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    Camping at the ranch...


    Hello, my name is Wendy. I had an amazing experience about 10 years ago and am just getting brave enough to talk about it. I am a mixed Asian woman in my late 20s and have a couple of children with my husband Brett. When we were first dating, we were Seniors in high school in the town in Montana that my family had moved to a couple of years before for my Dad's job. I was unique at the high school in that I was the only Asian and I was relatively attractive (with a big chest.) I was on the cheerleading squad and Brett played football and baseball. He had dated a couple of my friends before we started dating and he was my first sexual partner.

    Brett was really popular and had a lot of attention from other girls at school, but then again - so did I. His friends and all of the men at the football games would stare at me a lot...again - the only Asian cheerleader with a big chest! I am pretty petite in general (under 5 foot tall), but I have DD chest for some reason. My Mom always said it was the chemicals in the milk, but her chest is way smaller than mine. I don't know if that had something to do with the other girls at school trying to make moves on Brett, but I found out that he had cheated on me a couple of times by the end of high school. They weren't my best friends, but were close enough friends to really piss me of them was the girlfriend of his friend Scott too, that was an issue for a while, but they fought each other and stayed friends. I ended up staying with him too, but he said we had to have an open relationship until the end of college. That's not exactly what happened, but I'll get to that in a bit.

    On my 18th birthday, I spent part of it at Brett's uncle Greg's house for a party. Greg was really wealthy and had a really young wife named Sarah. She was only 25 and was a really hot, Greg was in his late 40s and was still in good shape too. Sarah was white (like everyone else in our town - j/k) and was like my older sister. We had started to become friends after they got married the summer before and she would get me drinks and let me smoke bud with her and her friends at parties. She always flirted with Brett and I and said a ton of stuff that would make me blush. She would take me shopping and buy me bikinis that I would never wear in public, I know she was turned on when we were in the dressing room and I tried things on for her.

    Sarah would always compliment me on my body and say she wished she had my chest. She also always told me how she wanted to watch Greg fuck me in front of her...that always made me blush a lot. She tried to build my confidence too, I have never thought I was that beautiful, but she made me believe I am. She got me to like teasing guys too and we would always dress sexy when we would walk around and shop together. I started to get older men asking me out when we were together, mainly because of her I'm sure.

    I was really naive and new to everything, Sarah exposed me to a lot of new experiences...she even got me to wax my pussy so I could wear little mesh see through bikinis. It was really hot and a lot fun to have attention like that from an attractive woman when I was only 18. I told her a lot of personal stuff since we were getting close and she knew about Brett cheating and the open relationship talk...she also knew I had only been with one guy...she kept teasing me about that and trying to get me to talk about what other guys I liked. She also kept insisting that I get on birth control...we even made an appointment for OBGYN and I almost got on depo...but I was only with Brett at the time, so I hesitated. Sarah also tried to get me to do moly a few times at parties...I hadn't done anything except smoke bud and drink a little. Sarah and I made out at one of their parties when she was on moly in one of the bathrooms. That was the first time I had kissed a woman and got felt up by one, that really turned me on, especially since she was so into it.

    At the party, Sarah asked Brett to bring me along for a camping trip in a few weeks at their ranch up in the mountains. Brett and a couple of his friends were going to go dirt bike riding and drink beer, but Sarah convinced me that it would be worth the trip to see the place. She also pulled me aside and told me she would have a surprise for me if I came along. Brett and I agreed and we came over to their place a few weekends later. Brett and his friends Scott and Mike loaded up their dirt bikes into Greg's trailer and we all piled into his huge truck. Scott and Mike weren't planning on me going so it was a bit of a surprise when I showed up. Brett had told Scott about him cheating with Scott's girl friend, so Scott was hitting on me constantly for the first hour of the drive...I was in a tank top and shorts with a bikini underneath that Sarah had bought for me...she was teasing all the guys in the car the whole way and was already down to just her bikini. She convinced me to take my shorts and tank top off. The guys were all staring at me since it was a really small white mesh bikini that was basically see through. I was used to the attention and kind of got a rise out of it knowing that Brett wanted an open relationship...I don't think he counted on me being close to naked around his friends and uncle so soon though!

    Sarah had me hop up into the front seat between her and Greg after a while since I was having to fight off Mike and Scotts hands from wandering down my legs...Brett was getting irritated but wasn't saying anything since he owed Scott one already. I didn't mind moving up to the front seat and was really turned on by Greg putting his hand on my thigh. He was really sly and started to rub me slowly as he worked his hand down toward my pussy. He never actually touched my lips, but I was soaking wet after 15 minutes of that while we were driving...I could tell that Greg was rock hard and when we got to a dirt road, Greg asked the guys if they wanted to ride their dirt bikes the rest of the way. They all were happy to jump out and grab their bikes and rode off in front of us while Greg and Sarah both smiled at me between them in the front seat. As soon as they were out of sight, Sarah had Greg slide the front seat back as far as it could go and she kneeled down in front of me.

    I didn't even try to stop her when she slid my bottoms off and started to lick my already soaked pussy. She looked up and pulled my top down and told me to kiss Greg. I didn't hesitate either as Greg leaned over and started to kiss me deeply as he grabbed my chest. I was so turned on, especially since I hadn't ever kissed anyone other than Brett...Brett didn't really go down on me either, so it was a shock when I started to come in Sarah's mouth only after a couple of minutes of her going down. I came so hard that it embarrased me! Sarah came up next to me and told me to never be ashamed of coming - she told me a lot of empowering things like that. She asked me if I had ever gone down on anyone other than Brett and I told her no...she slid her own bottoms off and leaned back against the door and pulled me down to her pussy...I was in doggie on the front seat and Greg had opened his door and was standing behind me eating my pussy from behind - that made me come so many times I lost count. I was so turned on that I buried my face in Sarah's pussy and licked her clit until she came too.

