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    My Step-Mom's Darkest Fantasy

    My Step-Mom’s Darkest Fantasy

    Chapter 1.

    "Ow, watch it," Neal whined as Ashlynn trotted down the hall.

    "Sorry, Neal," Ashlynn said as she kept a tight hold on the towel barely covering her stunning body. She struggled to keep the damp clothe closed as her hip and the back of her ass flashed her step-brother before she managed to close the door.

    Neal watched the closed door and shook his head. One of the hottest girls he had ever met and his dad had to go and marry her mother. He slouched into the bathroom and began brushing his teeth right as Ashlynn popped back in now wearing her cheer leading skirt and a bra.

    "Sorry, Neal," Ashlynn said as she reached behind him for her deodorant, her impressive breasts pressed against his back, "Won't be a sec."

    "A little privacy," Neal whined. It was one thing to be considered sexless to the girls at school but worse when it was somebody he considered attractive. And the fact that he was attracted to his step-sister and wanted her to at least acknowledge the fact he was a sexual being just made him feel worse and like a pervert.

    "Sorry, Neal," Ashlynn said sweetly as she skipped out of the bathroom again.

    Neal watched the lower swell of Ashlynn's ass as she left before once again shaking his head and finishing his teeth. He took his pajama shirt off and began washing his face when Ashlynn reappeared wearing a different bra.

    "Sorry, Neal," she said as she reached for her perfume, her bra encased breasts sliding across Neal's shoulders.

    "Five minutes of privacy at least," he whined as Ashlynn trotted out of the bathroom.

    Neal took a moment to admire her blonde hair cascading down her graceful back as she left before going back to finishing his face.

    Putting his shirt back on, Neal began brushing his hair as Ashlynn popped back in. "Oh come on!" he muttered.

    "Sorry, Neal," Ashlynn said innocently as she reached for her hair spray, her tan breasts wobbling inside the cups of her different bra.

    Neal struggled to tear his eyes away from Ashlynn's wonderful chest. "Do you even own a shirt?" he asked in frustration as his dick slowly twitched to life.

    "What?" Ashlynn asked innocently, "It's picture day for the cheerleaders and I wanna look good."

    "In your bra?" Neal asked as he quickly fluffed the front of his shirt to try and hide his growing erection. As he turned back to the mirror to finish his cleaning up he thought he noticed Ashlynn's eyes flicker to the front of his pants but figured it was just his imagination. He blinked and she was gone, once more skipping cheerfully back to her room as he called out, “Just five minutes, for the love of God!”

    Finally finishing his face and teeth, Neal quickly popped his head out into the hall to check for his step-sister. With her out of sight he closed and locked the bathroom door and pulled his pants down. He sat on the toilet, stuffing his erection down, and tried not to think of Ashlynn so he could take his morning piss. After a few minutes of reading the back of a shampoo bottle, his prick finally softened enough to allow him to go just as the door shuddered.

    "Hey, Neal, why's the door locked?" Ashlynn whined.

    "Because I'm trying to use the bathroom," Neal grumbled back.

    "But you've been in there forever!" Ashlynn squealed. After a moment she knocked lightly on the door again. "Is that alllll you're doing?" she asked mischievously.

    "For the love of God just give me five minutes!" Neal cried out. He could hear Ashlynn giggle before skipping off down the hall to her bedroom probably to change her bra again. "And who cares what bra you're wearing for school pictures, anyway?" he called after her.

    Finally finishing in the bathroom, Neal cleaned up and opened the bathroom door. Immediately Ashlynn flew in and shoved him out. "Sorry, Neal, I gotta get ready," she chirped as she closed the door in his face.

    Sighing to himself in frustration, Neal plodded to his room before calling back to the bathroom door, "At least at my old house we had more than one bathroom!" Not being able to think of a actually good come back he made his way to his room to get dressed. It wasn't until he had gotten dressed and started downstairs that he figured out a good come back for Ashlynn but since it was too late now he was hoping he would remember it for next time.

    Making his way to the kitchen table, Neal saw his step-mother and became more depressed. If his step-sister was the most beautiful girl in school then his step-mother was a supermodel. She was six feet tall with honey blonde hair. She had shimmering green eyes and full, pouting lips. Her body was amazing with full, large breasts, a small waist, wide hips and long, long legs. She made wearing a simple sundress look amazing and that wasn't even the worst part. She was a great mom, an amazing cook, and just an all around caring and loving person. Every time he masturbated to her pictures around the house he always felt ashamed of himself afterwards.

    Cheryl has been Neal's step-mother for three years, one year married to his father and two years raising him as a single parent after his father's death. As he watched Cheryl circle around the kitchen she may have well have been dancing, she was that graceful. Ashlynn appeared suddenly off to his side, startling him and nearly knocking him out of his chair. Further suddenly Cheryl slid a plate in front of him and Ashlynn and then perfect, fluffy eggs appeared followed by bacon, toast and juice. Cheryl and Ashlynn had gone out of their way making sure he felt like one of their family especially after his father's death. He actually thought he would be happier if he could be angrier about them which just made him more depressed and slightly angrier with them.

