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    For your consideration

    Oh well, if the section exists, why not post something on it, it's been too long since I have. Too busy now I'm back in classes :P Or, you know...too drunk/high/lazy. All valid excuses, no? Anyway, for your consideration and delectation, two poems.


    Surreally slashing slivers,
    Silvered shining shards a-falling,
    Down to the waiting earth,
    The weighted waiting earth a-calling,
    Opened sky with rainbow forming,
    Sun over dark clouds a-dawning,
    Glimmering beauty from the sky descending,
    Flashing glory this dark world adorning.

    Hurtful Healing
    (A horrific title, so suggestions are welcome)

    That, enamored with your light
    I might fall a willing, blissful victim
    To the darkness within you-
    A darkness which I meet with equal love

    That is the greatest gift of my life,
    Fate’s only sweet soft kiss for one
    Who has been acquainted with the night
    And I shall meet, fearless, the muse of my soul

    To be consumed and made whole.

    If you're really interested, try my devart profile
    The Amazing Wyl. Poet. Pundit. Egomaniac.

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    very nicely done...thanks
    What lies behind us, What lies before us, Are tiny matters, Compared to what lies within us!

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    Very well done. thanx for sharing
    A deep man believes in miracles, waits for them, believes in magic, believes that the orator will decompose his adversary; believes that the evil eye can wither, that the heart's blessing can heal; that love can exalt talent; can overcome all odds.......Ralph Waldo Emerson



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