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    The Hungry Eyes

    The Hungry Eyes
    Deputy Duffy

    The blazing sun lit up the cloudless sky as yet another in the series of hot summer days had the populace sweltering and desperate for relief, filling the public pools to capacity.

    Everyone was there -- including THE girl.

    Her name was Francine, but of course everyone called her “Fran” or “Franny.” Despite the staggering heat and humidity, her blonde hair flowed behind her as she sauntered in. The pool’s spirited tumult even paused for a moment. She was that kind of girl -- blessed with a beauty and a flare that never went unnoticed.

    Fran slid down onto a pool chair with a dancer’s grace, her buff boyfriend, Chuck, by her side. She smiled when she caught his eye and her smile was returned. Her heart was as warmed by his presence, as her skin by the hot sun. She unwrapped her beach towel, exposing her simple swimsuit, to the sun’s powerful rays.

    All around the pool her unintentionally seductive actions didn’t go unnoticed.

    “Don’t forget lotion,” Chuck reminded her.

    “Oh, thanks,” she purred, and closed her eyes, fully expecting him to begin. After a second or two, she opened a quizzical eye. She just shook her head, noticing the bottle in her boyfriend extended arm.

    “Yeah, thanks,” Fran sighed, as she snapped the bottle from his hands. (“Oh, I have so much to teach him,” she thought,) snapping the bottle open. She began oiling her legs, thinking about their futures. She loved him with all her heart, but she felt that he was definitely a work in progress.

    She glanced his way. He was handsome, well built, and trustworthy. (“She would have to work on his courtliness,” she thought, with a shrug.) Finished with her legs, she poured some lotion into her hand and started on her arms. She smiled thinking about their big night ahead. They had dinner plans with both set of their parents, and she had heard from a friend of a friend that tonight was the night that her boyfriend finally popped the question. She smiled with the thought. Since she was a little girl she had dreamed of walking down the isle.

    Her arms aglow, she ran handful of oil down her neck to the top of her chest. She ran an oily finger inside the straps of her low cut top and down her cleavage. A twinge of pride, looking down at her blessings, filled her body. It was a quick twinge, though, because she suddenly realized that she wasn‘t the only one looking. Sitting directly across the pool were a group of young men, obviously enjoying her show.

    She could only offer a dirty looked response, as they mocked her actions, pretending to rub lotion into their chests, over-zealously. She was now a little thankful her boyfriend had talked her out of wearing her micro bikini.

    Fran snapped her chair back and turned her gaze to the heavenly sky above, yearning for the days ahead, when she could sun and swim in her own yard. Her father had promised her a house, but only after she was married. Thus with Chuck’s up-coming proposal, Fran just knew that her days at the public pool were dwindling.

    The sun burned on, as the day crawled along. The pool continued to bustle with activity. Except for a group of teens playing with a beach ball, which kept rolling over to Fran’s chair, the day was perfect.

    “I’m thirsty,” Fran suddenly whined into the air.

    “Me, too,” Chuck answered. “Could yah get me one too, while you’re up?”

    “Yeah, ok,” Fran said with a laugh, and then burned inside when she realized he wasn’t joking.

    “Ughhh,” she growled as she snapped up. “At least give me some money.”

    “It’s in my wallet.”

    Fran just shook her head. She wanted to set him straight, but today wasn’t the day to get into a fight. No.... Today she wanted everything to be perfect. Slipping on her 4” clear plastic heeled shoes, she grabbed some cash, and made her way to the concession stand, which was a-buzz with activity. Fran’s blood boiled even more now, as she really hated lines. She also realized that she had forgotten her beach towel back at her chair.

    After a couple of minutes in line, her body shivered, she could have sworn she felt something brush against her left ass-cheek.

    “Excuse me,” Fran growled, quickly spinning around. She was now staring directly at the group of young men that had enjoyed her lotion show so much. None of the men were offering apologies, but instead they seemed to be using the opportunity to check out her front side now, from up close. Fran was burning now from the heat of their stares. She had seen the look before...a look of hunger...sexual hunger.

