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    God Save The Queer

    The best thing about the Olympics was the sprinters.They didnt half wear their shorts nice and tight. Trust me to notice that. Well Im a queer bastard so what do you expect? And fuck, there were some fit swimmers. I loved checking out their bulges as they lined up waiting to start the race. You know what, those Olympics were not so bad after all.

    If I was in the Olympics Id be a sprinter and Id wear nothing on under my shorts. Id be there running with my big fat dick flopping about of my shorts, slapping against my thighs, a whole stadium of spectators in shock. And billions of TV viewers all seeing my big fucking dick flapping out of my shorts. If I took part in a relay, the one in front of me could use my cock as the baton.

    Or Id be a swimmer and Id pull my trunks down while I was in the water and Id do the backstroke with my boner sticking up out of the pool and Id think dirty thoughts till my cock spunked thick jets of cum for the whole fucking world to see.

    Id be a hurdler and each time I jumped a hurdle my cock would pop out, getting stiffer and stiffer. By the sixth hurdle my cock would be proper boned up. Id have to stop and have a wank. I wouldnt care that the whole stadium could see my boner. A couple of officials would come and try to drag me away but the crowd would boo and start chanting.

    Wank! Wank! Wank!

    The officials would be forced to leave me alone, a massive cheer erupting in the stadium. The race would still be going on but nobody would be paying attention to it, all eyes on me and my boned up cock. Thered be a close-up of my erection on the big screen. Billions of viewers all over the world would see me strip off. Id stand there naked for the whole world to see me with my cock on bone. The stadium would explode with cheers.

    Id be proud to be British, boned up for Britain.

    Us Brits, we have the hardest cocks in the world.

    An American athlete would come up to me and say, America rules the world, not Britain!

    Id give him a wink and whisper in his ear, Lets invent a new Olympic sport.

    Hed say, Im up for that, buddy. What you got in mind?

    And Id say, Fancy a cock fight?

    Id explain the rules to him.

    We fight with our cocks and the winner is the one who makes the other one cum first.

    Hed get his cock out of his shorts and thered be a massive cheer from the stadium.

    Id say, Thats a mighty fine American cock, buddy, but your circumcised Cecil will give you a disadvantage.

    Id pull my foreskin back and touch the exposed head of his proper sensitive cockhead with my cockhead and hed go, Ooooh!

    Yes, just as I thought his exposed cockhead would be proper sensitive.

    Wed both get naked. The whole stadium would be confused, not knowing what we were gonna do. Everybody in the stadium, theyd be flicking through their programmes.

    Is this a new event?

    What the fucks going on?

    Prince William and his bird Kate, theyd be in the crowd. Shed look at him and hed shrug his shoulders.

    Shed get her binoculars out and say, Nice cocks!

    Me and my American opponent, wed be completely naked and two fit lads would smear our bodies with baby oil, covering every single part of our bodies. Me and my American opponent, wed both be feeling horny as fuck, and just seeing each other naked and all oiled up on the big screen would turn us both on big time. Wed sport massive boners for the world to see.

    The time would arrive for the cockfight to begin.

    Wed get ready to wrestle.

    The rules would come up on the big screen.

    The first to cum is the loser.

    To help me, Id spend the whole of the previous day wanking. But still my cock would be well tender, and still my balls would be full of cum. But looking at my American opponents cock, it would seem that he was in the same boat. The whole world would be looking at two very sensitive pricks.

    Wed stand on the mat eyeing each other up, naked, oiled and boned up.

    My opponent would tease me, doing lots of sexy poses and itd work. Id look down and see a big blob of pre-cum on the end of my cockhead, my big fat purple cockhead.

    The bell would ring and the match would begin. Id get in there first, lunge forward and pin my opponent down on the mat. Hed be lying on his back and Id be on top of him. Id move my body back and to on top of him, rubbing my slick dick back and to over his slick dick, wanking him off with my hot boner. Thered be a close-up of our dicks sliding together on the big screen. Me and the rest of the world, wed see the cockjuice trickling out of the slit in my opponents bell-end.

    Hed desperately try to push me away but Id be too strong for him. Id start humping my cock harder and faster over his cock. My cock would slide nice and smoothly over his cock, sending waves of pleasure through his body. His whole body would be nice and flushed. Id talk dirty to him as I fucked his dick. Hed struggle underneath me but the more hed struggle the more his dick would rub against mine.

    This would be proper bone on bone fighting. Wed be going dick to dick, hot and sweaty cockfighting all the way to the end.

    Hed squirm and twist around underneath me and manage to roll over on to his belly. My slippery cock would slap into the crack of his arse. Hed reach behind and press me down on top of him, squeeze the cheeks of his arse round my cock and start moving his hips back and to, wanking me off with his arse.

    Hed be well strong but not strong enough to keep me on top of him. Id roll off him just in the nick of time. Another couple of seconds and I would have shot my jizz all over his arse.

    Hed get on top of me and lock me in a bear hug. Hed wrap his arms around me. Our hard cocks would rub together. The crowd would go berserk. Theyd sense a spunking.

    My opponent, hed talk dirty to me, trying to get my dick to cum.

    You know you wanna squirt it out. Dont fight it. Spunk over my big cock.

    Wed struggle on the mat, our slippery bodies sliding together, slick cocks slapping and rolling and rubbing together.

    Id tackle him to his back. Id get on top of him, pin him down again. Hed struggle but the more hed struggle, the more wed both get turned on. Hed squirm around underneath me, writhing and twisting, our dicks rolling and sliding together. Id not be able to keep this up for much longer shagging his cock like this. One of us would cum. My pre-cum, itd be all over his dick, and his pre-cum would be all over my dick. Wed both be close to cumming.

    Who would cum first?

    Great Britain?


    Oooh! Oooh!

    Oh fuck! Oooh!

    Id go for the kiss. I knew hed lose control when I went in for the kiss. Id kiss him full on the mouth, and thats when Id feel it his jizz spunking from his cock, splashing all over my cock and my body to the massive cheers of the crowd.

    The whole world would erupt as the spunk spewed from the Americans cock.

    Id jizz my load just seconds after my opponent squirted his last jet of cum.

    Id win the match and Id win the Gold for Great Britain.

    My opponent would be gracious in defeat, giving me a big hug and Id spunk up all over him.

    The announcement would come over the loudspeaker.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, you have just witnessed the birth of a new Olympic Event Cock Fighting. And the winner of the first Olympic Cock Fight Robbie Webb of Great Britain!

    Id get up on the podium and Id stand proud and naked with the Gold medal hanging from my stiff cock. Id stand there proud as fuck with my boner throbbing to The National Anthem. And Id have a big fucking wank to God Save The Queen.

    Arise Sir Robbie!

    This story is taken from my Kindle book GOD SAVE THE QUEER, available on Amazon.

    Robbie Webb 2012

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