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    Dominating the Asian Tease Ch. 1

    Ruby finally made it home. She locked the door, yawned, and kicked off her fuck-me heels. She’d partied hard tonight, and she couldn’t wait to get in bed and thrust her favourite dildo in her pussy. Her clit throbbed at the thought of pressing her vibrator against it until her juices flowed down her legs and she came again and again. Perhaps she would tape it down and upload it for men to see (cropping out her face, of course).

    It was fun to tease men, like she did tonight. And it was easy. Ruby wasn’t exactly a super model, but she knew her power. Men liked her innocent face. At 5’ tall, her 32DD tits and cute round ass all compacted into her petite Asian body. Somehow men always believed Asian equaled modesty.

    When she feigned nervousness and asked the horny man meekly to touch his cock tonight, he thought he’d hit the jackpot! She led him to the bathroom and rubbed her barely wet pussy against his hard cock, ready to ride him before she suddenly backed off, “I’m sorry! I can’t…I’m not ready.” She pulled her laced panties up in a rush and bolted for the door.

    She had sounded uncomfortable, but deep down in her heart she was beyond excited with smugness and exhilaration. This man was going to have blue balls tonight, because of her. The look on his face when she left. Ha! Men, horny and stupid.

    Ruby threw her purse on the sofa and climbed up the stairs. She went into her bedroom and felt for the light switch in the dark. The lights went on when a strong hand grabbed her wrist and flung her onto the bed. She yelped in surprise, and then screamed in panic at the stranger on top of her. He clapped his big hand on her mouth tightly and warned, “I promise things would be a lot better if you don’t fight me.”

    Ruby stared at this man with wide eyes. He looked somewhat familiar but she couldn’t put her finger on it. He had slightly curly hair and his eyes were a piercing brown. She would have looked at him twice if she met him on the street. But no matter their looks, men were disgusting. And judging by her situation, this one was a disgusting rapist.

    She nodded her head compliantly, and he took his hand away from her mouth. She gave him a tentative smile, and he traced a finger down her cheek. Then she lashed out. Before her sharp nails could claw his eyes, he pinned her arm down and slapped her face hard. Ruby whimpered in pain, and kicked her legs angrily, trying to aim at his crotch. “You son of a bitch! Let me go!”

    Another slap came down on her face. Ruby halted her resistance as ringing noise traveled from her ear to her brain. She heard a click, and her one wrist had already been cuffed to her headboard. He took her other arm and she caught his hand between her teeth and bit down. She drew blood.

    This time a punch came down onto her stomach. Ruby cried out in pain and let go of his hand. She sobbed softly as she tried to curl her body up, but it did little to relieve her pain with his large body holding her down. He lifted her chin harshly, “do you need more?” and raised his arm again.

    Ruby flinched and blocked her face with her free arm instinctively. Her cheekbones hurt. Her gums hurt. Her stomach hurt. She knew what he wanted from her. Her sobs continued as he took her other arm and cuffed it to the headboard as well.

    “No bra, huh?” She heard the chuckle in his voice as he cut her white tank top open with a pair of scissors. Ruby closed her eyes in shame as her nipples stiffened in the cool air.

    He grabbed her round tit with one hand and squeezed it like it was his play thing. She wept at the violation, and suddenly had to bite back a moan when he rolled a nipple between his fingers. Ruby jolted in alarm and started kicking her legs again.

    This time the slap came on her breast. Ruby cried out, humiliated to find that it sounded like a pleasurable moan. “Stop it!” she protested. He responded by wrapping one hand around her throat, and brought the other hand down on her tit again. Smack! Smack! Moans escaped from her lips and she was horrified to find that wetness started to pool in her panties.

    Her rapist smirked. “Looks like I’ve got a masochist here.”

    That’s impossible! “No---”

    He took one nipple in his mouth and pinched the other with his fingers. Her body responded right away. Frustrated tears rolled down her face as her body shivered in pleasure. She bit her lips tight, but moans eventually escaped. He pulled her nipple roughly, and she made a lustful gasp.
    He took off his pants to reveal his rock hard erection. Tears streamed down more, yet she couldn’t look away. He ripped her panties off and pushed his cock into her wet pussy.