    She spun back around, her face flushed. Horny teenagers, she thought. However, she knew that these weren’t the type of men that you fool around with. They were tall, lean and full of tattoos and piercings. And they looked like their young years had been some tough ones.

    As the line moved slowly forward, Fran could feel their presence behind her. She was ready to bolt out of line, on anymore contact, her thirst be dammed. She could feel the largest of the men breathing on her left shoulder. She could tell he was peering over her shoulder, looking down the front of her swimsuit, she assumed, but there was now only one person in front of her.

    “Two Cokes please,” Fran mumbled, her voice crackling, when she finally got to the counter.

    She could have sworn she heard one of them lewdly whisper, “you gut some great tits,” but she let it go. No, today wasn’t the day to pick a fight. She paid for the drinks and even told the counter girl to keep the change. Cokes in hand, she spun around and flounced past them, very conscious of the heat of their hungry eyes.

    “If you need more lotion, let us know,” she heard from behind her, and then one of them slapped her on the ass. She let out a yelp and quickly made her way back to her chair.

    “Here’s yah Coke,” she snapped at Chuck, who was seemingly clueless as to what she’d just went through to get it.

    The rest of the afternoon Fran kept a close eye on the hungry eyes across the way. She yearned to leave early, since the teens were becoming bolder with the beach ball. (She finally understood that they just wanted to see her bend over to pick up the ball.) But she also wanted to keep everything on schedule.

    The sun was starting to fade when Fran finally got her boyfriend’s ok to leave. She grabbed her towel and her pool bag and headed for the changing area, sticking her tongue out at the teens in the pool, in passing. She was also well aware of the hungry eyes, still watching her every move.

    Inside the brick building that also held the showers, she noticed a lone naked woman walking out of the showers, but tried not to look.

    Fran sighed, a little relived that the shower-room was now empty, since the shower-room wasn’t built for modesty. A lone three-foot wall separated the showers from the changing area, while the shower area itself was simply four showerheads sticking out of the bricked wall. Fran didn’t consider herself shy, but didn’t necessarily like being naked in front of strangers either, especially while washing herself. It was in these very public showers that she noticed that her curvy body attracted more than just men’s eyes.

    Standing in front of a locker, the lone women behind her quickly dressing, she pulled a shoulder strap off her shoulder and her breast sprang from its confinement, like a bird from a cage. She immediately blushed as she noticed her tan lines really emphasized her pink nipples now. She was about to slide off the other strap when she suddenly remembered that the brick building didn’t have locks. In fact it didn’t even have a door, just a maze-like entrance.

    “Oh god,” she murmured, remembering the hungry eyes outside. Then she relaxed a bit. “Ah, the lifeguards are still here,” she sighed, with a settling breath. “But I still better make it quick.”

    She quickly slipped off the rest of her suit and hung it up, grabbed her towel and skipped to the showers, wearing only her plastic heeled shoes. Out of the corner of her eye, she also thought, with a tingle, that she saw the other woman steal a look over the wall before she left.

    “Ahhh.” Fran moaned as the cool water hit her hot skin. The water quickly erased her doubts about showering. The lucky water droplets seemed to fight to cling to her body, before falling to the floor.

    “Ummm,” Fran purred as she ran her hands over her breasts. “You two certainly got me noticed today,” she said with a laugh.

    The feeling of the cool water -- and her hands -- got Fran thinking about a longer shower.

    “Gotta get this lotion off,” she reasoned, when in fact she just liked to soap up her naked body, especially her full, firm breasts. She giggled to herself, remembering all the times she ran home from school to shower, when she first started to develop.

    “Some things never change,” Fran said to herself, before she spun to grab her soap that was still in her locker, and then quickly let out a screech and lunged for her towel, draped on the short wall.

    The hungry eyes were back.

