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    Arrow Isabel's Lusty Lunch

    Dawn wanted to surprise her best gal pal Isabel so
    she invited her home on their lunch break from working
    on the teller line at the bank.

    Frequently during the drive to her home, Dawn
    would reach over and lightly trace her fingertips beneath
    the silky mane of brilliant copper hair pulled up above
    Isabel's shoulder in an old fashioned bun.

    "You're going to really lick.....ummm, I mean like
    what I have cooking for our lunch today,' Dawn giggled
    as she reached beneath her onyx hued skirt adjusting
    her pantyhose.

    "As long as there's plenty of it I'm good, I skipped
    breakfast this morning so I'm damn near starved,"
    Isabel teased, leaning over to kiss Dawn gingerly
    on her cheek.

    Shortly after arriving at the house, Dawn placed her
    hands on Isabel's full hips and began walking behind
    her leading her to the bedroom.

    "Hey, the kitchen's over there," Isabel said with
    feigned protest as she resisted slightly making it
    a bit more difficult for Dawn to guide her down
    the hallway.

    Isabel had been wondering just what this big surprise
    was going to be and once Dawn got her into the bedroom
    she gave her an unveiling that took her breath away.

    Lifting up her skirt Dawn showed Isabel the flesh colored
    latex penis she'd been nestling down between the folds
    of her cunt lips. The thick shaft all that remained visible
    as the tip lay buried within her friend's churning sex
    channel. Dawn's sheer ink black pantyhose having kept the
    large toy dong wedged securely within the confines of
    her crotch.

    "See what I have for you sweetie?", Dawn asked gripping
    the nine inch mock prick and stroking her slender fingers
    up and down the stalk.

    "I've been keeping this inside me all morning so you'd have
    all my delicious juices to savor and I want you to lick up
    every drop," teased Dawn.

    "Take off everything but your pantyhose and kneel down
    on the floor in front of me while I do a little adjusting here,"
    Dawn commanded.

    Shaking with fevered anticipation Isabel removed her
    clothing as she watched her friend slowly remove the large
    toy phallus from inside her panyhose and couple it within the
    thin harness she wore around her waist.

    The crotch of Isabel's pantyhose was already saturated
    as she watched Dawn grip her thick toy cock and guide it
    toward her lips

    "Now that I have it strapped back on, I want you to
    suck me off just like I had a real dick, lick it clean for
    me bitch."

    "Don't be shy now darlin', put those sexy lips on it and
    make Dawn's dick all good and wet so I can plug you
    with this fucker."

    Isabel reached out wrapping her fist around the cock
    shaped toy, she inhaled the aroma of it, a mixture of light
    sweat from Dawn's body heat, the hint of urine and her spicy
    sex scent coating it. Now visibly trembling she clutched
    at it hungry to taste her friend's moist concoction.

    "I'm going to suck you nice and slow, get it soaking wet
    so you can ram that pretty girl prick right up me,"
    whispered Isabel.

    "Put your whole mouth around it Izzy, show me just
    how much you can take and how bad you want it,"
    Dawn teased.

    Isabel's raspberry blush lipstick smeared the length of
    Dawn's artificial penis as she buried it within her mouth.
    Her tongue swirling beneath the rubbery dome to gather the
    sticky secretions that lingered beneath. With her other hand
    Isabel cupped her own mound, the palm heated by its touch.
    Pressing down hard with the heel of her hand she rolled it back
    and forth over the top of her pubic mound knowing it would
    stimulate her clit and make it trust out from its thin sheath.

    Once exposed Isabel began strumming her clit through her
    pantyhose, the tender pink nub now swollen and hot to the
    touch as it punched against the nylon mesh crotch of her
    white pantyhose. Isabel's fingernails punched through the
    sheer nylon, her slender finger worming its way inside the
    molten core of her sex.
    She could feel the foamy wetness gathering between
    the lips and moaned as her limber digit raked the top of her
    vaginal well.

    "That's a good girl, rub that cunt off for me you sexy bitch,"
    commanded Dawn.

    Her eyes closed, Isabel reveled in the lewedness of sucking
    her friend off this way, wishing in some small way that what
    she felt filling her mouth now could erupt a torrent of sweet
    girl cream. Dawn spewing her sex juices into her hungry
    mouth and forcing her to swallow each and every drop.

    "Don't make it squirt off yet angel, I want to fuck you
    with this first," Dawn giggled as she used her hands against
    Isabel's shoulders to force her off the saliva slick stalk.

    Dawn gripped Izzy's hair and forced her to her knees on
    the bed. Her legs spreading Izzy's to ready herself to plunge
    the meaty toy deep into her friends leaking cunt.

    "Hike that plump ass up for me, I want to fuck you like
    the bitch you are, my bitch," ordered Dawn as she slapped
    Isabel's plump bottom with an open palm.

    Reaching beneath Isabel, Dawn placed her fingers within
    the rip in the crotch of her friend's pantyhose. Stretching
    the nylon material wide she caused the opening to tear further
    apart and created a large hole through which she could couple
    with Isabel by using the dildo.

    Once Isabel had assumed the proper positon for her
    friend to mount her Dawn began rubbing the the large bell
    shaped tip back and forth between the slick folds of her cunny.
    Each pass between her sticky lips made her shiver and buck
    backward, eager to force the point within her.

    "Smack my clit with the head of it," Isabel pleaded as he
    rested herself on one hand while the other began fondling her
    pendulous breasts.

