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    I can't believe I did this!

    This is something I wrote about an experience I had a few years ago. Please let me know what you think, good, bad, or indifferent.

    by Betsy

    A Saturday night a few weeks back I was home alone as has become the norm lately. My husband of 22 years is a business consultant and is out of town alot to visit businesses both in the states and overseas. My 18 year old daughter was out on a date. My husband was overseas this time and had been for over a month.

    Now growing up I was raised in a very strict religious family and my mother did very little to educate me about sex. In fact sex according to her was something a woman did to satisfy her husband and to have children. I was taught that a good girl didn't touch her privates except to wash them. As you can guess I was a virgin when I got married.

    My husband was very patient and brought me to an orgasm very early on our wedding night and many more before the night was over. Needless to say this really increased my love for him and made me very eager for sex every chance we had. It also increased my anger at my mother for missing out on the pleasure sex could have given me during my teen and early 20's years. Due to her "teachings" I would not let boys do anything but kiss me and that contributed to the fact I was 23 when I got married. But I guess it worked out to the good since I found the kind and considerate man I did and he wanted to marry me.

    Now let me give you a little glimpse of myself. As you probably figured out I am 35
    years old. I am white, a brunette with green eyes, 5 ft, 6 inches tall, 135 lbs, have small breasts but legs that draw praises from all men and some women. My husband taught me to dress so as to accent my legs and I soon learned to recognize the appreciative glances of men and women.

    Anyway, as I said this Saturday night I was lonely and bored. A friend at work had
    been telling me about the band that played at the lounge in a hotel in Charlotte that is
    only about an hours drive from our home. The hotel is a very nice national chain in a very nice and safe part of town so I thought why not go and listen to them play. I put on a push up bra to help my small breasts, my usual bikini panties and a light sun dress. As I had a pretty nice tan i left off the hose and went with a pair of heels which strapped above my ankles.As I looked at myself in our full length mirror I was proud of the way I looked and knew my husband would have been also. I felt a little guilt about going out without my husband but since I was really only going to listen to the band I shrugged it off.

    I drove to the hotel, parked in the underground garage and took the elevator up to the
    lounge floor. As I entered the bar I stopped and let my eyes adjust to the darkness. As
    they adjusted I spotted a empty booth at the back of the lounge and decided that would
    give me a spot out of the limelight but where I could see the band and watch the people
    on the dance floor. Several guys gave me the once over as I made my way to the booth
    and set down. A waitress came by and took my drink order and I settled back to enjoy the evening. The band was playing a rock and roll song from my era and I was soon caught up in the ambiance of the evening. As soon as they started another song a guy came andasked me to dance but I declined.

    This happened over and over with different guys and the same ones also. One guy who was obviously drunk kept coming back and finally sat down in the booth uninvited. I tried to hint that I didn't want to dance or have company but he wouldn't take a hint. Finally I just told him to leave but he kept on getting louder all the time.As the band started a fast song a very handsome black man came over extended his hand and asked me to dance. I decided why not and graciously accepted. As we made our way to the dance floor and started dancing I thought about what my parents would say about me dancing with a black man. It wouldn't be pretty but I shrugged it off and got into the dance.

    He was good and I soon found my rhythm and began enjoying myself. As that song ended the band then started a slow song and he gently pulled me toward him so I melted into his arms and we began a slow waltz. He was a gentleman and I could tell he was very muscular and trim. We chatted a little about ourselves. He was in
    town on business and I told him my situation.

    After the dance he escorted me back to my booth and I asked him if he would like to join me. Then for a moment I panicked remembering that I was a married lady who had just came here to listen to the band. Then I reasoned what the heck we're just talking and dancing . Anyway we saw the guy coming back to ask me to dance so I said shall we dance again and we did. If looks could kill lol.

    This was another slow dance and this time he held me a little closer and I begin to feel so good snuggled up to him. He begin to sing along to the music just loud enough that I could hear it but the breath from his singing in my ear begin to send chills through me. My ears and neck are very strong erogenous zones for me.I realized that my nipples were getting hard and since they are big anyway I wondered if they would show even through my bra. As the song came to an end he kissed me lightly on the neck. It was like a jolt of electricity through me all the way to my pussy.

