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    Red face Olga and Ingrid Learn about Life

    Olga and Ingrid -- Best Friends Forever
    A Tuesday night sleep over…
    Having just turned 18, Olga and Ingrid shared the same birthday, among many other things. They often were taken for twins. With their families’ adjoining farms, they had easily hung out over the years, slept over…schoolwork and chores permitting… and gossiped about families, neighbors, and especially about cute boys. They had become best friends forever. They were ready for life. They couldn’t wait.
    An evening during Christmas break found Olga again sleeping over in Ingrid’s bed, all bundled against the long winter night. In the sauna, they were obviously gorgeous young ladies—natural blonds with young firm breasts, pouting lips, and well you know. But in chilly houses they layered up. Only their cherub-like faces now showed between the covers and their night caps. Heaven never saw such beauty and nubile purity.
    Olga: Please, please, let me start. I saw the preacher and his kids in the sauna. It was their first visit. We probably fell behind on our church pledge and rated a reminder from the pastor. Since the farm keeps losing money and Dad started at the factory in town, money has been tight.
    Ingrid: Yes, it’s tight for everyone. Our parents will have a rough time sending us to college. Hope we can get scholarships or apprenticeships at the new German factory or maybe marry cute guys with money… and with experience and with great dicks. Wow! Did you ever see pastor’s dick in the sauna? Too bad his son isn’t older—he may be young now but he has his father’s gift.
    Olga: Christ Ingrid! Don’t talk like a slut. At least, don’t talk so loud. The big people all know the score, but they get shocked when we say things. Guess what? Rachel, the Svensen girl, was sleeping with her dad. I don’t know who seduced whom, but they broke it up when she got a job. It was about time. She needs someone her own age, and Mrs. Svensen deserves a little attention too. Hell, only a saint could have resisted Rachel.
    Ingrid: Don’t get me excited. I’m sooo ready for a boy—I hope that all this waiting makes it better. Otherwise, I’ve just wasted good time. You know, Uncle Milt is planning his spring visit. I can’t ever tell his feelings—he’s not the type to leer, but he loves to take me berry picking. He’s a real man, and a widower still has needs. He had a vasectomy when his wife gave up trying for children. They say 40 is the new 30, and he keeps beautifully tanned and rock solid.
    Ingrid: Go for it girl! It’s just that grieving Milt has found his niche as a lonely single farmer. But if you can’t light his fire, then no one can. Freddie thought Uncle Milt swung both ways. Just wish he would swing my way. Well, you have dibs.
    Olga: We’d better get some sleep. Hmm, I saw you studying with the Johnsen boy, Johnny, last year. He’s a man now. He has an income from his dad’s business, he just got a car, and he’s ready for college or whatever. And he’s deliciously three years older than the horny, awkward little boys in our class!! Rumor has it Johnny’s gorgeous step-sis broke him in and kept his libido drained. He’s a decent looking stud with experience in the sack… and he has a future. I guess no one ever saw his manhood in the sauna. With boys you don’t know what you’re getting till they unzip.
    Ingrid: Yup, Johnny is nice, but we’d better get some sleep. Remember when you taught me to French kiss. If I get lucky this summer, I might let you hide in the closet and watch. Still we may need more practice. The Viking women weren’t a bunch of dikes, but they got lonesome with their men away pillaging and extending Norse power. Their women had needs too.
    Olga: Do go to sleep. You’re all ‘talk’ and no ‘do.’ Would you really let me watch?? If I get lucky, I don’t think I want an audience.
    Ingrid: Shit! Go to sleep. Still I’m open to practice kissing or whatever. We have the place to ourselves tomorrow night and there’s a lock on the sauna door to boot.
    Olga: Maybe. Love you always. Now shut up and try to sleep.
    God I’m hot and you’re right there. They say tits grow when regularly squeezed and sucked. Same for cocks. Well, I don’t have a dick, but if you show improvement in your French kissing, I could open my night gown… and you open yours too.
