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    Abduction & Awakening of Heather

    At 15yrs Heather thought that she knew it all,after all she was spoiled by her parents and felt that she was the boss. she stood just under 5' and weighed in at only 98lbs and had long brown hair,green eyes and a figure just starting to develope. she lived a semi rural area dotted by some woods,farm land and some abanded old barns along with a few ponds perfect for swimming in. she had been told numerious times not to hitch and stay on the mnain roads but little miss know it all did as she wished. this hot summer day found her putting on a new bikini and heading out for a swim and she went there by a back road and her thumb out. the car that stopped for her was driven by a man who appeared to be in yhis thirties,it was a late model and he was pleasent, " care for a lift? " he asked! grateful she hopped in. my name is Heather,mines Frank he said. she was talkative and told him that she was 17yrs and waas going swimming, where is that and she told him where the seculded pond was. care for company? I do have a basket of sanwiches and cold lemonade trusting ehe said it was o.k. at the pond she removed her shirt and pants putting them in the car she dove into the water as Frank changed and joined her. later they had a cold drink,she watched as he drank first and then she did so, he gave her a chicken sandwich wich she gobbled down a short time later she felt a little dizzy and asked to lie down in the car. when she awoke she was in an old barn and did not no how long she had slept also did not know where the barn was, then she realized that even standing she could not move her hands were cuffed and were held upright and then to her horror she realized that she was naked. she yelled for help but only heard the man laugh, yow? she asked? you drank the same drink, yesd my dear but you ate the chicken. lets start our fun,shall we! please she begged I am only 15yr and I am a virgin, yes I know do you think I was fooled by your age? and a young virgin is just what I want. he took a good look, while a breasts were not yet full they still were lovely and she had nipples that begged to be sucked and bitten,in the air they had growen thick and stood proudly out.her stomach was hard and flat and her young slit stood outr she had yet to grow her cunt hair and she had a very small ass. he ran his hands around her titssqueezing them and then he pinched and twisted her nipples, she cried out in pain and was told that she could yell,scream all she wished no one would hear her.he then licked and sucked them and despite what she feared she did let out a soft moan, " see, your body says yes" he then bit down and she really screamed in pain as he drew blood. he then startewd rubbing her cunt and she was wet, he laughed because this little bitch was hot. then he picked up a small hand whip no please no she begged but was only rewarded by 5 hard lashes to her ass. this is just the start he told her.

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