    As Neal tried not to watch Cheryl's ass sashay away beneath her sundress, Ashlynn dug into her breakfast. Not only did she have an amazing body, she had the metabolism of a race horse. Outside of cheerleading she didn't even exercise. Meanwhile he had a soft gut and got winded walking up the stairs at school. He toyed around with the food on his plate as Cheryl finally sat down and began eating. He looked at her bowl of fruit and felt disgusted with himself as a human being. How was someone as mundane as him allowed to even be around people like them. They even put their napkins across their laps to eat.

    "What's the matter, sweetie, not hungry?" Cheryl asked around her bite of melon.

    Neal watched Cheryl's lips part around her food before answering. "Yeah, not hungry," he mumbled.

    "Prolly hecuz pishers ah chool," Ashlynn said around her mouth full of bacon and eggs.

    "Oh! I forgot all about picture day!" Cheryl exclaimed before practically jumping out of her chair. She grabbed her purse and began ruffling around for her billfold. She grabbed her billfold and sat back down before she started passing out money. "Now you two make sure you get the large packs, okay? I want plenty of pictures to hang up and I think we're gonna make some scrapbooks," she said with a wide grin.

    "Coooool," Ashlynn cooed.

    "How is scrapbooking cool?" Neal said as he rolled his eyes at his step-sister.

    "You'll have fun, Neal, trust me," Cheryl said as she playfully pinched her step-son's cheek.

    "Stoooop,' Neal whined. He glared as Ashlynn as she tried to giggle around her mouth full of food while Cheryl cooed at him. His step-sister and step-mom finished their breakfasts while he pouted over his until it was time to leave for school. He slouched behind his step-family as they made their way to the car because Cheryl insisted on dropping her kids off at school every morning, a family activity that just made him feel even more like a outsider.

    As they piled into the car, Ashlynn climbed into the back. She would have liked to sit up front with her mother but she thought that Neal could use the time with their mother despite the rule that passenger seat controlled the radio. Her step-brother, of course, chose his mopey, slightly Goth music that sounded more like a funeral march but he had been acting more depressed than usual lately so she thought that it might cheer him up. She tried to hum along with the music but she could tell it was bothering him but luckily they were pulling up to the school so at least she could stop being forced to listen to her brother's music anymore.

    "Bye, mom," Ashlynn chirped before leaning up and giving her mother a quick peck on the cheek. Neal rolled his eyes before opening his door and was about to step out when he heard Cheryl "tut tut" him. He looked over at her and she was pointing at her cheek, precisely where Ashlynn had kissed her, and smiled sweetly at him. He rolled his eyes again before leaning over and giving her a quick peck before finally being allowed to exit the car. His lips tingled from both the feel of his step-mom on his lips as well as knowing that Ashlynn's lips had been there a moment before.

    "Bye, Neal! See you after school," Ashlynn said with a merry wave before skipping, actually skipping, off. Neal's eyes were pulled like gravity to her ass as her skirt rose and fell on her way away.

    "You know the only reason you have friends is because of your sister's ass and your mom's tits?"

    "Step-sister. Step-mother." Neal turned towards the voice of his best friend, Kevin, and tried to hide a smile. "You too?" he asked, only slightly seriously.

    "Nah," Kevin said as he watched Ashlynn getting smaller in the distance, "I've been lusting after Ashlynn and her mom since loooong before your dad moved you here. Being your friend was just a bonus."

    Neal sighed. "Gee, thanks," he said, not sure if he should be depressed or not at his friend. Even he had to admit that if one of his friends had a mom and sister as hot as his he'd probably do the same thing. Kevin had about as much chance of scoring with Ashlynn as Neal did scoring with Cheryl. He was a bit softer than Neal with a more of a pronounced gut and perpetual greasy hair and his parents spent hundreds of dollars a month to keep his acne problem under control. It was pure hormones and would clear up on it's own eventually but they would both be in college by then. As it was, neither of them were looking forward to picture day today.


    Cheryl parked the car in the garage and got out, her long legs scissoring gracefully as they carried her into the basement. The basement was only half finished due to her husband's early death but it was okay for storing all of her and Ashlynn's extra things. She wanted Neal to feel completely at home and had sacrificed several of her and her daughter's knick-knacks so that her step-son could have plenty of his things from his old home around his new house. Up the stairs and into the kitchen she tried to keep herself from practically skipping as she made her way from the kitchen to her bedroom upstairs. She had a busy day today with errands and bill paying plus she had to get to the bank to sign some more papers for her husband's money that he had left them but she had to get something out of the way first.

