A Cuckolds Diary 26.

Journal Extracts 31.

SUNDAY, AUGUST 22, 2010.

A bombshell! Today I made a truly shocking and totally unexpected discovery. Well revelation really. In the heat of an argument Marie suddenly revealed that Doug was not in fact her first lover! Contrary to what I've always thought my wife was far from happy and contented during the early years of our marriage and equally, far from the innocent I've always supposed her to be at that time. OK she was a virgin when we married, her strict catholic upbringing precluding any hint of sex before marriage, but it transpires that Marie was unfaithful to me with a number of guys before Doug.

Humiliatingly, it turns out that a waiter at the hotel in Hastings where we spent our honeymoon seduced my new wife just twenty four hours into our marriage and actually bedded her in the bridal suite, which I'd perhaps rather pretentiously booked, while I was out exploring Pevensey castle!

The waiter must have been laughing up his sleeve as he continued to fuck my new wife daily for the duration of our fortnights honeymoon; Marie's frigidity towards myself during that time I put down to her lack of interest in sex. No wonder the bastard grinned, almost choking on a drink, when I gave him a large tip and thanked him for his very attentive service during our stay!

It now transpires, again contrary to what I've always thought, that our first act of lovemaking had left my wife both frustrated and exasperated. An easy pray for the randy waiter on Sunday afternoon who was only to keen to give my wife the satisfaction she failed to find with me.

Worse, and even more horrifying, is the revelation that Marie had an affair with Gerald, who I've always regarded as my closest friend. It turns out that for something like six years my 'best friend' was regularly bedding my wife! The affair only ended when Gerald, perhaps due to delayed action guilt at deceiving me with Marie, or more likely fear that his own newly acquired second wife would find out, brought it to a close.

Other men my wife had sex with in those early years include a shop assistant, a guy who chatted her up in a café, a guy who stopped to help when she had a car problem and even a delivery driver on the marital bed. Marie's casual attitude to all these encounters shocked me. No wonder Doug found it easy to seduce my wife, twelve guys having done so before him. I was working long hours building up the business blissfully unaware of my wife's adulterous lifestyle.


At the council meeting tonight I eyed the smiling Max sitting opposite, Gerald seated beside me as usual, and knowing that both men have fucked my wife inevitably found myself wondering if any more of my colleagues have cuckolded me with her. Anything seems possible now.


Had it out with Gerald earlier today. Told him about my discovery of his affair with my wife and in the heat of the moment accused him of seducing her.

Initially taken aback to learn I knew about his treachery Gerald quickly relaxed, commenting that I should have taken better care of Marie and given her more attention in the early years of our marriage. Perhaps he needed to unburden himself as she had done because Gerald went on to reveal far more about their affair than Marie.

Incredibly, and very humiliatingly, they become lovers less than a week after our return from honeymoon, Marie having sex with Gerald just six days after her final session with the waiter. An early sign of my wife's later promiscuity, had I but known about it at the time.

Gerald called in the evening while I was still at work and apparently Marie confided in him that she'd found our honeymoon far from satisfactory in the bedroom and the few occasions we'd had sex since invariably left her frustrated. Gerald's version is that Marie came on to him and he'd been unable to resist the advances of my very attractive wife, particularly as his own relationship had recently broken up.

"Your pretty little wife turned out to be highly sexed and keen to gain experience in all aspects of a physical relationship and I was happy to give her what she wasn't getting from you," he smiled. "It had to be a quickie that first night because we didn't know when you'd be home but I popped back in the morning when I knew you'd be at work and found Marie more than game."

I was silent, trying to take in what Gerald was telling me and he went on, smiling at the recollection, "I must have spent over three hours in bed with your wife that day while you were hard at work. In fact I was hardly through the door before she had my cock out."

Perhaps it would have been better for my own peace of mind if I hadn't spoken to Gerald about the affair because the truth he went on to reveal, rather enjoying himself it seems to me, was highly humiliating. It turns out that my oldest friend, a guy whose company I've always enjoyed, spent six years fucking my wife approximately five times a week!

