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    Sasha and Amber

    Sasha had lived with us for a few months now. She was a 18-year-old high school senior from Russia who my wife thought would be a nice addition since the kids moved off to college. Unfortunately, my wife also thought Steve, her fitness instructor at the gym, was also a nice addition to her own life, causing her to leave me about a month ago. Fortunately, Sasha and I were getting along great, and in spite of the near empty house, we were having a great…very innocent…time together. Do not get me wrong, I absolutely love sex and Sasha is a true beauty, but I am working very hard to behave myself in spite of that fact. Sasha did not always make that easy; at about 5’6, 110 lbs., blonde hair, some of the brightest crystal blue eyes I have ever seen on a person, very cute round ass and a pair of perfect perky breasts…she was making it really “hard” some days.

    In spite of her obvious attractive womanly features, I tried to remind myself she was just a teenager in high school. Each night I would come home from work and she would already have dinner made and ready on the dining room table. She spoke English better than I did, so it was great that there was no language barrier to interfere; though her Russian accent just made my attraction to her even greater.
    Amber was the daughter of Annette and David that lived next door. She too was 18 and had helped to get Sasha involved and adjusted to her new life in America. To be honest, over the past month, I almost saw Amber as much as I saw Sasha; she would spend half of the nights of the week at my house, and the other nights they would spend at hers. The girls were nearly inseparable. Amber was not as attractive as Sasha, but she was still beautiful. Her hair was a shiny jet black, cropped short just above her shoulders, also a pair of beautiful blue eyes, luscious pouty lips, about 5’3 and I would guess also around 110 lbs. Her breasts were one of her greatest features because they were just a pair of those large round globes that seem to defy gravity in spite of their large size. Even on the few occasions she was at my house without a bra on, those lovely things would just beg you to stare at them and the large erect nipples that always seemed to protrude from them. Again though, I would try to remind myself that she was only a teenager and that her father and I had been friends, neighbors, and even coworkers for the past five years. The fact was, I helped him find the house next to me to live in.

    Over the years, it was not uncommon for David to ask if I would watch Amber, either at our house or theirs, when he and his wife would go out of town. Though both girls were probably old enough to stay at home, Amber was just never comfortable in their big house by herself. Amber and I would curl up on a couch and watch a movie together or we would play one of the many board games my own kids had acquired over the years. It was only in the last year that I noticed how much this girl had blossomed; in fact, it was near impossible not to notice.

    Yesterday, David called and told me that there was an emergency in Annette’s family, and he was hoping that Amber could stay with me for at least a week as they headed to the east coast. I was happy to oblige, figuring that the two girls would take care of each other and I would enjoy the sound of voices in the house. That afternoon I picked the girls up from school and went to the store for groceries. The girls joked about steak and wine coolers, but were a little shocked when I grabbed a six pack and placed it in the cart…
    “I won’t tell if you won’t tell,” I said, giving them a little wink. I added three steaks to the cart and some instant flavored mashed potatoes, followed by whatever other junk food the girls tossed in as well. We finally made it out of the store and on the way home, I smiled at the way the girls were just lost in their gossip and giggling; for a little while, I forgot how lonely I had been over the past year before my wife had left. We had stopped talking, fucking, or even sleeping together; things were just cold; but today, I was happy.

    I told the girls to pick out a movie for after dinner and that I would fire up the grill. The girls ran upstairs to Sasha’s room for a while, and I grabbed a beer from the fridge and started cooking the steaks; I told the girls that in about 15 minutes they had to cook the potatoes. Almost exactly at the 15 minute mark, I could hear the girls in the kitchen and the sounds of giggling and pots clanging. I turned off the grill and made my way inside, shocked to find that the girls had changed into baggy tank tops and panties. I had actually seen both girls like this before, but for some reason, today was just…different. While their backs were to me, I took my time setting a steak on each plate at the table, while actually peeking up to notice those smooth pale ass cheeks sneaking out of the edges of Sasha’s tight blue panties and Amber’s light pink ones. The way they were turned, I could see the curves of both girls breasts through the large gap in the side of their tank-tops…I had not really been treated to that view before. I could feel my cock hardening in my jeans, and for the first real time, saw the two women before me, instead of the little girl I had always seen Amber to be, and the teenager I had trained myself to notice in Sasha.

    The “man” in me was responding.

