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    Hair Razing Cheerleaders

    Story and Illustration by Cutter
    (Author's note: My name is Cutter, and I am NOT a writer of "Erotic Fiction". I write and illustrate PORN stories: mainly about young (though LEGAL), sweet, innocent ladies in some way being turned into wild, sex-mad sluts. I got my start on the old Hair Cutting Stories Archive and haircutting/ headshaving stories are certainly a kink of mine, as is uniforms, interracial sex, bukkake, girlfights, and family stories, This is probably my best known story from the old days at HCSA:

    Hair Razing Cheerleaders

    For the first time in its 150-year history, the Cherry Hill High School Varsity Football Team won a chance to go to the state finals. By Monday, after the team had rested, the entire school was preparing for the big game that was to be held that Friday night. Expectations were running high, I felt the success of the team fell on my shoulders, so I spent much of the week trying to come up with a plan to get the rest of the team more focused on the job that was before us.

    I picked up my girlfriend, Kelli Marie Paris, now the head varsity cheerleader, from cheerleading practice the day before the game. She looked beautiful in her cheerleading uniform. Her white cheer sweater with the red stripes on the sleeves and the red megaphone patch on her chest was tight and showed off her firm, ripe, teenaged tits, and the cute little white pleated shirt with the red knife pleats swished back and forth as she walked towards my car, sashaying that gorgeous little ass of hers with every step. Her stunning, thick, straight, waist-length golden hair was held back by a cute little white satin bow. She looked the very essence of the beautiful, All-American teenaged cheerleader.

    My parents were gone for the evening, and as Kelli slipped herself and her red and white pom-poms into the passenger seat of my car, I thought that the both of us were definitely going to get naked before the night was over. I could visualize lifting up that cute little pleated skirt and peeling off her red nylon bloomers that the cheerleaders wore underneath their skirts, and then...

    But what about the team? What could I do to get them focused on the biggest game in the school's entire history?

    Kelli and I talked about it on the way home, and then I saw a poster for the Movie "G,I, Jane" in the window of the video store and I knew then what I had to do.

    Kelli was shocked when I told her what I had in mind.

    "Shave your head?" she said in disbelief. "You want to cut off all your beautiful hair?

    "Hair grows back, Kelli. We have to do whatever is necessary to win this game!"

    She thought about that during the time I was on the phone, calling the coaches and the first string players, who would, in turn, contact everyone else on the team and get them together to pull of my plan, which was that every football player and coach be shaved completely bald, nice and smooth. I also threw in the idea that we all should shave off our eyebrows too, for an extra scary effect. Come the next day at the pep assembly, every man on that team was to show up with not a trace of hair anywhere on their heads. Everyone was to report to any of the barbershops in town as soon as they could.

    When I came back into the living room, Kelli had a chair in the middle of the floor, a table sitting next to it with a pair of scissors on it, and alongside that was an Oster electric shaver that belonged to my father, who, coincidently, likes to keep his head completely bald. Kelli had a very naughty smile on her innocent, All-American teenaged face.

    "You work fast," I said. "Did you change your mind about me shaving my head?"

    "Well, I am going to miss that gorgeous hair of yours," she smiled sweetly, " but like you said, it will grow back!"

    I picked up the electric clippers. "Well, I guess I'd better get to it," I said, but she stopped me.

    "Oh no, buddy! You sit down there!" she said, pushing me down into the wooden chair that sat right in the middle of my parent's living room. She stood before me and smiled again as she took the clippers from me and picked up the scissors. "The only way this is going to be done is if I do it myself!"

    Then, she sat in my lap, straddling my legs so she could facing me, and started to kiss me passionately.

    "Take your shirt off," she whispered. I pulled it off and threw it to the ground. She kissed me again, rubbing her hands on my chest and grinding her pussy against the feel of my now rock hard cock straining against the fabric of my jeans. I reached around her with both hands and pulled up the back of her pleated cheerleading skirt and grabbed her red-nylon-bloomer-covered ass as our tongues darted about inside our hot mouths. Then she looked longingly at my hair, grinned and snipped off a clump of hair from the side of my head. She held it gently to her nose, then threw the lock of hair over her shoulder and plunged her tongue down my throat.

