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    Abby Pulled Over by Police

    Abby Gets Pulled Over

    The is a story about a life changing experience that my wife and I had a
    couple of years ago. Abby and I had planned a celebration after she lost a
    considerable amount of weight. She had reduced down to 110 pounds and
    looked great. I should describe Abby. She has long brown hair and big brown
    eyes. She has the cutest face and her smile is contagious. She stands five
    and a half feet tall and has a body that won't quit. Abby's petite figure
    measures 34D-21-33. Despite her awesome assets Abby is embarrassed to show
    off her shape.

    Most of the time Abby wore baggy pants and tops. Like many women, she did
    not feel that she was beautiful, despite my complements. I finally
    persuaded her to buy some sexy clothes for our night on the town. I
    requested that she get something that had a very short skirt and was skin
    tight. I also requested that she not wear underwear. She balked at this but
    finally agreed after I begged her.

    The day of our celebration Abby went shopping. She called me at work to
    tell me about her new dress. She seemed very excited about wearing it for
    me. She wasn't sure, however, that she would feel comfortable in public
    wearing such a sexy outfit. I assured her that she would be a big hit with
    anyone who saw her. I don't think I convinced her.

    The plan was to go out to dinner and then go dancing. I couldn't wait to
    see Abby in her new outfit. She picked me up from work at 6:30. When I saw
    her I was stunned. She looked like one of those glamour models. She gave me
    a shy smile when I whistled at her.

    Abby said, "I can't believe I'm actually wearing this."

    I said, "You are the sexiest woman I have ever seen."

    Abby was wearing a red dress that barely covered her privates. Her large
    breasts stretched the top to its limits. The dress was low cut with a full
    one third of her breasts exposed.

    I continued, "I hope those shoulder straps are industrial strength."

    Abby giggled and said, "I hope so too."

    I continued to stare at her as she drove out of the parking lot. I noticed
    two bumps in the front of Abby's dress. I was happy to see that she wasn't
    wearing a bra. I glanced down at her legs and wondered if she was wearing

    Abby noticed my stare and confirmed, "No, I'm not wearing panties."

    I asked her to prove it and she pulled her hem up slightly revealing her
    neatly trimmed bush.

    Abby said, "I have to be very careful when I get out of the car or bend

    I said, "I'll bet."

    We headed for our favorite restaurant. The parking lot was full and we had
    to park at the shopping center next door. I watched as Abby got out of the
    car. She held the hem of her skirt firmly. It was no use, however. If
    anyone had been nearby they would have seen an eyeful. We walked in front
    of several shops as we made our way to the restaurant. Abby complained
    about the 5 inch high heels. Despite the awkwardness of the shoes, Abby
    caused heads to turn in her direction. She was quite a sight.

    We enjoyed a great meal and a few drinks and talked about everything. I
    told Abby how proud I was of her. We talked about the looks she was
    getting. I think she was beginning to like the attention. I paid the tab
    and we left. Abby asked if I wanted to drive and I suggested that she
    drive. I told her that I wanted to just look at her. She blushed. We
    strolled to the car and again Abby got plenty of attention. I noticed that
    despite the earlier difficulty Abby had with her shoes, her walk began to
    get more sexy. I knew she was enjoying herself.

    We got in the car and headed for a new dance club that we had wanted to
    check out. We talked about what we would do after dancing. Abby was playing
    it coy, but we both knew that a long session of lovemaking was in our
    future. We were so engrossed in our sexy talk that neither of us noticed
    the police car on the side of the road. We learned about it the hard way.
    Lights and sirens approached us from the rear.

    Abby said, "Oh no! I think I was speeding."

    I said, "Don't worry. Just do as the officer says and we'll be dancing in
    no time."