    I quickly sat down at the head of the table, which fortunately gave me a very clear view into the kitchen. My cock was hard as a rock, but thankfully, hidden beneath the wooden table. Sasha dropped a fork on the floor, and as she bent over, Iwas given a clear view of one of her perfect breasts. Her nipple was hard and erect, and even bent over, it was obvious how firm it was. I felt myself involuntarily licking my lower lips as she stood back up. “Shit,” I muttered under my breath, “get a fucking grip.” Reluctantly I looked down at my steak and being funny started pounding my fork and knife on the table saying, “Feed me, feed me, feed me.” The fact was, I was hungry…it just wasn’t for steak any more.

    Both girls were smiling these beautiful smiles, which I only noticed because I forced myself to look up at them. “Yes Master,” Amber said as she served a large scoop of potatoes onto my plate.
    Hmmm… “master” I thought to myself, if she only knew what images that brought to my mind. The girls noticed that not only had a set the table, but next to their plates was an opened fuzzy navel wine cooler. As we ate, the girls talked about their day, drank their forbidden alcohol, and I worked to stay in the conversation, even though with every lift of their fork, their tank tops were giving me repeated views of their breasts again. My hardon did NOT go away. To make matters worse, throughout dinner, I started realizing just how much the girls were into touching as they spoke. Sasha would rest her hand on my arm as she stared at me with those gorgeous eyes, and then Amber would react the same way as she picked up the story where Sasha had left off.

    Somewhere through the conversation, I had finally managed to calm down my cock enough to where I thought I could at least make it into the couch without them seeing the massive bulge they had caused. I was just about to sit down when Amber hollered at me, “Hey silly, you are still in your work clothes, go put on some comfortable shorts or something.” I smiled back at her and headed up to my bedroom. The thoughts in my head were conflicting; on some levels I was hoping the girls were doing all this to seduce me, but on the other I knew that other than teenage girl flirtation, I knew that we had never been that forward before today. I opened my drawer, grabbed the first pair of shorts on top, slid out of my pants, and noticed that I had a large wet spot of precum seeping through my briefs from earlier. I heard the movie starting up downstairs, so I quickly removed my briefs and slid the shorts on commando. I pulled off my dress shirt and tie, replaced it with an oversized t-shirt, and made my way downstairs. I was hoping the t-shirt might hide any future erections that may occur. I walked in front of the girls on the couch and headed toward my recliner, but they stopped me, slapping down on the place they had left open on the couch for me. I should have known; both girls had gotten used to cuddling up next to me for movies, I was just not sure that was going to be a smart idea today.

    I did not have a choice though, so I nestled down between these two lovely young ladies and propped my feet up on the table in front of me. The t-shirt seemed to do most of its job during the first movie, because even though my cock was hard again from the feel of those tits pressed against me on both sides and both girls resting their hands on my upper thighs, the t-shirt hung low enough to where they did not notice. I was going to excuse myself when the movie ended, but the girls insisted we watch another one. It was Friday night, so none of us had to worry about work or school, so I agreed. The girls decided to pick a scary movie from my collection and then they both grabbed a large pillow and laid down on the floor next to each other in front of me. I was a little relieved at this until I looked down and saw their tight little asses smiling up at me. Their tank tops had risen up as they rested their chins on their hands, revealing the small pieces of cotton somewhat pulled up between their ass cheeks; they might as well have been wearing thongs. Also because of their positions, I could see inside the sides of their shirts again with a great view of their side breasts smashed down upon the floor. What can I say; I am a sucker for cleavage.

    My cock was throbbing from the view, and only seemed to get harder when Amber bent her knees up and started gently kicking her legs from side to side. Soon Sasha started mimicking her actions and the two girls were rubbing their legs together and swaying their asses. I wanted to grab my cock and just start stroking it right there, firing my hot cum all over my two innocent seductresses, but courage was not my friend at that moment.

    I fought to watch the movie, but no matter how hard a tried, the next 10 minutes were impossible. Then everything changed. The movie had been hitting a very scary point for the girls, and without warning Sasha reached back for my hand to pull me to the floor; but it was not my hand that she grabbed. Even in the semi-dark room, I could see those bright blue eyes turn around and stare at me as she realized what she was holding. For some reason, she did not release her grip, nor could I remove her hand from my swollen shaft. A small innocent smile crossed her sexy little mouth as she leaned over, never taking her eyes off mine, and whispered something into Amber’s ear.

    All of a sudden, Amber pressed the pause button and turned around to witness where Sasha’s hand had accidentally landed. And then, a small innocent smile crossed her sexy lips, followed by a look of realization from both girls as to what their outfits had been doing to me all night. Both girls sat up on their knees and came to rest in directly in front of me; their faces were so close to my cock and Sasha’s hand was still wrapped tight around my shaft.

    I was frozen in terror and lust as the room echoed with the silence of curiosity. Then this soft Russian whisper escaped from Sasha soft lips…

    “Is this because of us?” she asked, gently squeezing my shaft a little.