    Being a single parent to two teenagers was a busy, stressful, and full time job and she hadn't had a proper date since before her husband had gotten sick so, as it was, she normally had to take things into her own hands. It had been two years since Neal's father had died and truth be told she was still grieving but that didn't mean that a woman didn't have needs. When she reached her bedroom she quickly threw off her simple sundress and flung off her bra. Her large breasts swung freely as she sat on the edge of her bed and reached into her bedside table and pulled out Mommy's Little Helper.

    She smiled a bit to herself as she remembered her first vibrator bought hastily at an adult novelty store when she had been at college. Esteban, the name she gave it, had been a big help in her learning about herself. What she was doing now wasn't nearly as exciting as what she had done to herself with Esteban's help but as a single parent with no dating prospects she needed the relief. It was kind of a guy thing she was doing, just polishing one off, and she would have preferred to spend some time with herself but she had a busy day and this fifteen minutes was all she had for herself. She reclined back in her bed and quickly did away with her panties, she hadn't had time to do the laundry yet and she didn't want to get her last clean pair sticky.

    Cheryl was proud of her body and knew that she owed most of it to genetics but she did take pride in maintaining herself and wanted to quickly reward herself for her hard work. She turned on her little helper as she snuggled into the comfy mattress and took a deep, relaxing breath, her large breasts thrusting up from her chest. She took the pale pink vibrator and teased her dark pink nipples as she stared between her breasts down the length of her naked body. Her desire slowly started to rise as her nipples grew hard and she let out a small moan. She slid her magic wand between her breasts, teasing herself and giving herself time to get wet. There wasn't a particular man or fantasy in her mind, just having enough alone time to do this was almost a sexual fantasy in and of itself.

    Letting out a slightly louder moan, the single mother slowly brought her knees up and spread her tan, firm thighs as she slid her little helper down her horny body. Cheryl's amazing chest heaved as her vibrator slid over her flat stomach on it's way between her lewdly spread legs. Her moist labia were shaved bare below a small triangle of hair at the top of her tight slit. She ran the length of her sex-toy along her slit, teasing her clit out from beneath her hood as she moved the helpful bit of plastic up and down. She groaned lustfully as she felt her juices trickle out from between her pussy-lips, lubricating her vibrating helper as she rolled her hips obscenely up against her vibrator. She looked to the side at her alarm clock and wished she had more time but she had appointments so she needed to move things along.

    Angling her helper down so that just the tip was touching her, Cheryl teased her hard clit and drew another moan from between her panting lips. With her free hand she palmed and squeezed one of her firm tits, kneading the sensitive flesh before pinching her hard nipple. She pulled the erect nub of flesh up from her body, distorting the shape of her breast before releasing it and letting her tit bounce back into it's normal shape. She slid the tip of her excellent helper down slightly as she moved her other hand down her body, her fingers searching for her abandoned clit as she slid her vibrator into her hungry pussy.

    Groaning out, Cheryl slipped her vibrator into her slick cunt as her middle finger circled and teased her clit. She slid her plastic helper as deep inside of her as she could, gasping out before sliding it part way out, her juices trickling down her compacted ass-cheeks. She quickly found her G-spot and began rubbing the tip of Mommy's Little Helper against it as she stimulated her sizzling clit. Her hips bucked uncontrollably as her orgasm quickly rose up, her back arched, her chest heaving, her tits swaying rhythmically as she shuddered in pleasure and came. She clenched her teeth as her orgasm rolled through her, her slick juices slipping out of her spasming cunt.

    Suddenly her voluptuous body collapsed back into the bed and Cheryl looked over at her alarm clock. She had five minutes to get cleaned up, dressed, and out the door. A mother's work was never done.


    In her math class, Ashlynn tried not to look bored. She was bored since she had already done the work that Mr. Yeller had handed out but if she looked bored then he'd hand her some more. She knew the fact that she got better grades than her step-brother depressed him so she tried not to act like it was a big deal that she was already being scouted by colleges. If he found out about her grades then Neal would just get depressed and pout and it wasn't like he needed a reason to pout since he was usually pouting anyway. She sighed as she tried to look at her already completed work and fiddled with her pencil to try and make it look like she was writing. At the head of the class, her teacher kept a watch on her from the corner of his eye.

    Mr. Yeller sat behind his desk and tried not to look bored as his students worked on the problems he had given them. It was only a review for an upcoming test and most of the students had already studied as much as they were going to but he had already ran them through the necessary drills. All that remained was the test tomorrow. As he surveyed all of his students from the corner of his eye, he stopped, as he usually did, on Ashlynn Sensmore.

    A student like Ashlynn appeared every year for every teacher, a student that just stood out from all the rest and this year, for Mr. Yeller at least, that student was Ashlynn Sensmore. Besides just being unbelievably sexually attractive she was exceedingly bright and enthusiastic. Her enthusiasm for learning bled to her enthusiasm in cheerleading and he had no doubt that her enthusiasm would extend to the bedroom. She was a stunning creature and he knew that she’d show all the enthusiasm of a teenage porn star if he'd only ever get a chance at her. In his mind's eye she stood up from her desk, the classroom empty except for the two of them, and walked up to him.

