."

    "Are we going to continue with this academic discussion, or are we going to actually make her speak?", Elena pointed to the naked and covering, but still defiant Myra, sitting cross-legged within the glass box.

    "She's already been through two hits, and all she did was shut her foul mouth", replied Brenda, "I believe it counts for a progress."

    "I think you're too mild in your approach, Brenda", said Elena, "What torture devices do we have here, apart from steam?"

    "None at all", said the lecturer, "I'm out of ideas."

    "You can as well let me out", said the girl in a mocking voice, "You'll get nothing out of me."

    "Hand her to me", said Elena.

    "WHAT!?", said Brenda.

    "You heard me right. Hand the girl to me and I'll make her speak."


    "My... parents... never... did... this... to... me... I... was... their... prin...cess...", blurted Myra, each pause coressponsing with Elena's hand landing on her buttocks.

    Andrew and his mother had the seventeen-year old girl tied spread-eagle on her belly to their bed.

    "Humiliating, isn't it?", Elena took a short break from spanking her captive.

    "When I get back to my Wing I'll..."

    "If you get back, little girl, if you get back. Like it or not, you're on our mercy right now."

    The girl began to sob.

    "You know what we want", said Elena, "Barbara Darwell"

    "I'll tell you everything."

    "We mean it", said Andrew. He found it so satisfying to see Myra in her present predicament; after all he had to suffer from her when they were still ordinary kids and were dating.

    "Barbara keeps a schedule", said Myra, "In the morning and in the evening she fucks her dad. After breakfast she's doing her torture and interrogation routine, then she goes into the Eastern Tower so she can practice Wording with her father."

    "What do you mean - torture and interrogation?", Andrew was intrigued.

    "She punishes eastwingers who did wrong", said Myra, "She interrogates captive westwingers if there are any. She's addicted to torturing people; she gets wet when she does it."

    "Whoa, let's not change the subject", Elena cut the discussion, "We need the precise time. When does she go to the Easter Tower?"

    "Usually she has two rounds of classes - one starts at twelve o'clock, the other at nine pm", said Myra, "She's there with her father."

    "On her way to the Tower, is she alone? What route does she take?", this time it was Andrew who asked the question.

    "She's alone and keeps the same route. I can draw it for you, but you need to untie me."

    "Apparently, asking the right questions is on our blood", Elena poked her son.


    "And this is it", Andrew presented Brenda with the map drawn by Myra, "I think we can go for Barbara now."

    "I know both of you would like to jump straight to action, but we need to carefully consider our plan", said the lecturer, "I'll call you next morning and tell you when - and if - I have everything figured out."


    James was alone in the wood when he saw a flash of light.

    As usual, he spent his summer holiday at home. At seventeen he was a handsome yet shy, bespectacled boy. His shyness didn't earn him a girlfriend; the only woman in his life was his thirty-seven year-old single mother who, in spite of her good looks, had problem with finding someone who'd replace boy's father. James always thought it strange - a tall, slim, long-haired blonde with a warm smile shouldn't have problems with finding a guy.

    Now, however, he was a witness to something even stranger. It was late afternoon, but the dark clouds overhead made the wood darker than it usually was. The eerie glow was even more clearly visible in the dim light; James would swear it was not at all natural. Fighting off fear he went into its direction, and what he saw made his hair stand on their ends.

    Before him were the familiar shapes of the aged trees, but against their backdrop there hovered what could only be described as a hole in the air. There was a sunny day on the other side; brilliant sunlight illuminated a verdant forest. Two human figures made their way through the opening into the familiar world; a boy about his age and a stunning, dark-haired woman about his mother's age. Both were naked. James could hear them speak; most bizarrely, they spoke English:

    "Couldn't you conjure us some clothes?", asked the boy.

    "I can't use Crafting Words too often, and definitely not on this side", said the woman, "Besides, for now I like it the way it is. Don't you?"

    She embraced the boy and kissed him; their hands wandered about their bodies as James watched spellbound. Then the strangers became aware of him.