    I wanted to answer, but the words were trapped in the grip she had on my cock. So Amber decided to repeat Sasha’s question as her hand moved up to join hers on my shaft. “Come on Uncle Mike (her little pet name for me), did you get an erection because of us?”

    Finally, reluctantly, staring into these two beautiful faces I managed to plead my case: “I am so sorry girls; I guess I just realized how beautiful you two ladies have become. I have seen you both in outfits like this, but today…well, today something just…changed.”

    Both girls remained silent for a moment, still refusing to remove their grip on my manhood through my shorts.

    “I’ll say,” Amber sighed, now staring down at the 9” bulge in my shorts. “You never showed me this when we played monopoly.” Her nervous and yet very sexual giggle made my cock twitch in their hands, causing both girls to giggle even more.

    “Can we see it? I mean…can we take it out of your shorts and actually look at it?” Sasha asked, somehow seducing me even further with her accent. “Please,” she softly asked.

    I was so far gone anyway at this point. I knew I should just go upstairs before someone caught us, but the fact was, I wanted nothing more than to pull my cock out for these two beauties.

    Amber didn’t wait for my answer though, and her fingers immediately reached for my elastic waistband and pulled the shorts down over my erection. They were both a little surprised as my cock sprang forth from my shorts only inches from their faces. I held my breath as their hands returned to my hot shaft, now stroking their way up and down it completely, practically in slow-motion.

    “I don’t know if you knew this Mike,” Amber started to say, leaving the ‘uncle’ off this time, “but Sasha is a virgin. In fact, this is the first time she has actually held a cock in her hand.”

    Not wanting to be the only one outed, Sasha blurted out, “So is Amber, blowjobs don’t count. One of the girls at school told me that.”

    My head started reeling at the thought of Amber’s plump lips wrapped around some lucky little school boys dick. “I only did it once though,” Amber quickly added, “and he was gross.”

    I moved my hands up to both girls’ cheeks, causing them to break their gaze on my cock and look into my eyes, “Girls, blowjobs always count…but they do not stop you from being a virgin. Men love to have sexy women suck their cocks for them. They also love to get the chance to be a beautiful young woman’s first teacher.”

    Amber nestled her luscious tits against my leg and asked, “Are you offering to teach us Mike? If we suck your cock, will you take our virginity for us?”

    Again Sasha leaned in, also pressing her tits against my bare leg and said, “Please.” Those blue eyes and that accent nearly made me blow my load right there.

    However, without waiting for my answer, Sasha leaned forward even more and slowly licked the large drop of precum that was now running down my shaft to her finger. Amber followed her initiative and leaned down to lick her tongue up the other side of my shaft. Both girls moved their hands from my cock down to my balls and began trapping it between their lips. One would glide upward, engulfing the head of my cock into her mouth, as the other would glide down all the way to my balls, teasing them with her tongue. It seemed they were learning from each other. Finally, Sasha took my cock into her mouth, sucking the thick head slow and deliberately. I gently pressed down on the back of her head, forcing more than just the swollen head inside. Amber sat back and watched Sasha as her blue eyes locked on to mine. I pressed a little harder, encouraging her to see how far down she could go. “Men love to see their cock disappear into a woman’s mouth; the further it goes, the hotter he gets,” I whispered, still holding her in place. Her eyes got even more determined as she stretched more of her mouth onto my cock before finally having to come up for a breath. Amber jumped at the opportunity and quickly replaced Sasha’s mouth with her own. This girl had skill and the lips to match. She made a few gagging noises as over half of my cock disappeared quickly down her throat before she started bobbing up and down upon it. She must have sucked on it at least 30 seconds before she too came up for air.

    As I watched these girls fighting to see who could engulf more of my 9” cock into their throat, I felt the boiling in my balls signifying that I was close. “Girls, I am going to cum soon…you can let me shoot on you or you can try to swallow every drop…guys love that.” I was hoping the final comment would incite more rivalry sucking…it did! The girls started feasting on my cock, both sets of lips slobbering all over it with each mouth taking turns to drive its way even further on my shaft. Neither girl ever did get all 9”, but it was not because they did not try. Sasha received the first thick string of cum down her throat causing her to gag and pull off quickly. As she swallowed it down, Amber quickly wrapped her mouth on the head and took the next two squirts eagerly in her mouth. When one mouth moved off, the other quickly replaced it, sucking feverishly upon it. I have never been drained so beautifully in my life; they did not allow a single drop to escape.
    I collapsed back on the couch, catching my breath for a moment as I noticed the lustful eyes that were now staring back at me…they wanted so much more.