    Ashlynn's cheerleading outfit was a size to small as she walked seductively up to his desk, her skirt barely covering her tight, teenage ass, and flipping up with every step to show the front of her bright pink thong. Her top barely covered her large, soft breasts, obviously braless with her nipples poking through the front of the thin material. Her stomach was exposed and flat, her legs long and graceful, her hair long and flowing, framing her beautiful face. She stopped just in front of his desk, her hands clasped behind her back, her chest out-thrust, a coy smile on her face. "Mr. Yeller, I have a problem," she said seductively to him.

    "And what would that be, Miss Sensmore?" Mr. Yeller asked in a deep, rich baritone. He reclined in his chair, his body 20 years younger with a full head of hair and muscles he didn't even had when he was younger.

    Ashlynn leaned forward until her tan, golden cleavage was dangling in front of his face. "I couldn't help but notice I only got a B- on my last test," she said breathlessly, "And that brings down my GPA."

    "Yes, I'm afraid so," Mr. Yeller said as he crossed his heavily muscled arms across his broad chest.

    "But what about my college?" Ashlynn pouted, "However will I get in now?"

    "Then I'm afraid you should have studied harder," Mr. Yeller said with a manly chuckled.

    "Isn't there anyway I could do... some extra credit," she said playfully.

    "What did you have in mind?" he replied knowingly.

    The naughty teenage girl crawled up on the table, her vast expanse of cleavage swaying hypnotically as she leaned in closer until her chest was pressed against Mr. Yeller's face. She wrapped her arms around his head, pressing him closer to her warm, soft breasts as he raised his hands up and squeezed her large tits around his face. She cooed erotically, the sound muffled by her breasts pressed against the sides of his head as she rubbed herself against him. She slid herself down until they were face to face, their lips meshing together as she reached down and squeezed the sizable bulge in the front of his pants. He ran his thumbs across her erect nipples through her top and she moaned lustfully into his mouth as he slid his tongue into her warm mouth.

    With a giggle she sat up straight on her knees and with no flourish whipped her top off. Her large, tan breasts wiggled momentarily before coming to rest again and standing high and proud on her chest. The large, firm breasts were a uniform golden color with no signs of tan-lines, her nipples hard and a pale pink standing out in contrast to the warm flesh surrounding them. She wrapped her arms around Mr. Yeller's head and yanked him to her chest again, his hands automatically clamping on to the tan orbs, his lips latching wetly onto her nipples.

    Groaning in pleasure as her teacher nursed at her tits, Ashlynn moved his head roughly around her chest, across her smooth flesh from large breast to large breast. Mr. Yeller's hands slid down her graceful back to grab onto her thick, toned ass, squeezing her taunt cheeks as he sucked hungrily on her tits. "Oh baby that feels so good," she cooed as his hands and lips wandered across her body, his fingers pulling down her thong over her out-thrust ass.

    "Suck them, suck my tits," Ashlynn groaned as Mr. Yeller's fingers delved between her tight ass-cheeks, sliding over her tiny, puckered asshole, and down to her gooey, wet pussy. "Oh, yeah," she groaned as one of her hands traveled to the tent in her teacher's pants, squeezing his erection as he plumbed the entrance to her wet pussy. She released her hold on his head and began unfastening his shirt as he slid his hands around to the front of her horny body, one hand fingering her wet cunt as his other hand traveled up to her amazing chest.

    "Finger my slutty little pussy," Ashlynn groaned, "Squeeze my big titties and finger my pussy." With his shirt undone she ran her hands down his firm chest and large muscles on her way down to his pants as he continued sucking her tits and fingering her tight cunt. She began quickly unbuckling his pants, freeing his large, straining cock and wrapping her delicate around his thick shaft. He groaned around the large breast in his mouth as his slutty, teenage student fisted his dick, his bloated balls swinging freely.

    "You're cock is so big," Ashlynn cooed as she jerked off her teacher and he continued devouring her tits and fingering her horny little pussy. She pulled Mr. Yeller away from her chest and kissed him deeply before bending down on the desk, her ass stuck high in the air. The math teacher reached behind his student and slid his finger between her cheeks, searching out the entrance to her wet pussy as she opened her mouth wide. She sucked in the tip of his prick into her warm, wet mouth, massaging him eagerly with her tongue, his hips jerking uncontrollably. Her cheeks hollowed as she sucked on him forcefully, his prick sliding past her tightly stretched lips as he began fucking her talented mouth.

    Suddenly the class bell woke Mr. Yeller from his daydream, his head slipping from it's place resting in his hand and bouncing off of his desk. "Test tomorrow, people," he blurted out, trapped behind his desk until his erection subsided. He tried not to stare at Ashlynn's ass as she walked out of the door.