    Abby pulled the car to the side of the road and the police car followed.
    She rolled down the window as the officer approached. He approached
    cautiously, finally relaxing when he noticed that the driver was a woman.
    He walked up to the car door and looked at Abby. He had to stand back a bit
    to see into our low profile sports car. It was difficult to make out the
    officer's features. His black skin and black uniform made him nearly
    invisible in the moonless night. It was clear, however, that the officer
    was a very large man.

    The officer asked Abby for her driver's license and she handed it over. He
    looked at the license then leaned over to get a better look at Abby. I
    could tell from his expression that he was impressed with her. The growing
    bulge in his pants was a further indication. His eyes lingered on her
    substantial cleavage. He sniffed at the air then asked if my wife had been
    drinking. Abby nervously explained that she had had just a little wine with

    The officer told Abby that he had clocked her going thirteen miles per hour
    over the speed limit. Before she could say another word, he asked her to
    step out of the car. Abby asked him why. He informed her that it was
    standard procedure for potential 'DWI' cases. Abby tried to assure the
    officer that she was not drunk. She told him that we had been talking and
    she lost track of her speed. The officer was not persuaded. He asked Abby
    again to step out of the car. I suspected that he just wanted to get a
    better look at Abby's body.

    The officer stepped away as Abby opened the car door. She held the hem of
    her dress as best she could and swung her legs around. Abby released her
    skirt and used her hand to brace against the car seat. The hem of Abby's
    skirt slid up her leg as she quickly pulled herself to a standing position.
    She immediately pulled her skirt down but it was too late. Abby's quick
    movements getting out of the car had caused the elastic material of her
    skirt to slide high on her hips exposing her bush in the process.

    The officer's eyes got wide when Abby bounced out of the car. He first
    noticed her large breasts jiggling in the tight dress. He then spotted the
    dark hair between her legs before she pulled down her skirt. The officer's
    excitement gave way to seriousness. He accused Abby of using her body in an
    attempt to avoid a citation. Abby tried to convince the officer that it was
    an accident and that the dress was new. She explained that she had worn it
    for me for our night out.

    The officer seemed to be satisfied with her explanation. He pointed to the
    white line on the edge of the shoulder. He told Abby to walk the line with
    her hands out. She gave him a pleading look. He gestured toward the line.
    Reluctantly, Abby began to walk the line. Her nervousness and her new high
    heals caused her to falter. As Abby fell, the officer grabbed her to break
    her fall. He managed to get a hand full of Abby's tit as he helped her up.
    Once again, Abby's skirt slid up her legs exposing her pussy.

    The officer told Abby that he would have to take her to the station,
    charged with 'DWI'. I got out of the car and asked the officer if that was
    necessary. I tried to explain that Abby was not drunk. I told him about her
    new outfit and how she was just getting used to it. The officer seemed to
    ignore my words. Abby pleaded with the officer. She explained how she
    couldn't afford bail and didn't want to spend the night in jail.

    The officer told us to get in the car. He went back to the squad car and
    called in the case. We sat in car totally depressed. I told Abby I was
    sorry for getting her into this. She was near tears. She told me that she
    would die if she had to spend the night in jail. I told her we would get
    the money to bail her out.

    The officer got out of the squad car and walked to Abby's window. He told
    Abby that she would be charged with 'DWI' and for attempting to bribe a
    police officer with sex. Both of us were astonished at the last charge. It
    was completely out of character for my sweet wife to offer herself for sex
    with another man, especially a police officer on duty. We both politely
    told the officer that he was wrong about the bribery charge. He ignored our
    pleading, suggesting that saying more would only make it worse.

    The officer proceeded to tell Abby the penalties for bribery. Abby was in
    tears. When the officer was finished with the litany, he offered Abby an
    alternative. I could not believe what he said. The officer said that he
    would forget all the charges if Abby would have sex with him. I couldn't
    believe it. How could he ask her to do something like that? I was surprised
    he would suggest such a thing with me there. I let the officer have it. I
    threatened to go to the police, bring a law suit and go to the press if he
    continued this blackmail.

