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    Xgf rapped while pilled out!

    I must have only been 16 at the time. My x gf called me up and asked me to come over cause her current bf david was out getting drunk and i guess acting a fool. My x's name was lets just say Joan shes about 5'8 brown hair brown eyes nice set of tits that make up for her lack of ass. But still a head turner.
    He called her up saying she was worthless basically being an asshole. At the time she lived with her mom she was only 17 or 18 at the time. I remember she was just slightly older than me. But at the time i didnt look 16 nor acted it. I kind of matured quick for my age. I grew up to fast so to speak.
    So i come over there shes frantic and scared. Her bf i guess said he was coming over to get his shit. I guess that ment his boxers he left on the floor i wasnt sure. I mean he was afterall 22 i think and not much of shit to be honest. He had little man sydrome i think. I think he just wanted to come over and cause a scene which he did.
    I arrived shortly after 10 or so it was kinda late i remember that much. I knock on her door and joan answered. Her mom was right behind her i guess he cause some shit with her too. She was extremely pist at him and thought i was him at 1st. Then she realized i wasnt him and then recalled she never met me. She was already ready to call the cops on this guy and now me cause she didnt know me. Her daughter joan calmed her down and invited me into her bedroom.
    I went in the bed room and sat down.
    Joan argued with her mom for a few mins and then came in and shut the door.
    Not a second later her phone rang.

    I knew it must have been this asshole. He was obviously being a prick. Why did she invite me over i thought. I kinda wanted to come over and whip this guys ass if he started anything. Me and david went way back to when i stole his gf which was my current gf at the time and then he stole my xgf. I had to be there atleast to see the look on his face when he knocked on her door.
    She got off the phone and started cring telling me in a sobbing voice he was on his way over to settle shit with me. I was all for it .

    Not two seconds later he shows up in the driveway next to my truck.I guess he already knew i was there must have "been in the neighborhood" if you get my drift.Now my truck and me are an item. Its my baby. I love my trucks. I jumped up as soon as i seen headlights to make sure he wasnt going to do shit to my truck, my xgf or me so to speak.

    I go to the front door and he knocks i open it. Hes there he kinda looks at me with the deer in the headlight look.
    His friend was standing behind him at the entry of the front patio. Hes a big fellow but nothing i couldnt handle at the time. I just sat in front of the door and said yes can i help you?

    David goes and trys to take a swing at me. I lean back out of the way and grab his arm and then push him backwards into his friend. I told him he should probably leave. His friend mummbles in fear "Hey man lets go comeon"

    They stagger out to the car and leave. I shut the front door
    Mintues later he calls and my xgf joan tells david that she called the cops and said she wintess and drunken driver in her neighbor hood in a such and such car. He must have gotten scared cause we didnt hear a word from him the rest of the night.

    So there we are back in her bedroom on her single size day bed laying togethor under the covers. Her mom comes back in saying how much she should dump david and get with me . I guess she herd our little conversation out front. My xgf flips out shoving her mom out the door and locking it. Then right afterwords eating 3 zanax bars and crawls back into bed under the covers. She crys and we must have talked for about 30mins.

    She decided we should just watch a movie and try to have a good night and consider getting back with me. Not 20 mins into the movie she pass's out. I look over at her and call her name. I slap her face lightly and no response. She was breathing but the pills had taken over. Before we broke up my biggest thing was she didnt give me enough sex. The night before we broke up i almost raped her i wanted it so bad but she would give it to me.
    Long story short i ended up taking her home early that night pist off.

    Now in a different situation shes helpless. Before she was awake and mad at me. Now shes sleeping and defenseless.I was instantly turned on knowing i could have what i wanted right now.
    I started to take of her clothes. Starting with her top i pushed it up to her breast where there was no bra. I pulled it off over her head and off her arms.I threw it on the floor and continued to fondle her breast for atleast 5mins making sure she was out i began my next quest.
    I undid her jeans button and unzipped her zipper. I slide my hand down inbetween her jeans and panties. Rubbing on her pussy it was completely dry. I was hard and needed to solve my problem.

    I managed to continue rubbing on her panties and pussy and undue my zipper with other hand.My throbbing cock was jumping out of it opening willing and ready. I climbed on top of her and pulled her jeans and panties off her ass and down to her knees. She was on her back and i bent her knees towards her upper body and i somehow managed to get inbetween her jeans and her as they werent completely off just pulled down.
    I slide my dick in her and she doesnt move. I continue to pump it inside of her till i reach the bottom. She wasnt wet by anymeans but not dry either. Just enough i suppose to make it feel good. I pumped away for countless mins without a stir from her. Suddenly she kind of just opened her eyes and closed them. I continued to pump all of my 7inchs of meat inside her and suddenly i came inside her and that was that. I pulled out and pulled up her jeans but i guess leaving them undone.

    I was to tired to do anything else but lay they next to her and fall asleep. The next morning we woke up at the same time i guess when she woke up i did too. My dick was still have way out but i quickly stuffed it back in my pants and she didnt seem to notice it was ever out but seem to notice she was half naked. She asked me what happend did we have sex. I reassured her nothing happend just she got a little frisky and we both fell asleep. She believed me and i was in shock. I eventually went home that morning and we never really talked sense then. One time afterwords we kissed outside of her house when her new bf a year later was sleeping. We kissed in my car and when it went to far she went back inside an i left. Thats the last i herd from her.

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    Thanks for sharing that :)
    What lies behind us, What lies before us, Are tiny matters, Compared to what lies within us!

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    Good story, thank you for posting it:)
    There was a little girl who had a little swirl,
    right in the middle of her sweater.
    when she was good, she was very very good,
    but when she was bad she was better.



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