    After Sarah came, she pulled me up and told Greg to get back in the truck...he did and had already pulled his shorts down and had his big cock in his hand. I was a little hesitant, but Sarah reminded me of what Brett had done with my friends and I started to suck Greg's cock. Brett was really big too, but it turned me on a lot more to go down on Greg...mainly since it was so naughty with him being so much older than me, but Greg was really long too to be honest. I wasn't ready to have him fuck me, but I went down on him while Sarah went down on me from behind and Greg fingered my clit while I was in doggie. He took his time coming and as he started to explode, Sarah kept telling me to swallow his come...I did my best even though he was streaming come into my mouth and almost making me gag...but it was so hot that I kept swallowing over and over until he was done.

    Once Greg was finished, we continued driving up to the house...Sarah and I stayed naked the rest of the way and Greg was fingering my clit and pussy while Sarah and I made out most of the way. Sarah kept telling me how she wanted to watch Greg fuck me and I kept coming while he had his fingers all over my pussy. Greg kept saying how tight I was and how he wanted to feel how tight I would be on his cock...he kept asking if he could just slide the tip in lol. That made Sarah and I laugh a lot each time he repeated it! I kept telling him no and not yet...and after a while of driving and playing I told Greg to stop the truck when we were a few minutes from the camp site so I could put my clothes back on.

    When Greg stopped the truck I was so wet and turned on that I told him to pull his shorts down again and pull his cock out. He thought I was going to go down on him again, but instead I straddled him and squatted down on his cock really slowly as Sarah egged me on and kept telling me to go for it! Even though I was soaked and he had been fingering me for a while, he was really big and I had to work him in slowly. Once I had him all the way in, we started to kiss passionately and I grinded my pussy onto his cock until I couldn't fit any more of him inside. After only 30 seconds or so of him moaning, kissing my chest and telling me how tight I was, I lifted up almost all the way off his cock as I tried to jump into the back seat. Greg was way too strong though and held my hips down pushing his cock all the way back in. Sarah was laughing as she helped hold my hips down and spanked me. Once she had a hold of me, Greg actually started driving again...since the road was so bumpy, it made me bounce up and down on his cock really chest too. His cock was so hard and he kept bottoming out all the way inside my pussy. I actually came for the first time from intercourse right then from the vibration of the road and being so full, it was unforgettable.

    Greg stopped truck again once I came and had Sarah hop into the back seat. He slid me over onto my back and startd to thrust in and out really deep inside me...he pounded me for about 5 minutes and then came inside me again...Sarah was telling him to push his cock really deep as he was coming and he did...I couldn't believe how good it felt having Sarah watch like that. Greg kept his cock all the way inside me for a couple of minutes as he kissed me and my chest and told me how good it felt to come inside my pussy...about that time Sarah asked me if I had gotten on birth control and I reluctantly told her no...she just laughed again and said oh well, it's too late now! Greg said whoops and slowly pulled his cock out of my sopping wet pussy that he had just filled up. Sarah broke out some baby wipes (what a life saver!) and Greg and I cleaned up before he drove us all the way to the camp ground. I had just enough time to put my bikini back on when we got to the camp ground and was putting my shorts on when Brett and the other guys unloaded the rest of the camping stuff.

    As the guys set up the tent by the lake, Sarah and I walked around a bit and stripped back down into our bikinis. I was so wet still and has to squeeze myself while we were walking to keep from having Gregs come pour down my legs. Sarah kept telling me how much she loved watching me with Greg and that she had a special treat planned tomorrow night. She told me that I had to do moly with Greg and her in their hot tub and I agreed. We walked back as the guys were getting a fire going and starting dinner. Sarah and Greg drove up to the main house as we settled down for the night. Brett, Scott and Mike were drinking a lot and they were all hitting on me since I stayed in my mesh thong bikini for most of the night. Brett kept telling Scott that he was sorry for sleeping with his girlfriend once they were drinking for a while and had me sit in Scotts lap and let him feel me up...that was pretty fun too - I was still really turned on from the ride in the truck and let Scott slide his hand down my bottoms as I took my top off. I was on his lap facing away from him and he had one hand on my chest and one hand fingering my didn't take too long for me to come as Brett and Mike were watching.

    I think the whole thing turned Brett least he didn't say anything and didn't stop me as I stood up, turned around and got down on my knees in front of Scott. I pulled his shorts down and started to suck on his cock while Brett and Mike kept watching us. I took him all the way in my mouth since he wasn't too long and kept looking up at him while he grabbed my chest and watched suck his cock. After 10 minutes or so, Scott leaned back and started to pulse his come into my mouth...I remembered what Sarah said and kept swallowing while he was coming really hard over and over. I had only swallowed Brett's come once, but he rarely went down on was really hot to have both Brett and Mike watching as I did that. I went over and sat in Brett's lap afterward and he was actually really calm about it. I didn't expect that, but he did owe me! Scott pulled up his shorts as I was walking back to Brett and told him we still arent even yet. Brett laughed and he told Scott that he knows. The guys stayed up for a while later after that drinking and laughing and I went into the tent and went to sleep. I got naked since we were sharing a tent and it was really hot out still, I was having a lot of fun teasing the guys.