    To be continued…

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    My Step-Mom’s Darkest Fantasy

    Chapter 2.

    After classes, Neal and Kevin stood outside the school and waited. "When's she gonna get here?" Kevin whined.

    Neal rolled his eyes and elbowed Kevin in the ribs. "Knock it off." He knew that Kevin was only joking but it was still a sore spot for him that the only reason he had friends was that all his friends wanted to fuck Ashlynn and Cheryl.

    "Hiya," Ashlynn chirped as she joined her step-brother and his friend, "Is mom here yet?"

    "No," Kevin answered as he ogled Ashlynn's over developed body.

    "Obviously," Neal pouted. He didn't have to put up with Kevin leering at his step-sister for very long before Cheryl showed up.

    "Hello, Mrs. Sensmore," Kevin said affectionately.

    "Hello, Kevin," Cheryl said as her kids started getting in the car. Neal sat up front while Ashlynn and Kevin got in the back. "Is everybody ready for the pool party, Neal?" she asked sweetly. It was so good to see her step-son getting along with the other kids.

    "I sure am, Mrs. Sensmore," Kevin said with a too wide smile.

    "And what about your other little friends?" she asked Neal with an affectionate pat on his knee.

    "They said they'd be there in an hour," Kevin groaned.

    "Well lets get home and set out the snacks," Cheryl said before putting the car in gear and heading home.

    At his house, Neal only had to wait for about 20 minutes before the first knock on his front door. He should have figured that his "friends" wouldn't have wasted time to come over and see his step-mom even though it was his party. He opened his front door to greet his first guest and over the next twenty minutes the rest of his class-mates showed up.

    Neal walked everybody outside where the snacks were already set up and everybody jumped in the pool. Kevin played DJ on Neal's vintage stereo and for about 30 minutes Neal forgot that his friends weren't really all that interested in him because then that's when Ashlynn and Cheryl decided to put in an appearance.

    "Hello, boys!" Cheryl called out to the small crowd of boys.

    "We thought we'd join you," Ashlynn added.

    Every single teenage boy stopped whatever they were doing to stare at Ashlynn and Cheryl. It wasn't that their matching two piece bathing suits weren't particularly reveling it was that they were wearing them so well. Cheryl's large, firm tits sat high and proud on her impressive chest while Ashlynn's taunt ass-cheeks threatened to swallow her bottoms. Their skin was beautifully tanned and gleaming with sun block as they stood on the back porch. "You don't mind, do you?" Cheryl asked.

    In complete unison every single one of the boys except for Neal shook their heads and cried out, "No."

    Cheryl and Ashlynn climbed into the pool with Neal and his friends, completely oblivious to the pouting look on Neal's face. Ashlynn had no problems joining with the boys in their games while Cheryl made sure to play the gracious hostess. It was important to her to make sure Neal felt like one of the family and she figured that the best way was to make friends with all of his friends, get to know them and to let them get to know her. It was easy for Ashlynn since she went to the same school as the boys and therefore had more time with Neal but as for her, as the mother, she had to deal with being an adult and seen as the bad guy. She knew better then to try and be seen as the cool mom but the least she could try was to be an attentive mom.

    As Cheryl got out of the pool, Kevin's eyes crawled over her firm ass. She and Ashlynn were wearing matching bikinis, white with red stripes, and they fit them tight and snug in all the right places. The material of Cheryl's bottoms had crawled between her taunt cheeks and as she climbed up the steps to the deck she had to run her fingers under the material to pull it out, exposing most of the tan flesh of her rear-end. Her legs were long with a gap at the top of her thighs that the sun shone through as she walked.

    Neal stared at his friends as they stopped paying attention to him to watch his step-mom. He even found himself watching Cheryl's ass as she walked away which just made his self-loathing worse. It was bad enough that his friends were leering at his step-mom and now he was doing it too.

    Ashlynn watched the forlorn look on her step-brother's face and her heart sank. She and her mother had been so sure that joining Neal for his little party would have been a bonding experience but now it looked like they were just a distraction. She had never really paid attention to the boys at school flirting with her, after all, they were teenage boys and flirted with every girl that walked by but now they were paying more attention to her and her mother instead of Neal and he knew it too. Suddenly she realized that maybe she and her mother may have been the key to Neal's low self-image problem. But what could she do about it?


    After Neal’s friends left for the evening, he and Kevin began cleaning up the back deck as Cheryl started on dinner and Ashlynn got cleaned up. They all ate their food together on the deck with Kevin practically cooing at his step-family. Neal tried to kick his friend under the table but accidentally got his step-sister and she cried out before elbowing him in his ribs.

    “Now, now children,” Cheryl playfully chided her kids.

    “Yeah, children,” Kevin agreed, “Now, now.”

