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    Ryan was in her room, she was waiting for the call to come from her master. recently she had gone from a bubbly teen to one that seemed brooding and avoiding her friends. her cell rang and upon answering she heard the voice say " slave this is your master " she went into her trance, yes master she replied! slave are you on birth control? yes, do you shave your pussy? no! well you are to do so and then this saturday report to my place,yes. master. you are to wear the folling, sneakers,no socks, a tee shirt no bra and shorts and small black panties and you are to be here no later thgen 11 am if you are late you will be punished yes master she replied. Saturday came and she left early but her master planned well the elevator was held by him, so after walking up she was late by 10 min. he told her to strip to her panties she did so and was then placed over a chair, she was then given 2 lashes with a belt for each min sahe was late by, now for your first lesson on your knees. she dropped and waited, you are to suck my cock and my balls, I will instuct you do as you are told. he undressed and she saw his huge stiff cock, now slowly lick my balls and she did now slowly wash them in your mouth and she had them in her mouth and he was pinching her nipples she let out a groan. now slave lick my cock and then start to put it in your mouth, he was entering her mouth a bit at a time, she was sucking it and her tongue was still licking it. he said that he was going to cum and she was to swallow all she could, then her mouth was fill, it tasted salty and warm and she gulp-ed it all down he said that she was going to be the best slave ever and that her cherry was going to be popped and even her ass was to be given the proper fucking, more later;shake

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    At this point lets go back a little. Ryan is a 16yr old teen, she stands 5'2" and has dirty blond hair that drops down to her ass, yes her small,tight ass that yells out " spank me " her breasts while small are well rounded and her nipples when aroused are thick and ready to be sucked and even bitten, her stomach is hard and flat, her pussy is covered with almost down instead of hair and she has legs that a model would envy. her math teacher, Mr. James had noticedher for some time and in the past he has made other teens his sex slave and made plans to add her to this list. She did not know it< but she was to enter a world of sexual depravity. ;wild
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