    The officer looked at me calmly as I had my tirade. When I finished, he
    pulled a small plastic bag from his pocket. The bag appeared to have a
    white powdery substance in it. The officer explained that if we did not
    cooperate, he would add narcotic's possession with the intent to distribute
    to the charges. He made it clear that we would both be charged. I dropped
    my head in frustration. What a nightmare this evening had become.

    I looked at the officer and asked, "Why are you doing this to us?"

    He replied evenly, "I like your wife. Its been a while since I've had a
    woman. Your wife is about the best looking piece of ass I've seen in a long
    time. Hell, look at her."

    We both looked at Abby. She looked down ashamed as he continued, "Her tits
    beg to be released from that skimpy dress. She can't bend over or get out
    of a car without flashing her cunt. And her shoes, only a whore wears heels
    that high..."

    I interrupted, "I told you we are celebrating her losing a lot of weight.
    The outfit was my idea. If she wanted to get anyone excited it was me, not

    The officer countered, "I'm sorry my friend. Your wife has gotten my
    attention whether you like it or not and I plan to put her hot sexy body to
    good use." He paused, then added, "You know, I think she's warming up to
    the idea."

    I look at him with surprise and asked, "What do you mean by that?"

    He gestured toward my wife's legs. I looked down and noticed a stream of
    moisture glistening on Abby's thigh. The moisture was undoubtedly leaking
    from her pussy. I looked back up Abby's body and noticed two large
    protrusions caused by her rock hard nipples. I looked at Abby's flushed
    face with a questioning look. Her expression answered for her. Abby turned
    away, blushing.

    I asked, "You want him to have sex with you?"

    Abby didn't answer. I couldn't believe it. No answer was as good as a
    'YES.' Abby kept her eyes from both of us.

    The officer said, "Isn't it true, baby? You're itching to feel my big hard
    cock buried in your cunt."

    I saw my wife tremble with the officer's words. Abby's breathing was
    heavier now.

    The officer continued, "Tell me, baby. You want to fuck Officer Brown's big
    black cock?"

    Abby's head nodded almost imperceptibly.

    The officer looked at me and shrugged, "There you have it. The lady wants
    me to fuck her."

    He turned back to Abby and said, "Go get in the squad car, baby."

    She immediately left us and walked to the squad car, her butt wiggling
    sexily. She never even glanced in my direction. She opened the door and got
    in the front seat. I watched in awe as my once devoted wife made her
    choice. She had accepted the officer's ultimatum. I wondered if the
    blackmail was really necessary. She was obviously in a state of arousal.

    Officer Brown watched my wife with appreciation as she made the trip to the
    squad car. He said, "Is that a 'Fuck Bunny' or what? I'm gonna have one
    fine time with that body."

    He turned to me and said, "If you like, you can follow me and watch your
    wife get nasty or you can go on home. I'll see to it that she gets home

    I asked, "What makes you think she'll get nasty?"

    Officer Brown smiled and said, "I know her type. Once she gets going,
    she'll do anything. The quiet shy types are usually that way. You must not
    be giving it to her, enough. She wouldn't have gotten in the squad car
    unless she was looking for some satisfaction."

    I told Officer Brown that I would follow him.

    I watched as the officer walked back to the squad car. I got in and started
    up the car. I glanced in the rear view mirror and saw the officer talking
    to my wife. Suddenly, Abby moved toward the officer and then disappeared
    below the dashboard. A chill ran down my spine as I realized that my wife
    was giving the man head. My sweet wife was sucking on the officer's black
    cock. I was surprised to find that disgust was not what I was feeling. I
    was aching to see her take his cock to the root. I was painfully aware that
    Abby was doing for this stranger what she had always refused to do for me.
    After a minute or so the squad car pulled onto the road and I followed.

