The visiting hairdresser.
Copyright 2018, niteowlUK2003.

This is a short story about a female visiting hairdresser who cuts men’s hair, and her one and only visit to a man in his 60s whom she has known for 20 years.

And so, the story begins…

Roy Clark, had been active for many years in his community and had been chairman of the residents Association, co-ordinator of the local neighbourhood watch, as well as a computer tutor in the local community hall. Through all these activities he encountered about 90% of the people living on this estate on which he lived; so, it was no fluke that he knew Lizzie, a girl he had seen grow up and develop. I must point out at this stage that during this time there was never any hint of any sexual interlude between the two, or any hint of impropriety at all.

He had first come across Lizzie when she was just 11 years of age, and he knew she was not quite like the other girls, through the youth club that he helped run he discovered that Lizzie and her younger brother Tommy lived with their mother but there was no father on the scene. For the next 10 years there had only been nodding acquaintances and brief hello’s; although there was one instance he could recall, when Lizzie was 17 and she asked Roy Clark for some advice. I mention this only because it was at this time in her life that Roy first noticed Lizzie sexually, to put it mildly, she had a large bust. Roy gave Lizzie some honest advice about contact with the father, and three weeks later Lizzie thanked him as things had worked out almost exactly as he said it would.

The story I’m about to relate to you began when Lizzie was 31, she had been through hairdressing college and was certificated as a professional hairstylist. The next move to Lizzie was to either join an existing salon or come up with an idea that she could turn into the business of her own. She hit upon the idea of visiting people at their homes, to cut and style their hair and it was through this one of the first customers she chose to ask was Roy. At this point in time I can honestly say that when Roy agreed the only thing on his mind was having his hair cut and I suspect the only thing on Liz’s mind was using Roy as a guinea pig to see how long it would take to cut someone’s air in their kitchen and to test out her prices.

On the day in question, at 9 AM in the morning, Lizzie rang Roy’s doorbell. Minutes later the door opened, and he invited her in. This was the first time Lizzie had ever been in Roy’s home and she was amazed at the large DVD library set out in the living room. They moved then to the kitchen as it would be easier to clean up the hair on the tiled floor and Roy dutifully sat on a dining chair whilst Lizzie put the apron around his neck and secured it. Now everything was normal and progressing fine until accidentally Liz leaned in just a little too far and her 40 C bust was pressed into Roy’s shoulder.

As if trying to make a joke of it, Lizzie merely said, “these things keep getting in the way every time!” Roy looked at her and smiling said “if you want me to hold them you only have to say, but I don’t think they would get in my way!” Lizzie blushed and then pausing she looked at Roy and asked, “do you really think that tits this size look nice?” Roy now paused before saying anything and then he’d replied, “I cannot tell you if they look nice if I can’t see them and yours are covered so how can I see them!”

On the spur of the moment, without thinking about what she was doing, Lizzie pulled up her T-shirt and covered her face and Roy was treated to a view of two delightful large breasts nestling in a bra struggling to contain them. 10 seconds later Lizzie pulled down her T-shirt and asked the question again, “do you really think that tits this size look nice?” Cheekily Roy looked at her full in the face before saying, “I still haven’t seen them properly if you want me to judge them!” Lizzie then said, “but I have just shown them to you!” Roy smiled and then putting his hand up to Lizzie’s face he said, “but my dear, you have only shown me then caged in your bra, so all I have really seen is your cleavage!”

It was Liz’s turn to smile now, as she waited a little bit and then said, “I think you’re just a dirty old man, who wants me to cut your hair whilst topless!” Roy now leered at Lizzie and smiled before saying, “well it certainly took your time to work that one out, I’ve known you for 20 years and only now you’ve discovered I’m a dirty old man!” He said laughing.

Lizzie pondered for a moment, perfectly still registering no shock or surprise in the face, and then said, “you know I will have to charge a double if I do that!” Roy put his hand in his trouser pocket, pulled out his wallet and turning said, “if you going to charge double to go topless whilst you cut my hair what would you charge me, for you to be totally naked whilst doing it?” Lizzie went red in the face and said, “what makes you think I would ever do that, anyway?”

Roy looked Lizzie up and down, and then a strange smile appeared on his face, as he said, “I think the reason why you would do that is because of two things, firstly, you are a healthy young woman and must at times feel quite horny, secondly, you have just willingly and without any coercion from me, flashed me your tits. So logically I think you must be horny now and therefore willing to try any sexual adventure!” Roy stressed the word sexual.

Lizzie stood there amazed, how could this man even though he has known most of her life read so much into one simple act and then I thought invaded her mind, how could she chastise him when he was correct and, with her not having a regular boyfriend she was feeling horny at this time and any sexual adventure did sound appealing. All those thoughts took literally seconds and then without saying another word she raised the edge of a T-shirt and pulled it off over her head before dropping it to the floor, then reaching behind her and unclasping her bra. That followed the T-shirt onto the floor and she stood with her arms by your side allowing Roy the full view of the tits, she denied him earlier.