    "OOOOOH baby!" she moaned, her hips grinding harder against me with every snip of the scissors, " I didn't realize how kinky this is! This is really getting me hot!"

    After a short time, my hair was a hacked up mess, but I didn't care. She stopped long enough for me to get my pants down around my ankles. Then, she pulled aside her red nylon cheer bloomers and impaled herself in my raging cock.

    Her perfect tits jutted out proudly from underneath her cheerleading sweater and they were pressed against my chest as she tried to reach around the back of my head with the scissors, but by then she was riding my throbbing member like a nasty little slut and she gave up, throwing the scissors to the floor and firing up the Oster.

    "Fuck me, baby!" she sighed. "Fuck me while I shave you bald!"

    As I rammed my cock in and out of her tight, sweet little pussy, she aimed the clippers at the hairline on my forehead and pushed the clippers up over my head and down to the back of my neck.

    Path after path, she stripped all the remnants of my once long, curly brown hair down to brown stubble stopping just long enough to have a shattering orgasm as she was finishing up with my head shave.

    She pulled herself up and off my rock hard dick and got on her knees in front of me as I stood up out of the chair, taking my huge prick in her hands and lovingly licking up and down my shaft before taking my cock into her hot little mouth. Deeper and deeper, until she got all the way down to the base, she took it all, her head bobbing up and down, eagerly slurping and looking up at me with those sweet blue eyes.

    As I stood there towering over her, I grabbed a handful of the back of her hair and thrust my cock down her throat, her head bobbling up and down on my prick. There, on her knees, with her white and red pleated cheer skirt and her tight cheerleading sweater, she looked pretty as a picture taking the length of my rock hard shaft into her hot mouth. Nothing is better than having a sweet, gorgeous teenaged cheerleader in full uniform on her knees sucking your cock like a cheap whore!

    "Oh yeah! Suck it, cheer-whore! Suck that cock!" I shouted, feeling the hot and sticky cum boiling up from my balls.

    "Cum on my sweater, baby! Shoot your cum all over my uniform!"

    In no time, that was exactly what I was doing, shooting white, sticky cum all over the front of her letter sweater. Streaks of it rolled down the front, falling off her teenaged tits and landing in the pleats of her cute little cheerleader's skirt.

    She used the electric clippers to shave off my eyebrows and admired her handiwork, and then she stood up, adjusted her uniform and reached into her purse. She started to comb out the thick, long, cute ponytail that danced down the middle of her back and the bangs that hung like a curtain over her angelic face. Kelli Paris was very proud of her hair, and spent many, many hours a week caring for it. That is why, when I was waiting for her to lather up my head and finish the job she started, she absolutely shocked me when she asked, completely out of the blue, "What do you think I would look like bald?"

    "W-w-w-what d-did you s-s-say?"

    She turned around and flashed that All-American smile at me, all full red lips and perfect white teeth. That perfect, angelic face and those big blue eyes...and that amazing body and ALL THAT GORGEOUS HAIR!

    I loved it when she wore it up in a cute, bouncy ponytail, all gathered together with a white ribbon that would bounce and swing as she and the other cheerleaders danced and cheered on the sidelines. (I tell you, they were even more popular with the crowd at the games than the football team!) Still, these girls were daughters of very wealthy parents, as Cherry Hill is a fairly ritzy community, so none of these girls were looked down upon. In fact, the whole school, the whole town, and the entire football team considered the varsity cheerleaders to be exceptional girls and a credit to the community. For a girl, especially one like Kelli Marie Paris, to shave her head completely bald for a football game would cause quite a stir around the school and all throughout our little town.