    Ingrid: Damn, I hate to lose sleep, but there’s no school and the folks do leave us alone. Trust me: I’ll start sucking your long fingers, mmm, and then work my way to your neck, your ears, and, oh, your warm moist mouth. Please just start fingering my mouth. Damn, my nipples are aching. I think I’m talking too much.
    Olga: So shut up. My nightie is almost open.

    Wednesday night sauna…
    The sauna felt sooo good to the girls. Europeans understand the benefits, even necessity, of soaking up the deep heat unclothed, but many Yanks with their prudery sadly never feel comfortable with their own bodies—or anyone else’s. If one never views the body au natural, a little skin can be overwhelming. And, oh, the girls were stunning. Their almost matching lithe bodies moved so gracefully in school uniforms or in casual togs and spandex. But they came into their own without a stitch in the way. Their perfect legs reached up to hips that already showed that womanly shape that men crave. Their matching butts would turn saints into pederasts. And their light, blond coloring gave their perky firm breasts nipples that were beautifully pale and begging attention… strawberry volcanos best tasted with chocolate and cream.
    Say, anyone who loves the human form can attest that naturism isn’t necessarily sexy. Just observe well fed middle-aged naturists playing volleyball at summer camp—fun, enjoyable, but not pinup material. OK, back to our best friends forever, beautiful and charming Olga and Ingrid.
    Olga: Are you tired from last night’s fooling around? I took a nap after breakfast.
    Ingrid: Yup, but it was special and wonderful. I do love you, not as a woman per se but as my BFF. We’ll just move to another level when we have serious boyfriends, but always friends forever.
    Olga: The reason we’re still so pure is ‘good’ upbringing by our loving parents. We do try to please them. Plus we could have steady whoopy anytime if we accepted those pimply boys our age who paw at us. I’ve been holding out for the best, an older guy with class and experience. Plus the pill isn’t foolproof and a slipup is easier to handle when I’m officially an adult out of school. There are good men who want kids and commitment, but that’s too hard for most young boys to grasp.
    Ingrid: Look, my friend, those classy older guys were awkward and pimply just a few years ago. And now most of them are in committed relationships. As always, the good ones are already taken.
    Olga: So the lesson is to study the field and get a good guy when he’s new and still learning?
    Ingrid: That’s right. But you can’t make too many mistakes, or the group labels you a whore. As usual, it ain’t fair.
    So who are the best of the best cute guys out there?
    Olga: We know all the available boys. We just have to get past hating the creepy little boys who teased us and stole a feel in the hall. We all grew up.
    My brother’s a student athlete. He’s on scholarship at the college prep academy. When you play hard on a team, you learn quickly who’s a loser and who’s a standup guy.
    Ingrid: Plus your brother knows who’s showing a lot of dick in the locker room.
    Olga: Damn, you’re so nasty. I’ll find out for you. You know, our friendship will just get better when we have boyfriends.
    I can see you on your third date with ‘stinky Ralph.’ Wrestling on the couch you finally grasp his throbbing manhood with your trembling hand. He tastes your warm, moist sex and you know he’s the one. If Ralph is your man, he’s not going home with blue balls. He takes control, positioning you on the floor. But first he holds your head and enjoys your warm lips again, dreaming what you’ll taste like after you swallow his manhood. But this moment is too special for wild stuff. It’s enough having your stallion mount you, his new filly. He will stretch and fill your virgin love canal and tenderly take your maidenhood.
    Ingrid: I saw that movie too: really it could be so beautiful. Oh well, tired one, how about a massage. We’ll share giving each other rub downs, and then snuggle for a nap.
    Olga: Sound good! I’m tired too. What’s in the bag?
    Ingrid: I found these love toys in my parents’ closet, some books and videos too.
    Olga: You rascal. That stuff is everywhere now. It might be good to know a little more. I wouldn’t want my dates to know more than me.
    Ingrid: I guess I’m not so tired now, and we do have six hours till the folks return. I’m up for it… just a little fun. I can always trust my BFF.
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