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Thread: Poem by Rico

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    Poem by Rico

    Rico asked me to post this for him. It's a very good poem....enjoy

    How can I tell you all I want to say
    How can I tell you that we knew one another in the past
    How can I tell someone what I feel deep in my soul
    How it hurts to sit back,
    Watching, knowing there is nothing I can do
    We are so close yet so very, very far apart
    How can I tell you what you don’t want to hear
    How can I tell you we were once lovers,
    Mates and we loved each other with all our hearts
    Once I was a rich man who could give you all you wanted
    Now I can offer you nothing more than my undying love
    Two arms to hold you when you need to be held,
    And two arms to hold you when you don’t
    I will be there if you need me
    I will be your guardian spirit if you need me to be
    Until we meet again in a more even setting,
    I will be there for you, however you need me
    Until that time, be safe
    What lies behind us, What lies before us, Are tiny matters, Compared to what lies within us!

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    nice poem rico

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    Thanks Wizard



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