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    Teen to Woman

    It was a great summer day and my friend and his wife was on the way to a wedding for a couple of day's. David called me soon after he left it seems there was a problem with thier pool filter and his Daughter couldn't fix it so he asked if I would go over and take care of it. I arrived at their house about 2:30 and went strait to the pump house and began working on the system as I looked out of the window I noticed Kate lying out in the sun getting a tan. As I was watching Kate I began to day dream about her she was sixteen but had the body of a 21 year old I was so into my fantasy that I hadn't noticed that Kate had come into the pump house to say hi And with all good fantasies I had my cock in my hand stroking it what a surprise I opened my eyes to see Kate standing there I tried to put my cock back into my pants and explain to Kate at the same time Kate began to laugh and said I didn't need to make excuses. Kate told me that she was a little curious about boy's and wanted to know if it felt good to play with my cock and I told her that it feels better if someone else did it but in a pinch one could please themselves. Kate wanted to try to see what it was like and asked if she could stroke my cock I felt a little strange letting a young girl play with my cock but I agreed she asked if I could teach her about what boy's like I could only agree since she had my cock good and hard. We left the pump house and went into her room she said that I could teach her every thing I wanted to since she knew I was 50 and probably had many girl friends. I pushed all of her stuffed animals off the bed and had her lay back as I removed her bikini top her perky breast popped out and I began licking her nipples she began to coo as I slowly reached down and began to rub that tight pussy through her bikini bottoms I removed my shirt and shorts and said how the boy's dream of having their cock sucked she was a little hesitant at firs but I slowly pushed my cock into her mouth we began to move together and soon she had the whole cock in and was enjoying it I pulled it out before i exploded my hot load in there and I showed her that boy's also would like to lick the pussy slowly starting at the bottom and then licking her clit she began to squeal and thrust until she came over and over. After a little rest she told me how she had spied on her parents and noticed her Dad put his cock into her Mom and bounced around so I laid her back and put my rock hard cock head at the folds of her pussy a sloswly pushed it in feeling that resistance of a virgin then I pumped a little faster she was moaning with such pleasure I slipped my cock out and rolled over then she climbed on top and lowered herself onto my cock she moed up and down until I couldn't hold back I shot a hot load of cum deep in her tight pussy I was thinking it was over but she said she wanted to go again. After a couple of hours we did it again and again. When my friend and his wife got home he called and asked if everything went alright then he offered to pay me for my services I told him that everything was taken care of and thanks for letting me help hi family out.

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    Thanks for another addition

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    Paragraphs will not only help the readers to get more from your story, but it also will lengthen the story somewhat.

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    Хороший ответ, подробнее пожалуйста.

    Translates as.....


    Good answer, more please.
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