    “What are you guys doing in here?” Fran snapped. Her face aflame as she struggled to wrap herself in the towel, wishing it were bigger. “You guys are in big trouble now.”

    They merely chucked. Fran’s body was shivering from the cool water, but more with fear. She counted them off. There were only three of them now, all shirtless, and all staring her way.

    “I’m serious. Get out of here!” Fran tried to sound authoritative, but none of them seemed bothered. They weren’t standing there clad only in a towel.

    “Are you done?” The rugged looking lad, whom Fran quickly assumed was their leader, asked. He was leaning arrogantly against Fran’s locker. A taller young man stood by the maze-like exit, while a third, smaller built version, sat on a bench seat, nervously rocking back and forth.

    Fran tried to speak, but didn’t know what to say. But she knew she was trapped. Feeling like a rat in a cage, she wanted to plead for them to leave, although she knew that it would have a feeble hope of success.

    “Come over here so we can talk,” the leader barked, while also snapping his fingers. Fran shook her head, but when he snapped his fingers again, she cringed and obeyed, felling much like a scolded puppy dog.

    Fran stopped a couple of feet away from the leader and his rocking friend, but didn’t dare get closer.

    “Please, I have money in my....”

    Fran was interrupted. “Shut the fuck up!” the leader shouted. His sharp tone causing her to leap back, her mouth agape, her hands clutching her towel.

    “You listen here, Miss big tits, I don’t want to hear your fucking voice again.... Understand?” The leader said, his voice full of force. Fran quivered, as she wasn’t use to being talked to like this. (She also thought they might have been in here for two reasons, both starting in R and apparently robbery wasn't on their minds.)

    At that thought, a tear rolled down Fran’s cheek, and more followed.

    “Ok, stop the tears,” the leader rasped. “We’re not going to rape yah,” he said, seemingly reading Fran’s mind

    Confused, Fran wiped her cheek.

    “That’s right, stop the tears,” the leader said, folding his arms. “I mean if we were rapists your ass would have been nailed right there in the showers.”

    Fran breathed a small sigh of relief. “But...?”

    “Hey!” the leader quickly cut off Fran’s attempted question.

    “But...what do you guys want?” The tall guy whined mockingly from the exit.

    “Nock it off, numb-nuts...the poor girls nervous,” the leader snapped, never taking his eyes off of Fran.

    “Now this’s why we are here inside the women’s showers.... See we have enjoyed watching you today, and we see you have a boyfriend or hubby or whoever....”

    “Boyfriend,” Fran moaned, before quickly covering her mouth with one hand, the other keeping a clutch of her towel. She also suddenly pictured him showering in the brick building next door. She wondered if he could hear her screams...or if anyone would....

    “Who cares, ‘cause we don’t come in search of love.” the leader teased. “But just so you know, our buddy is standing by the men’s shower exit and when your dude is done, he is going to inform him that his little Mustang, has a big ol’ flat, which it does.”

    As he started to reveal his plan, Fran cringed, when he brought up the Mustang. (She often felt she competed with that car for his attention.)

    “Of course our buddy will do some shit to slow him down and to make sure he doesn’t bother us in here. However, judging by the shape he keeps that car in, I bet he’ll freak when he finds out he has a flat and he will forget all about YOU in here, at least for a little while, anyways.”

    Fran bit her lips, because as pathetic as it was, she felt like he might be right. She also didn’t like where this was heading.

    “That being said...let’s move where was I...? Oh, yeah... love.... Nope we didn’t come in for a date or anything,” the leader said getting Fran’s gaze again. “No, we come in ‘cause we have a little bet on the color and size of your nipples.”

    Fran flinched as though he’d slapped her in the face. Her feelings quickly shifted to incensed. Not only at their bet, but also with the laughter that followed it.

    “I mean, we could see everything except for them, so we came in to check’em out,” the leader said, before following with several gestures with his hands. Fran knew they meant he wanted to see them -- and right now. Fran’s prayer that they had already seen them in the shower was unanswered, or maybe they just wanted to see them again.

