The phone rings...I get up from my easy chair and answer it. A male voice is on the other end.

“Hi, This is Tom, have your wife ready for me, I’ll be at your house at 8PM tonight. I am super horny and am going to fuck every hole that she has until she begs for mercy.”

Another day...My wife calls me to dinner as usual. Only this time she is wearing a white vinyl pleated and flared school girl skirt that barely comes to the bottom of her behind, matching white knee high stiletto heel boots, and a sheer, sleeveless crop top that shows her beautiful breasts and their pierced nipples to their best.

She is five feet ten inches tall; trim, with long straight raven black hair that she has set to perfection. As she sits down to eat, it is very obvious that she has not worn any panties under her very short skirt.

“I’m going out after dinner with my new lover, so don’t wait up for me, I’ll be very late, but don’t despair, when I get home, I’ll crawl up over you in bed, mount your face and let you suck my pussy clean.”

And yet another day...I am out at an evening meeting of a group that I belong to. My cell phone shows a text message for me.

“Met a hottie friend of mine at the home store. Going out to his car to suck his cock. See you at 11."

Well, you are probably thinking to yourself, “What a terrible way to act, that poor guy”. You are probably also thinking that any one of these could easily result in a serious fight, assault, divorce or much worse to the wife.

You are 100% WRONG.

This is Modern Day Cuckoldry, also called HOTWIFING. To digress a bit, let’s go back in history. You probably have heard of Cuckold husbands. By definition they were sexually dominated by their unfaithful wives. The wives were out prowling for new sexual conquests and made sure that their unworthy husbands knew full well about their exploits.
The husbands had no rights to sexual congress with their wives and were usually told that they were inadequate to please their wife. Their life was a living hell, as no attempt to hide their unfaithfulness was made. The wife was proud of her subjugation of her husband, and his role as tortured submissive.

NOT today’s Cuckold...

Modern Day Cuckoldry is an offshoot of Swinging. Many couples that swing have found out after a period of swinging activity that the husband seems to derive the most pleasure from seeing his loving wife being satisfied by another man with the ability to send her into a frenzy of sexual bliss as he watches and listens.
His own encounter is certainly satisfying, but not to be compared with his excitement of seeing his wife being used and pleasured. Seeing the expression of wild abandon in her eyes as she becomes a pleasure object for another man is a feeling that is only truly known by those lucky enough to let conventions go, and allow pure lust to take over. I am one such very lucky man.

My wife and I spent a year or so placing swinging ads on web sites, ALT, Ashley Madison, Affair Connect, and others. We both met great, friendly, sexy people to go out with and play. On our nights out, my greatest pleasure was seeing my wife dressed in her fetish finest, hair and makeup done to perfection as she kissed me goodnight and walked out the door to her car. The knowledge that soon, her arms that had just held me, her lips that had just kissed me, and her body would soon be wrapped around her lover, locked in wild sexual contact. I could only dream of how she would feel as he penetrated her body for the first time.

I was lucky to meet a wonderful, sexy young lady the first time out on a swinging date. Our time together was great; we “hit it off” at once. Our meetings were highly charged with sexual energy and lust for each other. As exciting as it was, I could not keep from thinking about my wife and her dates. When I was holding and caressing my lover, my mind kept drifting and imagining that it was my wife in the arms of her lover. We tried to make our nights out coincide so that we would both have tales to tell when we got home. When we rejoined at our home, her stories of her sexual conquests drove me insane with lust for her... No matter how spent I was from my night out, I had to have her, and right now! My cock was instantly engorged, and our sex was unbelievable. The scent and the taste of another man on my wife was an aphrodisiac beyond explanation. The feeling of slipping inside of her, already well lubricated with his cum made me climax like a bull.

Soon, I decided to discuss my feeling with her. We sat down in a frank discussion. I told her that I no longer wanted to go out. I wanted to stay home and await her return to me, well used and nicely prepared for our own tryst to follow. I told her that I would gladly be her social secretary, making and keeping track of her dates if she wanted me to. I also told her that as an integral part of this activity, I wanted her to command me into chastity when she went out, so that I could not be tempted to masturbate as I fantasized about her night out. We also discussed her venue of play. Normally, she goes out with her dates, but we decided that if she became involved with a guy that was special and long term, she could bring him home to our very bed!

Being a latex freak myself, we agreed that I would be encased in a latex head to toe catsuit, full coverage hood with just a small mouth opening, high spike heel boots, gagged, and bound to a chair in the bedroom before her date arrived. I would then be able to hear all that transpired without making any noise or interfering with her night of wild sex.

Being a loving wife, she was at first a bit worried about this being abusive to me and unfair, as only she would be dating and I would be subjected to the results of her sexual escapades.

Nothing could be further from the truth. As I explained, since this was my idea, and my fantasy, how could it be abusive? I wanted it to happen!
After some prolonged discussion, we agreed in principal.

She told me that she already had been chatting ****** with a new guy that came to our area every week or so on business. He knew little about her other than she was married, as he was too.

“He may be a good prospect to try this scenario out on,” she said.

I agreed. The morning of the date came quickly. After breakfast she again asked me if I was ready for this, I said “Yes” at once.

“OK, then, it’s into your steel chastity tube for you,” she said in a mocking Domme’ voice.

