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    Happy New Years Mom, 2012

    Dad won raffle tickets from work for seven days in NY City on New Year Eve week. My sister decided spend New Year with her boy friend.

    “Since we got two rooms, I am going to invite Todd and Tony to join us ok, they are going school in New Jersey ".

    “Oh that is a good Idea, you haven't seen them in year ". Mom commented

    we drove up from Florida on the 30 th., and checked in our hotel around 6 PM local time. Our rooms came with balcony direct view to NY square, and my room was three doors down from them. The weather was much colder in NY then Florida, so mom went out shopping for inner coat.

    I met Tony and Todd down in the lobby, and directed the boys to our room. We went out raised hell in town that night. On second night, New Year Eve, We had dinner with Mom and Dad and we were going to stay in the NY square for the ball drop at mid-night. But, the weather was way cold for us and Dad got a bad cold. Therefore, we decided to welcome our New Year in hotel.

    We had few bottles of champagne in our room, and few hours to empty it. Dad only drank few glasses, and he delayed taking medicine to stay up till mid-night with us. We were all drinking, talking and watching on New Year count down around the world. As New Year arrived to NY, we all went outside to balcony and counted down with people on the street. Mom gave dad a long warm big hugs, she then went to each of us, wished us a happy New Year then a quick pecked on our lips. Her lips pretty soft and warm, a big welcome on a cold New Year night.

    “Ok honey, I am going to take medicine, you keep the kids company ".

    “Ok, lets me get you ready for bed ".

    As they both walked to bedroom, Tony open another bottle. The boys and I were pretty loaded by then.

    " Honey, you see my black purse out there?".

    " Yea Mom, on the couch here. "

    Mom went back out again with little disappointment on her face, the room is pretty warm so she already took off her inner coat, she was wearing a tight no sleeve red blouse and a semi short black skirt. I knew that "fuck me outfit" was a present for dad tonight. The tight shirt and skirt really outline her curvy body of 36DD boobs, and 34 size round butt, fit well with her 120 pounds and 5'9 height. She picked the purse then walked back to their bedroom.

    “Damn, she hasn't changed much in years ". Tony commented

    " Well, She at the gym five days a week ".

    “Shit, remember how often we spied on her back in high school? ". Tony Laughed

    " You have any wet dreams with her lately ? " he added

    " Yes, matter fact I saw they got it on one time on vacation, and I masturbated for weeks ".

    " How was she ?". Todd excited.

    " She was wild and loud ".

    " I bet, she bought that outfit for him tonight, to bad ". Tony commented

    " Your Dad can't delivery tonight , maybe we can help ". Evil looked in his eyes

    " What ?, are you crazy, Dad is sleeping in the bedroom , you want get to toss us over balcony ".

    " Not here stupid, we invite her over to our room, nobody would expects a thing if she walks out of here with you ".

    " Lets me ask her ". He added.

    " Shit man, I don't know....we are talking ....with her ? ".

    " She is boring out of her minds, She might goes ".

    Awhile later, she went back out to living room as Virginia counted down in their city. We all got another pecked on our lips, We felt her soft tits and bra-less hard nipples poked our chest a little behind that blouse.

    " We should move the party over to our room so we won't disturb Mr. Cain, and get this party going! " Tony smiled

    " Yes , he needs a good rest, you boys take few more bottles with you ".
    My heart skipped a beat, I didn’t expect it. A busty as hell mature woman of 39 party with three younger
    Studs in their room on a New Year night ?.

    " My friends going to be so jealous, I have a date with three handsome young men on new year night "mom laughed as we walked down hall way. Her hard dimes nipples pressed on that tight blouse and those DD bouncing with each step, She looked like a high class hooker.

    " Damn, yea you have a date with us mom, a fuck date " I thought to myself.

    In our room, Tony turned on the TV, and countdown started in Florida, We got another well wished from her, and another quick pecked on the lips. We were all stood in a small circle, feet from each other .We talked, laughed and drank our champagne. The countdown on TV went from Miami to west coast, each time a count down to zero at a city, We all wished each other happy new year again and Mom gave a quick pecked on our lips. That quick pecked on the lips got longer and longer as we stepped thru time zone, mom got pretty tipsy by then. By the time we got to Indiana, Each of us took as much as four seconds now lips locked with her. When we got near Iowa, Mom tipsy walked to rest room in the bedroom.

    " Dude, make your move, fuck her " He pushed me to the bedroom.

    " Damn, I am nervous ".

    " Dude, worst case pretend you are drunk and forgot you are kissing mom ".

    The bedroom door slightly opened with enough light from guess room to see my way in there. Mom tipsy turned off the light and walked out the rest room. I jumped out from a dark shade screamed out loud.

    " Happy New Year, 2012 Mom! ".

    " Ack!........Oh my god, you scared me ". She laughed and hit me.