    Anyway, I was stammering and babbling like an idiot, but the very idea of shaving the head of the head cheerleader of Cherry Hill High's varsity cheerleading squad made my dick start to get hard again, which Kelli acknowledged with a sly, mischievous grin. "Y-y-you can't be serious!" I said.

    "Why not?" she asked. "I think that the perfect thing to go with a bald quarterback of a championship-winning team is his girlfriend, the bald head cheerleader!"

    I got up out of the chair and she sat down in it and looked at me, smiling sweetly and playfully opening and closing the blades of the scissors that she had picked up off the floor. "So, answer me. What do you think I would look like bald?"

    "You would look gorgeous!" I shouted, still amazed I was even having this conversation with her, but now thoroughly turned on.

    She took the white satin bow from the top of her golden locks and pushed that golden river of fluffy long blonde wavy hair back so that it flowed down her back, tumbling all the way down to her waist, spread her legs and slowly let her hand run up her thigh and began to rub on the crotch of her red nylon bloomers. "Well then." she said, her breath heavy and her big blue eyes lidded with a look of pure lust on her innocent looking face, "do it! Cut it all off!"

    I felt my heat practically burst out of my chest! "Are you sure?" I asked, still not sure I was able to believe what I was hearing. Did the head cheerleader of Cherry Hill High, my girlfriend and the most beautiful girl I had ever laid eyes on, just ask me to shave her head?

    She grinned a naughty little grin as one hand found it's way under her white pleated skirt and up and over the waist band of her nylon bloomers while the other hand pulled up her letter sweater and fondled one of her magnificent tits through the fabric of a white, lacy bra.

    "I want you to cut it off! Shave it all! I want to be your bald headed fuck slut!"

    "But what about your parents and the other kids at school? What about..."

    "Fuck them, if they don't like it! I'm doing this for the team! Besides," she moaned, "It will all grow back. Do it! Shave me bald!"

    Well, what was I going to do?

    I grabbed the scissors from the table, where Kelly had placed them, and went around in back of her and marveled at that glorious mane of pure gold, with it's waves and subtle curls that ran all the way down to her waist, all thick, silky, and stunning. In minutes, it would all be in a pile on the floor. I took a deep breath.

    "Well, if you are sure, Here goes!"

    With that, I gently reached out and took hold of a section of that soft, aromatic hair that hung like a curtain from the back of her head, held it out, and placed the shears near it's base, as close to her scalp as I could safely cut.


    A handful of blonde hair well over two and a half feet long came away from Kelli's head. The head cheerleader of Cherry Hill High now had a big hole of light blonde peach fuzz cut into all that lovely hair. I raised the clump of hair to my nose, wanting to get the last smell of her luxurious mane while I still had the chance. Then, I held out the locks in front of her and let the mass of hair fall onto her pleated cheerleading skirt.

    "OOOH, FUCK YEAH!" She hissed. "Cut it off! Cut every fucking strand of this fucking hair off my head!"

    My cock was so hard it was knocking on my stomach! I took another handful of her precious blonde locks and held it out, hacking away at it with the scissors.


    A huge section of her hair came away from her scalp, and I let it fall gently to the floor in front of her. She had pulled down the cup on her lily white bra by then, furiously rubbing her nipple with one hand and masturbating with the other.

    "Shave me!" she whispered hoarsely, as if in a trance. "Shave me bald like the whore I am!" She looked up at me with her gorgeous teenaged face all twisted up with pure, sex-crazed lust. "Do it rough!"

    I got the message. Kelli and I liked to play games, and I knew what she wanted.

    " All right, cheer-slut!" I sneered. "I'm gonna cut all of this fucking shit off your head, you fucking worthless TRAMP!"

    I grabbed a fistful of her hair and yanked on it hard enough that her head jerked back and she yelped and moaned like an animal in heat. Kelli was thrashing about in the chair, pulling hard on her nipples and fingering herself off, her pleated cheerleader's skirt riding high up on her hips. She was totally out of her mind by then.

    "FUCK! SHIT! Cut it off! Cut it all off my head, you hot son-of-a-bitch!" she screamed. "Treat me like the cheer-tramp I am!"