    We hadn't gone far when the squad car pulled into the parking lot of a
    warehouse. I followed the squad car around back, out of site of the road.
    The officer stopped the car next to the warehouse and shut it off. Only
    then did Abby's head appear above the seat. I was thankful for the flood
    light that illuminated the parking lot enough to see a fair amount of
    detail. Officer Brown fumbled with something then got out of the squad car.
    He walked up a short flight of stairs to a door that he was able to open.
    He motioned for Abby to join him.

    Abby opened the door of the squad car and got out. I was only somewhat
    surprised to see her dress gathered at her waist exposing her tits and
    pussy. She walked slowly with a sexy swagger that suggested that her nudity
    did not bother her and that she was better at walking in high heels than I
    had thought. My wife glided up the stairs and entered the building followed
    by Officer Brown. They door shut behind them. I hoped the officer had the
    courtesy to leave it unlocked. I got out of the car and ran up the stairs.
    I was relieved when the door opened. I entered and immediately looked for
    my wife and the officer. The warehouse interior was dimly lit. Around a
    corner I found them.

    Officer Brown told Abby to kneel down and pull his cock out of his pants.
    She unfastened his belt and unbuttoned his pants. She zipped him down and
    reached in his shorts to find his cock. She struggled but finally pulled
    out large slab of semi-hard black beef. He must have been a foot long and
    still growing. Abby's eyes showed admiration at the site of his cock.
    Officer Brown ordered Abby to suck his cock. Abby did not hesitate to
    continue what she had started in the car. She stuffed as much of his
    sausage as she could in her mouth. She greedily licked and sucked the head.
    She licked his plum-sized balls.

    Officer Brown grabbed my wife's head as she furiously sucked his cock. He
    continued to grow as Abby sucked him. She tried twice to swallow his cock
    down her throat but it was too large. Officer Brown's cock stopped growing
    when it reached 14 inches. Abby held the thing up with both hands to
    inspect it. She had a look of awe on her face.

    Officer Brown told Abby to stand up, turn around and bend over. She braced
    herself against the wall with her hands. Abby knew what was coming and she
    looked anxious. She looked around to see what Officer Brown was doing. Her
    hair was now in disarray after the face fuck. She had a wild animalistic
    look to her. He finished removing his pants and pulled his shirt off. He
    moved up behind Abby and nestled his cock against Abby's ass.

    Abby asked, "Aren't you going to use a condom?"

    The officer replied, "No baby, you're gonna take me bareback, skin to

    A concerned looked crossed Abby's face as she said, "But I don't have my
    diaphragm in. I think I'm ovulating."

    I was stunned. I wondered if the officer would cut Abby some slack. Surely
    the officer wouldn't want to get my wife pregnant.

    Officer Brown continued to rub his monster cock across Abby's pussy as he
    said, "Baby, I'm sorry but I don't have a condom. Its either bareback or
    not at all." It sounded to me like he might let my wife off the hook. Abby
    seemed to be pondering her situation. Officer Brown brought his hands
    around Abby's waist then slide them up her sides. He grabbed two handfuls
    of Abby's tits and massaged them. Abby moaned at his touch. She looked now
    like she was hungry for his cock.

    Abby's face showed pure lust. She said, "Put it in me, Officer."

    Officer Brown asked her the repeat what she said.

    Abby repeated, "Please Officer. Put your cock in me."

    The Officer began to taunt Abby by saying, "What kind of wife are you? You
    would let a strange man fuck you without birth control?"

    Abby looked the officer in the eye with a lusty look and said, "I don't
    care. I want you to fuck me. I want your big black cock pounding my hole!"

    The Officer complied immediately. He rammed into Abby about half the length
    of his cock. Abby gasped. I had begun to accept and even look forward to my
    wife satisfying her newly found sexual passions, but I never thought she
    would risk getting pregnant.