"It was very useful you spending such long hours at work," he smiled. "Gave me plenty of time to enjoy the lovely Marie in your bed. We probably had sex in just about every position known to man and tried just about every sexual practice possible between two people."

I looked at him in stark amazement, a feeling which quickly turned to horror as his words sank in. Gerald, surprised when I vented my anger at such betrayal and treachery by someone I'd thought a close and loyal friend, told me that absorbed in my work as I was I ought to be grateful to him for keeping Marie company.

"With your wife's sexual appetite it would have been someone else enjoying her body if it hadn't been me. Really you ought to thank me for keeping your wife well satisfied during those years," he smirked, and now his dislike and animosity were unmistakable.

If I'd been surprised to find Gerald such a frequent visitor at that time I don't recall evincing any curiosity just assuming, naively as it turns out, that he was there to see me.

"Actually I found it rather amusing to be screwing your wife nearly every day while you were getting it once a week at most," Gerald told me, a smug smile on his face.

"Remember that day I arrived at your place with a nail in my tyre and you helpfully offered to change the wheel for me? While you were getting your hands dirty Marie and I enjoyed a quickie. It was a laugh fucking your wife over the dinning room table where we could watch you through the window."

I remember the day well and how I'd been keen to show off my newly acquired car maintenance skills, skills which have never progressed further than changing a wheel I'm afraid to say. As it was coming on to rain I even remember ushering Gerald into the house saying there was no point in both of us getting wet and my wife would make him a coffee while I changed the wheel!

Shocked by his perfidy, I realise now that Gerald is very far from being the loyal friend I've always thought him.

"Back then I used to miss quite a lot of council meetings, which you of course never did, far too keen on advancing your profile. It was a laugh spending those evenings in bed with your wife while you were occupied with tedious council business," Gerald grinned.

Indeed I can remember his frequent absences from council meetings and even recall reprimanding him a couple of times for his tardiness to which he'd seemed at least, suitably humbled. The reality it now seems is that it was me being humbled by Gerald who, far from feeling guilty about missed meetings, was enjoying himself fucking my wife knowing they were safe from discovery. As he pointed out it would have taken something of catastrophic proportions to drag me away from a council meeting early.

"Quickies were fun too," Gerald said, smiling at the memory. "Many's the time I chatted to you with your wife's knickers in my pocket following a quick fuck while you were temporarily absent. I also screwed your wife over the kitchen table a few times while you were out the back gardening. God, you were naïve to think I was visiting you rather than the tasty little Marie!" Gerald laughed heartily.

Perhaps even more devastating was the news that some of his friends, and indeed our next door neighbour of the time, were aware that my wife was Gerald's long term mistress.

"They were quite envious," he went on smiling. "Still, after our affair ended I know for a fact that your neighbour, Bill, gave Marie one from time to time before he and his wife moved away. Like me he appreciated the fact that your wife, unlike his, enjoys anal intercourse."

Gerald laughed at my glum expression before going on to tell me how easy it had been, early in their relationship, to persuade Marie to try anal sex during her period.

"She loved it!" he exclaimed. "From then on Marie was only too pleased to accommodate me anally whenever she had her periods. I must have bum fucked your wife a couple of hundred times over the years."

I squirmed in my chair but inextricably wanted to know more and haltingly asked about our ex neighbour, Bill.

"My affair with Marie virtually ended when I met my wife to be but Bill was only to happy to take over. Whenever his own wife had a period he fucked yours, randy Marie being only to willing to open her legs for him, although I think he had his cock up your wife's bum hole more often than he did her cunt."


"I shall be at a loose end tomorrow night so thought I might pop round and pay you a visit. Maybe get reacquainted with the gorgeous Marie and perhaps give her one for old time's sake," Gerald said to me as we left the council meeting.

"No!" I exclaimed, nervously looking about hoping no one had overheard.

My protests fell on death ears, Gerald merely commenting that we should expect him about eight pm.

"Maybe I'll have your wife's knickers off and give her one in front of you," he teased, laughing at my discomfort when I again glanced round nervously.