    We laughed out loud, and moved near each other. My hands on her hips and her hands rested on my shoulder. She was laughing and saying something. But, my attention on her soft moving hot lips, I hugged tight on her waits, and that projected her forward, her face inches from my. I then landed a kiss right on the mouth. She little surprised of my aggressive action, she returned some aggressive lips action of her own. Our lips locked up again for long wet kiss, My hands was rubbed from her waits to shoulder as we were going at it. Tony peeked in check out on us, he saw we were making out, he gave a thump up then semi closed the door, Mom and I kissed in a semi dark room for awhile.

    My hands went down on her butt a few times to check out the water. She was cool with it so I openly rubbed and squeezed her ass. My cock rock hard in my pant, I slowly rubbed my cock on her crotch in a fucking motion, and god damn she responded with same motion. My hand then slowly moved up grabbed her big tit and squeezed hard on it . Mom suddenly jerked her head back.

    " Oh wow, we shouldn't be doing this " . Her shoulder tilted back.

    " You don't like it ? ".

    " No, I loved it But can't be with you honey, let go back outside before your friends see this ".

    " Oh they are out on balcony right now, few more minutes then we go ?".

    " well, I don't know...."

    " Pretty early , Dad is sleeping already, so you will be all alone there ".

    " Humm New Year.... just few minutes then I go .........never tell anyone about this understand ?".

    I realized " Mom could goes either way, I might get to fuck her tonight if I play my card right ".

    I then rubbed her waits with both hands and slowly pulled her to me. Mom rested both hands on my shoulder, after few quick pecked on the lips, We were back to face sucking, Our bodies pressed tight on each other, she made a little pleasant sounds as she felt my hard cock pressed on her crotch.

    Awhile later, Over ten minutes, I tongue exchanged with her, and She tongued right back. Mom was in clown nine cuz she was sucking my tongue and lips, while moving her hips up and down in fucking motion. My hands went under her skirt, exposed her panties. I ran my fingers over her asshole and her clits few times, her cunt was soaking wet. I unzipped and dropped my pant on floor, I then lifted her right leg up over my waits and secured my arm under her leg to held it up there. , I then pulled her panties out of the way with my other hand, bended my knees and aimed my cock right at her cunt. It took more than few tries for my cock hit home . After a hard pushed, my cock head inside her. I position myself then forced more my meat in her, She woke up and burst out a loud moaned in my mouth.

    " Oh shouldn't.........OH!...ohoh!! ". She moaned out loud as I fucked that wet pussy.

    " oh my...oh shit....oh...fuck.....don't cum in me ". Mom hung tight on my neck.

    Tony peeked in again, Her back to him, He saw her skirt up, panties so a side, and my thick meat penetrating her. Him and Todd tips toes inside and hit in shade spot. I then hooked her other leg with my arm, I now freely bounced her up and down hard on my meat. It was a very noisy fucking, combination of balls slapped, air trapped in her tight cunt, and her loud moaned.

    " Oh shit , closet the door dear ...lock it ohoh........oh my". Mom realized door wide open fill up with light in bedroom .

    " Mom, they already know we are doing it from all that balls slapping and loud moaning in here ".

    " Oh my god, I am so ashamed....ohoh....oh shit...hope they don't think I am a slut..ohoh ".

    " Mom, we spied on you since high school time, you are a MILF ".

    " Curve your ass out a little mom.....oh yea right there...oh damn..ohoh " I slammed her down hard.

    " Oh deep ...slow down or I will pee...slow...oh my...ohoh".

    " I like it rough and dirty, I am going to eat your pussy and ass mom ".

    " Oh god, You little pervert ".

    She hung tight on my neck as I walked to bed. I laid her down, got her skirt, panties off and spreading her legs.

    " Show me your big tits ".

    Mom unbutton fast her blouse and exposed a big sexy pair of tits with two dark nipples a size of big plum. I got on my knees. I ate, licked and tongue fucked her cunt and asshole till she spook in tongues, she grabbed tight on bed sheet while rolled her body from side to side.

    " Please don't lick my ass dear....very dirty...don't ".

    " Your pussy and ass taste so good ".

    I folded her legs up with her knees under her armpits, that lifted her ass and cunt off the bed a little. I rested my hands on her inner thigh with my knees on bed.

    " Wow look at the size of your swollen pussy mom, you are so horny ". Cock rubbed on her clits.

    " Please don't talk dirty dear ......oh my ...oh my god ...oh shit ". I pounded her fast and hard.

    Her hands grabbed tight on bed sheet, boobs bounced hard on her chin and neck, and her head twisted from side to side. Again, my hips and balls slapped hard on her swollen cunt and ass.

    " Squeeze your tits together mom...fuck...oh..oh ". savagely fucked her.

    " Mom pull on your nipples ......damn, so hot......this is how to fuck a milf ".

    " Oh my ......some nasty fucking ....oh oh...I am cuming " Mom moaned out loud as she cum.

    I pulled my cock out and aiming right at her cunt emptied my load, sperm drifted down to her ass and bed sheet. Mom was still breathing hard with both eyes shut. I bended over kissed her boobs and sucked on her ear.

    " Tony wants some love too, mom ". I whispered to her.