Roy slowly raised his right hand until it finally contacted her breast and then using his thumb he gently rubbed it across her nipple. Lizzie shuddered but didn’t move away in fact she leaned in towards him, so close that now Roy only had to move his head about 6 inches and his lips would be on her other nipple. As if in slow motion Roy did this, suddenly Lizzie’s eyes flew open as she felt his wet tongue sliding over her right nipple. Once more she didn’t pull away but just melted into the action, she knew she was powerless now to resist and she would do anything that Roy asked in this instant.

After about five minutes of playing with her nipples, with his tongue and his fingers, he stopped and pulled back, both nipples now standing erect and almost pointing to the culprit of their reaction. A look of anguish registered on Lizzie’s face, she asked “why have you, stopped?” Roy smiled and then said, “I have stopped because you are only halfway!” Lizzie looked puzzled and repeated, “halfway, halfway to what?”

Roy waited and then slowly said, “I mentioned being totally naked and you never said no so why are you still wearing your skirt and whatever you’ve got on underneath it!” Lizzie blushed even more but just as if someone else was controlling her hands, she unzipped the back of her skirt and let it fall to the floor before pulling down the pretty pink semi lacy pair of panties she was wearing, these also fell to the floor. When she stepped out of these Roy slowly opened his wallet and took out two crisp £20 notes and put them on side. Then he slowly brought his hand up between her legs just above the knee, inch by inch, slowly he then moved his hand up towards what appeared to be a glistening cunt.

Lizzie felt every millimetre of his hand as it moved and it seemed that as his hand rose higher so did her sexual excitement; in fact with the hand halfway up her thigh she actually took the conscious step of opening her legs wider to allowing easier access thinking maybe This would quicken the hand’s pace in reaching the point where she wanted it be. Roy the very experienced lover, simply smiled and if anything moved his hand even slower but the effect on Lizzie was clear to see. For Just before his hand reached the point where it is fingers would just contact her cunt, he flicked his thumb against her clitoris and watched delightedly as her thigh muscles seem to jump and her stomach muscles contracted. Knowing she was now his, this gave him a feeling much more masterful; now Roy allowed his finger to slide back and forth against the crease of her cunt, and he looked deep into the face of this young sexy woman, as he now demanded she now take out his cock.

At first Lizzie seemed to freeze, until Roy demanded once more, “take out my cock you little slut!” Now looking at the floor Lizzie began to bend, and her hands reached either side of Roy’s tracksuit bottoms. Roy lifted his backside off the chair slightly and Lizzie pulled his tracksuit bottoms down to his knees and then did the same in his underpants. Roy’s 6 ½ inch cock was semi erect and therefore sprang up being released from the restraint of the underpants. Lizzie stared at the cock and then almost whispered, “I’ve never seen one like that, where is the cock head?” Roy smiled and said, “I bet the others you seen were all circumcised, in other words had their cock hood removed. Mine as you can clearly see has not been.”

“May I touch it?” Asked Lizzie. “Of course, you can and not only that but you’re going to taste it and feel it inside you!” Roy replied with confidence. With that Lizzie reached forward and carefully closed the hand around Roy’s cock; Roy then put his hand over the top of hers and began to move her hand up and down the length of his cock. He built up a steady rhythm in tune with his fingers sliding along the cunt lips and his thumb strumming her clitoris. You would have been hard pressed to have backed which one came first because had it not been for Lizzie’s legs becoming weak and are nearly collapsing I think both would have come together. At this point the haircut was forgotten as Roy led her by the hand up to his bedroom, in his bedroom was a fourposter bed that in his earlier years he had made himself, so it was rather unique in as much that 8 inches above the mattress the wooden uprights had a feature of a circular hole which was just at the right height for securing arms and legs et cetera. He went to the cupboard and brought out some soft Japanese bondage rope and he tied one end to 1 of these holes and then secured Liz’s hand, then passing the rope behind her he secured her right hand and then with the remaining rope secured that to the right-hand post of the bed.

Taking a second piece of the similar rope, he secured her legs wide apart to the bed legs. Now Lizzie was incapable of stopping him from doing anything and as if to prove this to he ran both his hands up the inside of her thighs and spread her cunt lips when he reached them. Lowering his head, he blew gently so warm wafts of air pass gently over her clitoris, unable to help herself Lizzie groaned with sheer lust. Now using his index finger’s, he opened her inner cunt lips and lettuce fingers gently rub the surface area revealed. Once more this drove Lizzie higher and higher in ecstatic state, and Roy was delighted to notice just how much cunt juice this young slot was producing.

Suddenly withdrew the fingers and reached around her to use the juice cupboard fingertips to rub her nipples with; a son of the nipples was fully erect again he began to pinch and pull them much to Liz’s delight. As he was doing this his cock was rubbing against her clit and it took very little change of angle to have it stabbing at her cunt entrance, even before Roy could react Lizzie thrust backwards spearing her own cunt onto his cock. For the next 10 minutes Roy pounded her cunt and Lizzie sobbed and groaned in ecstasy. Now I know many of you readers will say that’s what all the authors say how good they were at fucking the girl concerned; but in this case remember this was a young 31-year-old woman who had not had sex for quite a while and suddenly found herself in a position where she was defenceless against anything a man wanted to do to her.