    Fran stalled, angry and frightened that they were so bold. Surely they didn’t expect her to just show them her breasts like a Mardi Gras flasher. She almost giggled at her thought, since they didn’t even have any beads....

    “I think she thinks she too good for us,” the tall one suddenly hissed. Fran was quickly growing to despise him.

    “Is that it?” the leader snapped. “Your titties too good for our eyes?”

    “No,” Fran whispered looking down to the cold concrete floor. “It’s not that.., but....”

    “Well, it’s pretty simple. You can even fold the towel around your waist and just let us check‘em out and then we’re outa here,” the leader said with a grin.

    Fran just stood there, shaking her head back and forth. “I just...just can’t..., I-I can’t!”

    “Ok, I see you’re gunna be a bitch about it,” the leader said. He levered himself away from the lockers with a swift motion and stepped towards Fran, who was matching his steps, only backwards, until she bumped into the three-foot shower wall.

    “I had this educated buddy once. He had this saying that we all live with our choices. Well, we gave you one, now it’s time for you to live with it.” The leader’s sneering face was now only inches from Fran’s terror-filled one. “You see you could have been cool and did what I said too...they’re just tits...but noooo.... Now we have a problem.... You see, we just wanted to have a little fun and no one had to get hurt.”

    Fran was frantic...his menacing tone and muscular body pressing against hers. She was bent backwards now, almost sitting on the wall.

    “Now, well, you leave me no choice. I don’t hurt women. That’s not my style. Fuck, I have sisters. BUT.... I have go get my buddy and tell him about you showing us your tits.... An’ of course your loverboy’ll hear us and get mad that you showed us your hooters.”

    “But I didn’t,” Fran whined, before the leader grabbed her cheeks.

    “Here is the good part.... Then we won’t let it go and then he’ll get pissed that we are talking about his women’s tits and then somebody’s car gets fucked up and then maybe somebody’ll get hurt, really bad.” The leader suddenly let go of Fran’s cheeks and stepped back, just as Fran was about to fall backwards over the wall. “Care to take a guess at who that’ll be? I just hope you’re happy.... Hope your tits are worth it.”

    Fran shook nervously, even though they started slowly leaving, her prayers answered, finally.

    “Please wait,” she surprised herself by crying out, but they kept moving.

    Fran suddenly scampered forward and grabbed the leader by the hand just as he reached the exit. “Please come back.... I’ll show yah.”

    “Too late...time for an ass-kicking,” he said as he pulled his hand free.

    “I’ll show yah,” Fran cried, clutching his arm, while she jerked on her towel, dropping it to the floor.

    “Better start lookin’ for a paramedic, Blondie. Loverboy is going to bleed.”

    “No, don‘t go...look.... I’m already naked....Turn around I’ll show yah...please....” Her words were frantic, as the leader was still advancing. Fran could care less about Chuck’s car, but she knew that the numbers were against him and this would also surely screw up tonight’s plans.

    “Please give me one more chance!” Tears welled up in her eyes, as he was literally dragging her down the maze. Her wet plastic heeled shoes skidded on the concrete walkway with his every step. The light of day shone ahead. “I’ll show yah whatever you want...I’ll show yah...I’ll BLOW yah.”

    He slammed to a stop, and she collided with him, an instant after the salacious offer had left her pink lips.

    “What was that?” He looked over his shoulder, down into Fran’s teary face.

    “You heard,” Fran sneered. She didn’t want to say it again.

    “That’s what I thought,” the leader hissed, continuing his exit. Fran was back to her dragging ways. She could see the other two men watching with amusement from outside. She cringed, for she knew she was just steps from being dragged outside, naked.

    “I said I’d blow yah!” she cried out, as the low light from the setting sun hit her. “I’ll suck your cock.”

    “Really, now?” He chuckled, as Fran ducked behind him when she noticed that a few swimmers were still lingering about. “Did you hear that guys? She wants to suck our cocks.”

    The leader turned and hustled Fran back into the changing area.