    I started to protest but he led me into a fast dance so I just got into it. I could feel myself getting more aroused as I twisted and turned wiggling my hips and such. I noticed him glancing down at my legs and realized that my gyrations was making my dress ride up high on my thighs. I could tell by the way he looked at me that he was very appreciative of the view. I decided what the heck and made an effort to make the dress ride higher "accidental". When we finished this dance he pulled me to him and kissed me full on the lips briefly and then said" thank you very much pretty lady" and led me back to the booth. My mind was racing. I knew I should stop this but my nipples and pussy were screaming go for it girl.

    Back at the booth he sat beside me this time and ordered us another drink. We talked
    and after awhile he dropped his hand onto my knee. I started to reach for it and move it
    but he looked down at my legs and said "lady you have such pretty legs" I said thank you and decided not to make a scene.

    By now I was very horny and not thinking straight or I would have gotten the hell out of there. I wasn't drunk but the drinks definitely had me mellow. He put his arm around me and pulled me close humming in my ear to the song the band was playing. When I turned my face up to look at him he kissed me again. This one was long and deep with plenty of tongue. I felt my nipples trying to poke through my bra and my pussy give down another shot of moisture.I felt his hand slowly and lightly moving up my inner thigh and clamped my legs together to stop it.

    I finally broke the kiss and said we need to stop this. He looked me in the eye and said "Don't you like it?" I muttered "yes but I'm married!" He didn't answer, just kissed me again. I fought it a little then just gave in to the sensations running through my body. On their own, my legs spread apart and his hand started rubbing my thigh closer and closer to my panty covered mound.

    When my legs spread so did the lips of my wet pussy and I felt my clit poke it's
    head out from between them. My mind was screaming stop this but my body had other
    ideas. I made one more effort to close my legs but his hand was between them and he
    stroked his finger up the front of my panties. That did it! My legs spread real wide and
    my hips humped up against his hand! I knew if he touched my clit I would cumm right
    there. He drug one finger up through the crack of my pussy pressing my soaked panties
    into me. Then he cupped my pussy with his hand and my clit was between two of his
    fingers with just my drenched panties between it and his fingers. He started wiggling his
    fingers and I felt my orgasm start deep in my pelvis. As he wiggled his fingers I started
    moaning and humping. He kept on kissing me to stifle my moans. Then the climax hit
    like a runaway train. My hips came off the booth and I was humping up against his hand.

    As it ran it's course he stopped moving his fingers and I settled back down on my seat. He just cupped my pussy and let me kinda relax. After shocks kept going through me making me jerk my hips up. He broke the kiss and looked at me. "how was that Hon?" I couldn't speak just nodded my head. He gave me a soft kiss.

    I had squeezed my thighs together on his hand but slowly relaxed them. He used his middle finger to push my panties in my crack and I opened my thighs to give him easier access. I buried my face in his neck and he started kissing mine. The thrills this was sending through me were unbelievable. He spread his fingers to tell me he wanted me to spread my legs farther so I did. Then he hooked his finger in the leg of my panties and pulled it to one side as another finger eased up through my bare pussy lips. It came up to my clit and circled it sending shock waves deep inside me. Easing it's way back down it started in my dripping hole. I humped up driving in in as far as it would go. He started slowly fucking me with that finger and I could feel another cumm building. He pulled his face back from my neck and said " Let's get rid of the panties"

    Then it came crashing through my head where we were and I panicked looking around to see if anyone was watching. Only one couple were looking our way and I could tell they had seen what was going on. But instead of shame I felt a strange eroticism course through my veins. I couldn't believe it. My good sense was saying quit this and get out of here but my body had complete control and was wanting more. He whispered "raise up". I did and he started pulling my panties down. He was having trouble getting them off my hips so he whispered "Help me hon". I didn't even think, just took both hands and helped him shuck them off. As I pulled them off my feet I saw the girl of the couple look at me and then she blew me a kiss. That sent shivers through me once again. He took the panties from me and even now I don't know what he did with them.