I want to go out, anywhere, just to avoid encountering Gerald. Irritatingly Marie's reaction to the news of his visit is one of excitement at the prospect of becoming reacquainted with her long term lover from the past. I was left in no doubt that my wife will have sex with Gerald if that's what he wants, and I know of course that's precisely what he wants, which is why I hope to absent myself from a potentially very humiliating evening.


It wasn't to be though. Gerald turned up early, just as I was leaving.

"Where do you think you’re going?" he asked.

When I said I was going out, Gerald imperiously told me to get back inside.

"Like I said, you can watch me enjoying myself with your wife. I've no doubt she'll open her legs for me as eagerly as she did hundreds of times in the past," he smirked.

Marie coming down the stairs at that moment smiled and literally ran down the final few steps.

"Your looking as tasty and sexy as ever," Gerald complemented my wife, who did indeed look very seductive in her inevitably short black skirt over stockings and suspenders, with a white top through which her black bra could be seen.

"Dressed to be undressed, I think," Gerald said to me before taking her in his arms for a long and passionate kiss.

Lifting my wife's skirt, Gerald exclaimed, "Red knickers. You remember my favourite colour!"

"Of course, how could I forget?"

"Indeed," Gerald said, flashing me a smirking sort of smile. "I've had your wife's knickers off hundreds of times haven't I Marie?"

"Yes, but stop baiting him and concentrate on me. I'm keen to get to grips with your lovely big fat cock again after all these years," Marie told him, much to my annoyance and Gerald's evident pleasure as he flashed me another smirking grin.

They went up to the bedroom with me trailing along behind. Marie immediately began undressing and Gerald whispered in my ear, "You can sit on the bed and hold your wife's hand while I fuck her. You'll see at close quarters how much she likes the feel of my cock inside her."

I cringed at his words despite developing an erection.

We watched Marie slipping out of her knickers to stand before her ex lover, naked but for stockings and suspenders.

"This is how you used to like me, I think," she smiled at Gerald who promptly unzipped to produce a very fat and erect penis.

"And this is what you used to like."

Marie, practically drooling, immediately dropped to her knees at Gerald's feet and took the end of his penis between her lips.

"Many's the time your wife sucked my cock while you were at work or on council business," he smirked.

"Oh yes, just like old times," he gasped as Marie sucked his balls, her hands tugging trousers and underpants down.

Then she was kneading and squeezing Gerald's bared buttocks, separating the cheeks, her fingers running up and down the crevice between them.

"Oh yes, this is what I remember. Take a look at what your wife's doing to me," he gasped.

I knew what to expect but compulsively moved to look. Indeed Marie's fingers were teasing and probing Gerald's anus, two of them soon plunging to the hilt inside.

"Ah yes!" he gasped and I realised he was coming in my wife's mouth, Marie drinking it down eagerly.

"Good, now I'll be able to last a long time when I eventually fuck your wife," Gerald told me, coming back down to earth.

I just remained standing beside the bed as Marie knelt and eagerly bent right over, presenting her rump to Gerald.

"Now to see if your wife's cunt tastes as good as I remember," Gerald flashed me a grin.

Despite my embarrassment to see the guy who I've always thought a close and loyal friend closely inspecting my wife's vagina, I remained erect and with great difficulty restrained myself from stimulating it when Gerald inhaled deeply several times.

"Ah lovely, I love the smell of a woman's cunt, especially one that looks as well used as yours does nowadays. Which has it been Marie, a lot of cocks or a few but a lot of times?"

"Both," my wife replied, "but stop talking and lick me the way you used. You know how much I love it."

"See, your wife's mine for the taking," Gerald told me smugly.

Then she was squealing happily as his tongue lapped round and round her vagina, dipping in and out before concentrating on the little bud of her clitoris.

"Watch closely while I suck your wife's clit," Gerald commanded, seemingly intent on belittling and humiliating me, his attitude something of a shock after all these years of friendship.

"Oh god yes!" she wailed as he did just that, soon fingering my wife's anus as well after first making sure I was watching.