    “Stand up in front of me, both of you.” Without a word, both girls obeyed, standing directly in front of me. I reached up to Sasha first, and in one quick motion, ripped her flimsy tank top wide open from top to bottom. She gasped and smiled as I quickly dropped the torn fabric to the ground at her feet.

    Amber leaned forward, pressing those enormous tits toward me, eager to have her clothing removed in the same fashion. I obliged her, ripping her top off just as eagerly. For only a moment I gazed upon the two pair of luscious breasts before me, before finally reaching forward and pulling both girls panties off at the same time. It was slightly awkward, but both girls quickly slid their hands to their asses and helped slide the fabric down. It was the sexiest sight I had ever seen; they had both trimmed their pubic hair into these sexy little lines of hair that led right to their sweet slits. I gently slid my hands against their mounds, letting my fingers slide across their wet little openings, only to be turned on by their soft little moans. For a few moments, I just ran my fingers across their virgin slits, letting them enjoy the feel of my big thick fingers just before I slowly began to push a finger inside them. Both girls seemed to close their eyes at the same moment as my fingers pressed deeper, pushing their soft folds open.

    “Sit on my lap girls…facing the tv,” I commanded.

    Both girls quickly spun around, each one sitting on a leg. Their sweet nectar was already seeping down their ass cheeks, moistening my hard thighs as they pushed back against my chest. I wrapped my hands around them both and quickly found their pussies again, my cock smashed between their hips and hardening by the second. I used my arms to turn them enough to where my fingers had great access to their slits and my mouth could finally get a taste of their huge tits. The girls both came fast and almost at the same time, but I did not stop. The more they ground their little ass on my lap, the more eagerly I finger fucked them both. Two orgasms…then a third. My legs were soaked and my cock was rock hard again as these two sexy vixens exploded in joyous delight. Finally, my cock was ready again.

    I slowly removed my fingers from their quivering pussies and since Amber was still coming down from her last orgasm, I slid her gently onto the couch next to me and then had Sasha stand up in front of me. Her legs were a little shaky, but she obeyed, and I set her down on the end of the leather arm of my couch with her legs spread open. Her pussy glistened in the dim light. I wanted to feast on her, but that would have to wait. Amber’s face was right next to Sasha’s thigh and she leaned in as I pressed my hard cock against her pussy. Sasha smiled at me and braced herself as my thick cock started to advance. She was so wet and ready, but my cock was so huge compared to her tiny, tight slit.

    “This may hurt a little at first baby,” I warned.

    Without a word, Sasha leaned forward and planted her mouth on mine, thrusting her teenage tongue deep inside. It was the sweetest dessert I had ever tasted. Our tongues danced together as I slowly pushed my thick head inside. As I reached her tight hymen, I felt Sasha thrust her tongue deep inside me as my hands pulled her tiny ass closer to me. The sharp pain caused her to gasp in my mouth for a moment, followed by even more frantic kissing. I didn’t stop. Deeper I pressed my cock, even though her pussy was as tight as a vice around it. I looked up at Sasha and there was a small tear rolling down her cheek. Amber reached up and wiped it away for her, followed by a small kiss on the cheek.

    Just that sight made my cock twitch.

    I made it about half way inside and started slowly pumping back and forth. It did not take long before the pain was gone and Sasha was feeling the pleasure of her first fuck.

    “Oh shit, Mike….hmmmmm….oh shit.” Her moans were getting louder as my pace got faster. I pushed even deeper as my strong hands grabbed her tight ass and started pulling her deeper onto my cock. I lifted up her tiny body and let her slide even deeper onto my throbbing shaft. That was the final blow and Sasha exploded in a violent orgasm, squeezing her legs around me and thrusting her tongue back into my mouth. I held her there on my cock until she finally started to relax. Her arms were wrapped tight around my neck and I loved the feel of her hard tits pressed against my chest. Damn, why did I put this stupid t-shirt on though.