    While I expected to have more fun with them before they went to sleep, they were so drunk that I hardly even got noticed. They all passed out and woke up late - past noon. I had already been up and made breakfast for myself and walked around the lake. They eventually got up and ate and started talking about riding their bikes around. I told them I was going to sun bathe while they rode and they said they would be back for lunch in a couple of hours. The ranch was really big, so they set off in one direction and I went and put on another bikini that Sarah bought me that was not safe for public. It was nice being on a private rance knowing nobody else except family had access. As the noise of the bikes disappeared into the trees, another engine sounded like it was coming down from the house. I was in a really skimpy see through bikini again and layed down on my back and closed my eyes with my pussy facing the trail where I expected Greg or Sarah to ride down on.

    As the noise of the quad got close and stopped near our tent, I heard footsteps walking towards me...they stopped a few feet away between my open legs and there was a pause before a younger voice say hello to me and I opened my eyes and sat up looking at a really tall and attractive guy in his late 20s. He said he was Brett's cousin Owen and just wanted to say hi to them. I was so embarrased being basically naked with my legs spread and quickly stood up...I told him that they had just rode away and introduced myself as Brett's girlfriend. He complimented me on how beautiful he thought I was and I kept blushing while I said thank you. He told me that he would come back later and that he and his brother Bryce were going to be camping and hunting on the other side of the ranch that weekend. I was trying my best to be brave and acted like it was normal talking to him while my chest was popping out and showing through the mesh bikini top...I caught Owen staring at my pussy and I told him I was sorry and that I didn't expect anyone else to be here. He laughed and thanked me for being so open...he gave me a kiss on the cheek (which made me wet) and drove back up the trail.

    After a while Brett, Scott and Mike returned on their dirt bikes and we sat down for lunch. I mentioned that Owen had stopped by and Brett wasn't too happy about it. He mentioned that he had a lot of fights with his cousins Owen and Bryce and that they bullied him a lot when he was younger since they are about 10 years older than him. I didn't tell him that Owen had seen me almost nude since I knew that would have upset him. The guys took off again for a long ride and I read a book and took a long nap. After a few more hours the guys returned and woke me up with their wasn't too long before Greg and Sarah came down in his truck with dinner for everyone. We ate dinner by the fire while Brett, Mike and Scott started to drink again. After dinner, Sarah told Brett that she was stealing me for a hot tub trip and he was more than happy to be left to drinking with his friends. Greg, Sarah and I drove back up to the ranch house and I got to see it for the first time. It was really amazing - a huge log cabin type house on a bigger lake above the one we camped at. There were a some other big cabins around the lake too, but the neighbors weren't that close to each other.

    As soon as I stepped in the front door, Sarah told me that the house had a naked only policy for hot women and stripped herself and then me down to nothing. That turned me on a lot and I watched as Greg looked me up and down as we walked around the house. The hot tub was up stairs on the private deck off of the master bedroom. I was in awe of the view off the deck and stood there naked looking at the sunset and the stars starting to come out. Sarah walked up behind me and handed me a small cup of liquid she told me to swallow. I did and asked what it was, she said it was pure moly and told me to wait 20 minutes...she took a dose too and led me over to the hot tub. It didn't take long before I was rolling pretty good and was making out with Sarah and Greg. I kept coming as they were both rubbing my clit and chest.

    After what seemed like coming forever, Greg sat up on the edge of the hot tub and pulled me over to his cock. I started sucking on his cock again immediately while Sarah spread my ass from behind and started to go lick my pussy and ass. I was so comfortable with them already that I kept coming as Sarah went down on me and I could feel Greg's cock getting really hard in my mouth. He didn't let me go for too long before he turned me around and started to work his cock into my pussy again. He was gentle since I'm small and he could feel I hadn't been penetrated yet that day. Sarah sat up on the other side of the hot tub and I started to go down on her while Greg was sliding slowly into my pussy. It felt so amazing being on moly - it was really kicking in at this point and I was hypersensitive everywhere. The bubbles from the hot tub on my belly and legs was amazing too...even kissing Sarah felt amazing while I was rolling...but Greg was the best. He was stroking all the way in and out and was grabbing my hips really firmly. He was pounding really deep for a long time before he slowed down and pulled out.

    Greg said he wasn't done, but wanted to do something special to me. Sarah said she knew what he wanted and that they had a fantasy they wanted to do with me...I was so high that I didn't resist at all...we all walked over to the railing on the deck facing the lake and Greg had me lean over towards the railing with my chest leaning over. There were a bunch of metal cables under the top of the railing, so all the neighbors could potentially see us on the deck. I was so turned on by being in public like that and I didn't stop them as Sarah got on her knees underneath me and started to lick my clit while Greg slid back into my soaking wet pussy. It didn't take too long for me to come again and Greg pulled out of my pussy from behind. He then told me that he would go slow as he slid the head of his cock into my ass.

    I was a little shocked and tried to pull away, but Sarah held my legs from below as she forced my clit into her mouth and licked me really hard and Greg held my hips from behind until I relaxed. He kept telling me to relax as he forced his cock into my ass. I told them that I had never had anal and Sarah said she knew already...I forgot I had told her, but I was so high that I didn't remember much at that point. After a few minutes of going really slow and him pushing really hard, he was all the way in my ass - even deeper than my pussy...that was shocking since he bottomed out in my pussy when he was pounding me. He started to stroke his cock in and out of my ass as Sarah stood up and watched up from the side...she was really turned on too and was playing with her pussy as she watched from a chair next to us.