    She screamed furiously in desperation, “Get off of me! Help! Get of---” and he shoved her dildo from her bedside drawer in her mouth. He gripped her face hard, bruising her face more. “Keep that in your mouth or I’ll cut your tongue out.” The chill in his voice and coldness in his eyes were so evident that she sucked that dildo tight, afraid that it’d fall out.

    Then he started fucking her. He thrust long and deep, slapping her tits alternately. Ruby could hear her cuffs clanging, the noise of her drenched pussy sucking in her rapist’s hard cock, the slurping sounds she made as she tried to hold the fake cock in her mouth…suddenly the fake cock was not enough to stifle her moans anymore.

    It feels good…it feels so good…fuck…

    “Fuck. Aren’t you the filthiest Asian fuck slut?” He pounded her cunt mercilessly, relishing in her tight wetness.

    She closed her eyes and turned her head away from him.

    He lifted one of her legs onto his shoulder and angled his thrusts. “Tell me!” He ordered. “Does my fuck doll like being raped?”

    She whimpered against a full mouth of dildo as her pussy got ravished deeply. She nodded frantically, her mind drowned in the carnal pleasure of being taken.

    He pressed a thumb on her clit and found it slick and wet with her juices. He continued his rhythmic thrusting and her clit brushed against his thumb, slippery and lubricated.

    Ruby’s moans changed. They took on a higher pitch. She looked anxious and helpless. Her teary eyes were pleading. Within moments she was bucking her hips against him. She moved her crotch up and down like a shameless whore so her clit got more stimulation. Yes…please…yes, yes, yes! The image of her petite body being taken ruthlessly by two men filled her head. One fucked her cunt and one fucked her throat, and they’d fill her up with cum……like the cumdump she’d always wanted to be.

    Her breathing became erratic as her eyes rolled back. Suddenly she screamed against the dildo. “Mmm…mhm…mhmm!!” Her mind spiraled out of control and her body spasmed violently against him in an ecstatic orgasm.

    He grabbed her shoulders and fucked her into the bed like a rag doll. Ruby clawed at her cuffs as she took his relentless fucking, her eyes hazy and wide as he brought her to heaven and hell.

    Finally he grunted and she felt spurts of hot cum shoot inside of her. He took the dildo out of her mouth and straddled her face. “Clean it up,” he said hoarsely.

    She licked his cock in defeat, swallowing every drop of pussy juice and cum. Humiliated tears escaped her eyes as her pussy twitched in its post orgasm state and his cum dripped down her bed.

    He released her arms and got dressed, his breathing returning to normal. Ruby lay on the bed and gazed in front of her aimlessly, feeling broken and used. The wetness between her legs confirmed she was indeed a filthy fuck slut. She had enjoyed being his play thing…enjoyed his hot cum invading her greedy pussy…

    She sat up abruptly when she saw him walk to her desk, retrieving something she’d never noticed tonight. A video camera on a mini tripod on her desk! No. No…

    He put his equipment in a bag and left for the door, not sparing her a glance.

    She stumbled off the bed to go after him, but stopped in her tracks when he whirled around to face her. She didn’t notice before. Her rapist was much, much taller than her. She looked up at his unmoving face in trepidation. “Pl…please…please…” Her cheeks heat up as she felt more of his cum drip down her legs. She didn’t say more.

    “I’ll send you a copy,” he gestured at his bag. “It’d be all the evidence you need if you want to take me to court, but then…” A hint of sadism flickered in his brown eyes. “The whole world would get to enjoy the lovely sight of you cumming with a dildo in your mouth.”

    She stared at him docilely, confirming she wouldn’t contact the authorities.

    He traced a finger along a slap mark on her face. “Have I told you you look beautiful?” He smiled at her welled up eyes and left. It wasn’t until Ruby heard her front door lock that she started sobbing again.

    Written by: A Kinky Girl
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    Strange. I simply copied this from a Word document, the word o-n-l-i-n-e became stars.

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    Thats because its a banned word to prevent spammers from dealers o n l i n e ...we may have to use a different word

    I used upload and it sounds ok I think
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