    Neal glared at Kevin who just smirked back at him before turning his attention back to Cheryl who was still wearing her wet bikini even if it was partially covered by a thin, white robe.

    Ashlynn noticed the way that Kevin was staring at her mom. She looked her mother up and down for a second before shrugging her shoulders at herself. She couldn't really blame the teenage boy, her mom looked hot right now. It was kinda a casual hotness, like she wasn't even trying. Which she wasn't. “Hey, mom, why don't you get dressed and we’ll clean up before I go,” she offered.

    “That's right,” Cheryl called out, “You have your little sleep over at your friend's house.”

    Ashlynn rolled her eyes at her mom. “I had ‘sleep overs’ when I was, like, nine,” she complained as her mother excused herself. By the time her mother reappeared she had thrown her bags in the car and Neal and Kevin had finished cleaning up the kitchen and deck.

    “I’ll be back in a couple of minutes, boys,” Cheryl called out as she closed the door behind her and Ashlynn as they headed to the car.

    “Bye, Mrs. Sensmore,” Kevin called out with a merry wave before turning to Neal. “I’ll be in her underwater drawer, call me when she gets back,” he said mischievously.

    “You wish,” Neal chuckled.

    “I’ll pay.”

    “No,” Neal said sternly as he grabbed the scruff of Kevin's shirt and dragged him to the game console in the living room.


    “…and then I’ll pour maple syrup all over those hooters…” Kevin continued.

    “Dude, knock it off,” Neal grunted from his bed before throwing a pillow at his friend on the floor. Kevin had been teasing him about their friends oogling his step-mother and sister and he had just reached his limit of jokes. “You're getting as bad as those other assholes.”

    “I am nothing like those other assholes,” Kevin said indignantly, “I’m straight up telling you I leer at Cheryl and Ashlynn and always have and will until the day I die. Or their boobs start sagging.”

    “Stop it,” Meal whined.

    “Nah. I’d still leer at them,” Kevin confessed. And he continued telling his friend for another half-hour until they had both fallen asleep.

    In the morning, Neal woke with a start, his hands flying immediately trying to cover his erection. He had, once again, been dreaming about Cheryl and Ashlynn when, in his dream, he realized he was erect for them. And then, still in his dream, he had realized that Kevin couldn't possibly not notice how incredibly naked and hard he was. Then he wondered why his friend would have been with him and his step-family and then remembered that he had invited Kevin to sleep at his place for the weekend. He then remembered that his friend was sleeping on the floor by the foot of his bed. And then he remembered his erection. And then he had realized that he may have been dreaming about Cheryl and Ashlynn but his hard-on was real.

    Below the foot of his bed he could see Kevin's blanket sticking out from the side and he stared at it. If Kevin had woken up before him there was no way he could have missed the tent that his dream had caused him. He held his breath to try and hear if his friend was there and breathing. Then Kevin mumbled in his sleep, farted, and rolled over. Neal released his breath as the tension released. He slipped out of bed a quietly as possible and then hunched over so that his shirt could cover up his erection and tip-towed out of his room to the bathroom.

    Standing in front of the toilet, Neal tried to relax enough to piss but he was too achingly hard. His dick throbbed in his hand, unsure of what to do. His bladder was too full to jack-off and he was too turned on by his dream about his step-family to piss. And until he could resolve his little paradox he was stuck in the bathroom, unable to go anywhere unless he wanted Cheryl or Kevin to see his hard-on. “I’m in hell,” he grumbled.

    It only took Neal five minutes of impotent standing to think of going ahead and taking his morning shower. A cold shower. But it worked and when he made it back to his room, shivering, Kevin was just waking up. When they made their way downstairs Cheryl was of course up already and making breakfast. He was pretty sure that she was wearing a nighty under her robe but with her hard nipples poking through the material and the way her large endowments were swaying back and forth he wasn't sure. The robe came down to her mid thighs but with her long legs it still left a lot of tan flesh visible to him and Kevin.

    Breakfast was disappointingly delicious. Why did his step-family have to be good at everything, Neal wondered as Kevin leered and joked with Cheryl. And how did she not notice how much golden brown cleavage she was flashing. When she finished her food and excused herself upstairs Neal couldn't help but notice Kevin's eyes following her ass out of the room.

    “Could you be less obvious please?” Neal groaned to his friend.

    “I’ve had a boner since my second helping of waffles,” Kevin said, “So, yes.”

    Neal rolled his eyes at Neal who laughed like a chimpanzee in heat before they finished their breakfast.

    After they finished eating, Neal and Kevin made their way into the living room to watch a movie. Thirty minutes into the cheesy horror movie Cheryl came down dressed as conservatively as her body would let her. “I’m headed to the store. Does anyone need anything while I’m out?” she asked sweetly.

    “Melons,” Kevin answered immediately, “Two great big melons, a peach I could eat all day, and a firm, round apple to hold.”