    " So bad, please don't tell anyone about what happen here tonight ". Mom eyes shut.

    I slowly rolled myself of the bed, As Tony walked up naked, He laid by her side, lifted her leg up for side way fuck. He rubbed her clits few time then guided his cock in to her, He slowly fucked her in to frenzied.

    " Ah..oh...ohoh....oh shit...oh fuck " . She moaned loud as he pounded her pussy.

    Tony sucked and bit on her nipples, while ramped that cock balls deep in her . Mom moaned, screamed out loud and lifted her head up often watched his cock. They went at it for over ten minutes.

    " I am cumming...oh my ".

    " You are so hot Mrs Cain "

    Mom cum again and so was Tony, He pulled out and emptied on her clits. As Tony rolled himself off the bed, Todd walked up while stroked his meat. Mom eyes wide opened this time, and she fully expected that Todd next inline. This was her first gangbanged, and she mastered in no time.

    " Happy New Year Mrs. Cain, I have another hot gift for you ".

    Todd lifted her right leg to his shoulder, then he mount his knees between her, rubbed his cock on her messy cunt.

    " This is gonna sting a little ".

    He penetrated her fast and hard Mom moaned out loud again, grabbed tight on bed sheet as Todd savagely fucked her. Tony and I watched as mom hung on tight from rough ride.

    " I can't believed we are fucking her , at last". I whispered

    " damn, check out her swollen pussy, She is so horny ". Tony comment

    " I am ready for second round ".

    " Yea man, 3way! ".

    " That is freaking hot ".

    " I am going to fuck her ass ". I comment

    " You think she would do it ?".

    " Check out the burned and stretched marks on her ass , she is no virgin there "

    " I saw dad nails that ass on vacation, so fucking hot " I laughed

    " Lets join Todd ".

    Tony and I climbed back on bed by her side, Mom reached out grabbed and stroked our hard cocks, as we were few inches from her lips, she lifted up and took a mouth full of my meat in her mouth. I reached down held her head up with my hand and guided that lips to my cock. Tony and I shared that wet mouth back and fore, thing turned hardcore pretty fast, our big cocks were face fucking her mouth, she gagged few time. Mom really got in to swing of things, she polished our cocks like a porn slut.

    " Damn, my old man sleeping three doors up and I am here gangbang his wife like a dirty slut, Mom sure knows how to suck cock " I thought to myself.

    Suddenly, she squeezed so hard on our cocks that we almost screamed, her body curved back, eyes rolled back to her skull, she left out a loud scream as she cum again pretty hard, Todd emptied the load on her clits as he collapsed on the floor. After few minutes mom then slowly stroked our cocks again , while catches her breathe.

    " Todd, get me a towel ".

    I wiped down her pussy with towel, landed a long wet kiss on her lips, Tony sucked on her tits. We then guided her on all four, she sucked on his cock and I doggie her from behind. Every few minutes, I slapped hard on that round ass of her, she burst out loud moaned then moved faster on our cock.

    " Hold still for a seconds and relax your ass , mom ".

    " You boys are so, my legs are shaking ".

    “Yes mom, these bad boys got you cum hard ". I laughed

    I position my cock on her anus, and little by little worked my way inside her tight asshole. After few minutes, we were back to swing of things, I balls deep in her ass, and Tony cock deep in her mouth. It was a noise 3way, her moaned, gagged, balls slapped and ass wacked, her round ass pretty red now from repeated punishment.

    We changed position, Tony laid flat on bed, mom on top of him, and I behind her again. Mom never done double before, sure she got her ass and pussy fucked by dad. But, never both holes. There was a shocked look in her eyes when we were balls deep in her. No doubt, we really stretched out her holes, Todd also got back to action, her mouth filled up with his meat. Her slutty outfit paid off big time tonight, She never thoughts that sexy present for her husband, ended up went to her son and his friends enjoyment.

    We all reached that mountain top at the same time, I emptied my load deep in her ass, Tony emptied in her pussy and Todd deposited his load down her throat. Mom got a huge orgasm finally, she collapsed on bed, and body jerked over ten minutes from wave after wave of orgasm. Awhile later, she cleaned up herself in the bathroom; I then walked her back to their room.

    “Mom, we had planned to fuck you in our room, I am sorry that we tricked you in to it ".

    “Oh honey, I am not naive as you think, I knew you boys were up to something when Tony asked me ".

    " Really mom, you knew? ".

    " Well, I was going to tease you boys a little. But, I got little tipsy and you are such a good kisser that by the time I woke up from kissy land, you already inside me with that big dick of your “She whispered in sexy voice

    " Sorry mom ".

    “Anyway, I played with fire and I got fuck by three bulls “ Slutty smile

    " Didn't means to spank you that hard ".

    “I loved it honey, I never been stuffed that way, my legs still shaking from it ".

    “Well, You best get some rest, G'night Mom ".

    “Sweet dreams Honey ".

    “I already have my sweet dreams Mom ". I reached behind the door squeezed her ass.
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