    "Oh hello there", said the woman, "I hope you had fun watching us."

    "I think... I will... go", James began to back off.

    "Stay where you are", said the woman in the commanding voice, "Is it Ravenhorn?"


    "It's not", the woman seemed upset by the fact, "Tell me pray, do you live alone?"

    "I... I live with my mom... Close by", James was panting from a strange mixture of fear and excitement.

    "Take us there."

    "I can't."

    The woman said words in some strange language and, to his horror, James found he couldn't move. Every part of his body was paralyzed, but for the mouth. All he could do was plead for help.

    "HELP!", he tried to shout, but the voice that came out of his throat was faint.

    "I don't take no for an answer. We're desperate and need help. You know what is desperation, boy?"


    "If you won't help us you'll learn it sooner than you'd like. Now, will you help us?"

    "... yes."

    "Then take us to your mom."


    "WHAT!?", Elena was furious.

    "Lower down your voice, Elena", Brenda's voice was stern, "Remember that I am in command of this Chapter..."

    "A makeshift Chapter."

    Brenda sighed.

    "We're training for a war, Elena. Who knows, maybe we're already at war. We don't really know what's happening in the East Wing and it's the first time since a long time that we have a chance to find out."

    "Thanks to us", said Andrew.

    "Let me repeat: you're staying here, Elena, and your son goes with me. He's more skilled in Wording than you are."

    Elena looked at Andrew, then at Brenda - and she had to admit that she was an attractive bitch; there was something in the combination of big bust and spectacles that appealed to men. Add to this an hourglass figure and you have a bombshell. Granted, there was no shortage of attractive people in Ravenhorn, but Elena was afraid to leave her son in Brenda's company - for she felt that the lecturer might try to seduce him.

    "Very well then. You two are going, and I'm staying.", she said, "When are you leaving?"

    "Right now. We've got a chance to catch Barbara this evening."

    "Have fun", said Elena.


    Fiona stood on the porch and cast a glance on the landscape. It was already evening and James was not yet home. She was relieved to see him emerge from the woods, but her relief was short-lived.

    He was not alone. With him there walked two people - a young man about his age and a woman so stunning that she could as well be a swimsuit model. Both were naked.

    "Oh no", she thought, "He was caught by some psychos."

    She made a mental rundown of all the safety measures available at her home. She kept a loaded gun in her bedroom, as she was afraid of nocturnal visitors. She could also call the police. But for now she wanted to stay on the porch; she didn't know what these crazies might do to her son.

    As soon as he saw his mother James started to call to her.


    "James!", she called back, "James, who are these people?"

    "They said they are Alice and Brad. They said they need help."

    Fiona looked at them. They stood before her porch kissing; boy's hand wandered about the woman's buttock.

    "He could be her son.", she thought.

    The woman looked at her.

    "My, my, this is one attractive Scottish lass", she said, "Perhaps you should strip off and we'd have a beauty contest."

    "Who are you?", Fiona's voice was strained and cold. She realized she was sweating.

    "We are two people in dire need of help. And you better help us, for the stakes are high and your fate is among them."

    "Why the hell are you wandering naked through the woods?", Fiona was growing impatient.

    "Whoa, don't be so impertinent. We came from a place where it's extremely easy to lose one's clothing. We're lucky that we've made it out alive."

    "I'm calling the police", said Fiona.

    "No, you're not. We still have your son. Brad, hold him."

    The boy twisted Jame's arm, and the woman started ripping off his clothes.


    Once James was naked the woman he called Alice turned him to face Fiona.

    "Not bad looking. How old is he? Eighteen?"

    "He's just seventeen, for goodness sake! Leave him alone!"

    "Let us in, then we'll talk."


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    "Careful now..."

    Brenda stopped before the large, oak door that led to the East Wing. Her subordinates - Yisha, a pretty twenty-yeard old Indian girl ( or at least Indian-looking, you could never be sure of one's real nationality or ethnicity in Ravenhorn ), Yisha's brother and possibly lover Lalit, and Andrew waited patiently for their teacher to check the doorway for any hazardous Words.