I must admit that the day was torturous. Trying to keep from having an erection was a full time job. The steel tube was only slightly longer than my flaccid cock, so any erection would be troublesome at best. As the evening approached, I was allowed to assist her in dressing for her date. She had chosen the smallest black leather mini skirt she owned, thigh high leather boots with spike heels, a matching black leather studded bra top and choker to finish the outfit. Once dressed, she looked unbelievable. As she admired herself in the mirror she told me to answer the door when her date arrived! I didn’t know that he was picking her up; I thought that she was meeting him out somewhere. What a treat to add to my sensual tortures!

She then hiked her skirt up and told me to get on my knees and take her sex into my mouth and,”Get her started” for her big night out”.

Gladly, I did.

As the doorbell rang, I answered it, introduced myself, and asked him in to await her entrance. A minute later, she came down the stairs; I was so excited at seeing her that my cock almost exploded. She walked over to him without saying a word and wrapped her arms around him and gave him a deep, passionate kiss.

Releasing him, she gave me a peck on the cheek and said, “Don’t wait up, I’ll be real late”.

With that she walked out arm in arm and got into his car. Just seeing her with him, knowing what would soon transpire drove me nearly insane with lust. I wanted to masturbate so badly, but could not. Torture at the very least!
Early the next morning, she arrived home, looking like the cat that ate the canary.

She was used; wet, spent, and very calm as she walked in and kissed me. The taste of her lover was still fresh on her lips. Our morning was a blur; I made love to her with more lust and intensity than ever before. We agreed that this was something to be explored further. I had never felt so in synch with my wife before. It was like being reborn as one… not two separate people.

A few weeks later, my wife was invited to an out of state fetish fantasy weekend.
Her trip was fun and she met fun loving sexy people to hang out with. One person she met was from our own locality; he was a latex freak also and wore head to toe gear all weekend long.

On Saturday night after the planned festivities were finished, she wound up hanging out with him, a friendship developed and she soon found herself in his room for the night. After a long fuck fest, she rang me on the phone about 3am to tell me in great detail of her conquest, his prowess as a bull stud and let me talk to her new lover. He too was very vocal in describing his conquest of my loving wife.
He sounded very nice, and after a short while we found a kinship in out lust for latex and sexy ladies. He then told me that he was going to accompany my wife home on the plane and would be spending the next weekend with her at our home; he said that he was going to keep her well fucked and that I would be allowed to honor of sucking his cum out of her every time he fucked her. My cock was nearly bursting while I heard him dictate the terms of his visit.

Arriving back at home after her weekend away she told me of her tryst again, and about the invitation to play on the coming weekend. Just the mention of this drove me to an instant hard-on, and I nearly ripped the clothes of my wife right there in the airport terminal. (Not that she would have objected to that too much…)

Friday came slowly, anticipation ran high, and as time came to drive to the train to pick our guest. My wife had already chosen her latex catsuit and boots for the night’s play and I had just finished assisting her dress. I was then instructed to don my black latex catsuit, a pair of her bright red thigh high girl’s boots and gauntlet gloves for the trip. She then locked a studded collar around my neck that had “SLUT” lettered on it. Luckily for me, it was late at night!

Sitting in my car at the station, I was positive that everyone there knew that I was in latex...or they would, soon. As the train arrived, I got out of the car and stood by it to await our yet unseen guest. He walked across the parking lot and introduced himself, a nice guy to be sure. We laughed at how he was so perceptive to know it was me that he was to meet.

Arriving home, we sat around for a short time; he then excused himself and went to change into his gear, very similar to mine, but with a great gasmask type hood, complete with rebreather bags and hoses. My wife was already in her latex play clothes, and ready to play! She got up and took us both by the hand and directed us to the bedroom. I was handed my hood and told to sit in the prearranged chair. The binding of my arms and legs was quickly completed, leaving me immobile and unable to talk or see. I heard him ask my wife to put on a hood that he had brought for her, a gas mask type with a mouth opening. She agreed at once.
The sounds of lovemaking were quickly filling the room. The rustling of rubber on rubber; moaning, groaning, laughter and more filled the room. Hours seemed to pass as I sat there, cock engorged and aching for release. The sounds faded, quiet took over as they became spent. Then, in an instant, I was being untied. Freedom! I was lead to the bed still hooded and sightless.

I lay down between them, and was at once being touched by all four hands! They were both caressing me, and driving me wild with passions. Shortly thereafter, my wife pressed her mouth to my ear and whispered that she had a surprise for me. I nodded “YES”. I felt the ball gag being removed from my jaws. I felt my body being rolled onto its left side, and the sounds of movement next to me.

“Open wide” she told me.

I responded. Then, without further warning, I felt my wife’s lover’s cock being slid into my mouth. The taste of her sex on his cock was unmistakable.

“Be a good Cuckold and clean my lovers cock well, and make sure that you suck him rock hard for me,” was whispered in my ear.

Having never experienced anything like this before, I was shocked at my immediate acceptance of her command. I did as instructed, taking it deep into my mouth sucking and licking the wonderful taste of my wife off his rapidly stiffening cock. Soon, I provided her with the rock hard cock she wanted. Once again, I was treated to the sounds and scents of their love making at its best…in full rubber!

Afterwards, we all unhooded and lay there talking for hours until we finally drifted off into a deep sleep.
The rest of the weekend went similarly, wild sexual abandon, and lot of passion.
My wife had two latex clad lovers to attend to her kinkiest desires, and she took full advantage of her treats.

Sunday night we put our guest on the train and drove home. Long discussions followed, and after assuring her that this was the life I needed as well as wanted, we agreed to live it out. We have since signed a contract of Cuckoldry and life is wonderful!
Yes, our guest is a regular in our home now, along with a few others.
I have to go now, the phone is ringing, and my wife hates it when she misses a call...