    “I said YOUR cock...not theirs,” she managed to protest, before finding herself back in the changing area. “Please...just you!”

    “Sorry, I’m a team player,” the leader said as he quickly unzipped his cutoff jeans.

    “But I didn’t.... Wha?’ he startled her by grabbing her by the hair and pulling her towards his groin. Fran had no choice but to follow, though she squatted down, rather then kneeling down on the dirty floor. He freed his cock from his jeans.

    “I didn’t mean now, not today, any time, but not today,” she pleaded.

    She felt sick as she noticed the other two men approach.

    Fran opened her mouth to beg again, but it was immediately stuffed with the leader’s half erect cock. He wanted some TODAY.

    “Atta girl...talking time is over,” the leader said. “Time to use your mouth to please me. My names Martin, by the way, just so you know the name of the guy whose cock you’re now sucking.”

    Fran moaned at his words and at his ever-hardening cock that was quickly filling her mouth. More moaning followed at the site of the two other men quickly stripping off their bottoms. Yet more when they approached, cocks in hand.

    “Hey, easy now,” the leader hissed, as his two buddies joined him and tried to get at Fran’s mouth. “She’s only gut one mouth.”

    “Yeah and I want some,” the tall guy hissed, as he pulled Fran by the hair. “Yeah, that’s it girl, give me your mouth.”

    Fran was nauseated. This goon had already freaked her out, and now he had his cock between her lips. He didn’t even let her suck. Instead, grabbing a double handful of hair, he rammed his cock in and out. His thick pubic hair tickling her nose and his deep thrusts caused her to gag.

    “Ok, pass it around,” Martin said, batting Tall Guy’s hands away and Fran quickly gasped for air. Then the weirdo grabbed her head and pulled it around to his hideously ugly cock. She closed her eyes and tried to ignore what was happing, but her mind flashed back to the first time that she had sucked cock. She had just gotten her drivers license. Her brother let borrow his car. She was pulled over for speeding...some sleepy little road in Southern Vermont...and the male deputy found her brother’s marijuana cigarette in their car’s ashtray. After a humiliating strip-search, he gave her the offer: suck your way to freedom, or....

    Fran was snapped back to reality by a pain in her left ear. “Keep your eyes open, sweetheart,” Martin sneered. “You don’t want to miss any of this.”

    Fran was dazed and confused. Situations like this seemed to come calling from time to time. She knew a girl that looked like her didn’t have to suck cock to get men to go out with her. She didn’t even suck Chuck’s cock, and yet here she was, naked, squatting in front of three goons, taking a turn on each of them, like a porn star. She was puzzled that they didn’t even seem to notice her naked body, or remember their bet, as they fought over her mouth.

    She understood why men want to see her naked. She had a mirror and stood before it often. Even her girlfriends wanted a peek. Her very own brother even traded the use of his car for a strip-show. When she played poker, it was strip poker and when she went swimming, it was skinny dipping. That’s just the way it was. People wanted her naked.

    But what was it about her mouth that caused such a fuss? She wondered, as she sucked half-heartedly. Then she thought about her weekly meetings with her Gym teacher...senior year. His threat that she wouldn’t pass, which meant no graduation. He wasn’t even satisfied that she stood before him in her birthday suit. No, he wanted her lips on his cock.

    She wasn’t that good at this...was she? Then she thought about her dad’s boss. His threats to terminate as he unzipped his fly. It seemed like men had jeopardized their futures just for a turn in her mouth. These guys were no different.

    Martin took his turn next, and Fran did her best with him, but she knew Tall Guy was next and she’d be in for some more face- fucking. He didn’t let her down when he went next, but Fran was able to struggle away and quickly returned to the leader. It was strange, she thought, that he had the smallest cock out of the group. But at least she didn’t feel like puking when she sucked on it, and she could also take it all the way down her throat without gagging. Plus, he was the leader.