Gerald triumph and jubilation as he brought my wife to a very noisy and very wet orgasm was plain to see.

"Right, on your back, I'm going to fuck you while hubby holds your hand."

"Oh yes!" Marie gasped quickly rolling over, the speed with which she spread her legs provoking another of Gerald's triumphant smirks.

"Go on, sit beside the bed and hold Marie's hand like a good little boy," he told me, kneeling between my wife's legs and staring happily at her wet and willing vagina.

In a state of numbness I did as he wanted and he moved onto her. Gerald's buttocks sank slowly down between my wife's raised legs, her grip on my hand tightening perceptibly.

"Oh yes marvellous, I've really missed the feel of your lovely big fat cock inside me," my wife wailed as Gerald began fucking her.

Again he flashed me a smug grin.

"I enjoyed six years of this while you were hard at work," he jeered.

Holding Marie's hand I found her spasmodic body movements communicating themselves to me. Feeling my wife's grip tighten on mine with every thrust of Gerald's penis into her it seemed as if I was enjoying some sort of vicarious sex with her myself!

My eyes travelling down to his humping backside, my wife yelling, "Yes, oh yes," her hand pulling at mine with every thrust of his penis into her, I fumbled with my zip.

I managed to one handedly free my erection and despite the shame and humiliation began masturbating. Even Gerald's look of amused contempt couldn't stop me and I quickly came.

Suddenly Marie's fingernails were digging into the palm of my hand and she yelled,
"God yes, I'm coming. This is what I need," her body convulsing in orgasm.

Gerald flashed me a grin and continued fucking my wife, his pleasure to have brought her to another wild and uncontrollable orgasm before my eyes a shocking reminder of his years of deceit.

Marie's hand remained gripping mine as Gerald fucked her relentlessly, her joy seeming unconfined, much to my regret. Then he too was coming but still managed to turn a smirking face my way despite his convulsions.

It was over, the speed with which my wife withdrew her hand from mine to stroke her lovers back, doing nothing for my self esteem.

"That was good, just as I remember," Gerald said eventually, heaving himself up. "I think regular visits are called for, would you like that?"

"Oh yes please!" Marie cried almost hysterically.

"But what about your wife?" I stuttered, not at all happy about the idea.

"She won't mind. Carol went off sex some time ago, after the birth of our son in fact. She'll be more than happy if I relieve my frustrations elsewhere rather than pestering her."

Gerald bent to kiss her nipple as Marie stroked his penis and balls, eagerly trying to coax another erection.

"It will be just like old times with your wife eager to open her legs for me whenever I want it," Gerald smirked. "Anyway it's obvious what turns you on," he nodded at my semen covered hand. "Tossing yourself off while a real man pleasures your wife."

I hung my head in shame when Marie vindictively said, "John likes to be spanked too. Put him across your knee and show him whose boss."

Gerald laughed and moving into a sitting position pulled me face down across his lap.

I offered little or no resistance as my supposed best friend yanked my trousers and underpants down before spanking my exposed buttocks.

"Now force my wimp husband over the back of a chair and use your belt," Marie urged when he slackened off.

Again I offered no resistance as the laughing Gerald pulled me to the chair and draped me over the back of it. I did however utter a weak and ineffective protest when he began beating my backside with his belt. I was whimpering, more through the humiliation than the pain, by the time he tossed his belt to one side.

"Now you might as well clear off and take that walk you said about earlier. As for me; well your wife's clearly in need of more cock so I shall be occupied for some time," a smirking Gerald said, waving me away dismissively.

"Don't let him off as lightly as that. Make use of John to clean your car," Marie urged, much to my annoyance.

Gerald roared with laughter at the suggestion.

"Good idea, and when he's done that he can clean my shoes before serving drinks to us in the bedroom," Gerald said.

With Marie again sucking his penis, Gerald snapped, "Get on with it then and while your cleaning my car you can think of me up here enjoying your wife's cunt."

Again he sent me away with a dismissive wave of his hand and hanging my head I left the room, their laughter following me down the stairs.