    "Beat the fire right out of my clit," she begged shoving her
    thick bottom back against Dawn.

    "Bruise my sex knot till I cum off just the way you want
    me to."

    Isabel's fingers began plucking at her elongated dusky
    nipples, pinching them visciously as continued to thrust back
    toward Dawn.

    Isabel moaned and her knees began to buckle
    as Dawn began beating the the smooth latex knob against her
    blood enraged clit. Each strike against the hard nub sending
    shockwaves sizzling through her groin.

    Gripping the waistband of Isabel's pantyhose, Dawn forced
    the plastic phallus to it's limit within her friends churning
    sex chute. Dawn's hand using Isabel's firey mane as a rider
    would use the reigns to spur on a reluctant horse.

    "I'm going to make that pussy squirt till you can't stand up
    straight," Dawn chuckled.

    Dawn rested atop her friends back, her hands cupping
    Isabel's breasts as she began to knead them. Moving in
    and out she began a steady rhythm which brought her own
    cunt to a delicious ache from the pressure the toy placed
    against her own mound.

    Rolling her hips Isabel pressed back to meet each thrust
    Dawn pitched within her. Moving in time with one another
    Dawn could feel Isabel's breath hitch through her back with each
    new stroke she delivered and knew her playmate wouldn't be far
    from her cum.

    "Kiss the back of my neck Dawn, bite down on it, I'm going
    to cum hard and I want to feel your mouth on me,"
    Isabel gasped.

    "I want to cum with you babe, this fuckers got me so
    damn close I'm going to cum too," Dawn hissed into Isabel's
    ear as her lips began rolling along her friend's shoulders.

    Time seemed to suspend itself as the pair moved against each
    other, the room now filling with soft moans and stiffled whimpers
    as they raced each other to orgasm. The friction created by
    driving the massive intruder into her friend's pussy had Dawn
    flowing heavily. Each thrust brutally bumping against her own
    pubic bone and actually beating her cunt to climax.

    "I'm there, oh fuckin' hell here it comes," Isabel wailed as
    she reached back to grasp Dawn's hip, forcing her to stab
    the point of the rubber prick tip against her cervix.

    Dawn wrestled her friend across the bed, taking her with a
    lust driven force till Izzy's body shook with the tremors created
    by her powerful climax. Time and again Izzy could feel her cunt
    clutch the artificial penis, her muscles straining in vain to milk it
    to completion.

    Dawn could feel Isabel's body quiver, her friend's knees
    weaken and splay against the sheets covering the bed. She
    lay full atop her, her hips continued to gyrate and grind her own
    orgasm out as she used her teeth to clench the milk white skin
    of Isabel's shoulder and stiffle her own scream.

    She shifted Isabel's prone form so that she now lay upon her
    back, her legs slipping beneath her friends so as not to
    withdraw the penis that connected them to each other.
    Once more Dawn began to use her hips to plunge the toy in
    and out of Isabel's frothy sex slit.

    Her hands running through Isabel's fire brilliant hair as she
    gripped the silken locks and used them to pull herself even
    further inside her. Isabel's legs enfolded around Dawn to keep
    the lusty spear that joined them deep within in.

    "Look at me angel, I want to see your eyes looking at me
    as I cum," Dawn said as she leaned down to bury her mouth
    over Isabel's.

    Dawn used her tongue to part Isabel's lips, penetrating
    the warmth and wetness of her mouth as she used it to
    search out her friends and tease and tickle the wet fleshy
    membrane. Dawn sucked Isabel's tongue between her lips
    and cupped her face between her hands just as her own
    orgasm hit with full force.

    "Oh shit baby, I'm cummin', oh dear sweet God how I
    wish I could squirt off inside you for real," Dawn whimpered
    as tears wept down her cheeks.

    As Izzy lay trembling on the bed Dawn withdrew the slick
    member from inside her.
    A thick stream of pearl white foam clung to the stalk and
    coated her fingerstips.

    Isabel watched as her friend brought the sodden toy to
    her lips, her tongue flicking out to taste her creamy wetness.

    "Hope your hungry darlin'," Dawn spoke teasingly.

    "I told you I was fixing lunch today so come and get it,"
    Dawn giggled as she slipped the sticky toy into Izzy's mouth.

    Isabel feasted on the delicious sexual nectar that had
    boiled over from inside her and now clung in slick frothy ribbons
    along the veiny stalk of the dildo.

    She loved the taste of her own sex nearly as much
    as she loved tasting it ripe from another woman and eagerly
    suckled the toy as she mewled contentedly to herself.

    "When you get all that cunt honey cleaned off I want you to
    come sit right on top of my face and squeeze out all those
    pussy juices," Dawn directed.

    "You're not the only one who hasn't eaten since breakfast
    and I've worked up quite a appetite of my own," Dawn chuckled
    as Isabel straddeled her face and began squeezing her cunt
    muscles to work out a hearty lunch for her lusty friend.
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    Thanks for the great story and great pictures

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    Another hot post...thanks Jeff

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    great post Jeff thanks
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    great story and I love the pics
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    wow I came 2 times reading that story

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    Great Story really hot, well written and the pictures are a true bonus.
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    Super hot Jeff! I love it! I just wonder where you got all that realistic bank terminology? hmm lol

    Makes me wish someone we know would wear one of those under her skirt! ;)

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    Loved this one, Jeff.... you're writing is excellent.. painting with words... almost no need for the pictures; but hey! I'm not complaining... I had the tip of my nose almost into the screen to fully enjoy them...
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