    It was really hot and there was a light on the deck pointing up near the railing that was lighting my body up while Greg fucked me from chest bouncing was visible from all around the lake I was certain...and it didn't take too long to get some attention that I didn't necessarily want. Greg's neighbor just to the right of us saw us at some point and came down to the lake in front of us and yelled hello! Greg laughed and yelled for him to come on up. He mentioned he saw something nice in his telescope on his deck and thought hed come check it out. I was totally visible from below where he walked up and talked to us. Greg didn't bother to stop fucking me in the ass as he introduced me, saying this is Wendy, say hi to Glen Wendy.

    I was so embarrased, but managed to say hello Glen, its nice to meet you down to Glen as he was staring at my body bouncing up and down. Glen could tell Sarah and I were high and asked if we were rolling...Sarah immediately responded of course. Then she said that this was Wendy's first time getting fucked in her ass and invited him up the stairs on the side of the deck where he was waiting to watch us. He happily came up the stairs and sat in the chair on the other side of Greg and I a few feet away and continued to watch as Glen pounded my ass from behind.

    Sarah walked over to Glen and pulled his shorts off and started to suck his cock. I was watching from over the railing as I was getting slammed into as Greg was working his way to coming. Sarah started to ride Glens cock as she faced away from him so they could both watch Greg and I. Greg took quite a while before he started to throb and explode, but after a lot of pounding me over the railing, he came so hard in my ass. That was the first time I had felt anything like that and it felt amazing on moly. I could feel the streams of his come shooting into me so hard. That made Sarah come too and she leaned back into Glen and grinded into his cock. After a couple of minutes of recovery, Greg stood all the way back up and leaned back from the railing he collapsed us into and pulled his cock slowly out of my ass. Even that felt amazing as I was rolling full force at that point.

    Greg pulled Sarah off of Glen and over to the other chair, telling Glen that it was his turn with me now. Sarah laughed and just said, yeah but she's not on birth control yet. Glen asked if they were sure I was old enough and they both said yes at the same time and I told him that I just turned 18 a few weeks ago. He said perfect in a really giddy way and Greg and Sarah laughed at that as he stood up and repositioned me back over the light bent over the railing. He was a lot thicker than Greg and I didn't notice in the darkness until he started sliding into my ass. It felt so painful as he stretched me out, but as he got all the way in, I felt like I could come from the pressure. I was so turned on by having a stranger fuck me that I wasn't telling him to slow down as he began to pound me really hard. He grabbed my hips really hard and kept thrusting as hard as he could into my ass. I was extremely wet from Greg coming in me and from Sarah's come on Glen's cock, so I had no problem taking all of him. I actually had an orgasm and screamed out while he kept took a few more minutes and I came a second time...I was so high and so turned on at that point...when Glen came he moaned so loud too, it was incredible feeling his cock expand and throb inside my ass, that felt so good on moly.

    It didn't take long for our panting and breathing to slow down a little and we could hear some clapping from a few houses down on the lake. I was so embarrased again...I couldn't believe someone else saw that. I immediately walked back to the hot tub and got back in...that felt incredible too and I lost focus on everything except my senses. I watched as Glen and Greg fucked Sarah too, that was amazing after getting fucked by both of them to watch them with another hot woman. I was couldn't believe how much fun I was having. I eventually got out of the hot tub and walked back over to the group. Glen took me over to the chair he had been sitting in and had me get down on my knees and suck his cock. I was really into it since I was still rolling really hard. I couldn't help myself and I climbed onto his lap and slid his cock into my pussy. He was really into my chest too and was kissing my neck and chest and making out with me as I bounced up and down on him. Sarah eventually reminded me of birth control...I kept riding Glen as he laughed and he asked how I knew Sarah and Greg. I told them I was Brett's girlfriend and he immediately pulled me off his cock...he asked Sarah and Greg if they were sure this was okay and if Brett knew, and I told Glen that I wasn't saying anything about tonight...Sarah and Greg agreed that this was only between us...then he laughed and said and the neighbors.

    I asked what was up with the neighbors and Sarah admitted that they all watched Greg and her on the deck and that's why they had the light on the edge of the deck for under lighting. I was actually pretty turned on by that, but acted like I was mad at Sarah until she came over and started making out with me while we were standing over the light for the neighbors to see. Glen stood up and walked back over to me and said he still had one left in him as he took me from Sarah and bent me back over the light. He forced the head of his cock back into my ass and I was offering no resistance at that point...I came a couple more times as he stroked all the way in and out of my ass with his thick cock. I was so loud, but at that point I didn't care. I was hoping Brett wouldn't find out, but I was so high that I couldn't focus on that or being worried about anything, I was just feeling pleasure on the moly with Glen pounding me from behind. When he started to come it made me come and I pushed my ass backward into him as he gripped my hips. I could feel the veins in his cock expanding as he came shot himself into me. That was so hot that I didn't care who was watching. After a minute of recovery, Glen pulled out of my ass and I could feel his come pouring down my inner thighs. That felt incredible too!

    As Glen was getting ready to walk back down the stairs, Sarah told him that he owed me and that he needed to go down on me now...he smiled and grabbed my hand leading me to another raised planter area on the deck with a light above it. I was on full display as he buried his head into my pussy and at me while my legs were wrapped around his head and his hands were grabbing my chest and nipples. I felt so amazing as I started to come over and over in his mouth...again - the moly made it so incredible! I forgot how loud I was being and I could hear some other voices talking around the lake below us. It wasn't until then that I could see Glen clearly and noticed how much older than Greg he was. He had a bald spot and was obviously in his 50s...that turned me on even more to be honest...I kept coming over and over in waves of orgasms and after coming a million times, Glen stood up and pulled me down next to him. We kissed each other for another could of minutes while I grabbed his cock and he grabbed my ass and chest. That was really hot to fuck a stranger like that, especially while being watched and in a spotlight.