    I walked around the chair, stood there in front of her and sneered: "You won't be needing those pretty bangs anymore, will you SLUT?" Then I took the scissors and cut away her bangs, all the way up to her hairline. No more blonde wavy bangs to hang over Kelli's gorgeous blue eyes.

    "Look at you, miss rich bitch cheerleader! The most popular slut in school begging me to turn her into a bald headed whore!" I pulled out a huge hank of her honey colored tresses from the side of her head and severed it off less than a half an inch from her head.


    More of her formerly glorious hair rolled down the front of her cheerleading sweater and into the pleats of her skirt.

    I hacked away at her glorious mane with the scissors like a madman, dropping fistfuls of her now dead tresses in piles all around her until her hair was ruined. Patches of hair stuck out all over her head out of very short blonde peach fuzz. Only random sections and strands of two and a half foot long hair remained to suggest the once stunning head of hair that she used to have just minutes ago, hair that now either covered her cute little cheerleader's uniform or lay in a pile on the floor around her.

    I walked around the chair and stood over her, threw down the scissors and picked up the electric clippers.

    "Suck my cock, bitch!" I commanded as the clippers came to life in my hands. I plunged my huge cock past those full red lips and down deep into that hot cheerleader's throat and when I started to thrust my prick in and out of her sweet teenaged mouth, I aimed the clippers at her forehead and mowed a path up and across the top of her head and down to the back of her neck. What was left of her hair rained down her back and left nothing but stubble on her head. Then I did it again, and again, as she eagerly sucked on my prick. As I worked my way down both sides of her head down to her ears, I could feel come rising in my shaft. Just when I finally finished shaving the whole area of Kelli's head with the clippers, I pulled my cock out of her hot teenaged mouth and shot cum all over her newly balded head. As cum started to run off her head and down the sides of her cheeks, I used the clippers to shave off Kelli's eyebrows.

    Then, Kelli stripped off her uniform and we both got into the shower taking turns with a can of shaving cream and a straight razor, shaving all the hair off our bodies, until both of us were completely smooth and totally without hair from head to toe. We went to bed then, and fucked like wild animals for the rest of the night.

    The rest of the team came to school the next day all freshly shaven, but the talk of the entire school was Kelli's new hair-do. Annette, Linda, Tina, Ashley, and Jennifer, the other girls on the varsity cheerleading squad, were as shocked as everyone else, but when she told her fellow cheerleaders why she did it, and how much fun it was to have had her head shaved bald, they all understood and applauded her for her courage and her school spirit. Kelli noticed that they all appeared to get really excited whenever they all talked about how erotic it felt having her head shaved.

    It must have made an impression, because by the end of the school day, at the pep assembly, Kelli told the entire school that the rest of the varsity cheerleaders had decided unanimously that, if the team won the state championship that night, then ALL of the Cherry Hill varsity cheerleaders would get their heads shaved at a special school assembly to be held the first thing the following Monday morning.

    Kelli Paris caused a sensation when she appeared in her last football game as head cheerleader. Her shiny bald dome made her stand out in the whole stadium, and I couldn't have been more proud of her. She looked gorgeous in her cheerleader's uniform, shaking her pom-poms and dancing, totally hairless!

    We fought, as a team, like we had never before, and when the final gun sounded we were State Champions!

    The celebrations continued all through that wild, wild weekend, and then it was Monday morning. The whole school wondered whether the varsity cheerleaders would seriously consider as bold a move as KellI pulled and have their heads shaved, but everyone piled into the gym and waited to see what would happen.

    The band started to play the school's fight song and Annette Carbonetti, Tina and Linda Donaley, the fraternal twin sisters, Ashley Wilson, and Jennifer Wayne came out from a big curtain, smiling, jumping, and waving their dark blue and white pom-poms. I didn't see Kelli though, and I wondered where she was, In fact, I hadn't seen her all day!