    Without knowing it I had let my legs drift apart again. He ran his hand up
    one leg and cupped my bare wet pussy, just holding it and shaking it with his hand. This
    sent shock waves through me. He put more pressure on the heel of his hand crushing my clit under it. By wiggling his hand side to side he was rolling my clit and I started
    cumming. As I did he pushed his two middle fingers in me and started finger fucking me
    hard. I realized I was humping my ass off the seat to help him. The orgasm was intense
    and seemed to last for ever. I slowly opened my eyes and the lady was looking at me and smiling with her mouth and her eyes. I glanced down and she had her hand in her crotch rubbing herself through her pants.

    As I came down from my orgasmic high he rolled his finger over my clit sending
    shudders through me. Then he whispered in my ear "Lets go up to my room darling". All
    I could do was nod and he helped me up onto shaky legs. As we passed the couple they
    both blew me kisses which I returned. He helped me out of the lounge and into the

    As the door closed behind us he held me from behind reaching around and
    cupping each tit. They had been neglected all night so welcomed his touch. He cupped
    and squeezed them rolling my nipples between his thumbs and finger. Even through my
    bra it felt soo good. I felt pussy juice running down my thigh as my pussy responded
    instantly. I ground my ass back against him and felt his hard cock pressing in my crack.
    As the elevator door opened he pushed me down the hall to his door. He pushed me up
    against the door and flipped my dress up over my ass amd kicked my legs apart at the
    same time.

    "God" I thought "he's going to fuck me right here". But he ran his hand under
    my ass and two fingers up my hot hole fingering me while he used the other hand to
    unlock the door. He shut the door behind us pushed me over to the bed and spun me
    around. He grabbed the bottom of my dress and pulled it up and off me in one quick
    motion. I unsnapped my bra and threw it to the side. He then pushed me back onto the
    bed and fell on top of me kissing me. He quickly moved down kissing my boobs and
    nipples. Back and forth from one to the other he kissed and sucked them sometimes
    bitting just hard enough to make me cry out.

    I was wrapping my legs around him and trying to rub my hot cunt against something to get some relief. He would kiss down to my belly button and I would try to push his head down to my pussy but he would come back up to my boobs and kiss and suck them some more. Finally I started to beg,"Fuck me ". Please fuck me dammit". Instead he kissed back down my belly and then clamped his mouth over my clit. I bucked my hips up off the bed as my cumm hit me hard making me see stars. He kept sucking my clit and I kept cumming wave after wave each one stronger than before.

    Don't know how long this lasted but he slowed his sucking down letting me
    come slowly down to earth. He raised his head off me and I looked at him. His face was
    shiny with my juices. He asked " Did you like that baby?" "God yes" I managed to
    whisper. He raised up and eased two fingers up my hot open pussy. Instead of ramming
    them in he curled them up and started to rub the front wall of my pussy. It sent shocks
    through me similar to rubbing my clit but different somehow.

    I looked down and watched him as he slowly continued rubbing me. Then I started to get a sensation like I needed to pee real bad. I started to reach down to stop him before I pissed in the bed when a orgasm started running through my cunt. It was different from anything I had experienced before and i was trying to let it cumm but not pee too but then it hit and I arched up and just let it go. I looked down and saw a little squirt of something come out of me and thought oh god I'm cumming so hard I'm pissing. As another wave of ecstasy swept through me another little squirt came out. Several more waves of pleasure washed over me but nothing else came out.

    He rubbed me gently letting me catch my breath. He said "mmm you are a real squirter baby". I blushed and stammered out something about i was sorry i pissed in the bed. He said " honey that wasn't piss. You just had a g spot orgasm and that
    was girl cumm." He brought his fingers up to my mouth and said "taste it baby. Does that taste like piss?" I sucked his fingers tasting my pussy juice and shook my head "no". He then told me very few girls squirt like that.

    He raised up on his knees took one of my hands and put it on my pussy and said " Keep that little pussy ready for me while i get ready to fuck you baby" I started rubbing my pussy as my other hand came up to my boob and started massaging it. He got off the bed and pulled his shirt off. He had a barrel of a chest with just a sprinkling of hair on it. It had a thin sheen of sweat on it making it a gloss black. He unbuckled his pants and started easing them down teasing me slowly. As he eased them past the top of his briefs I could see the bulge of his cock was trying to push out of the waist band. "Oh my god" I thought " he is huge" He dropped his pants and I gasped.