    After the session, Sarah led me back to the hot tub and reminded me that she had a surprise for me. The surprise was Owen and Bryce who came back to the ranch after Sarah had texted them. She told them that I was rolling and wanted to play. As Glen was leaving, Owen and Bryce came onto the deck. Greg and Sarah had put their clothes back on, but I was still rolling and naked in the hot tub relaxing and recovering. I was shocked when I saw Bryce, since he was Owen's twin. They were both way over 6 feet tall and were really in good shape. Brett and his friends were always cut, but they weren't as big as Owen and Bryce...they were Greg's nephews from another uncle of Brett's and always had trouble getting along with Brett. Looking back, I'm sure Sarah wanted to stir the pot of trouble and have them sleep with me knowing I was Bretts girlfriend, but at the time I just saw them taking their clothes off and getting into the hot tub with me. They were so big down there, om-fing-g! I was so high while I was watching them, but I got so wet again when they pulled their underwear off...they were longer than Greg even, a couple of inches longer than Brett and he was pretty big.

    Sarah came over to the hot tub as they were sitting down on either side of me and she told them to be gentle with me and that my ass needs rest. I agreed after seeing them pull their pants off and said thank you for my surprise to Sarah...she knew exactly what I meant as I grabbed both of them under the water and they started putting their hands all over my chest and pussy. She hadn't told me about them at all and Brett never mentioned that they were identical twins, and two of the most attractive guys I've ever met. Sarah watched for a few minutes and told us that we could sleep in the master bedroom that night before she went back inside with Greg. I took turns making out with them as their cocks got rock hard in my hands. I was still peaking on the moly and was having so much fun with them. I wasn't even sore after being pounded over the railing a few times, which is surprising thinking back about it.

    After a while, Owen and Bryce brought me back into the master bedroom onto the bed. There were mirrors above the bed and behind it on the wall and a lot of lights above the bed...I didn't mind since they were both really into me and I was so into them. I was turned on by doing Greg and Glen because it was so naughty, but the twins were really muscular and were so long. I got layed on my back and they both took turns going down on me while the other made out with me, I kept have orgasms and was soaking wet again immediately. They were really sweet and gentle and were kissing my chest and neck and were so good at going down on me. When they finally did slide inside me, it was so fun to watch...they took turns fucking me in missionary and a with me on top so they could watch my chest bouncing up and down! :) They loved that and were rock hard the whole time. After a while of that, they put me in doggie and had me going down on one of them while the other was fucking my pussy from behind. That was the hottest thing I have ever done and I was loving every second of it.

    Sarah hadn't mentioned the birth control situation to them and I was in no condition to remember myself...after about 15 minutes of pounding from doggie, I could feel Owen throbbing expanding as he got ready to come...I remembered for a second about the birth control, but didn't say anything as my mouth was full of Bryce. It made me come so hard when Owen came the first time...I almost squeeze him out of me, but he was so long and already so deep that he just forced his way as deep as he could into my pussy as he kept coming forever. He collapsed on my back and was immediately forced to the side and back in front of me by Bryce who took his place back inside my pussy and started to pound me all over again. I sucked Owen and my come off his cock while he recovered in front of me and felt my chest as it was swinging back and forth from Bryce pounding me from behind.

    The next thing that happened was my favorite sexual position of my life...Owen slid underneath me in 69 while Bryce continued to pound my pussy from behind...I couldn't believe how good that felt. I got my clit licked while I was being fucked from behind and rolling the whole time. I came so much that I thought I left my body! I was so happy and was having more fun that I ever had before. When Bryce came in my pussy from behind, I could feel every vein on his cock throbbing while Owen was licking my clit really was absolutely incredible! I felt powerful having two hot guys wanting my body as badly as they did...they took turns with me all night like that. I couldn't believe how much stamina they had too...after switching back and forth in that 69 position for what seemed like hours, I got sore, but I was still wet the whole night! Partly because of how much they were coming, but so was I!

    I didn't end up going to sleep until much later that morning, and we took a couple of breaks. At one point during a break, they asked me if they could both be inside me at the same time and if my ass was okay. I was so turned on by them asking that I continued to offer no resistance. I straddled Bryce and slid his cock into my pussy and started riding him again as Owen kneeled behind me and slowly worked his cock into my ass. I was sore for sure, but I wanted them so badly...I wasn't going to tell them no regardless of what they asked me to do! As Owen got deeper into my ass, I realized how long they were again as he stroked deeper and deeper...he went deeper than they could in my pussy, they both were bottoming out inside my pussy all night. I had to really focus on relaxing once they were both all the way inside and were alternating stroking in and out...they each took turns pounding too...again - amazing! I came a bunch of times from dp and after going slow most of the time, Owen started to pound my ass from behind...I could feel him working up to coming again and he stretched me a lot as he pushed himself all the way into my ass and exploded.

    Bryce couldn't let Owen be the only one to fuck my ass and pushed Owen to the side again...I was still in doggie, but Bryce flipped me onto my back and put my legs above his shoulders as he slid his cock into my soaking wet ass...they both came so much each time too, that was also incredible, I could feel them pulsing and shooting each stream of come...Bryce went really deep too and was kissing me passionately the whole time he was pounding my ass...he grabbed my chest and was pulling my nipples up as he stroked all the way in and out of me...I was surprised how easily he was sliding in and out, but Owen had come a lot obviously. After 20 minutes of pounding, Bryce leaned back and started to moan as he came in my ass for the first was my first night for that, but he was the 4th guy to come in my ass that night...I didn't think about that until I woke up the next afternoon though.