    The coach came out and said a few words and made some presentations, including giving me the game's Most Valuable Player award, but I was starting to get worried. Where the Hell was Kelli?

    "Well, that just about concludes the awards presentations, except for a little business that will be presented by our own Kelly Paris," announced the coach. "Kelli, would you come out here, please?"

    The curtains opened, and there stood my girlfriend Kelli, the head cheerleader of Cherry Hill High.

    She was standing next to a long bench and was not only completely hairless all over her body, up to and including her long, beautiful eyelashes, which she must have plucked out, but she had dyed her whole body white with what I found out later was industrial strength dye. She wore a red lacy bra, red satin panties, a red garter belt that was holding up red, and red high heels. Kelli had the words "Property of the Cherry Hill Football Squad" written across her forehead in red indelible ink, and written in the gray ink, just over the cups of her bra, she had written "Cheer" on one of her magnificent tits, and on the other was written the word "Slut"!

    She was grinning and waving her pom-poms as the whole gym went berserk! "How's that for team spirit?" shouted the coach into the microphone, barely heard over the din of the wildly applauding assembly.

    Kelli smiled sweetly as all of the love and support of the school washed over her. "So, what do you think of the new look for the Cherry Hill High School Varsity Cheerleaders?" she yelled into the mic. The crowed roared back its approval with wild applause and screaming.

    "Good!" she said, motioning to the other cheerleaders to sit down on the long wooden bench beside her. "Ladies?" she said, grinning, motioning her fellow cheerleaders to sit down on the bench that was situated behind them on the gym floor.

    Jenny straddled the bench and sat on the end, laying her pom-poms down on the floor beside her, and Linda sat behind her. Then Ashley sat behind Linda, and Tina was next behind Ashley, and then Annette, and finally Kelli sat down behind Annette, straddling the bench like the other cheerleaders. I thought to myself then that if it hadn't been for the fact that Kelli was completely bald, dyed white from head to toe, was wearing really sexy lingerie and high heels in the school's colors, this would like the varsity cheerleader's yearbook photo.

    The noise in the gym was deafening! Kids and teachers were literally screaming themselves hoarse shouting, "Cut it all off! Cut it all off! Then the chanting started, "Shave! Shave! Shave! Shave!"

    The other cheerleaders all were wearing their hair in ponytails, tied up with matching white and red hair ribbons and bows. The gym exploded when the cheerleaders pulled the bows and ribbons from their hair, throwing them out to the screaming students, and shook out their gorgeous hair one last time.

    "O.K. girls!" commanded Kelly. "Pick up your scissors!"

    All of the cheerleaders, except for Jennifer, who was on the end of the bench, reached down to the side away from the hysterical audience and came up with a pair of hair cutting shears.

    "Are you ready for bald cheerleaders?" shouted Kelli to the rest of the school. The question was met with a resounding "YEAH!" from the students, teachers, and her fellow cheerleaders.

    "O.K. cheerleaders! Start cutting!"

    With that command, Kelli grabbed a fistful of Annette's thick brown hair from the back of her head and held it out with that hand while she poised the shears and the base of those long, luscious locks and started cutting the mass of locks off her head. The mass of Annette's tresses came away in Kelli's hand and the whole school roared! Kelli let the clump of chocolate-brown strands fall to the floor in full view of Annette, but Annette didn't notice, as she was busy admiring the hole of blonde peach fuzz she had just cut into the back of Tina's long blonde wavy hair. For her part, Tina was sawing away on a gigantic fistful of Ashley's stunning red curls, and Linda, after she had stood up to cheerfully hack off Jennifer's cute, blonde, curly bangs, sat back and enjoyed feeling Ashley relieve her of the weight of he own thick, dark brown curls. Jennifer just sat there with a huge smile on her pretty face, watching her lovely blonde ringlets tumble down the front of her cheerleading uniform, picking the curls out of the pleats of her cheerleading skirt to show to the screaming crowd.