    Neal suppressed the desire to punch his horny friend.

    Cheryl chuckled at Neal’s young classmate. “How ‘bout I just pick up a fruit medley for lunch,” she replied as she grabbed her purse, “You boys take care.”

    “The hell, dude?” Neal asked angrily.

    “Chill, chill,” Kevin said, “I’ve been holding onto that particular double-entendre for, like, two weeks. It's my last one.”

    Neal thought about just chucking Kevin out of his house but decided against it. At least for the moment. Mostly because he needed a second for the game they had been planning on playing this weekend. Kevin's family weren't the wealthiest of people and their wi-fi was usually the first thing to lapse when money got tight. Luckily Neal had high-speed access and two monitors they could play on which meant that they were going to put serious CoD time in this weekend.

    With Cheryl gone the two friends booted up the game and let the insults fly. They laughed hysterically at the obvious pre-adolescent insults coming over the internet and the obvious “I fucked your mom” jokes. Neal smirked to himself about what the boys talking shit about his mom would think if they actually saw Cheryl in real life.

    After an hour, Neal and Kevin had worked up a pretty good streak until Kevin broke it. “I gotta piss,” he shouted out. He didn't really need to shout since he was only across the room but things could get pretty intense during CoD.

    “Baby bladder!” Neal shouted back as he friend left the room. He started to build up a nice steak on his own until a sniper got a lucky shot in. “Fucker!” he yelled into his mic before realizing how long he had been playing without anyone to guard his 6. “The hell…?” grumbled to himself before disconnecting and heading for the stairs.

    “Where the hell are you, fucker?” he called up the stairs. When he heard no answer he began walking up to find Kevin. From the top of the stairs he could see the open bathroom door and the empty bathroom. He then knew where his friend was. And it pissed him off.

    “God dammit,” he muttered angrily to himself as he reached the top of the stairs. It wasn't his fault that Kevin was poor but he had invited his friend to his house specifically to use his internet since Kevin’s family had been cut off and all he’d gotten in return was ignored and forced to listen to lewd fantasies about his step-family. He stomped into Cheryl’s room and found his soon to be ex-friend sitting on the foot of his step-mom’s bed with a obvious erection.

    Kevin was sitting wide-eyed and silent on the foot of the bed, a wad of panties in one hand. Neal could see the open dresser drawer and then noticed the open bedside table. A vibrator sat on top of the table and He could hear that Chery’s TV was on in the small entertainment center behind the door where Neal couldn't see it. “What the fuck, man?” he asked and didn't try to hide the anger in his voice.

    One of Kevin’s arms raised slowly as he pointed a trembling finger at the TV.

    Kevin stepped around the door to see what was on the screen. A slim, well built brunette woman was being held by her arms by two men on either side of her. She wore a simple, nearly transparent slip that did nothing to hide her small, firm, unencumbered breasts or the small strip of pubic hair between her legs.

    “What the actual fuck?” Neal asked, slightly transfixed by the sight of the slender girl on the screen struggling between the two men.

    “It’s a rape flick,” Kevin happily replied, “It’s a DVD of a bunch of rape scenes.”

    One of the straps of the girl’s slip slid down her shoulder, the slip itself dropping down to reveal one small breast. On the screen the two men laughed and began pawing the girl's small chest. Her breasts were just big enough to fill a palm and caped with dark brown nipples that the men tugged and pulled.

    “Your step-mom has a rape fetish,” Kevin laughed as he absent-mindedly rubbed himself with Cheryl’s panties.

    The girl’s flimsy slip was yanked down hard enough to snap the straps and the men immediately began licking and sucking at her small tits. Their hands began pawing her between their legs as she struggled weakly against them. Her hair whipped back and forth as she cried out and begged them to stop. One man began fingering her pussy while the other began fingering her ass. It was easy to tell that she was already lubed for the act as they continued pulling at her breasts with their teeth.

    Behind Neal, Kevin continued rubbing himself with Mrs. Sensmore’s panties through his jeans and the two men threw the girl to the floor. The scene cut away to a close-up of the girl’s face and then when it cut back again to show all three actors the men’s pants were gone. One man slapped the girl’s face with his erection while the other man yanked her hair. The second man then slapped her with his dick before yanking her hair again as the first man thrust his stiff prick into her mouth.

    The girl gagged loudly as the man thrust his prick in and out of her mouth. The second man thrust in as soon as he had an opening so they were both fucking her face. Streams of drool oozed down her chin into her breasts as she looked up at the men with helpless eyes. The men’s balls slapped wetly against her chin as the thrust themselves in and out of her. And Neal could hear Kevin hooting in laughter behind him.