    After we all took showers, we came back to bed and kept going. By the time the sun was coming up, they both had exhausted themselves and I was too sore to go on. I slept so well between them that wasn't until 1pm when Sarah came knocking on the door and asked how we were. I was pretty exhausted still and was embarrased about what I could remember. We had some breakfast and Sarah drove me back down to the camp ground to see Brett and his friends. She promised that nobody would ever say anything and that I didn't have to worry about anything. I was relieved and she gave me a hug telling me she was proud of me. I thanked her and told her I couldn't believe I was so brave. When we got back to the camp ground Sarah immediately teased the guys and said that I couldn't refuse an actual bed last night even though she had kept me up all night doing moly with her. Brett joked back how hot that must have been and Sarah said you couldn't even imagine!

    I spent the day sun bathing around the camp ground again and recovered from the night before. I was really sore from all the penetration and Sarah gave me an edible brownie so I could relax and get some rest. I took a couple of long naps while the guy rode their dirt bikes and had time to think about everything that happened. I was still really turned on, especially knowing the guys I had slept with were so close to the camp spot. It also occured to me that the neighbors had been watching and I didn't know who or how many of them there were. There were at least 5 or 6 houses close enough to have seen everything really clearly on the deck, but there were a lot more houses around the lake with a direct view from a distance. I also thought about how I still wasn't on birth control and how many times the guys had come inside my pussy that trip. I was worried, but couldn't do anything about it at that point, so I thought about the twins and everything else.

    Sarah and Greg came back down that night with dinner and we had another nice meal. It was interesting being at a dinner table with Greg and Sarah across from Brett and his friends knowing what happened the night before, but Sarah was so playful about it that it made me smile and I started enjoying it a lot. She kept teasing Brett about asking me for an open relationship and how she was going to leave Greg to marry me because I was so hot. That made all the guys laugh a lot, but Brett didn't know why Greg and I were laughing obviously. Sarah mentioned that they were having a big bbq tomorrow afternoon which was the last day before we went home and everyone was excited about it. I was a little worried because she said that all the neighbors were invited too, but she rubbed my leg as she was saying it to put me at ease.

    After dinner she took me down by the lake and told me not to worry and that everyone was really cool and wouldn't say anything even if they saw it all...I asked how many saw it and she just laughed and said probably a lot of them and that they all knew to watch when the lights on the deck were turned on. I started blushing and she just laughed again and told me it would be okay and that she and Greg had already talked to all of them about last night...I was kind of shocked and asked what she meant...she just said they were all really close and would all talk a lot when walking around the lake near each other's back yards. I tried to remain calm as I walked back to the camp ground with Sarah and settled in for another night.

    The next afternoon I got dressed in a red bikini under my shorts and tank top and headed up to the ranch house when Greg came down with his truck to pick us up. The neighbors were all there in the back yard and in the house and I was introduced to them with Brett one by one. They were all smiling and extremely friendly and all congratulated Brett on having such a gorgeous girlfriend. I was blushing all afternoon! It wasn't too long before the guys separated a bit to drink beer and bbq while Sarah took me down by the pool and got me out of my shorts and tank top. Then we walked around and talked to different groups people. Sarah introduced me to one of the older couples Jenny and Ben that Brett and I had already talked to and we started chatting for a bit. Sarah asked them how they liked the show the other night and they both smiled and told me that I was gorgeous.

    After a few minutes of being embarrased, Sarah got called away to help inside and Jenny asked me if I would want to join them for a threesome at some point. I was caught off gaurd, especially since a few of the older single men neighbors had joined the conversation, including Glen. I was trying to be as bold as I could and I told them I would think about it. Glen told everyone he would be thinking about the other night for a long time too and everyone laughed...Jenny then said that she and Ben really enjoyed the video of me, Owen and Bryce. All of the neighbors agreed with her and were complimenting me about how good I looked. I was shocked even more and asked her what she meant. She told me that they all shared tapes of each other and thought I knew what was going on...unfortunately for Sarah, she walked back into the conversation just then and I walked over and punched her in the arm. She asked what that was for and Jenny said she mentioned the tape of the twins and I...Sarah laughed and apologized to me...she said she would share them with me too and I couldn't stop blushing again.

    Sarah had everyone promise to me that they wouldn't tell anyone or share the tapes outside the group, so I finally relaxed and was starting to have fun taking their compliments. A couple of the other men told Glen how badly they wished they had walked up the other night and everyone laughed again...Jenny asked me if Sarah was serious and that was my first time having anal...I told her yes, my first 3 times. That made the tension disappear and I felt really open with everyone. Jenny complimented me on how well I took Greg and Glen and that it was really impressive considering how small I am. All the men were asking how old I was too, and Greg kept reassuring them that I was 18. Glen had me show him my license after teasing me about how young I looked on the video with the twins. After being stared at in my bikini for the longest time, I started to enjoy teasing all of the older guys there. They had all seen me in a threesome with the twins anyway, so I wasn't really worrying a lot after that realization.

    Sarah asked in front of the group if Brett and I would come back next weekend for some more fun and they all were really happy when I said was nice being wanted by everyone there. I even pulled my top down facing away from the house so Jenny and the other guys could see my chest up close. Jenny was jealous too and wanted to feel them. I was happy being the center of attention like that. After we all ate and had time to wrap things up at the camp ground, we went home and I had a couple of weeks to think about things. I really had a good time even though it was sensory overload and a lot to process. I tried not to think about it too much though and looked forward to the next weekend. Sarah asked Brett and the guys to come back and they didn't hesitate to say yes...they hadn't finished exploring either, my version of exploring was more fun though!