    Not only was the bulge long but fat as well. My hands sped up what they were doing and I realized that I was going to cumm again. He saw this and started to encourage me."Cumm bitch, cumm for your black lover. I'm going to fuck you with this big black cock." As he said this he stripped his shorts off and his cock popped out standing up at an angle to his hard flat belly. That was all it took for a big "O" to wash over me. As my orgasm subsided he slowly stroked his cock. He spread his precum over the head which looked big as a baseball to me from where I was lying.

    As I looked at the shiny black head and shaft thoughts were racing through my head. That thing must be 11 or 12 inches long and as big around as my wrist. I'll never be able to take that in me I thought, but knew I had to have it even if it hurt like hell. I spread my legs, pulled them up and took both hands and held my pussy open and started begging. " Come here man fuck me with that big black cock." " Fuck my white pussy" "Please fuck me."

    He knee walked up on the bed between my sprawled legs. He took his cock and banged it against my clit a couple of times sending delicious shocks through my body. I grabbed his cock and tried
    to force the head down to my hungry hole but he grabbed my hands and forced them over
    my head and held them down. The shaft of his cock was lying in my crack and was
    squeezing my clit against my mound. I wiggled my hips trying to get the head of it into
    my pussy. He used his hips to hold mine and bent his head down and sucked one of my
    nipples into his mouth biting down on it hard enough to send waves of pain as well as
    pleasure through me. He lifted his head still holding my nipple between his teeth until my boob was stretched out six inches or more from my body. The mixture of pain and
    pleasure was almost unbearable. He turned that one loose letting it flop back and did the same with the other one.

    This had distracted me for a few minutes but it dawned on me that the head of his cock was between the lips of my pussy. I tried to buck up forcing it in me but he kept his legs spread so I couldn't. He alternated from one boob to the other biting, pulling ,sucking, etc until I was going crazy. Every now and then he would let the
    head of his big cock just start in my pussy and then pull it back out. I was wiggling ,
    bucking and begging him to get that cock in me. Please goddammit fuck me". Please I
    want it". "will you please fuck me." God put it in me now."

    Finally he let the head go in and I came instantly bucking my hips up so hard I was raising him off the bed. Ever time I would buck up I would get a little more in me. It was stretching the walls of my pussy like I had never felt since I had my daughter but this was pure pleasure. As I kept cumming he would fuck more into me until I felt it hitting my uterus. This would send a stab of pain through me which would instantly turn to a wave of pleasure. Then I felt his kinky pubic hair hit my trimmed mound and knew I had all of him. This brought another massive orgasm crashing down on me.

    I think I passed out for a few seconds and when I came around he was fucking me with long fast strokes and I could feel his cock swell every time he pushed in me. I knew he was going to cumm soon. The pleasure was so great I started babbling,"Cumm you son of a bitch." Cumm in my white pussy." "Fill this white bitch full of your black cumm." "God yes fuck me".

    Then I felt the first spurt of hot cumm hit the back of my cunt hole. That triggered another giant orgasm from deep inside me. I know I was out for a few seconds again and when I came around he was lying on me with his cock still in me. It was a blissful feeling, sooo full and stretched but sooo pleasurable it was indescribable. We were both gasping for breath and I could feel his heart beating against my chest as was mine. We both lay real still except every now and then he would pulse his cock in me and I would squeeze my cunt muscles around him.

    He was slowly shrinking and I could feel our juices draining down the crack of my ass and onto the bed. I thought, he's about half as big as he was hard and then thought right now he's about as big as my husband is hard. For a moment panic ran through me as the thought of my husband brought me crashing down to reality.

    I started to wiggle to get out from under him but he held me and whispered "Relax honey. It's ok." I just let myself relax though my mind was racing. What had I done? How could I have done this? He kissed me on my ear and even though I was completely sated and my mind was in a turmoil from what I had just done I felt a twinge of pleasure and would you believe a tingle of desire go trickling through my body

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    Thanks for the addition

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    A good story well told for a first time piece of work, shows good potential in the author.
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    This is a damn good story. The set-up is remarkably told, and the pay-off is good. On a scale of 10 I give this story an 8

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    Very good story!!!!!!

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    loved the story.....

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    loved it

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    Hmmmm - not sure how I missed this one before, but it's damn good. Wish the writer were still around.

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    Heck of a story, well written. Hope there will be more

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    One of the best I've read in a long time...Thanks



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