    Fran even sucked on Martin’s balls, reluctantly following his request, but she just couldn’t bear to look. She heard the weird boy moaning out of her left ear, and then there was a sudden wetness there. Fran was puzzled for a moment -- and then gasped, as she realized Weirdo had indeed blown his load all over her ear.

    “Nice shot,” Tall Guy said with a laugh, but Fran didn’t have time to fret about that as the big goon spun her face his way. “Here’s how you do it, though.”

    Fran tried to escape, but he had her hair again. She fell onto her knees now, but she had a little more to worry about than dirty knees. Tall Guy violently stroked his cock only inches from her face. She knew he was intent on doing something Fran used to laugh about, when her girlfriend’s confessed to letting their partners do it to them. Fran kept her eyes and jaw shut while praying. She wasn’t laughing now.

    “Ok, you little cock-sucker, here’s your payoff,” he said crudely, just before Fran felt his warm cum landing on her pretty face. She flinched with every shot. She flinched more as he rubbed the head of his cock onto her lips, harder and harder until Fran finally let it in and milked him dry. She gagged as the distinctive taste of cum came back to her.

    Fran was afraid to open her eyes now. She knew she had a strand or two of cum covering at least one of her eyes. She also didn’t want to see his gloating face, as he seemed to be showing off his work to the other two.

    “Ok, you two had your fun, beat it,” she heard Martin command.

    She shuddered as a cold, wet cloth was applied to her face and then her ear. Then a softer towel dried them. When she finally had the courage to open her eyes, she saw Martin standing right in front of her. And he still sported a hardon. She hung her head, then, because she’d prayed that he had already finished, too.

    He beckoned. Fran took a defeated breath and shuffled forward. She took the leader’s cock back in her mouth, while also looking up into his eyes. The hunger was still there.

    “Man, that,” Martin moaned as Fran, with a purpose, increased her speed and suction. She wanted to end this. “But, now that I have you to myself...well, I have a feeling that you don’t really like sucking cock, do yah? I mean, they were jerks for cumming on your pretty face like that.”

    Fran slowly pulled her lips free, astonished. “No, I guess I don’t.”

    “So what do you wanna do?” Martin asked, his hard cock straining upward.

    “I don’t get it?” Fran said, even more confused.

    “I mean...I like anal sex.”

    “Well, I don’t!” Fran snapped, cringing at just the thought.

    “That’s what I thought,” Martin said, stroking her hair, his cock brushing her cheek. “Well, what do you wanna do?”

    “I can’t have sex with you,” Fran said, as she thought of Chuck. While she really just wanted to just get her clothes and get out of there, she knew that’s not what he meant. He still had that look.

    “Well then what?” He asked.

    “ can...fuck my tits...I guess....”

    “Really...? You like that?” Martin teased. “I mean you wouldn’t even show’em to me earlier and now you want me to fuck’em.”

    Fran just nodded her head. Although she had never let any of her lovers do it before, she just figured she had an excuse now. It was also the only thing she could come up with under the heat of his stare.

    “Then ask me,” he said, pulling Fran to her feet.

    “What?” Fran gasped.

    “Ask me!” Martin said, stealing a kiss.

    “I-I ah....” She stammered, as he took her nipple in his mouth. “Do you wanna fuck my tits?”

    “Yeah, sounds cool,” Martin said, after sucking briefly on the other.

    Fran was a little confused at what that was all about, and when he let her go and started fishing through her pool bag.

    “What the?” Fran gasped, until she saw her bottle of suntan lotion in his hand. “Oh....”

    “Yeah, I really enjoyed watching you with this earlier,” he said standing in front of Fran. “Only this time I get the honors.”

    Fran wanted to slap his smug face, but she surprised herself by holding back. Instead she watched as he flipped open the cap and poured some lotion over her chest. She quivered at the cool lotion on her hot skin.

    “Ah...nice,” Martin said, wasting no time rubbing in the lotion. He spun her around and used the lotion to milk Fran's breasts from behind. Fran closed her eyes again. She didn’t want to enjoy this, although no one told her body. Her sensitive nipples were sending out waves of pleasure, especially when he twisted on them with his fingers.