    Suddenly the scene cut out and Kevin could see the actress’s make-up had been touched up as the men pushed her onto her back. Her slender legs flew up into the air giving him a unobstructed view at her bare pussy-lips before the scene cut away again. The camera was pointed from the side with one man holding the girl’s arms up while the other man pretended to struggle to get between her legs with her slip wrapped around her waist. Her breasts were pulled high and right on her legs before the camera changed again.

    On his step-mother’s television screen, he watched as the man’s hard prick nudged the girl’s dark-haired pussy. He managed to slip the first inch of himself inside of her before beginning to wildly thrust himself in and out of her writhing body.

    “This is so fucking awesome,” Kevin squealed in glee, “Your step-Mother is the best!”

    Neal tried to ignore his friend as the girl on the TV was forcibly fucked. She continued to cry out in fear as her back arched and one man fondled her tits while the other fucked her. The camera switched and the actors had traded places. The first man was bending over her slender body, sucking her tits, while the second man was now fucking her. The first man leaned up and began slapping her with his dick again as she struggled feebly against them.

    The camera cut away again and now one man was on his back with the girl facing away from him while straddling his hips in a reverse cowgirl. He bounced her now naked body up and down as he fucked her and the other man fed her his cock.

    And all the while, even with his friend in his room barely three feet away, Kevin had the strangest boner. It wasn't the porn that was getting him hot, it was that he was spying on Cheryl. He now had intimate knowledge on his step-mom and what was possibly a closely guarded secret she kept. A secret she probably kept close to her heart. He felt like a voyeur peering into her life and it made him somehow want her even more. He felt like he understood her in new and secret ways that he had never known before. And his cock was aching with the secret knowledge. From now on, whenever Cheryl was in her room with the door closed, he would wonder if she was getting herself off with a rape fantasy.

    On the TV, the 3-some had moved around with one guy still on his back on the floor, the girl’s still straddling his hips but now facing him with his cock stuffed up inside of her, and the other guy nudging the entrance to her ass with the head of his cock. It was obvious that the girl was lubed again and her make-up had been fixed between camera angles as the second man slowly pushed the head of his prick inside of her. And all Neal could imagine was Cheryl masturbating on her bed, watching the same scene that he was now. For some reason he had never felt closer to her.

    The girl cried out as the two men fucked her, her dark hair whipping around as she pretended to fight back against them. Her slender body was rocked up and down as the two pricks thrust themselves in and out of her pussy and ass. The man below her raised his head up and chewed at one nipple while the man behind her slapped her taunt rear-end over and over again until it was gleaming red.

    “Take it, you bitch! Take it!” Kevin laughed out.

    Neal watched in silence, his step-mother's naked body laying on the bed masturbating to this exact video filling his mind.

    On the screen, the two men shoved the woman to the side an instant before the scene changed. Now the girl was curled up fetal on the ground whimpering while the two men stood above her fisting their cocks. They came almost at the same time, covering the girl’s body in their thick, white cum and then the scene faded away.

    Kevin stopped the DVD just as the next scene started. “That was fucking hot,” he giggled.

    Neal slowly looked over his shoulder at his friend. “Pick everything up,” he growled.

    Kevin looked at his friend dumbfounded. “What's the big deal, man?” he asked.

    “Just pick everything back up and put it back where you found it,” Neal ordered, “And I mean everything. Got it?”

    “Whatever, man,” Kevin said with a shrug, “I was just fooling around.”

    Neal measured his pace as he walked out of the room. He made sure that he was facing away from his friend so Kevin wouldn't see the massive erection in his pants and then walked downstairs. When his friend finally joined him he made him turn out his pockets to make sure that he hadn't stolen any of Cheryl’s panties.

    “What's the matter?” Kevin asked, “I was just joking around.”

    Neal wasn't sure that he could actually explain to his friend why he was upset. He was upset over being constantly used by his friends as an excuse to leer at his step-family. He felt upset because somewhere inside of him he’d all the sudden decided that he was somehow Cheryl and Ashlynn’s protector. And he felt guilty with himself for agreeing with all of his friends’ lewd comments about Cheryl and Ashlynn. And he was angry with himself for how wildly and animalistic he was attracted to them both. He lived with them and they were his!

    Neal looked into Kevin's eyes and saw the genuine confusion there. He took a deep breath to steady his nerves. Could he even explain to his friend what he was thinking? Would Kevin even understand? Kevin wasn't exactly the deepest thinker and he wasn't exactly a wordsmith. “Let's just… Let’s just play. And please stop perving out on Cheryl and Ashlynn. Please?”

    “The guys really got to you, huh?” Kevin said as he gave Neal an affectionate pat on his shoulder, “I’ll tell you what. You won't hear a single thing from me the rest of the weekend and if you catch me staring feel free to smack me. Deal?”

    It kind of blew Neal’s mind at how oblivious Kevin was to his own actions but Neal decided to go with it. Kevin wasn't really that bad of a guy all things considered. “Sounds good,” Neal agreed with his own pat before they both returned to their monitors.

    To be continued…



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