    It was the perfect time for taking vacations since we had all just gotten out of high school and had a couple of months before we had to worry about school again. We all met back at Greg and Sarah's main house in town the next weekend and I was so excited. Sarah didn't even have to tell me to start teasing as I hopped back into the front seat and pulled my bikini top off immediately. I turned around and looked at Brett and the guys in back and asked if it was okay, they all laughed and said of course. It didnt take too long before my bikini bottoms were down to my knees too, but nobody except Greg and Sarah noticed. Greg had his hands on my clit most of the drive back to the ranch! Once they let Brett, Scott and Mike out to ride their bikes, I lost my bottoms completely and Sarah was going down on me while I started to suck Greg's cock. Once I had come a couple of times, I hoped onto Greg facing away from him toward the wheel and slid his cock into my pussy while I sat down all the way into his lap.

    We drove the rest of the way to the ranch like that with Greg driving over all the bumps to force himself inside me as far as he could...Sarah kept fingering my clit too which drove me nuts. I was having so much fun and we hadn't even made it back to the ranch again. When we were getting close, Greg slowed down and stopped and had me ride up and down on his cock really fast. It only took a few more minutes and he exploded in orgasm as I slid all the way down on his cock over and over. It felt amazing to have him inside me again, even though it was only a week. We both cleaned up again (baby wipes are truly a life saver, have I said that before?) and we drove the rest of the way to the camp spot. Sarah kept telling me how hot it was to watch me and I said I bet and that I still hadn't forgiven her for taping me with the twins. Greg came to her defense and said yeah, but that is the hottest video I've ever seen in my life. I was so embarrased again and let them tease me...I was enjoying it at this point. As we pulled up to the camp ground, Sarah said she had something planned for me later that night and that she wanted to do moly with me again. I agreed and we told Brett that I was going to go up for another trip in the hot tub that night after dinner.

    We all ate and Greg, Sarah and I went up to the ranch house. We adhered to the no clothes rule as soon as we got inside and we went back up to the deck and hot tub. I was really excited to do moly again after the experience last time and when Sarah offered me an extra half of a hit, I took it right away with a big smile. It took about the same amount of time before I started to feel it again and Greg and Sarah started to make out with me and feel me up as I started to roll again. It felt unreal to be back in the same hot tub after what happened last week and I didn't know what to expect this time. After a while, Sarah got out of the hot tub and led me out over to the spot light near the railing on the deck. She and I started making out in the spotlight and we could hear clapping from a bunch of the houses right away! I laughed and Sarah shouted hey everyone! A lot of them responded back which made me laugh again. Greg had walked up behind us to join us and I didn't expect what happened next at all...they had a couple of hand cuffs attached to the railing and slid my wrists into them. Greg then put a small blind fold over my eyes and had me bent over with my ass sticking out in doggy.

    I was wet already and had started to really feel the moly. I didn't know what to expect next and was a little confused when Sarah and Greg walked away and she told me to have fun. I waited there by myself for a few minutes before I could hear someone walking up the stairs from the yard below near the lake. I felt them come up behind me and grab my chest and hips before they unzipped their pants and started to go down on me from behind. I was so excited no knowing who it was and being so high. I came a few times from the oral before he stood up and slid his cock into my soaking wet pussy. He wasn't too big so I didn't have any trouble taking him and letting him pound me from behind immediately. He fucked me really hard and I could hear the neighbors chearing him on. It didn't take too long before I could feel him getting ready to come as his cock started to swell inside me. He pushed all the way in and started to come really hard inside me. I came really hard too from the excitement of not knowing who it was such a turn on. After he finished up and pulled out, he thanked me and I recognized his voice from the bbq the last weekend! I thanked him back and he sat down on a chair a few feet away from me on the deck.

    After a few more minutes of waiting I heard a group of men talking as they walked up from the lake and up to the deck. As they got close to me, I could hear even more people talking as they were walking up behind the first group too...I realized the neighbors were going to have fun with me together at that point. I was tied up and was really turned on and was rolling really hard at that point, so I wasn't complaining at all when the next guy slid right into my dripping pussy. It felt so good and I was moaning really loud while the guys all cheered me on. I was surprised how well I took it when he pulled out of my pussy and pushed himself into my ass. I felt everyone watching from all around me even though I couldn't see them and it was a huge turn on when he started to pound my ass. It became apparent that Jenny was there when she told him not too hard and leave some for everyone...the rest of the guys laughed and I kept taking it as he slowed down a little bit. That didn't last very long as he sped back up when he was building up to coming...he exploded in my ass while a couple of other guys were standing on both sides of me feeling my chest and my pussy.

    After he pulled out one of the guys standing next to me slid right into my pussy and started pounding me again...I didn't have any rest for the next couple of hours as they took their turns with me one after the other. Jenny would go down on me from underneath while they were fucking me in the ass too, that made me come over and over. I was having an unforgettable time the whole night even though I was rolling really hard on moly. A few of the guys were really big and stretched my ass while they were pounding me...the moly made that feel amazing again too...Not being able to see anything while I was totally lit up with an underlight for everyone to see was a really hot feeling too, I was so turned on by hearing everyone comment about my body and who got to go next. Glen was one of the only guys to announce himself to me just after he finished pounding my ass and coming inside me, I don't know if that was his first time, but he thanked me and told me I looked amazing again. After a few hours of playing with the neighbors, they slowly left as they ran out of energy and Sarah came back out to check how I did. Jenny was still there when they uncuffed me and they both told me I did great. I was really sore, but I was still rolling and got into the hot tub with them and talked about what just happened.

