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    Sandy1 • Working for Sandy

    Sandy is a busty, grandmother in her mid 60's. What attracts me to Sandy is her nipples! They're always erect!

    This is the first story I wrote about this great lady!


    Working for Sandy

    Chapter 1
    "Hello? Sandy?" I knocked and walked in. Normally I wouldn't just walk in to a customer's house, but Sandy had said the day before that Ike would be working today and she would be busy with housework and probably not hear the door. I run a small contracting business here in town and Ike had called a few days ago with a list of odd-jobs he wanted done. Ike and I have been friends for a while so I was happy to help him out.

    Jack, my hired hand and I walked into the living room and found Sandy sitting in purple pyjamas, playing on her computer. I was a little startled, but it was just past 8 in the morning. Damn, she looked good too! Her nipples were poking out like 2 soldiers at attention! My cock reacted immediately raging to be released!

    Jack walked in carrying the toolbag and stopped short. He had noticed Sandy too and was pleased with what he saw! We both couldn't tear our eyes away from her huge breasts and erect nipples! Her purple pyjama top seemed stretched to the limit, hugging her gorgeous breasts! "Damn son," Jack said, "It's gonna be a long day!"

    Chapter 2

    We were supposed to fix some damage in the dining room ceiling. Apparently, there had been a small leak in the upstairs bathroom. Ike had a plumber in who had fixed it all up. Jack had brought all the tools in and the small step ladder was all set. I called to Sandy, “Sandy! This here china cabinet is going to be in the way!
    Do you want us to move it?” She walked into the dining room and stood there with her hands on her hips. Her arms framing her wonderful rack just right! I’ve heard of women that have nipples that are always hard. It appeared Sandy was one of those women! One of the hardest things I’ve done was to look her in the eye and not stare! “Well,” she said, “the cabinet should be fine. Let me just take down some of the nick-nacks and stuff.”

    So, she proceeded to remove items from the cabinet. Standing this close to her; smelling her perfume and having those breasts close enough to touch just about drove me crazy! Jack just stood there open-mouthed. I could tell he was impressed too! I snapped out of my trance when Sandy reached for the ladder. She wanted to get the items from the top of the cabinet. She climbed up to the top step and started to hand the items down. Jack stepped up with a wicked grin and took the items to set on the table. I think he liked being close too! Sandy wobbled all of a sudden and out of instinct I reached up quickly to steady her! “Careful Sandy! We don’t want you falling! Here, I’ll hold you here while you finish!” Aren’t I nice? Of course, my left hand had grabbed her left thigh and my right had grabbed her right hip. My thumb had a great resting spot across her ass! I was in heaven; the thin material of her pyjamas was fantastic! Looking forward, I had her cute ass to stare at and if I turned just a bit and looked up I could see the nicest set of breasts! My cock was happy with my choice of hand holds and had responded! She continued to remove the items; twisting and turning in my hands! I think she knew the affect she was having on Jack and I because of the cute little smile on her face!

    Chapter 3
    I start to notice that she’s taking longer than required to clear the shelves. And she keeps leaning way over to reach the far side which pushes her ass into my face! She finally starts back down the ladder and I’m done; between twisting back and forth with one hand on her ass and bending over in front of me; I can’t take it anymore! As she backs down the ladder, I’m there positioned just right. She backed right into my raging hardon. There’s no doubt she can feel it through my jeans. I reach around and hug her from behind feeling her erect nipples against my arm, “Sandy, I think you need more than just your ceiling fixed…I think you need some special work!” Jack doesn’t know what to think! He just stands there wide-eyed! Sandy giggles and starts to lean forward grinding her ass into my crotch! I shift my hands to her full breasts and slowly knead them while teasing her nipples! She reacts instantly to her sensitive nipples being pinched and massaged! As she begins to moan and writhe I start to work her shirt up…