Before he came Roy pulled out; he moved round in front of her and kneeling on the bed he lowered her head onto his cock and with very little force she was soon opening her mouth to accept it eagerly. Now one thing about Roy which was to his advantage was that having his cock sucked never really turned him on, so he was happy to let her do it for as long as she could before the jaw start to ache. When she seemed to be slacking at her efforts, he jokingly told her she would have to pay a forfeit for not doing her job properly, and he decided that that forfeit was to take his cock up her arse. Lizzie begged him no, and she said that, “the last boy that tried that left me bleeding and sore! And she was like that for a few days.”

Roy turned round and said, “okay I will make a deal with you, I will not put my cock up your arse until you begged me to do so; however I will be eating your cunt and clitoris until you begged me to stop and that begging me to stop will be the invitation to fuck your arse!” Lizzie thinking that she could withstand anything that Roy could do with his mouth on her cunt turned and agreed. Now Roy simply sat on the floor behind her and then ducked his head up in between her legs. Then he stuck his tongue out and gave her entire cunt length along slow lick which ended as his tongue flicked against her clitoris. He slowly repeated this several times and each time he saw that Lizzie went up on tip toes to try and get away from his tongue but never quite made it and each time he licked he flicked her clit with the tip of his tongue.

After 25 minutes at this low action, Lizzie finally surrendered and begged him to stop, Roy paused and then asked her did she mean for him to stop because she knew what that would mean. Lizzie stopped in her tracks thought for a minute or two and then said, “Roy, I can’t take any more of this and I trust you not to hurt me because in all the time I have known you, you have been protective of me and I can’t see how you can suddenly change from not been protective of me. So yes, I know what it means, and I accept that!” Roy pulled his head away and stood up he turned to face the back of Lizzie and then step forward cock in hand and he guided it to the crease of her cunt. Backwards and forwards for half a dozen times he slid his cock along the slick groove of the cunt lips and then on the seventh stroke he changed the angle of attack just slightly and his cock nudged against Liz’s sphincter muscle. At first there was some solid resistance, but with gentle pressure Roy’s cock forced the muscle to open allowing it to enter.

For about two minutes Lizzie was begging into stop it was too painful, but suddenly she changed and began demanding that he fuck her harder. What followed in the next five minutes can only be described as Liz’s first natural anal climax; she didn’t speak it was more a gurgling sound and she was even thrusting back at him as her legs finally turned to jelly and she almost fell but it was as if Roy’s cock and his feet were the tripod that supported her. If you were to ask Lizzie what she felt during that moment of her first anal orgasm, she would have told you 4 July fireworks celebration was going up inside her head whilst electric shocks seem to be emanating from her anal canal and going directly to her clitoris.

Having now made sure that Lizzie had been satisfied, Roy began to look after his own needs; he released Liz’s hands but not her feet and pushed her gently onto the bottom of the bed and then eased his cock into her hot little honeypot of a cunt. Now with wild abandon he fucked her, mashing her tits in his fingers as he did so. Suddenly Lizzie felt his cock swell and the hot sensation of his spunk blasting against the walls of her cunt. After his cock shrank, he pulled it from her and then reached down to untie her feet. Then they laid with each other on the bed and then a dreadful thought suddenly occurred to Roy. He turned to face Lizzie and said, “I hope you use protection against getting pregnant!” Lizzie looked seriously at him and went, “oh my God, I never thought well not having a boyfriend I didn’t think I needed to continue!” Night was Roy’s turn to look worried and suddenly Lizzie burst out laughing, she said, “got you that time, of course I’m on the pill and have been since I was 15. Mom never trusted the boys on this estate, so she made sure I was protected in that way even before I reach 16!” Playfully Roy pulled Lizzie to him and slapped her across her buttocks.

30 minutes later both fully dressed, Lizzie finally completed the haircut she had started almost 2 hours ago. As they were tidying up Lizzie turned to Roy and said, “you never did answer my question! So, do you think these tits of mine are nice looking?” Roy smiled, and he said, “I am sorry to say that I don’t think your tits are nice!” He then paused for a few seconds before he said, “I think they are fucking beautiful!” When all the pairs had been swept up off the floor, and all of Lizzie’s stuff had been packed away in her bag, she stood waiting to be paid. Looked at her and turned around and said, “your money is on the counter!”

Liz looked at the money on the counter and picked up just one of the two £20 notes, she then took out of her purse a £10 note and put it on top of the £20 note on the counter. Roy walked over, picked up the £10 note and went into his wallet and took out a £5 note and handed it directly to Liz. Liz turned around and said, “no I only charge £10 to cut someone’s hair.” And Roy replied, “that’s as maybe but the rest is a tip and I would ask that you come back in three month’s time and give me another trim exactly like today.”

Unhappily that never happened. The last Roy he knew was that Liz had got married and had moved far away from his estate and therefore never returned. But he did have excellent memories and that wonderful day when he fucked a girl half his age and made her come not once but twice. And friends the story is true I know I was that lucky old bastard.