    Officer Brown began pumping Abby's pussy hard and steady. She never took
    her eyes off the officer. She continued to beg him to fuck her hard. I was
    amazed at Abby. Usually, she was quiet in bed. This situation must have
    awakened a deep lust in her. Officer continued to pump Abby's pussy. He had
    now managed to penetrate her to the fullest extent. It was amazing to see
    that huge black cock disappear between my wife's white legs. I couldn't
    believe how she took the entire thing.

    Abby came twice as they fucked. Shortly after her second orgasm the officer
    began grunting something to her. I couldn't understand but she nodded.
    Suddenly, Officer Brown jerked his cock out of Abby's pussy. She pivoted
    and knelt down. Abby opened her mouth wide as Officer Brown let a long cum
    string fly right into my wife's mouth. She didn't miss a drop. He then
    stuffed the head into Abby's mouth and pumped two of three more cum strings
    into Abby. She swallowed, however, some of the slimy goo escaped her mouth
    and drooled onto her chin. When the officer had finished, she took time to
    lick all the cum off her chin and his cock. I was shocked. She had never
    eaten my cum before. I guess it was better in her mouth than in her fertile

    Abby continued to licked the officer's cock as she flashed him a grateful
    smile. Slowly, Officer Brown's cock diminished in size. Abby asked, "When
    can we fuck again?"

    The officer gave an exhausted reply, "Baby, it will be a while before I can
    go again."

    Abby looked greatly disappointed as she whined, "I'm still horny. Please
    fuck me."

    The officer reached for his radio and said, "Time to call for back up."

    Abby gave the officer a puzzled look.

    The officer chuckled and asked, "How many more men will it take to satisfy

    Abby's mouth dropped open in surprise, "More men?"

    The officer added, "Why let that sexy hot horny body go to waste? You can
    get your fill of cock and my buddies will have a night to remember for

    Abby pondered the officer's words for a moment. Finally, she said, "What
    the hell. I've cheated on my husband already. More won't make a difference.
    Besides, I don't think I want to stop until my body gives out."

    I don't think Abby realized that I was watching. She probably thought that
    I had just gone home. I wasn't about to spoil the show to come by letting
    her know that I was watching.

    Officer Brown got on his radio and called for 'back up'. I continued to
    watch, unobserved. My wife and the officer talked mostly about my wife. He
    complimented her on her perfect body for arousing men. She was surprised to
    know that she could have such a profound effect on men by simply dressing
    as she had tonight. He told her she could make a fortune as a stripper or
    even as a porn actress. Abby asked him how much he was talking about. He
    told her that with a body like hers she could easily make six figures a
    year, maybe more, in porn. She told him that she would have to check it

    Suddenly, I heard a noise coming from the door. I ducked behind some boxes
    and watched three more police officers walk by, yelling for Officer Brown.
    He called to them and they marched around the corner. I knew when they
    spotted Abby based on the hoots and whistles.

    Officer Brown greeted his buddies and said, "Guys, meet Abby a future porn

    Abby said shyly, "Hi fellas."

    One of the officers said, "Abby, you will go far in the porn business with
    that hot body of yours."

    My wife replied, "Well, I'm just thinking about it, but thanks anyway."

    Another officer said, "You think maybe we could sample that pussy of yours
    before you become famous."

    Abby stood up and said, "Guys, you can have my pussy, mouth and even my ass
    until you can't get it up any longer."

    The three new officers got out of their clothes in record time. They
    pounced on my wife like a tiger to its prey. They rubbed her and felt her
    and licked all over her body. Abby appeared in a deep daze as they
    stimulated her sex starved body. She began to moan, "Somebody fuck
    me...Please, fuck me."

    Two of the officers broke away to retrieve something from their pants. They
    moved back to Abby opening packets that obviously contained condoms. I felt
    relieved that I wouldn't have to watch these men impregnate my wife.

    Before the thought had left my brain, Abby said, "You won't need those,
    guys. I want to feel your skin touching my skin."