    The cheerleaders continued to hack off each other's hair and the rest of the crowd just could not believe what they were seeing! These were the most beautiful, most popular girls in the whole school, and they were CUTTING OFF ALL THEIR HAIR!!!

    Jennifer closed her eyes and a strangely contented smile crossed her face as her body began to react to the erotically charged scene she was participating in right in front of the entire school! She could feel all the weight of her golden curls gone from the back of her head. She opened her eyes and could no longer see the cute blonde curly bangs that minutes ago hung over her sky-blue eyes.


    That was the sound that Jennifer heard as Linda's scissors greedily ate through her hair, right over her left ear. She pulled up her letter sweater and began to fondle her nice juicy teenaged tits through the fabric of her lily-white bra with one hand and stuck her hand into her cheer panties with the other.

    Jenny looked down and saw yet another mass of perfect blonde curls tumble down the front of her cheerleader's sweater that had been hacked off the side of her head. She smiled, realizing that there was going to be no more shampooing, conditioning, no more pretty lace ribbons and bows, no more cream rinse and blow-drying, because more and more of her elegant curls now lay dead on the floor.

    Behind Jenny sat Linda, who just had her bangs lopped off. Most of her thick, satiny, dark brown curls now lay in piles on the floor as Ashley continued to hack away at the hair on Linda's crown. Ashley had only patches of long red curls left on her head, sticking out of the short, fuzzy hacked up mess that used to be her glorious red mane. Tina was really getting hot ruining Ashley's soft, healthy red curls, and also because of the feeling of having Annette behind her, scissoring close to Tina's ears, hacking off the last of Tina's own golden, wavy hair.

    As for Annette, Kelli had cut off as much of Annette's magnificent brunette mane as she could with the scissors, reducing her fellow cheerleaders straight, perfect crowning glory to dark brown peach fuzz with random patches of hacked up hair.

    Al this time, the gym was rocked with an unbelievable racket as the students and the teachers cheered the girls on in total amazement at the sight of these six beautiful cheerleaders sitting on a bench in the middle of the high school gym with their lovely hair all over their uniforms and collected in piles on the floor around them.

    Kelli put down her scissors and picked up two sets of electric clippers and handed one of the clippers to the football coach.

    "Can you help me finish these girls off, coach?" said Kelli, out of breath from the intense haircutting orgy she had just experienced.

    The coach took one of the two big Osters and watched as Kelli looked down at Annette, smiled sweetly, and flicked on the clippers. She held the back of Annette's head, started at her fellow cheerleader's forehead, and rammed the clippers up over the top of Annette's head, leaving a stripe of brown, shadowy stubble down the middle of her ruined hair. Annette could feel the remnants of her once glorious hair, the patchy short hairs and the itchy stubble rain down the back of her uniform as Kelli took the clippers all the way down to the back of Annette's neck.

    Coach stepped up to Jenny, had her bend her head down and started the clippers up from the back of Jenny's neck, and what was left of her golden curls was flowing off her head and falling into the pleats of her cheerleading skirt.

    Kelli started in on Tina's blonde peach fuzz, rendering her hair to nothing but short blonde stubble before shaving off Tina's eyebrows, as she and the coach had done to Annette and Jenny.

    Coach was running his clippers up and over Linda's head, sending a torrent of dark brown stubble down the back of her cheerleading sweater and she felt the vibrations of the clippers working lower and lower down the sides of her head, leaving almost nothing but bald scalp in the hungry clipper's wake. When coach had taken care to remove Linda's eyebrows, he and Kelli stood over the eager Ashley.

    "Go on, coach. Finish her off!"

    So coach took Ashley's head and held her still with one hand and started shearing the pretty cheerleader's red peach fuzz down to the slightest hint of red stubble like he was shearing a sheep.

    Everyone in the gym that day roared themselves hoarse as the five newly balded Varsity Cheerleaders stood up with Kelli with their gorgeous hair in piles all around them. It was a day none of us would ever forget!hairrazingcheerleaders.jpg

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