    "Strange. The doors seem to be safe...", Brenda pondered.

    "You suspect it's a trap?", said Yisha.

    "There's only one way to find out", said Brenda, pushing the door open.

    The large, wooden wings creaked as they opened to reveal a long, dark, dusty and empty corridor. Faded portraits of Ravenhorns' alumni hanged on the walls. The corridor's end faded into darkness.

    "This place had fallen into slight disrepair since the Order decided to split the University in two", said Brenda, "Don't be surprised at it's apalling state".

    "Isn't the corridor longer than it should be?", asked Andrew. He'd swear there should be a wall in the middle of corridor.

    "Oh, there's another thing I learned when I was last captive here", said Brenda, "The Eastwingers have gone rather... far in their experiments. This place exists halfway in the world we know, and halfway in Meirenn."

    "Does this mean that some of those corridors branch into Meirenn?"

    "If you're looking for a quick way into Meirenn, then, well... You don't need to. We're already there. Halfway at least."

    Brenda looked at the three youngsters under her command.

    "Ready to go in?"

    Reluctantly, they nodded.

    "Then let's go."


    "Don't even think about calling the cops, Fiona."

    The woman's full breasts, covered by the read sweater, rose and fell as she looked at her naked son. The strangers had him tied to the kitchen chair. She sat opposite to him, still untied, feeling at the same time scared and excited. James had grown into a handsome lad, and she had... She had urges that she kept to herself.

    The dark-haired woman looked her deeply in her eyes. Fiona felt as though her mind was being probed, and she could do nothing about it.

    "Oh, I can see you've read some interesting stories ******. Isn't that true?"

    "What are you talking about?", Fiona's voice faded into a powerless whisper.

    "Let's go upstairs. Brad, untie our captive and hand him to me."

    The woman's companion was no longer naked - in fact, he got dressed in her son's clothing that he had fetched from his room. The woman was still nude.

    Their captors led Fiona and James up to Fiona's bedroom, as if they knew the way all along. Fiona was still sleeping in a marital bed that she kept when she divorced. In a way she liked it. She had it all to herself and could roll in it to her heart's content.

    And not just roll. On her lonely nights she'd strip completely and give herself to self-love. Her dream-lovers were usually faceless men with muscular bodies, but as James grew into manhood he entered Fiona's fantasies. At first she scolded herself for it, but then decided that fantasy cannot hurt anyone.

    "Open up your laptop and show your browsing history", commanded the woman who called herself Alice.

    "What if I don't?"

    "Then we still have your sonny."

    Fiona sighed and did as was told. She didn't feel compelled to use private mode when browsing censorship-free erotic fora with stories about incest betwen mother and son. After all, she was an adult. She'd never suspect somebody could put it under scrutiny.

    Only that now someone did.

    Alice navigated to one of the websites from the search history. It contained a rather vivid description of a loving intercourse between a woman and her teenage son.

    "Read it", she gave James slight push towards the laptop.

    The boy's face became red. Unbeknown to anyone, he sometimes experienced fantasies about Fiona. Now, however, it turned out his mom shared at least some of his fantasies.

    Fiona couldn't help but notice that her son's member became erect during the lecture.

    "Now that we know your dirty secret, what will you do to keep it hidden?", asked Alice.

    Fiona didn't answer, but the silence was telling. She was utterly defeated by this pair of strangers who suddenly invaded her life and tore it to pieces.

    "What do you think of them?", Alice addressed the boy who accompanied her.

    The boy shook his head.

    "Ravenhorn should be close by", said Alice, as to herself, "The Order lacks converts, and these two look promising."

    She faced Fiona, her face beaming with a wicked smile.

    "Do you have a car?"

    Fiona nodded.

    "Good. I'd use your car and your clothes. Divest yourself of them, slowly.", she turned to James, "Mom is going to do a little strip-tease for us."

    Fiona pulled her red sweater over her head. Underneath she was wearing a white t-shirt. She was trying to reconcile the feelings of fear and outright erotic excitement raging within.