    Officer Brown shot Abby a look and she smiled at him as she added, "I also
    want to feel your creamy sperm deep in my pussy."

    Officer Brown looked at Abby with amused shock. The other guys thought
    nothing of it as one filled Abby's mouth with a hard ten inch cock and
    another impaled her pussy with a similar tool. The third man pinched Abby's
    nipples and Officer Brown rested for his turn.

    I watched as my previously devoted wife took on three black officers and
    one white officer with a Hispanic look to him. They fucked her for three
    hours solid depositing numerous loads of sperm into her very fertile
    unprotected womb. If my wife was indeed ovulating, then she was almost
    assuredly pregnant after the onslaught. I watched her take several loads in
    her mouth and in her bowels. She seemed to have taken to anal and oral sex
    despite her reluctance to do so with me during our years of marriage. I was
    beginning to believe that she would make a fine porn star. I had never seen
    a woman act more slutty than my wife did that night.

    After taking these men on for numerous hours, Abby finally began to show
    signs of exhaustion. It seemed appropriate for them to stop. It appeared
    that the men were wiped out as well. Slowly they got dressed, then helped
    Abby on with her dress. She looked surprisingly presentable once her dress
    was on and straightened. Her hair still had that wild 'Fuck Bunny' look,
    however. I took the opportunity to leave before a potentially unpleasant
    meeting took place. Abby was dropped off about an hour after I got home. I
    had expected her sooner. I learned later that the officers had gotten
    aroused once again as they watched Abby strut her sexy shape out of the
    warehouse. They all four took her on the hood of one of the squad cars.
    Their final tribute to her most fuckable body was to shoot their last load
    all over her face.

    Abby's cum covered face greeted me as she walked through our door. She had
    made no effort to clean the slimy mess off until she saw me. With a look
    calculated to be as slutty as possible, my wife collected the globs of half
    dried cum off her face and put them into her mouth. An audible purr came
    from her throat as she savored string after string of the slimy stuff.

    When Abby finished, she said calmly, "Thank you for asking me to dress like
    a slut. It has allowed me to find my true place in life." With that little
    speech done, she went straight to bed.

    The next morning Abby and I discussed the events of the previous night. She
    was surprised that I had watched most of her gangbang. I asked her why she
    wanted them to knock her up. She told me that it sounded like the slutty
    thing to do. I reminded her that she would probably give birth to a black
    baby. She smiled and said that she didn't care, it would still be hers. I
    told her that it wouldn't be mine. She told me that she still loved me very
    much and would like for us to stay together, but that she would understand
    if I wanted to leave her. I told her that I wanted to stay together. She
    did inform me that she could never go back to her former self. She admitted
    that she was a slut and that she liked it.

    We carried on our lives mostly as before. The only difference was Abby's
    prowl nights. About twice a month she would go out, find and fuck as many
    men as she could find. It was usually a lot with her looks. I tagged along
    to keep her meetings as safe as possible. After four months she had to
    stop. She was pregnant with one of the officer's babies. I told Abby that I
    would raise the baby as my own in exchange for her using birth control on
    her outings. Tragically, the baby was stillborn. The doctor pulled me aside
    and asked how it was that my wife had given birth to a baby with obvious
    black features. I told him it was none of his business and we closed that
    sad chapter of our lives.

    On a more positive note, Abby starred in her first pornographic video
    recently. The sales of the video broke records assuring Abby a lucrative
    career in the business. One benefit to my wife's new sexuality is our
    relationship. I now have a sex life that most men only dream of. Abby will
    do anything I want, anytime I want. If I want to tip the pizza man, I just
    point and Abby will give him an expert professional blow job. We've had
    many adventures over the past few months. Maybe I'll relate some of the
    stories in the future.

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    Thanks for the addition

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    So if she'll do anything you want her to, you should test just how far she will go... She got any kids or family living jn the same home as you two? If so would love to read about you making her and the rest of the family into sex slaves.



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