    Jenny burst my bubble in the hot tub and asked if I had taken care of birth control, which reminded Sarah and she punched me back in my arm and reasked me. I told them that I hadn't and Sarah just laughed...she said well I guess its really too late now and both she and Jenny kept laughing. I told them that I would absolutely make an appointment and get the depo shot next week when I got home. I went inside and was hoping for the twins again, but Sarah said they weren't around this weekend, but that their Dad Randy was. I asked if I was going to get to meet him - I was really curious to see if they looked like their Dad, but Sarah told me that I already met him while I was handcuffed...Jenny started giggling and said, a couple of times! I was so embarrased, but that turned me on a lot knowing that he had come inside me too. Since it was late, Jenny went home and I went to sleep with Greg and Sarah. I was sore and Greg had already exhausted himself with the group on the deck, so we fell asleep right away.

    In the morning we woke up late and had breakfast before Greg drove me back down to the camp ground. I expected another lazy day, and talked to the guys for a while before they took off for another ride and I started to read a book while sun bathing. We had lunch when they took a break before heading off for their longer ride in the afternoon. Once they had left again, I went back to my book and took off my bikini to sunbathe again just as the twins Dad Randy pulled up in his truck. I didn't know who he was, but wasn't feeling shy at that point! I stayed naked lying on my towel with my book while he walked up. He introduced himself as Randy and that he enjoyed watching what I did with his sons...I was blushing immediately and totally embarrased again before he told me that he wanted to show me something and asked me to go with him. I put my bikini on as he watched and we got into his truck and drove part way up the hill and pulled off a side road where there was a nice view above the lake and camp spot.

    The area was kind of hidden from below, but there were a few houses on the ridge that could see down on the area. I could see there were some people on their decks watching us pull up and park and Randy waived to a few of them as we walked to a grassy area near the edge where the camp ground below was visible. He layed me down on a blanket and started making out with me as he pulled my bikini off. I was so turned on thinking about his sons and the night before and couldn't wait to feel his cock. I wasn't disappointed when he pulled his pants off and I got to see him, he was as big as his sons for sure...he was in really good shape for being in his 50s too. He was rock hard the whole time and was really getting into kissing me...he went down on me for a long time and made me come and got me really wet before he slid up and into me again. I remembered him from the night before as soon as he slid in and smiled. He kissed my chest and neck while he made love to me in missionary. He leaned up every once in a while to look down on the camp ground and came in me really hard while we kissed each other.

    I was really impressed when Randy stayed hard inside me and kept fucking me after he came, that made me so hot. I still remember telling him how hot that was. After an hour of fucking on the blanket, we heard the guys coming back to the camp ground on their dirt bikes. I started to panic a little and he assured me that there was no way they could see us. He made me turn over and get on my hands and knees so we could both look down at the camp site and he slid his still rock hard cock into my ass from doggie. I was moaning and covered my mouth, but he kept telling me that we were too far away for them to hear too as he started to pound my ass harder and harder. That really turned me on and he continued to stroke in and out while we both watched Brett and his friends getting the camp ready for dinner.

    I couldn't believe how naughty that felt and kept looking up at the guys on their decks watching took Randy a long time to come the second time and I think Brett started to worry about where I was...he started up the dirt bike and Randy knew he had to wrap it up soon...he pounded all the way into my ass and fucked me really hard until he came deep inside me...I was so excited that we were about to get caught since Brett started up the trail to the house and would eventually see us...Randy pulled out of my ass and I put my bikini back on as he grabbed the blanket and we went back to his truck. As we were pulling back onto the main road, Brett pulled up from the trail below and met us on the road. I told Brett that Randy took me to look at the lake and we followed him back down to camp. Brett and Randy didn't get along too well either, so Randy said goodbye to me in the truck and pulled his hands out of my bikini bottoms only as I opened the door to get out. It was kind of kinky to talk to Brett on his dirt bike while Randy had his finger inside me, that really turned me on too...

    That was the last night we spent up there at the lake. Scott and Mike kept trying to get Brett to let me have a threesome, but Brett was really defensive after he saw me in the truck with Randy. We ended up going to sleep after they had been drinking for a while. In the morning we had to get everything packed up so we could head back and a few of the neighborhood guys stopped by to do some fishing while we were eating breakfast with Sarah and Greg. I ended up walking with Sarah down towards the lake passing by them fishing and they both thanked me for the good time...I got to the point where I was enjoying not knowing who had been inside me and Sarah could tell...I thanked her again for inviting me up and she said I was always welcome. I said I bet back and we both laughed.

    When I got back home I even made an appointment to finally get birth control after my next period...but wouldn't you know, I missed my period of course! I ended up telling Sarah before I told Brett and she and I had a really long talk. We figured it must have been Greg or the twins since they came inside of me so many times the first weekend, but obviously we weren't sure since I had played with a lot of other guys on the deck too. I wasn't too surprised, but at that point, I had to tell Brett that I thought I was pregnant. He wanted to play around some before having kids and getting married, but plans ended up changing quickly since we didn't want to get an abortion. Since Brett and I used condoms most of the time, I wasn't sure if it was his or one of the other guys...but we still made plans to get married before I got too far into my pregnancy. We actually had the reception at the ranch house and it was interesting to talk to all of the neighbors about being pregnant. All the guys were smiling at me and I'm sure they were thinking it was theirs...I never told Brett about what happened, and I don't want to know - ultimately I love my son.

    I had a few other fun times I can write about, but since this is so long already I will call it quits for now. I appreciate you taking the time to read this, hopefully you like it!
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