    "Believe me, you're going to be grateful to us", Alice said, "Both of you."


    Elena was back in her room, trying to spice up her time. Waiting for her son to come back was boring, and she had already finished watching another bondage-themed porn movie she rented from the infamous DVD rental. She thought of what might happen if her son was caught during the mission; the idea of him being stripped and tied up, and possibly subjected to torture she found undeniably erotic. She reached under her bare midriff shirt and started to massage her breast, which she often did when trying to amplify her sexual arousal, when someone knocked at the door.

    Was it him? She rushed to open, but she was in for a big surprise.

    Standing at the door was a young woman she knew from the briefing to be Barbara Darwell. Even though good-looking, there was something terrifying about her, even more so that now Elena saw her face-to-face. Behind her there stood two robed and hooded women from the East Wing.

    "Hello pretty", the girl smiled an evil smile.


    The corridors seemed to twist and turn endlessly. Even Brenda had trouble navigating them.

    "It seems that the East Wing I remembered is now gone", she finally said when they reached a large, domed hall whose ceiling was supported by tall columns covered by elaborate engravings.

    "This isn't Earth anymore, right? We're in Meirenn", Yisha seemed genuinely alarmed.

    "I'm afraid that's the case", said Brenda, "Your friend lied to us, Andrew."

    "To be true, she was always a bitch", said the boy.

    Suddenly they heard a sound emanating from the dark opening. It was unlike any sound Andrew ever heard. It was like a chorus of small, low, chanting voices. And these voices were evil.


    "Oh no", said Brenda.

    "I don't like this sound", said Andrew.

    Yisha and her brother didn't say anything, but they looked genuinely apprehensive.

    "They summoned a host of some really nasty creatures from Meirenn", said Brenda.

    "SUMMONED!? They didn't SUMMON them. You said yourself we're already in Meirenn.", observed Andrew.

    "Nyah-nyah-nyah...", the chorus was getting closer.

    Andrew took a glance at Brenda. She closed her eyes.

    "Temeresayarayanen!", she recited.

    A wave of light washed accross the chamber, meeting with a wave of small, ugly creatures that swarmed through the entrance. In a flash Andrew saw their form - they were short, with small protruding horns, bulging eyes and incredibly long tongues that stuck out all the time. The first wave of attackers was stopped by the Worded force, but there more were coming.

    The four teammates stopped as the monsters encircled them. Oddly, they didn't attack.

    Footsteps echoed through the corridor. A tall, dark-haired woman clad ingreen robes entered. She cast a glance at the four adventurers huddled in the corner and laughed.

    "Anessa", said Brenda, "Anessa Rawling. I could have known."

    "Yes, Brenda, you fell for my little trap", said Anessa, "I waited a long time for this payback. Too bad you didn't take Elena with you. Perhaps if you did, you'd have a chance."

    Brenda looked down, defeated.

    "Isn't that our talented Initiate Andrew Spitzer?", Anessa approached the boy, "You don't know the story, do you? Brenda had hots for you, so shortly after your arrival she struck a deal with Shadowmaster. She decided to lure you out of the West Wing,
    so that Barbara can get your pretty mom. With mom out of the way, you'd be Brenda's lover. But then - oops - she forgot that striking deals with Shadowmaster is a bad idea, especially for silly women like herself."

    A tall man emerged from the corridor. He was much more intimidating than on the pictures Andrew was shown during the briefing.

    Frederick Darwell.

    "Anessa, be quick with them. Our spies told us that the Chosen had appeared in the area."

    Anessa looked surprised.

    "Oh really? What would he do here?"

    "I think that Mayanne thought that Ravenhorn would be a safe place. Now, with West Wing nearly deserted, Elena, Brenda and this brat in our hands, when they come in they will be ours. Again."

    Anessa approached Brenda and Andrew. The boy looked at his teacher with disbelief. Would she really sell his mother for him?

    "Abbaramanon is winning", she said, "You might have scored a tiny victory in New York, but the truth is that it takes more than a victorious battle to win the war."




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