    “Oh FUCK that was awesome,” she expressed as she gave me one more lingering kiss and finally allowed me to ease her down on to the couch. As I stood up straight, I realized that she left my hard on standing up proud only about an inch from Amber’s face. Without warning, Amber leaned forward and sucked the head of my wet shaft, which was still dripping with Sasha’s juices, deep into her mouth. After only a few seconds of sucking, she released her oral fix on my cock and said “My turn big boy.” Without hesitating, she climbed up on the arm of the couch and assumed the same position that Sasha had. Her sweet little legs spread wide open, eager to have my cock fill her virgin womb.
    I slowly slid my hands up her thighs; her skin felt like expensive cashmere to my touch. She closed her eyes as I leaned down and sucked one of her erect nipples into my mouth while allowing my cock to finally reach her wet, eager slit. I could have sucked her nipple forever, but instead she grabbed my chin and lifted it, quickly thrusting her tongue into my mouth just as Sasha had. Who was I to resist. For about a minute, we devoured each other while my cock teased her pussy with a gently grinding motion. Amber’s hips were already pushing back and forth to meet it. Reluctantly I broke our kiss and whispered in her ear, “Are you ready baby?” Amber sat up straighter and dug her fingernails into my ass cheeks, whispering back,

    “Hurt me Uncle Mike, I don’t want to be a virgin anymore.”

    How could something so erotic also sound so sweet and endearing?

    My hands grabbed her ass cheeks and I slowly started pulling her onto my cock. She was just as tight as Sasha had been. “Oh Fuck!” I muttered as I pulled that tight pussy deeper. As I reached her hymen I gave her has a quick jerk forward, impaling her deeper onto my cock. Amber let out a little wince but kept thrusting her hips back and forth against my invading member. I jumped a little when I felt Sasha’s hand starting to run down my ass crack and between my legs. Her fingernails began teasing my asshole and the line to my balls; it was electric. As I began fucking Amber harder, it seemed that Sasha decided to get bolder with her finger play. I felt one of her tiny fingers actually starting to push its way inside my tight hole…even my wife had never done that before. I drove my cock deeper inside Amber, who was now far more vocal than Sasha had been; in fact, she was loud enough that I was really glad her parents were not home to hear it.

    Amber laid back on the arm of the couch, her head hanging over the back and her pussy now sliding off the front. Her legs were squeezing tight around my waist as each thrust rocked her body back and forth. I moved my hands from her hips to her lovely breasts, squeezing at them and twisting at her nipples. Immediately the tiny form in front of me started bucking and moaning in a tremendous orgasm. I was going to slow down, but Sasha was now fingering my ass with each stroke, and I didn’t want it to end yet. My cock had almost completely penetrated Amber’s tight pussy, but had not yet managed to get all 9” in.

    That was when I heard Sasha in my ear, “Fuck her harder …make her cum again.”

    I turned my head to see those pretty eyes again, and she quickly grabbed my face and locked our lips together for a quick tongue fuck. Reluctantly I broke away, “As you wish sexy, just don’t stop.” Sasha smile as I felt her finger continue to tease my asshole. Amber seemed to be calming from her orgasm, but Sasha and I put an end to that. My hands moved up to Amber’s neck, gently cupping behind it. Amber’s eyes locked with mine, realizing what was about to come; she bit her lower lip as I thrust hard and deep, driving the rest of my throbbing member deep inside. Lust had taken over and I feverishly began pounding that young beauty with everything I had. In less than a minute Amber was exploding all over again in an even more violent orgasm than the last. Without hesitation though, I withdrew my cock and pulled Sasha from behind me, and pushed her down on top of Amber’s still shaking body. Her face landed between those giant tits and her tiny little ass stared back at me with her glistening pussy begging to be pounded again.

    My cock slid in the first 7 inches or so easier than before and for a few minutes I just pumped that little Russian beauty like a rag doll. I don’t think I blinked as I watched her beautiful face sliding in between Amber’s delicious breasts and my cock sliding deep inside her tight slit. My balls were throbbing with the need to explode, and thanks to my vasectomy 20 years ago, I was not worried about filling this beauty up with my seed. I grabbed Sasha’s hips, no longer worried that I might hurt her, and with one firm thrust forward, impaled her on my 9” just as I had done to Amber. Sasha exploded after about three deep, full thrust and Amber exploded again from Sasha grinding between her legs. The sounds of their moans pushed me over the edge and with one last deep thrust inside Sasha, I exploded my hot load of cum.

    “OH Fuck Mike”, Sasha gasped as my cock and cum filled her insides. Eagerly I pumped every spasm I could into my petite lover before finally sliding out and collapsing on the couch. Both girls followed me down, laying their sweet heads in my lap. Sasha took my wet softening cock into her mouth and started gently cleaning it while Amber slid ahead beneath her and gently played with my balls.

    Amber looked up into my eyes with those soft blue eyes of hers an asked, “Can we call you something other than Mike…it just doesn’t feel…right.”

    “I loved when you called me ‘Master’ before…could we keep doing that.”

    Sasha broke her lips off my cock and smiled up at me, “Whatever you desire Master…just promise to fuck us both like that many more times.”

    Without a word I lovingly pushed my sweet lover’s head back onto my cock.

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