    Chapter 4
    Sandy giggles and wiggles her ass against me driving me crazy! I finally get her shirt up and off and her breasts hang down just begging to be enjoyed! Sandy leans forward holding the edge of the cabinet as I reach forward and start massaging her breasts enjoying their fullness and the way her nipples have responded to the gentle rolling and tweaking! I can’t stand it; I’ve got my cock out and start grinding against her ass! Sandy reaches back with one hand and tries to pull down her pyjama bottoms…not fast enough! I rip them down and reach between her legs! Damn! Is she wet! This is one hot lady! Sandy spreads her legs wide and grinds back against my hand and really starting to enjoy herself! Its easy to tell…she’s ready…hell, she’s more than ready! Now, I’m not sure if Sandy realized how much of a ride she’s in for! All the ladies in my life have been happy with my 11” cock! Let’s see what Sandy thinks! She looks back as I start to rub her wet slit and her eyes get big and her smile is bigger! Now she’s really excited and starts to twist and turn hungering to be impaled! It’s no time to be timid, I grab her hips and thrust! Sandy screams out in ecstasy, arching her back and sticking her ass out! I start pounding away like there’s no tomorrow! Jack has seen enough! He’s got his cock out and is trying to turn Sandy toward him! She spies his hard cock and moves one hand to the step ladder. Jack steps forward and Sandy starts to nibble and lick the side of his cock. That combined with the rythmic swaying of Sandy’s boobs as I rode her from behind was too much for Jack! He reaches up and grabs the sides of Sandy’s head and is trying to push his 10” dick into her mouth, but Sandy doesn’t seem to impressed by the idea. She tries turning her head to avoid it going in, but has her tongue out still trying to kiss and lick his long shaft. Maybe it’s the ‘naughtiness’ or the taboo nature; perhaps the way she was raised, but she gets this devilish grin…her eyes light up and she opens her mouth up wide! Jack smiles, gets a better grip on each side of her head and pushes slowly forward, the head of his dripping cock meeting her tongue and sliding in! I couldn’t believe Sandy’s eyes could open wider! Jack stopped about half way and I could see Sandy’s cheeks suck in and out! She was really going to town! This may have been one of her first times, but she was sucking cock like a pro! By this time I was really starting to get built up! I mean, things were about to get messy! lol It didn’t help that Sandy was getting wetter by the second and starting to moan and grind like a $2-dollar stripper! Jack wasn’t going to last much longer either by the way he was starting to move! It seemed her mouth could only take so much…he would push in so far and seem to stop; making Sandy’s eyes get big! He was really getting into it and obviously wasn’t going to settle with halfway, because he slowed down his pace a little, took a tighter grip on the sides of her head and started to push a little harder forcing a little more into her mouth! Sandy started making little sounds of resistance, but she kept a tight grip on the cabinet and the ladder: part of her was saying no, but more of her was saying YES! I wasn’t sure how much more I could take! I was pounding away on her pussy with one hand gripping her hip and the other fondling, pulling and tweaking her nipples! There was a definite suction noise as Jack pumped slowly in and out of Sandy’s mouth going deeper and deeper! Sandies sounds of resistance were turning into sounds of delight as I pumped her from behind, played with her nipples and Jack pushed his cock deeper and deeper into her throat! I couldn’t take anymore, I grabbed her hips and pounded her hard, shoving all 11” deep into her pussy until I shot my load and filler her up! It was more than Jack could take too, because he placed his hands behind her head and pushed his cock deep down her throat until her nose was buried in his stomach! Holding her tight, his hips began to jump and I knew he was shooting her load into her throat! It was too much for Sandy and she started grinding her hips back into me her pussy gushing with her own orgasm!

    As Jack and I drove home that afternoon, exhausted, we couldn’t help but wonder about that amazing woman.
    “You know Brian, I don’t think we should charge Ike for this job.”
    “You know what Jack? I don’t think we will.” I said grinning from ear to ear! “But, I think I better let Ike know that this job is going to take longer than I thought. A lot longer!”

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    You old lady fucker you!!!! LOL!!!!



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