    “Play with your little pussy, too,” Martin purred and Fran snapped back.

    “I...ah...,” Fran mumbled. “I don’t do that.”

    “Oh, yeah, me either,” the leader said with a laugh. “Just do it.”

    Fran watched, wide eyed, as he applied some lotion to his cock. He also repeated his request. Fran sighed. She couldn’t believe she was in this place in time. Her wondering finger crept its way lower until it split her pussy lips in two. She cringed at the wetness she felt, despite the shower. Fran didn’t really mind playing with her pussy in front of her lover, (that’s why she shaved it,) but this was different.

    “It’s alright if you come too,” the leader said, as he slid behind Fran and massaged her breasts from behind again. “That’s it girl, play with your pussy.”

    Fran answered with soft moans as she stopped her futile fighting. Her thumb joined her forefinger. Her skin tingled as her body awakened. The leader pressed on her back and Fran bent forward resting her hands on the bench. He played with her breasts as they hung from her body. This guy knew how to handle himself.

    “Finger yourself,” he purred into her ear, reloading his hands with lotion and she obeyed.

    She moaned softly, aroused by her own fingers -- and by his hands, which were now working on her ass cheeks.

    Then her moans were interrupted with a screech, as she felt pressure on her asshole.

    “Just relax Fran, it’s only my finger!” the leader hissed, just before his lubricated finger slowly broke her seal. “I’ll just use my finger, if you behave. Trust me, Fran.”

    “Owww...easy,” Fran cried, as she felt his finger pressed on. “You were supposed to just fuck my tits...not finger my ass.”

    He just laughed. Her head was whirling with conflicting thoughts, as only her doctor (who loved stripping her naked more then anyone) had gotten this honor. (She swore that when she looked up at him that he was smiling.) This guy was no different.

    It was a strange feeling, indeed, and she felt strangely excited and she knew that was wrong, too. He began fingering her asshole. Fran bit her lip as she also wondered how he suddenly knew her name.

    He asked her to finger herself again. She knew she had gone too far now anyways, so she gave in and slipped her own finger back into her pussy. She swore she could feel his finger also moving in and out of her asshole, their fingers separated only by some body tissue.

    “I wanna hear you get dirty,” Martin said, increasing his sped.

    He pulled back on her hair when she didn’t reply.

    “Yeah, finger-fuck my ass,” Fran cried out, before she cringed, shocked at her words, and Martin adding another finger to his first. She followed suit and with her thumb rubbing her clit, unable to fight the feeling anymore. She chewed on her lip, as she started quivering, a powerful orgasm rippling through her body. Her legs suddenly went numb, causing her to crash down on the bench, breathless.

    “Go, girl!” Martin teased as he cleaned off his fingers with her towel. Fran’s chest heaving, to help her catch her breath. “Now lick your fingers clean.”

    Fran’s head was still fuzzy, and she quickly followed his order, without thought. It was another first for her, when her slimy fingers entered her mouth. The taste of her pussy was still strong. She caught his sly smile and embarrassingly took them out.

    “You sure you don’t want me in your ass...? You seemed to like it back there.”

    Fran sneered at him. She wasn’t that kind of girl.

    “Ok, it’s time,” Martin announced, moving in front of her. “Hold these together,” the leader purred cupping Fran’s ample breasts in his hands. She quickly followed his command, her breathing still heavy.

    “It’s alright to get nasty, too,” he said as he began to slide his cock in between her breasts. “Let me hear yah get nasty.”

    She watched as his cock slid up and down in between her breasts, her forefingers rubbing her erect nipples.

    “Yeah, fuck my big tits,” Fran cried out, although a little embarrassed to hear herself say it. But she said it again...and again as she watched the leader’s cock pump up and down in between her breasts.

    Fran was amazed at how much she enjoyed watching the head of his cock poke in and out of her view, even given the circumstances. As Martin continued, she slowly squeezed her breasts tighter and the friction increased.

    “Man, this feels great,” Martin said. “Your tits are awesome...they were just built for this.”

    Fran blushed with pride, as she thought, “Maybe he’s right?”

    “Owww baby, I’m gonna come,” Martin gasped.

    “Please...come on my tits!” Fran cried out. It was her chosen way.

    “Hold them up for me,” he said through clenched teeth.

    Fran leaned back and slid her hands under her breasts and lifted, just before a shot of cum squirted on her left breast, and another soon followed onto the right. She leaned forward and he rubbed his cock over her pushed up breasts, finally focusing on her nipples. He guided his cock into her mouth. They always did that.

    “Oh, man, that was too much fun,” Martin gasped, finally letting go of his deflated cock.

    “Yeah, it was...kind of...,” Fran embarrassingly admitted, remembering the circumstances again, as she rubbed his cum over her breasts, while also relieved that he didn’t cum on her face, or fuck her ass. She was also definitely gonna have Chuck tit-fuck her soon, maybe tonight. At that thought, though, she suddenly filled with shame. She had to get married soon to end this constant pursuit.

    But she didn’t have time to further examine her feelings.

    A booming male voice suddenly echoed about the room. “Oh, man, that was great!”

    “Hey what the!” Fran scrambled for a towel, even if it was the one that Martin had cleaned himself up on.

    Focusing her eyes, in disbelief, she finally recognized the face. It was one of the male lifeguards and he was carrying....

    “A camera,” Fran gasped. “Oh, my god, he’s carrying a camera....”

    “Yeah, it’s a hand held video camera.” the lifeguard said with a laugh. “And what a show you put on!”

    Fran was frozen with fear, and a feeling of betrayal. She had always looked up to the lifeguards.

    “Did you get the last part?” Martin asked, as the two looked into the camera.

    “Oh, yeah, listen ta’ this,” the lifeguard said, with a wicked smile.

    “Oh, my god, it has sound too!” Fran cringed.

    Suddenly she heard her voice pleading for someone to fuck her big tits.

    “How did you get that!” Fran snapped in anger, immediately knowing how it sounded.

    “Up there,” the lifeguard said, pointing to a roof-vent over her head. “Yeah, that’s why the female lifeguards shower at home, although I did manage to get some of the newer ones, first. You’ve been our favorite. We love how you wash those things...not that I blame you.”

    Fran’s eyes shifted back to Martin. She couldn’t believe it, his eyes seemed even hungrier now than before.

    “Yeah, and the dirty things we make them do to get their tape back,” Martin said, as the two slapped hands, and Fran’s stomach turned. “See, I told you we weren’t rapists but I never said anything about blackmail. Don’t worry...we won’t hurt you. We are just out for fun.”

    The lifeguard snatched her towel away. He was ready for action.

    “He’s coming, he’s coming,” a voice suddenly bellowed from outside.

    “Fuck!” The lifeguard screamed. Fran was confused.

    “Ok Fran, gutta go, but believe me, we will be in touch,” Martin grinned as he headed for the exit.

    “Wait!” Fran cried out in horror, watching them run out the exit, her sex tape leaving with them.

    She brought the towel up to her face, to soak up the tears now streaming down her face.

    “How could I have been so stupid?” Fran moaned, while wondering if this was all a huge set-up.

    She suddenly heard a familiar voice calling her name, after a second or two, she scampered to the exit.

    “Almost done honey,” she screamed, hoping Chuck heard her, as he called her name again.

    Looking down at her cum covered breasts, she gasped, before running into the shower to wash off the evidence. Her body was still racked with emotions. She was only sure of only one thing -- that she would never forget her proposal day.

    The hungry eyes had made sure of that.

    The End

    Thanks for reading my tale.
    Your comments and suggestions are always welcomed.
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    Wow...another great story.....thanks for sharing it.....

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    thanx for sharing Deputy
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